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12:00 AM
Spoiler alert: Winterbash page spoils a key scene of Empire Strikes Back...
And of course there is a Docs hat, supposedly balanced by two "non SO sites" hats.
bug: I got first responder already
12:14 AM
@zaq Winter Bash won't end for 20 days, 23 hours, 45 minutes, and 48 seconds. GO EARN SOME HATS!
One of the hats has criteria described as "Earn reputation on Docs". Does that refer to SO documentation? Or some other site/
Oh, some of those hats look quite difficult to earn.
And some will skew normal activities on sites so people will certainly have things to complain about.
@bjb568 you and a ton of others
@b_jonas Docs are an SO-only feature, so this is an SO-only hat.
Some are easy to earn though, users can earn them by just voting on a particular day.
@balpha I look forward to the 2016 reboot
12:19 AM
@zaq Right. I just wasn't sure if the terse description referred to that. I'm not on SO so I'm not familiar with the jargon.
Another hat description says "share a link to a question on social media that gets 5 clicks". I wonder what counts as social media.
Oh, there's a hat for earning a gold badge. There was one last year or maybe the year before that too.
Or was that one about a silver badge? Hmm.
There were both of those.
Some hats repeat, except in name and appearance.
The Dev Story hat is another SO-only hat, hence two non-SO hats for balance.
There's still no easy way to list all users who have earned a hat, right?
12:24 AM
Anyway, here's to three weeks of non-stop meta posts about hats.
Ask on Meta. :)
@zaq I thought I had a comment or something to that effect, but now I don't see it.
Maybe it was in chat.
What I'd like is a way to list hat instances sorted by any permutation of users, sites, and hats.
And hats aren't important enough, the devs have better things to do than add such a feature, I have better things to do than ask, and I have a bad experience with feature requests on Meta anyway.
@zaq Speaking of which, I just got a hat for a starred chat message, on MetaSE, and I'm pretty sure no such message exists.?
So did YOU just get a hat? (with my star)
I don't know, I opted out immediately.
That would be a "No". ;)
@b_jonas Did you just get a hat for chat?
12:32 AM
AWW, they're taking away the hats.
@AwesomePoodles I got a First Responder hat for something, but I'm not sure what for. It seems gone now.
Q: First Responder hat of the 2016 winter bash

DavidThe "First Responder" hat seams to be broken. The description of the hat: post a message in chat within ±12 hours of the UTC New Year’s begin that gets starred However I and many other already have the hat.

@b_jonas Darn. There's always one spoilsport. :)
A: First Responder hat of the 2016 winter bash

balphaTo be fair, the hat description post a message in chat within ±12 hours of the UTC New Year’s begin that gets starred does not mention which New Years… … and so it was accidentally awarded for New Years 2016 :( Fixed now, and the hats removed (while we tend to let users keep hats that wer...

