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12:00 PM
Bonus point if the magazine is also teaching you something ILLEGAL like hacking your neighbor wifi and even provide you with tools.
@BlueSoul ...I just really don't know, because if I look at a magazine rack it's no longer for technology. I gave that up yeaers ago, when the few tech 'zines left in the German market addressed topics no longer of interest to me.
@CindyMeister oh, got it now.
Also, if anyone else here saw those kind of magazines on sale in other countries... feel free to say so. I'm curious.
(btw, somehow related - I wonder how they can get away with selling a guide to how to steal your neighbor wifi connection with included tools but no one still is selling a "become a burglar" guide with enclosed crowbar)
@Magisch Not if your technology forces you to learn a new language every five years, or so. Example: WordBasic->VBA/VB6->C#->(Office Open) XML->JavaScript... Funny, the transition from VBA to C#, then back (sort of) to JavaScript was "you've got to be kidding me". I only just got my head around data-typing, etc. and now I have to unlearn it, again?
@CindyMeister I program in php, javascript, c#, c a bit of java, vb6 and vba
But it''s the attitude of entitlement that makes it so onorous. I don't mind instructing at the beginner level. But when people can't be bothered to provide the additional information requested or to actually answer what you ask...
12:05 PM
the different data types just slot into different memory areas in my brain. SQL too, but sql is sort of seperate from other programming languages for me
Thats just the modern world in general, though.
SQL is a bit like Word fields or Excel formulas...
"What I want, how I want it, for free. Now. No extra effort. And be nice while doing it"
^^ExactlyI use those "different memory areas" for keeping German, English and French straight in my daily life.
It's everywhere really
I feel for people in retail, just on monday I saw some incredibly rude behavior from someone in front of me at the checkout
treating the cashier like some sort of servant and the snobbery oh lord I would be fuming
Yes, I often have to admire people on the otherside of "the counter". I doubt I could do it.
12:11 PM
@CindyMeister meh, mine doesn't work that way. I get buffer overflows all the time and they bleed into each other. Maybe because I grew up bilingual. But I mix all of my langauges up these days, it's really annoying.
... considering that O'Rley chose a chicken as the animal for the SharePoint books cover....
@CindyMeister Wordbasic ... hello ancient past ...
Would it be appropiate to call the app catalog site "ChickenPen"?
@terdon Searching for a word while speaking and knowing the one on the tip of the tongue is not the right language, but not being able to locate anything in that language..
@CindyMeister yep. Or just using the word from another language without even realizing.
Translating for some one and being told "You're repeating what they said, but I don't understand that..."
I do that often. It seems to correlate with how much I've spoken in a particular language before
so right now for instance I haven't talked much to colleagues all day and in the lunch break I wove some english into the german subconsciously
When I'm very tired is when it mostly happens to me <sigh>
English + German: In Switzerland you can no longer be sure it's not deliberate. It's considered "cool". Even the newspapers do it <gagh>
you know what's funny considering most swiss people I know we could probably communicate better in english then in german
12:19 PM
@BlueSoul Except that most of the stuff that I'd label "feedback" isn't necessarily rude/abusive.. it may just as well be unkind, or not needed. Rude/abusive is a very clearly defined category, but people seem to think that anything that's not that is automatically feedback... it's not.
I can't understand swiss german accents and swiss people complain about mine
-1; not enough gardening metaphors
I am most comfortable when I speak with someone I share languages with, so I don't need to worry about which one I'm currently using.
@Mithical ?
It's really weird for those around us though. I have friends with whom we'll switch from Greek to English to Spanish to French in the same conversation.
We were sitting in a bar in Athens a while back and the guy next to us came up and asked "But, where the hell are you guys from!?"
12:20 PM
@Tinkeringbell You've got lots of playground metaphors, but not enough gardening ones ;)
@terdon bwahaha
@Mithical Gardening ones are reserved for better people ;)
Also.. kinda random as no one was discussing that answer ;)
@terdon Sometimes a word or a concept just doesn't quite fit when you try to translate it. There are nuances and subtleties that you can't always express in a different language. So yeah, communicating is easy when you can just slip in a word here and there and not worry that it won't be understood.
@Tinkeringbell That was the point, draw a little attention :P
Meh. I could probably do without that.
