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3:00 PM
^ See the "sir" part is important.
If you don't do it you haven't properly blown off steam.
is there a mrs analog for mister in English?
also isn't sir for knights?
Sir is a formal English honorific address for men, derived from Sire in the High Middle Ages. Traditionally, as governed by law and custom, Sir is used for men titled knights i.e. of orders of chivalry, and later also to baronets, and other offices. As the female equivalent for knighthood is damehood, the suo jure female equivalent term is typically Dame. The wife of a knight or baronet tends to be addressed Lady, although a few exceptions and interchanges of these uses exist. Since the Late Modern era, "Sir" has been increasingly used also as a respectful way to address any commoners of a superior...
are you saying wikipedia is a LIAR!?!?
3:02 PM
If the title "sir" is given to someone, then yeah, it's like a "Dr. M.A.R." kinda thing.
look in this man's eyes and tell me the truth:
Sir Patrick Stewart (born 13 July 1940) is an English actor whose work has included roles on stage, television, and film in a career spanning seven decades. He has been nominated for Olivier, Golden Globe, Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, and Saturn Awards. Beginning his career with a long run with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stewart received the 1979 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in Antony and Cleopatra in the West End. Stewart's first major screen roles were in BBC-broadcast television productions during the mid-late 1970s, including Hedda, and the...
Sir David Attenborough, for example
@user1306322 Meh, Charles died in Logan.
Real tearjerker.
yea good movie, I don't care what critics say
imagine modifying ALL FOOD to kill all mutants
What critics say? Don't people love it?
it's all the russian bots, I say!
who can tell human from program on the internet these days
3:06 PM
Well I dunno who you've been listening to but Logan hold a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes
well I guess we have a test -- whether you can post a good question or answer on stackoverflow >.>
Cesar Manara on January 15, 2020

We had a ton of people participate in Winter Bash this year with 266,000 hats awarded throughout the network. Thank you, everyone! We couldn’t have done it without you.

There were 31 hats available this year (well, 32, but one had two versions so we’re saying 31) and no one collected ‘em all. The two users with the most hats across the network collected 30 each. You can check the leaderboard for a full site by site rundown or this round-up for the whole network.

You all shared some amazing pictures on the 2019 meta thread, and here are a few that brought us a smile. …

Are you saying Google is a LIAR?!?!?!11
I can neither confirm nor deny
@Feeds Oh winter persists alright
@user1306322 That's CIA talk
Wait, now it makes sense.
3:08 PM
@BlueSoul You made the blog post! Congratudolences ;)
Your intelligence is as reliable as the cats on @Tink's neighborhood asking her to come down, BTW
@NotShadow your answer seems to imply The Loop is a thing.
> Stack Exchange interacts with the community via The Loop, a system whereby hand-picked individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds who are excited about the growth of Stack Overflow are given the opportunity to provide feedback about some parts of the Stack Overflow functionality.
@Tinkeringbell bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhaahahhahaahhaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahaahahahhaahahhaahhaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha
wish I could talk to my cat so I could tell him how good and soft he is
A: FAQ/Handbook : communication channels used by StackOverflow/StackExchange

Lightness Races with MonicaStack Exchange interacts with the community via The Loop, a system whereby hand-picked individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds who are excited about the growth of Stack Overflow are given the opportunity to provide feedback about some parts of the Stack Overflow functionality. The other ...

hand-picked individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds? Who now?
3:10 PM
@terdon Wrong ping?
I mean.... really? Wasn't the common theme of all my knittings clear?
That's not written by Shadow.
@terdon Well the plot thickens
Oh, eek! Sorry!
@terdon They wanted to create a feedback comission to take over the role of spread out community feedback in the design process
3:11 PM
@terdon Sha is better than that ;)
Is a loop a thing
What is a thing
What's life?
let me dig up the quote, but they've said they wanted to finish off recruitment by the end of 2019
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I was having trouble getting my head around the idea of that being written by him.
Well now you know why ;)
@Magisch Oh, I know. But i) it hasn't happened and ii) it was only about developers, the exact opposite of a diverse range of backgrounds.
