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6:28 AM
20K wordpress meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317902/… /cc @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek
20K react-native meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317905/… /cc @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek
20K ascii meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317916/… /cc @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek
I think I'm done.
also, no need to ping
If I'm here I'll happily deal with it
6:37 AM
hello everyone, I want to see message 7349074, any help? thanks
It's from Evan and begins with a ping (or reply) to me, followed by If all of the...
Its gone for a reason
@JourneymanGeek May I ask for what reason?
@ɪʙᴜɢ Well, you may - it was pretty offensive and needed to go
6:50 AM
It's annoying to see a truncated message in the inbox...
I'm sorry. Its for the best.
OK, Thanks anyway
oh yeah, I think there might be some kind of trolling on MSE ongoing
noticeably, there are identical FRs asked 3+ times in the same day
like the one I can immediately recall: self-destructing comment
yesterday more, was busy coding so didn't pay attention
at least IMO such frequency on a not-so-hot feature would look suspicious
7:05 AM
@ɪʙᴜɢ eh, I see what you mean
but looks like someone closed an old question and someone posted a new one
It was basically just namecalling
frankly unnecessary & uninteresting
let me check network-wide meta...
@Somewhat where?
@SmokeDetector k
uhh... looks like I self-destructed?
7:13 AM
Evan drama is over for now?
Did he get himself suspended on SU?
Evan drama?
Evan nominate for US President
7:13 AM
@Somewhat he is the kind who can do it. No kidding.
I'm not worried.
If he'd have enough money, I'm sure he will give it a shot.
@Somewhat and scrapped the term limit from the constitution :)
also wrote "Evan Carroll thoughts" and printed them into books, forcing every US citizen to keep one in stock and sing it all out loud
@ɪʙᴜɢ TL;DR: he posted a question(s) on SU, it got closed as off topic, he got pissed, got himself chat banned as result, then came here to rant. Didn't really look further.
@ShadowWizard just as usual...
7:15 AM
@ShadowWizard whoops, that's not the kind of person who can stand the minimal disagreement from others
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user (68): Disable proximity sensor on Nexus 5 by Harsha on android.SE
I'm really worried if Evan got elected as a president and banned Winnie the Pooh in US.
What if Winnie the Pooh got elected and banned Evan...
@Somewhat more likely ;)
Think they got a cat as mayor, for real. o_O
Let me look...
Stubbs (April 12, 1997 – July 21, 2017) was a cat who was the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska from July 1997 until his death.Stubbs was described as a tourist attraction, having been flooded with cards and letters, and drawing 30 to 40 tourists each day (most of whom were en route to other Alaska destinations, such as Denali) who hoped to meet "the mayor". Stubbs's position was honorary, as the town is only a historic district.Every afternoon, Stubbs went to a nearby restaurant and drank water laden with catnip out of a wineglass or margarita glass.At least one opinion writer for the Alaska Dispatch...
7:18 AM
@Somewhat nah, Tigger won't be too happy with that
@ɪʙᴜɢ he is just the type who thinks they're always right and everyone else are wrong. Not that rare these days.
@ShadowWizard high egoism?
No idea, probably...
Is there any record of high-profile users going on trolling (or less severely, being disruptive for an extended period)?
one single offensive post or a handful in an hour or two probably don't count (not an extended period)
there was a "clickbait" troll on MSE this June, though I know nothing more than the keyword being "clickbait"
7:26 AM
Given SE's policy of "let's forgive and forget", I don't think there's a public list of high-profile users going trolling/**rage-quit**
@Somewhat rage quitting of course is a personal decision and should be respected, but trolling... nope
@Somewhat also, I'm not asking for a public list, just "whether that exists"
err... disruptive rage quitting shouldn't be respected... like someone who got suspended network-wide after ragequitting...
wait, if they quit then why still suspend them network-wide?
dunno, ask the suspender :)
I've seen a few, and reading their answers wow who **** suspended this great contributor???
7:35 AM
lurk per-site meta/chat more maybe...
@JourneymanGeek hiya, I believe you're using Vivaldi browser? Have you seen and experienced this issue?
I do see the same failure tho
7:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Url in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, bad keyword in username, blacklisted website in body, +7 more (881): goldencondor.org/rhino-male-enhancement/ by Rhino Male Enhancement on buddhism.SE
looks like a chrome problem according to rene
@SmokeDetector k
@SmokeDetector k
@ɪʙᴜɢ that wasn't a troll it was SomethingBadHappened and he has... become better.. since then.
7:58 AM
hard working spammers :)
@ShadowWizard it was SBH? Undo said he was sure it wasn't them...
hmm, Charcoal HQ is lacking hands
@SmokeDetector k
@ɪʙᴜɢ pretty sure it was. I'll check deeper later.
Something bad happened this morning... I need to work... :(
8:03 AM
Ssshhh. Don't jinx stuff. I'm still in control of my own keyboard for now!
@Derpy I'm no longer a werehog
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog werewolf?
8:19 AM
I jinxed about jinx
Hi. A query: Can the information on the tour page of any SE site be modified by the mods or only SE devs can do that?
By "information" I mean site description
For example:
> Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we're working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about programming.
gimme the link and I can check
(on SU, but should be the same)
8:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek Are you talking to me?
But chances are we can
@JourneymanGeek superuser.com/tour
we have an edit link
Not something we'd typically mess with though
Nice. Thanks!
@JourneymanGeek think only for the sample questions
8:26 AM
The site description looks editable
Well, I asked because the Quantum Computing SE has like 40% of quantum information theory questions (which are considered to be on-topic). Might as well add it into the description to avoid future controversies
Since the mods can edit, I guess I can ask it on meta now
Not something we would normally edit. And in any case, something worth bringing up on meta
Well! If its important we can mug a CM
mug?! calling police
8:32 AM
@ShadowWizard apparently that's the accepted term for it ;)
Naturally we save it for, well urgent or important things.
certainly editable, like the one on Law.SE (adding disclaimer)
@Blue shouldn't it goes to the "ask about" section instead of "site description"?
@Somewhat Both maybe
@Feeds Forget those, we need Laharl.
> attack and rob (someone) in a public place.
8:46 AM
didn't you mean, perhaps.... "nudge"? ;)
8:58 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog yes, yes, your pink fiancee already told me that.
@ShadowWizard ^
9:31 AM
@Mithrandir every time I see your avatar, I mistake it for Lapis.
@Derpy this is better:
@ShadowWizard that's another command, you were talking about "mug"
Mug! With hot chocolate please :)
@Derpy Lapis?
@Blue The tour is mod-editable; anywhere else, such as the site dropdown, needs staff.
9:42 AM
first time the image upload fails. Weird
@Mithrandir ^ this
@Derpy direct upload in chat?
@Derpy sure, but if @Journeyman could devour CM's, it would have been even more funny. :D
@ShadowWizard not very fast no
9:47 AM
@ShadowWizard Does look fairly similar, then :D
@Mithrandir you can ask avazula if that's indeed the "model" on which your avatar is based. :)
It's not... that I know :P
@ShadowWizard can't be. Look at the nose. Mith avatar has a "Smurf" nose. Lapis nose is pointy.
Conclusion: Mith is just a smurf
Anyway, if that was the basis, I think the clothes would have been different...:
10:09 AM
@Mithrandir Even the ask about... and don't ask about... sections? One of the mods told me otherwise
@Somewhat Thanks!
10:50 AM
apparently one of the user's post got red-flagged(?) and thus cannot participate on meta anymore...
Duuude. Posts should be about behaviour, not people. Same goes posts about moderator behaviour. I don't have the rep, or I'd be editing that.
Each site and its own drama.
@Somewhat red flag got nothing to do with meta, the only way is suspending the user, or if user got only 101 rep, approved red flag cause -100 thus the user doesn't have the required 5 rep anymore.
@ShadowWizard his rep on meta is 68 (on my currently opened tab), but on main site is 1 (but no suspension banner)
oh wait, the user can still comment on their own post!
@Somewhat main/meta rep isn't synchronized instantly, think it's cached for one hour or so.
@Somewhat yup, if not suspended.
@Somewhat flagged the rude comment towards @JonSkeet, it got nuked.
11:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Body starts with title and ends in url (97): В idea не раскрывается библиотека JDK by Алексей Семёнов on ru.stackoverflow.com
11:53 AM
Out of drama meta post to read ;_;
Hmm... The mobile chat doesn't show any indicator of a message has been edited...
12:09 PM
Q: Show indication that a message was edited in mobile view

