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12:09 AM
WWDC was pretty great.
No new elections announced today... so, the ongoing elections are at GD (ending tomorrow) and at Photo (began today). The site elections.stackexchange.com is still down
Can somebody ping me
@JasonC maybe
Why don't you get a job sock?
iMac Pro looks really good, iOS really improved for iPad.
12:22 AM
Apple fan detected
12:36 AM
can somebody ping me again
@JasonC no, not anymore
1:17 AM
Clicking through the list of users with 1000+ downvotes makes sense... but I really should have also restricted the list to whose with Marshal badge. :-/
Yeah, that narrows it down to 697 rows.
1:43 AM
why Spanish over French?
couldn't be because someone's second language in school was spanish, thus the decision, is it?
2:09 AM
Check this bad boy out:
Still work in progress, working on the sidebar styling.
Multi-distraction tool
Damn straight.
I'm pretty sure there are exactly 17 users with 10K helpful flags on SO. Went over everyone who cast 1000+ downvotes. There were no 10K flaggers with fewer than 3500 downvotes (bluefeet has 3544, the lowest in this group).
124581	Andy
56528	Pang
55987	Community
44415	Jamal
37174	Tunaki
32422	Gerry
22522	Bo Persson
22116	bluefeet
19159	Mitch Wheat
18265	Samuel Liew
15183	Bhargav Rao
13278	Ed Cottrell
12860	kleopatra
12706	bummi
10270	Infinite Recursion
10139	Qantas 94 Heavy
Undo is pretty close with 9841
2:47 AM
A: How to study efficiently few days before the exams [considering that one hasn't throughly studied any subject by now]?


At least 12 glasses per day, and then a lot 5 minutes before the exam... that might have side effects.
plant notes in a secret place in the bathroom
3:12 AM
Jason's 'topbar' link just blinked yellow-green!
apparently a new changelog
1 hour later…
4:33 AM
@Elephant Oh neat the auto updates actually work
> We analyze the introduction of 22 different badge-launch events and the resulting changes in user behavior. Consistent with earlier studies, we report that most badge introductions have the desired effect
> The badge effect was positive in 18 of the 22, zero in one and negative in three events. [...] Custodian and Steward, yield a large effect. Two out of the three voting related badges (i.e., Electorate, Suffrage) had a minor and even a negative badge effect.
6:47 AM
@JasonC if it could that would be very disturbing but I wouldn't be surprised if git offers that. I don't know how though and never used it.
@rene I found a saner way. Dev branch -> release candidate branch -> do final tweaks like version #'s and stuff there -> then merge into release.
That way no traces of release stuff on dev and vice versa. Was easy enough to manage, I guess.
That is more sane, yes
7:02 AM
can somebody ping me
@JasonC sure
7:42 AM
@Gerry ^^^ Getting closer to perfect
I'm having way too much fun for how pointless this is
Okay, so back in the day I didn't care much about BBCode, but then I started spending a lot of time on a BBCode-based site, and yesterday they MOVED my CHEESE and I am LOSING MY MIND.
8:21 AM
Use your mouse to find the cheese, they are good at it ...
8:54 AM
@Nick I know chat isn't on the top of any list, but any ETA when it will fully support HTTPS?
Nothing crucial, but since all the links to chat are HTTPS, it's causing all kinds of weird problems to various people.
Wait, there are many lists? Well, there is your problem ...
9:22 AM
@JasonC heh. I have totally done this on days with too much free time and active chat
is it moral to put your cold hand on your warm pet?
and how do I know that I am not mocked ... looks like mocking but I am surely not that important ...
@JasonC @Shog9 so... this is the baking school... fully moved in imgur.com/a/m08Nu
They have ovens and cake mixers on the other sidr
10:15 AM
@ShadowWizard Fully? No idea. HTTPS redirects will be enabled early next week when I'm around to watch them. The SRE team is at a meetup in NYC this week and large unavailable, so not wise to make that change when I can't have eyes on.
