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8:44 AM
Does anyone know if the community edition of Visual Studio has any way to attach their profiler to a running .net process? I can only see stuff for windows store apps and such.
question is too specific - I know you can use visual studio to attach a .net process, but that probably doesn't answer your question
Myeah, I have some process running as part of a larger setup which isn't launched from VS. I can attach a debugger to it just fine, but can't seem to find an option to attach any profiling to it
at least in the Community edition. There are descriptions out there how to do it, but those don't seem to match what I see. Oh well.
9:10 AM
Need to make sure you are showing processes from all users, not just you.
@Bart The profiler or the debugger?
Hmm, I'll have a look at that @Oded. I think it should be my process though
That applies to the debugger. I'm not even able to attach a profiler to a running process from VS2015 Professional Edition
Hmm, okay. Trivial in 2017, but I don't have that installed here, and the doc suggests it should be easy ... with menu items which don't exist.
Ah, yes. 2017 has lots of improvements there.
9:19 AM
/me is installing 2017
Bart is starting his process in someone else name? That surely is suspicious :p Of course he could run something as admin ...
@Bart usually people choose to install 2017 on new years eve ... but I can relate to laggots :p
@Telkitty I'm still partying like it's 1999
9:49 AM
@Oded quick question: is the "votes cast" in users profile (below helpful flags count) cached for 24 hours?
10:06 AM
@ShadowWizard 5 minute cache.
@Oded whoa... so how you explain this?
Wait... maybe he undid all his votes??
finger ready on downvote button
Looks like the votes they have cast are not showing on their profile. The badge is right.
@Oded not following.... so why isn't the count showing? Bug?
Why it doesn't is still something to be looked at...
It even include deleted posts, so that's not the issue.
10:19 AM
Dunno what happened there - I cleared the cache entry manually which seems to have fixed the immediate issue.
@Oded thanks! Care to post some quick answer, or is it better to wait until you or someone else take a deeper look in 6-8 weeks?
1 hour later…
come to think of it, is there any way to get chat account from main account profile?
12:02 PM
I give up @_@
@ShadowWizard this is confusing, there are things related to Guero, but they're too vague without any other hints (e.g. prof pict) @_@
12:20 PM
I wish I have a cute cat/dog that I could pimp ... or a table of friends/family/colleagues ... or whoever does that, come here & lemme slap you a little
@Elephant Thanks for the try tho =)
wait a year & maybe I could start pimping my DIY drone
at least that's the goal
@Bart I can assure you I am not a banned account or whatsoever :)
12:33 PM
@MiaSan good :) You should stick around and see some of the stuff that passes by. Let's just say that we're a suspicious bunch by now :p
@AdamLear, any chance you could look into this one?
I can imagine, this is kinda the only way for psychopaths to recover their account isn't it?: D
Thanks, did not dare to ask/ping Adam to check my issue, assuming he is quite busy already and as I am not in a rush :)
1:10 PM
Still needs a flag or two, 15 hours: coffee.stackexchange.com/a/3588
Dont have the rep for doing so :(
@Guero handled
Congratulations on 14,000,000 questions on stackoverflow!
Let's throw a party/swag!
1:55 PM
@SterlingArcher and that's just those answered by Jon Skeet.
The other 1% is me being correctedly by Slaks and admiring @bluefeet's blue feet
@JasonC it seems I can't click/focus the site search box on topbar's SE dropdown
Chrome 58, Widows 10, topbar 1.08
There are more accepted answers than there are questions with accepted answers... go figure
I'd blame @nicael for that
that's why I like log: 1,000,000,000 becomes ... 9 (10 based)
2:12 PM
imagine in a magical world where you have a weapon that can do log function on the enemy army
Doesn't look like caching. As I refresh search pages, both counts increase but they stay different by 185.
On Math, the difference is also stable, at 3.
On SU it's the opposite: there are 20 more questions with accepted answers than accepted answers. On AU the difference is 4.
Anime.SE doesn't have that problem, but Android.SE differs by 1.
deleted users?
2:24 PM
Question migration/merging?
Can a merge result in two accepted answers in one question? I'd like to see that.
Probably on their database, but not visually shown
No it shouldn't. "When a merge happens, the accepted answer of the target will remain accepted and the accepted answer of the source of the merge (which will cease to exist for all intents and purposes) will be presented just as another answer." math.meta.stackexchange.com/a/10775
Sounds like time to visit the Data Explorer!