3:13 PM
@user1306322 You can tell him? I'm sure cats have telepathic powers and he'll understand ;)
@terdon do you know it hasn't? I'm assuming the working group and its recommendations will be kept private
> That’s why we’re creating a working group of users made up of people from all corners of the developer community — from folks new to programming, those who don’t participate in Stack Overflow but are passionate about programming, experienced Stack Overflow users, frequent contributors, and more. We’ll hand-select folks of diverse backgrounds who are excited to chat with us regularly about everything from new ideas to features, to how we communicate with the broader Stack Overflow community.
@Magisch I'm pretty sure it hasn't, yes. I expect it would have been announced.
I may be wrong though.
That would be nice.
I don't think it will be
Imagine what people on that group would go through were it made public right now
But still, even if it does happen, it will still be as far from "diverse backgrounds" as you can get. It's only developers.
I mean, here comes the question of will we ever trust their word on anything anymore, and especially whether that thing is going to be beneficial for us, no?
3:14 PM
if I would have been invited (wasn't, obviously) I'd have accepted under the condition of anonymity if at all
depends on what you class as diverse, but I agree
@Magisch I don't expect the member of the group to be made public, but I absolutely expect that they would make the existence of the group public as soon as possible, to show that they're doing something.
@terdon I thought backgrounds meant nationalities, genders and so forths
The second question is more important and more definitive. At this point, do you expect this Loop thing to result in some, any change that you would have wanted to see happen?
they probably mean diverse as in diverse in socioeconomic status, country of origin, gender, race and other similar categories
That they haven't is a pretty clear indication that nothing has happened yet. And fair enough, it hasn't been that long.
3:15 PM
@It'sOver there is no question now
Nice, I want that line in a movie.
If they only finalized who they want on it by the end of 2019, contacting all these people and forming the group might take a while
especially if some candidates say no
@It'sOver I still don't know what this loop thing is supposed to be. It seems to be some sort of internal markletingspeak for "making the community feel we are listening".
It apparently includes the blog posts, that awful survey, this putative working group and who knows what else.
@terdon "The Loop" is the name of the blog post series, that for now presents at least three things being worked on, like listed in that blog post.
There was a little 'through the loop' survey on SO, that's different.
3:17 PM
@Tinkeringbell Yes, which is why I don't get what it is.
Some sort of "initiative" or some such.
I don't think it's really been fleshed out yet
@terdon How's that after the edit?
I'm saying that even if The Loop participants were chosen as good as you (pl.) would have hoped, would their opinions be likely to result in any change that you would have wanted to see?
if the group is private, I fully expect "the group" to be a marketing lie, and it's just 1-2 people who get to decide
No. It really feels like a marketing campaign. They have a name for it, but little else.
3:18 PM
So this whole discussion seems like a side issue to me.
from what I can read in the introductory blog post:
1. Phasing out meta for all things feedback, bug reporting and surveying
2. forming a moderator advisory group to govern moderator matters
3. forming a user working group to provide user feedback
4. using machine learning to process survey results to save staff time
@Tinkeringbell Ah, but it isn't the blog series. We've been told other things are "part of The Loop". None of it makes sense to me, but maybe that's just me.
> using machine learning to process survey results to save staff time
so many relevant XKCDs there
Poor Cat tried to explain it the other day, but it's still as clear as mud to me.
probably intentional, that
3:19 PM
@terdon I'll shoot you a link to the mod-team in the TL.
@terdon seems par for the course
@JAD not that one.....
one of the ways to at least placate the most people is if you make what you're doing vague enough that everyone can read into it what they want
@Tinkeringbell I know the link. That's precisely what makes me more confused :)
I was dismissing the meta-be-gone remarks as cynical before. But that's what 1 is.
3:20 PM
something tells me all of that aggregated data fed to an AI is going to be less valuable than the usual process of going to meta and looking what people are proposing
that's the lot :P
At least @Journey would have more time then to share with us his magnificent stories
speaking of, is anyone aware of the mod advisory board being formed?
or is that too a fully secret process?
3:22 PM
@Magisch I don't think there's anything new
@Magisch there hasn't been any news on that so far
thanks for answering anyways
Thought at this point I'm disinclined to be part of it
I can imagine
Oh yes. At this point, screw that.
3:23 PM
@JourneymanGeek let me check, I should have that motivational video still here on hand....
although I'd want people like you two on there
as a non mod
I'm already working on 2 private Q&A projects for now, so haha good luck
@Magisch that's the difficulty isn't it?
