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12:04 AM
is making doughnuts
@MichaelMrozek DO IIIIT!
@Fosco oh, man...
I've been in bed, sick, all day. No appetite. And that still sounds good.
@Shog9 dude I had that here recently .. sucks
#Timesheet writing up sucks ... especially when you have to reassign hours to new billable time buckets
ugh... timesheets.
I will be happy when we transition over to a way that I can do all my bugtracking and time assignment together in one app
bugtracking being a blanket for all tasks related to creating code based products
@Shog9 Thank you
12:08 AM
but noooooo, we have TWO apps
@Shog9 sorry, hope you get better quick!
I'm reading the SU town hall digest now do decide who to vot for for my #2 and #3 choices
@Shog9 awww man, that sucks. Get well soon!
pretty sure it's just a cold, but it's been doggin me for a couple weeks now and I gotta fly on Saturday - so I'm really hoping to shake it by then.
Does anyone happen to know anything about Quicken QIF files, and possibly creating them from CSV files?
@TheRenamedException sadly no
12:15 AM
I've used an excel add-in to create them from excel spreadsheets.
@RebeccaChernoff Really? That's pretty cool... hm... but
The issue is our new Accounting VM has no Excel on it, and Qucken can only import from QIF, or, you can paste in from Excel
Which is stupid
At the root it is just a txt file
Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) is an open specification for reading and writing financial data to media (i.e. files). History QIF is older than Open Financial Exchange (OFX). The inability to reconcile imported transactions against the current account information is one of the primary shortcomings of QIF. Most personal money management software, such as Microsoft Money and GnuCash, can read QIF files to import information. Intuit's Quicken used to be able to import QIF, too, but with its 2006 version it dropped that support for several important account types, including checking, savi...
Probably wouldn't take much to write a script to generate.
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 49 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
@TimStone OH GOD IT'S A BACKWARDS SMILEY WHAT HAS RCHERN DONE TO YOU!!? runs screaming out of the room
12:18 AM
You can paste from a <table> in an HTML document
@TheRenamedException AFAIK, the plaintext Excel clipboard format is just tab-separated data.
so... pretty easy to create from CSV
@Shog9 I tried pasting in tab seperated data, that didn't work. But if I create an HTMl page, that works
I can easily open a CSV in Numbers and export as HTML
Yeah, must be something more plan plaintext clipboard data
The issue is, we're Mac based and Quickbooks is running in a VM, being accessed through RDC
So Excel / Numbers /Etc all resde on the mac side
Gah @waffles I've just hit the same edit problem again on Code Review
12:22 AM
@YiJiang didn't you hear about his being a sockpuppet via inheritance?
Obviously you need a second VM, running Linux and GNUCash, in order to "wash" your data...
Q: codeigniter template help

SjmonHello all im new to codeigniter and new to the hole template system. så i hope some one will help me out and maybe look at my code and see if i can do something better so i can learn something new :). i have try to install this template system williamsconcepts.com/ci/codeigniter/libraries/templa...

@YiJiang damnit don't give me broken links :\
I still like the write a script to generate a qif file, but that's just me. (;
> Oops! Something Bad Happened!
12:24 AM
@drachenstern I'm reporting a problem to @waffles
@RebeccaChernoff way too simple. Needz moar enterprizey
Wait, wait...codereview.se? WTF?
So we should @waffles and let him know to visit the room?
@GeorgeMarian jes jes, very gud jes?
@GeorgeMarian Erhm... yeah? Why?
12:24 AM
@GeorgeMarian Right?
50 lashes with a wet noodle @waffles!
goes off to propose canihavecodezplz.statckexchange.com
@drachenstern We should @waffles, yes.
So my boss just came across the confirm dialog on window.onbeforeunload today for the first time apparently
my code tries to do an "isDirty" flag to keep you from navigating away
@RebeccaChernoff I was going to do that, but I'm behind on a project for work, and I need to finish it if I expect to be able to do another TH DIgest tomorrow :-)
12:34 AM
per his request
@Shog9 I need to learn GNUCash
Last time I tried it bamboozled me
@drachenstern sorry, please continue
Q: Customize onbeforeunload dialog box

keithjgrantI've got an onbeforeunload event working that pops up a dialog box warning users about unsaved changes to a form when they navigate away. window.onbeforeunload = function() { return 'You have unsaved changes.'; }; How do I customize the dialog box that shows up so it's a little more user f...

