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12:04 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: Cloning Drives (beginner wanting to learn) by midimaniac on superuser.com
12:45 AM
I'm going to leave that upset idiot alone, no more points to engage or argue:
@πάνταῥεῖ Sorry, your's in nonconstructive. Your single edit did not help. — Md Ayquassar 6 mins ago
I probably should have done that earlier, but had hopes to point them into the right direction.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive title detected: fucked up anime/weab shit by Wangathin on scifi.SE
1:01 AM
@HTTPS friendly reminder to change your display name and avatar
was it a misspell? should that extra 'l' be there?
1:23 AM
Thank you for your service. — bro 28 secs ago
A positive message for once
@SmokeDetector I'll leave that for @yvette
1:38 AM
I assumed that he meant "a veteran" rather than "a veterinarian". Then again, there is nothing wrong with thanking the latter group either. We want more positivity on Stack Exchange.
I don't find kangaroo meat delicious, they are sold in local supermarkets - I guess it's more up to personal taste.
@bro your comment is so localized that now it's on page 10413 :)
@SonicWizard you can flag it or anything, but just ignore that user. They is known for their behavior.
FR: allow negative index in pagination, page=-1
1:54 AM
woke up to be reminded to change name, thanks @ShadowWizard @TelKitty :O
Which is impossible because I changed mine without waiting 30 days.
patience is the key...
+1 for being sweet to your mom — n0pe Jul 6 '11 at 15:21
More positivity
Usually not the case when "your mom" appears on SE...
1:58 AM
I verbed ur mom!!!1musiKk Mar 27 '12 at 7:28
Wall-of-text incoming, my apologies!
That's okay, we know how "ignore this user" works.
A: Could we be a little better about not chiming in?

Shog9Having read the question, I'm instantly suspicious that this is a set-up: someone's trolling this site. This is something that sister-site The Workplace has had to learn, and if anything this site is even more vulnerable to it. Now, don't be paranoid - we don't need witch hunts. But don't get p...

Don't see what that has to do with this answer, @dorito. — Shog9 ♦ 6 hours ago
@Shog9 ...you don't see what ignoring part of the question has to do with the answer? Okie dokie. — DoritoStyle 5 hours ago
2:07 AM
Did you mean to comment on the other answer I posted here, @dorito? This answer ignores nearly the entire question, as the main-site question it cites was not posted in good faith and I wished to provide some information to help the folks here identify it. For thoughts on dealing with good-faith questions, please see the other answers. — Shog9 ♦ 5 hours ago
No, I think part of the question refutes the entire premise of this specific answer (The other answer doesn't have that issue IMO). I explained why I think this way in my original comment, but I don't get the feeling you fully digested it there. I realize this is an old question and my comment is a bit picky, so I'b be happy to move to chat if it's still not clear. — DoritoStyle 2 hours ago
Increasingly I suspect you haven't read the answer you're commenting on, @dor.. but for the sake of argument, how would you modify the heuristics here to avoid the problem you fear exists currently? — Shog9 ♦ 32 mins ago
I'm not sure how many times I can go in this circle, so I'll bow out for now, with one parting bit of food-for-thought: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GaslightingDoritoStyle 30 mins ago
17 mins ago
~Done~ Sorry, I couldn't figure out a better place or method to discuss this.
2:11 AM
-Are you so used to seeing everyone as a possible troll that you feel the need to test them and see if they crack? ',:-)
@DoritoStyle some sites do have it worse than others
this site only keep 1337 trolls
@DoritoStyle Unfortunately, yes.
and its worth remembering people have basically done long form trolling on sites
and sites like workplace and IPS tend to have topics that lend themselves to that
@DoritoStyle it's like filter diamond from sand, if you are sand like mediocre troll, then this site does not want you
2:16 AM
That's fine, but his radar is whack. He is ignoring any notion of "assume Good Intent" lately, to the point of seeming paranoia and trying to preemptively counter-troll others. This is not an isolated incident, just the straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back for me.
like holocaust trolls on Skeptics.SE
4 hours ago, by bro
@πάνταῥεῖ Likely a recurring troll who throws in one-line Holocaust-themed "questions" on both Skeptics and History.
