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I can't help, I only have 101 there; and I presume that the number of quarters spent isn't a recognizable (or provable) qualification. Press.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Generally we figure the number of slots based on the capacity we need to replace. It's not uncommon for moderators to be less active on the site before they resign.
So, 2 presumably active new mods replacing 3 worn-out inactive mods.
6 - 3 + 2 = 5 is the new total
@JonEricson I'd rather future-proof them
12:23 AM
Jon is now sitting between two Robs. Make a wish?
Just give everyone on the site mod powers by default. Problem solved!
Or is that a culture-specific thing.
@forest Except, then, no one would be a mod.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog precisely
"When everyone is super, no one is." - Syndrome
12:24 AM
Though anyone can earn most of the powers of a mod
"I am Modacus!"
Then again, here I am using my sock sooooooo ;p
@VoteDukakis Resigning doesn't mean they're inactive. :)
12:26 AM
At least one of the resigning mods has detailed their inactive-ness, though
and quite often there's a few insanely active mods, and a lot of work mods do isn't the mechanics
We determine the need based on what the mod teams on that site want. If they feel one slot is sufficient to replace two or three... or even no slots... that's their call and they can change their mind at any point in the future... but we're not going to force new people onto a team that's able to handle everything without help unless they drop under three people.
(actually there's precious little meta action on SU these days ._., and my flag handling style is to pop in and crunch them for about 10 minutes a few times a day...)
Might as well at least kick off the questionnaire collection now.
12:32 AM
That takes one week and is agnostic of the number of slots
its entirely plausible the number of slots may be a number equal to and not exceeding zero
1 hour ago, by Jon Ericson
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Certainly. The question is how many to elect. I'm guessing three.
@Aibobot Jon Ericson said there will be an election
Sure, but when, and how? If there was a recent election, they could just pick runner ups. Sometimes questions may depend on who's interested.
Also Could we at least wait for the ink to dry on the resignations and the CMs to work out a good slot for elections?
@Aibobot There was no recent election, last one was three years ago
Point being
12:34 AM
@Aibobot The ink has dried on one
You really need to let people do their jobs
not micromanage things that are not really your problem
Not a constructive discussion.
My bad. I'll step back
@Aibobot yes. This is true. But elections are more complicated than most people understand, which means it's even less useful to try to push us around about things.
12:37 AM
@Catija well, I get that
1 min ago, by Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog
and the need to trust folks to do their jobs
I just ran a full battery discharge test of my new Pixel 3a. It scored more than 2.5 times my old Nexus 6P with a replacement battery.
in general.
1:37 AM
Returning to that UX research post... if new users had a taste of some privileges, might they be more likely to try and earn them? Like, a new account comes with the ability to make 5 comments.
Wouldn't work for votes though, as there are enough voting rings as is.
The obvious downside is a user getting "no more comments left" and starting a new account.
@VoteDukakis also feels like a bait and switch
Starter pack... free trial for 30 days... these are commonplace things.
1:41 AM
Well, I'm not really fond of the idea either. Just trying to extract something actionable from that UX post.
also, I suspect I am totally lacking context to what that UX post is
I hate that idea.
It's a total bait and switch.
@VoteDukakis also, I suspect folks are here for different things, even on different sites
Q: UX research time! May 2019 and the reputation system

Donna👋Hello! This is our second installment of UX research updates for Meta. You can check out the first installment here. This month, I’ll talk about findings from user research we did last year about how users with lower reputation perceive and use reputation and privileges. Research background...

