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3:51 AM
I think my hat suits me well.
Nothing better than this. Done collecting hats then.
4:28 AM
@JasonC you there?
Q: Is it legal/ethical to link to an online copy of a service manual?

ZaidOver the years I have seen questions on the main site that could be answered with a link to an online service manual. While I prefer to err on the side of caution, I feel there is a need to have an official site-wide policy There are several facets to this question: I'm not well-versed in copy...

4:51 AM
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> Non-capturing parenthesis' in Regexp returns wrong values
> The engineering team decided not to take action on this issue.
I guess this is because the bug is in Rhino, and it doesn't look like Rhino development is all that active / the product is in demand...
5:18 AM
JS people: after the line var re = /a/g; can I expect re.lastIndex to be 0?
I think so. But apparently, when this assignment happens in a loop, Rhino will "optimize" it out of the loop, and lastIndex doesn't get reset.
What fun, tracking down such a bug.
5:41 AM
adfoc.us really should be banned/blacklisted/whatever is possible
It's not a run of the mill URL shortener
9:17 AM
we can del-vote this programming question on MSE
9:34 AM
Now gimme hat
9:46 AM
@Bart looks like you're already covered ...
short sighted dark vader with glasses ... and dark vegetable flower vader - vader's reputation down the drain
refresh @Telkitty ;)
10:11 AM
> Every piece of code I wrote 15 years ago "aged away" and has been rewritten or removed (I hope).
That seems rather optimistic
my code share live as long as I am alive
that's the good thing about have been written by someone with thick skin
I met the dev that was maintaining my code I wrote 10 years before ... he wasn't happy about everything ...
10:34 AM
Was it you?
11:33 AM
@ShadowWizard A nice question for you here. Could have waited to post this at home but better to leave it here before I forget.
1 hour later…
12:40 PM
heh, 4 out of 6 of my hats are secret.
Ooh, you got the Bluefeet one
12:59 PM
my master plan is working
1:13 PM
@bluefeet MOONCHILD!!!!!!
1:51 PM
@Derpy saw you got a decent response. :)
@ShadowWizard yes, it was confirmed that gaming the system that way is possible. But probably only someone like the prinny penguin @bluefeet can say how damaging it could be.
Calling bluefeet a penguin? It has been nice knowing you.
@Bart Did I just give away his most well guarded secret, dood? At least I didn't tell Mistress Etna where the missing prinny is.
"his" ... well, now there really is no saving you
@Bart did someone say something?
2:07 PM
Jul 16 '14 at 14:32, by SPArchaeologist
@rene wasn't it established by the GraceNote lemma that I use gender specific wording based only on the user avatar? ^_^
Trad: I don't care about the gender of the user, I think it is something that shouldn't change the way you interact with somebody on an online chat (outside of very specific cases). So, since people seem to think that using "it" is weird (even if AFAIK it should be fine - isn't that the gender-less pronoun?) I will just refer to the avatar.
Then, there are people like @ShadowWizard that cannot live without knowing if that Derpy is a boy or a girl.
@bluefeet I don't want to name names .... points at Derpy
anyway. I accept your head-canon. Bluefeet is not a penguin.
but since it looks like a penguin....
new theory is that it is an Auk.
An auk or alcid is a bird of the family Alcidae in the order Charadriiformes. The alcid family includes the murres, guillemots, auklets, puffins, and murrelets. Apart from the extinct great auk, all auks are notable for their ability to "fly" under water as well as in the air. Although they are excellent swimmers and divers, their walking appears clumsy. Several species have different common names in Europe and North America. The guillemots of Europe are referred to as murres in North America, if they occur in both continents, and the little auk is referred to as the dovekie. == Description... ==
2:27 PM
new interesting theory. Suppose that I create an account on a site and manage to get an hat I didn't had before. I then delete the account... do I lose the hat? and what if I was wearing it at the moment?
Do I get the legendary MissingNO hat?
@Derpy wait, what do I have to do with that? There is no relation between the glasses and myself.
2 hours later…
4:32 PM
David Robinson on December 20, 2016
Is there a difference between a "software engineer" and a "software developer"? How many years of experience do you need to be "senior,” or a "team lead"? Do people still call themselves "webmasters"? Does anyone actually describe themselves as a "rockstar" or "ninja"?
What's wrong with "programmer"? It used to be that the only place I saw this word used on SE was the name of a certain site, but now even that is gone.
In Russian I'd much rather say "программист" (programmer) than "разработчик программного обеспечения" (software developer).
Do I need to see an optometrist, or is @drob's connected-labels chart really blurry?
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@zaq Looks sharp at 100% and then blurry when you zoom.
On a small laptop screen, the letters are tiny at 100%... I'm using 125% by default, which I guess answers the question about the optometrist.
4:48 PM
FR: someone tell the unpingable drob about linking to a larger version of the image.
@zaq blurry ask heck
Well, when even glasses say that...
5:14 PM
Q: Is there a list of what each of the Winter Bash hats is named after?