@Magisch Yep :-) Those who live in the area of Stuttgart, and right on our border, have it easiest. Apparently, the farther north one goes, the worse the problem. Except that Dutch/Flanders are much closer to Swiss than to "Platt", it seems.
@Tinkeringbell As for the unkind - I fear this is a case of tomayto/tomahto - I just mean anything that violates the "be nice" principle. As for the not needed, it all amount to defining what is not needed. Obviously repeating the same thing that has been already posted by 40 other different answer is not really needed, I would just upvote the others.
12:27 PM
@BlueSoul Take a look at the comment I linked in this chat message.
Oh, it seems I used a wrong link. Moment!
it is an user profile....
Try again? :D
That's the kind of stuff I'd call "feedback". Not blatantly rude or abusive, but enough of a jab to pile up, and unnecessary.
And this is 'just' a comment... there's been plenty of answers like that too.
@Tinkeringbell oh, that I would just call "unkind".
because, as you said - it is a jab
It's borderline.
Probably unkind...
But it's an example of stuff that toes the line so closely, especially on meta where people still argue that dissenting is okay too...
And it is... but not this way.
12:47 PM
Oh! Hello. I'm in a chat room. la la la
Hey Rebecca! Welcome :)
Haha! Thanks for your response to my post. It's quite encouraging.
Aww! blush.
Thank you for appreciating it. There's not much of that going around lately, so that's appreciated too :)
The Timeline got added to posts in the UI.
that is one userscript to get rid off.
Okay "Timeline"? Is this a new edit history? (It looks really cool!)
12:52 PM
@rene Weeee!
@RebeccaJ.Stones it existed before, but you needed to manually construct the link to see it
@RebeccaJ.Stones It can help you figure out if e.g. a post was closed/reopened before, or if it became a hot network question....
it was reworked though and the rework looks crisp
A lot of people like looking at that stuff apparently.
Ooh, snazzy.
12:56 PM
Are deleted comments deleted from the timeline?
Okay then (: thanks (:
@RebeccaJ.Stones Testing to know for sure, are ya? ;)
Hahaha! (:
1:00 PM
@Mithical Oh, sure. And that's a large part of it. But sometimes the word might be "table" or whatever, but it just doesn't come to me in the language I happen tobe speaking.
@rene Wow, that's cool :-)
@rene what? When? Where? I don't see it.
Oh! Saw it.
Duh, I'm used to seeing that on the sites I mod so I didn't notice! Nice!
1:22 PM
A: Add a link to the timeline of a post

Yaakov EllisI am happy to announce that a new and improved post timeline is now available to all users. It can be accessed by clicking the clock icon underneath the voting and favorite buttons that are located to the left of a question or answer. Clicking on the button will bring you to the timeline p...

1:34 PM
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 30 mins ago, by rene
@Dharman I checked if I got a diamond by accident ...
who is this time line
yea this is unusual, had to see what privilege I gained
why do 3 yr olds tell you they hate you -_-
@user1306322 For years: "Make the timeline more discoverable"... timeline shows up ... "WAAAAAAAAH! What is this monstrosity?!" :P
because they have that power still, and we don't
1:46 PM
@djsmiley2kindarkness Same reason 13 year olds do so ;)
Don't worry, if done well the cycle won't repeat at 23
@Tinkeringbell well, it's looking pretty great imo
No, that is where they are begging for your money ...
have to share this - taken from a reply on a Microsoft "forum"
I was just worried they decided to make everyone mods and just see
@user1306322 Oh the chaos... do you know how hard it sometimes is to coordinate a group of just three?!
1:48 PM
no, I don't
> If anything misunderstood, to better assist you, we would like to collect more information about the situation. Could you please record a video about "Yes there is, I just created it" and "Created app catalog because that is required for this app, installed app successfully, app doesn't show up, go back to admin, no app catalog.Shows up in site collections as an app site, is definitely there" to clarify the situation here?
record a youtube video and showcase how utterly ridiculous this is, tag bill gates on twitter, etc
I only half-joke here, it could be a hot video on reddit for real though
@BlueSoul MSDN or the new Q&A? Sounds an awful lot like the hired "mods" on MSDN...
msdn is wack - "this was fixed in the latest update" - no it wasn't, - "please provide the new steps to reproduce this in the latest build" - the SAME STEPS
That's what happens when you out-source support to non-native-English speaking and, basically, non-experts in a technology. And what made me so happy, originally, to find SO.
