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> StackExchange's "SmokeDetector" is using Regex filters to look for spam. #OSSummit #Charcoal #OpenSource -- Jim St. Leger at 5:09 PM - 12 Sep 2017
2:20 AM
Q: Facing the curtain (of the ICU)

Narusan-in-comaI realised that Health.SE is not much fun for me anymore. Explaining why this is the case would take too long and feel somewhat like a rant, but this has been covered in multiple Meta threads and chats, if you are interested. Furthermore, I don't give the current site a chance of survival. ...

Drama on a comatose meta.
This reminds me, where is DVK these days?
Still on Ahch-To
3:02 AM
@Michelle that introduction... almost reads like a troll than a user who initiated a discussion on MSE about rebooting beta sites...
2 hours later…
5:26 AM
@YvetteColomb not sure, but they surely deserve a review ban. If that helps achieve this goal, it is good.
@YvetteColomb That's awesome :)
6:07 AM
19 messages moved to Chimney
@ShaWizDowArd no. It is not like that. It is prepaid. If we pay, we can use that for the particular time. That is if you pay Rs. 153 on January, you can use it for 30 days and then if you didn't pay, you won't be able to use it. Then if you pay the same in June or July, you can use it for 30 days.
@i-- oh well, guess you know what you're doing. :D
6:46 AM
@ShaWizDowArd well, I think you're right. not sure :p
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Does LEGO own patent US 8,292,744 B2? by ffff on patents.SE
7:15 AM
Avira doing a great job
@Telkitty I think we had fun - not sure the dream only featured the plane trips, which were really quick LOL
7:58 AM
ah it s*cks again. Can't use any android emulators. The system crashes immediately.
8:43 AM
@JourneymanGeek any way to use one?
tried Bluestack, nox, memu, xamarin Android player and so on.
I donno. I neither use third party AV or android emulators
hmm not an issue with sys config. I think it is an issue with win10
9:03 AM
@ShaWizDowArd no way. I have never owned anything Apple, and I'm not the kind to regularly update my phone.
Still have my Nexus 5 which serves me well.
(I don't even have the hardware to play our own games :D )
9:19 AM
@Bart lol! So how you test what you develop? :D
Oh, company hardware. But I personally have no VR devices. Not for PC, nor Gear VR/Samsung mobile phone.
9:33 AM
I have a question: my spam flag on this post startups.stackexchange.com/questions/12220/… aged away. Twice. Is this reasonably not spam?
it looks like shog played with [status-tags] for some time
many questions are retagged with [status-tags] by shog even questions from 2k12
Is it possible to find user who keeps starring all chat messages ?
It's really annoying you know!
but you can put a bounty on the feature requests here on MSE
9:37 AM
Ok asking that on MSE main site
no please don't ask dupe questions
there already exists some questions.
@DonQuiKong IMHO, the answer doesn't mention any product at all, and it looks like a reasonable answer
put bounty on them
Let me find then
There are plenty. Could you help me out to pick one ?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Mathematical properties of financial prices by Signature Forex on mathoverflow.net
9:39 AM
Also I got just 197 rep 😒
Q: Chat moderation tools are insufficient for combatting star spam

MegoLately in The Nineteenth Byte (I know, it's always us), we've been dealing with an issue where one or more users have decided that spamming stars on every recent message is funny. While moderators and room owners can cancel stars on messages, there is no effective way to deal with a determined st...

@Elias myeah, if not off-topic, I don't think it qualifies as spam. Although the exact same bit of text has been spammed across the internet, I assume by the same person/organisation.
@rene Ok added bounty
@TheLittleNaruto also know that this was once possible but it now considered a secret: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/229913/…
9:41 AM
ah you added bounty already
@rene I see.
@foriin6-8weeks Yes
Let's just hope Mods will have a look on it.
@DonQuiKong their MO seems to be to consistently write such content and post it on various sites all over the web. Of course this isn't a problem if it's their own content. And although I'm sure it's meant to be somewhat self-promotional, as long as they don't link elsewhere, or try to get you to buy into anything they may have to offer, I'd say it isn't spam.
Q: Correct this code,

koldThe timer is working fine if i don't press the submit button. But once i submit the timer merge, 5-2-4-1-3.. something like that. Please help me. i think the error is at function countDown and checkAnswer. The timer is working fine if i don't press the submit button. But once i submit the timer ...