Chat will be HTTPS and mixed content for a while in some rooms until we have time to work through it.
That will enable me to secure all cookies we issue and move onto the next set of things.
11:12 AM
iOS 11 is crashing my phone :(
Use Andorid
still on 10
my motto is: don't update unless have to
because updates tend to break things, so leave a update until most people have already done so - if something is broken, you can easily find out the solution on the internet, there is no prize for the first one to identify a bug
I'm restoring 10.3.3.
11:18 AM
unless you report it on stackoverflow of course, then you might get a lot of e-points for being the first one asking the question
11:54 AM
If I'm pro at crastinating, why I'm not paid for doing nothing? :(
I am not getting paid for 1337 trolling, at least my endeavour requires effort
although saying there is no reward for 1337 trolling is not true either - sometimes you 1337 troll once & you get 10x replies
and sometimes you get mocked out of blue ... but you can't be sure ... maybe it's just your imagination, like this:
12:17 PM
nah, just your imagination :)
@Elephant they're just putting it off
1:00 PM
@Telkitty those are mock-assins for sure
1:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek I'll fight you ^
Also evidence suggests mse rep growth is linked with workplace dissatisfaction.
@JourneymanGeek Also, whoa
@JasonC almost true, but I was jobless for much of that ;p
Lack of workplace satisfaction then
Now I have a job I don't particularly like.
But that gives me a LOT less time to answer things too
I'm actually kinda diggin the pointless multiple chat room thing, lol
Now I can rant about Documentation AND play wag without missing a beat.
Also, unrelatedly, I'm trying to take back the quarterly top user from Shog right now ;p
1:53 PM
Lol good luck
Well I was ahead a good chunk of last month
and I'm only like 50 behind at this point
I spent all this time molesting the chat room styles but I probably could've just used the mobile chat
Lol whatever
shrug Targets are fun
and its a odder/moving one than 15/20/25/100k ;p
1:57 PM
I can still move messages and stuff at least on my version. Plus the people in the room are always visible.
I'll race you to 25k
But I don't know what the prize is.
Depression, probably.
There's probably no prize ;p
Winner gets a bottle of zoloft.
It's one of those cold and humid days, which I kinda think is worse than hot and humid.
It's just constant... moist.
walked about 20k steps at work ._.
Well, usually its 14k which still confuses me
cause I was walking 10K at the casino, and I am pretty sure the distances were longer
2:07 PM
@Gerry No I know that
But that's a consolation prize. Everybody gets that at the finish line.
Not if you start over with a new account.
Then there's no finish.
SpamRam works by IP iirc. But what if SE kept track of URLs (specifically hostnames) in existing posts? For each, count the number of posts deleted as spam, versus all posts containing that URL.
2:18 PM
Would not need fancy ML to find out that every post with israelbigmarket.com or supplement4help.com is spam.
And block those with some vague message, or no message at all.
israelbigmarket: 953 spam posts, for example
@Gerry which is what smoke detector does
But it does so by people going around flagging stuff, some of that automatically.
And still relies on someone blacklisting things manually.
2:24 PM
Yup, but in theory, SE would simply have to throw those regexes into a tool that does the same things periodically
and you do need to get the URLs from somewhere
SE servers are a bit more powerful than whatever hosts Smokey. They could have a table Hostnames with every single hostname that ever appeared in an SE post, including deleted ones.
They have access to all deleted posts since the beginning of time, unlike us.
In theory practice you could run smokey on a rpi
I believe it is on a Pi right now
I think most of the smokeys run on rpis
2:27 PM
oh, nope, it's on an EC2 instance. The pi is the backup
Also, the 'cost' of a false positive on smokey (as rare as they are) is less than someone getting blocked by SE directly cause he really needs help with discountfakepradas.com
Actually, the Metasmoke host is more relevant than Smokey, because that's where the database is
I think the chat top bar is officially complete. Now for the next procrastination mission.
