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The obnoxious name now has a linebreak, @ShadowWizard's bug report.
If you break the site layout with your name you should be banned
You're banned because your name doesn't fall within the operation limits of this site
The usercard and signature after posts are okay, but it kind of bothers me that the name takes half a line in every comment directed at the user. Don't know what a better UI for that would be, though.
(I know I can trim the username, but most people don't bother to.)
just why there's so much whitespaces?
4:40 PM
Cuz racism.
goes to Meta to rant
Low Quality Q (39.9%): Sliding Menu in Activity Without using Fragments, by Prashanth, on stackoverflow.com.
Low Quality Q (39.9%): How to create elastic search using mongodb database, by Narayansingh, on stackoverflow.com.
@Bart Didn't know you were TLama at SO: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/278731/…
Look at the eyes @rene. Do those look like eyes that don't need glasses?
Offensive A (100%): ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ********, by ********, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
4:49 PM
If you have to repeat it that often, it can't be impressive ...
@Pham HA! I didn't even scroll down
@Pham del
Aww, just pass 2 mins.
SE should hire us for our problem solving skills @InfiniteHappiness ;)
@Bart a case for Freud
What does someone like that think though? "There... a job well done"?
Use the answer link please. :) Found and flagged
@Behaviour Sorry, thought I did. :)
-8? ... who downvoted it?
@Unihedro not me.
I just found it now.
4:56 PM
From January '13.
@Unihedro sleep well ... oh, and don't come back, even if you get pinged....
4:58 PM
@rene Yes, I learned that the hard way
yea, specially if it's @rene pinging you @Uni
:p @rene
Ah, so Frank's avatar does change with the seasons.
@Bart isn't it spam with disclosure?
4:59 PM
@Sam Can't help it, I'm outside.
It's a pretty good shot.
wow, -10 and still alive.
@rene but, it is relevant?
@rene given the single post, no further contributions, unregistered and too much advertisement speak ... spam.
OK, gone
5:01 PM
Low Quality A (22.1%): my gigabyte ga-a55m-d2 motherboard when i plug ..., by jhadz, on superuser.com.
gone and...
... OT
@SmokeDetector tpu
@rene Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
gone at -4
With the user, of course (mod deletion).
5:19 PM
I'd prefer it to be gone with the wind
5:29 PM
@Bart Most of them, anyway.
speaking of which
Today's Listening | outrun / electronic / synth
I think it's strange that there is a public count for up/down votes by a user, but not for other types: close, reopen, delete, undelete. I'd very much like to have this info, especially about mod candidates. unless someone knows a good reason not to make this public?
Don't see a reason to keep it private. +1
How did Craft users bribe SE designers to get a different color of site icon?
5:55 PM
@ElfSlice thanks :)
@Behaviour by the force of the Craft
@Behaviour I can give you a screenshot... ;)
Running through the profile tabs...
7 up | 1483 down | 2207 del | 21 undel | 7379 close | 224 reopen
The counts are inconsistent in that up&down do not include deleted posts while other tabs do. With deleted included, it's 7 up | 11941 down.
@Behaviour You only cast 1483 dv's? I thought it was more than that.
Oh, on so
445 up | 0 down | 0 del | 0 undel | 0 close | 0 reopen
On SO^
334 up | 79 down | 241 del | 6 undel | 1829 close | 117 reopen
CV'd all.
Also 7 up on SO, same as on Math. My way of product placement.
On GL: 6009 up | 115 down | 39 del | 3 undel | 106 close | 1 reopen
Anyone can do that.
6:18 PM
@Sam +1
Need glasses
I don't see an if construction? — rene 21 secs ago
@Bart rene needs you ^^
best drawing ever :P — Azrael Oct 2 at 14:19
Ugh, comment links from review queue don't onebox.
6:40 PM
cv-pls ^^
6:52 PM
self-deleted ^^
@TimPost Hi, I sent you an email (on the personal email address). Waiting for a reply. Thanks! :-)
Low Quality A (25.2%): @user299323 thx a lot - this is very helpful fo..., by admirerofuser299323, on askubuntu.com.
@Pham funny username
looks sketchy to me
7:02 PM
@Sam for some reason in usernames it eats up the _'s
@Braiam It eats all chat markdown chars.
To avoid markdown fail/weird formatting.
@Pham flagged abusive
Low Quality A (28.8%): OK I have reinstalled PHPUnit follow to new ste..., by Wojtek B, on stackoverflow.com.
^ What to do with the whole Q&A there. Maybe close as typo/misread docs?
I cv'd as not enough codez.
7:12 PM
@Behaviour They didn't exactly say their problem was fixed though.
Low Quality A (20.2%): facing same problem, do you got any solution?, by Shadab Khan, on stackoverflow.com.
Q: What is the easiest way to connect two Macs for sharing codes without internet connection and with no SD card?

