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12:06 AM
@Catija you can totally do that with face-to-face verbal conversations too.
@Shog9 but your memory fades. The locked chat rooms of your past... they're right there in black and white.
12:26 AM
@Catija memory only fades if you don't brood on it daily
@Catija There are tens of thousands of messages of me in this chat. A bunch of which I'd probably cringe over if I read them again
@Shog9 It's unclear what "it" is.
...so why was my edit rolled back?
3 guesses
@Shog9 You don't like it when others edit your posts?
12:33 AM
Test that theory
@Shog9 You did not specify a reason when rolling back?
I did
Your edit summary just says "Rollback to Revision 1"
12:48 AM
@SonicWizard The comment he posted at the same time seems clear to me.
@Catija Ah, didn't notice the comment because I wasn't notified of it and it was cut off by scroll.
@Shog9 Sorry for overlooking your comment.
@Shog9 I think they've studied that and found that remembering things doesn't always recreate the experience precisely... brains re-interpret things and your memory will gradually shift. :D
Very true
@yvette, congrats :D Looks all going well for you :)
you are expecting the foal in a few weeks time?
12:56 AM
@JeremyBanks One other thing: the system sometimes offers to give you back rep you lost for expressing unpopular opinions in exchange for recanting your opinion
@SonicWizard sometimes?
@JourneymanGeek If your unpopular opinion is in a question with upvoted answers
...you can't. But if it's in an answer or a question with no answers or a single one without upvotes, you can.
So... you mean you can delete it?
@Catija Yep
@SonicWizard questions are not really meant to be opinions though
even if they're occationally misused
1:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek @Catija There's a reason why I pinged Jeremy Banks
He made a suggestion
and well
@SonicWizard Yeah, that's not really how I would describe it... It seems like an... unfair explanation... seeing as Jerermy's question has two answers.
I don't think he's particularly worried about lost rep.
I think I should make this clear again: I'm ideologically opposed to the idea that one should lose rep just for making an unpopular suggestion or expressing an unpopular opinion. Nothing else to infer from that.
@SonicWizard Meta's unique
1:06 AM
Mar 26 at 23:18, by Sonic Wizard
I was 398 steps away from getting the ability to VTC. But just because I posted an unpopular answer, I was initially set back four steps to 402 steps. I could get those four steps back, but that's not really fair because if I did the exact same thing minus the unpopular post, I would have been 394 steps away, not 398. It's absolutely worthless.
You're literally saying the entire system is wrong because it didn't work for you
@SonicWizard So that makes it reasonable to imply to someone that there's a way for them to get their rep back within the system... but that's really not available to them because they don't meet the prerequisites...
To be fair, my opinion is a bit strengthened because I once lost a privilege just for making an unpopular feature request, but I've expressed that opinion here long before that happened
@SonicWizard there's nothing wrong with an unpopular opinion
Unpopular opinions are valuable because we can learn from them.
1:08 AM
and If I have an unpopular opinion, the reason its unpopular has value.
and eh, its only rep!
@JourneymanGeek It helps you earn privileges. As I said, I once lost a privilege simply for making an unpopular feature request.
@SonicWizard which you will earn eventually over time
Also, I consider it highly valuable, because of a certain...thing going on with my mind
Mar 26 at 23:19, by Sonic Wizard
And if I wanted to be 394 steps away, I could have just taken four steps, whereas since I expressed an unpopular viewpoint, I have to take twice as many steps.
@SonicWizard that you basically get fixated on things?
I linked the wrong message
1:12 AM
I don't look at every single post I make
I look at comments, and overall trends.
I focus more on ideology rather than effects
Mar 26 at 23:08, by Sonic Wizard
(And just to give you even more proof that it's specifically about expressing unpopular viewpoints that I'm concerned about - I recently argued that one of my downvoted questions on SO on which I put a bounty, which was on the way to being deleted, should be kept. Of course, I would stand to gain 100+ rep from its deletion, but I wanted it kept because it helped people.)
and nagging at people when things don't work exactly as you expect them to.
