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1:05 AM
Is there a CM available?
I'm dealing with a situation where an unknown user is flagging messages in the Mathematics in an apparently targeted fashion.
We got two flags on posts solely because they contained "s---", even though they not be reasonably seen as offensive.
Ping shog, jonericson, bluefeet, or adamlear
I haven't seen any of them around in a while
in Mathematics on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 21 mins ago, by bwDraco
Why is somebody digging through the transcript to flag messages containing "s---" posted by @TheGreatDuck?
in Mathematics on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 21 mins ago, by bwDraco
http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/37544446#37544446, http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/37554253#37554253
@Shog9, @bluefeet, @AdamLear, @JonEricson: Can somebody look into some suspicious and anomalous flagging behavior in the Mathematics chatroom? The moderators are unable to determine what's going on
4 hours later…
5:14 AM
5 messages deleted
@bwDraco left a note there.
Great, thanks.
impending drama over there?
6:08 AM
Double conflicting status tags not confusing enough. — bjb568 May 11 '14 at 2:10
6:31 AM
14 messages moved to Chimney
@shog I have a question, why aren't more 1337 tr011s visiting tavern ...
Woohoo, victory:
I think stackapps.com/questions/7404/top-bar-for-chat-rooms might be finished. Although I kind of want to add a chat server switcher dropdown.
And I still haven't figured out how to get it to work on Firefox.
@JasonC the "use chat room theme" is interesting, but definitely not on MSE
I kinda like it on mse with the brightness up
I'm thinking I should probably make that setting per-room instead of global though
low contrast to the icons though
(to each of their own)
6:45 AM
Yeah; you can slide the brightness slider to the right it'll brighten them up, but, yeah, it's a pain. The brightness adjust was the best I could come up with.
oh, heck, I just noticed that brightness slider lol
It's annoying though apparently it's all or nothing for the brightness, so it messes with the hover highlights and indicators too. Oh well.
7:24 AM
@Gerry hmm.... pretty sure it used to reset before and now it's not, i.e. if before the change you tried to flag again after 3 seconds, you had to wait 5 more seconds. Now you need to wait "only" 2.
That's also a big change.
3 hours later…
10:00 AM
^ @JNat @Oded Probably better to nuke the user account too, the profile is basically advertising/spamming
@Derpy no need to call the cavalry, it's not a heavy spammer, and only on one site. There are thousands of users with spam in their about me field.
I prefer to call JNat only for the heavy or cross site spammers/trolls.
so.... he spams about traveling packages (on meta), his profile info advertise that he sells traveling packages and he links to a tourism package selling site in the "site link" field. You tell me that the account wasn't just made to advertise traveling packages selling?
10:30 AM
@Derpy of course it was. But as long it's a single spam post, we can handle this ourselves. And since user profiles are not indexed by search engines, it's not relevant that they have spammy profile.
If we'll call SE team for any spam post, they will just stop answering our calls here.
10:43 AM
@ShadowWizard a good argument to make some automated "delete users when deleting spam if user only posted spam" feature then.
10:59 AM
Q: Auto-delete/destroy 1 rep user when their post is deleted as spam

Mad ScientistMy common workflow when I see a blatant spam post by a 1 rep user is: flag as spam (when I'm a mod this auto-deletes) go to user profile As a mod, I destroy the user. As a regular user I spam flag the other spam posts linked from the profile These are a bit more clicks than absolutely necessa...

11:47 AM
A question got around the non-English title check for the HNQ:
Q: Posso usare "quelli" per dire di parole che cominciano in st?

HamrHo un problema. La mia professoressa dice che dire "quelli stivali" è corretto. Dice che si può dire anche quegli stivali, ma io non sono sicuro, credo soltanto di "quegli stivali", e non "quelli stivali". Perchè stivali comincia con st, e non si può usare l'articolo "i". Si può usare quelli per ...

@Gallifreyan it's not just title, and I don't think that site is included in the "do not show in HNQ" filter.
So no bug there.
It's 100% the same as:
Q: es.SO questions aren't excluded from the Hot Questions list

ZaibisAs figured out in this post localized SE sites must not be displayed in the HNQ's. But es.SO actually is. Has to be fixed I guess?