SamiI have source codes on two different Macs. I may use both laptops for everyday development, but at the end of the night I want to have all changes on both laptops. Assume that I don't have access to the internet and don't have any physical device to transfer codes from one laptop to another and v...

Low Quality A (100%): Mine did the same thing! Really frustrating., by Ashley, on apple.stackexchange.com.
7:27 PM
@Moosemaniseatingpizza kaboom
2 days ago, by Warm Fuzzies
Looks OK | Needs an Edit | Should Not be Answered
Called it. (The last part, that is.)
@rene careful, you don't want him to arrive here.... the poor Tavern would break apart! :D
7:31 PM
And it's time for a weekly meta post about me... Maybe bi-weekly.
11,001 now?
But the meta count is separate.
@Behaviour would be a great answer get your facts right first!
7:39 PM
@Behaviour Everytime I see stats like this I really want to know what you upvoted. What made those 7 posts stand out?
@Andy One was an answer to my question. Other 6 were un-upvoted answers that I wanted to be upvoted so that I could cast a dupe-vote.
It's… Interesting sitting at the back of a bus.
You should try it.
@bjb568 I do it almost daily. What's interesting?
@Behaviour That is an awesome reason to upvote ;)
Low Quality A (23.5%): I have installed ubunutu on my galaxy note n700..., by Prasanth P, on askubuntu.com.
7:42 PM
^^ NAA
@Behaviour The people.
Trying to come with a room name for low quality reviewers in LQRQ, CV, reopen, and triage queues. How's "Please be critical while judging post quality"?
Or reviewing post quality?
Am I talking to myself here?
That concludes another episode of JasonC talks to himse.... bjb568? Nevermind.
7:55 PM
A: What to do when plagiarism is discovered

Fadly FadelSand To Aswerds: Jl. Stasiun Lorong Perhatian No.14 Belawan I Kec. Medan Belawan Code Pos: 20410 Indinesia,Sumatera Utara,Medan

@bjb568 Math.SE has "Jury Duty". I think it sounds right.
What's it have to do with Jurys?
Low Quality Q (34.4%): asdsadasdasdasdasdasdasasdasdadasdasdasdasdsadasdas, by Diogo, on pt.stackoverflow.com.
@nicael that's spam, flag please
7:58 PM
Low Quality A (100%): i like pie a lot so dont judge, by Misaki, on anime.stackexchange.com.
Off-topic stackoverflow.com/q/27352545/1864610 on stackoverflow.com
Q: How can I make my code diagnostic syntax node action work on closed files?

Jon SkeetI'm building a set of code diagnostics using Roslyn. Ideally, I'd like any errors they produce to act as persistent errors, just as if I were violating a normal language rule. There are a bunch of options, but I'm having a hard time getting any of them to work consistently. I've managed to imple...

I thought that Jon Skeet knows all...
He does. He's just testing others.
Low Quality A (21.8%): I had the same problem, and thanks to the answe..., by Jeremiah, on superuser.com.
8:04 PM
@bjb568 You said "judging". Reviewers issue their judgement collectively, like jury members do. And they have to make some tough decisions, although perhaps not quite as tough as those sitting on a jury.
Perfect timing: mod election question collection is announced on Math. Expect "will you suspend user 147263?" to be on the list.
Pff, that Math Meta user rolled back the mod edit @Behaviour. Tempted to comment ...
@Behaviour Huh, ok. But Jury Duty isn't very descriptive.
@bjb568 That's what room descriptions are for. Name is just that, something to associate the room with.
8:13 PM
On the list of rooms, descriptions appear right under every room name; it's not like Question title & body.
FYI @bjb568, this isn't really a Tavern. That's just a more pleasant name for this insane asylum.
And do you get a lot of interest in that room? I don't feel like going to a place which begins coaching me before I even enter.
OK, another suggestion: Q&A QA [Quality Assurance]. Punny enough?
@Bart but, but.... my family said that this was just a Rest House not an asylum :(
8:16 PM
Did they do the whole "air quotes" thing when they said that @Braiam?
Were the "air quotes" curly?
Air does not support Unicode.
searches for the Air spec
8:41 PM
Low Quality Q (37.7%): Increasing/decreasing signal intensity in Western blotting, by Fistula, on biology.stackexchange.com.
^ self-vandalized question which was tweeted 12 hours ago. Can't suggest a rollback. :(
Low Quality Q (39.9%): Program of Turing machine to add two 4 bit numbers, by Protim Debnath, on stackoverflow.com.
@Behaviour What? Why not? I just did. biology.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/11689
Q: I am not granted to rollback an edit, but could I at least easily suggest a rollback?

