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12:00 AM
By the way, the game features an achievement for "correctly flagging all mines except one on an expert board, and then detonating it".
2 hours later…
Hmm, my hit rate with colleges is 4/15, but I'm 3/3 with jobs so far.
You're already getting acceptance letters?
It's two weeks until one has to submit enrollment deposit...and about the same time of the year that I submitted my deposit to UT
@SmokeDetector fp-
2:05 AM
Anyone else have strong memory recall from 2013? I could have sworn that before the closing overhaul of 2013, if you RC flagged to migrate a question, it would show in your flag history as "off-topic; belongs on [site]". Now, those just show up as "off-topic", and older flags' display was changed retroactively.
Meanwhile, is the "linked" question behavior changed? I remember posting a link to another Q/A will add a permanent entry to "linked" questions despite they gets removed afterward (well, cluttering "linked" questions), but now, removing the post with that link will remove the "linked" entry too? (Or I'm really bad at memorizing thing...)
@HTTPS Yes, it did work that way in the past:
in You Are Here on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Sep 1 '14 at 17:37, by mindcorrosive
@damryfbfnetsi: another question linked to the aircraft lavatory one appeared in a comment on a deleted answer on the other one
2:35 AM
@Catija For first-year apps, early ones are due Nov, regular Jan, hear back Mar, choose Apr.
Q: User was removed

iammilindInitiating a generalised post. Whenever you see a user of interest was/is removed, you may edit this post. 17-April-2018: An actively voting user got deleted today. Many people have reputations loss due to that. Which User got removed? & also Why (if anyone knows)?

2:57 AM
Are those guys on Hinduism gonna revolting?
There is always such atmosphere.
Users want to know which user account was deleted, why a user is suspended etc., which are between moderator and user.
This is not the first time. There have been posts in the past too hinduism.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1034/5212
I was said that moderators review the account deletion while deleting the account but this didn't happen in this case. Some lost even 500 rep
I think shog's answer on this MSE post is relevant?
3:12 AM
Yes, it is relevant but it was not very clear to me. That made me ask a question which is finally closed as dupe of this :)
@NogShine not mods. CMs. Mods often aren't even told a user has requested deletion.
@Catija Ohh!!
Would you guys support an FR that allows moderators to see if an account has an active deletion timer on it?
We can...
Can you cancel the deletion timer on a user's account?
3:16 AM
@SonicWizard nope
"You can join, but you cannot quit!"
@Catija By the way, what do you think of my proposal about Smokey in the tavern? Did you fill in the survey?
Thanks @JonEricson for addressing that question.
@NogShine Sure thing.
3:55 AM
@SonicWizard I would not. If a user quits the site because of a moderator's actions, there is no need to give the mod the satisfaction of watching their success unfold.
@bro Rare edge case, though
41 mins ago, by Catija
We can...
Well, it's less rare than the actual need for the feature.
Given that it already exists though, the point is moot.
4:49 AM
We need CM attention in this chat room. It looks like somebody is digging up messages to flag.
@bwDraco There were only two messages flagged. Not many
Looks like it's being taken care of.
Considering I can't flag from transcript... then the flagger was in the room?
@HTTPS I can flag from the transcript. I did many times.
Ah, I looked at the wrong place (the shortcut icon on the right, not the dropdown on the left)
4:57 AM
I found one message as offensive. On message called a religion hateful. I think that is not "Be Nice"?
It's borderline, but a user should not be digging up old messages to flag.
@NogShine I.... think so...
but if this the case, I'd recommend to bring it on to meta, but with current heated situation... ugh
@HTTPS Which meta? Hinduism meta? You know how it is.
in Rational Thinkers on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 24 secs ago, by bwDraco
This was flagged, and it was off the page at the time of the flag. You'd have to load older messages or flag from the transcript.
Do we need CM to handle the conflict on Meta Hinduism? It looks like a ticking time-bomb to me.
5:07 AM
At a glance it looks like one user is in their hyperactive phase, which will pass as those things tend to do.
He keeps meta busy.
@bwDraco Only if this spirit is there in Hinduism site....
This too shall pass should be engraved somewhere on every meta page.
Could it be that someone simply revisited a room after some absence, clicked "load to my last message" and read from there.