@ShadowWizard I thought the check ran on every question's title, regardless of the site.
Do we need a feature request to enable the check for this site?
A: Hot Questions English Filter Broken

Adam LearIt's working. Neither Italian nor Spanish sites are intentionally omitted - those sites are for English speakers who are learning those languages, so there's no expectation that these aren't of interest because the titles are guaranteed to be in a different language. Russian Stack Overflow was...

@JasonC Its a DUKW Duck
@Gallifreyan yup, Adam or other dev need to flip the relevant site setting on.
@Gallifreyan nope, as said here:
> only applies to certain sites, like german, judaism, and japanese
12:04 PM
@ShadowWizard Heh, now it's gone from HNQ
I guess someone had already reported it and someone had flipped the switch.
@Derpy Oded got it
12:20 PM
@JNat thanks. BTW, since @ShadowWizard brought it up... do you prefer to be warned of such "minor spammers" accounts too or prefer to be called in only for mayor spammer activities?
Probably the latter. Most of the minor ones can generally be handled by the community. It's usually cross-site stuff that is best (and fast) handled by us.
@Derpy major
1:17 PM
@ShadowWizard politician
95% of my answers on anime.se consists of googling and translating. I know nothing of the said manga/anime
@Derpy corrupted
@Elephant same goes for 95% of SO users
@JourneymanGeek don't misspell Duke of Edinburgh as Duck of Edinburgh
1:35 PM
@Telkitty can be worse, e.g. "i" instead of "u"
1:55 PM
@ShadowWizard file
@Derpy affidavit
The top image is weird.
@ShadowWizard evidence
@Shadow @Derpy go back to your Den :p
@Gerry the real meaning of watermarking
2:09 PM
@Elephant I am there, @Derpy is... not. D:
@Elephant this is called "advertising"
Does COO == CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)?
@Telkitty no, though since companies need them like air to breathe, it's a nice try
CO2 doesn't help one breathe, really
@Gerry Just because you still haven't learned the "photosynthesis" passive skill like @sha has.
ask @rene if you are interested.
2:17 PM
but if you have a bunch of vegetables as developers, then CO2 would be great:
@Telkitty lol... reminds me, couple of days ago a satiric TV show interviewed a flower pot, asking it questions, when a minister refused to arrive, knowing he will be mocked.
It was funny as hell.
@Telkitty well, some company already seem to think developers are mushrooms...
@Telkitty also remember that MOSS is also another name for SharePoint.
2:25 PM
See in 03:45, he brings the flower and starts interviewing it ^^
2:38 PM
@Shog9 @TimStone Is there any API exposed for creating topbar-dialog style dropdowns? Or at least for managing their position and visibility if I create one by hand? I've been poking around through the StackExchange object but haven't uncovered anything, except some internal code for loading them that isn't readily accessible externally.
Right now for settings dialogs and stuff I'm just injecting jQuery UI into the page and using that but it doesn't match SE's dropdown themes well.
3:11 PM
I bought another drone, I am going to join a drone club with it and learn how to make DIY drones
I volunteer my chicken to taken down drones, she displayed great enthusiasm when fighting a toy plane of mine after it crashed
the problem is ... of course ... chickens can't fly very high, they need to wait for the drones to crash in order to fight those drones
I thought your chicken would take a ride.. or something
3:22 PM
chicken thought plane was another bird invading her territory
4:37 PM
1 message moved to Chimney
@Derpy :)
5:03 PM
In the plainer English version it is much clearer that you are f****d ...
5:38 PM
Juan M on June 05, 2017

Llego la hora de compartir unos numeritos con ustedes sobre el sitio. Tenemos una buena discusión sobre otras estadísticas que pueden discutir aquí.  Este aporte es para darles un vistazo a lo que los usuarios han realizado en el mes de mayo.

¡Espero y lo disfruten!

