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traveling from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon through I15 and staying at nearby town in Utah is so weird - it's like Arizona, Utah, Arizona, Utah, Arizona ... Utah is ahead of Arizona by an hour. Very soon you will be like - what the heck time is it?
5:39 AM
someone's been busy
5:53 AM
is that me or archive.org is down?
now it's up
@JourneymanGeek it tried to catch up on all the spam it missed during the fixing of the chat-reply issue ...
5:58 AM
19 messages moved to Chimney
@i-- its just you your country
try https
https gives the previous issue
can someone gimme the magnet link
websites don't have magnet links
I mean the magnet link of SO doc archive
Have you tried turning your politicians upside down and trying to shake the stupid out of them?
@i-- what doc archive?
6:00 AM
Q: Removing Documentation: Reputation, Archive, and Links

Jon EricsonUpdate: We are reviewing attribution guidance based on your feedback. To be clear, we don’t just want to be following the letter of the license, but also the clear intent of giving credit where it’s due. I hope to have more details soon. Last time I promised we’d release a JSON archive, preser...

there's no magnet link
@i-- is there a torrent of it? the meta post only link to a 7zip file directly, not a torrent file
@Elias no it links to a /details/ page.
@i-- oh okay, but still, they don't provide the magnet link there
@i-- on the other hand, I can throw it on mozilla send
(Please no one else click on this send.firefox.com/download/53c9e18628/#R-w5sbavNJLAkgQgr2mu5A @i-- there you go)
I'm missing something
markdown hates magnet links? ;p
@i-- ^ there you go
6:09 AM
thanks. I am downloading it from the send.ff link
@JourneymanGeek yes. md hates mg links
6:38 AM
@Elias I just threw it in my torrent client and ganked the link from there
6:56 AM
People seem to be doped into not thinking about ephemeral nature of things - take travel for example, I was in the US a few month before the September 11th 2001, didn't go to NY and see the twin towers. A few months later, they are forever gone. And I went to Jiuzhaigou last year, and a year later, some of the most beautiful attractions there disappeared because of earthquake.
I was in Australia all these times, didn't see the The Twelve Apostles until only 8 of them left after rest collapsing ...
you seem to be the constant factor in all these dramatic events ...
yeah right ...
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, May 21 '16 at 6:41, by Telkitty
Like, I am going 2800km away to see a piece of rock tomorrow, but news said that there was an earthquake there this morning ... hopefully it's not a minor foreshock ...
and then there is Harvey & Irma ...
7:02 AM
try to visit NK next time
maybe God is trying to kill me and missed all these times, then again I remembered I was too insignificant ...
or may be you are a messenger of death O_O
Harveykitty... Irmakitty...
(looks scary... kitty hurricane?)
(It'd beat Sharknado)
exchange that with a kitty
7:07 AM
@Telkitty Flying cow
heading there in a few days, should I be worried?
7:23 AM
@Telkitty you should always be worried but don't let that withheld you from doing anything you fancy.
Don't worry, be happy
(wrong context)
7:59 AM
jio phone support USB tethering or wifi tethering? anyone knows?
what is a jio phone?
Firefox OS shambles on?
@JourneymanGeek jio.com
not 'jio' like the Singaporean knows
costs 1500 Rs and 159 per month
8:09 AM
> OS
if you return the phone after 3 years, you will get the 1500 back
Which in turn seems to be a FF fork
@JourneymanGeek may be
it support wifi
but don't know whether it support wifi tethering and usb tethering
well, it depends. Looks like it was supported upstream support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/share-your-internet-connection
hmm ordered 2 pieces on the very first day when it starts accepting orders and it stopped accepting orders on the very next day
they will start delivering by the end of this month
Ambani did a great job
2 hours later…
10:29 AM
@ShaWizDowArd can you re-evaluate your dupe hammer here. It sits in the re-open queue as well as it was edited by the OP.
You could say the suggestion of a grace period kind of makes it a different question
10:47 AM
@rene I had no idea what "disavow" is, had to Google it, and it looked like the same thing as disassociation. anyway, OP deleted it now so it doesn't matter.
@ShaWizDowArd yeah, I assumed a typo at first as well so ...
Probably translation, OP doesn't appear to be native English speaker. :)
11:13 AM
actually, its correct usage
just the sort of big word most native speakers cannot be bothered to use ;p
also, its kinda odd to go "I want to ask questions but have nothing to do with them"
Using a sock is trivial, if its not for evil purposes...
or better yet. Just ask questions you won't be embarassed to be associated with ;p
Novel notion right there
@Oded big ideas like this are why I get paid the... oh wait...
11:40 AM
anyone know an alternate to burnbit?
11:53 AM
it was a good service. It helped me many times
if you give a direct link to a file, it download the file to their server and provide you a torrent
But it is down for more than a year
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Facebook not compatible on Android 4.3 by Saadat Rahim on android.SE
12:52 PM
Still needs flags, 4 hours later: health.stackexchange.com/a/13604
@Pandya That's what we've done. Including me, 2 users and one mod participated. This is the result after 3 weeks... Health has so many issues that it is easier to hit "reset" than fix everything (scope - what do we do if suddenly 60% of old answers are off-topic etc.) — Narusan 20 hours ago
Yeah, serious health issues.
OTOH most recent "nuke this beta and start over" was Arabic Language, and it went nowhere on Area 51 since then. On the third hand, that topic is probably doomed without RTL support anyway.
1:09 PM
@Michelle same as Hebrew, and RTL won't happen, so...
Hebrew Language

