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5:25 AM
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6:32 AM
One more busride till coffee. \o/
Hey what?
Is that a 'hello' kind of hey, a 'Im going to make a point now' hey, or something else entirely?
6:46 AM
hello kind of hey
but forgot I already said morning
lack of sleep is showing
You confused me! :P
Time to go to bed early tonight then ;)
will not be able to, unfortunately
well, fortunately for me
Doing fun stuff?
I'm going to catch a train ... brb
@Tinkeringbell overnight network maintenance
I categorize getting paid 1.5x time for being awake and poking a server to update about once every 20 minutes as fun
7:05 AM
getting paid is always fun
what you do to get paid sometimes less so
paid in this context meaning time off in lieu. I don't need more money I rather need more free time
that's good too
nd heh, I get off for tommorrow's publlc holiday...
well i wouldn't say no to more money but you know
good thing is I don't celebrate it. Bad thing is...
lol. Money lets you do the cool things you can't do at work ;)
thankfully my hobbies are cheap, my apartment is cheap, and my food is cheap
and I have no debt and enough saved so I don't have to care too much about job security
7:08 AM
my hobbies are expensive. The rest is cheap ;p
fortunately I only build computers every half decade or so
well probably will look at options in 6 months
until then here's ok
I get Monday off as a public holiday. I can use it :)
Rene caught the train.
8:15 AM
@Olivia As a spam prevention measure, question authors can't edit self-deleted questions. But no such prevention exists for answers.
It would be great if I had some insight as to why this request of mine is being disagreed with, so I can edit it to address concerns.
One reason I can think of, based on my experience with a now-deleted request of mine, is that people tend to reflexively downvote any suggestion that makes it "easier" to have questions reopened; someone commented on that deleted question that they'd rather make reopening much more difficult than closing (even if it meant misrepresenting questions to reviewers).
8:31 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog well, it adds complexity
and if a edit dosen't make a question that's closed good enough to reopen, what's the point?
@JourneymanGeek I wouldn't be filing that request if there weren't a certain specific user who prolifically makes minor edits, and seems to be clearly aware of the fact that their minor edits put their posts into the reopen queue and chooses to make their edits anyway (against Shog's guidance I linked).
If you want a rule to deal with a specific user...
that's even worse
If that weren't an issue, I'd just support an older request of mine merely asking for a notice on questions that stand to be added to the reopen queue should they be edited.
you're literally asking them to waste time on a minor annoyance.
@JourneymanGeek Also, the existing mechanism that prevents some edits from adding questions there is not effective: it only checks for votes to delete and flags. The vast majority of users don't have enough rep to vote to delete, and the only flag options on closed questions are red flags and mod intervention flags (both unnecessary).
8:36 AM
you're still making it about one user
or you could review it in the queue and reject
@JourneymanGeek The last time I tried to warn you of this issue, you went ahead and approved it anyway, and told me that it's OK if such edits are made, despite a comment on my question saying I should report them.
well, apparently I felt the edit on its own was fine
So I could either report the user, or request a feature that would respect the wishes of other users that prefer they continue editing.
yup. But if you want to know why the feature wasn't well recieved...
@JourneymanGeek But despite being aware of the fact that it would needlessly push it into the reopen queue, you allowed the user to "rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic" (Shog's words).
8:39 AM
and? It'll make a better looking wreck
or we can make judgements based on what we have in front of us at the time
Now, if the ship is purely unsalvageable then it's OK, but if it weren't, I'd ask my ship crew to focus on fixing the ship rather than waste their time making the shipwreck look more spectacular.
excellent. But you're not the captain
you're that guy who keeps barging into the wheelhouse telling everyone what to do
@JourneymanGeek Well, a prior request of mine (to inform suggested edit reviewers that the edit would push the question into the reopen queue) was positively received (but declined for technical reasons).
Technically I'm not the captain either. I'm apparently some random guy they threw into a uniform and handed a big heavy thing
@SonictheWizardWerehog I know, that's why I earlier explicitly said "answer"
8:42 AM
@JourneymanGeek No, I'm following orders from a ship officer (aka Shog, who came up with the ship analogy in the first place)
@SonictheWizardWerehog shog's more of that hermit sitting in the crow's nest...
we're not entirely sure what he's doing, maybe repelling kraken
But he technically has more seniority than me, or most of us.
@JourneymanGeek the kraken affects SE servers?!
@Olivia now you know why not.
All hail Shog, the Kraken Destroyer
8:47 AM
What is this place? Ship Exchange?
Sinking ;)
@Tinkeringbell is obviously the ship parrot
I get to sit on the captain's shoulder (and shit on it too :P)
I guess I'm just the seaman Samuel Peters then...
@GetAnswerWizard The best part of being a parrot is you can just fly away when the ship sinks ;)
8:58 AM
@GetAnswerWizard Yes.
2 hours later…
11:00 AM
Speaking of ship sinking...I just recorded the first defunct airline in my flight log
11:21 AM
25 messages moved to Chimney
Whoah, clean air.
3 hours later…
2:10 PM
What, if anything, does it mean when a user is still suspended after the suspension period has ended?
Not by a tiny bit, either, by 4+ months. So it isn't caching.
@MikeTheLiar Perhaps they need to log in/actually visit again? Do you have a link to a profile?
@MikeTheLiar bug report on meta, prolly
Suspended until 2118?
I'm on mobile, hard to check
I'll throw up a meta question
2:18 PM
There is a user on this site who's suspended on this site only until 2026; the suspension was levied in 2013, which IIRC was after the change to only allow max 365-day suspensions per-site.
Q: User's suspension period has expired, but they're still suspended?

