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in Shadow's Den, yesterday, by TheLittleNaruto
@PrincessLuna You need some kind of enlightenment.
@ShadowWizard that just proof that ponies aren't meant to live in shadowy cave-like dens but should instead be eating cupcake in a nice pastry store with happy music, streamers, confetti-cannons and balloons
@Derpy I can put happy music, streamers, confetti-cannons and balloons in Den. It's all matter of demand. (and budget)
12:30 PM
@Taryn was my question about Ana leaving and whether Stack Overflow was having layoffs delete-worthy? 🤔
@D.Hutchinson It makes people sad.
I actually noticed ana's announcement on her moving on a while before it turned up here and... didn't seem right to bring it up then.
@D.Hutchinson it was closed and honestly there is nothing to talk about
@JourneymanGeek ah, I see - I hadn't checked the date of the tweet ...
@Taryn alright, cool ...
Well, goodbye posts appear to be fine, e.g. Jeff, waffles, sklivvz, and probably more... but asking "has [put name here] been fired?!" is indeed a bad idea. @D.Hutchinson
.... wait, whut? :(
12:38 PM
what whut?
Not a nice way to word things
Also, what Ana? this one appears just fine...
@ShadowWizard There is nothing to talk about but go looking for her tweets and let's move on
@rene yeah, saw it just now. Well, indeed nothing that should be discussed in public, and looks like it's done in good terms anyway (Unlike past cases) so all is good.
I got Captcha when performing Google search (´・ω・`)
12:52 PM
@JNat hey, can you please confirm this is true? I'm pretty sure it is, but you know... in case I'm wrong would be happy to know that. :)
@HTTPS me too... happens often when searching from two browser sessions almost in same time.
(so Google thinks same IP is used by two different people or something)
and I got a cold... but my behavior on welcoming users/commenting got better... does that mean that getting sick improve the feeling of being a human?
@HTTPS yes ;)
high fever affects the way we think, actually. Think I saw such question on SE somewhere....
I think we should get stats on how many users deleted their account after you left them a comment.
aka "toxic meter"!
That is a good name, yes
1:02 PM
well, apparently the chat top bar broke now
@Mithrandir more detail, pls? (since I'm also using it)
toxic: cause a bad user to delete their account by posting a comment on one of their posts.
(or is this the top bar on the chat main page, not Jason's userscript??)
padding broke
Most likely due to this bug fix, so blame @balpha :)
1:06 PM
@Mithrandir erf, no repro on Chrome 65, Windows 10... hmm...
the inbox is also broken
let's assume I still got the correct "cached" CSS then...
@HTTPS sure? Did you check here? Try CTRL+F5 to clear cache
robbing @Rob
:/ (already refresh, ctrl+f5, shift+f5, refreshing while "disable cache" on developer tools on)
1:12 PM
@Mithrandir looks worthy of bug report on MSE then. :)
1:43 PM
@Mithrandir I have that as well ...
do we share userscripts that we both run?
Am I the only chosen one who didn't get the CSS fixed (and bug)!?
Is this related to teams again..?
@HTTPS oh, good call
But @Shadow also got... is he a member of any Teams?
it's not SOUP
it's not SOX
Certainly not SOUP nor SE Chat Modifications.
1:46 PM
I have disabled all userscripts and I can still repro
I don't have any errors in the console
- https://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/css/chat.meta.stackexchange.com.css?v=b38d3b2a63e1
- https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.12.1/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.css
- https://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/css/chat.meta.stackexchange.com.css?v=b38d3b2a63e1
- https://cdn.sstatic.net/shared/topbar/topbar.css
are the CSS files that I got, according to "network" tab (filtered by CSS) on Chrome' Dev Tools
2:02 PM
@HTTPS what I notice is that topbar.css doesn't have a cache-breaker. That is true for me as well but it is something that stands out
2:15 PM
@rene no userscripts, no Teams, yes for padding bug /cc #HTTPS
Hashtag HTTPS
#ping #alternative
(the "b" word!)