Proposed Q&A site for linguists, teachers, students and speakers of the Hebrew Language.

Closed before being launched.

Arabic Language

Proposed Q&A site for linguists, teachers and students of the Arabic Language (موقع موجّه للغويي ومعلمي وتلامذة اللغة العربية)

Currently in definition.

I don't know what iteration of Arabic this is, 3rd or 4th? Area 51 should keep count somewhere
@Michelle 51st iteration
1:30 PM
Just make sure they're not seated next to eachother.
@canon why? There are times and places those two get along just fine. :)
Galil Jewish–Arab School is the first joint Arab-Jewish primary school in Israel, founded in 1998. It is located on land owned by kibbutz Eshbal, in the Misgav district of the Galilee, near the Arab town of Sakhnin. == History == The Galil Jewish-Arab school was established in 1998 by the Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish Arab Education in Israel, which also runs other bilingual schools in Israel. In 2007, the school had a student body of 200 Jewish and Arab students (Jews, Muslims and Christians) in Grades 1-9. The students live in Sakhnin, Sha’ab, and communities of the Misgav Regional Council...
There is ocean of hatred, but with islands of love.
Isn't Community Building a part of Interpersonal Skills? The latter site already has more questions in total, about twice as many users, and 300 times more traffic. Merging CB into IPS wouldn't lose anything on CB part, there isn't much to lose.
It would require great interpersonal skills from the CB community to allow that to happen ...
1:45 PM
@ShaWizDowArd I'd say there's an ocean of indifference, but islands of both love and hate.
Most people on both sides (are there two sides?) just want to be left to live their lives as they wish.
They are well aware of their responsibility. The only reason makes me download movies from that site
@Oded hmm... good point.
So, @Oded do you צם in the day of kippur? :)
I do. For community reasons over religious ones.
@Oded heh, same here.
Though usually I break about one hour before it officially ends :/
Can't stand the headache.
Not as warm here, so more tolerable, I guess?
1:56 PM
I know it's punishment for all my sins, but hey there is a limit how much one can suffer. :D
@ShaWizDowArd it's called death.
@canon lol
Death is a bliss. ;)
@canon assuming there's no afterlife
@Oded yup, not fair!
But downside of being abroad is that the roads are not empty. @Oded
Nothing like walking in the middle of a highway. Great fun. :D
2:00 PM
@JourneymanGeek we can have that argument after we're dead.
@canon make sure to discuss it here in the Tavern, that would be interesting. :D
@ShaWizDowArd have shog make an event.
@canon first you need to know when you'll die.... not that easy.
But brain, where would we get a chat to ouija board API?
@ShaWizDowArd Depends on whether I opt-in. I'm an American, after all...
2:14 PM
Regarding rebooting Health.SE, I wonder how NPR.SE (or Programmer.SE, or SoftEng.SE) did without rebooting it..?
(was it NotProgrammingRelated.SE before? maybe I was wrong)
@Elias its a bit of a chicken and egg thing. You need active users and moderators for a site to be healthy. But if a site's no healthy people who you want to attract lose interest.
@JourneymanGeek It will happen in opposite case too
@i-- that people lose interest cause a site's not healthy?
2:18 PM
people may lose interest because of over-healthy
If there's interesting questions....
eg SO
SO's a bit of an outlier
and I'm sure people arn't losing interest cause SO's too sucessful
its more likely the negative externalities
I don't consider SO healthy enough, with the never ending close vote review...
ah, what's healthy here? ;p
2:23 PM
the SO staffs
they are getting healthy and wealthy
Caring people lose interest because the trash come faster....
Askers lose interest because they don't get their answer...
New answerers lose interest because they don't get the rep they want....