Oh I was thinking the guy on workplace who had the worst luck
Q: What's the story with this user

Mark HendersonI refer you to one user's exceptionally exciting life: Jan 17: Gets fired by an intoxicated boss, but just went back to work anyway to find out he has a new manager Jan 26: Wasted a lot of time at work making an inappropriate video about themselves as a "joke" for their new manager ...

@TelKitty that is whole other matter, chat rooms are the wild west where Be Nice is consistently shat upon! Can't a [reasonably] long-time user not even voice a concern without having their patience tested for no reason? Honestly.
2:20 AM
There's also the deleted law.se post about a bizarre chocolate factory accident. — Carl Veazey Mar 16 '17 at 17:52
@TelKitty kind of difficult to joke when it's a serious matter, eh?
@DoritoStyle so... I'd wonder how important are the salacious details to the question? "I shagged my coworker" is just the same no matter who is the top or bottom
But well, there's a threshold to AGF. How far can you tolerate it?
@JourneymanGeek sorry, but i'm not looking to discuss in the question/answer debate that triggered my presence here at the moment. I will certainly respond in a separate place where i can wall off my aggravation a bit.
2:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek Assume Good Faith
@DoritoStyle I guess I can work with that.
@HTTPS there aren't many serious matter on the face of earth, people like to exaggerate seriousness of things
don't glorify your own significance or your hope and this applies to everyone on the face of earth
@TelKitty context is everything. If you think the "Be Nice" policy is the corner-stone of SE, then perceived abuses by such a prolific & senior member should be taken seriously. Just my opinion of course.
Are we talking about that question/answer debate?
2:31 AM
(OTOH, I just realized apaul got suspended on IPS)
@JourneymanGeek More about how the comments were handled.
@HTTPS (wow, that is legitimately surprising, he usually manages to keep his cool enought to avoid the ban-hammer 0_o)
@HTTPS Good life principle, along with "don't stuff beans up your nose".
@HTTPS I certainly don't expect AGF to apply after the user's repeated actions have caused harm to the site, but it's the preemptive attempts to "smoke-out" "trolls" that has set me off.
it's his job
2:36 AM
@Shog9 welcome to the party.
The flag party?
@DoritoStyle what, in your opinion, was the purpose of my answer?
seeing 2 mods from IPS doesn't seem... good. back to work
Respectfully, again, we are past the content of your answer. This is a concern about your behavior. I am but a lowly user, but I like to think i'm not an idiot.
@HTTPS Well, this one's nearly always in here... so that's really just a small increase in total mod attendance ;)
2:38 AM
@DoritoStyle my responses were aimed at extracting an answer to the question I just asked, couched in terms that would allow you to save face if it turned out you'd badly misinterpreted it.
@Catija Sorry for the numerous flags. I felt that someone wanted the situation to become worse simploy for entertainment value.
@Shog9 You either completely ignored the orginal comment, or disdained that it couldn't possibly be worth considering and responding to it's contents.
When i pointed that out, you deflected and asked me the same question i had already answered, and pointed to the answer for in separate instances.
then, you brushed off my insinuations about your tendency to gaslight users.
This is my beef.
2:40 AM
@DoritoStyle what was your goal originally then?
You are currently attempting to deflect from the issues I have very clearly stated.
Or... maybe he's trying to understand them...
Either deny my accusations, or tell me why they are misguided. Please.
@Catija I would really really like to believe that, but how can I considering Shog is supposedly community manager? Surely that comes with an expectation to address these concerns?
I have no idea why you think I'm trying to gaslight you, just as I've no idea as to the purpose for anything else you've written thus far. So I'm unable to provide an answer, beyond a gentle suggestion that you may have overlooked something in the context where you commented.
2:43 AM
@DoritoStyle If he doesn't understand the concerns, how can he adequately address them?
OK, i think you are gaslighting me because you repeatedly ignore my requests for direct response, and then act as if I have made no attempts to answer you, by asking me to restate what you never responded to.
You are making me crazy man!
(advance warning: I'm on vacation at the moment, currently killing a bit of downtime on my phone. If I'm called away, I'll try to respond sometime in the next 7 days)
<-- Insert chill-pill here.
In case it's not obvious, you are really not helping @TelKitty.
