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12:08 AM
Anyone got a copy of the diamond mod agreement we electronically signed upon becoming mods circa 2012? cc: @GeorgeStocker
Not the theory of moderation thing.
@Kev I'm not sure if it's changed since 2012, but here's what it is now: stackoverflow.com/legal/moderator-agreement
@ert appreciated.
The downvotes feed my soul
For those following along, the “finally got it done” tweet from Stack Overflow’s twitter account is said to have come from Shog as a joke. I have not independently confirmed this, but a former SOer is satisfied that is what happened, as is another community member.
I can't invest anymore time into worrying about it anyways. It's done.
except the last word, not lol
not "lol"
lord help me
12:34 AM
Don't see the humor:
2 hours later…
3:02 AM
@Rob good thing it's mentioned in the title O_o
3:17 AM
I know that those two "thank you" posts will be likely spam targets, but should I unprotect them if they get auto-protected?
3:59 AM
Nov 6 '19 at 0:50, by Sonic the Reinstate Monica-hog
!!/notify 89 meta
@GeorgeStocker what’s this?
4:31 AM
@Stormblessed Basically, someone kept calling for Shog9's dismissal on Twitter, and supposedly there was a tweet from the official SO Twitter account replying to them as "finally getting it done". It's all hearsay, though.
4:56 AM
what the hell
is wow...
5:56 AM
@GeorgeStocker That would be remarkably callous
1 hour later…
7:17 AM
@justcool393 no wow, it makes perfect sense to me.
Shog became a pain in their a$$.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog why would they become spam targets?
@Rob David DPG can't see it either, read their comment. :)
@Magisch Shog becoming something that they want to get rid of is kind of a fact now, isn't it? Not even a "sorry to see you go" from management this time.
But yeah... better let it burn inside, not outside.
@Peter anger at SE, so it looked fitting. It express my internal feelings. — Shadow The Burning Wizard 11 mins ago
And now time to use that heat for....
@ShadowTheBurningWizard brews a cup of Ristretto for @ShadowTheBurningWizard
@Magi did anyone bring back the Feeds post from Trashcan?
@ndugger what?
@ShadowTheBurningWizard don't know, don't think so
@GeorgeStocker you mean Shog still has/had access to SO official Twitter after being kicked?
@Magisch good :)
Best not to start off the day so cynical
7:32 AM
A nice cup of cynicism in the morning, the perfect way to start off your day in the right frame of mind.
my frame of mind is somewhere between annoyed and sad
I'm wondering what they'll actually do with mod vacancies. They'll need to elect like 40 new mods early in the year if they want to previous levels. Running elections is a lot of work and lord knows the CMs don't have time. I wonder if they'll simply leave those positions vacant and shut down sites when the sites can't bear it anymore.
wouldn't surprise me
btw, judging from the blog, the SO Teams sales aren't where they want them to be
maybe that had something to do with the very public alienation of the core userbase they were expecting to evangelize this stuff
7:49 AM
But that's just venting.... unlike Monica there's really no way that can happen. :(
But not all is dark... Israel started to sell gas to Egypt. Who could believe.... ;)
@Magisch I almost think that they'll just kinda let them wither and die on their own
it's really sad actually
I wonder what will happen if all SO mods resign, though.
They can't ignore that.
buh.... need more coffee.
@ShadowTheBurningWizard They've had a CM escalation backlog that keeps growing month to month, and that was before the firings. Why do you think they care about a SO flag backlog?
8:06 AM
@Magisch A flag backlog might be more public, though it would probably take something like spam not getting deleted anymore to actually have any short term effects. And that is kinda unlikely to ever happen
@ShadowTheBurningWizard ;) That's a good thing, until the earthquakes hit ;)
Q: As someone not very active in this community, how do moderators' resignations affect me?

RainbI see lots of people resigning for some issues I don't know about, but I don't know any of them, I have no emotional connection to them, so I don't care personally about them, but the sheer number of resignation posts that I see makes me unsettled, I just use Stack Exchange to find answers to my ...

@Tinkeringbell hehe, true
8:31 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog To be honest and for sake of clarity, from all the comments I saw on twitter, the alleged "finally getting it done" post quoted Shog9 messages, not those of another random user. But the core is that, yep.
I wanna say if that actually happened I hope whoever posted that is fired precisely the minute they find out who did it.
sarcastic laugh
@ShadowTheBurningWizard No such command 'sarcasm'.
can't really say I am ready to trust that, I am sorry. Right now, I am not ready to exclude any option - another mishap or a bad joke from one of the fired ex-employees.