BenoitOn Programmers.SE I noticed an edit by a user of 4K reputation that I feel changes the meaning of the original question (Revision 2) and I would have liked to roll back. However having not enough reputation here, my only possibility has been to click on “source”, copy the source block, and make a...

@Behaviour Election?
8:50 PM
@bjb568 You did the copy-paste thing, right?
I usually think of the extra copy in the PostHistory database I would create, and decide to let 2K users to rollback... (silly of course)
@Behaviour math.stackexchange.com/election/5 (if you haven't seen)
Saw it :)
8:58 PM
Should I try to get more rep and nominate myself?
Just 27 rep per day (7 days).
@bjb568 Well, I doubt you'd be elected, sooo...
Of course not.
But will the reaction be flameflameflame hunthunthunt or good?
@bjb568 Or I could drop a bounty on your answer :)
@Behaviour Ooh!
@bjb568 don't go around nominating yourself in elections that you don't actually want to win. Because a mistake might be made.
9:07 PM
@Undo Such as what?
Such as people taking you seriously.
(assuming you're not serious)
What's wrong with that?
I hear you get a hat and T-shirt for running in elections...
Not any more I think @Behaviour.
You'll have to get through the first round iirc
9:10 PM
Kitten sized?
cats hate clothes.
Why is it /election (singular form) in the URL? Inconsistent with /questions, /posts, /users, /badges/, /tags.
Jul 27 at 2:10, by Santa Claus
so is this the kewl kids room
@Behaviour Heh, DevDoodle has all singular.
@Frank Most.
goes to nominate himself for DevDoodle mod
9:12 PM
Pretty sure you need to join first…
Pretty meaning absolutely.
Extrapolating from what I know about bjb, DevDoodle will have extensive moderator and reviewer tools, and no answer boxes.
We've opened Q&A on a hangout-on-air as we spec out some #stackoverflow and #stackexchange servers: https://plus.google.com/events/c27sa468f9leq1r4dnoqfoe5it0
Ah, another FTL live stream
Offensive A (90.9%): ******* ****** ***** ********** ** ********* *****, by ******, on worldbuilding.stackexchange.com.
@Pham looks salvageable to me...
9:18 PM
@hichris123 Why is it only the Dev/SRE team that does public hangouts? Let's hear it from the Community Team!
@Behaviour Shog had some uh... choice words about that. :P
Yes, and with choice words too.
@Behaviour There's Jon Ericson.
@hichris123 linkylink?
@Bart Uh... ask Shog about it. (might have been in a private room. ;p)
9:22 PM
Ah, cause you have one of those shiny things ...
@Bart a clean penny?
Well, uh... depends. :P
@Andy yep. Chris is loaded.
I need one.
@Bart +1 pennies make everyone rich.
9:25 PM
@hichris123 Lots of them, yes.
@Behaviour That would require more than 5 minutes of uninterrupted time between fires.
Live stream the fires @JonEricson
@Bart Good way to burn bridges.
Low Quality A (46.6%): hell nah a, by pdiddy, on askubuntu.com.
(both dupes)
I had that same question today, and those three posts were the top three Google hits.
9:36 PM
@JonEricson Got a minute for a question?
@LynnCrumbling About 4 1/2. What's up?
When a question gets posted with just garbage chars... close .. or.. flag abusive/offensive/something_else_I_can't remember?
@Bart Indeed.
@LynnCrumbling Flag as offensive.
9:38 PM
@Sam That's what I thought too; but I had a flag mod-declined.
@LynnCrumbling Link?
Just making sure that I'm doing the right thing.
@LynnCrumbling NAA
@LynnCrumbling why not simply VLQ?
@bummi it was a question that was garbage -- but from what I understood, I thought it was common practice to flag as abuse of the system when complete junk was posted.
^ is this incorrect?
9:42 PM
@LynnCrumbling Shog said we should flag them as abusive, Tim said spam, the Tavern says NAA/VLQ
@LynnCrumbling Nothing really "offensive" about it. If you care about helpful flags, you might consider a custom explination.
It was deleted in any case, which is the correct end state.
Q: Should we discourage leading +/-1 on comments?