7:05 AM
I'm curious who is User9125 on Hinduism.SE :)
May be post a meta about it? It will not be closed as off-topic. ;)
The "Does that make any difference @username?" reminded me of Shog...
Another Good Friend of Shog?
All of Shog's friends are good ;p
But if he's a Good Friend of Shog, then the mystery is solved! waiit, "another", uhh...
I am Shog's friend already. No one will take my place.
7:48 AM
> I understand that you can't think like the way some of us do because u are not an active member. You are a member over 1 year now and i am seeing u for the 1st time here in these comments.
So, even if a CM comments, reply will be like this because they are not active on the site and posting comments for the first time. :)
A CM diamond symbol would solve this issue, but alas we focus on content and we don't care who gives it.
Exactly. That is the point missed there.
> Do we do everything to help the site here?
Best joke of the day. I'd print and put it on my wall set it as a desktop wallpaper.
8:13 AM
@SmokeDetector ignore-
8:24 AM
Are question closed as dupe taken in account by the automated question ban scripts?
Are the scripts still active?
heya @ShadowWizard I took the liberty to add some more stuff to the chat design bugreport
8:45 AM
@Derpy yes
> because someone you don't know is putting you closer to question ban because he think your question is a dupe. Which, sometime, can actually be true.
@Derpy good point. I didn't consider that
@rene My point is that before automatically assuming that all the rants are made from "crybaby users" (like some of the other answers and comment seems to imply just to create that nice denigration "I'm better than you" climate that is the basis of every productive discussion...) one should ask himself if those users ranting had a reason to rant in the first place.
I wouldn't be surprised is many rants that are dismissed as "Meta drama" are actually made by user which question were indeed closed without a valid reason.
But, for some reason, I think that the opposite question on meta would have drawn a lot of hate, downvote, closure/gold hammer closures as "non constructive" and such...
Does anyone with some spare rep to waste want to test this theory?
Try to post a question like:
"why does pointing out that a question was improperly closed as a dupe cause so much salt to the users who closed it?"
9:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek it's an expression commonly used in gaming and such "to cause salt" is to make someone "angry". Probably it was originated because putting salt on a wound makes it hurt / burn more. And salt in the eyes causes tear/burn too
This originated many taunts like
"Why U so salty"
@SmokeDetector spammer returned.
20k repeating meta.stackexchange.com/q/309190/158100 /cc @ShadowWizard @Bart @JourneymanGeek @Glorfindel
9:48 AM
Should we care about serial voting happening on the site?
@NogShine personally? Its hard to tell (even as a mod, you need to know to look) and if its bad enough, you can let the system deal with
@NogShine only if it is not reversed by the script
Despite folks claiming its spottable - I'd say "eh, give it a shot and see" but you'd really need to have that flag find the right mod
@rene Not to me but to other users.
@rene Votes reversed by script are one or two less than than cast votes
@JourneymanGeek Yeah. I think I am sure.
Serial voting and vote reversal for three or more days in past week.
10:05 AM
@SmokeDetector gone gone gone gone gone
@NogShine if there is a pattern of this occurring all the time then sure, flag for mod but make sure you have enough evidence you can link to.
The deletion watcher got solar-flared?
@HTTPS You mean @PrincessLuna's sister blasted it?
@SmokeDetector gone
10:13 AM
12 messages moved to Chimney
@Derpy It was more a collaborative effort between me, her and Twily :>
@rene or.. call @Magisch
10:30 AM
true that ...
@Derpy Did Celestia take all the credit again?!
10:59 AM
@PrincessLuna Nope (hides a bag of "I ❤ Celestia" t-shirts and other merchandise behind a bush).
I KNEW IT! YOU took my credit cards!
"Why is Stack Overflow so positive recently?" but I just awoke from a nap.
Heh, I'm trying, okay?
@PrincessLuna (hides a larger bag full of muffins behind another bush)
banishes @Derpy to... um... a cloud?
11:12 AM
@PrincessLuna an angry mob of Derpy's fans is heard in the distance, with loud war-pipes and drums sounds
11:23 AM
gets Twily to get rid of the mob
Twily used "None of us claimed to be perfect" (see season 7...)
It was not very effective.
11:40 AM
Sssh! I haven't seen season 7 yet! It's not on netflix ^^'
@Derpy Princess Luna used "Spawn every single pokemon ever" on the mob. It's super effective!