It feels good to finish a project, even if it's not what I'm supposed to be working on, lol.
@JourneymanGeek The folks who need help developing discountfakepradas.com are very welcome to bugger off.
2:30 PM
@Gerry what if its a site dedicated to helping people avoid discountfakepradas?
I'm not talking about pattern-matching URLs. If there were already 10+ posts with discountfakepradas.com, all of them spam, what kind of on-topic question would need to link to that site?
"Is that site a scam or for real?" Thanks, no. Not on topic anywhere, and most likely spam in disguise.
3:28 PM
> Your comments are very good and polite. Please also read about the treatment of venereal diseases metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/71303
Interesting delivery there, I'll see if there's an occasion to reuse it.
3:43 PM
I remember there were some posts with fidget spinners recently... here is one more.
> I present to you: fidget spinner implemented in Python vs. fidget spinner implemented in C. twitter.com/zurgbob/status/871632561365065728 … -- Roman V Shaposhnik at 4:29 PM - 5 Jun 2017
4:00 PM
6 messages moved to Chimney
@all - Hi, what is the SE policy/criteria for user deletion? Any link I can refer to? Thanks!
@sv. did you mean when the user request their account to be deleted, or if there's policy regarding account getting deleted by external user (e.g. mod/devs)?
@Elephant I saw one of the users on one of the SE sites I participate getting deleted, I don't know if it was automatic deletion or mods took action. I was just curious when does a user or account get deleted by the system or the mods?
@sv. generally mods won't delete an account except.. in exceptional cases (e.g. spammer/abuse/voting ring/illegal sock puppet). Otherwise, it's self-deleted
Ah, I keep forgetting sock puppetry as a cause for deletion.
4:12 PM
@Gerry Yes, I can see that happening. Are mods allowed to reveal why a particular user got deleted?
I think they may be able to say "the account was removed at user's request".
But keep in mind, moderators are not necessarily involved in user deletion.
When a user asks for their account to be deleted, this request goes to Stack Exchange employees, not to site moderators.
@Gerry 'sock puppetry' - meaning? fake identities? how can anyone tell if a user is using fake identities?
Means creating two or more accounts and using one to upvote the posts by the other.
4:16 PM
Generally: if a user had enough activity for you to care about them being deleted, you can safely assume they asked to be deleted.
Q: Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms

Adam DavisWhat are the common phrases, words, abbreviations that are used on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Meta Stack Overflow, and the other Stack Exchange sites? This is meant to be a very quick overview, not an in-depth tutorial. When considering whether a term ought to be included, please ...

@Gerry Oh got it, in that case what's the harm in a mod revealing to other users why the account was deleted?
For all your SE lingo needs.
Because Stack Exchange does not engage in public shaming
@sv. Unnecessary drama, privacy, etc.
Mods are allowed to reveal whatever they want but generally don't because there's almost always no reason to.
4:18 PM
@JasonC Thanks for the link. Yes, that makes sense. But I also see a positive that other users are more careful? When you see a user getting deleted randomly after asking a perfectly reasonable question, there are more doubts raised?
Whatever they want as far as reasons go. No idea what the policy is re: personal info.
I don't know what a +ve is. Yes, I checked the glossary, lol.
I only know +ve as "positive voltage"?
positive vegan encouragement
@JasonC positive outcome :)
Lol. I like it.
@sv. The trick is: Don't let it raise doubts.
Because a) it's generally for a good reason and b) it's none of our business.
4:21 PM
@sv. Maybe you can give a link to the question that piqued your curiousity...
Maybe the user requested their account to be deleted. Maybe they did something bad. Who knows. But it is what it is and it's not worth dwelling on.
@JasonC c) abuse of power :P
Or maybe the question was migrated and there was no account deletion at all.