2:45 AM
@TelKitty This is probably a good time to stop talking.
@Catija Am I being crazy here? Or am I being ignored?
I have been trolled by a site claimed to have raised billions for startups, I don't think many things worth to be serious
@DoritoStyle I think you're expecting a response too quickly for someone on a mobile phone who's supposed to be HAVING FUN RIGHT NOW... FFS... @Shog9 ... vacation!
@DoritoStyle your original comment was about the relevance of gay sex ettiquette in establishing context for questions, I think. I still don't see how that's useful in terms of identifying questions asked in bad faith.
they also rank very high on google, wtf
2:47 AM
@Shog9 I sincerely apologize for doing this on your vacation. I realize that even mods use this site outside of their official capacity sometimes.
If the question is about a situation involving gay sex, then the position and roles play a very big role in the power dynamics and how to interpret them. @apual tried to make this point, and I tried to tell you i felt that point was completely ignored or missed.
I think this answer ignores the fact the some consider descriptions of gay sex "salacious", but the details of positions and actions are very important to determining the dynamic between two gay individuals. @apaul was clear about that in this question IMO. — DoritoStyle 8 hours ago
your following responses neglected to acknowledge or respond to that all all, expect to say:
Don't see what that has to do with this answer, @dorito. — Shog9 ♦ 7 hours ago
There's more to relationship dynamics than just sex positions. Just sayin'.
2:50 AM
@DoritoStyle I intentionally ignored that point because it missed the forest for the trees (I don't know if you saw the question that sparked it, but there was a lot more salaciousness than what apaul quotes). I did address it in a separate answer.
I'd hate to have anyone define the entirety of my relationships by how I have sex with the people I choose to do so with. It's not relevant.
"intentionally ignored "
can we focus on that part?
and I'd think its just as bad if someone said he and his Secretary did the "half cattle prod"
2:51 AM
@Ash that's NOT what was said. at all.
(I always forget this chat has a different ping sound, and how much it feels like it is scraping my skull)
@Ash funny thing is I prefer it to the BONG
@Shog9 not only did you Intentionally Ignore my point, you REPEATEDLY pretended I had not even made it. That is Gas-Lighting (with a capital G), and it is not a show of good faith.
@DoritoStyle "then the position and roles play a very big role in the power dynamics" - that's the part I was responding to.
@DoritoStyle you keep using that word...
2:52 AM
@JourneymanGeek It's the higher pitch that tweaks me
@JourneymanGeek which word? Gaslighting?
I'm not sure how many times I can go in this circle, so I'll bow out for now, with one parting bit of food-for-thought: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GaslightingDoritoStyle 1 hour ago
As a vaguely neutral observer - it really looks a lot like you're basically trying to provoke a response.
If you keep accusing someone who you're trying to talk to of acting in bad faith from the getgo, its not going to be very productive
@JourneymanGeek I am trying to get a straight answer about repeated abuses by a senior mod. yes.
Once again, the accusations :(
2:54 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yes! That is my original point!
43 mins ago, by DoritoStyle
-Are you so used to seeing everyone as a possible troll that you feel the need to test them and see if they crack? ',:-)
@DoritoStyle "abuses"? I'm not really sure how this is an abuse.
An abuse of the Be Nice policy is what I'm getting at. And i'm not sure either, which is why I came here.
@DoritoStyle If you open up a discussion with an accusation, how's it going to be productive?
@JourneymanGeek In any case, an accusation is not the same as a conviction, and this is the closest thing to a "court" i could think of. Users have no other resource with mods but to try and engage them (and risk deletion IMO)
2:56 AM
@DoritoStyle You're missing a huge amount of context. When that question was posted, the site was getting hit with a large number of posts that were similarly problematic. That answer was a very valuable warning to us to be cognizant of the problem.
@DoritoStyle well, as a moderator and a long time user - I'd still consider their contribution
and there's been users who've actually cleaned up their act
@DoritoStyle The answer isn't claiming that apaul is trolling. The answer is claiming that that question on main (that you can not see because it's deleted) was potentially posted by someone who was trolling the site...
but this isn't a court. Its a bunch of people in a room talking.
and you're leading with "So senator, when did you stop beating your wife"
I actually did try to acknowedge Shog9's long dedication to this site, but it seems like it was removed. Maybe it was read as sarcasm; i promise I meant to show deference.