1:52 PM
and now SEI has decided to outsource their management...
idk if it's just that though, it's one thing when it's a Q&A where nobody is hired, it's another thing when it's a site for just a handful of pretty major IDEs which doesn't allow an easy way for the responders to see whether the tests against a certain bug are green or red
@CindyMeister answers.microsoft.com
I would expect microsoft developers to put some code tests or automated tests to see if some GUI bug reproduces after fixing it and actually check
Ah, even better! There's a reason I never got involved there. But it could just as easily have been MSDN...
@user1306322 I am more astonished about the Could you please record a video about "Yes there is, I just created it"
1:54 PM
and then who do the responders take their info about that it is fixed? no idea
@BlueSoul inception-style, another video
internet would love this
@BlueSoul What happens when you give drones a list of responses they follow blindly.
at least drones are automated and respond instantly
@CindyMeister more like "I have no idea what 'yes there is, I just created it' means so I need a video"
google: I didn't get that, can you repeat your request?
you gotta pick the syntax a little :)
OTOH given the language skills we (responders) sometimes have to deal with (OP not being able to type a comprehensible sentence) I suppose a video might, in the long run, be easier and quicker to understand.
1:57 PM
if you understood what the words meant you could just at least formulate proper English like "Could you please record a video of the existing site that is reported as not existing?"
for sure, I love making gifs at work showing how a button doesn't click or something, it's just so great there needs to be no text even
but still add text so I could find this later in case someone else makes this bug again
something tells me the responder only clicked some links on their screen in this scenario and didn't touch the keyboard
^^Sounds about right, although I'd think canned responses might better, grammatically. One would hope...
in case anyone else missed this news, there will be one more MATRIX movie coming out in 2021 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
We're living it...
nah I'm still not living in the future that I want
we're getting there though
2:06 PM
If the future you want is the Matrix, you and I have very different dreams.
I don't think there's a movie about a good enough kind of sci-fi future yet
and I don't wanna make movies
you might see a game on that topic though in some years
@user1306322 loads of books though. I've always been partial to living in The Culture, for example.
books are cool and good but they don't have a visual component which is… worth a thousand words :)
@user1306322 Rockman Battle Network?
(I guess the preview is NSFW) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandora_in_the_Crimson_Shell:_Ghost_Urn if you ignore the fanservice bits.. or don't if you like them, I'm not your mom :p
2:11 PM
@user1306322 um... Books work far better than movies for me. Movies tend to get it wrong :)
I like original movies which are not based on books, those usually get more right than those based on books
also, as a middle ground, some anime series are based on ... sort of books, illustrated comics, and they have longer air time which allows more possibility to get something done right... it's a weird middle ground though
not that this is the end all be all example, just the first thing I remembered
Sure, sure, but when it comes to scifi, there are 100 decent books for every one decent movie. Most scifi movies are just crap, sadly.
what an odd place....
the scifi genre dealing with robotics and transhumanism is still really poor
Not in books it isn't!
2:14 PM
another example is Deus Ex game series
That's where the good stuff is!
well, throw some recs at me!
I might pick up the texts then
@BlueSoul is there some message steganographed into this image? I can see some weird checkerboard patterns near the shore
@user1306322 nope.
oh well, there's so much code golf going on you never know
2:17 PM
@user1306322 Hmm, robotics and transhumanism... Well, there's David Brin's Kiln People that explores the definition of human. Asimov, of course, for robots. The recent Murderbot series by Martha Wells also have an interesting take, and Ann Leckie's Ancillary Sword is absolutely brililant.
@user1306322 ^ it is the result of feeding the above image in NVidia gaugan generator
@BlueSoul What a strange name for a toddler.
ooh cool
@user1306322 I like the world displayed in Bicentennial Man. An underrated movie, IMO. Long. Very long. But good.
... and potentially based on a book
2:21 PM
@Gimby I feel like it's pretty basic and these day we have better modern works going deeper into the topics
yep, short story.
not that the Her movie is a masterpiece but it's at least a bit more modern
@user1306322 Although, that's one person's take on what something should look like. What everyone images as they read (as they should) will be different. Films are fun, but there's much less personal involvement than with comtemplating/interpreting a book.
I can't really think of a more in-depth and "real" title as Ghost in the Shell mainline series, if we're talking robotic implants and electronification of human brain
@Gimby Definitely based on a book, by Isaac Asimov.