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6:03 PM
@Feeds ごめん、理解できない
6:15 PM
Bioinformatics "made it": there is an accepting nominations thread.
What is this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/296819/… that is a dupe, right?
Kind of unclear what the post is for, so -1, whatever
Low activity users don't jump on new questions as they appear... you don't say.
6:50 PM
Why should not disassociation be added as an option for users to invoke themselves? Say, on positively scored posts only, to avoid the situation with getting out of post ban. Or on all posts, with behind-the-scenes those posts still count toward bans.
@rene dupe of dupe of dupes.... kind of.... clear what they're "asking", but as I told in a comment now, they miss the point. SE is not about getting answers to be accepted faster.
@Gerry disassociation should be kept as extreme measure IMO, not be made accessible easily.
Just my feeling, it feels wrong to let someone post something then go away without anyone being able to know who posted.
It's fine sometimes, here and there, but not as something common.
Maybe make it clearer you can request such a thing with a flag, but not more than that.
I can post from a throw-away account any time, for any reason. (And did this many times)
@Gerry I know you did and can, but you're... special. :)
@Gerry Probably because of the potential for abuse.
I suppose it depends on how deeply the disassociation is... for example, is it possible for a dev or mod to figure out who the OP was?
@TravisJ abuse isn't the real problem IMO, moderator should be able to track the actual asker anyway and stop and bad behavior.
6:55 PM
If yes, then perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. If no, then definitely not.
So mods can tell the OP of a disassociated post?
@TravisJ dev for sure, mod not sure. If not, and such a feature is added, they must also make moderators see the actual OP of such posts.
I mean, I don't really see the problem there. If abuse isn't the issue, then what is?
hmm... we got tons of mods here. @Journeyman @Aaron can you see actual author of disassociated posts?
Also, why does it matter which user posts which content so long as it is not abusive?
@ShadowWizard I believe they can't, but I'm not sure
6:57 PM
@TravisJ some people love to stay behind the scenes, we can't judge/blame them.
@TravisJ the only thing I can think of is that they disassociate before they accepted an answer but I'm not sure how bad that will be.
Meh, accepting an answer doesn't seem like a significant issue in the "what could be a problem" facet.
@ShadowWizard Isn't that contradictory to what you just said?
IMO, except for sensitive content (even I'm not sure what is counted), I don't understand the point of disassociating a post when a username can be anonymized badly.
@Elephant - Some users don't want to get a large amount of credit for something they view as overly trivial.
I am not sure what problem a one click disassociation would solve, but I don't think there would necessarily be any drawbacks to it. It probably wouldn't be used very often.
Oh, avoiding Q/A ban.
7:04 PM
The QA ban system doesn't have to forget the author just because the author was visibly disassociated.
I think it does forget at present, which is sometimes ab/used to get a user out of a ban.
That will be a new change in the system, which will add another 6-8 weeks implementation time
But anyway, there will be changes that are needed to be considered and judged to avoid those kinds of abuse.
The Q-ban scenario is interesting. I guess if it were throttled somehow to only allow the removal of 1 post every 6 months if you are q-banned. Sometimes (less than half) users who get banned were learning and can actually then present decent questions, but due to the speed at which they accumulated deleted posts it is very hard for them to get out from under the ban.
However, this must not be that prevalent, as I have never heard much griping in the form of a blog post or anything outside of the occasional meta post. It would be easy to entirely prevent though, if you are post banned, then you are disassociate banned. This would also add another layer of incentive to get unbanned as you could remove some of the older posts which plagued your account.
@TravisJ not really. Being against something does not mean I judge/blame. I just don't think they're right. Kind of "agree to disagree", I think. :)
@Elephant well @Gerry did clearly mention it would be available only in posts with positive score, which don't affect the ban. :)
(and he did delete lots of such answers in the past.... so in Gerry's case it would be better to have such feature.)
@TravisJ that makes a lot of sense and seems reasonable enough.
7:13 PM
@ShadowWizard but delete vs disassociate is a different case... unless Gerry wanted to disassociate them in the first place
@Elephant I believe he did want, and either wasn't aware of the possibility back then, or tried and was declined.
And if there was one-click disassociate button at that time, wouldn't his actions trigger mod flag due to mass-disassociation?
Why should mods care about mass-disassociation?
The posts are still there.
@Elephant no, why would it? Content is not removed, no real harm is done. Don't think it needs to raise any alarm, if it will actually be implemented.