@JourneymanGeek There is no court! Where else would you have me go?
2:59 AM
@DoritoStyle If its a broader problem I've always advocated a good meta post.
@Catija I don't believe it accuses apaul of anything, but I believe my input was disregarded out of hand in a very rude manner.
and I believe this behavior is not a one-off, as stated.
@DoritoStyle I don't see any comment from you on that meta post of Shog's that's been removed.
@Catija I'm referring to my earlier comment, maybe I'm just having trouble finding it.
3:01 AM
None of your chat messages have been removed.
sorry, but that's incorrect
Message history
2:47 AM
deleted this message

2:10 AM
said: Respectfully, @Shog9, user #7, Community Manager for Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange, grand poobah, etc.:
What the CRAP is up with this interaction we just had?
Oh, I would consider that rude.
Ah, I didn't look far enough back.
@Catija no worries.
3:03 AM
and rossipedia's another employee so....
And yeah, that looks sarcastic to me.
@JourneymanGeek I acknowledge that, but I say now that I intended it was actual respect, for all that's worth.
I'm doubtful
EVen that early in this discussion, AGF was not a focus.
Can't undelete a chat message... so not really worth worrying about... and it's not like it was rude deleted.
@JourneymanGeek Well, now you've called me a lier, so you & I are done talking for now, because I'm extremely aggravated.
3:04 AM
And i don't bear you any ill will.
can we have civilized discussion, even on here?
At this point, from what I've seen, I'm not convinced there's good faith.
should we suggest to "take the time to enjoy the nature and cool your head, then come again?"
@Catija So, I'm perfectly willing to continue to provide context here, but I'm not sure what else can be said.
@SonicWizard I try to assume good beans, and not stuff faith up my nose.
3:05 AM
@bro now that I think we can all agree on.
But it can be embarrassing if I assume good beans and later find out they were not.
@bro the only good bean is a properly cooked bean with the scum skimmed off...
@DoritoStyle Context for what? Right now I'm confused about whether you want to focus on your comments on IPS meta (my realm) or your deleted chat messages here... (way beyond my realm)...
Unrelated: PDX (Portland airport) is more comfortable than my hotel room was. I should have just stayed here...
To reiterate, I am not worried about the chat line being removed. The only reason I mentioned it was to clarify that I didn't intend to throw insults. It's done now.
3:08 AM
I'm very much lost about the context, but if this is very related to IPS... can you just take it to IPS chat room (create a new room if needed)?
I consider Shog's actions to be a site-wide problem, but I do apologize for clogging up this otherwise pleasant room.
32 mins ago, by Shog9
@DoritoStyle what, in your opinion, was the purpose of my answer?
> Do you know why I pulled you over?
I don't think I've ever seen someone refer to the Tavern as "pleasant"... :/
3:09 AM
@HTTPS Catija's a regular; I'm just a weary traveler passing through. . .
So very, very weary...
@Catija Tavern is like the Lounge.... it probably feels the same!
Dec 8 '14 at 20:14, by Bart
FYI @bjb568, this isn't really a Tavern. That's just a more pleasant name for this insane asylum.
The Lounge is way better... sorry.
3:11 AM
I'm sorry, I m weary too. i took a year long break from this site last time I felt like an issue with a mod was swiftly disgarded :-(
IPS is that old?
(now I'm not sure whether I refer to the correct Lounge...)
@bro No.
different SE site altogerther. different mod.
similar problem though, insulting users on the main site of all things...
3:12 AM
So... I'm guessing you're using "mod" generically... but Shog isn't a mod... he's a CM... which is different.
sorry, he has a diamond, i did think he was a mod as well as CM
@Catija Something something quality vs inclusive
@DoritoStyle No. There are only three mods on IPS. Shog is not one of them. interpersonal.stackexchange.com/users?tab=moderators
The CMs have diamonds on all sites.
It's confusing, but not hugely relevant to the point at hand I think?
3:17 AM
Q: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

Brad MaceSome people have a diamond after their username (e.g. Michael Myers ♦) What special privileges do diamond moderators have? How can I become a diamond moderator? Who are the diamond moderators? How many are there? For more information, see Who are the site moderators, and what is their ro...