@Guero make sense
2:26 PM
But in Explorer we only have AcceptedAnswerId field of a question...
@Guero Can confirm
So going by SEDE logic, there can't possibly be more accepted answers than there are questions with an accepted answer.
@Oded @Adam CSRF attack is possible in Area 51, better fix it...
Q: PSA: When linking to an Area 51 proposal, don't link directly to "follow"!

terdonI recently realized1 that some users, when linking to an Area 51 proposal in their profiles, link directly to the "follow" link. This means that simply clicking on the profile link will automatically make you follow the proposal! So, for example, a user would have something like this in their pr...

Anything that allow performing actions via URL only is BAD.
SE API instead? Searching with that keyword and... huh? Not sure can sort answers by question title..
This is not CSRF. Don't call it that.
It is misleading at best.
(both what you call it and what it does)
2:29 PM
:6087362 Lies! Icecream not found!
Whoops! Limited offer!
@Oded sorry but it is. It cause an action to be done without the user ever wanting it.
I tested it myself.
Call it what you want, but you can't re-define that term.
You and your magic
It might not be that fatal, but it is CSRF, fully and totally.
@Guero yes there are questions with more than one accepted answer.
waiting patiently
2:33 PM
I'd go and look in SEDE, but I'm not sure how to begin looking.
Q: SU question 473143 has two accepted answers

Kevin ReidThe question How to tab between buttons on an Mac OS X dialog box, recently migrated from SO to SU, has the interesting sight of two accepted answers. Even if this is a case of a merge (which is not documented on the page), surely the checkmark should only be shown for the answer accepted by this...

This is one example, surely there were more.
so in the end, it was due to migration, not merging
Oh, yup. Maybe merging too, dunno.
@ShadowWizard You clicked a link, by definition that makes you responsible. A true CSRF would involve a domain not owned by SE without you even knowing/having done anything. I'm with Oded on this one, sorry.
Migration, the eternal corner case
2:35 PM
@rene umm.... not really. The attacker can also send you email with link see nice cat pictures here and... tada! You follow a proposal without ever meaning that. /cc @Oded
@ShadowWizard Okay, but on SU there are more questions with accepted answers than there are accepted answers. Can one answer by accepted for two questions?
At least 99.9% of the people never look in the URL of the link they are about to click.
what happens when user deleted or merged?
@Telkitty acceptance move to Community, it's not lost
do their questions or answers still count?
2:37 PM
@ShadowWizard I don't click links send to me by people I don't trust, specially not when they introduce themselves as The attacker
@rene you are special ;)
People can also put it on their FB, and hope they have friends with Area 51 account.
@Guero do a query for such a question
@Guero nope
@ShadowWizard It's triggered by GET. If I were evil, I'd include it as an image source.
@michaelb958 hehe, clever trick.
2:39 PM
@Guero only 16?
@Guero huh. Probably a moderator deleted the accepted answer
So the question has accepted answer, but it's just deleted.
@Elephant And it's possible this happened more than once with some of those questions. So 16 ~ 20 is close enough.
20 deleted accepted answers where deletion failed to trigger nulling of AcceptedAnswerId
2:42 PM
yeah, seems like that's the case
@Jon(Chan) for the rescue! :D
@ShadowWizard I remember something similar happened with the chat logout link once.
@michaelb958 it was done via GET??? lol
So someone put image with such src, and everyone got logged out? Priceless.
Is this something that always happens when an accepted answer gets deleted? Probably not, I imagine SU would have more than 20 deleted accepted answers by now, with all the data recovery spam that hichris used to post in bundles.
@Guero hmm.... not sure.
IMO deleting accepted answer is pretty extreme.
2:47 PM
A good chunk of those are users who apparently requested deletion, or the answer looks spammy or...
@ShadowWizard I do try to avoid that
Repairtoolbox used to post Q&A pairs from two accounts, vague question + toolbox link in answer, accepted.
@Guero but the questions themselves got deleted in those cases. No?
Even if not directly, by Roomba.
@ɥʇǝS long time no ping!
Oh oops, thought you arrived to Den. lol
But hello anyway! :D
@ShadowWizard hi! :D
@ɥʇǝS don't be innocent, you were there in the past. ;)
now I know what you're talking about.