My (main account) activity on MSE - between about 2k to 10k was privilege driven
cheers. bleh. grumbles about things affecting everyone being on MSO
1:48 AM
@Aibobot Wondering why you chose "unclear what you're asking" instead of blatantly off-topic for this question
I find people on SO are a lot more ignorant than those on SE (usually).
New users, that is.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog cause I honestly have no idea what he's on about
what is unclear about me being unclear about what the question is?
quite honestly I'd lean towards it almost being markov generated
IIRC most of the votes were for blatantly off-topic.
Which is fine.
Isn't there a site that generates SO questions using ML?
1:51 AM
In my opinion it does not appear to be about the software that powers the Stack Exchange network.
But that's how I thought my vote, with the information I had on hand should go.
Even with a mod hammer, I can do that, no?
Well, I was just wondering why you chose to do that, and you explained it well
FWIW the previous question of the OP was closed as blatantly OT. It didn't help.
Ya, we need to take a look at the user
SO member for 3+ years. No visible posts. Meta member for 2 days. Two OT posts.
1:58 AM
@VoteDukakis no visible posts dosen't mean anything though
How does that even happen?
Deleted posts likely resulted in them being banned from SO
Few possibilities - posts are deleted and us mere mortals can't see them. Amusingly the only way to check is to try to migrate or mug a SO mod.
If their posts were like these two on Meta, I'm not surprised they are deleted.
User is completely lost, or confused.
In any case, we can handle things as per MSE actions
2:12 AM
Like, what kind of idiot protocol lets users negotiate a “maximum key size” that can be as small as 1 byte. (A default that, fortunately, should be higher in recent versions.)
Bluetooth is so crazy.
stackoverflow.com/jobs/263065/… sometimes you find interesting stuff on SE job ads. SE is working on moving to Linux and kubernetes eventually?
> Stack Overflow websites.
Be deeply involved in our move from .NET Framework to .NET Core and then to Linux containers in Kubernetes.
Nick's Twitter has been talking about the move to .NET core a lot
I doubt they're doing that. Maybe for some backend.
@forest well, technically - there was some talk of doing that for the enterprise instances cause MS licencing for things like that was an epic pain
But I'm reading and speculating that to be a full move, especiall since it also says...
2:26 AM
Enterprise instances?
> In the future: We are in the middle of a multi-year move to Kubernetes.
That's literally what's supposed to be paying the bills ;p
You mean stuff like Teams?
Teams is a budget version
You can pay a "contact us for a quote" amount of money to get your own internal copy of the SO/SE platform
2:28 AM
They share the entire platform?
I thought they ran it in some dedi. Maybe that was just Teams.
Well, I never asked, but Joel did mention they basically sold copies of the code to MS and a few other companies for internal use ages ago.
@forest alas, I've never really asked.
I don't work somewhere cool enough for an internal SE or even teams instance
we use copies of jira and confluence that apparently crash if you look at em funny
I've worked in pretty cool places but I've only ever seen random ticket systems.
Never something like SE.
well, folks use confluence for knowledge sharing. In theory
TBH I could run a more robust ticketing system off a NUC than we seem to have here ._.
(also SE uses a hosted system for tickets, least from us. IDK what they run internally)
But my employer also primarily inherits and keeps tired old enterprise systems running
(this is no secret. Also el reg hates em)
What a remarkably high-quality answer.
free flags ;)
3:23 AM
@Undo the amusing bit is... technically that's on topic. Just... ranty
But it's not constructive.
Like gee, I wonder why he didn't have a good time!
@Undo VTC'd as not constructive
@Aibobot You can close as "not constructive"
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog errrrrrr
@Aibobot well, if you wanna tell me that he's seeking input and discussion from the community... yer wrong
3:29 AM
I can also sit back and trust the community to do the needful ;)
most people who delete their accounts two minutes after posting a rant will not return to read the enlightened discussion they inspired
@Undo (also I'm on an office PC, as shown by the sock account and can't really be bothered to pull out my hammer just this moment)
yeah, I know :)
3:41 AM
Q: Weaponized ultrasound used in gaslighting

John HunterI have a one minute recording on my iphone7 as well as a similar recording on my Ring spotlight security video/audio camera. They were inaudible in real life. I found I had been exposed to these God awful sounds and maybe others for hours two nights in a row making me borderline psychotic. Where ...