oh that was it
he was just all flummoxed
"wtf is this, this is a little unwieldy"
I used to have an old computer running *nix just so I could use GNUCash haha.
Yeah my boss isn't happy with it either, I told him I have no control over it
I was ): when that computer died. I should get it going again.
12:36 AM
@RebeccaChernoff VirtualBox! :-)
@TheRenamedException that's what I just had to explain
You can run GNUCash on Windows
@Fosco shhhhh!!!
@RebeccaChernoff Just play directly on the HAProxy servers, I'm sure they won't mind.
12:37 AM
We were about to get @RebeccaChernoff to run linux again!
So says the almighty Google (yeah I had to google it)
I don't think he understands that I'm literally just doing window.onbeforeunload = function(){return 'sometext';} ...
You'll ruin everything @Fosco!
@drachenstern LOL
I'd have to decide which distro to run (;
12:37 AM
When did this appear?
@drachenstern I have a really nice JS Object which handles this, hit me up if you want it
@RebeccaChernoff Ubuntu!
yesterday, by Tim Stone
Hmm, profile updates have been pushed to (only) MSO.
@TheRenamedException sure, I'm on gmail, or you can skype me
@drachenstern So, he doesn't like the appearance of the pop-up?
yesterday, by Tim Stone
Hmm, the profile changes don't make it clear that the field labels are in red because they're things that moderators can see..
12:38 AM
@GeorgeMarian not so much, no
@TimStone That image was taken on SO
I'm talking about the 'Real Name' field
@YiJiang I know, it was pushed out everywhere after that.
Like 20 minutes or so. :P
scratch head I mean, I don't remember filling out my real name anywhere for SO
Oh...they just...know o_o
@drachenstern Well, that's understandable. Has he seen how it looks on Linux?
12:46 AM
I need more @waffles
need to get to the bottom of that error @Yi
@Jin has bacon, you have waffles. I need a signature food. (;
12:49 AM
@DanGrossman Hmm, there's a billboard in the background that ends with "Open in your pants"...
now + ^^
sigh this isn't gonna work well if people say they're available when they're really not. meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/1078/…
Not much I can do |:
It is what it is, I suppose.
I will robably have to take off around 6:30 PM EST that day @RebeccaChernoff, I will try and finish up the digest Thursday morning, unless @Moshe wants to help me again
whats the easiest way at the moment to do multiple profiles on chrome?
@RebeccaChernoff how's it feel herding cats? ;)
12:55 AM
@waffles currently only via command line. ui for switching is coming, but not available yet.
@The I'd love to help, but not on iPhone. I can't copy and paste here like this.
aha ... just --user-data-dir="c:\path\to\the\waffles it is then
@Moshe good point, forgot your situation
@The its all right. I'm back at school after an extended weekend of finishing apps, saving desserts from roaches with my iPhone, and repairing Windows XP registries. What a weekend, Oy.
I should be in the office tomorrow afternoon though.
> saving desserts from roaches with my iPhone
I read this four times and am still baffled
12:59 AM
@waffles Does SO have a link limit of any sorts?
Lol. Hahahaah @the. I got an Otterbox. I can use my iPhone for almost anything.
@badp link limit ? there is one for new users
I'm trying to break LessPopMoreFizz's record of 75 links in the same answer with my moderator application and I'm currently at quota 112, I'd hate to reach my target of 128 only to be told I've put in too many links :P
@badp what? Where's this post?
1:00 AM
provided I post it at all, I'm not one of the three mods I'd like to see elected
@waffles that was the only one I was aware of @badp
@TheRenamedException me too.
@Moshe on my GMail account.
@badp this is likely to get.. um, edited? downvoted? deleted? flagged? all of the above? :-)
@badp I may have to check in a fix for that then :)
1:01 AM
aww, but they're mostly all related!
@waffles probably no need. if he posts it I'm sure @RebeccaChernoff will destroy his plumbing
well, except maybe the link to Hard Times and the easter eggs.
@badp Quick, before the next build goes out!
Ok. I am tired. Early night, bli neder.
@TimStone but I need 16 more links!
1:02 AM
@waffles I believe I second this.
@badp add a link to backwardsmile.info in there for me...
Swift justice is coming!
@TheRenamedException Can't
@Moshe later!
@badp rats
I love this colorizing code. I'm not going to get anything else done because I keep playing with it, LOL
1:05 AM
Don't make me tell your boss!
Okay, okay, I'll make it work in the output file too! :-)
hey wait, you don't know who he is!
although it wound't be too difficult to discover, LOL
@TheRenamedException I was going to use @Fosco as a proxy
Well fortunately this changeover to QuickBooks has him so busy working with his team he hasn't contacted @Fosco yet, at least not to my knowledge :-)
So only Moshe knows who my boss is because he sent him my Gravatar earlier ;-)
(Thank god he didn't really do that. I would have freaked the #*$ out! :-)
1:21 AM
Ok, new goal: find a way to present a userdialog other than the one for onbeforeunload on a dirty HTML form
What am I having no choice but to try?
that does the same thing as onbeforeunload
@TimStone wait, what am I doing?
@TheRenamedException Ah ha
(The history command makes that all too easy)
@drachenstern The only solution is to cheat.
1:25 AM
@Shog9 can I cancel window.unload?
@drachenstern No.
but window.onbeforeunload does
Q: Prompting user to save when they leave a page