But the site just works.
@Elias hence me asking what healthy is
(and I don't use SO so...)
fair enough :p
As long as there are new quality questions and answers, it's healthy...?
and I can't say I have any idea of the solutions to things like that
@Elias to me that's the fundamental thing
2:28 PM
what happened to the SO mentor thing?
on SU, I also actually feel the fact we have a fairly solid core community helps
ah. Meh? ;p
lol. he can't breath
With a manly stash with that, who needs to breathe?
2:36 PM
it went a little above. he may not that much good on editing
don't worry kid. you will grow one day
@i-- their profiles says potential creativity. The result is as advertised.
I am not the only celebrity living without a smartphone.
@i-- You're a celebrity?
I think so :-)
3:09 PM
@Elias I don't think it was about to die, not in the scales of Health.SE at least.
@yve after a long time
3:25 PM
33 more on MSE to close vote, and 97 more on Anime.SE to become trusted user.
But I'm lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
trusted user by close voting?
20k on graduated site, but 4k on beta site
20k rep. but what CV has to do with this?
CV privilege.
33 more on MSE to CV to become trusted user. how
3:31 PM
I should have been clearer: 33 more rep on MSE to get close vote privilege, and 97 more rep on Anime.SE to become trusted user.
oh. now it's clear
@i-- yes, yes indeed - now who are you? the name change?
I am a stranger
> We can't just "pretend" that it works.
Left under a question with code
@rene who is it? ^^
3:45 PM
it's me
doh @Sagar
ah you're late
@YvetteColomb one day I hope I will be able to leave such awesome comments. But for now it is left to other high-reps
3:53 PM
@rene what are you talking about flower?
@YvetteColomb the post is deleted now so I'm happy to reveal it was part of a comment left by Servy. Who else had you expected ....
@rene ah
it's nice to see you @rene we haven't chatted much of late
I want to tell you - I'm so desperate to post this in socvr
3:59 PM
I made it specially for you and it makes periodical appearances in the room
so can we negotiate - how many times per annum can I post it without overly annoying you @rene?
anything goes here, be happy
I mean in socvr :D
I even survived the giant cat gifs from @Telkitty
in here ?
4:01 PM
she's a beast LOL @Telkitty we miss you!!!
yeah, @Jason moved them because he was on a slow line or so
moved them?
@YvetteColomb I saw quite a few horses and I thought of you and your darlings :p
4:03 PM
@rene cool thanks
there was a mule farm at the Grand Canyon south rim
are you near Yellowstone yet?
@Telkitty awww I think of you when I see chicken - and the owners said we can keep chickens there?
@Telkitty mules are awesome
4:05 PM
@rene still in Utah, going to visit the Bryce Canyon national park, then salt lake city
will be in yellowstone this weekend
I find it an awesome journey, a bit jealous here ....
saw some mormons in the supermarket yesterday, you know they are mormons because the way women dress
I have to go to bed
4:12 PM
tired tired tired
night all
good night :)
'morning everyone else
when I drove on the US roads I finally understood why self driving cars were tested in the desert near west coast - because roads there were straight, flat and there were less cars
also there's nothing to hit but jackrabbits
well, occasionally tarantulas
4:13 PM
@Shog9 oh while I have you here
wondered if that'd keep you up
sounds omnibus omnivorous
@Shog9 you do know me well!!! O>O
Q: Clarify suggested edit rejection reasons by changing "causes harm" to "custom reason"

Yvette ColombHarm is already covered as a rejection reason: We have two rejection reasons already for edits that cause harm: spam or vandalism This edit defaces the post in order to promote a product or service, or is deliberately destructive. no improvement whatsoever This edit does not make th...