looks like a warning
10:06 AM
The fu**ing exam schedule
Looks fine to me ...
10:30 AM
@Elias but the same user posted the question. hell, it's not even a question, it just exists to give a quorum to the answer
@Bart ^
It's basically "how does my tool help you?" "this is how" in a QA format
10:55 AM
@DonQuiKong where is the "tool" though? It's not promoting anything other than the concept of a vlog? And self-answering is not a problem. That said, if it's bad content for the site, downvote it. If it's off-topic, vote to close.
@rene kids these days. Back in my day we had exams scheduled for 27 hours per day, uphill.
Check ...
Blegh, exams. It's the only recurring dream I have. Where I wake up thinking "I missed an exam. I won't graduate" ... over a fucking decade ago!
It shows that education is bad for your health ...
That's why when I graduated I ... hmm, I became a research assistant with even more stress ... I'm doing something wrong.
ah star spam
11:09 AM
September 13, triple birthday: Android Enthusiasts is 7 years old, Linguistics is 6, and Sitecore is 1 year old. Linguistics question of the year: Why do Japanese people have difficulties in pronouncing English?
The asshole in me wants to change the title to "plonouncing Engrish"
Just do it ...
Now that English pronounciation is acknowledged as complicated, I hope that my and others' efforts at simplifying it will be appreciated more...
@Bart I worked in a school last.
I start by reducing the number of vowels in half.
11:22 AM
It was a small, dodgy privately owned one... and well. I quit.
School is nothing but trouble.
Quit school, do drugs... what then?
do school quit drugs...
rinse and repeat.
12:05 PM
It's University exam schedule for my back papers
It is a pain writing exam after completing course but it is a License for us to do anything in the college including ragging students even after course completetion
In this case, we can do anything we want. We can scold or beat the staffs and teachers too. no one cares
@rene well none of them are current sem papers. I last checked it months or years before
@JourneymanGeek I think you didn't face such a situation in the school you used to work
@JourneymanGeek one session is finished on Den
@foriin6-8weeks no, my students were unruly all the time.
But most of them were scared of me for some reason
in Shadow's Den, 3 hours ago, by for i in 6-8 weeks
user image
@JourneymanGeek huh really?
12:11 PM
@JourneymanGeek you're scary
Maybe the eyes
@ShaWizDowArd definately the beard.
This ^
Just male version. :D
or this
12:15 PM
@foriin6-8weeks not scary
for kids in school, it is scary
Any mods alive here?? :)
@Epodax mods where?
What do you need? @Epo
Mods here, or rather I need one for the SO chat, I need a room unfrozen
oh, I can't help there.
If its chat.se, sure.
12:16 PM
(frozen from inactiviy)
@Epodax so you need SO moderator, that's a totally different thing than MSE mod
Post link to the room any maybe someone will unfreeze it if you have good enough reason.
@ShaWizDowArd I know, but I was pointed here from the SO php room, there used to be a tavern chat on the SO chat but can't find it anywhere.
MSO days?
@ShaWizDowArd you just used the capital version of so(near need) does it make any difference?
if it is due to inactivity, the chances are less. I guess so
@foriin6-8weeks ?
12:18 PM
@foriin6-8weeks technically as an abbrivation, capital letters are more correct
@foriin6-8weeks yup. Just start a new room...
need moar pings
@JourneymanGeek no, he means this room:

 The SO Tavern (Free Snacks)