7:19 PM
> Today, I'm writing about Stack Exchange and peer review! Watch in real time here via @overleaf overleaf.com/read/qhymsfskrzdq … (Section 3.3) -- Jon Tennant at 11:21 AM - 5 Jun 2017
I use Overleaf to write my papers, too.... but it never occurred to me to invite people watch me doing it.
One way to abuse it would be for spammer to post some real answer/question, gain upvotes, edit the post to be actual spam, then quickly disassociate to hide their tracks. That's why it's crucial for mods to see the actual author, as normal users will think the spammer is already deleted.
Maybe if Jon Skeet was streaming from his IDE in real time....
I admit I don't have a good counter-argument, but it feels just... strange to do mass-disassociation
@Elephant strange indeed, I agree. :)
@Gerry nah, people heads will explode
Anyhow, people love to share all sorts of weird things... go figure. :)
7:23 PM
Answer deletion is throttled, the disassociation could be too. No more than 5 per day, 10 per week, 30 per month, whichever comes first.
@TravisJ makes sense, yeah.
(or maybe less, depending on how strict)
hehe, we spend lots of time here discussing something that will most likely, very most likely, never be done. lol
@ShadowWizard how are they expected to "quickly disassociate" here?
7:25 PM
Just like any other day on meta~
@Oded right after submitting the edit, click disassociate. Can also use script.
Oh, spammer scenario? nvm I missed that aspect
I believe most spammers use scripts anyway, no?
I misunderstood, sorry, disregard plz
inb4 "disassociating a post will put a 24-hour countdown before it's disassociated automatically"
7:26 PM
Not sure I follow - someone can just disassociate their posts? How?
That something new?
@Elephant Or a Hangout of the Community Team
@Oded - It was just a topic of discussion here I thought. I don't think there is an easy way to do it now aside from a custom flag or the contact us form.
@Oded lol, that's the whole point.... :D
Oh. OK - carry on.
It started from
7:28 PM
37 mins ago, by Gerry
Why should not disassociation be added as an option for users to invoke themselves? Say, on positively scored posts only, to avoid the situation with getting out of post ban. Or on all posts, with behind-the-scenes those posts still count toward bans.
37 minutes. lol
@Oded Click a button, poof. Yes, it is new and we are suggesting you go implement that in 6 to 8 weeks.
I doubt we would ever do something like that. Too much shenanigan potential in that. And a big point of posting is that it be non anonymous.
6-8 seconds for @Oded.
6-8 minutes if he's slow.
Well, Oded is no doubt the fastest crap-burner on MSE. ;)
7:30 PM
So glad smell isn't part of our computing experience.
@Oded you know, having children helps in this. Really. It's amazing. :D
hahaha - my kids are well past that stage. They even flush after themselves sometimes.
@Oded Not taking a shower is part of my computing experience. Does that count?
To each his own
Man, you were supposed to "lol", not make me feel self-conscious.
7:33 PM
(I may be lagging)
@Oded sometimes.... lol! :D
I suppose that's acceptable.
@ShadowWizard pong (though I really should just wait for a 6-8 weeks before ponging back)
7:36 PM
Anybody with chrome wanna test github.com/JC3/SEUserScripts/blob/chattopbar-1.08-dev/… before I make an update? Two new things: chat server links (+ auto-rejoin favorites when you click "switch") in the se dropdown, and you should see a changelog the first time you click the settings button after an update.
Mostly I want to make sure auto-rejoin works
@JasonC oh no... so you don't think any more?!
Mar 8 at 3:39, by Jason C
I dunno. Personally I'm usually pretty focused on the job at hand. I do all my thinking in the shower, lol.
Is @Jason on auto pilot mode?
@ShadowWizard I don't recall being able to. probably some annotation on it, though I'd guess, even if not exposed to the mod view.
So... there is really no way to find the most prolific flaggers on a site? I happened to notice that @Jamal (no longer pingable :() has over 44K helpful flags on SO. This may be second only to Andy (who has over 124K) but how would I know that?
@AaronHall hmm.... will try to find some example we can check this for sure
@Gerry You can't. That info is available to us nowhere.
Not in SEDE, not in the API, not through scraping.
7:45 PM
Only through manual clicking on every user profile. :-0
@Jamal hey, @Gerry mentioned you above. ;)
@JasonC works for me
@JasonC well, you can scrape only potential "heavy flaggers", based on other things.
e.g. some SEDE query, then scrape the profiles it gives back.
@rene Sweet thanks
@Gerry we've talked about doing this before. A lot. Not "disassociation" in the sense that it's currently implemented, more "anonymization" wherein your posts stay "attached" to you somehow, but aren't displayed with your name / profile link on them.
It's not trivial
7:47 PM
@Shog9 TL;DR - won't happen?
Reassign the author to user -1 ?
But, disassociation in its current form is rather problematic. Not just because of q-bans and such, but simply because it's cumbersome
@Gerry that's actually possible now too, and confusingly works better than disassociation (in terms of the system not breaking).
So do that instead. :)
Doesn't always do what folks expect either.