Shadow WizardWhen a chat message has been edited at least once, we see indication about it in the ordinary view: However, on mobile view, there's no such thing: (link to message) I don't think that small pencil icon would clutter the crowded mobile view, can it please be added?

12:20 PM
WorldComposer meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317930/… @rene @JourneymanGeek @Glorfindel
also, no need to ping ;p
If I'm here, I'll nuke it
@JourneymanGeek you appeared to be away :)
There's so many things being nuked here, we might all get symptoms of radiation poisoning soon?
then I wouldn't be able to nuke it
@Tinkeringbell glowing parrot?
@JourneymanGeek Glowing red though, not green!
12:24 PM
or blue.
Chernikov radiation!
@JourneymanGeek well, ping is a way to drag back people who are away. :D
@ShadowWizard true but I am currently working on a super fun project that's kicking my ass sooooo
No pinging Geek when he's distracted!
i'll nuke the nuke then...
12:26 PM
I won't get mad lol
@Somewhat super nuke!
but if I go no need to ping, I probably had a few windows and a terminal open ;p
@ShadowWizard Oh, that one is pretty! Just needs a bit of glitter
When Music Fans got into HNQ...
Q: Are twinkle twinkle little star and the itsy bitsy spider the same song?

Jermahl WhiteI noticed when my baby sisters are listening to a certain melody, I start singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This makes me wonder if they are the same melody with different lyrics. Can someone confirm

12:45 PM
I see one Q&A on Anime.SE that has a potential to become HNQ, but it's... uncouth.
Currently on 0.21, if I upvote the Q&A, it will surely enter HNQ...
the most powerful form of self-resistance...
1:06 PM
@Somewhat Aizawa?
@ShadowWizard yeah... and the answer is kind of a spoiler that will make the audience... disappointed :p
@Somewhat but what's uncouth about it? The mere mention of the word "girl" in the post?
anime in general is bound to elicit strong emotional responses from people
@Magisch I really can't see how/why. It's comics. It's usually funny, and kids watching/reading it. No?
1:11 PM
@ShadowWizard How much anime have you watched?
@Catija not much but I see it mentioned and sometimes Google for some names.
a lot of anime is widely known for ... risque and stereotypical portrayal and tropes of young women
Perhaps this might help...
Q: How to explain to my 10 year old niece that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is not a kids show?

Ítalo LessaMy 10 year old niece loves watching cartoons, and she has a Netflix kids account for her with all parental controls. But while I was browsing my account, she took notice of the Madoka Magica cover and became quite curious and interested. Logically for her (and many people who see it for the firs...

