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Q: Statistics un off-topic questions

Jan DoggenThe off-topic questions (as first reported here Recent proliferation of "How to code?" questions & SuperUser questions) keep pouring in. In order to: find out if our efforts/changes are making any difference; make a case to/against the probable culprit (The Ask Question wizard on SO) (?); we...

Any takers? I am not going to sort by OT, but the total volume is impressive.
I notice @Catija began visiting Close queue on Hardware Recommendations... meanwhile, Software Recommendations could use help too, with 127 Close review items as of now.
eh, I have the rep
I could try to take a look over the weekend
internet at work is terribad until I can get my ISP swapped
Ask Question Wizard taketh away [off topic questions] and it giveth them [to another site].
HR and SR also have the problem of having very unusual scopes
and I need to post an answer on HR anyway!
2:43 AM
I need rep to close vote 😪
ya.. I kinda have some rep on both
HR has an additional problem of being kind of ghostly.
With 38 close reviews, Catija is already in top 13 reviewers all time.
In 2018, moderators closed 482 questions on HR. Regular users closed... 1.(source)
So, reviewing CVs without a diamond makes about as much impact as clapping with one hand.
2:59 AM
Yeah... I think we should've remembered that Stack Overflow didn't have close voting until it was 6 months old and getting 400-some questions/day. That sort of laborious process doesn't work all that well on a site without a cloud of constantly active users.
@AskQuestionWizard heh, also I've not been on HR and SR as much as I was
(I did mod SR at one point)
The two sites have somewhat limited traffic so a few folks going through thr queues can make an impact
I guess what AaQ is actually doing is... migrating crap... like, it's better to not let them know about the existence of smaller sites unless their question is on-par...
@GetAnswerWizard well, maybe, but its also something that needs tuning
an essential thing we need to end up working out is how to get folks used to SE culture - and that's probably something AAQw could help with
that said... as always, stuff gets tested on the bigger sites for some reason so... in a sense the problem is magnified until they get stuff dialed in
Its probably doubly bad on SR and HR because they're unique sites that don't fit a lot of our usual Q&A rules
3:21 AM
I hate to be so negative, but the linking to the main index of help center instead of the specific meta post for asking guidance is probably already making the asker ignoring it and instead asking their sub-standard question. It's like seeing this comment on most of ID questions on SciFi.SE...
(or most of ID questions that are still allowed on some SE sites, like... Music Fans...)
@GetAnswerWizard maybe throw them anoter AAQW on that site...
actually that's the approach my soon to be former phone company takes....
@Aibobot I hope so...
Its worth considering though - a big part of the core issues we have is, well growth, and folks not getting the format
and well, the technical solutions to that are never going to be easy
Even with an immaculate, idiotproof system...
there'll be that guy who posts on the wrong site cause its gets more exposure. Or... is a simple man. He sees a textbox, he posts.
3:40 AM
Is Your Question Off-Topic Wizard
I'd almost say they'd work it out eventually
but I know a few experienced, high rep users I don't want to name and shame who sometimes feel like they haven't
4:22 AM
@AskQuestionWizard I'm helping the mods at their request since, as you note below, they don't have a lot of reviewers.
@GetAnswerWizard I think we're looking at changing the target to the /help/on-topic page which should be a little more user friendly than linking to meta (you don't have to find the main site after being directed to meta) and the mods can customize the site to be as clear as the meta FAQ. :)
There's remarkably little traffic at work today ^^
Probably cause everyone went across the border yesterday
So, it's Easter weekend in the ... primarily Christian countries... which means tomorrow and Monday may be quieter.
ya... everyone went overseas cause its a long weekend on thursdat ;p
In the UK, grade-school children get two weeks of Easter break...
4:50 AM
i don't get a single day off
for easter
5:44 AM
Me neither.
I'm in the leisure industry... we work harder for Easter :P
Yep. I worked retail for a long time... similar thing ... only days we were closed were Christmas and Thanksgiving... so we'd get a ton of people off work/school on holidays.
@ArtOfCode do they egg you on?
6:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek groan
I mean, it's better than being egged.
7:01 AM
@ArtOfCode I thought that pun was eggcellent
7:14 AM
@GetAnswerWizard Yay! Friday! Good morning :)
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8:32 AM
At least they're being straightforward about it
"Please subscribe my channel" OK, whatever you say chief. Subscribes his channel to feminine cosmetic products newsletters
Put them to good use, my friend.
@JourneymanGeek Oh I remember that one. Was it several users though?
Q: Hadoop workers assigning

Muaz TwI recently started working with hadoop and I have question which I did not find an answer to it. Is there a way in which we can control the way the workers are assigned to the cluster nodes? The problem that I'm facing is that sometimes most of the workers tend to be assigned to a small number of...