Look - the only reason I posted the first message in the chain was because Jeremy had explicitly agreed with my idea for separating dis/agreement from quality votes in a prior message, and I was too lazy to find it and click "reply".
I was just adding to his opinion
@JourneymanGeek I've had this same discussion at least three times now. I didn't want to repeat it again, I just wanted to reply to his message.
@Catija anecdotally, this is true
A smile becomes a mocking snear
A cheerful voice takes on a sharp tone
Diplomatic words become sarcasm
We're cruel to ourselves.
Though, for some, it goes the other way... a sneer becomes an honest smile...
@SonicWizard that's your choice. No one else did that to you.
Not saying it's the wrong choice
Not saying it's the right one
But... it's yours. Own it.
Don't blame the system.
You've been a member of Stack Overflow for just a hair over 5 years
and in that time, you've lost a grand total of 383 points
In my first 5 years on Stack Overflow, that number was 3871
My baby chicks are now no longer bald
I left downvoted answers. I downvoted other answers. And I deleted upvoted answers.
There's nothing wrong with any of that. As long as you know what you're doing.
And you, most certainly do know what you're doing.
So own it.
2:13 AM
My 'rescued' chicks @Yvette ...
When I first bought them:
2:17 AM
I know right :p
I probably can't complain I have no - net downvoted posts
Deleting the account also helps. No net-downvoted posts (Community deletes them even if answered) and of course no worries about low reputation.
2:36 AM
Heh. I suppose so
And hah. I have never once been tempted to sock a meta question
2:52 AM
@TelKitty next 12 - 28 days
Oo :)
3:11 AM
3:22 AM
@Shog9 Again, it doesn't seem like you fully understand my perspective. But I'll explain it some other time.
@SmokeDetector fp-
3:40 AM
this is my pregnant girl who came to me skinny @TelKitty cc @Shog9 she's looking a lot better
1.9 horses
she does!
she's so cool. Love her to bits
3:42 AM
If nothing else, she dosen't look like she's skin and bones
@YvetteColomb considerable improvement
"Hi" is deleted at the beginning of posts, but apparently not at the beginning of titles... Hi. I've installed python3.6 as below but unsure how to access Spyder. Most of what I have read is unclear, i.e. saying if should already have Sypder? by Steve Van Maanen on stackoverflow.com
@Magisch ^ ;p
@Shog9 I needed to show you that, after showing you that other pic. I take really good care of my horses, they get high quality feed and supplements as required.
4:26 AM
@YvetteColomb heh, that face gets away with a lot ;p
My parents went out last night, so I took over the nightly dog walk. He dosen't want to do his doggy doody duties...
my dad comes back he walks up to dad (who usually does the night walk) then looks at the door, then dad... and gets another walk ._.
@YvetteColomb looks pregnant now :p
4:48 AM
@TelKitty sure does
@JourneymanGeek egg-actly (egg reference for @TelKitty's chooks)
Egg, what egg?? I suspect all three will turn out to be roosters :p (thanks to my 'superb' baby chook choosing skills)
5:02 AM
@TelKitty they look like hens to me
but the local roosters tend to look fabulous.
5:14 AM
I want them to be hens too, because local council doesn't allow residents to keep roosters in the backyard
@SmokeDetector tpu-
goo.gl link shortener will be discontinued (irrelevant to SE since it has been blocked)
link? this will break many things <3
They are kind enough though, "all existing links will continue to redirect to the intended destination." (read more on Google Blog)
5:32 AM
less fun ;p
@TelKitty oddly enough? We have more chickens wandering around than we should...
There was a pair, that belonged to a small local shrine...
there's at least two roosters
3 hours later…
8:14 AM
Is there a change in closing duplicates?
Is an upvoted answer not mandatory for closing a question as duplicate now?
You can close as a duplicate if it's by the same person
Q: I get 'Oops! Something Bad Happened!' when I search for tags in main stackexchange site

kiilerSteps to reproduce: In stackexchange.com, search for [something] (any random tag). I keep getting 'Oops! Something Bad Happened!. This error has been recorded and notified'

How is this closed as a duplicate?