Shog9I'm getting really sick of finding folks arguing about votes, only to see that the bickering started with a comment of the form, -1, because [some perfectly reasonable criticism] As has been discussed many times, voting is anonymous for a reason; folks who give up that anonymity do so at th...

@JonEricson I selected that flag for the abusive portion (not-so-much as offensive)
funny, how did Shog manage to get "Nice Q" for it?
@Braiam And Jon added a custom mod flag. Take your pick. :)
9:45 PM
If one user would do this many times, it might be spam, I can't see offence since NAA and VLQ won't require a Mod it should be preferred imho
@nicael it went up pretty high before it dropped down
@LynnCrumbling Abusive means more like calling someone names or whatnot.
@Braiam Do you have a link to where @Shog9 said that was how to treat garbage posts?
@bummi From what I hear (on meta.SO), NAA & VLQ are often handled by mods on SO, even though they are not needed.
@Behaviour Spam and offensive carry extra consequences and are used for statistical purposes. So just pick another flag.
9:46 PM
@Bart Yeah, I commented there when I saw it on +2, didn't know that it was so upvoted since.
@JonEricson Ok, understood - thanks Jon.
lightness has clara oswald as new dp.
@hichris123 That got boring. But the fact that Dell is crap was confirmed.
A: Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Shog9 I'm assuming that's not what "abusive" in this reason is referring to You know what they say about assumptions... ...they say that they're often wrong. Like you are. In this case. If someone is abusing the site by posting gibberish, flag it as such. Any combination of 6 spam or offensive ...

9:48 PM
@Bart Why?
Why what? Why it went up first?
I wasn't a fan.
"Ooh, that's a reasonable idea. What, you already implemented it without our approval? ARGH RAGE EVIL PERSON BOOO" @bjb568
@JonEricson You might want to have a sidebar with Shog re: that answer.
9:50 PM
Providing you with a summarized timeline there @bjb568
A: JavaScript replace newline escape sequence with newline

bjb568Don't abuse regex! If you are testing for single strings, test for single strings. Since JavaScript doesn't have a built in replaceAll method (yet) for strings, you can make your own: String.prototype.replaceAll = function(find, replace) { return this.split(find).join(replace); }; Then j...

but I didn't dv, cause I trust that shog understands the effects it will have better than I. Also, I don't have the priv.
^^ Interesting how the question doesn't get voted on.
+2 -2 ... but not much activity
@LynnCrumbling Eh. It's subjective. And it doesn't much matter which flag you pick. Just know that spam/offensive flags are more likely to be declined if a mod happens to get to it. The reason is that mods have to take responsibility for their actions which take instant effect. Marking a span/offensive flag "helpful" immediately docks 100 rep.
9:54 PM
@JonEricson Ahh.. that makes a lot of sense.
A: How to save user input data in the form?

janIt think that you can realise it with storing the login credintials with PHP in a session or something like this. If the user visits the website again your PHP-script sees that there is a session with credentials and you can show them to the user. An other method would be to save this data in a ...