Room 5 was frozen for inactivity even though it was once an ac...
the last message posted 15 months ago
yup. died away
12:20 PM
I don't think it will be unfrozen
@foriin6-8weeks of course not, nobody asked the Tavern to be unfrozen.
Not that room I want unfrozen regardless :)
@Epodax still didn't say what room he want unfrozen.
IMO better ask it all in one single message, not in series of 100 messages
"Hello, can any SO mod please unfreeze [chat room link here]"?
Short, simple.
in that room, I think @feeds is the only person talks
@ShaWizDowArd I got ahold of a mod in the SO chat, but my thought was to find a mod and ask / inquire in a 1-1 room in order to avoid flooding this room with 100 messages :)
12:22 PM
@ShaWizDowArd don't forgot to ping Shog
@foriin6-8weeks now now...
@foriin6-8weeks I never ping @Shog unless I really have to. Really really, with a concrete question. His time is valuable!
Oh, hey Shog!
not to you. In the request format
"Hello, can any SO mod please unfreeze [chat room link here] /Cc Shog"?
anyone have the link of Transformers last knight full hd
thanks but I don't like watching movies for money grrr
12:26 PM
@foriin6-8weeks did we have the talk ? I coulda sworn we had the talk...
@foriin6-8weeks thief!
If you're going to freeload, at least know how to do it properly
I can't find it in hqmoviespoint
need to check piratebay
+1 on that, use torrents.
12:28 PM
tpb is blocked by govt. so first I have to visit some proxy site then in that, visit tpb to search
I do not download movies. I download linux livecds.
And apparently SE data dumps
tpb is blocked in Europe. proxy didn't works
@foriin6-8weeks Plenty of proxies, it's easy to google.
works fine in US
I am using proxysite.com
@Epodax many of them are paid. I don't want to pay for browsing some stuff
@foriin6-8weeks Uh, want me to link you the one I regularly use?
12:30 PM
which one?
@ShaWizDowArd nopes. they provide us and we use it
@Epodax is it SFW?
@JourneymanGeek hmm that one is about magnet links
@ShaWizDowArd It's a torrent site, so I should guess so.
naw, about piracy and how its not really something for chat.
I didn't care that much about piracy
I mean I expose my identity even to porn sites
I didn't found any problem with that
12:33 PM
@foriin6-8weeks nopes. They get illegal copies of movies and upload them to servers. And make money from advertisements, so it's not different from actual thieves who sell what they stole in market. Those who download are not thieves themselves, but they do help the thieves and cause great harm to the whole system.
Not that we need to pity the movie makers, they still make billions, but still...
@ShaWizDowArd FMPOV they work hard to get the copy of the movie and make money from ads. They didn't even charge from us. They make money by other means just for food(poor people) so downloading such things are part of charity
I got the torrent of the amazon version of transformers but it is 10.37gb in size
@foriin6-8weeks still, it feels wrong.
just download from reputable users and you'll be fine, movie files vary greatly in size and quality.
I sometimes download movies, but it's rare. :)
@foriin6-8weeks 10gb makes sense for full length movie in HD format
@ShaWizDowArd I watch movies from theatre sometimes. but it's rare :)
@ShaWizDowArd I need 720p
not full hd 1080p
12:40 PM
@foriin6-8weeks hehe, well, I usually just wait until we have the movie in our VOD
(takes 2-3 years)
can't open magnet link from proxy page
Actually after one more year it reach the ordinary channels, which is free
@ShaWizDowArd sounds massive. Consdiering a DVD is about... 9gb at most?
12:42 PM
@ShaWizDowArd redirect to homepage and it is not working
10gb for a movie is large considering you can get most around 1g-4gb in size, but it's not unrealistically large.
so yeah 9 GB is indeed bit odd
I forget about their own proxy list but restored memory and now ready to go
@foriin6-8weeks hmm... well it's part of what our TV cable company offers
12:44 PM
Hundreds of movies, some for free and some for $5 or so
@foriin6-8weeks I just use pirateproxy.cam/
thepiratebay-proxylist.org is official project and it lists all their domains and locate your current location and indicate the most fastest one for you
@foriin6-8weeks official?
maintained by thepiratebay.se
official means by the same people behind the tpb
12:56 PM
@foriin6-8weeks weren't they arrested? ;)
most of them
but the site is still there.
It is some kind of work. TPB's servers are shut down, the people got arrested and still the site is up and running
in the clouds. no one knows from where it serves
I get why they shut it down / arrest them but like most things, if one guy gets taken down another one just takes over.
What's the dealio?
I dunno. Context?
1:07 PM
I was just saying hey.. like, "yo, what's the word?". I suppose it doesn't work too well if I can't emphasize the "dealio"..
So, context? your life
That is a lot of context
found yet another scraper without attribution, now I linger asking myself if it is worth the time to report it
Time goes, time for sleeping.
@Derpy just report so your conscious is clean
Are you saying that his/her conscious is currently dirty?
1:14 PM
Yes, I am. But they are too sleepy to notice the insult
@rene could do, but the Fluttershy in me is still peeved that my (multiple) reports of offensive language got no reply at all (trad: even if you disagree, at least tell me why) so still I wonder.
@ShaWizDowArd Post 1: Already recently reported
@Derpy Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't realize I used offensive language, if I do just tell me and I'll try to keep that in mind.
1:31 PM
@ShaWizDowArd Lol, nice.. can't say I've ever heard of The Raggs Band.
They seem pretty rad, hah.
@Charles now you did :D
1:50 PM
So, it would seem that the feature of allowing members to PM other members will never happen..
I wonder if there could be some kind of intermediate.. like, being able to post a message on a members profile? and allowing the profile owner to respond, but no cross commenting can occur?
I hope not
i.e., member A comments on member B's profile, member B responds, but member C can not join in.
@rene Just out of curiosity, why do you say that?
many people set their email id in their profile. just communicate via that.
1:53 PM
And that the ability to do so would require a high level of rep.. or possibly, it would cost rep to make a post
I did so with Jon skeet 2 or 3 times
4pm and I'm almost falling asleep. Yay productivity
@Charles it will introduce unwanted noise in my inbox
@Bart have a coffee?
@rene I've had many already. No effect whatsoever anymore
1:56 PM
@rene nor I did realize I said it was you. Wait. I didn't. :P
@Bart Yep.. I drink coffee like water these days..
It's quite unfortunate..
@Charles you mean this?
Q: User profile comments