AkeemI need to prompt a user to save their work when they leave a page. I've tried onbeforeunload but I need to show a styled prompt not the usual dialog box. Facebook has managed to achieve this (if you have a Facebook account, edit your profile info and go to another page without saving and you get ...

can I call an ajax function before it finishes unloading?
@drachenstern You just need to intimidate the user better. "DON'T YOU DARE NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE WITHOUT SUBMITTING CHANGES"
1:26 AM
I coudl do that
So here's where it gets fun:
He wants me to instead of showing them the onbeforeunload dialog ... to save on every single action on the page
that can work
if they edit the title of the report then I should intercept those keystrokes and save the title as they type
if they change any related feature, save it
so here's my problem:
we're not maintaining a dirty page ... I can't ever cancel
imagine never being able to close word without saving changes
imagine having to send every email you start to write out of anger
you need... UNDO!
imagine pulling the trigger everytime you think about it
realistically, you want some granularity. Clicking in the title box and accidentally hitting the spacebar while reaching for Ctrl+F4 shouldn't leave you with an untitled [whatever]
1:29 AM
Thank you
That's my fracking comment
I suggested coming up with good reasons this is a bad idea
Shame I already voted in Programmers' election. I'd have to deduct points for ChrisF and JoshK.
yeah we already hashed some out on skype
@TheRenamedException It violates user expectations! Wastes bandwidth! Kills trees! Kicks puppies! Puts hotsauce on your tuna sundae!
Bah, you think I didn't try that already? Apparently he likes to kick puppies!
1:32 AM
damn puppies
I am thinking extra load on the srver might be a good point
We almost had it with concurrency issues, but, nt quite
The sad part is this is not a heavy volume page. Mostly just one or two users concurrent is the expected load. It's going to be very set and forget
pretty much
1:40 AM
"well thats not fair that these "Moderators" get to decide what post are up and what ones are not, thats like facism and goes against the constitution"
...Is that a real comment somewhere?
A: why do my questions keep disappearing and why did my reputation go from 100 to 1?