MikeTheLiarI came across this user. There's an notification that states: This account is temporarily suspended network-wide. The suspension period ends on Dec 2 '18 at 2:35. Screencap for posterity: Unless this user is suspended until 2118 (in which case that should be made clearer), it seems like ...

Maybe the check was (is still?) client-side only, with mods able to modify the HTML to force higher numbers? (The chat suspension system works that way.)
@JourneymanGeek The aforementioned user also has an SU account, maybe as an SU mod you can check their suspension end date and answer that question?
I don't know the full story
Network-wide suspensions are technically per-site suspensions, plus a CM quickly commented on the post linked in that one about the actual suspension end date for another user
Also, 2292 is likely because the maximum allowed suspension is 99,999 days
I don't know the full story
also I just got home ;p
maybe later if I feel like it
2:25 PM
@MikeTheLiar Just got marked by design (system doesn't notify on tag-only edits)
@JourneymanGeek Looks like another CM will answer it soon
you mean a CM
Unless you know something I don't ;)
I previously mentioned a different CM here; was just making it clear
So here's the thing a CM both likely has insight that I lack and the job of cleaning up the mess if there's one. So if they choose to answer, its cool. Just cause I have information available to me dosen't mean I can idly share it ;p
and holy carp that's a long suspension
They are banned suspended until 2118
2:30 PM
> holy carp
Is that like holy mackerel, but freshwater?
Also note that we generally tend to avoid discussing specific users and their suspensions in public.
@MikeTheLiar I love being right at first guess!
@MikeTheLiar almost not not quite right.
@Mithrandir yeah, I'm not particularly concerned about the why
@Mithrandir outside "I have no idea what happened, nor do I feel particularly inclined to post an answer on it" ;p
2:31 PM
I'd post examples of "why", but they'd likely get this room blocked by a lot of webfilters.
this was... not a nice user
@Shog9 I wonder how much suspension 'nasty' actually gets then, if 'not nice' lands a suspension till 2118
I may have a pretty low bar for "nice"
@Tinkeringbell consider how we'd normally deal with the worst of the worse too ;)
@JourneymanGeek yeah, on that scale being nice can land you a 1 year suspension :P
@Tinkeringbell that would be an interesting definition of nice
2:38 PM
@Tinkeringbell Someone else got a suspension until 2292
(you can't go very far beyond that, at least not yet, since they're limited to 99,999 days)
@SonictheWizardWerehog I guess that was for 'nasty' then :P
@SonictheWizardWerehog Not? That one seems to have been around for as long as I've been on SE, so I'd say 2293 should be reachable?
@Tinkeringbell Reworded.
In case of such an excessively long suspension, how long are CMs willing to wait to entertain requests for appeals or reductions to time served? 50 years?
@SonictheWizardWerehog "excessive" ... how is it excessive in some cases?
I think the idea is pretty much "we don't want you here" so the idea would be to show that you're willing to change
2:42 PM
@JourneymanGeek "excessive" compared to most "very long" suspensions (10 years, ~30 years, etc.)
@SonictheWizardWerehog It could be however, necessary
in some cases, enough to get someone to change, or at least get them out of the system
Reminds me of a case where a video game company suspended some users until 9999, then explicitly stated that if they repeat the same behavior once that lapses, they will be permabanned
(I mean, they'll likely go bust before then)
Ah, Spring. That wonderful time when ACHOOOOOOO
@Mithrandir Wash your face and hair, and don't rub your eyes. And wear a dust mask ;)
Yeah... my problem is that it also exacerbates nosebleeds, so I've been looking like a murderer for a bit the last week or so
2:57 PM
That's... A bit of a problem, yes
I'm actually old enough now to do surgery on my nose to stop them, so that's on the table.
Surgery on one's own nose is usually difficult.
3:12 PM
> After repeated fraudulent proposals and an email conversation stating clearly that we are no longer interested in building a site for this subject, the authors continue to disregard such conversations and Area 51 Discussions. Please do not continue creating proposals for this subject. Any further proposals will be deleted without notice and participants risk having having their accounts banned from using these services permanently
Ontology Network

Proposed Q&A site for developers and users of the Ontology Network, a high-performance public multi-blockchain project and distributed trust collaboration platform.