@NogShine because it is
it is a duplicate but there is no answer to it.
And no, on meta you don't need an answer on the dupe target
8:23 AM
discards question
Are there any stats on how often users hit the You can only undo a comment vote in the first 60 seconds rate limit message? I'm asking because of an MSO complaint which I answered here.
I'm more annoyed by "can't redo after undoing"
yeah, agree on that
@NogShine Moderators are not subject to the upvoted answer requirement either, on all sites
8:38 AM
Moderators basically have lots of powers and are mostly trusted to use them ;)
8:48 AM
looks at one
looks at the other
uhhhhhh huhhhhh
@SonicWizard yes.
I mod flag when I find dupes like that
@SFTP Is animuson the only user to have their mod powers on MSE revoked and then subsequently reinstated?
9:04 AM
@JeremyBanks heh, you have my reopen vote ;p
I mean, I think its a terrible idea but its not a dupe
9:21 AM
2 more votes needed
Threatening with the abuse of power is not an flagable offense, right? Exercised here ;)
You could send an email if they follow through
@rene that's more of an implied threat
Yeah, I think this is totally something we want to bother a CM with ...
Maybe there is direct (manually entered) link to force closing? I mean with the same action like “that’s solve my problem” button. — alexolut 7 mins ago
"Your question is really unclear" - "yeah, I guess... whoops. Keeping it though."
9:58 AM
@YvetteColomb neat 1,5 horse
rubber duck debugging
Me too
Can this one be permanent? I think this prevents a lot of bad questions on SO.
@SonicWizard last edit was mostly bogus
norms change, scopes don't
the age of the question is important to my answer, and taking is correct english
10:12 AM
@JourneymanGeek Programmers changed to Software Engineering; SU stopped allowing recommendation questions; SO stopped allowing homework questions...scopes do change.
Not what I'm talking about here though
SU not allowing recommendation questions was a reinterpretation of the existing rules
besides, I'd assume I know what I'm trying to say
@JourneymanGeek I didn't remove the word "newer"
@Magisch Thanks, I'll need to drag you all into the litterbox when she has her baby.
@JourneymanGeek Just because part of the edit was wrong doesn't mean the whole edit should be reverted. Why not just manually revert the parts you don't like, while keeping the rest?
For instance, you reverted a period at the end of the sentence and a required comma.
@SonicWizard cause more of the edit was wrong than not, and didn't really fix any issues that needed fixing.
10:20 AM
12 secs ago, by Sonic Wizard
For instance, you reverted a period at the end of the sentence and a required comma.
And a word that's not a word.
@JourneymanGeek My mistake. I thought you had carefully considered each and every change, and decided each and every one was bad. Including ending the sentence with a period.
@SonicWizard enough of it was.
@JourneymanGeek Why not keep the good ones?
10:50 AM
@READandSee-It'sNotaDupe Nice new username, Jeremy Banks!
Question. On most sites, in the question lists, the sort order links are “active, featured, hot, week, month” (with “featured” missing if no question is featured right now). But on cstheory.stackexchange.com/questions , the order is different: “newest, frequent, votes, active, unanswered”. Why?
@b_jonas you're looking on the /question page, not the homepage
@HTTPS Oh, so the order between the questions page and the homepage differs? Let me check this.
Ok, that makes sense. I'm stupid.
11:19 AM
meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/57124 This needs to be corrected to just say 2018, it wasn't a 2017 prank IIRC
11:31 AM
@doppelgreener is fixed
11:49 AM
@rene I mistyped 2018 as "2017". This wasn't present in 2017. Thanks to Ben for correcting.
@rene I mistyped who to say "thanks" to.
@rene where?
deja vu
11:52 AM
@HTTPS this one: imgur.com/QK740WT
I've just tried the new assistant on SO. It's a quack!
I've also tried it on Anime.SE. I don't know how to continue debugging after that.