@sv. In theory perhaps, in practice, generally no. Most of the mods are community elected for one, we already know people like them. Also a user does have recourse. A sane appeal in the "contact us" form, or an observation of the problem by other mods, can definitely lead to consequences for said mod. So that's not really an issue.
4:25 PM
@JasonC I'm talking about a beta site, hopefully it will graduate soon.
If someone has a complaint about their account being deleted, it's up to them to file that complaint with SE. The "contact us" form is there, at the bottom of every page.
Now that's a tough case without knowing the background of that site, though I believe Hinduism usually doesn't have abusive user in recent times.
@sv. Still, same deal. Even though they weren't elected, if a mod becomes problematic, the system will sort itself out over time. Either the mod will improve, or there will be consequences. It's really nothing to worry about.
@JasonC Any link I can refer to where possible causes for account deletion are addressed?
@Elephant Looks like user deletion triggered the deletion of that post (which was negatively scored).
4:27 PM
To me it looks like: the question was not well received (got -2 score), the user decided they don't want to participate on the site, and deleted their account.
@sv. Hm I dunno, probably somewhere, can't think of one off the top of my head. There are instructions on how to delete your own account, if you're curious, although only somewhat related.
Usually, that's the case, and after getting "attacked" by the only comment
Users with fewer than 2 posts (and no votes cast) can instantly delete their account by clicking a button in user profile preferences.
@Gerry Well I was just curious what happened with the user, now some users found the question to be offensive hence the downvotes, but does it warrant account deletion? Maybe 'sock puppetry' was involved, not sure.
No it doesn't. Which is why I suppose it was self-deletion.
4:29 PM
In this case, rage quit
Sometimes a suspended user creates another account to evade suspension and, say, continue to troll the site.
@Gerry Do mods know if it was self-deletion or the system did it?
Yeah they know
Holy crap, you need a distraction, lol
Here, watch this entire playlist, start to finish.
open "multichat"
@JasonC I asked a mod there and they said they may not be at liberty to reveal :P
4:31 PM
In which case I'd leave it at that. It's not your account, so it's not yours to know why it was deleted.
@Elephant Wait. Why did you say that?
That's a script I'm working on now.
14 hours ago, by Gerry
Multi-distraction tool
@Gerry Agree. But still I would like a link that explains user deletion (automatic or mod initiated) if anyone one knows. Thanks. Just trying to understand SE policy better.
Oh haha now it all makes sense
@all Thanks for your time. Bye.
4:37 PM
@sv. a parting gift, though it may not answer your request about link, but this meta post tells the difference between "account deletion" and "account destroyed"
though, I think it doesn't help the case when the only post has negative score and consequently deleted, regardless of account deletion/destroyed...
So... should someone post a Q/A "I see a user's account was deleted. Why could this happen?"
Possible reasons: user request; evading post ban or suspension; abusing multiple accounts; the account posted only spam or offensive content; there was no deletion, you are looking at a migrated post.
Did I forget anything?
Not sure, but probably the precursor of "Can I ask the reason when I see an account getting deleted?" on MSE, because I couldn't find it.
4:47 PM
Help Center says: "either by request or due to violating the network's terms of service"
The latter is not so helpful, because ToS say an account may be removed for any reason or for no reason at all.
Okay then, that answers both our questions, somehow
Another reason is "unused account" but those are unlikely to be noticed, since the user would not have any visible posts.
5:31 PM
@JasonC can you prevent the chat page to scroll-up when the topbar's dialog is already scrolled to the top, and you scroll-up?
I know this is the default behavior on every sites with current topbar, but since it's not sticky, it's a less of an issue
@Elephant I don't think I understand what you mean.
oops, popup, not dialog
basically, when scrolling inside the pop-up, limit the scroll only to the popup, not to the chat page when overscrolling
hmm, how can I explain it easily... >_<
In the StackExchange dropdown?
With a scroll wheel?