yep. You totally should judge anime based on the art style and character design, @ShadowWizard
1:16 PM
@ShadowWizard Yeah, anime has,,, a lot of stereotypical voyeuristic proclivities... up the skirt shots, boob obsession... if not outright pornographic (in extreme cases)... it's a lot more than a cartoon.
So anime as whole is uncouth, and anti women? Guess it might be, just never thought about it this way.
Go hang out in Maid Cafe chat for a while...
oh, yep, here goes another that thinks that anime == love ru.
@Catija chat image board...
As a whole? no... much of it is harmless.
Typing with one hand is slow, :(
1:18 PM
@Derpy even the title says it all... To LoveRu = Toraburu = Trouble
@Catija what happened to your other hand?
And apparently causes me to replace periods with commas.
@Derpy Pokemon is an anime, so certainly not all, but a substantial amount
@ShadowWizard Part of it may be, I'm not convinced it entirely is? I loved watching Hamtaro as a kid... and you can't get an upskirt shot for hamsters!
Holding a two-week-old.
1:19 PM
@Catija ohhh lol
don't type, swipe! ← not endorsed by Swype
Say Hi to Gus from us in chat^^
@Somewhat tried to copy Lum, only copied the fanservice and forgot what made Urusea Yatsura actually good.
@Somewhat buy them an usb stick. This one.
LOL... and I'm sad at the same time :(
1:22 PM
That one looks handmade?
Oops, she's been decapitated.
@Somewhat oh, I was trying to go for something "light" there. I think one could find much worse memory if you look enough
@ShadowWizard That one isn't, but the one Derpy sent looks like it's just cardboard with a picture stuck on it, glued onto a USB stick. Look at the edged near the head...
So I was wondering if you could actually buy that, or whether Derpy is more creative than I know ;)
This one image is far worse. Click at your own risk.
1:26 PM
most of my friends have very strong opinions about anime
@Tinkeringbell google search . Chose the safest image I could find that would still remember THAT to anyone who saw Puella Magi.
And at the same time wouldn't say much to anyone else. That is, not counting @Mithrandir answer.
@Derpy searching for references to this...
@Somewhat you really hate yourself, do you?
@Tinkeringbell yeah looks like some blogger made it.
umm, glad I didn't read/watch that?
1:31 PM
let me see if I can find that picture again....
now watching their REDACTED on YouTube...
@ShadowWizard yeah, apparently that
oh yeah, forgot about Higurashi/When They Cry as well...
(I guess Tavern is temporarily hijacked into Maid Cafe!?)
@Somewhat this should explain.
@Derpy oh man that is brutal
The Maid Cafe: your number one source for breasts drawn by horny kids who have clearly never seen the real thing.
1:37 PM
Oh, now I have a reason to go there! :P
Why nobody said so before?
@Derpy Well, now I'm hating myself because I only look at Nanachi 😶
@doppelgreener I think the Mitty/Nana is far worse.
But yep, I get your point.
And that was actually my point too in a way.
@ShadowWizard the real "hot" network posts 😖
Judge by the art style, be burned by the unexpected decostructions....
@ShadowWizard maybe you could start fixing your idea of anime by watching Tokyo Magnitudo 8....
1:42 PM
@SomethingBadHappened hehe, whole new meaning for Hotness. Start feature request asking to replace HNQ sidebar with random messages from that chat room.... ;-)
...or Grave of the Fireflies....
Gakkougurashi (School Live), no?
@Derpy what's so special about that anime series?
oh, just watch it till the end...
Surely it's sad, if you say it like this.
@Derpy also, isn't MLP kind of anime too?
1:45 PM
@Catija hi small human held by bigger human!
@JourneymanGeek and both Normal Humans! :D
He's trying to decide if he wants to sleep or eat right now.
I'm voting for sleep.
I'm actually really surprised the maid cafe is allowed to remain named like that and open
@ShadowWizard "anime" is usually just used for Japanese animation since it is actually just "engrish" for "animated"
with the networks recent push for inclusivity and whatnot
1:46 PM
@Catija eat means from you directly or a bottle?
CM's vote is binding, so...
@ShadowWizard We're cheap. :P He's nursing.
@Derpy oh
@Catija but since time is money, it's not cheap... ;)
(takes much longer, no?)
@Magisch because no one have made it an issue on meta or tweet?
1:48 PM
Well, I have some extra time on my hands right now.
@Somewhat infants are excluded, even the Great Shog has no powerz over them! :P
@Somewhat yet
never been in there tbh, I use this profile at work so
flags for insulting the Great Shog
@ShadowWizard Ah, so that's where the age-limits come from :P
And I like building the connection. We'll transition him to bottles starting in four-six weeks so that he's ready when he goes to school with Ben in January.
I don't think anyone has power over infants... they're the boss of everyone.
1:51 PM
@Catija nice! So can we expect to see you back in full power somewhere in January? :)
Infants are a bit like cats
The Boss Baby
they don't have superiors, only servants
Full, yeah. I'll be going half-time in a few weeks. I'm getting a bit stir-crazy as it is.
Sounds like a unique circumstance, aching to get back to work rather then get more PTO
as much as I'm content with my job currently, if they offered me a couple months PTO I'd use every last day ^^
1:53 PM
Yeah but then you could still e.g. chat with people on SE.
And if you're here, you can just handle a flag or two as well
(at least, that's how my vacations usually go :P)
I tweeted about it last week... It's a tough balance...
can't relate, never been a mod
@Magisch Still you're here a lot ;)
can't relate, never been a parent
1:55 PM
@Catija Wait! I read that but didn't like it? Fixed now ;)
@Tinkeringbell but only in the small blimps between working
It's really difficult for me to balance being here, which is where I do a lot of my social interactions with being "at work".
when something's loading or compiling or running through svn
as we speak there's a sysbuild running that I need to wait out
I've got a thread running, I need to wait for errors ;)
Oh, so you're here instead of having rolling chair sword battles? ;)
1:57 PM
more or less
At least today I finally got rid of my 'pair programmer'
For most of the time
@Catija also because programmer productivity is asynchronous and sometimes goofing a little will distract me from what's currently driving me mad
I don't think that's just programmer productivity... Generally, taking breaks lets our minds refocus. :)

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