I have been exposed to far too much "You don't know the full facts, the leakers had an agenda but I can't give any info" in the last few months to be able to just trust any word as is.
9:12 AM
Nothing else really makes sense. There's really no point in SE tweeting to Evan. It isn't like he has a particularly good relationship with the company after all.
@terdon Again, none of the tweet I saw about the alleged incident made any connection to Evan in any way. The only place I saw that claim is here, made by some users on multiple chat rooms. Tried to ask what the connection was, got no real answer.
The only thing related to Evan I saw was that tweet that was linked by Magish.
@Hitodama What do you mean? Isn't this about the tweet that was allegedly sent to Evan?
@terdon But again, every tweet I saw claims that the "finally getting it done" post quoted Shog9 messages, not Evan.
@Hitodama The rumor is that the SE account tweeted "finally got it done" as a reply to Evan.
I'm not really going to make an effort to try and find things that make sense when absolutely nothing makes sense. Things are happening, I am going to read, acknowledge and discard it for now.
9:19 AM
@terdon This is the rumor I see
> They quote tweeted @shog9's announcement that he'd been let go saying they "finally got it done"
@terdon yet no one screenshotted it?
no mention of Evan.
/me throws down doubts.
@djsmiley2kindarkness they claim that it was quickly removed.
As I said, I don't trust any specific version at the moment
I claim I saw SE kick a puppy.</s>
9:21 AM
@djsmiley2kindarkness shrugs I think some may have. But I am not discussing whether it happened. What I am saying is that if it happened, then it was almost certainly a joke, quite possible IMO one made by Shog himself, it certainly fits his style. But anyway, it wasn't some sort of official response by the company. It was just some person having a bit of fun with Evan.
'Removing a tweet' does not cause a users browser to refresh.
Not something that's worth making any sort of a big deal over.
yah that's true @terdon
@djsmiley2kindarkness ouch! That hurt.
It could be a rumor made up by someone to bash SE.
It could be Shog9 using the SO account to make a joke/revenge as some community member are claiming (VIP pass to backstage?)
It could be a quickly redacted mishap by some other employee.
9:25 AM
@djsmiley2kindarkness They should be careful with that cause if they decide to try to kick journey, he bites
I... kinda not care. I did, but then I realized that any option wouldn't change how I feel about this, so...
But I would still like to know when/who/where it was first claimed that the tweet was a reply to Evan, for I see no trace of that claim out of here
@Hitodama It was first claimed by this (now deleted) comment:
> Another thing, the official Stack Overflow twitter account tweeted to Evan Carroll (who called for @shog9 to be removed on twitter) shortly after, quoting his tweet and claiming that they "finally got it done". The tweet was quickly removed but not before I and others saw it. — tvanfosson 33 secs ago
Which had been posted here: meta.stackexchange.com/q/342039/203101
@terdon oh, this puts it in whole different light. Trolling a troll is legit joke. Well done, SE!
That's what I think too, to be honest. I don't really understand why this has become a big deal.
@terdon I thought it was a tweet directed at Shog, or just in general, which would make it... not good.
9:34 AM
@ShadowTheBurningWizard "Trolling"? Even if that is true either it was Shog9 who posted that and then removed it as soon as he realized that it could be very easily be taken out of context or .... well... it is basically trolling one who asked to inflict some pain to someone else by saying them "done" after actually doing what they asked for
Nah, this is the last vestiges of the old, playful SE with actual relationships with its users, trolls or not.
@Hitodama How familiar are you with the history between SE and this particular user?
Hard to explain properly
years of info...
9:36 AM
@terdon again, either Shog did that or if anyone else did that... it is basically mocking someone.... with a bad fact that actually happened.
@Hitodama mocking whom? Mocking Evan, sorry but I can absolutely live with.
Anyway, it's just a complete non-issue for me, really, so I don't really have much to say about it.
It's the drop that just infinitesimally raised the average humidity of the camel's back.
@terdon How? by mocking him on the fact that you just made him happy by firing out a great CM???? Sweet Celestia, I should start asking them money then: maybe I will be mocked with some free cash????
Sorry, but mocking Evan doesn't even register on my scale of bad.
Not after what he's done over so many years.
@terdon Oh, I am fine with that, don't worry. What I mean is that since he would have basically got what he asked, that doesn't register as mocking on my scale.
And I do t even see how it's mocking
So why is this even an issue?
9:42 AM
then, I am confused on what you mean.
The expected reply from Evan to such a message is "Thank you", and it will mean he's now "friend" of SE, which is his eternal nemesis and it's against his very nature.
That's smart trolling for you.