5:37 PM
Sure I'll see what I can do. Can't repro on laptop but later when I have a real mouse I'll take a look. I'm not entirely sure how to do that but I'm sure SO has an answer.
@Gerry requested merges, trolling, underage, I clicked the button in the wrong tab, they clicked the button without realizing it, user is Gerry, auto-merges, migration (not actually deleted - never existed), Tim forgot his keys
5:40 PM
> user is Gerry
Okay, so add merges and underage users to the list of reasons.
@JasonC I was confused whether to write an answer as feedback on StackApps, write an issue on GitHub, or just ping you here, lol
Ping me here, lol
It's the least pain in the ass of all the options
5:56 PM
Is it possible to edit a snippet in the editor when posting a question after you've already closed the snippet editor (and inserted the snippet)?
Ugh. This answer is quite wrong/misleading and was so since 2010.
Omits a very important condition; the user must have no non-deleted posts.
Fixed now.
hmm... I should probably check those criteria
@JasonC there should be "edit the above snippet" link on the question preview?
6:06 PM
........... OHHHHHHH sweet, thanks.
I recall that on SO the process is throttled so much it practically doesn't work.
Apr 8 '15 at 5:05, by Shog9
@AlexisKing trivia: there are over a million users on Stack Overflow alone that qualify for deletion but haven't been deleted due to the throttle. And there are under 4 million registered users on Stack Overflow.
and it's completely disabled now
for ~1 month
Well, it's nice to have more dead accounts helping each other.
@Shog9 your face is completely disabled
6:15 PM
Completely disabled on SO, or network-wide? Should the inactivity post be deleted then?
Shog's face? Network-wide.
Oh I see
> As of May 3, 2017, culling of inactive users is no longer performed; whatever utility this may have once had, we'd likely lost it years before due to the rate-limiting. meta.stackexchange.com/a/48263
(FWIW, there were several additional restrictions in place on the script at the time it was disabled: for example, employee accounts couldn't be culled.)
@rene meta.stackexchange.com/questions/293081/… if you want an easy 50+10 points feel free to throw the patch in an answer. Otherwise it's just gonna go to waste.
6:31 PM
> the unloved must necessarily request deletion on their own meta.stackexchange.com/a/146452
@JasonC I was just about to ask how you would feel about that ...
Fsv "amazeballs".
Q: Why do users get removed? Am I next?

lebelinozI occasionally lose some points because a user gets removed from Stack Overflow (and other sites). How does this happen? Should I be worried about being booted from Stack Exchange because I don't always know the rules?

I began writing something of the kind, but this post mostly covers it.
6:46 PM
@JasonC done
imgur being bork again, cannot upload...
Is stackoverflow.academy available?
Yes, for $9.99 godaddy.com/domains/…
Ugggh. They offer stackkoverflow.com as a premium domain for 2,249.00
While stackoverflow.technology is one of the cheapest at 1.99
6:59 PM
Another premium domain is stackexchangesites.com, for which they ask 1,995.00
But stackexchange.network is only 4.99
Ah, by now people should know that a weird TLD is likely a phishing site...
7:35 PM
whoever registered that is hillarious
thank goodness I got "disable HTML5 autoplay" extension
@rene - Did you ever write a FR related to edits placing a question back in the reopen queue?
@TravisJ No, I did not. Isn't that already happening?
I'm much better at (ab)using the site then dream-up (new) features for it
Yes, but you had mentioned that it only happens when the first edit is made.
I think that is problematic.
@TravisJ Hmm, I did? Possible that I read this: meta.stackexchange.com/a/171718/158100 which confirms that, I thnk.
sorry, this is more recent: meta.stackexchange.com/a/196078/158100
That's not quite true either, @E.P. - an accurate description would be, "a new reopen vote will create a review task if there are no active reopen votes or review tasks for the post". — Shog9 ♦ Jul 12 '16 at 23:20
Not sure if that is also true for an edit? So a post gets edited on day 1, enters the queue, leave closed as outcome on day 2, on day 3 it is edited again, I would expect it now to enter the re-open queue based on Shog's answer
8:13 PM
@TravisJ You can get a less hilarious site by doubling l in the domain name
The problem scenario I was curious about was, post is on hold, a separate user (not OP) makes a minor edit, places q in review queue, is removed, OP then edits Q, but since an edit placed it in the queue already, nothing happens.