Wad CheberMany are self explanatory (Batman), or nearly so (A New Hope). But some are more obscure. I'm especially curious about "Weed Eater". As a fan of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, the term "Weed Eater" seems to me like a reference to a relatively obscure episode in the first volume of the s...

^ Is there a post like that for 2016 yet?
@zaq I'm not sure. It always embarasses me to be called an "engineer". I know engineers and I'm not one. Developer is odd too. It just sounds like the purveyor of software sprawl.
5:37 PM
A: What's wrong with Ask Patents' moderation?

DonQuiKongI don't have an answer, I just want to say, this problem persists. Maybe SE could help us out there? related: What to do to get this site more attention?

@Jon Is anybody doing anything about Ask Patents?
5:56 PM
Since when does a community bump to the homepage receive an explicit notification?
Perhaps this should be added to the recent feature changes?
Q: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

devinbThis is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, but a Stack Exchange developer changes the Accepted Answer to ensure that the latest changes remain on top (given default user settings). ...

@bjb568 Robert is going through and cleaning things up. For the moment, we aren't planning on shutting it down. But it's obviously not working the way we expect an SE site to work.
@Werner The notice was added in late November, first reported in "Bumped to the homepage by Community" after suggested edit approved by Community. The story began with discussion How can we make the purpose of Community "bumping" more obvious? (which may need status-completed). This was narrowly preceded by Is there any way to see which posts Community has bumped?.
(but the last-mentioned post was a slightly different feature request)
6:20 PM
CMU: pioneering new ways of making code look complicated. Minifying Java, mirroring it, and placing it next to someone's ear is on the forefront of this human-computer interaction tech.
@Zaid What did you want?
Isn't it odd that "top x % this $TimePeriod" link is the only link on profile page that has target="_blank"? Yes it leads to another site; but so does "network profile" link and some others...
Especially considering SE is generally anti-"_blank"
6:43 PM
@JasonC wanted to bring up a meta post to this chat's attention
@zaq Thanks! Great references.
Q: Is it legal/ethical to link to an online copy of a service manual?

ZaidOver the years I have seen questions on the main site that could be answered with a link to an online service manual. While I prefer to err on the side of caution, I feel there is a need to have an official site-wide policy There are several facets to this question: I'm not well-versed in copy...

7:21 PM
@JasonC I'm done with the Google form. Wondering if it could be embedded directly into the question body?
@Zaid It cannot.
OK, thought so
> The greatest facepalm in all of motorsport? The guys reaction sums this up! pic.twitter.com/EARD7IeR5p -- Seb Morris at 3:35 AM - 19 Dec 2016
:) Someone spent too much time playing Carmageddon...
Kicking off the quarterly upload of @StackOverflow data to Internet Archive now. Fresh data should be available lat… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/809454863998271488
Still probably bzip2...
7:54 PM
@hichris123 is that a problem?
Q: Use LZMA2 or PPMd instead of bzip2 for the data dump

hichris123Related: Can we change the compression algorithm for the data dumps (although that was claimed to be done, and the compression algorithm at the time was LZMA(2?)) I noticed when looking at the data dump that: Each site is formatted as a separate archive consisting of XML files zipped via 7-z...