Don't worry, there are other easy hats you'll get. Try for "I am your father".
Maybe later. I only try to milk hats occasionally, when the mood strikes.
Go for "Search you must" too.
1:09 AM
> The 11 key features responsible for the success of Stack Overflow are, 1) Transparent Ideology, 2) Gamification, 3) Simplicity, 4) Objective Q&A Style, 5) Strict Moderation, 6) Built on Nine Building Blocks of Social Engineering, 7) Daily Community Involvement, 8) Strong Leadership, 9) Bright Career Prospects for Reputed Users, 10) Mobile-friendly Design, & 11) App Store Presence.
And 12) Hats, of course. From askwonder.com/q/…
It's one of paid Q&A sites, with the price of $40+ per question.
Which is more expensive than uclue.com - but also the interface is fancier, so
Not a bad summary, but the role of apps is greatly exaggerated.
> when all you have is computers everything looks like data -- Computer Facts at 12:18 PM - 18 Dec 2016
2:37 AM
Hat ALL the things
Can we get one boxing for ^^?
Do winter bash run on Evey site (including all betas also)? /cc @rene
On all except (1) private betas; (2) those that opted out.
One boxing for random webpages is not supported, and the winterbash page is just a webpage that is designed anew every year.
2:43 AM
@zaq How do I know if particular site has opted out for WB or not? /cc @ShadowWizard
@Pandya If there is a snowflake in the topbar next to your inbox, then they are in. Otherwise they are out.
MathOverflow opted out as always, I don't know of any other site.
Also, /cc @random @users is generally not the best chat strategy.
Damn mathematicians always ruining christmas
@zaq I'm not /cc-ing random users, I am pinging to those whom I know :p
2:50 AM
Does anyone else feel like the Snapchat hat encourages FGITW?
1 hour later…
4:06 AM
/me wonders if my message with "@random" actually pinged @random (which it shouldn't have).
Why not? It's in the name
But it works only for users who were in the room recently; your name didn't autocomplete when I typed.
Felt like it did
Weird. Sorry about the random ping, then.
7:50 AM
@zaq not random, I gave him permission to ping me whenever he has a question. :)
@Pandya there's no indication in the sites list, but you can go over the list of sites in the Leaderboard, and sites that are not there most likely opted out.
@ShadowWizard Yes, I've already got it. Thanks.
@ShadowWizard (reacting on your comment) That's what I don't like about hats, they encourage stupid behaviour by stupid people.
bluefeet on December 19, 2016
Another year is rapidly coming to an end, which means it's time for some fun. Fun with hats! That's right, it's time for our annual event that brings joy to all and creates hat-fanatics everywhere... Winter Bash!
@Pandya :)
@Glorfindel indeed. But taking the good vs. the bad, the good wins in my opinion. :)
heh, only about half SE employees got hats by now.
Even @Shog doesn't wear a hat yet. :-O
2 hours later…
9:46 AM
@angussidney plz send teh coffee
9:59 AM
Wait ... there is a bluefeet hat? To poke, or not to poke ... that's the question.
test #2
user image
as expected. Not working
unless it requires a star too.
10:14 AM
Dead again? :/
the egg doesn't work here - as usual.
10:39 AM
@balpha no hat for poking employees?
Let's all poke employees in protest
1 hour later…
11:55 AM
@balpha so no poking @bluefeet ... got it
@Bart correct, or you'll be BANNED :P
or poked back. I never get that right
@bluefeet but you cannot deny that your magnificent feet are featured in one of the secret hats
Oh I'm aware how beautiful they are. It was modeled after my family
ok, Blue in the Face is a reference to bluefeet. They said no pinging.
Nothing was said about mailing.
everybody, we should mail bluefeet to check.
I shall wait for all the money!
12:12 PM
@bluefeet You know that every year, I use the "Contact Us" link in the Bash site faqs to send you folks a message "I want to buy a secret hat. I include some unicorn dollar images that you can redeem at your local printer"...
still waiting for the year this one will actually work.
12:54 PM
@Telkitty Wasn't that supposed to be about Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes?