12:33 PM
In data.stackexchange.com , when editing a query, something is wrong with the fancy "Switch sites:" control that's under the "Run Query" button. If I type "meta stack exchange" in it, it gives a confusing list of eight sites. If I type "meta.stackexchange.com" it gives a list of ten sites that doesn't even include Meta SE. Why can't I just type "meta.stackexchange.com" and press enter and have it switch to that site or something?
1 hour later…
1:44 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ where are you?
1:55 PM
@YvetteColomb I haven't seen him much on chat
@b_jonas similar to this bug: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306992/… ? Are you logged in or are you relying on the captcha?
@rene based on my testing, it doesn't matter if you're logged in or not. But yes, that's the case: there are 8 meta sites with "Stack Exchange" appended, e.g. "Software Recommendations Meta Stack Exchange"
Okay. I might as well prepare that hack I propose in my answer as a PR. I don't know if migrating to that library is worth the effort.
and regarding "meta.stackexchange.com" returning 10... now I think it's actually returning all meta sites, but limited to 10 due to the change in domain name from "meta.site.stackexchange.com" to "site.meta.stackexchange.com"
That is probably true. Problem is I'm not 100% sure what is in the sites table in the production db but I'll see if I can repro locally somewhere in next 6 to 8
2:03 PM
The site table... I guess it pulls from SE API? nvm
hahaha, voice recognizing duck :p
@SmokeDetector 9 hours and still standing...
or the real question is, why did Smokey report it just now!?
@rene I'm logged in. And yes, similar to that.
@JourneymanGeek yeh, he pinged me in here and haven't heard from him since.
The "Cultural height" field in "The many memes of" threads seems useless. Memes usually get documented when they are high, and nobody bothers to update the posts later.
2:12 PM
@HTTPS no, it doesn't. JasonC wrote a rant highly intelligent post about all the different site data found in all public locations, sede, dump, api.
@b_jonas it needs fixing of that feature and cleanup in the sites table, both take 6 to 8 something and once done, it needs Nick to review and refactor and deploy.
@HTTPS The site data is right there in the dumps, so it's unlikelyi.
No wait... that can't work. The dumps are public only once every few months, whereas SEDE dumps are updated ever few weeks. It's basically cheating.
2:30 PM
@YvetteColomb At home :-)
3:05 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ ah good to see you :)
@YvetteColomb As @Journey mentioned, I rarely participate in chat here.
2 hours later…
4:46 PM
I find it somehow strange that I'm trusted to close vote questions but not to edit (without review) at SE German Language beta. Can someone point me to a reasoning for that at MSE? I'm about 900rep there ATM.
@πάνταῥεῖ In betas, everyone can close vote
@Discretelizard Any discrete reference for that?
@Discretelizard In private beta, everyone can close vote.
5:01 PM
In public it's 500 to close and 1000 to edit.
I think the idea is that closing / reopening should be widely available at beta stage, because it determines the scope of the site.
My understanding is that the different order is due to the need. On a Beta, particularly early on, many questions will need to be closed, so close vote requirements are low to get more users quickly to the point that they can start having some moderation abilities. — Catija Aug 14 '15 at 22:27
Make the duck go away.
I'm trying to bend this damn spoon by myself.
5:04 PM
@SFTP THX. I thought I have to gain 2000rep to be able to edit single hand.
5:22 PM
I did not manage to remove the duck with uBlock; ended up by adding another rule to "custom SE styles" userscript. GM_addStyle('.quackoverflow {display: none !important;}');
The lack of an immediately available dismiss button is annoying.
Perhaps someone was under impression that they made something original and interesting.
Shout out to year 2012
5:47 PM
Huh, Ublock can hide the duck for me:
stackexchange.com##.c-pointer.js-quack-btn:nth-of-type(1) > g > path:nth-of-type(3)
Although you need to do this for the other domains as well, of course. Not sure how to make global filter rules.
@SantaClaus Accepted at UIUC, UCLA, Cal, and Duke.
@bjb568 Congratulations! I went to UCLA and it's a wonderful school.