Suspiciously nostalgic of Hadoop online training
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard several questions. Workplace had another one
8:46 AM
It wasn't what that meta.SE question asked for though
Meta SO
It would be entirely relevant if it were another question
Yes thank you
Q: Are mods able to Undo downvote?

AaAI checked these questions: Unupvote after grace period without an edit How can I undo my vote? Undo downvote without the need to edit downvoted answer But those do not quite answer my situation. Few weeks ago I accidentally downvoted this answer most probably when I was trying to scroll down...

It's definitely intentional, the capitalization
What's everyone doing on this easter friday
8:56 AM
Eating cup noodles at work
I have the day off, thankfully
even on my days off I hover around stack exchange somehow and check it from time to time
I tend to do it more on my days off ;)
@Magisch Working. And looking at an apartment later this afternoon
And mom just came to demand I do the laundry as well
here's hoping itll go well for you
8:59 AM
I really hope so, it's a very nice apartment :)
9:24 AM
Sleeping and resleeping... (now just rewoked up)
10:19 AM
I noticed that a few of my flags where I did use the standard "very low quality" flagging option were declined with a (new canned?) reason that says "please use standard flags".
Yes, the flag I used is indeed listed as a flagging option in the link provided there.
@Magisch getting ready for Passover
@SonictheWizardWerehog It's not new.
@Mithrandir Due to my long absence, any new feature released after December 2014 constitutes as "new" for me.
Time, and the world dosen't revolve around you though ;)
From my prior activity, there were only three options: "no evidence", "doesn't require mod intervention", and (for answers only) "wrong answer"
...it's still not new.
10:25 AM
well, I suppose dosen
@Aibobot Except 95%+ of the time I use this flag it gets marked helpful.
't require mod intervention would work too
@SonictheWizardWerehog in terms of newness
@Aibobot It's not a moderator intervention flag. It's a standard flag that puts posts in community review.
SE changes a fair bit over time. Sometimes slowly
@SonictheWizardWerehog well then, multiple memebers of the community felt you were wrong?
@Aibobot I thought flags, when declined with a reason, are always declined by mods?
This specific type of flag can only be disputed by the community.
10:27 AM
well, then a mod disagreed
But in any case, why was I told to be using a standard flag, when I was using a standard flag?
so, what posts did you flag as VLQ?
No idea
The specific wording is designed for cases where people use custom flags when they aren't supposed to, and should use standard flags instead. But that's not what I was doing, I was using a standard flag.
10:30 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog Says who... did you even read the text?
> Using standard flags helps us prioritize problems and resolve them faster. Please familiarize yourself with the list of standard flags: see What is Flagging?
You were flagging stuff that should be flagged 'should be closed' as VLQ
So, familiarize yourself with the list of standards flags again, please.
@Tinkeringbell I can't use the "should be closed" flag because I have 3k+ rep.
And indeed, those posts are "unlikely to be salvaged by editing, and need to be removed".
@SonictheWizardWerehog Still, familiarize with the list of standard flags.
> Very low quality (i.e. no amount of editing can salvage the post) (posts scoring 0 or less, under 7 days old, and not already in review only; not available on closed questions)
I shouldn't have to quote this stuff for you.
@Tinkeringbell But "no amount of editing can salvage" those posts.
reminds me of Triage review dilemma
@SonictheWizardWerehog There's a reason there's no VLQ flags on already closed questions. And to get that question closed you don't flag it VLQ.
10:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell I vote to close and flag as VLQ
To address another, old declined flag: there's no need to assume I didn't VTC if I flagged
@SonictheWizardWerehog Yeah, and I decline your VLQ flags before closing the post
Because closing the post marks them helpful, so they serve absolutely no purpose
Because the close vote you gave already put it in the close vote queue
There's a time delay between a vote to close and the beginning of review.
@SonictheWizardWerehog so... wait? be patient?
And familiarize yourself with the list of standard flags.
> You should not use it to describe the following, but should be using close votes, down votes and / or edits instead:

Questions that can be understood, but don't provide enough detail
Questions that are sloppy, but contain everything needed and can be easily edited into shape.
Questions that don't show any research effort
Questions that are clearly off topic
> If you vote to close a question that doesn't show any code and flag it as very low quality, a moderator is very likely to decline your flag as lacking evidence prior to closing the question anyway.
Where is this quote? I don't see it in the link in the decline reason.
10:39 AM
From the Usage guide for Very Low Quality linked on /privileges/flag-posts (which is where 'standard flags' in the decline reason links to)
No, the decline reason links to this.
@SonictheWizardWerehog And that page has a link that screams USAGE GUIDE FOR VERY LOW QUALITY
That has those quotes.
Like I said in my previous message
Ah, I see, the system is automatically marking those flags as helpful since the question is being closed.
13 mins ago, by Tinkeringbell
Because closing the post marks them helpful, so they serve absolutely no purpose
Did you even listen to anything I said?
But that seems like incorrect behavior? Shouldn't it only be doing so if the question gets deleted?
@Tinkeringbell Wanted to verify that by looking at dismissal times and compare that to closure times.
And in most cases, they're exactly the same.
10:49 AM
Always nice to hear people trust me...
@SonictheWizardWerehog the option on VLQ review for questions is to close, not delete. So, I don't think it's a contradiction if the question is closed and the flag is marked helpful?
Otherwise, you'll get pending VLQ flags for... I dunno, 9 days until it's roomba'd?
@SonictheWizardWerehog also... if memory serves, getting flagged declined is something that happened before your break in 2014. Heck even before I was a mod
Might be worth trying to actually get what flags are for ;)
@Aibobot Well, it was a bit of a surprise that a flag I'd been using for a specific purpose, which was nearly always being marked helpful whenever I used it, was all of a sudden being marked declined.
And now I understand why, and I won't be doing it again.
11:21 AM
Anyway, new topic:
My cousin has found a bride, so that means I'm headed to India during next Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, due to a quirk in airline schedules, it's likely that I'll have to spend 10.5 hours at London Heathrow awaiting my next flight. Is it a good idea to visit London on that day?
Travel likes to have that kind of question, at least if you can state what is a "good idea" for you...
Too POB for that
It would beat sitting in one place. Iirc Heathrow was pretty dreary
I've spent 7 hours in Terminal 5, so 10.5 wouldn't be that much of a stretch
The annoying quirk is, the flight to Mumbai leaves 15 minutes before the flight from Austin arrives, so that means I'll have to wait until the next Mumbai-bound flight
And day rooms at the airport hotel are super expensive
Likely depends on how much stuff you're carrying around, where you want to go in London, how much you have to travel to get there, and if you can't do the same things at the airport.
11:29 AM
I mean, I could fly to Dallas, or Charlotte, or Philadelphia, or another AA hub, and catch a London-bound flight from there, which would allow for a much shorter connection
You could
American operates from Terminal 3 while BA operates from Terminal 5, and from my experience changing terminals there, it leaves very little time to rest before the next flight
Heathrow --> London is a 45 minute tube ride, iirc on the Picadilly line.
I should have snagged the Lufthansa option while I had the chance (AUS-FRA-BOM), but I didn't
Perhaps I can rent a car, then drive to the outskirts of the airport, and photograph planes? Austin's not a great place to do that, but Heathrow should be...
1 hour later…
12:39 PM
LKPR has a hill nearby designated as a spot to shoot planes from, as well as lens holes in the chain link fences.
1:12 PM
When I tried to join community on SE Network, it asks me to signup.
2 hours later…
2:43 PM
@Pandya which one?
if it is an SE site that is not under *.stackexchange.com it might not know you already have an account.
Q: Unable to join communities, it asks to sign up

PandyaI'm currently logged in Stack Exchange Network with Stack Exchange. Now, if I tried to join other community by "Join Community" button, it asks me to singup instead of creating account with existing profile. When you are already logged in and if you joins the community, system just ask for the...

3:20 PM
@rene Not a cookie issue. "Join this community" shows up properly (instead of "Sign Up" which would be shown if it were a classic cookie issue), but when actually clicking that button, the user is directed to a sign-up form.
I think this might be one reason why some users end up with two accounts tied to the same network profile; something goes wrong and prevents them from using their first account, then when they follow through the signup process, it creates a second one.
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4:47 PM
The last message was posted 1 hour ago.
I hate it when that happens. It means that there is going to be lots of fun discussions as soon as I sleep.
Maybe even dramas. And rants. And rant dramas.
Even if that didn't happen, there would be going to be lots of fun discussions as soon as we sleep...
5:10 PM
Hi everyone
Haven't been here (chat) for a while. Anything important new?
@MEEthesetupwizard I viewed an apartment today, and the Notre Dame burned down
I heard about Notre Dame.
Okay. Then... ehmm. You saw the announcement for the new CM?
5:27 PM
I just wanted to know whether there was something important in chat. 'cause I was active on the main site.
I don't think so...
Good to know
5 hours later…
10:51 PM
"happy hour"... well... what scenery is happier than a few SD reports? :P
11:33 PM
14 messages moved to Chimney
oh the irony...
11:47 PM
In other news...the SE Imgur image resizer is now back in action! (Only applies to newly-uploaded and pre-outage images; those uploaded during the outage will need to be re-uploaded)
Still, the fact that it took SE nine months to simply contact Imgur to have it fixed is appalling; per the answer, once Imgur was contacted, it took just 24 hours for them to resolve it.

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