Michael PetrottaI assume you're referring to your account on the Apple Stack Exchange, Ask Different. Your account was suspended for one day (ending late at night UTC, 2/2). You should have been contacted at your registered email address, with the reason. If you haven't received an email, chances are you don't h...

help me decide: real troll or not?
@MichaelPetrotta Aw, we can't see what he was suspended for on Apple.SE
1:42 AM
"Why do people with macs act like douche bags?" <--- offensive-deleted. Pretty good bet that's the reason...
@Tim: We're probably better off for it.
Q: CD will not eject when using itunes

LetseatlunchFirst my CD drive wouldn't open. I keep hitting the round CD button on my keyboard, pictured below, but then my macbook crashes hardcore. i think it has to do with my iTunes, because when i plug in my ipod, it doesn't crash. Is the itunes on the ipod different than the cd?

Oh, good. For a second, I thought that was you, @Shog9, saying that
Those commenters seem to agree with you :P
@MichaelPetrotta Oh, I'm totally saying that. But, and this is key, I'm not asking it on Apple.SE!
1:44 AM
@Shog9 Ah ha...yeah, might have something to do with it.
Yeah, that's somebody seeing the power button and thinking "that looks kind of like a CD; it'd be funny if somebody confused them....wait a minute..."
Forgive me if this has been asked a thousand times, I did search here and on meta. Did something change with the way upvotes are calculated on tags? Yesterday I went from 850 to 700 upvotes on a tag. Anyone know why?
Perfectly fair question. It's a button, he's pressing it!
@DarrelMiller A question was CW'd or deleted, I guess
1:46 AM
@TimStone ROFLOL
Had to pop in to share this. Nite!
I wish I had one question with 150 upvotes. Holy smokes. hmmm. I will check though to see if any of answers have been CW'd
None of your answers are up that high
@Shog9 Already reported, I think
1:47 AM
@Shog9: just highlight the text. Problem fixed!
@MichaelMrozek I don't have enough soap to get clean after posting on a mac site
I accidentally got the supporter badge there a few days ago :(
I wonder if we're going to see the election numbers, or just who's in the golden three.
@MichaelPetrotta They release the whole data set
1:49 AM
Yey, I get to do basic data conversion, YIPPIE! I LOVE MY JOB RIGHT NOW...
Which square is darker A or B?
Neither. There is no square.
@GeorgeMarian They're the same.
@MichaelPetrotta LOL Nice one.
1:51 AM
I was shown that illusion in 5 separate classes in college. Not interesting anymore :/
@TimStone I see you've played knifey-spoony before.
Heh :P
That's still probably my favorite one out of all the ones I've seen, and I've spent way too much time on Wikipedia looking at them all
@DanGrossman Hmmm...I don't think I've ever seen this one.
1:53 AM
Anyway, it's part of a long blog post on color theory: blog.asmartbear.com/color-wheels.html
@RebeccaChernoff It's a Simpsons reference.
Not a very good post, if you've seen any of the responses
Sounds smart but he doesn't really know what he's talking about
@DanGrossman You've described my whole SO answer strategy
As for seeing that illusion before... the classes were 'computer vision', 'computational photography', 'computer graphics 1', 'computer graphics 2', 'introduction to meteorology' :p
@RebeccaChernoff They go to Australia, everything is bigger in Australia. One of the locals says "That's not a knife, this is a knife." The audience expects it to be a huge honking knife. Instead, the guy whips out a spoon.
@DanGrossman I'll admit I've only skimmed it lightly.
@Dan: how could you possibly have remembered the specific classes?
1:55 AM
Grabbing dinner, see you guys later
@RebeccaChernoff shiould I go to PF Chang's? :-)
later, @The
Well, there's no reason for that illusion to come up in an economics class or a history class. Those are all classes that touch on how vision works.
@DanGrossman That would explain it. I have an engineering degree not a CS degree.
1:57 AM
@DanGrossman What would meteorology have anything to do with that?
@RebeccaChernoff so happy ... this works so well
@waffles Not sure if Welbog would agree...
@YiJiang There is an entire chapter in the text book of that meteorology course devoted to optical phenomenon caused by the atmosphere/weather... mirages, rainbows, etc
@TheRenamedException You should order P. F. Chang's online on 6 Feb. You can get 20% off by entering STEELERS or PACKERS as discount code.
@waffles \o/
1:58 AM
Why the sky is blue, why you see a green flash at some latitudes just as the sun sets below the horizon
@RebeccaChernoff UNACCEPTABLE. Harass @Jin
@YiJiang it is local after all .... you should see the quality of some of my local edits ... they are truly for my eyes only
we disabled impersonate in prod ... it only works in dev
@TimStone Oh right, I've been meaning to ask about that bottom scrollbar - just appeared a few days ago I think
@waffles That's exactly what I'd expect someone impersonating waffles to say...
2:00 AM
@YiJiang Yeah, I hadn't noticed it before, but I haven't been paying much attention either, heh.
A: Election: Strategic Mod Voting