Angry Mob was defeated
11:56 AM
Unfortunately, it also destroyed the space-time continuum.
starting with Japan, then slowly creeping across the landscape.
Wait, no, that's just the Sun.
12:11 PM
@JohnDvorak can't be worse than a thermonuclear catsplosion
can't you just herd the cats to one spot, atom smash them with a drawbridge, then euthanize the cat owners?
> A thermonuclear catsplosion is only possible by modding, but is nevertheless possible with off-the-shelf parts and is rated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to be a Plaid level of terrorist threat.
> A thermonuclear catsplosion is started by assigning a ridiculous standard thermal temperature to the cats' homeothermy in the amount of 40000 degrees Urist - 30032 degrees Fahrenheit, 16666⅔ degrees Celsius, or 16939.81667 Kelvin—which is equivalent to over three times the surface temperature of the sun.
It was originally triggered as soon as you "started the game". So, you had no time to react.
no issue, really. Just use a heat-resistant drawbridge.
Preventing your dwarves from dying in a 1-AU radius of any cat might be tough, though.
> I'm aware that it doesn't have a specific obligation [for SE to advice on where to get someone's question answered], but I would argue that shutting down a question and offering no help at all violates the "be welcoming" clause of the Be Nice policy.
Yeah, a kitten at 17 kilokelvin is kind of an issue...
12:21 PM
I think people have too many different expectations of what SE community should have done to welcoming a user...
I meant that the most "fun" way to cause a nuclear catplosion was to start a new settlement and chose the highest possible amount of cats during the embark phase.
Basically, the world would we generated, you see the settlement, the explosion starts immediately and...
> your settlement has crumbled to its end
According to some, anything short of pointing at the exact line they need to change is outright rude. While we can't even see their code because of NDA issues.
12:47 PM
@JohnDvorak the newspaper?
1:17 PM
sd why
oh. There was an answer ^^'
@rene Evidence like?
1:45 PM
@NogShine several reversal events in the reputation history of several users?
@rene only one user
but several reversal events?
Yes, there are events
Ok. You can flag for that. Saying: this user is being targetted with serial voting continously. This is not accident, it seems on purpose.
not targetted with DV. It's the other way.
1:49 PM
any serial voting really.
It doesn't matter if it is up or down
Any non-natural/non-organic voting is subject to investigation
2:33 PM
My action spawned 2 MSO post, yeah... >_<
Well, not the first time I got called to MSO though~
2:46 PM
3:03 PM
@SonicWizard do you have a Sega Genesis?
@D.Hutchinson An emulator
Don't we get a reply if we contact the SE team anymore?
@NogShine I thought the same thing - but I've heard they are very busy recently. So, I accept that they'll get around to my message but perhaps not reply back.
@SonicWizard what's an emulator?
@D.Hutchinson it's a device simulator made to create a localized instance of a specific device without having it physically. I.e. an Android emulator is a program you run on your computer to create a virtual Android device without necessarily having it, and it's able to run stuff the original OS can't
@D.Hutchinson I used to get a reply (I thought it is an automated one).
3:08 PM
@rene sorry, but may I know the conclusion from this MSO post? Did the OP of the HNQ question changed the accepted answer to other answer? Because I noticed the previous accepted was gone... and I was super confused why the question is not rolled-back instead
@PrincessLuna ah, that's awesome ...
@NogShine I see ...
3:37 PM
@NogShine there's an auto reply iirc
@HTTPS this is all I have: i.stack.imgur.com/cFJzv.png
Can't see the history of accepts/unaccepts
@rene please clear your notifications! ;P
@rene how about the deleted MSO post, any conclusion from that?
@HTTPS nope, you're the last commentor
@Taryn I like the green ... for obvious reasons ...
@rene last, is there a deleted answer with very high score and long comment thread?
(or last edited more-or-less 1 hour ago)
3:42 PM
@HTTPS yes: i.stack.imgur.com/zzImR.jpg (but I captured the whole page)
@rene thanks...
(darn, I really messed that up)
@Taryn can I ask you a question about the Interpersonal Skills site :)
Oh, I saw that you're no longer in the role of a CM, so perhaps anyone can answer ...
does a site such as IPS does seems to have more drama than ... teaching / learning ... get shut down by Stack Exchange?