c'mon Shog it's a simple fix
4:15 PM
no one liked my ominus jk - was it too oblique?
@YvetteColomb have you done any analysis of the custom reasons used for rejection?
@Shog9 noooooooooooo how do I do that?
there are way more people in countries such as China and Japan, smaller interstate highways roads are more winding in country such as Australia & new zealand with more ups and downs because less people = less taxes = less $$ to build better roads
which means, self driving cars are still far far away from being a everyday automobile ...
@Telkitty huh? you mean our roads are badderer?
4:17 PM
@Telkitty yeees I had this discussion with Undo - who was pro self driving cars - we'd all be dead over here O<O
@YvetteColomb more winding ...
I was so tired and Shog's floating head appears and I wake up - so annoying
(that's all custom rejections in the past 30 days on SO)
@Telkitty ah I see - the $$ to dig and build up to create straight through roads
@Shog9 a deer jumped right in front of my moving car, I narrowly missed it by a meter or two day before yesterday...
4:19 PM
@YvetteColomb and nothing is really simple
@bluefeet an update in the UI?
@YvetteColomb strictly-speaking, it's a simple change - whether it fixes or causes harm is a thornier question
@Shog9 this only supports my assertion that the reason is not clear
@Shog9 most people are too lazy to bother. (she hopes)
@YvetteColomb have you seen our backlog? Nothing is quick or simple
4:21 PM
We originally changed the reason to "causes harm" because folks were rejecting edits for nonsense reasons; the goal was to emphasis that edits should default to "approve" unless they harm the post in some way (or, as a canned reason suggests, does nothing whatsoever)
Consider that the purpose of having multiple reasons is twofold: to educate editors, and to guide reviewers. For "other", the editors don't see the text on the option that's chosen - they only see what's typed. So the name is entirely for the benefit of reviewers.
if we change it to "custom reason", that guidance is lost.
(it's big. you have been warned)
so really you'd prefer users not to really know about it? I mean if it's been a problem in the past and you've needed to obscure the reason
@Shog9 yeh - I don't think it's useful - if it's really only for edits causing harm - we don't need it.
If you're not keen on people using it - because of past abuse of it - then there's no real point in having it - seeing harm is well and truly covered
@YvetteColomb I'd prefer for them to use it when an edit makes the post worse for a reason not listed above
4:30 PM
@Shog9 well I haven't been using it for that :/ ever the rebel
please post this as a comment or write a new answer
Please edit all issues that need to be improved - not just some.
If you're going to edit a post - please fix all the issues not just some.
If you have an issue with the code, leave a comment or post another question
if you think there's a mistake in the code - please leave a comment
write your own answer or leave a comment.
Don't make minor edits and leave other formatting issues i.e. code
Write an answer or a comment about this, rather than editing the code
Your rejections on SO, last 30 days
@Shog9 ah these ok? or not as the feature is intended?
@YvetteColomb what do you think? Do these describe edits that make the site worse in some way?
@Shog9 some do - yes - others I'm explaining why I'm not approving a trivial edit - when they've made no effort to address the remainder of the post. Though there seems to be contention on the site about whether trivial edits should be approved
Troll's network suspension ends tomorrow, wonder if he'll be back.
4:36 PM
@ShaWizDowArd who's troll?
Not you, @Yve :D
@ShaWizDowArd lol
Reject & Edit is prescribed for those, I think.
4:37 PM
What you doing here? @Yve
@YvetteColomb there's a lot of debate over what a trivial edit even is
And how come you didn't say hi in Den???!?!?!???? @Yve
Oops, so easy to turn the meaning around with one-letter change.
@Michelle I do sometimes, other times, I don't have the time to fix all the issues in a post.
Wait, is this Town Hall or something now?
Or just a Shog Hall?
I think "causes harm" still applies: the edit did nothing but waste the valuable time of reviewers.
@Shog9 ok a simple one is removing a tag and leaving grammatical errors
@YvetteColomb unless it's a truly awful tag (misspelled, etc), I might argue that's just a bad edit even if there were no grammatical errors.
(OTOH, if someone's removing a misspelled tag, that's probably worthwhile all by itself)
@Shog9 no nothing like that I'll either approve or reject and edit or approve and edit if I think the person has made a decent effort
4:41 PM
I would reject edit as too minor only when it's actually doesn't add/improve anything at all. e.g. just changing single "i" to "I", or changing "My question is:" to "This is my question:"
@Shog9 there's been a few edits lately removing android-studio - which are valid p but I don't like it when the question itself is left with formatting issues, etc - to me it's a user gaming the system and being lazy - yes it improves the post - removing an unnecessary tag - but it causes harm because some reviewer is left to do the heavy lifting
what's wrong with android-studio?
@ShaWizDowArd I am happy with people capitalising 'i's as long as they don't leave other obvious problems
@Shog9 usually it has nothing to do with the problems. Tagging with eclipse is vital - as it's not supported
4:44 PM
@YvetteColomb ah. So at worst it's superfluous, while garbled formatting actively hurts the chance that the asker will get a decent answer.
I'd say that probably qualifies
I would still recommend hitting "reject and edit" and actually fixing the formatting if you can spare the time
@Shog9 yes - so should I leave a comment if I don't have time to edit it
right. Or rather, you should leave a comment if you have time to leave a comment but editing will take you longer.
the thing is - if you come across a lot of posts that still require editing - it can become time consuming
@Shog9 correct - also wanting to explain why it's not acceptable - it's more about teaching people really - even when I reject and edit, I want to leave a reason
@YvetteColomb Might want to investigate the various assisted editing tools on stackapps (also I think Mortensen has a tool on github somewhere for fixing common errors)
4:47 PM
Q: Stack Exchange Editor Toolkit