2:23 PM
I like when authors give me specific ideas and problems to ponder about, not just define the general problem topics with a huge space for imagination, that's like not enough :p
sure the classics like Neuromancer have started it all but there's gotta be more and better these days
I just don't follow the modern scifi book news at all
mostly just anime and movies
what's the IMDB for books these days?
@user1306322 watch Serial Experiment Lain.
already have
Dennou Coil anyone?
great universe
cool tech there, feels entirely possible
@BlueSoul also what do you think the show's message was?
I swear everyone has a different point of view every time I ask
@user1306322 On the one hand, there are the old classics (19th century) with tons of descriptive prose. Too much, for my taste, these days and I find myself skipping (which I didn't 50 years ago). OTOH, today seems to be mostly action (like in movies) and too little description. I suppose, it's a matter of taste and the times.
Back in the 19th century there were no TVs, films or photographs, so a lot of description was necessary and desired. Not so much, these days, with so much at our fingertips.
I really liked the pacing of GITS series where there is a lot of breathing space and they get to show you a bit of the day-to-day life in a world of cyberized people, and I like these types of works the most
@user1306322 Facebook is the spawn of hell and should be destroyed for the sake of humanity.
2:35 PM
Psycho Pass has some relaxed episodes showing daily lives of people in its world
6 messages moved to Chimney
@user1306322 What's GITS? I'm a bit out of the current SF stream, I'm afraid.
@CindyMeister I kinda feel like this is a problem because the most popular depictions are now so obvious to us that imagining ourselves it boring, so it's such a breath of fresh air when some new work shows details of an unknown novel world design
@CindyMeister ghost in the shell, there are a number of movies and series and some spinoffs
Q: In what order should I watch the Ghost in the Shell series?

KilluaThe Ghost in the Shell series is comprised of several movies and animated TV series. TV series: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG Ghost in the Shell: Arise Movies: Ghost in the Shell Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG...

Crimson Urn is a whimsical fanservicey spinoff
@user1306322 The real masters of the art manage to combine the world description with the storyline - then it's great. C.J. Cherryh come to my mind...
@CindyMeister the problem is I've probably already read/seen/played those :D
and I'm always on the lookout for more
GITS is technically based on a manga which I haven't read but I don't think it's necessary with how iconic and widely acclaimed the 1995 movie was
btw there's an upcoming reimagining of Akira by Waititi which I would be skeptical about if not for the director
Akira is a planned science fiction live-action film based on the Japanese manga, Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo. Warner Bros., who have held the rights to a live-action version of Akira since 2002, have repeatedly struggled to get production off the ground over various concerns. Most recently, the film was to be directed by Taika Waititi, with production to start in July 2019, and scheduled for theatrical release on May 21, 2021. However, just prior to production, Waititi put the project on hold to direct Thor: Love and Thunder for Marvel Studios. == Production == === Film rights and concept...
2:41 PM
@user1306322 Thanks :-) It's never made TV channels here in Europe, and I've ever watched much animé. Sounds interesting and I'll keep an eye out for it.
he put it on hold to direct Thor Ragnarok lol
well that turned out pretty good
@user1306322 I heard there's a new "Foreigner" due this spring FWIW. Somehow, I only just managed to get my hands on Cyteen and Regeneration this last winter - no idea why it took me so long. Not sure I even yet have all of them!
@CindyMeister Anime is dangerous. If you get a taste for it, all of a sudden you have a lifetime of new material to watch.
check out Dennou Coil myanimelist.net/anime/2164/Dennou_Coil it's not super serious but I really liked how "yea we live in this world, what about it?" the whole thing is
@Gimby only in the same sense as a a "life sentence" is roughly 20 years :p
I've run out of good movies and anime to watch a couple of years ago and I'm not that old
Maybe once I've reached the age where I can't get up and move about it will be just the thing! Keep me quiet so that the nurses can go about their business...
2:45 PM
I used to watch a movie before sleep every day for 4 years while I was in university
@CindyMeister I'd probably be watching babylon 5.
Is it binge watching on a loop ? :D
(not bingewatched it in a while)
@user1306322 for some reason you made me think think back to the Metropolis incident and how stupid Sony can be.
what incident?
