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8:27 PM
It's also not the first time an account who voted on you has been removed. The last time was on March 21th with -115 points. — BDL 2 hours ago
Raises eyebrows
Gossip time!
> Congratulations! Let me tell you, change is exciting and good. -- Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe at 12:51 PM - 15 May 2019
balpha refers to leaving SE...
Not going for fancy TLDs, even though jericson.name is available.
8:39 PM
> For less than $10 a year, I can keep that from happening. (Unless I forget to renew the domain or purposely break links.)
This does require staying alive, though.
I think my blog will remain available after I kick the proverbial, it's just going to be calculus7.wordpress.com instead of calculus7.org
Terry Tao's blog is future-proof by being on wordpress domain: terrytao.wordpress.com
9:31 PM
Snafu, New Jersey
1 1
No relation to our own dear SNAFU who fell silent last year.
10:02 PM
Regression Therapy

Proposed Q&A site for professional Past Life Regression Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Psychoanalysts, Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, or any mental health professionals who are interested or seeking support in Alternative Medicine.

Currently in definition.

What is this even.
At least this site can have a nice portmanteau name, like "regther"
Reg, the Rappy. 🕺
Reppin' the Rex.
10:48 PM
@Aibobot Did you see the proof-of-concept?
@ShadowWizard Everyone using an Intel processor did.
@VoteDukakis Or passing the domain on in my will. Not renewing for one reason or another seems a distinct possibility. I'm related to the owner of ericsons.net and that site is gone except for in the Wayback Machine.
@JonEricson Sadly the Wayback machine will remove sites if the new owner of the website puts up a restrictive robots.txt file, even if the "new owner" is a landing page.
@forest Actually WayBackMachine now no longer respects robots.txt since domain parking services would categorically block all crawlers for SEO purposes which would unexpectedly result in archives disappearing en masse.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog It did as of recently. I know they said that they would start ignoring robots.txt but I tested it some months ago and it did not.
@forest Yeah, older sites that haven't been crawled since the change will still show an error, but if you manually request it be crawled again, it will all be available again
11:03 PM
That seems like it'd be most sites. That's unfortunate.
The records are still there, not deleted, just inaccessible.
Re-crawling will reset the "accessibility" flag as it's now always set to true unless the owner has specifically requested it by contacting them
Yeah I know that they don't delete it, but making it inaccessible is bad for an archive site that people rely on for availability.
That's good to know.
Arqade mods are playing the resignation game... -Ash -badp -Invader Skoodge
Three resignation posts in a row: gaming.meta.stackexchange.com
11:07 PM
True to the site culture, the posts have playful and not very informative titles.
@VoteDukakis I'm trying to remember the other site where three mods resigned one after another. I think what happens is one steps down and others realize they need a break (or haven't been active) on seeing the first post.
Code Review?
@JonEricson Will there be another election as a result, seeing as this represents an entire half of the moderation team?
Yes, Code Review.
11:10 PM
A: Passing on the mod hat

rolflWhen 60% of the moderation force opts to hang up the hat, it feels like there's a bigger problem, but I know the burden of a moderator on this site, and I totally get it. I also agree that fresh people on the mod team is a good thing too. What I don't agree with is this: "Well that's just easy s...

@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Certainly. The question is how many to elect. I'm guessing three.
@VoteDukakis Yep. Thanks!
11:56 PM
@JonEricson two, if I remember correctly.
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