@ShadowWizard Google is bad? :P
s/google/search engines/
2:57 PM
@Elephant Fixed in dev; but it turns out the search box doesn't work at all, lol. Dammit.
@ɥʇǝS what actions it let you do by URL only?
@ShadowWizard search
That's what I get for molesting all the script tags.
@ɥʇǝS that's not an action
It has no permanent effect.
oh. fair enough.
2:58 PM
@ShadowWizard Most likely. I found that all those deletions took place prior to the end of 2012: data.stackexchange.com/superuser/query/682141/… so it could be a technical issue SE had back then
@Guero yup, might be
On SO, this happened four times after the end of 2012, compared to 233 times before.
The general rule is that SO database contains every weirdness imaginable, so I'm not that concerned....
Today at our SRE meetup, the team figured out how we would move Stack Overflow to Azure.
Not sure if serious :(
(I kinda love the fact that SE runs their own servers)
3:08 PM
Later on, "SO goes to WordPress!"
Well in certain ways it makes sense - they can pick azure regions closer to key markets for example
@JourneymanGeek well, they're probably asked by Microsoft to test their Azure Migration Wizard, a simple tool to streamline your process, next, next, next, finish! And you're in the cloud.
@JourneymanGeek We discussed this yesterday. Not serious; this is Nick's style of humor. He would not tweet this way if it was serious.
It reminds me of a MS' official Cloud Azure manga that I have to translate...
3:11 PM
Or rather, it's serious that they discussed running SO on Azure; the keyword is "would".
@JourneymanGeek me too. I wish more places still did that.
all team meetings should be held at buffet place
they will end up meeting until drop... no progress on code whatsoever
buffet place should also supply wine
> the group includes two of my crushes and now i am taking interest like ALOT ALOT ALOT
3:19 PM
@JourneymanGeek neither am I.
> find some people having the same courses (including girls) yeah girls, ask them to explain it to you, get involved take part in discussion or get another plan replacing the girls.
Personal Productivity is sometimes like that
(edit suggested)
3:25 PM
I must admit, as a bot, you are not as dumb as I thought you were
> Do you read while sleeping or you really take the book and study like you do in high school and highlight words? (from How do you read programming books?)
It's sort of like Lifehacks before there was LifeHacks.
> drank about ~1.5l yesterday before bed (had coffee about 3 - 4 hours prior to that), went to sleep and had a good quality sleep (I'm guessing caffeine got flushed out during the night, giving me the ability to get undisrupted sleep).
3:56 PM
Thanks @AdamLear ;)
Any time :)
4:21 PM
> I certainly expect the CS teacher in my kid's school to teach her internet safety. I think it is way more important than teaching programming. -- cseducators.meta.stackexchange.com/q/93
They sorted it out, it seems... Although now I half expect an "IT educators" proposal.
> Stuff I say at work at #stackoverflow : "we just have to ... stroke our beards more ... before we push save." -- Tim Post at 8:48 AM - 7 Jun 2017
I sometimes wish Twitter had 10 checkboxes next to "Tweet" button, to be checked off in order before the button is enabled.
6:17 PM
> Stacksocial. It's operated by stack overflow. The trainings aren't free but I trust stack overflow, they've done right by me -- #SWPF 🇭🇹 at 11:03 AM - 7 Jun 2017
Actually, it does look about the same to me, up to hover effects on photographs...
But I'm confused: is stackcommerce behind stacksocial?
I can't get anywhere in stacksocial site without being blocked by a sales banner.
Come to think it, yes it does look similar..
StackSocial's about page.. well there's only StackCommerce about page on the footer
yeahhhh we don't run that
whatever it is
6:36 PM
Thanks for clarifying!
attempts to flag own message as too chatty
A chat can't be too chatty, though. Maybe "too commenty"
meh, maybe
Is it that critical? That is a common request.
A: Save them in a word processor.
@TravisJ I've resorted to using Pastebin
@StevenVascellaro Docs allows up to ten drafts. I'd love to import that feature to Q&A at some point.
You can also get a list of all your drafts.
@TravisJ Think of it like this. Let's say I think of a short question to ask on Movies & TV. I click "Ask Question", then remember I have a 16 page, 22,091 character self-answer waiting for me.
yes and?
7:19 PM
I open a new tab, login to pastebin, deal with the captchas, and move my question and answer there
I ask my brief question, them I move my draft back back from Pastebin to Stack Exchange again
Isn't that what you just said?