I think Shog said something about there being attempts at launching an IPS site in the past ... which have failed ... and were shut down ...
^ I'm not 100% sure if that's exactly what he said ...
4:04 PM
I think you see "more drama" because of HNQ and its Meta? Some of low-visibility questions are probably more useful. And personally, IPS is still not that bad since it's still actively moderated.
Err... I just realized you're quite a regular on IPS. Well, as long the site is still moderated, then I don't think it will disappear. Some experienced users might leave, but new users would come too.
"Some experienced users might leave, but new users would come too" doesn't do good to Stack Overflow.
4:26 PM
We were all new users once. At least some of those new users would fill in the gap.
I was a new user once, and a minigun answerer
I was a new user twice, but I had enough privileges on the second playthrough
speedrun strats
4:57 PM
@HTTPS Same with me
5:09 PM
Well that's a bit weird. Just got messed-up error pages trying to log in a few times in a row, then it worked.
I blame caching.
The auth server got too tired to resist
The sectarian clique acts as a roadblock to free expression with their downvotes and votes to close and their duplicate hunts. They and a few others are swimming against the tide - fighting modernity. The site gives off an odor of being sick because of these folks. — S K Apr 14 at 10:22
yay politics and religion
5:13 PM
I thought those were supposed to be the peaceful folk?
when describing my time as part of a user acceptance testing team, should I capitalize User Acceptance Testing?
doesn't seem necessary ...
hmm ...
My gut says CAPITALIZE! but I'm not sure whether it's right.
It may just be hungry.
I see ...
I'll capitalize ... it looks nicer ...
thanks :)
5:20 PM
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe like this: "I was a part of a USER ACCEPTANCE TEAM, working with developers to improve ... "
^ like that?
@D.Hutchinson Maybe not like that. :P I'm not sure...
I see User Acceptance Testing capitalized like that <--
I'm not sure whether "User Acceptance Team" fits the same pattern.
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe ah, I see
ok, thanks :)
5:41 PM
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe he's an atheist in a religion site :o
6:30 PM
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe I wonder if there's any truth to it
6:42 PM
(Deleting guidance is different now, plus the answer there is very old and based on the old close reasons)
Q: What is the purpose of nonsense posts?

Robert ColumbiaOn Stack Exchange, jibberish posts that contain no intelligent content are considered Rude or Abusive and may be flagged as such. Why do people make nonsense or jibberish posts? When it comes to many other problematic, flaggable posts, such as Spam, hate speech, new questions posted as answers, ...

7:01 PM
^I'm still nodding, yes :-P
> If you have record data for model training and couldn't care less about individual users, only to join 2 sets of data and see if the model got any better: the GDPR is an expensive, crippling, pain in the ass. -- Nick Craver at 11:58 AM - 18 Apr 2018
I suppose it's something like Providence, matching ads to anonymous users based on their activity over a period of time....
@πάνταῥεῖ I couldn't help it but had to smile ;)
:) Somehow smiling and nodding, yes ...
Not drunk enough yet :-D @rene
7:16 PM
Have we had any documented pay-for-rep scandals on any site?
@SmokeDetector K
@SonicWizard you mean like voting rings being paid to upvote someone?
@πάνταῥεῖ I realize it is early. I assume the temperature is as good as it is here? Can you have your beer outside on the patio/deck/garden
@rene It's fantastic spring weather these days :)
It is crazy, tomorrow it gets even better
I hope it'll hold on until friday, when I have a day off.
7:27 PM
@SonicWizard Social currency, probably: the expectation of upvotes from colleagues/subordinates in a company
Hard cash, unlikely. Too messy to set up for little gain
I plan to have a nice trip with my daughter to near austria.
@bro Could be they're running a bet at their company :-D
@Sonic Your answer is clearly flaggable as NAA at least :-D
@SonicWizard I'm not sure it's actually happened, but we've had a few interesting things come up.
Q: Selling Stack Overflow accounts

MysteryI was just asked if I was willing to sell my Stack Overflow account. Of course, I won't agree to do this, but I was just wondering if there is any official rule regarding this. Do you guys pretty much hand off our accounts to us for us to do with them as we please? Or is there an official guid...

Q: Is it legitimate to "buy" Stack Overflow reputation?