6:10 PM
A: Reputation requirements compared

Adam LearSites There are four main types of privilege thresholds (sorted from high to low): Stack Overflow and graduated sites with a design (example) public betas and graduated sites without a design (example) Ask Patents Private Betas and this Harvard University site. Except for Ask Patents, these ...

Looks like SE doesn't give a duck about to localized SO sites.
@b_jonas Great! THX for finding that!
I have some deciding to do between the schools.
They have admit days where you go and see campus and stay overnight and stuff.
So that’ll be fun.
> To your left, Building X, to your right, Building Y. Cool stuff done there. And this is an awesome place where all the cool kids hang out.
@bjb568 Don't take your mum with you. Lessons learned from "Malcolm in the middle"
6:17 PM
Joke’s on her, Berkeley only lets you bring one parent.
@bjb568 Bring none! That's probably better.
Ah, too late, already bought the tickets.
Although they probably anticipated it since parents and students have different programs and schedules.
@bjb568 Oh, boy :-(! Tell us what happened if you've been there :-D
Ugh, you reminded me that our admit days are coming up.
This may involve me standing behind a table with some stuff and telling people that math is fun.
6:29 PM
@SFTP Take Ramanujan as your idol, and all be fine ;-)
^ That was a joke, Ramanujan had a hard time and short living ...
6:44 PM
My impression is that new students are considering math because they or their parents read too many "STEM => $$$" articles, not because they are into number theory or stuff. They don't care about Ramanujan for sure.
@bjb568 Nice! I decided on The Ohio State University (I'm in-state) today. I also got into UMich and GA Tech - which are great schools, but both campuses had their problems and I couldn't justify the cost over OSU which gave me some scholarship money. Plus was waitlisted at UIUC (but declined my spot on the waitlist a while back). I was rejected at CMU and stanford (no surprises here).
@SFTP You should treat them hard with number theory and demand facts!
@bjb568 You can't really go wrong with those options! Good luck in your decision process :)
@SantaClaus Well, their mum could blame them forever ;-) ...
@SantaClaus Nice.
6:57 PM
Can we stop all that silly rubber duck noise at the MSE site please! I hate fun!
And if I do fun (in my sarcastic ways) I'm getting banned by hypocrites for a year on my main site! That just sucks!
The University of The Ohio The State, The is pretty good. Lots of The Football.
Ugh, what's with the duck haters?
I'm not a blazing fan
But I don't get why people are so grumpy and want everyone to know it
7:08 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Because I want them to know. That simple!
So is hating SE's attempt at humor the new cool thing?
I bloody hate Shog's attempt at floating a head
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ fun wasn't appreciated ever
we hate fun
I hate Jon Ericson's grin
I hate @John's owl mask
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Very good point to start with ;-)
7:10 PM
Trust me, what's underneath is worse :P
I hate @SFTP's . . . Well, hmm . . .
@JohnDvorak it's a human mask
I hate @rene's . . . No wait. I love @rene's attitude
I hate @Sha's everything
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Me too. @rene is the grandmaster of no fun, but being funny and entertaining all the way.
7:15 PM
@rene yeah, someone thinks you're funny
Mistakes happen ...
Entertaining, seriously. But funny only if blood splashes and carnivorous flowers are funny
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ No, seriously not :-D ...
@SmokeDetector K
@rene Not again, for sure!
7:22 PM
@JourneymanGeek ? Context?
I only just saw that
Q: Are statistics availble for the effectiveness of Quack Overflow?

edt11xAre there statistics available on the effectiveness of Quack Overflow? For example how often does it successfully bring a user to a question or answer? How many users are trying it more than once? What percentage of users attempt to disable it after trying it for the first time?

@πάνταῥεῖ come on, April, 1st is only one day. You can be bored until Christmas after this is over.
onebox! onebox! onebox! onebox! onebox! onebox! onebox! onebox! onebox! onebox! onebox!
@rene Are these frowned upon here? Did I miss something?
No, but I like to call it out to unsuspecting victims ...