Logistically, I was able to determine a rough process of what it would take to use pastbin :P
The problem is, this only works if I'm only working on 1 draft for a single site.
I cant preview markdown in pastebin
True, you need to use the markdown editor in order to view the render. However, you can have multiple editors open at once. It just requires you to then individually retain the content if you wish to have multiple drafts.
The other issue is that I've had scenarios where I've lost work on answers because I left the page and then couldn't remember which question I was working on
The iOS app has a nice section that lets me view all my drafts at once
Would be nice to have a little "drafts" page to list drafts from all SE communities
@StevenVascellaro nope. One asks to have more than one draft per site, the other ask to list all the drafts. Not dupes even a bit.
The one asking to list them can be changed so it asks to list them across all sites, e.g. in the Network Profile.
7:24 PM
It's less of a critical feature, and more a "quality of life" feature
@StevenVascellaro that's true, SE doesn't have lots of those.
The team simply prefer to spend their time on the critical features, and 95% of the team is dedicated to Jobs anyway.
(which makes sense as this is their primary source of money.)
@ShadowWizard It just seems odd that the iOS app has a dedicated system for managing multiple drafts across the site
@StevenVascellaro nothing odd. It got a very.... dedicated/keen programmer who works fast and doing more than he's told to do.
Also, @ShadowWizard, do you think my answer would work better on the other question?
I'm 99.999% sure nobody told Brian to do that feature.
7:27 PM
I feel like it applies to both questions
How is the jobs feature profitable? I would dispute that it is the primary source of revenue.
@TravisJ companies pay for company page, employers pay to be able to search the users base for possible employees. (and send them messages.)
The usage is not widespread from my observation. I do not think that there is enough use to constitute a primary source of revenue.
Advertisements are another source, but believe really minor compared to Jobs.
I am inclined to believe that ads far outweigh job revenue.
7:29 PM
@StevenVascellaro same, it doesn't really matter. :)
I would assume that their enterprise solutions are also more profitable than the jobs feature.
@ShadowWizard Maybe I'll wait a bit and cross-post my answer
@StevenVascellaro no, don't do that.
Posting same answer on two different questions is very rarely a good idea.
Good point
You can post a comment linking to your answer on the other question.
7:32 PM
Probably would have worked better on the other question, but too late now. shrug
@ShadowWizard Good idea. Done
@ShadowWizard Tell Brian that little features like that are why I love the SE iOS app so much
It's seriously fantastic
I've legitimately considered making a Meta SE post just thanking him for his hard work
@StevenVascellaro don't do that... it will be downvoted, closed, and deleted, with good chance he'll never have chance to see it. He's not very active on MSE afaik.
that ^
The last time I posted one it went over surprisingly well meta.stackexchange.com/questions/294977/…
@BrianNickel hey! @Steve here want to thank you. :-)
Here you go. :)
I mean, it was closed, so yeah, probably shouldn't do it again. XD
Also, thanks. :P
7:39 PM
@ShadowWizard Eh, one of us would at least give him a link. We're not heartless
Wait, is Brian even in this chat? I don't see his name autocomplete
@StevenVascellaro well, you asked actual question there, you didn't just thank them. :)
@ShadowWizard Fair point
@StevenVascellaro duplicate, doesn't count. It doesn't mean bad question or question that should not be asked.
@Shog9 chance even you won't have chance to see it.... some people are really quick with downvotes, close votes, and delete votes. (glaring at @Bart and @rene ;))
@ShadowWizard I get a feed of new questions on MSE. Doesn't catch everything, but generally picks it up pretty fast - I even see the posts that Oded deletes in seconds.
7:42 PM
@StevenVascellaro enough that someone has even a single message in a room, and anyone can ping them at any time by replying to that message.
As the Ping Master, I know this well. :D
@ShadowWizard Huh. Always assumed that if their name didn't autocomplete you couldn't ping them
@ShadowWizard I deny everything, you talk to my lawyer
@Elephant Everything's fixed you'll get it next time script updates. Overscrolling and search box.
@Shog9 whoa, that's cool... though you do get to see tons of crap this way. lol
@ShadowWizard yes
7:44 PM
@StevenVascellaro not in the ordinary way, i.e. @Brian indeed won't ping him.
@rene is your lawyer a bee?