 Ye Olde Hat Shoppe

Winter Bash 2016! winterbash2016.stackexchange.com Where every...
not even the dedicated room is getting traffic...
new theory: to get the Blue hat you have to show @bluefeet that you are worth of being a prinny like him, dood.
1:10 PM
@Derpy yes, Dr Sarah Watson & Sherlock the little trolling husky
Not thinking about any pony donkey or dog. My cat is still suffering about 2 hours of 120 minutes lags on chats a day, she demands apologies to be sent in email telling me how much her trolling is appreciated or else she might be too hurt to come back to tavern
1:31 PM
but most importantly ... artificially introduced latency must be stopped
@Telkitty want to join the "My Microsoft account was accessed by an unrecognized MICROSOFT IP and my account was temporary suspended as a precaution because of this" club?
@zaq And in my case, failing out of uni and now bottom feeding in an apprenticeship :D
1:47 PM
@Derpy I had that before ... someone tried to access my microsoft account
I don't care so much so of rejection. I mean, being rejected is painful. But it will take 5 minutes to get over ... or maybe 5 hours. Out of sight, out of mind. I rather not be in a trapped situation - that can be painful for 5 months or even 5 years or more.
@Magisch there is an old saying "maybe you don't get something you want, maybe you will end up with something better" ... or 'one door closes, 5 opens' :p
@Telkitty nope, not "someone". Microsoft IP. - also known as Microsoft BingBot.
Both gone
Added picture of new secret hat to the meta post.
Nothing really flashy, just a Superman reference
sometimes I think that you are a hornless unicorn @Derpy ... especially when smokey is next to you
2:38 PM
@Telkitty here
2:57 PM
I just figured out how to be double hipster. pokemongodb
Your puns disgust me
Me laughing at your puns disgusts me
Bart with hat: Somehow even less amused edition
Are we having fun?
Are we ever?
3:21 PM
Ernie’s favorite number keeps changing. It’s been two, five, seven, and 8,243,721. #45SesameFacts
anyone willing to bet that this is the new 007?
just with even more random number god involved?
3:37 PM
The first three are prime, the last factors as 3*3*3*101*3023. I don't see anything interesting about this number but I'm not Ramanujan...
@ShadowWizard Winter Bash won't end for 20 days, 8 hours, 13 minutes, and 5 seconds. GO EARN SOME HATS!
ok, this SharePoint dev environment will live without the user profile service.
I drop the towel
that thing will never run correctly.
simple test - part #2
maybe you have to reply?
not just posting
4:03 PM
@Derpy hmm? What do you mean?
@Derpy drop the towel... you know it can have uncouth meaning... ;)
@ShadowWizard only if you have a dirty mind.
4:18 PM
anyway, no luck with the hat
@Derpy oh, that "this is fine" should give secret hat?
Maybe now that it's starred?
nope, already tried the star.
but probably it isn't even that.
Simply someone had the idea to test that because one of the secret hat is related to that dog
since the onebox of "this is fine" seems also pretty recent...
someone theorized that may be related
4:58 PM
this is fine [noonebox]
Today's xkcd comic (Adjective Foods):
user image
7:15 PM
Hello guys
where are the hat geeks? :D
zeemee.com this video is bad
Trying out Brave browser for Android. Opera is hard to beat, but native ad blocking... and besides, SE navigation is buggy in Opera.
7:54 PM
Shame shame on all you people for voting to close “for being too local”: that’s a terribly embarassing “ugly American” kind of attitude. Understanding how to deal with Unicode in regexes is something that even dumb monoglot anglophones need to do, whether you like it or else. Notice the curly quotes and apostrophes in this comment. Welcome to Cañon City, Colorado — and have a nice EM DASH sort of day! — tchrist Sep 10 '11 at 19:07
Lovely seeing these @tchrist comments.
Naturally, the UI is essentially Chrome because Brave is built on it... which reminds me that one cannot reorder mobile bookmarks in Chrome, either. You will forever see them listed in the order that you bookmarked them...
Not so much bookmarks as the "speed dial" in Opera (which supports folders same way the home screen does). There's something about single-tap navigation to a site that I like.
I just type.
On a desktop, so do I. On a phone, I'd rather hit one large icon than two small letters.
8:04 PM
Verdict: Brave is a competitive browser, at least on mobile.
> the current SE hosted blog service on WordPress is going away - with an ideal timeline of 1 Jan 2017. meta.security.stackexchange.com/q/2587
Haven't seen the timeline mentioned before.
11:06 PM
GitHub is so festive these days.
But yeah, excited about my first non-documentation PR to a notable project (no offense to Smokey...)
What project is that?
@zaq I'd have to say that any timeline involving January first is either quite idealistic, cruel, or both.
11:13 PM
@zaq Ah. Yeah, I've thought of doing stuff with mathplotlib but I'd probably be messing stuff up more than fixing it.
Like that licensing change....
It should be January 0th, of course.
11:29 PM
@zaq Your x**0 got converted into bold.
Thanks, fixed.

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