OK, soup is ready, going to eat with with the dumplings I made at night.
yum yum
2:23 PM
@ShadowWizard weeeeird... that means my cache is brokenly borked...
@HTTPS SE use some weird cache host which serve files based on location, maybe it serve the new files only to Europe zone, not Asia
@ShadowWizard o well, RO can move it if they want ._.
@HTTPS nah, think @rene is fine with that. ;)
@ShadowWizard looks like animuson answered it in the meantime
You could have used the rep ...
2:30 PM
@JNat yeah, he's faster than you! ;)
@Taryn Nice, but as I said, I'm asking for employees who didn't start moderating a site until they gained moderator privileges purely through staff rights
(By the way, on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation employees are required to use a separate accounts for work and non-work purposes, to differentiate whether actions are being taken through their personal volunteer capacity or as an official staff member)
@SonicWizard -1 SE isn't Wikipedia. ;)
@ShadowWizard Of course it isn't, here SE employees can moderate a site purely though staff rights
There, it would be weird to use a work account (clearly identified in the username as such) to administrate a site.
I think I'll create a separate account called "HTTPS for work"...
and "How HTTPS feel as a new user"...
On the flip side, it's the anonymous editor's birthday in one week
2:38 PM
@HTTPS HTTPS 101 For Dummies
@SonicWizard nice!
@ShadowWizard Shog once posted an answer, then reattributed it to @Taryn
I think this was on MSO
@SonicWizard now that's real magic
@ani "just" redacted the first revision, thus appearing as the answer author
And that user's votes were detected as serial votes and reversed
But on my rep history, I don't see a "voting corrected" statement, just in my achevements
Never mind, it showed up
Actually, wait, they weren't detected as serial votes, otherwise they would have been reversed at 03:00 UTC, when the script runs. Because my flags against the user were marked helpful at the same time, I'm guessing the votes were manually reversed by staff.
2:58 PM
@SonicWizard what? Who? Where?
@ShadowWizard The one I "muzed" on about earlier
@SonicWizard it was about Shog and bluefeet, which of them you refer as "that user"?
Really better give context, not just expect us to read back and try to figure out. :/ @Journeyman yes you too! ;)
@SonicWizard you continue something you started 19 hours ago out of the blue, and expect us to magically understand... sigh
Maybe that's why I love replies so much...
@SmokeDetector fp-
@rene Great, I meant tp, now how do I change it? :)
3:08 PM
@SonicWizard via Charcoal room, think it's never deleted from there
@ShadowWizard There's a 5-minute delay between posting a message here vs. CHQ, and during that time many more messages could be posted
@SonicWizard so? Just find the same report there, and reply to it with correct feedback
@SonicWizard There is a "Guide to Moderation for New Employees", but maybe that was more for the earlier days.
It will change your existing feedback
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe PDF format? ;)
Google Docs, of course!
3:12 PM
Lucky not wordpress
I love the concept of "Valued Associate" that was in place back in the olden days... wonder if anyone can point when it stopped, i.e. who is the last Valued Associate? @bro might know those things... :)
Probably it stopped when Jeff left?
@SonicWizard There are a non-zero number of moderation actions performed by never-moderator employees, but they're usually just deleting obvious spam/abuse/noise. These days I don't think they'd have the moral authority to moderate anything tricky.
@ShadowWizard :(
Feb 06 2012: Jeff leaves Stack.
Jan 26 2012: Second-last "Valued Associate" welcome, for Adam, with the last one being from Shog later that year
Seems like you're right (unless I've missed some deleted posts).
3:24 PM
@Glorfindel What happened?
3:37 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Why is subcoalgebra structure unique? by ID10T on mathoverflow.net
3:48 PM
@SonicWizard like usual, if Smokey doesn't respond something ... eh ... broke, and we retreat to Charcoal HQ to solve it. Lots of details there.
sd why
[:6867786] Post manually reported by user *Glorfindel* in room *Charcoal HQ*.

This post would not have been caught otherwise.