And an even worse one by omitting c
> A question will only be enqueued once per closure via editing. It will be enqueued once per reopen vote as long as there are no outstanding reopen votes that've already triggered a review. meta.stackoverflow.com/a/256572
If someone makes a trivial edit, the question is reviewed, and then someone makes a more extensive edit, the latter edit will not trigger a review @Ian. — Shog9 ♦ Jun 3 '14 at 16:45
Looks like a good opportunity for Jason to chime in with "ur mom is enqueued once per closure via editing".
8:20 PM
Why a problem? If someone cares about the question getting reopened, they can vote. Including the OP, who only needs 250 rep for that.
If third party makes a trivial edit, and then OP makes a significant edit, then there is no review.
Granted, the example in that link is not a good question, but that just highlights it is happening.
We should have more incentive for OP's to be attentive and make edits, not less.
So... also enqueue on the first edit by the OP, even if it's not the first overall?
To be honest, I am not sure what the best solution is, just that there is a problem. I guess if there was a way to raise awareness of the reopen queue to newer question askers, while also providing a way for them to knowingly trigger the reopen queue on an edit. Sometimes their first edit is slightly trivial as they get used to the editing feature in general.
Eh.... if it's a question someone other than the OP cares about, there will be a reopen vote at some point. Otherwise, I don't care either.
It is an ambivalent type of day isn't it. Taco tuesday anyone? :)
8:32 PM
Oooh, Slack is down and their status page is also borkey.
Don't know.
Maybe they connected a UPS to itself.
crickets? rough crowd
8:50 PM
> Today at our SRE meetup, the team figured out how we would move Stack Overflow to Azure. -- Nick Craver at 1:39 PM - 6 Jun 2017
its a joke, right?
When you advise people to ask questions on SO, but forget to create the tag for them:
> .@ChromiumDev According to StackOverflow there is no workbox tag yet. Can someone create one and help here stackoverflow.com/questions/44398736/… … please? pic.twitter.com/uDRGAva0Zw -- Justin Grayston at 1:05 PM - 6 Jun 2017
Anyone wants to be the tag creator there?
8:53 PM
14 secs ago, by bjb568
@Guero done
Is that workbox different from workboxjs.org ?
Seems so
This is the "right" workbox: developers.google.com/web/tools/workbox
8:59 PM
Soo, it needs usage guidance, right?
Oh, it is the same workbox. Was totally confused because the former page did not mention Google at all.
Grr, no space in SO as usual
@Guero was it a joke?
Guero? What happened to Gerry?
Knowing Nick... yes.
9:06 PM
In the sense that they are not going to move SO to Azure.
Okay, thanks. Sanity restored
But they understand what to do if they would.
Declare bankruptcy?
SO Enterprise has to be available in a variety of hosting options, including cloudy ones.
9:37 PM
Q: 2017 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonGraphic Design's third moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 2 new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! For details on ...

endorsed by Darth Vader
A: 2017 Community Moderator Election Results

DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀCongrats guys look forward to working with you behind the scenes.

Thank you for the non answer. The point of this question was to speculate — portforwardpodcast Jul 16 '15 at 3:51
Thank you for a useless comment. — Dan Horvat Jul 27 '15 at 17:25
Biology users are so polite
> closed as off-topic by Chris♦, Bez, AliceD♦, WYSIWYG♦, Armatus biology.stackexchange.com/q/30559
9:44 PM
That's 3 diamonds in the closure notice. I want to find a question with 5.