@ShadowWizard I know the Overwatch chat on Arqade includes a feed of any question tagged with [overwatch]
Also the pointless project is actually starting to look kind of cool, lol:
@StevenVascellaro well, if the question is deleted quickly it won't appear there.
@ShadowWizard Ah. Makes sense
@JasonC if others are using it, it's pointless no more. :)
@StevenVascellaro thanks!
7:47 PM
@ShadowWizard Nobody's using it. It's not published.
The thing I was talking to Elephant about was the chat top bar script.
@JasonC oh. Thought you already published, saw some "bug report" about it.
@JasonC starting to look like one of those '90s BeOS demos. You need a window with a teapot in it.
@JasonC - mIRC'ing the windows is interesting, but what would be a nice development would naturally be to make a single chat window that just had all the rooms in it.
@ShadowWizard Yeah that was about stackapps.com/q/7404/25350
@JasonC oh. Thought you're still on that. lol
You change projects faster than one change socks! :P
7:49 PM
@JasonC I figured it wouldn't be publicly available yet, but I had to at least try.
@StevenVascellaro Lol. It's not hosted on SE, my userscript just hijacks the 404 page at that path.
Lmao, nice
@Shog9 Oh yeah I totally do.
@TravisJ Well that's all in one tab so it's kinda like that, I guess. I'm going to add a "tile windows" button that'll sort of make it like one page.
Meh, not the same :)
needs moar thyme sink
I have an idea for getting all the chat servers in one window although it'll still require you to have a browser tab open to the other servers.
@TravisJ Lol
7:54 PM
(hint: the feature already exists, you just have to "incorporate" it.)
(it is in the "other rooms you are in" section)
Do you mean like all the chats blended together? Or just a faster chat room switcher?
Blend em
Blended together sounds right. I wanna see messages from this room, the C++ Lounge, and the Smoke Detector room all interleaved, and when I post something it goes to all rooms simultaneously.
drops the input element
Oh god
7:58 PM
is it happy hour yet?
This all reminds me of karaoke
@TravisJ every hour is happy hour in the Tavern
@TravisJ There are 11 people selling ads, vs 122 selling Jobs/Talent product. stackoverflow.com/company/team
To me this suggests there is more revenue passing through the latter.
Why? Because cardinality? Not convinced.
8:10 PM
Those 11 people are just really good at what they do.
lol wow
According to this worthofweb.com/website-value/stackoverflow.com SO's site is worth $3B
I don't know if a manager of a less profitable team can successfully argue it should be 11 times as large as the other one.
BTW stackoverflow.com/talent is 404, and I seriously expected it to work
@Shog9 - How far off is their estimate?:
Estimated visits per day:
60,439,560 visits / day
how do you wanna measure that?
8:14 PM
page loads, even with refresh
Oh, so yeah that is pretty on par then
ermagawd shut the front door.... 1.5 TB of ram? jeez
There are 2,594 job postings right now. How many active display ads?
well, roughly 60 million ads are viewed per day, so...
@TravisJ 60 MM page views a day != 60 MM ads served. Most network sites do have ads enabled, most pages do not have ads either.
Even at a tenth of that (6 million) that is still a lot of ads.
sure but only clicks count, no?
8:26 PM
I am not an ad revenue expert. However, I do believe their is a hosting price, and a click bonus.
Hyphenated domain name! The horror
Um, there are a lot more sites with ads now than just the trilogy, but I only get to choose one of SO, SU, SF
"only get to choose one", what do you mean?
The options on top of that page.
8:31 PM
Oh, I didn't click on that.
The most expensive kind of ad is $8.33 CPM, which I gather means 8.33 per 1000 impressions.
It looked like sketchy mcsketchface
Yeah, it does. But it's real.
SO clicks are probably pretty valuable, probably a very low unemployment rate for SO users
You could easily lowball an estimate at $4
Anyway, kinda far into speculation at this point. No doubt there is revenue from the Job feature, I just think it pales in comparison to the ads revenue.
Actually, 99% of revenue comes from the Amazon affiliate links we insert whenever someone posts a link to a book.
The rest is all just beer money
8:45 PM
Oh, I never knew! I would have included more amazon links to help
@Shog9 We really need to stop messing around with Docs. What happens when people stop buying books?
@JonEricson Docs should get worried when people stop getting sick.