@Magisch in theory it's supposed to help shape the network
But I need to trust that it's actually that
3:27 PM
yeah, I get why y'all are loath to take on any additional help work for SE. But if anyone can have an impact towards saving this mess, it's in positions like these
@Magisch frankly I need a clear sign of good faith
@JourneymanGeek Being invited to such a thing might be one?
@Magisch that would only happen if SE actually listens to those users, otherwise the mods would just be used to grant legitimacy to SE's pretense of community involvement
@DisappointedinSE well, if that happens the mods could speak up against that right?
I could have seen a chance for this after Monica, I don't see one after Shog
3:30 PM
directly or through a good-faith-canary
@JAD and then?
then we know :>
Originally my plan had been to sit out the first round
Pretty sure other folks would be better placed to effect change
Actually that's still not a bad plan
@Tinkeringbell I kinda remember an ex-mod that was appointed as such without having to step up even....
@Magisch if we had any reason to even hope that we would be heard and actions might be taken in response to our words, then maybe. It isn't about "screw SE" it's more about "why should I waste time and emotional effort for something that will just be ignored"
3:33 PM
I fear that it will require some more effort than asking for many.
@BlueSoul ? There hasn't been an advisory council before, not from what I know?
@terdon and that's why good faith
@Tinkeringbell nope, was talking about "Monica is an experienced moderator across the Stack Exchange network and we thought it would be presumptuous to ask her to step up yet again". That good faith and trust got wasted, so I meant that I fear that many will wait to see some more effort that just asking to join this time.
@BlueSoul Yeah that is absolutely irrelevant to what we were talking about.
3:36 PM
@terdon If you can't be convinced of that, then all is lost, right?
What would be the point in continuing at all then? Even if it's just for your community, you're probably still here because you think you can make a change, have an impact, make even if only a small dent in the course veering off the rails, right?
Very possibly, yes. Assuming you means us.
@Magisch Or at least be some kind of shield.
Cushion a fall
Yep, totally sure that that incident didn't impact any decision about joining the mod council. Especially after it was just mentioned a few lines above.
@Magisch Frankly, I continue because I really enjoy answering questions. But I'm way less active than I used to be. And I very often find myself starting to do something (leave a comment explaining the rules to a new user, post an answer, edit, whatever) and then abandon it because I can't make myself care.
I expect I'll be less and less active as time goes by and as I wean myself off of my SE addiction.
3:38 PM
Whatever it is, you're trying for something. None of you are masochists, you're not getting a kick out of disappointment and sadness. So if there's a chance, why not?
that is fair enough
@terdon sounds familiar
> You're not getting a kick out of disappointment and sadness.
Speak for yourself
My [end] key seems to have died. :|
Am fairly disappointed in SE/SO.
4:02 PM
Hah! Hello Andras :)
..... when you actually pay real money to be able to troll.....
(if getting your name in the donators list can even be considered a troll in the first place)
oh, well, I guess that for some those could be the "best spent 10$ ever"
@BlueSoul You misspelled "evar"
Well I like Evan. He at least has some style.
it's the gofundme problem again, they dont take my debit card
@GeorgeStocker do you have paypal
Q: In defense of sanity, let's shake hands. Stack Exchange has changed, and it's ok

nduggerI think we need to shake hands, and realize that our "communities" are going to have to migrate. It's ok. There are other, amazing platforms out there. This one has decided to move on without us, and I think that's ok. Let me open with a statement I made in chat earlier. I think that SE is g...

I'm still thinking about what you wrote, but one statement bothers me, and I've seen it made by others as well: "Can you actually blame a company for desiring to make more money?". If I'm to buy into the premise here, I need to believe two things: 1) the community-based approach that served SO well since day one is somehow harming profitability, and 2) The controversial decisions that have been so dismaying are somehow improving the value of the company. Both would need to be true and yet I can't see any evidence or argument that either one is. — James Reinstate Monica Polk 13 hours ago
This comment needs more upvotes.
Also, I think some nuance got lost here.
"Community" wasn't about chill bros hanging out, doing . . . chill bro things.
4:17 PM
@QuiteNotSerious not that game.
@Magisch what country you in?
those games do not exist. They are a mere product of some weird Mandela effect.