Closed before being launched.

3:31 PM
Heh. Looks like spam site proposal.
The one who proposed it owns that thing. Must admit, smart spammer.
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Nick A
I assume they wanted a SEDE query to get the user with the highest rep in each tag (hence pinging rene rofl)
@Shog9 That threshold was forged in the fires of meta.
4:05 PM
Is this special?
Okay, just used it now in CHQ and it's a coincidence...
nope, Smokey just thinks it's your fault
2 hours later…
5:52 PM
Q: Stack Overflow has engaged in ideological censorship and unwelcoming behavior

jpmc26What happened? On April 10, 2019, a user posted a response to a Meta question discussing how SO might take action in response to the gender disparity in the programming industry. The post essentially objected to the premise of the question, and it was heavily downvoted. A few hostile comments ...

At first I upvoted because they have a point but it seems too much context is left out so I retracted upvote.
It would indeed be a molehill if it's just the one instance, and AFAIK, it is.
2 hours later…
7:30 PM
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard I think that's Yvette's answer? She tweeted about it earlier; her tweet prompted me to make another one of my own.
Looks like Tweet Exchange...
@SonictheWizardWerehog You mean question?
Whose question?
The answer being talked about was on a question written by Yvette... it was not her answer that was deleted... so I'm confused what you mean by "Yvette's answer"
7:46 PM
I don't have 10k+ on SO so I'm also confused as to what answer is where and by whom...
There's a link to the answer in the post MAR oneboxed...
a link to the answer though doesn't make it visible
you're not missing much
I find calling this ideological censorship a tad extreme. It was pretty clear the answer's op was not looking for a constructive discussion
@KevinB No, but it doesn't make sense to speculate whose answer it is... Yvette isn't even a logical choice since it's her question... and I hardly think that she'd post something like that ... twice.
If @SonictheWizardWerehog wants to know, ask... tying a mod to that answer being discussed is... ... gross.
It wasn't yvette
unless you want to suggest some sort of alt account conspiracy which would be unlikely and uncharacteristic
7:52 PM
Again. this is not a useful thing to speculate. Please don't.
*answer author? or do you mean the meta question
jpm is certainly not a sock
just stop giving this any more air then it needs to
really not worth making a federal case out of
OMG what did I just start
@Magisch hehe
Makes unprofessional joke
Another craving of Dutch delicacies, that's what
8:05 PM
there's a screenshot of the thing buried somewhere in one of the MSE threads about it in the edit history
for those who simply cannot move on without satisfying their curiosity
Well I killed my curiosity before it killed me
It was a brutal scene. Lots of mayonnaise everywhere
I haven't even reached that meta question since I'm currently stuck on another one on another site's meta...
(unrelated to that matter)
@GetAnswerWizard Try acetone
If it's an eye-jarring meta post trying loosening the cap with hot water.
^ Pun of the week.
Q: Are there fake StackOverflow questions to push for some frameworks popularity?

totoI have noticed (on StackOverflow) bunch of questions by level 1 users on some kind of unheard platforms, pretty close timewise, and with some answers from the same person - or group of persons. Is it a thing to boost a tag popularity or is it just a coincidence and really organic development? E...

oh, that's absolutely a thing
though it's rarely successful
8:56 PM
Can one disassociate from a single post without disassociating from the entire site?
Technically, yes - use the Contact Us form or a mod flag to request it.
Generally not done, though.
9:09 PM
Q: Add reasoning on what the job reactions means

JonHWhat do the job reactions mean: The first three are obvious. What does it mean if I give a job a unicorn? What about crying hysterically. And doesnt :( mean thumbs down? This is very confusing. At least some tooltips would help?

reminds me of
A: Should we really allow thank you comments?

Shog9So... This is one of those ideas that sounds really caring. Who could possibly be against expressions of gratitude! I mean, sure, they get noisy for 3rd-party readers after a while, but hey, small cost compared to making authors feel good right? Well... After a while, they ain't that much fun f...

1 hour later…
10:33 PM
@KevinB oh man ..
Not true
the part you replied to specifically?
There's a few folks who have pulled it off
I can think of one specifically
Q: Can I pass through the airport security with a de-activated Bazooka?

UlkomaMy flight is from Washington, D.C. (IAD) to London Heathrow , with British Airways. Important Details The Bazooka will be bought legally from a shop in Maryland British Airways' website explains in details the policy regarding decommissioned firearms. The Bazooka is de-activated. UK Violent C...

See also the comments
There's another on the workplace
oh, i thought it was just referring to stackoverflow
i have no experience in the other stacks
10:39 PM
Broaden your mind ;p
but the question title has stackoverflow in it!
common confusion... ;P
10:50 PM
i don't see the relevance between the two posts
11:33 PM

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