Some people may ask why Community has a bunch of posts... but it already has a bunch of edits and votes, etc.. so why not posts too.
7:49 PM
This is what I was kinda getting at in my answer earlier... You gotta talk to folks & figure out what they actually want before you start pushing buttons, 'cause otherwise you just end up with the author unhappy for another reason.
Some moderators like to think of disassociation as "delete-lite", because that makes these requests easier to handle: "I wanna delete" -> "you can't" -> "but I wanna!" -> "disassociate?" -> "ok"
Bug report: Community stole my post!
the problem is, that falls apart if the goal wasn't simply, "get my name off of this post"
sometimes what they really want is to get their name off the site - IOW, account deletion
(which we also kinda make more confusing than it has to be)
sometimes they want the content off the site, 'cause they shouldn't have posted it in the first place
(or because they're angry, or because they feel it's misleading, or... There are endless reasons here)
@Shog9 because they lost their keys?
You go too quickly to disassociation, and you end up with someone who doesn't even have a clear connection to a post still adamant that it be removed, and stuff just escalates.
it's not even particularly unusual to have an author who wants their post deleted because it's a terrible post - and everyone's actually better off if it's just gone.
So having a tool that was clearly labeled, "get my name off of this post" that did nothing else but remove the name... Would solve one very narrow and fairly rare (but still important) use-case.
@TravisJ there's no particularly good reason to make a self-service tool affect the q-ban in any way.
Duplicates have this UI that allows users to say "ok, do it", speeding up the process. I wonder if something like this could work for deletion.
8:01 PM
FWIW, some small number of folks do routinely create new accounts to circumvent the q-ban. Maybe 100 a week
A post gets closed as off-topic / typo, the author gets a message: if you agree it's a typo, click here. Instant deletion.
As is, someone posts an answer "lol a typo" and then there's a lot of motions to get rid of the whole thing.
Heck, just make it easy for folks to delete their own questions if the question is closed.
Lift the answer-based restriction, or make it far, far more lax
Allow self-deletion of a closed Q if there is no answer scoring... 3 or higher.
(this would play into q-bans negatively of course, so... would have to tweak that)
8:05 PM
In case of typo, the message could be shown even before 5 close votes. Having those march through CV review is kind of wasting everyone's time.
I love reporting a show stopping bug on a website, like 502's and ASP errors from their servers, and getting a canned "try clearing your cookies" response.
Maybe I won't help you by letting you know your crap's broken next time.
The problem with evasion accounts tends to be that the folks who figure it out abuse it a lot
I'm looking at someone right now who got banned a couple weeks ago... Has created two sockpuppets and posted a combined 15 questions between them
Both sitting at 1
15 questions, and no rep earned
Does not that trigger q restriction by itself?
sure. Just keeps moving
One user, in the span of two weeks, created 34 questions across 4 accounts, not a single one of 'em upvoted.
Keep in mind, there appear to be very few people doing this... But the ones that do, have a disproportionate impact
feeds a pile of IP addresses into the block
Is Photography the only site with user-contributed content on the front page? Seems so. Naturally, mixed content ensued after https switch.
8:12 PM
@Shog9 - What service are they using to host the user account? As in their email or OAuth provider.
easy enough to get new gmail accounts, but any ol' email will let you sign up for a SE OpenID
Disposable email (10 minute etc) is allowed too, afair.
@Gerry oops
That was fast
just a big ol' block of HTML
8:16 PM
Front end fixes are a lot easier than backend ones.
Can you perhaps attempt to screen SE signup by previous IP address?
Or I suppose, account creation in general.
how would that help?
I mean, we could add Clippy to the signup form saying, "Hi! It looks like you're trying to evade a q-ban - would you like to use an anonymizing proxy too?"
Well, it may not give much signal very often. But when it does it could possibly help. For example, if you had a single IP address create more than 3 logins per month then that could flag as problematic
@TravisJ eh, that'd just generate a ton of noise every for every company that has more than 2 programmers.
We already have a system that tracks "IP badness" (and subnet badness), where a high ratio of poorly-received questions will put a mark on future questions
sort of a drop in the bucket though
Is it that common for two separate computers to share a single IP address?
extremely common
8:19 PM
Is that some sort of hyper-v shared environment deal?
Some countries have one IP address, iirc
if you also count devices that share the same IP but not at the same time, it becomes even more common - mobile phone networks frequently reassign IPs for example.
@Gerry no way, links or it didn't happen
Q: Why does Qatar use a single IP address when 800,000 IP addresses are allocated to it?