4:02 PM
There is no content-based tool to deal with one user harassing another. This insistence that this is not a social network, therefore we don't have social network problems, is just ignoring real issues. We need to pull our heads out of the sand. — Bill the Lizard Apr 12 at 13:43
The problem with a tool like that is that people will simply ignore users they disagree with rather than ones they are being harassed by.
Comment chains become extremely difficult to follow if you can't see what everyone is saying... someone asking you for clarification on a post goes unheard... I don't really see how this could work well on this network.
Isn't this already happening? "Please clarify what you meant by baz" - "Go away if you don't want to help"
@Catija We have an ignore feature in chat, where it's also very potentially confusing, but I still use it semi-frequently for users who are very annoying or constantly negative.
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe Chat is not really what the network is for, though... I've seen a couple of users who have tons of people on ignore... and it sort of disturbs me... but chat is chat...
> The problem with a tool like that is that people will simply ignore users they disagree with rather than ones they are being harassed by.
4:17 PM
This seems like a minor and hypothetical concern, while users being upset by patterns of behaviour from other users is a significant and real concern.
Generally, as a user, I am very unhappy with any website these days that doesn't give me a way to filter user-generated content like this.
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe Seems like the solution there is to suspend the harasser...
@Catija That is only a solution if we can have a universal consensus on problematic behaviour, and near-instantaneous moderation.
I mean, to be sure, that is an ideal part of the outcome.
But as a reason to not give users the power to control what upsetting content we show them, it's not strong enough.
4:26 PM
Well, if we do implement that feature, I just want to make it transparent to the ignored users that they are being ignored, so that they won't waste any time replying to the wind/wall.
That's a classic anti-pattern that provokes harassment.
So... someone puts someone else on ignore, that person has no clue what's going on, the abuse continues but since the person ignoring them can't see it, the abuse just sits around on the site ?
That's bad compared with an ideal outcome, but I think the more realistic comparison is
"Someone is abusive, the victim feels powerless to avoid it, and leaves the site. The abuse just sits around."
New users will as often ignore "bully" as experienced users ignore "uncooperative" users.
4:28 PM
They already do that.
Look at the site we actually have. It is not a place of instant moderation and universally responsive users.
So... should we ignore, or should we flag abusive users, or both?
As a new user you do not have the option to raise flags.
Nobody is saying that we, experienced community members who understand how things work, should not flag abusive users, or that we should ignore them.
As a new user on a site, I generally assume that flags are not taken seriously, if I am even aware they exist, and if I can even use them.
4:33 PM
That's not a realistic solution for them.
Then I think it's better to go to the source of the problem: Give 1-rep user a privilege to flag for mod attention, and show it as a tool that can be trusted to them.
That also requires the new user to be confident enough in our community guidelines (which are not clearly defined in any case) to raise a flag and draw more attention to the post that they're probably insecure about.
Look at this from a user acquisition and retention angle.
You do not want to place burdens of deep understanding or confidence on new users, because they will often just leave.
4:40 PM
I am not saying, as some staff seem to imply, that Stack should be the site for everybody.
Certainly, we do want to bounce many people.
But are these the reasons that we want to do that? I don't think so.
I certainly don't want to bounce those people, but many users come without any expectation on how SE supposed to work.
I'm not sure what the specific concern is; I don't think it's the users who would have been receptive to helpful comments who would now choose to block those comments instead.
Q: Stack Snippets Appears to be Down

j08691When running a snippet I am getting: Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reas...

4:50 PM
Sorry, my mind drifted to "expectation from new users" instead of "ignoring users".
I was getting a little broad and vague.
I do hope they can improve the onboarding experience to help more new users understand expectations, for everybody's sake.
I just curious how "ignore user" on main site would be implemented then. I'm thinking of a potential issue of: a kind, experienced user has a bad day and "bully" the user, then gets ignored. On another day, the experienced user meets the same user on another problematic question and kindly provides a suggestion to improve... but ignored. Other users think that the user is not responsive to the kind suggestion.
Silly idea: merge flag and mute for new users, and clear the mute once the flag is handled (in either direction).