@djsmiley2kindarkness germany
The SO community was the largest group of the developers that can and are willing to donate their time for new individuals. The way they were treated is the crux of the problem. I don't think they are special in the sense that SE just wanted to do away with Alice and Bob specifically, it's that SO might not survive because any expert to fill in their place is likely to be subjected to the same treatment.
I had to donate to monica via paypal too
4:19 PM
@Magisch ah, I'd likely get screwed by paypal for accepting moneys then
@BlueSoul excuse me, did you make a mistake there?
"aggregation" this is when chemistry gets to your head
@QuiteNotSerious Three letters is enough to ping someone
@QuiteNotSerious nope, just a desperate attempt at ignoring the existence of the Zelda CDI games ^_^'
@Magisch I do; does Gofundme not accept paypal?
4:21 PM
@GeorgeStocker does not
If you email me at george@georgestocker.com I'll reach out to Shog so you can send it directly his way
credit & debit cards only. I dont have credit and my debit card is not accepted there
@BlueSoul apologies but you cannot deny the best Zelda games ever. Most entertaining watch I've ever had. But since you do not like my avatar, I will quietly take my leave :P
@GeorgeStocker done
@QuiteNotSerious Entertaining to watch... yep. To play......
I tried once. Was painful.
Couldn't even make out where the platforms were.
(Or where they ended)
But actually, I was just joking, don't leave because of me :P
4:30 PM
@Magisch Thanks, I see it.
@QuiteNotSerious also... I now notice that the thing is even animated. So you also get extra points for that ^_^'
I was looking at what are some of the best games and Control came up as highly rated, what's up with that, how is it comparable to anything but a 10 year old game? Even the music is a remix, that ruins the original song.
Another title, Death Stranding, seems rated somewhat equally (as does CoD, etc.) yet it looks 10x better ...
@Rob I played it, it's really good
it's like the scp wiki being made into a game. the atmosphere is wonderful
and the story is pretty nice. Gameplay is a nice power fantasy shooter thing (well executed imo)
4:46 PM
@Magisch Thanks. I can appreciate that gameplay is different from appearance.
you get 5 different upgradeable weapons as well as passive skills and abilities, like levitation, kinetic throws and other cool stuff
it took me about 25 hours to finish while doing a fair bit of side content, and I enjoyed the vast majority of that time
i'm of the opinion that most games that look amazing (graphically) don't tend to have very much depth.
I guess it was the dissolving and scrolling walls, along with the odd flying, that made it seem ... just simple.
that's not a very well-founded opinion
i mean, you can disagree with it
4:48 PM
I think I mean superficial
The article / review / Dice Awards announcement that I saw this: techspot.com/news/…
Except for that one game the others seem great, just wondered how it got lumped in with the likes of the others.
witcher 3 looked great for it's time, and even today still looks great. it has good combat mechanics, a great story... but then it's totally drowned out by inconsequential quests/radiant quests, meaningless inventory management, an open world with very little meaningful things to do within it.
outside of the main quest
same thing with most of the recent assassin's creed
great looking games... but... past that..
Perhaps it's also a matter of taste. Specifically of witcher 3 I've heard great things, also from people who've only just picked it up after watching the series. I might sort of end up in that category eventually, until then I can't comment
i played it a lot
like, hundreds of hours
of the whole series, i enjoyed 2 the most
@BlueSoul you could say I have the gif for the Tavern. Still, can't stay long, I'm at work.
4:54 PM
Yes, balance. You can't have shiney stuff that has nowhere to go or nothing to do. And you can't have lots to do but nothing to do it with. Then there's the desired 'depth' does one want straightforward gameplay or to unearth the mysteries of gameplay ... Twist or no.
@AndrasDeak I have 259 hours in the witcher 3
Witcher 3 had lots of depth, though? At least in terms of story. A lot of the choices you made early on in the game affected other quests in (what I considered to be) subtle and interesting ways
I can say I enjoyed every second of it
then again I'm a huge fan of environmental lore and every single speck of that game is chock full of it
you'd be weird not to enjoy a game that you play for 1.5 weeks straight
that is true, it's one of the few games where your decisions have some impact on the main story
4:55 PM
That's what makes it interesting several months later.
and i think the main story is great, it's why i played it so much
but... again... it has this massive open world... with no reason to go explore it other than to see it
i love exploration
subnautica for example had plenty of reason for me to scour every edge of the world
I thought that was a given with open worlds
I mean, the reason to explore it is to learn more about the world and see the stories of more characters
whereas in assassins creed the real only purpose for the open world is to house opportunities to get loot and XP
Maybe you just hate structured stories?
i dont think that's it
i can't stand open world without a purpose
no mans sky for example... i so want to enjoy it, but i can't
4:57 PM
I enjoy minecraft, but really just can't get into NMS
because the exploration doesn't feel... useful. every planet you go to is different, but... not in important ways
regardless of what they do with it. It always feels like lesser minecraft to me.