@DoritoStyle There's a feature request to that...
Q: Differentiate between employees and moderators

DoriMy understanding of who has diamonds: All moderators have diamonds on the sites they moderate and their respective meta Stack Exchange employees have diamonds everywhere they're needed Right now, there are a lot of new diamond moderators across the network, with more being added in the near...

@HTTPS thanks, i think that's probably a good idea, i'll take a look at that post.
@DoritoStyle It's important to remember that the CMs have the greater health of the network in mind when they write posts. They see much more than the mods can see and that changes how they respond. As Shog already pointed out, he did write two answers on that question... while one does fail to address the primary question, it does serve valuable information possibly informed by things mere mortals aren't able to see. His other answer does specifically address the question.
Feeling gaslighted by an employee, who should presumably be concerned with the company's mission is even more dishearening.
it shakes my confidence in the very foundation of the network. And it's on display to the world representing the company and the site.
3:20 AM
but, that's not really my call to make.
(yes, the term is starting to feel pretty worn out at this point)
I'm only repeating things that Shog's already said... so, I'm not really sure how you're being "gaslighed". If you honestly feel this, I suggest you use the contact link.
@Catija I think I will, maybe I'll become a superstar and get mentioned on the SO podcast (a guy can dream).
@DoritoStyle I agree
@JourneymanGeek I know, you made that abundantly clear; I assure. This is an olive-branch.
3:24 AM
Incoming wine? \o/
& beer!
unrelatedly, I downloaded the April Fools Day quack and.... lost it :(
3:26 AM
It's SO podcast.... not SE podcast. I don't think they even mention the network anymore.
@bro I think its always been the SO podcast
If they (the sea level people) even remember it exists.
it was SO for a while, then they chaged to SE, then they were like, nah forget that it's SO podcast again
they even renumbered the episodes X-D
They now have material for a dozen of those
It's a very good podcast, although it might give you an overly idealistic view of the site goals ;-)
@bro , was a little disappointed after seeing the date, but surely they can do the sequel
(pinging bro is... weird)
@HTTPS I think they include it as an occasional segment now
3:29 AM
lol, bro, wicked podcast duuuude
@JourneymanGeek No, SE podcast 72 was followed by SO podcast 88
erm, what happened to the ones inbetween 0_0
or is it MS versioning?
They had 16 "SO" episodes at the beginning, then it became "SE" (numbering from 1), then back to SO.
At least I think so. The point is that 16 episodes did not count as "SE podcast"
@bro like migrating from Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar...
3:31 AM
MS versioning, exactly
i started listening right around the time they switched back, I was so lost trying to find the back catalougue I must have "missed"
If Shog is on vacation, who is behind @StackOverflow Twitter handle now?
FR: signed tweets, blah blah -name
3:34 AM
Sometimes it's clear without the signature...
> Gotta watch out for those normal humans; they make some very odd typos. -- Stack Overflow at 5:47 PM - 15 Apr 2018
Forgot my space-saving Twitter bookmarklet.
Oneboxes can be annoyingly large when they are full of @you and @you and @yourmom and @ytumamatambien
When @counted toward length limit, that at least discouraged infinite chains of replies to everyone else.
3:38 AM
Dang, apparently @ytumamatambien got suspended
trying to figure this out!
@bro , you made some very odd typos?
The one and only tweet by @urmom
3:55 AM
Summary of Portland visit: no narcoleptic gay hustlers encountered (hence, no material for an IPS question). But enough homeless people around, especially on MAX, that I think I acquired some of the smell.
That, combined with being dressed not much better than them, might make me a candidate for Prof or Hobo quiz.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Magento and ERP by Wsoft pro on magento.SE
4:47 AM
There are 1107 extant questions asked on Astronomy since 2017-07-01. During the same period, 1261 posts were spam-nuked on the site
5:23 AM
Have we had any employees who moderated a site in their spare time?
I imagine that if an employee moderates a site and then gets their moderator privileges revoked for ceasing to be an SE employee, they'd have a lot of leverage in a later election.
I know Jeff Atwood used to moderate Stack Overflow, but I'm asking about people past the Atwood era.