I've only seen the movie
@user1306322 Tezuka's Metropolis? Tima?
myanimelist.net/anime/26/Texhnolyze (note the low ID, site creators were fans) is kinda weird, I don't think I enjoyed it, but it sure is atmospheric if you like grim and gritty aspects of cyberpunk
2:51 PM
@user1306322 how does it end? What happens to Tima?
what do you mean???
was the ending cut in some Sony release?
@user1306322 EXACT!!!!!!!!!!!
The final post credit scene!!! Gone!
The very scene that changes the ending! Nowhere to be found thanks to them.
oh dang... idk maybe I haven't seen it myself then
Again, how do you believe the movie ends?
I don't remember anything about the ending, just a couple scenes come to mind
oh I'd have to rewatch it
2:53 PM
does this picture look familiar?
on a similar note, you might enjoy Kaiba myanimelist.net/anime/3701/Kaiba
mm no, my memory is vague on this one
I guess it could be a good question for Anime.SE if you're interested in posting
@user1306322 I already know the answer.
I'll try to get multiple copies from different sources and see for myself then
2:57 PM
The final scenes of the movie have her die, with Kenichi left in the ruins of the explosion. The movie ends there with him looking for her pieces.
But the final post ending credits scene...
Look at the left window.
That implies that he was able to save her.
at this point I'm gonna have to ask a question about it myself :p
In some versions of the DVD... that scene is cut.
So viewers are left with the idea she died forever
pretty bad if you ask me.
Especially if you discover the missing pieces after years.
It would be like discovering that there was a FF7 collector edition where Aerith lived....
ye such memories tend to stay with you for sure :)
like some of the series that never got a continuation after an abrupt season finale
hopefully we will see how the fourth Evangelion movie wraps up the quadrilogy in a way that makes even a modicum of sense
very low expectations for this one
3:04 PM
@user1306322 never got into Evangelion, but I know the "dropped series" felling
yea it's not for everyone
Your Name though, I thought the movie was going to end 4 distinct times
the events that happen and the scene direction is so misleading
normally movies end when such sequences are shown but it just kept going!
ruthless :D
but it was neither here nor there in any case, so I can't disagree
@user1306322 be happy - it is not "Over the Garden Wall"
Which is also not an anime but I guess you get the idea.
it's on my watchlist I still haven't gotten to it
3:11 PM
How to plan about 26 episodes... and then collapse everything in 10.
there's also Disenchantment waaay back in the list
Futurama has had like 4 "for real" finales
@user1306322 It is good, but sometime you wonder if it is an arbriged version of a real show. Or if you pressed the Fast Forward button by mistake
I got a real whiplash from the Firefly movie
it's been so long I don't think a reboot is feasible at this point
myanimelist.net/anime/339/Serial_Experiments_Lain/userrecs basically if you go down the list of recommendations to Lain, you'll find some of the more interesting series out there
@user1306322 didn't follow that one
it's short and bitter-sweet
3:18 PM
@user1306322 same universe, different time or characters
@user1306322 watch Tokyo Magnitude 8 and then curse me when you finish it....
I already did
I wish I could link you my animelist if they hadn't nuked half the site after the hack
do I have to keep all my valuable data on my own hardware? :p
(the answer has always been yes)
@user1306322 "oh, nice, they both get home....."
I suppose I shouldn't recommend myanimelist.net/anime/35120/Devilman__Crybaby Devilman Crybaby from Netflix then >.>
@user1306322 from what I heard, that should not be recomended because its quality is pretty bad compared to the original one. Which already was pretty unhappy.
But at least there you kinda expected the thing wouldn't end very happily
(yet, you probably didn't expect that Violence Jack was actually Devilman sequel)
3:24 PM
I had no idea what to expect, I never heard of the series before the day it all got released on netflix
that's kinda explain.
btw, apparently King of Thorns is only findable with its original name on that site. Weird
in some locales Rock Man is called MegaMan, sometimes even JNat :p
Also, reading the Totsukuni no Shoujo reviews.... really, only I notice that the thing is also probably a subtle reference to persecution during WWII?
put that on my list, thank you
was not a coincidence I made this one
3:39 PM
I am afraid to get so emotionally invested into things these days :s
@user1306322 oh don't worry... thanks to the link YOU posted I just discovered this exists....
and since I kinda recognize that artstyle.... I am scared
oof :D
Because I know I will read it. And because I realize who the author is.
there's an entire anime chat room on the network, there's gotta be more potential great recommendations if you ask around
yea that's the guy
suppose I'll add it to my list as well
oh it's on there, neat :D
3:55 PM
@user1306322 don't know if you also play games... but...
a game that is already know as Mitty: Tamagotchi Edition
4:08 PM
Cool, everything has a timeline button now
There's no timeline button in the mobile view, but I can live with that.
