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12:13 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: What is the proper comma placement around an Author's Name? by Bob on english.stackexchange.com
12:23 AM
1:11 AM
A relative of bluefeet?
1:27 AM
I would like to discuss this occasional lag issue on my browsers when loading SE chats
@bjb568 I'll never tell
1:47 AM
@bluefeet :o
Great success: after "Uber but for", we now have "Stack Overflow but for" genre.
Okay, let's compare...
2:40 AM
No such things are said about Stack Exchange; folks are mostly wondering what it is.
Be this raccoon, don't be this raccoon. Quit being a coward, acting like the a real (enter animal name here). And stop running your little script that introduces infinite lag on my chats!
2:55 AM
Is there a way to get a look at the top five words people use for what they write in the "other" box, for flags on a comment?
<unwisely pokes @bluefeet with a stick>
@Mazura Top five words used in "comment (other)" flags:
1. the
2. to
3. this
4. is
5. comment
> this is to the comment
to this is the comment
3:08 AM
the comment is to this
Top 5 words that aren't completely lame:
1. comment
2. question
3. answer
4. obsolete
5. link
where is 'duplicate'?
who flags duplicate comments?
top five (not-lame) two-word phrases:
1. the question
2. this comment
3. the answer
4. thank you
5. any value
@Shog9 OP is looking for #5 "[does not add] any value."
Which I suggested and got DV for (saying the question belongs here).
missing: number of letters across or down
3:13 AM
I went through with "but for math" version of the search. Sure, Mathematics is on top. Some Quora discussion of math vs physics overflows. And a mathbabe post pitching stemforums.com which is apparently offline now (also, the name looks too much like "sternforums").
But you're overlooking that this is aimed at replacing the current options that aren't other. Mostly "not constructive" (almost never used properly) and "too chatty" (misunderstood).
Why else delete comments? (Apart from rude and such)
Describe not the comment itself, but a reason for acting on it.
I like distracting
You should get you some EL&U rep
3:15 AM
@Shog9 If I may say so, the OP did a(n intentionally ?) poor job of explaining that. And has warded me off (in my mind) from suggesting something actually useful, like redundant or garbage.
@Mazura this the first Single Word Request you've seen?
They're more often bad than good.
Heh, that's my best tag by twice.
In theory - like tool-request questions on SO - a good SWR question can be asked.
But I must confess, I don't know how
Nor have I seen enough good ones to be confident in this theory
They strike me as crossword puzzles, entertaining but rarely useful
Yes. ;)
!!/report stackoverflow.com/a/41155697 (not to mention the question is OT/rec)
3:22 AM
So ... the chat lag issue ...
and folks say meta doesn't know how to have fun anymore
What's STC?
kill the post and the author
@zaq Shog to Come
Is there a confirmation dialog for that?
3:29 AM
The mobile version also quotes the name of the author, just in case of fat fingers
Mobile userscript?
open the page, type "nuke", read carefully
Neat, considering the circumstances (the state of mobile browsers)
yeah; there's a version of Tampermonkey for Dolphin, but... Dolphin
3:54 AM
Intelligent fat fingers, now recognize names
6:24 AM
@JasonC I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and offensive posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
@JasonC Post 1: Already recently reported
Unidonkey: 1 Jason Cat: 0
7:04 AM
@Shog9 I thought images are stored permanently for Stack Exchange.... is the above a glitch, or something changed? ^
(e.g. after five years the images are removed)
(it was originally in this question, see the revisions.)
@SmokeDetector hey, is this a new feature? /cc @hichris123
8:01 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Add comments in a pgn file by jony on chess.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector whoa, spam survived 10 hours. Shame.
4 hours later…
11:42 AM
Y so mean ...
But ... Why always around the same time?
Cron job or something
U tricked me 2 chat more than I intended 2
12:06 PM
It is not 03:00 UTC so I doubt it is a cron job
back to normal again ...