muttonUpSaw this earlier on Freelancer, and wondered what the consensus was? https://www.freelancer.co.uk/projects/Javascript-jQuery-Prototype/Build-Stack-Overflow-reputation.html One view point would be that you shouldn't be able to buy rep, but on the other hand if that person is willing to pay some...

7:37 PM
Those both point to apparently-real offers.
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe How would these correlate to nonsense posts?
@πάνταῥεῖ where you are I already call near Austria. Do you mean nearer to Austria ...
7:53 PM
@rene It's only about 25km to these wonderful places like Walchsee (where my Daughter wants going to) or other sweet spots in tyrol.
"Close" might have been the better wording.
@RobertColumbia Accepts won't make that question better and more substantial in any ways. If you have really noticed a "significant frequency", post SEDE statistics or other resilient data please. — πάντα ῥεῖ 9 mins ago
@πάνταῥεῖ What answer?
@SonicWizard think he meant my answer
NAA on purpose
we could post a counter question "What makes people accepting nonsense answers"
@ShadowWizard Aww, I was really confusing you two :-P
Sorry (!!!) for that.
Anyone posted on Google Answers or Amazon Askville back when they existed?
Aahrg! I got that postgres shit and pgadmin installed and running at my lame laptop here right now. Looks promising now :)
8:06 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ lol all good
Though our avatars are very different by now ;)
@πάνταῥεῖ Walchsee seems nice.
Although while we're on the subject, this one looks like a higher priority.
@bro afraid to ask, but.... what made you perform such a search? ;)
@rene It's great. We're used to rent a boat there and a badeleiter (she likes to get into the water regardless of the temperatures)
8:12 PM
Reviewed a suggested edit that corrected that typo, and wondered how many more are there.
@πάνταῥεῖ awesome!
> In Britain, New Zealand, and Australia, it can also be used as a neutral or, when used with a positive qualifier (good, funny, clever, etc.), positive way of referring to a person
Aww, SnarkOverflow twitter project was abandoned early.
So might be used with innocent intentions
I'm sure the twitter community will not care about innocent intentions. This place if filthy!
8:18 PM
> (I have no idea how this question was answered - it was only posted in the basic group and appears to be asked in Latin?! stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/19478264
@rene heh, my message was about the word "cunt" being used by programmers in their code. :)
TIL one can use double backticks for inline code.
What to do if your inline code begins and ends with a backtick?
Anyone aware about a good (free) Postgres DB modeling tool including
- table scheme definitions
- modeling simple ERD diagrams
- immediate DLL script display
- SQL syntax highlighting and auto completion

I believe I already had one, but lost it right now (probably it's still on one of my VMs at my workplace, but I can't access there right now)
@bro out of luck
@πάνταῥεῖ pgAdmin??
oh, probably not
8:24 PM
@ShadowWizard doesn't change a thing ;)
@rene SnarkOverflow doesn't sound innocent.... ;)
@ShadowWizard It doesn't really fulfill all my requirements stated above. To tedious to create a table scheme in the GUI.
OK, maybe I have to choose a different view :-P
Gotta get more familiar with the GUI philosophy it seems ...
Why not SQL Server Express? @πάνταῥεῖ
And it's not just double, any number of backticks works as long as it's the same on both sides.
The SSMS is powerful
8:30 PM
Our company is in BIG troubles to change from the (formerly Sybase, ISAM based) DB system to a "real DBMS".
@bro in the rare edge cases where code really begins or ends with backtick, one can just use code block, not inline code.
also, raw markup might work.
@πάνταῥεῖ oh
SQL Server Express doesn't really allow me to do what I want, and also 10GB isn't enough to solve our customers' needs.
throwing working word on @M.A.R. and @Yvette
8:36 PM
It's even worse. The developers used a "free table" model, and some of the relevant informations are encoded into filesystem directory structures. It's really a challenge to cover up with that mess and migrate it to something reasonable.
Well, I planned to smoothly get retired with that company in a few decades :-/, so I'm motivated to get that right.
@πάνταῥεῖ oh my. Sounds like you have lots of work ahead of you then!
@ShadowWizard At least better than being "bored out" ;-)
I want to setup a little experiment to auto generate appropriate table views, based on that info encoded in the directory structures and generate these automatically based on triggers and stored procedures. Hence that stuff I installed here.