@anongoodnurse My comment was misleading. Sorry about that. I reacted to the use of the term "live" as if in animals some fake essence of life of the organism was not dependent on the presence of the head while it would be in humans. — Remi.b Nov 11 '16 at 22:48
10:01 PM
@NickCraver thanks, will this fix the referer problem causing this bug for example?
@Guero why?
I like finding weird things.
@TravisJ same cruel fate as Sally. And NormalHuman. And zaq. And Bookend. And all the rest. :D
@Elephant will you now change your name too? It's a tough call, as he did not change avatar this time, only name.
@ShadowWizard That reminds me of the movie "The Prestige"
(@Elephant if you do want to change, @Brunette should fit well IMO ;))
@TravisJ heh, heard about it, didn't watch. :)
It was a really good movie, but it was such a cool ending that it kind of ruins it to watch again because you know what is going to happen.
10:15 PM
@TravisJ know what you mean. I can't watch most movies more than once and enjoy it, one of the ultimate exceptions is Matrix. First only. I watched is like zillion times already (as teenager, and my early 20's), and can watch it zillion times more and still enjoy every second of it.
Same with books, only few are worth second reading. :)
Dune was my first to get a total re-read.
I really liked Dune.... back when I read books.
And it was amazing, as I read it the first time as teenager and missed tons of things.
I haven't read a book in a long time.
10:17 PM
@TravisJ me too, having three children has its downsides.... :/
Although, I did get a copy of Joel's book and read a good half of it in a sitting.
Which books of Dune you read? There are about 20 you know. @Trav
Oops. Thought that would work.
(I re-read the original trilogy only)
@ShadowWizard I still have this one on a shelf at home
10:19 PM
Anyway, that's spam, y'all. Flag away :)
Gone already
Gone already
Gone fishin'
I think I read the trilogy at one point, the books are really well written.
Gone with the wind
Well, that was fast.
10:20 PM
@TravisJ true. They create a whole universe and keep it all together in an amazing way. The ending is also totally surprising. You read it?
(ending of the whole Saga.)
@ShadowWizard Where they end up travelling to the other planet and taking over teh whole shebang?
@TravisJ hmm... nope.
Then no
Ending where Duncan becomes... well... kind of God.
but not really. Complicated.
Yeah isn't that what happens at the spice lord planet place?
10:22 PM
@TravisJ that's Leto there, not Duncan.
Duncan turns out to be The One, or whatever we can call it. :)
(Matrix effect, lol)
I read it few years ago so memory is bit dim, but I remember it was really good.
Yeah, I don't think I read that
Not so many takers for Pets pro tem mod position...
Hunters of Dune is the first of two books written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson to conclude Frank Herbert's original Dune series of science fiction novels. The cliffhanger ending of Frank Herbert's Chapterhouse: Dune (1985) and his subsequent death in 1986 left some overarching plotlines unresolved. Released on August 22, 2006, Hunters continues the story of the danger posed to humanity by a remote, unnamed, but ever-present "great enemy". The novel is based on notes left behind by Frank Herbert, but Hunters and its 2007 sequel Sandworms of Dune represent the author's version of what Frank...
Go get it! :)
10:29 PM
Yeah lol I totally have time to read a book right now :P
The only other novel/saga that came close to Dune in its complexity that I've read is Hyperion. But it became too messy IMO, so not as good as Dune.
I basically get one day (Saturday) for enjoyment per week.
The rest of the week is spent on teh works.
@TravisJ well, that's a whole day. 24 hours. Tons of time to read! ;)
I usually travel on saturdays, they are all booked out til august at the moment
This saturday will be a concert
Good for you... for me Saturday is time with children. :)
10:32 PM
Saturday is my best time for reading. I basically can't study because of Shabbat, so I read! :)
10:43 PM
@Shokhet but... family?
@ShadowWizard Them too :) Many times I'll spend the weekend in my college dorm, so they're not always there, either.

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