@rene wasn't in front of my PC when it started
Hmm, OK
@Mazura unwise yes, since I have a beak and I poke back
but if mazura is a minor, you might get arrested for being a pedophile kissing poking kid with your peak
12:30 PM
but if the kat was bjb then it's totally okay to poke
12:43 PM
pwned by r0ck, better quit internet
2:08 PM
> Current status: I'm pretty sure OutputCache variance on @StackOverflow (and every Stack Exchange site) has been broken for 8 years. -- Nick Craver at 5:56 AM - 15 Dec 2016
"Clarice, doesn't this random scattering of sites seem desperately random - like the elaborations of a bad liar? Ta, Hannibal Lecter."
3:10 PM
@ShadowWizard When that post was created, we weren't using i.stack.imgur.com hosting. Archive.org proof
We re-wrote the links in 2011, but that just broke images that were manually uploaded (as the previous archive.org link demonstrates).
So that image is gone, but not because our hosting expires.
I like how Trello Chrome extension adds its shortcuts to browser's navigation: typing "t a" in address bar brings up "Administration" board, "t m" for "Mathematics" and so on. Wonder if SO could use something like this.
I add my own search operators for SO:
- account search
- profile search
- IP search
...I spend most of my time looking for people :-/
"Are you looking for single females in your area?"
Looking for people to manage.
Pet peeve: "C-contiguous array", "Fortran-contiguous array". Why not just say row/column contiguous instead of "it's like in that other language"...
Like a lot of today's Python programmers know Fortran.
@ShadowWizard "new" as in a few months ago, but yes.
3:53 PM
> Internet of "things" from the same minds that named dongle, nonce, finger, cookie, drive, and web. -- Kevin Montrose at 7:42 AM - 15 Dec 2016
Immediately liked by @IoTnewsletter, of course
4:07 PM
@Shog9 oh, totally forgot about this. Thanks!
@hichris123 well, never noticed it before... :)
umm...... that broken image... without that .stack it's.... not what it used to be. i.imgur.com/DZgYl.png
So imgur is rewriting old unused images. How cool.
4:22 PM
Q: How should a bot earn enough reputation to perform the actions necessary for that bot?

Patrick HofmanWe all know it: bots that chat. There are also bots that flag, or perform other actions. And usually we like them for doing that, like our dear Smokey. So every now and then, a new bot is created, and usually you would ask a question using that bot or suggest enough edits to get the reputation n...

@JanDvorak yup. Saw it.
My Normal Bot participates normally.
Earning rep on Meta.SE isn't hard.
I probably wouldn't want to award it a bounty from my main account.
@zaq but 200 rep takes time, even on Meta.SE
4:28 PM
So does bot development, if it's a useful bot.
I'm in favor of there being some friction to creating multiple accounts with network-wide association bonus privileges.
The argument wasn't against friction, but that it would break the relative ordering of answers because the bot votes would be inflated by publicity
Not advertising the bot account would solve that.
Targeted votes for whatever reason break voting.
A bot that does something is going to be known by someone
4:36 PM
Yes, but by then it has the rep it needs to do its thing.
Doesn't mean the voting won't be skewed.
It might help, though, but you can't really keep the bot hidden in this case
@ShadowWizard related to out old discussion. Have fun reading and let the Microsoft hate flow. Link
I don't mind whatever Undo does with his bot projects, because Undo. But once it's a discussion about what's an acceptable way for anyone to create more privileged accounts, it's a different context.
And the answer should be more conservative, also taking into account non-Undo-like users.
But then again - if users do use bounties to raise bots for nefarious purposes, we have a trace of them. And this trace is easier to track than answers.
4:43 PM
Yes, that's a good point. I still don't think it's worth losing a hard and fast rule "no interaction between your accounts".
Replacing it instead with "no interaction, except such and such"
I'll be glad to see such a change made, even despite the useful simplicity of status quo
Except that geekdad.com blogger is using "Stack Overflow" in an apparent traffic grab.