5:05 PM
I would almost think the initial idea to have no comments at all might be worth reconsidering.
Halp! Code not workz!

This is my code...

(long wall of code)

Contact me on Skype here for clarification.... or just post the answer there, kthxbye! :)
@bro are you still active around math.se? 🤔
@HTTPS but if we can make triage work (and the cvq) ....
5:21 PM
@rene that would probably lead to lots of deleted answers.
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe I don't think that's bad, actually... particularly if there's a specific flag for it.
A lot of the issues I see is people being unable to disengage. It's why I keep asking for a comment lock.
@Catija I think sometimes people sense that there's favoritism for a few, often higher-repped users, and whether that's real or not ... I'm not sure ...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Проблема с графическим проектом Corelа by georg.romanov on ru.stackoverflow.com
@Catija is that a bad thing? Is it worse then a lot of deleted comments?
@rene it's infinitely easier to delete comments than answers.
but answers can be deleted by the community, comments can't. The community scales better.
5:35 PM
@rene Yes they can. 3 comment flags automatically deletes a comment.
(more if the comment has upvotes, but still)
A: Add the ability to ignore users

Tim Post2018 Answer: We're going to consider this. This didn't make as much sense in 2009 as it does today mostly because in 2009, people came here for the rules; they were fed up with other platforms where the noise far outweighed the signal and at that time a little abrasiveness, even when kinda obse...

@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe Why did you get rid of little Quackie?
@SonicWizard I was trying to switch my name and avatar back by setting from the QC "private" beta, which did not work, but I decided to go ahead and at least return to my recognizable avatar.
I was getting confused by other people's meta-names so it seemed polite.
6:29 PM
And I've now received three upvotes, which I strongly believe are from the same guy who serially downvoted me just earlier, since they occurred at the same time and two of those votes were on posts they had serially downvoted earlier.
I'm a principled hedgehog, so I'll report them, and hopefully he knows that voting against proper rationales isn't allowed, even if you manage to evade the initial police.
As long as there's an option to preemptively ignore users with less than x reputation, that will be useful.
Including a benefit to those with low reputation themselves: if A does not see B, they are not going to leave snarky comments on the posts by B.
7:13 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in title, blacklisted user: [FOX.TV\]\*!!@ Tottenham vs Brighton Live Stream 2018/04/17 by kmsomun on civicrm.SE
Can someone with 10K tell me what I should have done better here? I think I'm far from rude but obviously I need to work on my wording. I can use some guidance.
7:28 PM
@rene I'm good with wording (as you may know), but I'm <10k.
Screenshot please?
@SonicWizard here you go i.stack.imgur.com/0iiT0.png, it is the -4 answer
@rene The one you're referring to doesn't sound quite rude (but it's borderline rude), but your comment on the answer above it does sound rude.
well, okay. thanks, I'll be more carefull
Just a guess: The fact that you did this on meta, where most people aresn't as worried about quality is probably what triggerred the backlash,.
@rene I'd recommend this wording: "Please do not post a redundant answer. Upvoting an existing answer is also a good way to express your enthusiasm and congratulations."
@DoritoStyle I agree, that's true
7:36 PM
@DoritoStyle there is sure a different feel for how I comment on meta and elsewhere.
@rene From my point of view, it's essentially a statement that the answer is a 'duplicate answer'. From my point of view, such a statement is not, of itself, rude, any more than saying 'this question is a potential duplicate of [x]' would be rude
@SonicWizard that would be nice. I missed an opportunity to make someone feel comfortable.
@Mithrandir24601 yeah, I think we all agree that the gist of the message is Ok-ish, just how I put that into words went wrong.
Is Ano2 at it again?
> You guys are mean and don't let me succeed. I wish i can take my revenge one day with the same intensity. -- Abhishek S at 10:53 AM - 17 Apr 2018
7:54 PM
<= Ducks and covers ...
@rene not rude, but I can totally see the confusion. The meta post appear to ask people to thank the new mods personally.