So you're saying you like Subnautica because it has depth... :D
I liked subnautica :D
4:58 PM
i didn't play it much after release, but i played the hell out of it during EA for years
Oh praise the lord it's home time.
also, a really big minecraft fan, but i get burned out on it rather quickly. ~ month tops
but that's more about seeing what kind of crazy automation machines i can build than exploration
I play modpacks, it's made me play a lot
i do both
I'd guess north of 10.000 hours in minecraft
it was all I played for a long time
5:01 PM
with vanilla, i usually join a private community server with a streamer and do the whole... server hub, trading, thing
with modded, it's always about doing all the things
Right now i'm digging into zelda botw
I play mostly expert modpacks and make it a challenge to finish them as quickly as possible
really enjoying it so far
except sevtech ages
screw sevtech ages
i loved sevtech ages
they took away my minimap until I cleared the twilight forest
5:03 PM
all you need to do is die at home and keep the compass
I'm the kind of guy that has a hundred waypoints after a day
i had a very interesting... playthrough of it
i had a really good base setup, went out explorign to find something... and never made it back to that base
i spent hours looking with no success, so started a new base..
few weeks later i finally went back looking for the old base, it was something like 10k blocks away
i left it following rivers, and had in my mind that all i had to get back to base was find the ocean. when i went south to find that ocean, i never did find it
see I have zero orientation intuition. So I need waypoints to everywhere
there's a secret tho, well, maybe not super secret
make paths with a shovel as you explore
get lost, find a path and follow it home
in the end I edited the client.zs file to re-enable the minimap when playing on a server
I just can't without my journeymap. Any pack that doesn't have it, I add it by hand anyways
5:08 PM
unfortunately all the people i was playing with quit it really early
the early map isn't too difficult to get
if you can find the villager
that's what i was looking for when i got lost
Looking forward to doing another vanilla playthrough later this year with the new honey blocks
and i wish mods would move forward to past the aquatic update... not having swimming/crouching really sucks after having it
@Magisch For a moment I thought you'd misspelled journeyman ;)
hah :)
@user400654 I'm sorry?
Journeymap is a mod for minecraft that adds a customizable minimap to your game
Yeah, reading back a bit more, I got as much ;) just thought it funny enough to point out anyways. Unless people aren't ready for wry smiles yet?
5:19 PM
@Tinkeringbell Minecraft mods are largely stuck on version 1.12 of the game.
nothing like geeking out a bit
Mod updates take time... The learning curve is steep!
it's more the nature of how minecraft modding works... updating to a new version is no easy feat
rather a function of how it is a disparate mess of building on a spaghetti code construct of changing spaghetti code that was deobfuscated to begin with. In a game that is unoptimized to begin with
The java version, at least. Bedrock is the better version, but most things still obviously only work on java
most of my redstone contraptions don't work on bedrock, or require a whole lot more space to accomplish the same goal
5:32 PM
The Sevtech Ages looks interesting, if you're a Minecraft fan, it certainly expands things; even underwater.
it's a great pack, if you can handle the early stages
they can be... tedius
take my advice and manually re-enable journeymap
otherwise its fine
maybe we should do a server for it
it's rough on the hardware
@CodyGray in case you missed it, you're named here
well, that was short lived ...
6:34 PM
@rene That's the second post by them too... I was uber confused about what the issue even was.
If you feel it needs mod eyes, put up a flag on it please? I'm not sure how much I'll get done tonight
@Tinkeringbell Not sure it does, but I couldn't anyways because both posts (that I know about) are now deleted. I'll keep an eye out if they pop up again.
@rene Now reposted verbatim on MSO...
oh well, I'll flag.
okay, cody will see it there
And now we get to the pointless-discussion-with-disgruntled-user, I guess....
6:42 PM
@Tinkeringbell you have one from me and I guess from @S.L.Barth-ReinstateMonica as well...