Nah, he's taking his pet peeve which he was nurturing in SOCVR to here
7:28 PM
@rene You're seriously disappointing me!
I take that as a compliment!
@rene That's what I meant by funny ;-)
@rene 2 days, thanks to timezones
In fact I love the rubber duck metaphor. But I hate we can't simply sent close reasons or duplicates to it.
Should I post that as a feature request at MSE?
VTC duck as unclear
7:34 PM
@SFTP quack
@JohnDvorak How's a quack being considered "unclear" at all? Are you abusing your duck? "A quack, says quack!"
@πάνταῥεῖ what a load of quack!
Customer beware. The duck is a quack
@πάνταῥεῖ your threshold is so low
@JohnDvorak no, that's rene
@PrincessLuna Well, living in a bunch of ducks, quack like a duck (ole latin saying)
Or make a userscript to make the ducks go away :>
7:41 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ My threshold is sarcasm, I don't know what makes it really low. My experience tells me otherwise.
Any messages other than mine can't be funny
@PrincessLuna Userscripts weren't invented until centuries later, but whatever. Still the worst april fools joke yet XD
@PrincessLuna We may come to some point of agreement ;-)
@PrincessLuna sure they were
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Did you see anyone coding in JS around whenever most latin sayings are from??? :p
7:44 PM
@PrincessLuna No, it was swords cutting heads off. But that's merely a detail :-P
@PrincessLuna but people tidied up rooms
@πάνταῥεῖ that looks uglier, not tidier
@πάνταῥεῖ swords aren't userscripts though :thinking:
20K fib meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308552/… /cc @Bart @sha @JourneymanGeek @Glorfindel @TravisJ @quack
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ They are in a fowl mood, is all.
@rene The 1st serious point from a long time here!
@SFTP You're probably too young and unexperienced to understand that properly. I'm not fowl at all!
7:50 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ no, but the SE devs are. There's been chickens and ducks so far, who knows what's next
@PrincessLuna soup obviously
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ My thoughts exactly!
@PrincessLuna Turkeys (like mine) of course :-P ...
No pun intended ...
7:52 PM
No pun in ten did either.
@PrincessLuna I'm talking with puns all day long. You're aware I'm an SE addict, are you?
@πάνταῥεῖ You're aware I'm one too, right?
@PrincessLuna See ya 1st time here. I've been probably off too long ...
8:04 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ so you're not really an addict? :>
@PrincessLuna Just not that much for this particular chat. I've been creating some quite successful sock puppets to undergo my ban at Stack Overflow :-) ...
@JohnDvorak We could make that a yearly event, just like the burning man feast.
Naw, burn it instead
@πάνταῥεῖ I had that same association ...
@rene But it could be fun :-/ ...
8:12 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ We can't have that!
@PrincessLuna Well, I'm keeping an unopened can of surströmming in my kitchen cupboard. It's a bit like Schrödinger's fish: We cannot know if it's fun and pleasure, or just stinky rotten fish, unless we're going to open it. ;-)
Aquavit might help to change views
Loads of it ....
I'm sure that can be arranged... :3
@PrincessLuna Probably needs onions, sour cream dip and pickles as well ...
@rene Some people seem to need something bigger:
I made @rene smile, I made @rene smile, I made @rene smile, I made @rene smile, :-D
^ That should be worth a badge or something ;-)
I'd propose the badge!
8:44 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I don't want no decapitated radioactive thumb sticking to me
@πάνταῥεῖ ?
@PrincessLuna Sounds good!
@πάνταῥεῖ pick one
@πάνταῥεῖ I'll get that, you grab the aquavit. Meet at the rendezvous point on Iceland in 30 minutes!
@πάνταῥεῖ Great! You'll get it in 6-8 weeks
@PrincessLuna Just jumping into my jetplane ;-) ...
8:49 PM
Actually, maybe Los Santos is a better place :p
@PrincessLuna I'm not a gamer unfortunately :-/ ...
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Well that was a honest :D, no?
@πάνταῥεῖ You got a jet though, don't you? :p
@PrincessLuna Of course I do babe ;-)
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