Dmitry GrigoryevIn discussions about IP address banning, IP is often cited as an example. According to Wikipedia, this IP address is the public address of "the entire nation of Qatar". There are two things I don't quite understand: Why does Qatar use a single IP address when it was given more than...

Apparently, not anymore
8:21 PM
but, yeah - very common for large orgs to have a single gateway for all 'Net traffic, even more common for them to have a few, pretty common for companies - even countries - to NAT everything.
ugh, what a mess
Require a MAC association per login.
(similar to netflix devices)
Perhaps that is a little too invasive though, eh? Yeah..
Naw, we'll just add it to the questions on the signup page.
Looking for work?
MAC address?
Require a photo of a government-issued Id at sign up.
Since the profile interface is heading in Facebook direction anyway
8:25 PM
jmac had the idea a while back to just add a checkbox to the /ask page
[] check this box if this is a good, well-written question
Like Green and Red doors in airports, at customs
They are called "channels", it seems
Green button "ask a good, well-researched and well-written question".
Red button "Need Halp Urgent"
@Shog9 - Have you considered leveraging google analytics to try to determine if the user already has an account?
8:31 PM
@TravisJ unlikely to be worth the trouble
There are simpler ways to do this
Yeah, it would require a certain depth of implementation
and most of them aren't worth the trouble either
fair enough
as tempting as it is to wish that most of the lousy questions on SO are the fault of a huge gang of dedicated miscreants creating thousands of accounts and posting every thought that enters their heads...
...there are, in fact, simply a lot of people who don't know how to ask useful questions.
I don't particularly mind questions of questionable quality so long as the OP would actually stick around an be attentive.
Q: Mediocre stuff that could be interesting or boring, has 90% of what you need to tell.
Comment: Hey, you left out A, can you include it?
Result: Roll a 30 sided die.
Worst case scenario that one Scottish guy posts a youtube video denouncing you. 1/30
8:38 PM
Does he have a channel denouncing high-rep SO users, one at a time?
@ShadowWizard Hm. Taking Jamal as an example, 500 rep and 1000 reviews do not suggest "heavy flagger" to me. But downvotes seem to correlate with flags, which makes sense: the folks who deal with bad content use both.
There are 1411 SO users who cast 1000+ downvotes. Manageable.
ugh, you caught me @Gerry.
@Gerry He apparently will drunkenly rant about improper closure (which was actually just a comment on a post he needed answered - not his post - not even a close vote)
Yeah.... "You shut down the discussion!"
yeah lol
8:45 PM
So far, so good. CRABOLO has 34,947 helpful flags. I'm not going to count Community with 55K flags.
There is something wrong though.
photo.se election is in the final phase; 4 candidates, 2 strong ones.
Bill The Lizard only has 3,123 helpful flags listed, but he has probably handled like a zillion.
maybe even 2 zillion
@TravisJ Handled, not cast.
yeah but a zillion
He should win.
8:49 PM
Mod activity is meant to be private.
@rene Do you know if it's possible, with git, to merge a branch back into master and make a change that only shows up in master, in the same commit?
Like e.g. if I have a dev branch with a dev version number, and I want to merge it back into master and also give it a release version number at the same time.
I guess the most active users of SOCVR would be a better place to start with than the top downvoters
Both AJ and Caleb have <100 edits, disappoint. I entertained the idea of voting Caleb #1, to bring some fresh blood to TL but... 1/8 moderation badges?