Deja vu...
> I found I had been exposed to these God awful sounds and maybe others for hours two nights in a row making me borderline psychotic.
Is he sure that's what's making him psychotic? :P
Oh is that the same old guy who asked a question here?
1 hour later…
5:06 AM
I have never wanted to be able to downvote comments as much as I do right now.Pops Sep 1 '10 at 22:11
5:22 AM
Anybody else having trouble uploading images via the Stack Exchange mobile app?
> An unknown error occurred. Please try again in a few minutes
^ that's what I'm getting since yesterday
@Glorfindel Other people are: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/328174/… - It was working for me a minute before you posted this, I live in North America.
@Rob I've read that Meta post but though it was just for uploading via the website.
And it's [status-completed] ...
It might be that I have uploaded too many images already or something.
Also: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/327432/… - specific to the App, not status completed, from a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks, that looks more like it, but I'm pretty sure everything worked fine for me until two days ago.
@Glorfindel I've uploaded a dozen in one post, or do mean lifetime total; shouldn't matter, otherwise others would have discovered the problem too.
5:31 AM
I must've uploaded over a thousand already with this script: gist.github.com/Glorfindel83/9d954d34385d2ac2597bbe864466259f
I think you can only vote that up, and leave a "me too" comment; without risking a dupe. It's possible that you got rate limited, try manually uploading from the same IP address to answer any question (then hit cancel).
6:08 AM
One of the other vendors has a bunch of interns here
So noisy ><
1 hour later…
7:36 AM
@rene nope... but yeah, I do know you have a big chance to win this time. Kudos! :D
Rene singing? Shivers
@Margarine almost. The king is being served by everyone else and is too lazy to move more than one square at a time. ;)
@Glorfindel it's borked, yeah. Just one more piece falling, soon the app will be 100% dead anyway.
A singer that sings "I am a singer". Now I don't need to be able to access YouTube to judge that.
That's the wrong rene. The one whose existence half the nation is trying to deny ;)
lol poor spammer
> the stacks are not working
Spam title ^
They wonder why their spam isn't "working". :D
@Tinkeringbell wait, your country singer in Eurovision is really called Rene? lol
7:44 AM
@ShadowWizard Well, I think this rene did do Eurovision as well, with two other males, a number called 'shine'.
Though the contents of 'the toppers' have changed so many times, it may also have been Jeroen that was in there back then
This year, the singer is called Duncan
singing sunflower cameo
@Tinkeringbell oh
How is that not nuked yet
@Margarine no links, so not obvious spam. Probably auto flag wasn't done as result, and the common site users didn't flag either, only downvoted.
@Tinkeringbell Duncan Idaho? ;)
@Margarine Cause some dogs need to work for their kibble
7:58 AM
@Aibobot But you are a robot dog and thus in no need of sustenance outside occasional wd40 and electricity
@ShadowWizard Duncan Laur(e|a)nce
Or something.
Alas, dog made of meat does ;p
@Aibobot Why are you covering for that sla . . . WAIT A MINUTE
Why do you think he's quiet? ;p
(actually normal job is quiet unless things go horribly horribly wrong. We also help helpdesk with chasing down case resolutions, which actually needs my attention)
@Aibobot quiet? Have the interns retreated?
8:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell No, ear plugs.
@Tinkeringbell .... actually they seem to have vanished, Other than one that is pretending to be a pile of clothes.
They're eating his lunch now.
naw, I beat them to it
@Aibobot Nice :)
fairly busy day
8:03 AM
Eating coworkers' lunches?
Actually I'm the only one on this shift
Dealing with "Its a $project_pc"
I support the software, nothing else
so I was like "I'm so sorry - this is not under us. Kindly send our helpdesk an email. I'll get information out to the engineer from the correct vendor, but I really need you to email $helpdesk@$frankencorp.tld..."
@Aibobot Are you sitting on the remote?
8:56 AM
9:49 AM
@Mithrandir since when we edit "message moved" auto messages??
Was there something to terribly horrible that you didn't want even a link to exist?
@ShadowWizard Yes.
IMO this should be done:
Q: Remove the ability to edit audit messages

R. Martinho FernandesI can't think of a decent reason to allow editing audit messages (like 'n messages moved to room' or topic changes). I have abused it for fun before but it really has no purpose other than joking or obfuscating your actions. For that I think that such messages should be untouchable. Please make t...