¡Hola! El sitio Meta es de la funcionalidad los sitios de Stack Exchange; no puedes publicar esta pregunta aquí. Prueba Stack Overflow en español, por favor. ¡Gracias! (Lo siento porque mi español es mal; estoy aprendiendo). — Stormblessed 1 min ago
Here I tried to explain SE in Spanish
Qui a coupe le fromage?
@Machavity wait a minute...that’s no Spanish!
There I tried to explain the philosophy of Meta in French
{insert han solo}
6:53 PM
The upvote is clearly undeserved for the question.
you say clearly but I can't even understand what it says
@user1306322 Strict English language policy!
what if someone uses unstrict English?
@user1306322 it’s asking about using OpenGL, a 3D rendering thing
@πάνταῥεῖ yourre its' effects and such
6:57 PM
@user1306322 What is "unstrict English" please?
well, I know what OpenGL is, I'm a programmer and a gamedev after all lol
@user1306322 No results found for unstrict English. Did you mean plain old ordinary English?
I suppose I invested in this joke more than I should have and now my bank account is so negative the IRS is going to turn the biomass of my body into something they can recoup the losses from...
I don't believe we need that discussion. That question is off-topic, period. No matter what.
@user1306322 where do I sign up for that?
6:59 PM
this is why you learn financial basics at school, kids, don't be like me
@jcolebrand on terraria forums, 9 years ago
any other prominent Q&A site projects lately?
I guess we'll see them in a couple months
@user1306322 On Stock Underflow?
@πάνταῥεῖ It's when you don't apply the strict keyword to your EnglishScript :-)
Sock UnderFloor
I'm only making a Q&A alternative to teams for my company for now and for my personal project's small community
I thought I was smart enough to contribute something better that the average to the open-source ones but they have better equipped people than I am
funny thing we didn't really start to make our own at work due to all the politics, it was due to the small team pricing changes
@user1306322 I don't have any clue how that relates to an off-topic question at Meta SE written in a non accepted language?
and also we have a couple features we wanted to implement for which the SO corp gave us a mad price, and we thought we could do it ourselves at this point
@πάνταῥεῖ oh I thought this was on Spanish.SO
7:06 PM
@user1306322 Nope
so… a stray English is like… Jamaican dialect? :p
this song always tripped me up: genius.com/Mattafix-big-city-life-lyrics
@rene Did it get deleted there too?
(()=>{"use laissezfaire";Engrish();})();
@Rubiksmoose I think so, it wasn't in active list anymore, nor in the websocket feed
yesterday reddit heavily adjusted their algos for what gets more visibility and apparently a lot of trash posts which wouldn't have gained traction before get it too easily, so if you see strangeness it's due to that
they also said this doesn't affect those who are not logged it but they're wrong lol
7:13 PM
@user1306322 Why should we care about Reddit changes or rules?
@rene Huh. Alright then.
@πάνταῥεῖ I think it's a good idea to be aware of content manipulation these days
@user1306322 How would we tell the difference?
The pale-throated sloth (Bradypus tridactylus) is a species of three-toed sloth that inhabits tropical rainforests in northern South America. It is similar in appearance to, and often confused with, the brown-throated sloth, which has a much wider distribution. Genetic evidence has been interpreted to suggest the two species diverged only around 400,000 years ago, although the most recent evidence indicates the split was closer to 6 million years. == Description == Pale-throated sloths have a rounded head with a blunt nose and small external ears. The limbs are long and weak, with the arms being...
7:15 PM
@Machavity if you're used to your usual assortment of topics, from yesterday it's all completely different
it's not hard to tell if you're a daily user at all
I mean, Reddit's motto seems to be "50% less toxic than 8chan, since 2014"
idk what their motto is, but I have had to filter out 98% of the topics from their main page for it to be relevant to my interests
soooo many pet and meme subreddits
There you have it. Studies show only 2% of Reddit is useful
what is the internet if not porn, memes, and pets?
7:18 PM
xkcd comics obviously
@canon More crap as what we had before the 1990ies :-P
from the last decade, sites where you can literally download and 3d-print a car
it's gonna be a crappy car but still, it used to be a joke and now it's real
how long till we can download and 3d print ram
you can 3d print rams
7:55 PM
@user1306322 That's the motto tbh

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