Hey what? Accepted? :( Not really solvez the problem
@JonEricson So if it doesn't go to mods, and instead gets the 6 total abusive flags from the community, does the -100 still apply?
@LynnCrumbling It does.
@JonEricson Ok. I think my 4.5 minutes have elapsed.
@JonEricson Appreciate your time.
Heh. No problem. ;-)
10:03 PM
It takes Jon Skeet like only 1 1/2 years to get 200k rep.
@Frank Yes.. but does he have an avatar that interacts with the local seasons?
@LynnCrumbling why?
(because you've got him on that) :)
@LynnCrumbling I've got everyone on that.
<grin> Indeed.
10:07 PM
@Frank cough
Even my username changed for winter. :D
seasonal == spring, summer, fall, winter
lives in the caribean, where the only seasons are summer and hellish
@Doorknob冰 you have only regular and cold.
skeet's on G+
10:19 PM
@Frank Doorknob's from Texas... the seasons are summer/hell and football.
@Behaviour texas is awesome.
except for the sales tax.
But no income tax!
@Behaviour the sales tax would still get me
At least you don't have to fill out forms to pay it.
@Behaviour true.
Not that I mind filling out forms.
10:24 PM
I moved from Texas to New York (to be closer to SE datacenter, of course) but the tax forms make me regret the decision once a year.
@Behaviour When you have some acreage, property taxes are nasty too.
I knew a farmer who was struggling as it was, and they zoned most of his land commercial. Then he had to sell, which he didn't want to do cause it had been in the family for generations.
not a good reason to not sell
Some people are attached to their roots...
@bjb568 Or one guy who wanted to have his son inherit the farm, but there was inheritance tax of over $300,000, which no one had in pocket.
Why so much?
Why tax system suck? (rhetorical)
10:31 PM
Inheritance tax should be 100%.
There should be no inheritance tax.
There should be less middle class tax.
So far, Frank's platform is more popular. Yet another election in which I'm not going to win.
@bjb568 There is, isn't there?
There should be a S-curve income tax that would be like 99.999% for billionaires.
@Frank ReferenceErr, ambiguous "is".
10:35 PM
@bjb568 ReferenceErr? Wat?
Reference Error thrown in my language parsing engine.
@bjb568 Reference error doesn't make sense.
Parse error, maybe.
Because income tax is 39.6% if you're earning over $425, 001/year.
Only 10% at $12,750 or less/year
@Doorknob冰 Nah. It's a is is a referencing word.
@Frank Yeah, but need more lesserness.
@bjb568 No. I would suffer.
Or, my buisness.
10:39 PM
@bjb568 taxes would go to high at that rate
the rate you were saying
Taxes for the rich people…
Who don't need the money.
actually we do...
to run a buisness, we need it.
@Frank Wait, are businesses taxed at the same rates as people?
How much? If you're not a millionaire, you're nothing.
@hichris123 I don't think so.
@bjb568 I'm nothing this year, then.
@Frank You're a tree. That's not nothing. ;)
@Frank Ok, you're not the upper class.
@bjb568 not yet.
@hichris123 didn't save 1m yet this year.
10:44 PM
@Frank Well, money doesn't grow on trees soo....
@hichris123 You just have the wrong tree
Hm… I think tax should be on how much you spend on luxury items rather than income.
So if you run a business, you don't get taxed on those investments.
Then some kind of exponential function or something.
@bjb568 But a business like mine doesn't take a whole lot of capital.
Or maybe round the poor people down to 0…
@Frank Then what do you spend all your money on?
10:50 PM
Cats ask the darndest questions
Ha! Darndest isn't a word.
It is idiomatic in this phrase.
@bjb568 Just buy a $130k big garage with a parking lot, buy two cheap $10k trucks, buy a cheap $2k trailer, two or three $12k mowers, buy another $113k in various necessities, spend $5k on ads, pay all the taxes, and ask that again.
> To view the definition of darndest, activate your Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary FREE TRIAL now!
Flags spam.
10:54 PM
Except I don't want to sign up...
@bjb568 wtf, it showed up fine for me a minute ago
@Frank Those aren't exactly luxury items.
@bjb568 I didn't say they were.
@Frank Well, I'm saying that it wouldn't be taxed.
10:56 PM
@bjb568 Since when does that happen? sigh
@bjb568 The taxes aren't bad though
Since it is a lot of money, the exponential function thing would curve like +30%/-50% (of current) from the current tax, so not a huge difference.
A sigmoid function is a mathematical function having an "S" shape (sigmoid curve). Often, sigmoid function refers to the special case of the logistic function shown in the first figure and defined by the formula Other examples of similar shapes include the Gompertz curve (used in modeling systems that saturate at large values of t) and the ogee curve (used in the spillway of some dams). A wide variety of sigmoid functions have been used as the activation function of artificial neurons, including the logistic and hyperbolic tangent functions. Sigmoid curves are also common in statistics as cumulative...
I want -98% income tax.
No you don't.
10:59 PM
I want my MTV.

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