8:55 PM
I have such a huge problem on so many levels with the fact that SOCVR exists, but for some reason I generally just keep my mouth shut. I guess they're at least helping, sort of.
Oh that's right that's why I pulled all the cv stats, I forgot about that "study".
That's where I was looking for clustering / correlation algorithms
I wish people downvoted unanswerable questions more often.
So many of them have >=2 comments that merely attempt to clarify the question, and fail at that.
(But don't fail at preventing roomba deletion)
@Gerry - 37k is the max in there based on my manual parse
Although, I thought Andy had some ungodly number
I must have clicked on the wrong andy
Yeah just missed him
He runs an automated autodelete script for certain comments that can be removed with a single flag.
Yes. And Jamal has 44K, second place so far
@TravisJ No, that would be me. Andy's bot is smarter.
I only use custom flags, so my count is fairly low.
for example
Pang has 56K helpful flags, more than Community (but less than Andy)
9:05 PM
Heh, 56K... the memories
Ah, nothing like a good ol' ding ding ding chjhjhjhjhjhjh
hm, yeah, my manual parse missed users who kind of fly under the radar like Pang
fine, fine then.
You can see there are multiple confirmations already, metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/71177
A lot of Charcoal devs/users have a userscript that submits feedback automatically when they flag the post
So I never bother with tp anymore
Not worried, was just trying to talk to SD and they got all ornery about it
9:20 PM
You can still talk to it on other topics.
My bad. Also, fist pump, updated: stackapps.com/q/7404/25350
Not implemented yet
No moar covfefe
Make it stop
Okay. Are you going to reinvent yourself as a frontend developer now?
Making good progress there.
9:29 PM
Maybe. Or at least building up some experience.
It's a nice change of pace.
Thanks Brandon! I award you a correct answer, 12 gold coins, and a stack Exchange invisibility cloak. Once you reach 7 merit badges you will be elegible for meta.meta.meta.craftcms.stackexchange.com. (currently in private beta). — James Muspratt Jun 12 '14 at 0:26
"too chatty" flag declined. rages
I don't think I'd ever want to only do frontend stuff though. The back is where the party's at.
Your mullet reference had a strange tinge of innuendo.
9:51 PM
More accurately, my innuendo had a strange tinge of mullet reference.
Removed unnecessary gratuitous decoration in title. I wanted to edit this with "removed an unnecessary redundant word in edit summary"...
Well, I dunno, maybe sometimes gratuitousness is necessary
@ShadowWizard nope.
10:12 PM
@JasonC cov what?
Keyboard shortcut users: does "g p" work for you on SO? It's supposed to go to your profile.
10:28 PM
Yay rate limited on SO
And I didn't even run a script, was just clicking a bunch of SEDE links
Okay, now I have time to write a script to do this from elsewhere.
> Employees will never be poked with a sharp stick
Notice how they cleverly avoided the dull stick disclosure
Note to readers : be sure to read past the first answer, notably the one from @Terence. — Offirmo Oct 30 '13 at 9:19
10:41 PM
That's how we have to deal with subpar answers getting accepted...
Wow, that is a particularly egregious example.
> For example, str.substr(-3) is treated as str.substr(str.length - 3)
(from MDN)
You would think it should have been fairly obvious, and yet the top several answers gloss over it.
Especially fun is the jQuery answer at the bottom
10:57 PM
sigh SO is really sensitive to user profile pages being scraped.
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