We have to convince our colleagues that there are viable alternatives for what they're just used to right now.
An interesting post Beyond Markdown by MacFarlane
I regret that the world settled on a standard developed my a man who doesn't want to be a standards author.
Jeff should have stuck to his guns and called it Standard Markdown.
8:50 PM
Jeff has guns?
Don't make concessions to people who are opposed to you and will yield nothing themselves.
The 7th day of creation should have been spent writing documentation instead of resting.
@ShadowWizard of course he does
We have officially reached peak Nerf. This thing is *amazing*, ratio of loading / pew-pew-ing off the charts https://www.amazon.com/Nerf-Rival-Nemesis-MXVII-10K-Red/dp/B01MG5QHC1/?tag=codihorr-20
IPS now has 5 moderators
8:54 PM
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe huh!
I saw that at Wal-Mart the other day and was tempted, but the balls are probably even more of a pain to clean up than the darts.
> Popular Item: Popular with customers shopping for "nemesis nerf gun"
I don't see this public keyword-product association leading to any trouble at all...
9:20 PM
@SmokeDetector edit suggested
Best variable name ever! — Mitch Wheat Nov 3 '14 at 3:57
@bro ಠ_ಠ
Thanks for the edit.
Sometimes I worry about fixing this in SQL. select count(*) from Users as count works in SEDE, but probably still isn't a good practice.
9:43 PM
sd k
10:39 PM
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe Just out of curiosity, have you read my post on how to get attention for old, unaddressed meta posts? If so, what do you think of it?
@SonicWizard I think we've previously discussed this, and I said something kind of cynical and nihilistic like "it's fine advice but it's still unlikely to make any difference".
ah, yes:
Mar 25 at 22:46, by Jeremy Banks
It seems like good advice, but realistically most posts won't get addressed.
Sorry, forgot for a second you were Jeremy.
I forget who everybody is in here.
10:45 PM
Tell me, what was I named before?
Ano because you made edits anonymously before joining.
but if you have a different non-meta name, I have no idea what it is.
There's a very easy way to check
Meta rep isn't worth much once you're past 10k, and bounties are an acceptable way to bump posts, so I do that a lot. But I don't expect much unless something has changed and the request is simple.
Ah. I had seen the name gparyani before, but yeah, I'd forgotten that that was you.
10:48 PM
What do you think about my advice (actually Tim Post's) to contact SE regarding unaddressed meta posts?
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe Seen that from this past December until now, or back in 2013-14?
I saw it recently, but it seemed familiar enough that I think I also saw it before. But I have poor memory and can't say for sure.
Also, did you fill in the survey in the second pinned message?
It seems the best way to get some reaction is to stir up something on Twitter.
@SonicWizard That seems pretty extreme.
@bro That's a better way to reach Nick Craver, right
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe The only reason it's in my post is because Tim Post suggested it, otherwise I wouldn't have put it there
In fact, I stated that my personal opinion was that doing so is abusing the form.
10:52 PM
If you want to contact Stack employees directly, I'd consider that more of a one-time thing than anything that would be routine.
It might be reasonable if you have some very particular angle that you have clear reasons to think are important, but it'd be hard to frame as a general principle.
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe I actually only used the name "gparyani" from signing up in March 2013 to February 2014, at which point I switched to "damryfbfnetsi" (which I still use on Area 51)
I mean, I emailed Haney personally to get the Data Dump fixed. That's obviously different since, you know, he was my manager for a year, but I think it might have been a reasonable time to do it despite that, since the Data Dump is such a key manifestation of Stack's values and I (correctly) assumed they'd want to fix it if they knew.
But that also requires that you know who to email about something, which most people would not, and if you email a random employee you may well be ignored.
Tim Post's advice is just to use the generic contact form to create a support ticket.
10:55 PM
If you have something that requires an official response from the company, and is urgent in some way, that may be appropriate.
Most feature requests and bugs wouldn't fall into that category.
It will be read by aniJNat who are unlikely to escalate if it's just "please pay attention to this FR".
I'm sure less experienced users unaware of Meta who find a bug go to the contact form to report the bug
1 hour later…
11:59 PM
And then please VTC as off-topic, no longer reproducible

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