@JNat cross site spammer for your gentle care. Thanks! :)
@JNat and another one. Enjoy... ;)
10:36 AM
For those using Windows, update it ASAP: pcworld.com/article/3514172/…
Doesn't look that fatal at all.
> Fortunately, Microsoft reported that the library was not in active use, though that doesn’t prevent an attacker from weaponizing it now that it’s been disclosed
Windows Update means computer not responsive for long minutes (it takes 100% CPU while downloading), then restart after that.... all in all, huge headache.
10:58 AM
Hey @Sha you do realize that when on Twitter, if you reply to someone, you can also choose who's tagged in that? I didn't really need that last notification I got from you ;)
@ShadowTheBurningWizard likewise :D
Is the right place for the How to use Twitter course?
Eh, Sha has asked me questions about how to use twitter before ;)
Don't know if that was here or in his Den, but meh.
11:19 AM
> $('.s-sidebarwidget--header.s-sidebarwidget__small-bold-text.fc-light:contains(Blog)').hide();
$('.s-sidebarwidget--header.s-sidebarwidget__small-bold-text.fc-light:contains(Blog) + ul').hide();
say goodbye, Blog tab.
finally shog has an opportunity to reveal all about how he got notified of every single mention of his name on the network
I'm guessing it was some high privilege db event
@Hitodama can you do that with just css tho?
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@user1306322 guess soo. but... JQUERY.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
I just like being able to quickly toggle css rules in F12 tools rather than call jquery in console
11:28 AM
@user1306322 that is supposed to go in a GreaseMonkey userscript.
yea I know I have both that and stylish
@ShadowTheBurningWizard gone
it feels wrong to turn such a small rule into userscript, I'd rather it be a css
but it might be that much more difficult to turn into css, so idk
@ShadowTheBurningWizard and gone
@user1306322 I suppose that you one could use plain css as you said, but I had problems with the GM_addStyle thing. But you are right - technically I could just use stylish.
11:31 AM
are the top answers outdated here?
Q: Is there a CSS selector for elements containing certain text?

jantimonI am looking for a CSS selector for the following table: Peter | male | 34 Susanne | female | 12 Is there any selector to match all TDs containing "male"?

@user1306322 AFAIK, nope. But you could -probably- work around that limitation in some way. JQuery :contains just seemed the fasted way to do that.
I know there are css selector options for filtering against attributes and attribute values
@Tinkeringbell oh, sorry! Thought we can't edit the list of people who are notified.
@JourneymanGeek ^
but idk if there's an inner text selector filter
11:46 AM
@GeorgeStocker the stone soup url in your blog is a google search redirect to wikipedia. I'd leave a reply on the blog but figured here it's quicker to fix :p
@user1306322 stone soup? The old story about the magical stone that could be use to make delicious soups?
idk about stone soup in particular but we have a similar story in our folklore involving different inedible farmhouse tools, but I suspect it's the same story in its essense
yep, the "sopa da pedra"
that is the story I was remembering, @Wikipedia
@JNat thanks!
@JNat thanks!
I still kinda prefer the "Friendship Okonomiyaki" from an old Urusei Yatsura episode.
11:57 AM
I'm seeing a couple alternative ingredients: a metal nail, a log, a clothing button, a woodcutting axe
Everyone brings an ingredient for the giant okonomiyaki.... and then tries to ensure that that ingredient doesn't end up in their slice.
for some reason I am reminded of bell peppers and beef >.>
@Tinkeringbell Den but meh is a good place. ;)
@user1306322 oh, that's the anime with Luffy's sister, right?
12:01 PM
no idea who luffy is, this is cowboy bebop
you might be thinking of one piece or something
@ShadowTheBurningWizard I'd rather not stick my head in the Den when I'm working from an office ;)
You'll never know what you find there :)
@Tinkeringbell meh, it's dead-ish these days, only Kenny post his automated anti freeze messages... :(
@ShadowTheBurningWizard No such command 'revive'.
the whole network feels really damn depressing to look around right now
I think the whole network may feel depressed.
And that that's showing ;)
Heck, even IPS lost users over this :(
@Tinkeringbell yup
Have we lost shog?
shog was fired two days ago, from what the company wrote to "align the company" internally
12:20 PM
@FreezePhoenix he was taken from us.
draw your own conclusions from that
What geek said. Not lost.
Yeah. That's what I mean.
and if your own conclusions are laden with expletives, then i feel you
Words have meaning and power. Unless you're spewing corporate garbage your boss wrote.
Then its is full of sound and fury, like an idiot, signifying nothing....