> This would mean a 1 GB - 4 GB decrease in size when using LZMA2, and a 4 GB - 6 GB decrease in size when using PPMd.
So size does matter ...
Maybe they assume bzip2 is more readily available across all platforms?
> Each site is formatted as a separate archive consisting of XML files zipped via 7-zip using bzip2 compression.
@rene Maybe, but it's stored in a .7z. Why not just do a .tar.bz2 or just a .bz2 then.
Yeah, that also makes sense
> Your 27-year-old CEO calls an ad-hoc all-hands meeting and regales about company culture and how your mission is to “kill e-mail because it’s broken.” He wants to make every enterprise company in the world switches to your product. He’s never worked for an enterprise company or any other company at all. -- thebolditalic.com/…
8:04 PM
Apropos of drob's title/experience findings.
@hichris123 Let's poke Nick then ...
Wait, I've never bountied that one? Huh.
That tells how important that FR is to you ...
Also, I missed this:
A: Are rejected migrations ever automatically deleted from the destination site? Should they be?

Shog9Starting this coming weekend, these should be deleted automatically 30 days after being rejected. Note that this logic will only delete a rejected, migrated question if it meets the following criteria: Migrated from another site (and no moderator has cleared the migration history) Not already ...

@rene I haven't downloaded the data dump since, so...
With my bandwith I don't care how big it is but if you're in under developed area's like Oceania it might matter ...
8:10 PM
Q: The Great MAF Experiment

ZaidKeep on reading if you have access to an OBD-II reader and a fuel-injected vehicle As mentioned in this meta post, I'm on a mission to collect data for mass air flow values at idle. With sufficient data, it should be possible to post an informed, objective response to the volumetric efficiency...

I think "webmaster" is a reasonable title from consumer perspective. Defined as "the person to bug if something is wrong with the site".
This is not necessarily someone who built the site.
8:29 PM
The splinternet (also referred to as cyberbalkanization or Internet Balkanization) is a characterization of the Internet as splintering and dividing due to various factors, such as technology, commerce, politics, nationalism, religion, and interests. "Powerful forces are threatening to balkanise it," writes the Economist weekly, and it may soon splinter along geographic and commercial boundaries. Countries such as China have erected what is termed a "Great Firewall", for political reasons, while other nations, such as the US and Australia, discuss plans to create a similar firewall to block child...
cyberbalkanization sounds sort of cool
9:23 PM
My dream is to achieve immortality by scheduling monthly blog posts far into the future.
Trying to approach this over the break by writing a post every other day or so. Kind of hard.
What's math-y and has code in it and is mildly interesting?
Ranting about broken regex engines is tempting but fails on all of the above counts.
@zaq bjb568?
Yeah, but I already did that.
9:29 PM
Unless the goal is to also find something unusual about the bjb part.
9:44 PM
Or the kat part.
@Derpy but here I am, still alive, years later.... ;-)
@bwDraco don't think you'll find here many users who can reopen questions on SU. No chat room over there?
Last week I learned a cool thing about adding natural numbers... Like, there are 5 ways of writing 7 as the sum of odd numbers: 7 itself, 5+1+1, 3+3+1, 3+1+1+1+1, and 1+1+1+1+1+1+1. And there are just as many ways of writing 7 as the sum of distinct numbers: 7, 6+1, 5+2, 4+3, and 4+2+1. The cool thing: this is always so, there are as many sum-of-odd-parts possibilities as sum-of-distinct-parts possibilities.
Could have learned this in kindergarden...
@zaq now prove this is always true... ;-)
Yeah, that I wouldn't be able to do in kindergarten. (Hey, 1/2 in correct spelling is not bad)
10:42 PM
Is this one of those theorems that took 50 years to prove?
No, it's not hard once one notices this.
Proving is hard because you can't just go one by one until infinity...
Of course, it's on Math.SE...
Q: The number of partitions of $n$ into distinct parts equals the number of partitions of $n$ into odd parts

rapidashThis seems to be a common result. I've been trying to follow the bijective proof of it, which can be found easily online, but the explanations go over my head. It would be wonderful if you could give me an understandable explanation of the proof and let me know how I'd go about finding such a bij...

head spins
10:45 PM
Yeah. It doesn't take 50 years, but not 50 seconds, either.
Prefer programming. :)
Or software engineering, as it's apparently called nowadays. Except it's different.
eh, true. :)

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