> Perl, $105,000/year.... React, $105,000/year.... Clojure, $105,000/year.... Go, $105,000/year.... Redis, $105,000.... Cloud, $105,000....
Should I learn Perl or Cloud, hmm.
Both pay the same.
5:06 PM
meh, "cloud" is just a fancy term for "we don't actually know where our data is"
5:25 PM
Very good answer shog
Think cloud of sky fluff definite bad place of keep precious secret.
@zaq Perl is more fun and it's not going to disappear when the next warm front comes through.
Folks, has StackExchange got a pan-StackExchange search? (Aside from Altavista and Google, that is.)
@NickAlexeev you mean this: stackexchange.com/search?q=test
But Can We Get More Sensible Casing for Blog Titles?
@JonEricson I agree. ~10 years ago I spent a winter break playing with Perl for no particular reason. Unfortunately, having no particular reason turned out to be a recipe for not going far, and quickly forgetting most of things learned. There were no SO questions to answer.
Google Developer Console is a pretty confusing place.
6:09 PM
Okay, so it's only SO and not other sites. Fair enough. And the tables aren't like SEDE but more like data dump.
Being able to save results directly into Google Sheets is nice. Cloud!
@zaq it is the data dump
no posts with deleted :(
I see, the description mentioned that it "mirrors" the Internet Archive dump. (Which I never used, lacking desktop tools for SQL anything)
Separate tables posts_answers, posts_questions etc... didn't expect that.
6:13 PM
I know that they took the data dump and put it into a format that would work in BigQuery.
Hopefully, BigQuery doesn't time out as quickly as SEDE... (although it times out differently, in a "nope, you gotta pay for that" way)
The main advantage over SEDE that I see so far is that BigQuery supports re2 regular expressions
T-SQL has pretty limited like patterns
But... apparently REGEXP_CONTAINS must be in SELECT, rather than WHERE... (??)
6:46 PM
Never mind, I should have put #standardSQL at the beginning. Totally intuitive that the standard syntax is one that must be explicitly enabled.
Okay, it appears to be possible to run a regex on all SO post bodies.
> Query complete (3.0s elapsed, 26.5 GB processed)
a perk of BigQuery?
Oddly, selecting where REGEXP_CONTAINS(body, r"(?i)thanks in advance\W*$") returned exactly one row, with stackoverflow.com/q/37474841. It's a correct match but... I can't believe it's the only one.
6:57 PM
It's good that answers and questions are separate, because processing 26.5 GB each time would be a little expensive. BigQuery's free quota is 1 TB / month, which is < 40 runs on all SO posts.
That one wouldn't match the regexp I used, because of \W*$.
Arguably, I shouldn't insist on it being at the end...
But I wanted to check that regexes actually work.
The "moderator nominations" table contains withdrawn nominations, which aren't publicly visible otherwise...
7:03 PM
"<p><strong>Make Stack Overflow Great Again</strong></p>

<p>The last thing SO needs right now is an insider who will maintain the status quo. Call me an optimist, but I believe we can make Stack Overflow great again! It may look like I've abandoned this site, but with my triumphant return as moderator we can:</p>

<li><p>Clean up the steady flow of bad questions with a border wall!</p></li>
<li><p>Get those review queues under control!</p></li>
<li><p>Restore sanity to the Tags page!</p></li>
Oh, I probably should think about </p> at the end when using $ in a regex.
7:22 PM
> i am blocked from stack overflow because of typescript question i asked yesterday. are they also biased && fear open source, the truth? pic.twitter.com/HKdTgHxOTO -- Nils-Holger Nägele at 11:13 AM - 15 Dec 2016
I do fear the truth, but I fear the lowercase i even more.
For the record, the question was
Q: is typescript a superset of javascript? is typescript a superset of ES6? is typescript a superset of ES7?

Nils Naegelei've been reading alot of falsy information in documentation, books and videos. It seems that the authors are confused or misleading us. is typescript a superset of ES5? is typescript a superset of ES6? is typescript a superset of ES7? typescript is just temporary syntactic sugar. the prior to la...