Well, I don't think employee's job is to moderate site in the first place...
That's why they chose to close the sites instead of moderating them
5:56 AM
@SonicWizard Do you consider JNat an employee or a community manager? He moderated Anime & Manga
@HTTPS Usually it's because no willing employee knows the subject matter enough to moderate the site
I've brought up the idea here of supplemental moderators, i.e. mods who don't know much about the subject matter, but assist with mundane tasks like abusive users, trolls, blatantly off-topic posts, etc. while deferring to main mods for things that require someone experienced with the subject.
Usually moderators leave because there's too many of these mundane tasks that it becomes too time-consuming and boring, and they just leave, which creates a knock-on effect.
yesterday, by Sonic Wizard
In one way, SO mods are like light bulbs in light strings in one way: if one light burns out, a shunt device in the light just directs current through it to allow the remaining lights to work. But the voltage supplied to the other lights is ever so slightly increased, which means that they have to work harder. Eventually, if left unchecked, the set will experience a cascading failure of all the lights and cause a short-circuit.
yesterday, by Sonic Wizard
> "if one light goes out" = if one mod becomes inactive
> "a shunt...allows the remaining lights to work" = there is not much of a visible effect on the site initially
> "the voltage supplied to the other lights is increased" = the workload on the remaining mods rises
> "they have to work harder" = same
> "the set will experience a cascading failure" = mods will quit with the increased workload
> "cause a short-circuit" = the site gets closed
yesterday, by Sonic Wizard
And that is why you should always replace a burnt-out bulb in a string of lights as soon as possible.
Even if it means putting a white (un-colored) bulb into a colored set of lights.
Yes, I still remember that conversation. Moderators leaving is not really a problem unless there's no one willing to replace them. And that's where election comes.
And AFAIR, it's a rare case that no one wants to replace them.
@HTTPS A site once got closed because only one user responded to a call for pro-tem moderators, but that user had very little experience with even the SE model.
It happened, yes, I acknowledge it. How often it happened? And if no experts wanted to moderate the site, then it's already a losing move.
@HTTPS Yep, every site's mod team needs at least one (possibly more) colored lamps, plus a steady spare supply of them.
6:08 AM
@HTTPS or finding a private beta...
@NogShine employee who is a community manager.... it can't really be separated.
@ShadowWizard Then JNat is an example. Later he was replaced with others.
And if he's wasting working hours in moderation actions without permission, he risk his job, as far as I can tell.
If he's doing it in his spare time then by all means, that's noble. :)
Sklivvz was an active mod on Skeptics when he was a dev at SO. He was elected there prior to employment.
animuson pays particular attention to Law
@NogShine Make sense. That's why I seldom see JNat's visible moderations now from a mere mortal like me. He often joins Anime.SE's chat room image board though.
6:13 AM
Robert Cartaino moderates Patents and Lifehacks.
@bro I'm looking for cases where an employee started moderating a site purely through staff privileges
@Shadow What do you think about my talk about supplemental moderators? Also, do you agree with my point of view that a site's mod team is like a string of lights?
@HTTPS He joins many chat rooms at once. He is the only reason why there is a chat room full of gifs.
@NogShine lol :)
@SonicWizard didn't read yet. TL;DR?
18 mins ago, by Sonic Wizard
I've brought up the idea here of supplemental moderators, i.e. mods who don't know much about the subject matter, but assist with mundane tasks like abusive users, trolls, blatantly off-topic posts, etc. while deferring to main mods for things that require someone experienced with the subject.
6:20 AM
@SonicWizard quick observation: bad idea. Diamond mod should always be familiar with the site. Will think of better reasons later. You posted meta discussion about it?
@ShadowWizard No, because I'll lose rep for making an unpopular suggestion, which as you know I'm ideologically opposed to
@bro yeah @Sklivvz is good example, think he closed/deleted some questions I posted there, made me realize I totally misunderstood that site scope. lol
6:34 AM
@Shadow It's not long until you get all the privileges afforded to any sort of regular, non-mod user (max rep plus all four Chaos Emeralds for global Chaos Control use)
@Shadow OP edited it, don't think it's a dupe anymore: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/309142/…
@SonicWizard done, and downvoted, comment added to explain why.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, username similar to website in answer: Case Comments public/private after Spring '12 by codingpill on salesforce.SE
@Shadow Note the ":)" at the end of my previous comment
7:12 AM
well, @animuson hammered it
@JNat morning! Daily network spammer... sure hit on MSE, most likely some deleted spam on other sites too.
8:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: How can I eliminate spray paint odor? by tanhar020 on crafts.SE
8:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of body: BRAKE SHOE China by xxsxx6v on security.SE
9:07 AM
@ShadowWizard all gone
zzZ? zzzZZ.... ZZzZz...!
@JNat thanks!
spam hunt for the rescue!
@NogShine You know a community manager is an employee, right? Unless you mean "moderator" instead of "manager," community manager is always a subset of the larger employee group :)
@JNat besides don't most CMs quit moddyness cause it gets confusing?
The only employee/mod I know of is an SRE
9:16 AM
@JourneymanGeek yeah: minor conflicts of interest might, in theory, arise
I mean, we might handle the occasional flag
@JNat which is probably fine? ;p
and leave some guidance on Meta, depending on our willingness and level of involvement and interest in the community
Well, in theory you don't need to be a CM to do that ;p
but full on moderation is usually put aside, yeah
there's a few sites where all my interaction with the community is over meta.
ah ya
9:18 AM
@JourneymanGeek yeah, but the way in which you leave said feedback is somewhat different: for one, you need to make it clear when you're just giving out an opinion as a member of the community vs. when you're "speaking for the company"
ah, that is true
Kinda like the "mod hat" ;p
but the "corporate hat"
yeah, 'cept it's yet another hat on top of it :P
Hats all the way down up
@JourneymanGeek what is?
a "peasant hat" :(
9:20 AM
@JNat that CMs sometimes pop on and handle flags
ah, yeah
since in my experience - both as a beta and "established" site mods - CM intervention tends to be pretty unobtrusive
I'd like to thank those who handled my occasional comment cleanup requests on anime.SE gracefully...
and where it is obvious, it uses the same mechanisms normal users use, or well, is a quiet word.
inb4 JNat seldom handled my requests >_<
9:25 AM
Which is good
We typically tend to ask for CM support for very serious issues
Folks talking about killing themselves, recaltrant trolls...
Situations that need a little official tact, or a very very very big stick
> "Dear pluralsight.
Why do you hate my eyes? Why every single presentation has to use white backgrounds?"
@JNat Hahaha. Yes, you are of course an employee of SE. I use "employee" for employee like balpha, Adam Lear etc.,
<3 userscripts
@NogShine devs?
I use porkchat on this cause SE likes their bright colours.
9:38 AM
@JNat Yes.
@JourneymanGeek I can use a greasemonkey script to add a css class to the chat and change the 27000k background to a less annoying one... But if you can provide any idea on how to change the background color of the slides used during a pluralsight VIDEO course...
@JourneymanGeek most irritating is most of the page is already using a black background - course index, video control etc.
The only part with the eye-burner white is the video.
the only part you cannot control
9:49 AM
^ probably this can help...
I am starting to think I will begin detracting a point from every watched course rating I give out if the background is white and add a comment "why U hatez my eyez"
@HTTPS f-lux
10:12 AM
@JNat think he meant to ask if you do moderation stuff on your free time, outside working hours, on sites you like. :)
@NogShine racist! You think CM's like @JNat are inferior to developers like @balpha!!! :P
@HTTPS Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses ?
@HTTPS looks like a belly..... ;)
> Sheldon: First warning
@ShadowWizard lol
10:30 AM
@HTTPS heh, actually on the few occations I have a request...
but most of those do go to the co-gro operations folks so its either him or animuson IIRC
10:48 AM
co-gro? Like go-pro?
11:20 AM
community growth
@πάνταῥεῖ so, did it arrive? How was it? ;)
11:36 AM
@SonicWizard I still, at times, moderate on SO.
I'll handle flags and whatnot, but not very often
@Taryn they do need the help ;p
they've got a good handle on things right now
Well, was thinking more the volume they seem to have
Where is our jester eye sight correction device when we need him?
meettheipsums.com is missing the Cthulhu-ipsum.
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