acidzombie24 Related Posts: Private Message Feature Any way to send a personal message to another user? I was thinking about this post. and I thought being able to leave a comment on a user profile would be a nice solution. Once in a while I have a question for a specific person. Once I n...

@foriin6-8weeks I did it with someone who was in the classic ASP team of Microsoft, he replied just fine and was nice.
@Bart not even urge to pee? It's liquid, after all. :D
2:08 PM
@Charles why?
One of the "nice" things about SE is the main site is low noise.
@foriin6-8weeks خ/
@ShaWizDowArd Yes, quite similar to that.
just take that to mean o/
@ShaWizDowArd I just let it go. I have an absorbent chair, and it's nice and warm at the same time.
@JourneymanGeek No strong reason why, just that there have been a few instances in where I'd like to contact a member, usually to tell/comment on something minor, like sth they put on their profile, etc.
2:12 PM
I do like the current structure of this Q&A site, and is why I stumbled into this chat today -- because one of the responses said that people sometimes hang out in the chats.
@Charles When you suggest allowing people to do something, you should first picture the most annoying, and the most abusive use newer users can make
So I can imagine people annoying higher rep users to do their homework for them
I had my email address on my profile a while..
@JourneymanGeek I guess it's a good exercise for your nervous system
@JourneymanGeek I guess you removed it after suspending some users after as a mod on su
2:15 PM
hi dear can u pls writ function me kthx
best regards, Aladdin
I removed it after someone from uganda wanted free forensics advice...
@JourneymanGeek Uganda. It's always Uganda
@M.A.R. Yeah, I did think of that. I think to combat it though, perhaps it could cost rep to send a message. Or, that sending a message would require a higher rep level, like 2000+.
@Bart that's awesome! Where you bought such chair?
@JourneymanGeek did he murder someone?
2:16 PM
Just food for thought. But yeah, I suppose the feature isn't exactly germane to the nature of this site.
@Charles Costing rep doesn't make sense, because they'd have 1 rep mostly, but a higher bar, hmm . . .
I think 1000k would be good
Lol, you mean 1 million?
@Charles when you have high rep, you realise such things are not necessary
Does anyone have 1 million rep? I think the highest I've seen is 700k, by someone in Math.SE
@M.A.R. then Jon Skeet will be able to use that privilege soon
2:17 PM
@M.A.R. 100K would be good enough. If you're willing to give up the mug.
@Charles nopes. but Jon is very close
@ShaWizDowArd I-pee-a
Joking aside, I think if we raise the bar too high, this feature would lose its value in comparison to chat
Too few people would be able to use it
And if more than too few people could use it, the potential for abuse becomes much higher
I think that's the joke...
@Charles PMs are not a thing that's happening
2:19 PM
Especially considering that 60k users apparently can't tell what a badge is
@M.A.R. 0_0
@M.A.R. 0_0
@M.A.R. batch?
@rene bath?
@ShaWizDowArd bach?
2:22 PM
@rene Barf?
@M.A.R. you rang?
@Bart he tang
Ah ... barf ... never mind
completed Transformers
2:26 PM
@JourneymanGeek eh?
That's 2 hours of your life you ain't getting back
@JourneymanGeek huh I don't have to do anything. I put into a side of my screen and doing my coding and chatting. once completed, it'll tell me so that I can remove torrent there by stop seeding and escape from police case and such issues
utorrent do it's job and I do my job
@foriin6-8weeks then you go leave a trail on the internet for them to follow ;)
.... people still use utorrent?
@JourneymanGeek why?
2:34 PM
(you get a pass if its an old version. Bitorrent kinda messed it up :( )
@JourneymanGeek they will file a case against you only if you uploaded it. seeding will bring you issues. so remove it immediately after downloading. don't wait for seed to start
@JourneymanGeek no issues with utorrent.
... that's terrible etiquette... also, you're seeding the moment you have anything.
@JourneymanGeek the up speed is very very slow and the down speed is very high
@foriin6-8weeks Same goes for vuze, formerly known as azereus.