sorry ...
7:38 PM
@bluefeet Is Jon Skeet using rep enhancers? Click here to find out the truth that BigQuery doesn’t want you to know!
8:15 PM
> Hooray, have hit 500 gold badges on Stack Overflow. Next major milestone will be 1M rep, I expect - end of 2017, hopefully. -- Jon Skeet at 11:54 AM - 15 Dec 2016
8:29 PM
Bad news (for me) from Dropbox...
> Dropbox Basic users will be able to use the Public folder until March 15, 2017. After that date the files in your Public folder will become private, and links to these files will be deactivated.
So much for various dropproxy links I put here and there on SE.
Github gists?
Well, today I'd use that. But I didn't have a GH account until ~1 year ago
Also, sharing a file via dropproxy has the double benefit of (i) not being visibly linked to any account; (ii) file still being editable by me.
8:32 PM
Isn't that a double negative for the other side?
Perhaps. I'm not very good at sharing, ever since the kindergarden.
@zaq What happened to our blog feed?
32 messages moved to Chimney
Not my fault. The only feed here that involves me is SNAFU / StackStatus
Very strange. It was posted in another room with the same exact feed link...
8:40 PM
The feed has the post, but the chat server has been unreliable in checking them for the last N weeks.
Maybe it's chat.meta that has these hiccups. Seriously considering moving my Log room to chat.SE
Could be. The other room was on chat.SE.
But then I wouldn't be able to combine them using chatception, so... no. :(
9:13 PM
Ok so
If I have some web app, and some page, and I want the page to trigger like a shell script or something on the server, and then I want to show its output on the page as it is running, then the technology I want to use is... WebSockets?
I remember also something called comet.
Yes. It's WebSockets.
9:28 PM
2 hours to MIT.
@JasonC Comet/long-polling was basically what people used before WS were a thing.
So yeah, WS are probably what you want.
10:02 PM
Let it snow let it snow...
Meanwhile, AccuWeather site has "Personalized Forecasts: Migraine". Apparently they know I'm grading final exams.
10:15 PM
Do you have a stack of final exams to grade, too?
@AlexisKing For a small, basically one-off site, do you think it'd be simpler to figure out websockets, or just to do ajax polling?
I'm using node.js on the server side and I found this express-ws module that makes websockets look simple but I haven't starting researching how to use ws on the client side yet.
@JasonC Depends on what you’re doing. But probably Ajax polling, honestly. The request/response model is better supported right now in that space than socket-style connections.
That said, WS are actually pretty high-level, and they’re obviously a lot cleaner than polling.
Client side is easy enough that I can do it on this very page...
 var ws = new WebSocket('wss://qa.sockets.stackexchange.com/');
  ws.onmessage = function(e) {
    var data = JSON.parse(e.data).data;
    if (data !== 'hb') {
  ws.onopen = function() { ws.send(USERNAME + '-topbar'); };
  ws.onclose = function() { window.setTimeout(switchOn, 60000); };
10:22 PM
@zaq Crap is not a subset of brown. At least mine wasn't this morning.
^^ runs currently to notify me of main site pings in chat
@zaq That doesn't look too bad.
And it's pretty much safe to say that ws is supported by the current version of all major browsers, desktop and mobile?
Kaitlin Pike on December 15, 2016
If you’ve ever wanted to get a statistic about Stack Overflow or your favorite Stack Exchange site, you may have used our Stack Exchange Data Explorer, aka SEDE. (This is separate from our regular "data dumps" meant for researchers and others who want to work with large chunks of the content.) Launched in 2010, SEDE is a web tool you can use to share, query, and analyze the data from our network. It’s updated weekly with all our latest changes and additions, minus a few sensitive things like people’s email addresses and voting behavior.
@JasonC Yes. IMO I would try doing WS. They’re not hard, it’s just that doing WS is inherently going to be more work than doing request/response stuff (at least at first) since the latter is “no work at all”. ;)
10:24 PM
That's true.