Mod will still be able to edit, but RO should not.
It's useful sometimes, though. I don't support it.
It's like removing the "deleted by" notice on posts...
@ShadowWizard I trust RO's not to abuse that, and unless other chat regulars are going to be nosy, it saves a whole lot of nosing around and drama ;)
It removes the ability to easily track your actions.
@ShadowWizard There's records in other rooms, don't worry :)
No, the edit history and internal audit message flag are still there.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog sure, but hard to reach.
Without "deleted by" notice we'll still be able to see revisions of the deleted post. But.. not easily.
Anyway... that's something I won't do if using my RO power to move messages. It's obvious the moved message was bad, nobody with common sense will click through if they don't want to see it.
9:57 AM
@forest please stop, you now make us not believe what you write in the chat About.
@ShadowWizard But how will I then recycle Server space previously occupied by "moved to chimney" messages?
I now consider you as a troll. Cheers, and good luck in whatever your goals are. ignores this user forever.
@ShadowWizard brews a cup of Macchiato for @ShadowWizard
10:13 AM
@ShadowWizard having taken a look. Yes
And for all of whom who did...
@ShadowWizard Um, you actually believe what I chat about?
@JourneymanGeek Still Christmastime in Singapore?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog they wish. IIRC they get snow once every 500 years.
And then they panic because it seems like the end of the world.
That second part may or may not be true.
10:19 AM
@Margarine That's almost like San Diego
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog At least you can pronounce San Diego.
@Margarine of course not
But you don't troll around
trolls between
Hey, get out of there!
Hey, you started the dirty part first.
10:22 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I don't think that was taken in Xmas
that's an olllllld picture with the super xtra peak puppy fludd
@Aibobot Are you so bored that you keep switching accounts
I can um, text message, um, certain people close to you.
@Margarine naw, the main account had access to google photos for that
:7718278 K
Doggy beware, spammers are feeling smart around SU today.
@Olivia thanks
10:56 AM
@JourneymanGeek tis' ash
Baby Ash ;p
Any way to make Feeds post this daily?
Would be awesome! :D
Would be noisy :P
Once a day?? Nah.
@JourneymanGeek Needs more current ash
11:02 AM
There were some issues with Chat/Twitter integration, Twitter made some changes that broke it (so that's why SNAFU no longer posts here)
or more ash in general
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog :(
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog well at least we can still onebox tweets... amazon links onebox is borked for long time now.
11:16 AM
Feeds can dump any RSS feed into here, correct?
@Magisch I'll try
11:34 AM
And it's possible to craft an RSS feed that oneboxes as just a picture, correct?
No idea
1 hour later…
12:55 PM
It's already mistaken as link-only
@Divin3 It is not possible to debug. We can't see the source of the website. how it is configured, etc. The Tim Post was a joke :/. It is a 404 error because the webmaster said it was. It this so difficult to understand? — DavidPostill ♦ Aug 14 '15 at 10:58
Khkhkh. David getting roasted.
If Tim wrote a post besides a lamppost, would it be Tim Post's post's post?
post can't own post, only post owners can own posts
If that Post post was written today, it'd have "because users need emotional development" instead of "because I lost my keys".
@JohnDvorak except tim post, he can own post
@JohnDvorak xkcd feed does that
Well, it's special cased...
1:00 PM
posts can't own posts, but Posts can
So I'm going to say no, any RSS feed input gets formatted by chat, it's not just some text being dumped here directly.
@Margarine only if the Post is deposited into a Timber Postbox
okay, so Twitter oneboxing is broken here too
so it's not just Arqade chat
How should I report something like that?
> You can't burn someone just because you think she's a witch! someone's life is at stake here!
@Nzall A bug report on main meta :)
1:03 PM
ah, okay
forgot about the bug report tag
@NoDistractionWizard It's just
Don't confuse people!
Okay, bug reported
now nothing to do but wait
Q: Twitter Oneboxing in chat appears broken

NzallTwitter Oneboxing in chatrooms appears to be broken at the time of posting. Pasting a Twitter link in chat does not change the chat message to a onebox of the tweet in question.

Oh, SE post oneboxing is still working
23 secs ago, by No Distraction Wizard
Q: Twitter Oneboxing in chat appears broken

NzallTwitter Oneboxing in chatrooms appears to be broken at the time of posting. Pasting a Twitter link in chat does not change the chat message to a onebox of the tweet in question.

And oneboxing oneboxes works too
1:07 PM
yeah, and Youtube also still works
What about XKCD?
I forget what the syntax is for that...
Just the url
!xkcd 1024
I thought there was a shortcut...
Oh, maybe it's a Smokey thing?
1:13 PM
@JohnDvorak that bot already long gone...
Not only that, devdoodle.net is down too.
Oh that was Astro's bot not bjb's. They looked similar to me.
Ah, yes, I remember. It used Wolfram Alpha as its backend, so it wasn't hard to get BJB's house address from it
So he had to move to Berkeley.
1:33 PM
So, more than 2 months and no one figured out how to keep spoilers off HNQ? Are you aware of any alternatives to just disabling HNQ completely? — Mars 2 days ago
You can tell when a user is new around here. :)
"more than 2 months"... the FR How to avoid “Hot Network Questions” on the sidebar took 5 years to status-completed.
Another button that the Answer Wizard should have: "if a and b < 3 does not mean what you think it means".
With a smaller of the guy from the related meme smirking
I forgot where it was from
Montoya, right
Related question: is there a language where if a and b < 3 means what one would think it does?
Python has variadic comparison (3 > a > 5) but not implicit distribution of boolean operators over comparisons
1:49 PM
Hopefully there is no language like that, because if a is my carefully prepared boolean I need to use in that condition, I'd be unhappy to have it compared to 3.
if so and se <3 then
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