@JonEricson - Would it be possible to include a view counter somewhere in the example viewer for docs? I feel like that would help users determine which of their contributions are gaining traction.
Or at least give badges for often-viewed examples
@TravisJ That would be helpful. I also think listing citations would be handy.
Q: Can we use citations to evaluate the usefulness of Examples?

Jon EricsonBack when Documentation was announced, we got this comment: If SO became the #1 repository of easily-searchable examples by language, framework, etc. I would never look anywhere else. Yes, one can google "How do I do X in Y-language/Z-framework" and you might come up with a examples through S...

8:48 PM
I already upboated that :)
Apparently I answered it also
That said, we are almost completely focused on structure and the T-SQL MVP. It'll be awhile before we can do the next thing.
@TravisJ Oh yes. I upvoted that at some point too. ;-)
sometimes it is hard to keep track of all teh things
@Guero Sidebar is $6.66 apparently. The devil's ad spot.
There are a lot of teh things, @TravisJ... perhaps we should add more :P
Gotta add em all :D
8:55 PM
What would you like to see?
There is consulting service, Developer Insights.
And Enterprise, but probably not a huge number of customers so far.
@Oded - You mean, what would I like to see implemented, or what in progress thing would I like to see?
What would you like implemented, shall we say in the vein of Docs & Q&A?
Pay $1 to cast 10 downvotes on a post at once?
8:57 PM
That is not something we would ever do. Devalues voting.
@Oded Oh, well by and large the thing I think would help the most for users would be including tags in the "questions that may have your answer" search criteria (meta.stackexchange.com/questions/280668/…)
That's a Q&A feature. I kinda meant, something new, different - something the size of Docs or Q&A :)
Q: The problem with extrinsic motivation

Jon EricsonTL;DR: Stack Exchange favors standard, fast, and complete answers at the expense of novel, creative, and excellent answers. This bias results directly from reputation ratings, badges and other extrinsic motivations, which form the core of the system and can not be removed. Therefor, the quality o...

Ah, hmmm
Perhaps a feature that helps with collaborating a presentation
Presenting can be hard, and it needs to be factually accurate, entertaining, and educating all in one - at least from a tech standpoint. Making sure jokes don't suck, don't go too far, that facts and features are accurate and best practice, and that the presentation is actually applicable is something that is difficult and entirely done by the presenter on their own.
This presents a large barrier to both presenting, but also to sharing knowledge in person, for example at meetups or even getting speakers for conventions.
So, that is probably one off the wall idea of something of similar size.
Interesting. Though - a very limited audience.
bonus: it could integrate into SO TV! :D
9:03 PM
So, stillborn idea ;)
I think wiki kind of content could benefit from established reputation system.
"Everyone can edit what they want" has its drawbacks.
If it was "everyone with X rep on the SE site on this topic can edit" ... there may be a better thing emerging.
Not competing with Wikipedia, of course, but covering some more specialized things.
9:06 PM
Which begins to look like Docs, but without the tag-topic-example structure or reputation gains.
@Guero Yes and no. Some users don't want to just type in answers to trivial questions, but they do want to (and do have the ability to) write very relevant prose and code in the form of an example.
Sure. The point is, if you allow everyone to edit, then you either have to review a lot or rollback a lot, and both are exhausting activities.
Win some contributors, lose others.
@ShadowWizard especially if it's anything positive. There shall be no positivity on this network.
9:28 PM
I have two Tweetdeck columns, one for "Stack Exchange" another for "Stack Overflow". They are often entertaining (after I cleaned up by muting several bots)
Like a tweetstorm comparing Biostar vs Bioinformatics.SE: "I was active on BioStar for a long time. Great community is its biggest asset. But everything from a tech/platform standpoint falls flat 1/n" -- Daniel Standage at 2:16 PM - 6 Jun 2017
@olgabot The StackExchange platform on the other hand has been battle tested for a decade, and is the indisputable standard for Q&A. 3/n
Well, 8 years rounded up.
That moment when you publish a large feature and aren't sure what to do with the rest of your day.
9:45 PM
Obsessively refresh meta for bugs? Or is that just me?
I may or may not have done something similar, was just reading meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/350308/…
I am not sure how to politely yell "no" as loudly as possible in response to that fr.
9:57 PM
Thanks! You're a gentleman or a scholar. — Don Branson Jul 17 '13 at 23:35
Isn't this a little odd? He could be both...
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