12:21 PM
I mean these words have meaning too. It basically says that they performed an ideological purge
whoever disagreed to much got let go
Lots of us might as well leave then. They had a chance to fix their mistake, instead... they bombed the whole thing
that is what that means. If it doesn't then an idiot wrote it and didn't consider what they were saying at all.
@Magisch I was quoting Shakesphere :D
went right over my head, I suppose
> Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
12:23 PM
it's a beautiful day outside.
birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
@Hitodama That's depressing too, it's supposed to be winter here.
Climate change and and f-ed up earth and stuff like that.
It's the middle of january. I don't know what is normal where you are, but the fact that we're having mid spring temperatures has me greatly worried for what summer will be like this year
@Tinkeringbell oh, I am sure that @JAD will recognize that quote....
@Magisch I predict either too hot, or not necessarily cold but super rainy
12:25 PM
Unless you're in australia. its mostly on Fire I hear
Like no beach days at all
@JourneymanGeek Yeah. mandatory 'everything in australia is there to kill you'
@Tinkeringbell Fire even kills those things
@Tinkeringbell either way every year in the past 5 the heatwaves kill people
Other than Wombats apparently
@JourneymanGeek Do wombats kill?
12:38 PM
@tink and @journey I'm guessing the discussion in the TL is heated to say the least, but have mods recieved any additional information about all this or are you on the same page as the rest of us
We got the same stuff Juan put on Meta... and I guess we know a lot of employees also are sad/upset about this. So no, nothing different.
@Magisch we know exactly as much as y'all do
Also I usually stay out of there so ^^ may know more ;)
@Tinkeringbell I have never met anyone who has survived wombat combat
12:45 PM
Then wombats belong in australia ;) I read a headline about them sharing burrows with other fleeing animals? Not sure how much of that was true...
@Magisch we're either in shock and denial, acceptance or depression
@JourneymanGeek so how's the mood in there? just as crap as here?
@Magisch I'd say yes
i'm not actually sure what to do yet
Hope is dead.
12:46 PM
the events caught me severely off guard even after the monica situation
@Magisch Pretty much indistinguishable from here, or meta
@Magisch I think they caught everyone but the decision makers off guard
I have the two tabs open next to each other (this room and the TL). And it's almost impossible to know which is which. The mood, statements, available information etc are the same in both places.
Many of the same users too, anyway ;)
it's kinda like when something horrible happens and it takes a while to sink in. Silly to get so emotionally invested in a place I know but still
But yeah, mods don't know anything more than anyone else.
12:47 PM
usually in these past months I clung to the stubborn hope that cooler heads in the company would eventually prevail and sort all of this out
Which, in a way, is fair. We shouldn't (we meaning everyone, mod or not) know why someone lost their job. Nobody needs to know that other than the person who lost it.
well two of the people I hoped would do that got fired with some vaguely threatening PR speak denoting it. I don't know what to think now
The last thing we should want is that SE now start publicly stating why they made a specific staff decision.
Perhaps with a press statement to Te Register?
they kinda did with their statement they had juan post
"aligning the company" literally means "purging dissenters". If they didn't mean that then whoever wrote that did a very bad job of composing it
@Magisch aligning the company literally means nothing. That's just drivel, it isn't information. It is a string of words that manage to be grammatically and syntactically correct while being semantically void.
12:50 PM
@Magisch that statement really didn't go over well in TL when it was first posted, I was very surprised they actually made it public
Whoever wrote that has a future in politics. Most likely with someone like Trump or Orbán...
@terdon I think it means what I wrote. But I also think it betrays the writer as someone who is really cold and calculating. So you're not wrong
@DisappointedinSE probably went down like a lead baloon
Yeah people weren't really happy 'bout it... but we weren't very happy to begin with either so ...
What do those "people" know anyway. Do they click on ads? No.
@Magisch Take your time, you don't have to decide now. I'm trying to keep people here, I'd miss them. That includes you ;)
12:53 PM
@Magisch I'm aligning my company everyday. But it that is due to this weird tendency to go sideways all the time ....
@AndrasDeak sigh.
@Magisch that's the thing, literally it means nothing. It's an empty phrase. We can interpret it in various ways, but it doesn't actually mean anything.
@rene don't forget to align the dilithium crystals while you're at it
@rene this is because you continuously blur it
@terdon eyy, we're relevant again!
12:58 PM
@terdon I don't think anyone is curios enough for that. But many would like to know what "suddenly" means
@Hitodama Hell, I'd love to know too! But I don't think I have any right to that information. The only person who has the right to share anything is Shog himself. Or Robert, each for their own case.

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