(Currently my Bitorrent torrent of choice is qbitorrent)
2:37 PM
the downspeed is near 8Mb and up speed is .9 or 1.5 kb
I've been torrenting for 10 years now, and have never had issues, simply from where I remove the torrent immediately after it's finished downloading. Granted, my seed ratio is like, .00000001 (very bad), but I've yet to get "in trouble", and doubt I ever will.
I set my max upload connections to 1, and limit the speed to 15 KBps.
I've never had any issues. Though, seeding the documentation dump's being a pain. Looks like no one's downloading ;)
@JourneymanGeek are you seeding it?
oh it's 31Mb
@foriin6-8weeks well, actually, for the near future...
its only 31 mb ;p
2:39 PM
but I wonder who'r'll the people seed GTA V. It's more than 60Gb
I also actually seed any linux livecds I gank
I won't seed anything
just download and then remove the torrent
Never grasped the idea of seeding. (in the context of torrents)
@ShaWizDowArd torrents rely on people who have the fiie sharing it...
@ShaWizDowArd "Never grasped the idea of seeding." -- what do you mean?
2:47 PM
@Charles I keep seeing this term used, but don't understand what it means.
people who share that thing
leechers means people who stealing it
(I posted that answer high as a kite. Was amusing when I went "I posted WHAT? IT GOT WHAT UPVOTES?"
@ShaWizDowArd - a seeder is someone who already downloaded the whole torrent as is keeping it running in order for others to get it.
Or do you mean - why would anyone do that?
Cause its polite? ;p
2:51 PM
It is the social thing to do, sure. Dunno if polite is how I would phrase that.
@JourneymanGeek so that's seeding?
f* ck f * ck removed some pieces of code to found the unnecessary codes (because there are many) and saved. editor crashed and can't undo the sh*t
@ShaWizDowArd more or less giving copies of data you have to people who don't have em...
@Oded oh, so as long as it's not fully loaded, one isn't a seeder?
@foriin6-8weeks "and that, children, is why we always use source control"
2:52 PM
@ShaWizDowArd not necessarily
I didn't used git for this work
@foriin6-8weeks backup. backup. backup.
you can seed a "chunk" of a file you downloaded, without the whole file.
@ShaWizDowArd from what?
@ShaWizDowArd well... technically you start sharing as soon as you have the first piece, but a seeder is someone who has the whole (possibly just parts of a) thing and is just there to share it.
2:53 PM
Well, when I do use torrent client I do leave it open for several hours to several days even after I finished "using" it. So am I nice? @Journeyman @Oded ;)
In many torrent clients, a peer becomes a seeder once they hit 100% of the download.
@ShaWizDowArd makes you a good torrent citizen
@ShaWizDowArd that's bad practise. once the file downloaded, remove the torrent entry and exit the tor client. closing will make it run background. exit is good
@foriin6-8weeks if everyone did that then who'd you download the file from? ;)
@JourneymanGeek there are people like @Sha who seeds. so hope not everyone will do so
2:56 PM
But that's where it comes back to etiquette ;)
A seeder = someone who has the entire file, and is publishing it for others to download some, or all, of the data associated with that torrent. a leech= someone who is receiving data that is associated with a torrent. That being said, you do not have to be a seeder in order for people to get data from you, since you can send data that belongs to a torrent while you are also receiving data of the same torrent.
It's like a puzzle, and instead of getting all pieces from a single person, you get a few from bob, a few from sally, etc. And, what's more, is that while you are obtaining all the pieces (from various sources), you can also allow other people who don't have the same pieces as you, to copy the pieces you do have so far.
@foriin6-8weeks before making breaking changes, backup, even just to temporary file
@foriin6-8weeks why?
Why not let others download from me?
@ShaWizDowArd cause he's paranoid about getting caught, but wants to download anyway ;)
@ShaWizDowArd I'm trying to find unnecessary pieces of codes and this is the first time VS code crashes
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