4:31 PM
@Machavity I worry about a company that doesn't properly appreciate shog and his contributions.
@canon I'm more worried that they pretended he never existed in the first place
i mean, they did say right there that they appreciated it
Talk is cheap; he's looking for a job.
@canon At least he is pretty well known, so I expect he will be not looking for long.
He should already have received a lot of contacts.
Hope he finds something nice (that doesn't involve SharePoint)
Oh, God. Sharepoint.
4:45 PM
SalesForce! Er, wait...
@canon hahahahahahahahahaha *(crying)*
5:46 PM
Q: Resigning and leaving SE

StrongBadI have decided that I can no longer contribute my efforts to Stack Exchange and therefore I am stepping down as a moderator and planning on leaving the community. I will not be deleting my accounts or content, but I will not be actively participating. I have been thinking about this for a while a...

Another diamond burninated.
The domino effect of bad management takes effect all over the community.
5:55 PM
You can't argue with feelings, and a lot of those were hurt lately
And there was no clear communication of new turns and SEI strategies on site. Just twitter, public press statements etc.
@Rubiksmoose I can blame no one for standing on their principles.
@Tinkeringbell it's not about feelings. It's about principle and standing for what you believe in.
Don't get me wrong please. I am OK with SEI making more money by getting and convincing new investors.
But doing that in risk of loosing their biggest treasure, which is a long term established community, is probably the worst way.
IANAL or a good business man, but that's so obvious that this course recently driven won't lead to anything good.
6:34 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ mm yup
Too often businesses make the mistake of taking short term gains at the expense of long term success.
This room doesn't feel the same without Shog being around as much.
@TravisJ :-( :-( Yes!
@TravisJ Yeah... though Shog hadn't been here much in a long while to avoid certain pings, if I understood correctly, the room is definitely different now he's gone entirely :(
@Tinkeringbell "though Shog hadn't been here much in a long while to avoid certain pings" That's a different story, and we all know who was the culprit :P
@πάνταῥεῖ Well, he never really got fully back in here, I felt...
Still, it was often nice to see him drop by from time to time.
Of course that always was enlightening.
6:42 PM
@Rubiksmoose won't be the last
this thing barely got rolling
@Tinkeringbell I seem to recall SagarV/OptimusSomethingOrOther/whatever pinging him endlessly.
@canon Ehh, I did avoid naming names ;)
Or saying it even was just a single person.
Shog even complained about such behavior several times, and set up some rules when it's OK to ping him or not.
Some people even took these against him.
But well, that's history ...
Wait, no Star Wars moments
The nonalogy is over
@It'sOver Oh, you changed your nick :-O
6:50 PM
BTW, I'm having these Aidin chocolates and they're yummy
These parts of Iran make delicious candy. If you ever pay a visit, you wouldn't be able to help complimenting the food.
I'm definitely totally not biased
Can I get Turkish Delight over there? :P
I might have to do that once Iran stop making nukes. And shooting down airplanes. But that should be any day now
@Machavity I mean, unless you're afraid of flaws in the production process, you could go there by car :P
@Tinkeringbell Are you kidding me, we make better Turkish delights than Turkish Turks
6:52 PM
@It'sOver ;) I only had them once and they were delicious!
@Machavity AFAIK Iran is a pretty safe place for tourists.
But that's also all I remember... that, and being nauseous after eating to many and going on a rollercoaster.
People don't have much to do with government affairs, despite what you might think
@It'sOver Like, good enough to betray people for?
For some reason XKCD times out for me recently
6:54 PM
I feel like I'm missing a reference...
Probably some Google thing Iran or Google blocked recently
@Tinkeringbell Context
Thank you!
I need to read those books someday.
Well, I grew up in an age with lot of sweets, still loved them
@Machavity Oh, I remember that!
I guess lokum (that's the more common word here) pretty much fades compared to other Turkish sweets
Of course, there's the fact that some things are not sweet enough for some and too sweet for other people, but I guess if you asked me for the best Turkish sweet, it would be baklava.

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