Better close this, and maybe create a chat room for all the personal "congrats", linking to it from Shog's annocement.
@πάνταῥεῖ no more ducks here
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe too late, QC went out of private beta mode long days ago.
@ShadowWizard mjahwahgf OK
@rene klofkgfd to you too! ;)
8:43 PM
... sorry... chat wasn't working for me...
@ShadowWizard Site status should not matter. My most recent name change was on Islam.SE
It was enough that my site profile there was created after the previous name change. (So, there were no previous name changes that that site was aware of.)
However, it's possible there is some special-case code that enables this bug only for normal humans.
Typing "that that" always feels like I'm doing English wrong.
In later versions of Word, Microsoft exempted "that that" from the "repeated word" spelling and grammar check
8:57 PM
> Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada
No spellcheck underlines here.
Where did the comments go on this question?. A big forum in the sky, presumably.
Theis a list of words and phrases related to death in alphabetical order. While some of them are slang, others euphemize the unpleasantness of the subject, or are used in formal contexts. Some of the phrases may carry the meaning of 'kill', or simply contain words related to death. Most of them are idioms. == See also == Dead Parrot sketch; contains many euphemisms for dying Wikisaurus:die Wikisaurus:death List of death deities == References... ==
This list is a mess
9:12 PM
@D.Hutchinson No, it would have explicitly told her that.
@SonicWizard ah, I see :)
@Shadow target has been deleted for several years: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/57255/…
Someone please remind Peter Mortensen again about editing posts closed within five days (those edits push posts into reopen queue)
An interesting move. Imagining a sumo wrestler behind the wheel, hired to increase the downforce on the car, hence improve its cornering.
9:28 PM
Looks like hairboat is now handling @StackOverflow twitter account, based on deletions here after the thread was brought up on Twitter.
IMO the delete button should have been used higher in the stack, "viewed 1,491,835 times" nonwithstanding.
@SonicWizard No "correct site" to ask that question IMO.
@πάνταῥεῖ Comment edited.
9:55 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened URL in answer: Is it possible to add a checkbox/button equivalent? by user128272 on webapps.SE
1 hour later…
11:15 PM
Sorting through Portland photographs, was a bit puzzled by this one
Joe Simon? This Joe Simon?
I didn't know he had anything to release or promote...
PG-13 and part of the release date are visible in the bottom left of the billboard.
11:19 PM
Thanks, never heard of that one (not following new movie releases much)
I just had an interview.
But it was a phone interview and the call interrupted my cat nap.
They asked me some technical questions and I'm a bit rusty, but I think I did alright.
So... naps > work?
I really probably should have woken up before the interview.
Good luck! Hopefully you'll get a call back for an in-person interview? Or are they hiring for remote?
They're hiring for a non-remote position during the summer, but it's like 4000km away, so there's probably not going to be an in-person interview.
11:29 PM
So you'd move over the summer?
That could be interesting, though... depending on where it is. :)
It's near one of the places where I could go to college.
It's in silicon valley.
Ooooh, expensive.
I was drawing a circle of radius 4000km centered at Cincinnati.... and then you spoiled it.
11:31 PM
Do they provide housing? Because that could really eat up your pay.
I don't even know what 4K km is, so :P
@bjb568 Should be 4 megameters, right?
4Mm… pie.
or like pi+0.85.
@Catija A convenient(?) reference: 10000 km is the distance from a Pole to Equator along the surface (it was originally defined like that)
Wolfram Alpha says it's more like 3200 km, which takes 15ms for light to travel in a fibre cable.
Also gives a number for light in vacuum, but how would that travel along a great-circle path?
11:38 PM
4,000 km is the distance from New York to Los Angeles
^^Still need more responses
Another one from Portland, a new trend in self-segregation?
4Mm is the driving distance.
@SonicWizard Couldn't there also be a new command for correcting errors that would print information that would currently have been deleted?
11:55 PM
Which one's not the mine?
Are you feeling lucky?
@bro What?
@bjb568 You could leave a comment on the GitHub issue, too?
@SonicWizard done.
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