It's a good chance to add them to my toolset I suppose.
So yeah ws it is, thanks.
If I have to bang my head off the wall too much I'll just use ajax.
AJAX does make banging your head against the wall rather convenient
If you’re using node + express, WS should be pretty trivial, I think.
It’s only hard when you’re working with a server that doesn’t support it, since you might have to run the socket server on another port.
This stupid project
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: How do I test my connection to a given site? by timfredo on superuser.com
I've had to learn javascript, node.js, pm2, express, passport, bookshelf, jade/pug, bootstrap, and like 5 other things I don't care about, in like 2 days.
It's going somewhat smoothly at least.
And it's a lot easier than writing the app in Java/JSP, avoiding that is the only reason I went to node.js. I just got sick of setting up hibernate configuration files.
But god I hate web development.
10:31 PM
Yeah, now you only have a bunch of dependencies to manage ...
It's not even the primary purpose of this project, it's just like, a utility site.
@rene Yeah but I gotta say npm is convenient as all hell.
So is knex's database migration system.
Deployment's been a breeze.
I even got it set up to automate patching new features I added into bookshelf on install.
But screw bookshelf btw next time I have a project like this I'm trying a different one.
Bookshelf is the ORM?
It's been reliable. But the API is really cumbersome. And the docs are vague about key things.
And it's missing like 1 or 2 really fundamental things, like easily iterating over a collection of queries objects.
Also I don't think it's actively developed any more, just sort of mildly maintained.
Express, though, is freakin' awesome. It more than makes up for all problems everywhere else.
Oh I had to wrap my head around promises, too, that's also in my list. That's been tough for me.
Express looks nice yes.
Oh my god it's so cool.
It's so easy.
And super flexible.
10:38 PM
I have played only a little bit with it
That, and Jade has also been a pleasure.
The two combined let you crank out complex sites in minutes.
With like no boilerplate crap.
I used pug, not jade
That's what I meant. It got renamed to Pug. I just refuse, because "Jade" is a great word, and pugs are garbage dogs.
And it only got renamed because of some Australian like, shipping port management software company or something that was also called Jade, who I refuse to respect.
I used it here
@JasonC yeah, naming things is hard ;)
Once I dug into it more I found some great features that keeps the templates short and clean. Clean loops, blocks, template inheritance, mixins, inline JS for more complex stuff.
Compared to my nightmares of JSP tags.
10:47 PM
Yeah, that is similar for asp.net webforms
lots of noise
I'm out, need sleep
11:11 PM
17m to MIT.
If I get admitted, know that I will always be the Tavern's resident kalkulus kat. :3
Not implemented
A little over 5m.
I see you shiver with antici ...
Next post is the result.
11:28 PM
That's okay, you'll still be the Tavern's resident kalkulus kat.
And probably, there's a local Taco Bell that's hiring.
What about other schools you applied to this year?
Time to start writing essays.
They're due January 1 or 3, decisions come out in March, April.
8% were admitted, 20% rejected, the rest deferred.
Rejection takes a bit of time to get used to, but then it becomes just a necessary part of life... In case of academia: rejection by UG schools, then by GR schools, by journals, by potential postdoc places, then by potential tenure-track places, then by funding agencies... ad infinitum.
11:40 PM
(And that's the path if one's "lucky")
BigQuery aside (which is SO data only), there's a warm fresh dump of all SE at archive.org/details/stackexchange
@bjb568 Good luck.
When I was filling out college applications I lied and told my parents I applied to like 8 different schools, when really I only applied to CMU, and somehow got accepted.
Bullet dodged. Sort of.
A+ strategy.
I'll apply to CMU.
I support that wholeheartedly. Pittsburgh's a great city, too.
I'm pretty sure that to this day they are unaware that I only filled out one college application.
Eh... being healthy has a lot more to do with how one lives than with when one dies.
11:50 PM
I don't get the jokes that (pretend to?) miss the obvious.
Is that supposed to be funny?
Nothing is very much fun anymore.

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