AstroCB This userscript is a revival of sorts for the old SE Editor Toolkit, which was abandoned some time ago. It only really provides the autocorrect aspect for the foreseeable future, which I find to be quite useful. It works by injecting a button in the edit window (it works inline for users wi...

@YvetteColomb keep in mind that "reject and edit" is guaranteed to actually result in rejection, and also refers the editor to the edit you made as an example of what to do next time.
@Michelle thank you
@Shog9 oh I use them for grammar and removing superfluous stuff and notepad++ to correct indentations. The problem is those tools are not a catch all and some posts require some time to edit properly
@Shog9 true - I do think that also
@Michelle ta
@YvetteColomb yeah. Editing, like most activities, is a struggle between trying to be thorough and doing the best you can with limited time.
Hence my recommendation to weigh the time it takes to type a rejection vs. the time it takes to edit.
4:49 PM
I'll try that toolkit - there's one attached to the socvrs resources
@Shog9 yep - and it's actually about my time - the more edits I need to fix the less inclined I am to continue fixing them - unless it's quicker than writing a reason
So do you think the reason I'm giving are ok? given the causing harm thingo
@YvetteColomb I only looked at the reasons, not the edits they're paired with. If they're accurate, then they're fine.
Another point - a lot of people say - well you should fix it - reject and edit - like the reviewers are lazy and it makes me laugh - most of the people active like this - are editing from the front page, in other review queues and trying to keep up with meta (impossible)
4:52 PM
@Shog9 yeh - cause they're accurate ;)
hey - thanks for the discussion about it - it helps me to understand and appreciate the answer. If it's going to reopen a pandoras box - there's not point to it
@YvetteColomb keep in mind, this has swung both directions at various times - folks rejecting comprehensive edits due to a missed typo and the like. Which is why we removed "too minor" as a canned reason - it was often misused.
@Shog9 oh no - that's not fair either - let me get a post
(also why we finally added the ability for authors to override - very frustrating when someone puts time into fixing your post, and by the time you find it some jackass has rejected the edit)
4:55 PM
@Shog9 oh yes!! that is a good fix.. It was really frustrating - all that time and effort and it refreshes and the edit is bumped out
@YvetteColomb yeah. That misses a lot of opportunities to make the code more readable, but it's still an improvement over where it started.
@Shog9 see? I figured the editor had good intentions and made an effort - it just needed some tweaking
we really need a better code editor :-/
4:57 PM
it's 2017. There are self driving cars and fidget spinners; an integrated code editor should be something we have.
the editor could have made a better attempt - they had a decent rep and should've known better
@Shog9 we should have a working bee on it
I have no work atm - that's why I'm always here :D
4:58 PM
someone needs to take those reviewers to task
I'm on my way to meta to post
5:35 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: What are some routine home maintenance tips? by Efemex on diy.SE
6:05 PM
I eventually launch a close vote on this question, meta.stackexchange.com/questions/300465/… as the massive downvote I received looks like it doesn't fit to meta and when asked about it here it was considered as offensive. It is fun, by doing so it gathered other closing votes
@XavierCombelle not sure - I'll abstain
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