Shog9Heck yeah! Why else would you down-vote? Odd numbers annoy you? You just like clicking things? Ok, those are good reasons too... But strategy is better. And my strategy is, "down-vote everyone I don't want to be a moderator". Don't forget: these are the primaries - the point is to whittle down ...

Avatars are messing with my head tonight. Talking breakfast food and disembodied head, I'm looking at you.
@MichaelPetrotta lol
2:11 AM
> They are seeing exactly what the security officer is seeing, that they can say 'Oh, yeah, I forgot to take that piece of paper out of my pocket,'" Pistole said.
My legs ache. Running around the school and erhm... whaddya call that? Oh yes, sports, gosh, sports did that to me.
Those damn pieces of paper, always hiding paper-thin explosives..
@TheRenamedException @Shog9 @TimStone @ROOM-AT-LARGE!!! I managed to convince him to not make all those changes!!! ZING! I WIN! The intertubes ARE SAFE AGAIN!
2:14 AM
@TimStone Even in context that sentence is silly.
for reference (for Josh since he's gone to PF Changs) ;)
 //old code
        window.onbeforeunload = function () {
            if (IsDirty == 'True' || IsNameDirty == 'True' || IsListDirty == 'True') { return 'If you leave now, your changes will be lost.' } else { return false; }
@drachenstern == 'True'? :|
  //new code
    var weTriedToCancel = false;
        window.onbeforeunload = function () {
            weTriedToCancel = true;
            if (IsDirty == 'True' || IsNameDirty == 'True' || IsListDirty == 'True') { return 'If you leave now, your changes will be lost.' } else { return false; }
    setInterval(checkIfWeTriedToCancel, 100);
    function checkIfWeTriedToCancel() {
        if (weTriedToCancel) {

        weTriedToCancel = false;
@YiJiang lazy mans code ~ I'm passing variables between the page and the form and I want to force explicit checks because of maintainers
2:15 AM
@GeorgeMarian No kidding. sigh
@drachenstern Using strings as booleans? :|
@TimStone To hell in a handbasket. I say.
if I start using if (somevar){} on a regular basis they'll get confused ... I promise
@drachenstern Josh probably went to the P. F. Chang's I always go to (that is 5 minutes away from home). :-P
such is the state of my crew, that I can't regularly use ternary expressions for assignments because they're so illegible ...
2:17 AM
@GeorgeMarian The fact that it's going to cost $2.7 million to roll out that change also makes me sad.
@drachenstern (On the topic of "small world".)
@YiJiang consider it "readable"
these are not tight loops btw, these are once a page ops, so the jitter can spend all day on it (ok, not quite, but you know what I mean)
@TimStone I don't even want to think about how much money has been wasted on "security."
I could probably even "enhance" it by moving the setInterval into the code block above, but like I said, maintainable
Could somebody tel me if I my vote will be valid if I only choose the first choice in a moderator election?
2:19 AM
@Trufa Yes. (You can pick 1, 2, or 3 candidates.)
@ChrisJesterYoung great thank you, by any chance, any documentation stating that
@TimStone You might enjoy this article about someone standing up to the TSA: theregister.co.uk/2011/01/25/passenger_acquitted
So, still with the cancer, but they can't see my... privates?
@ChrisJesterYoung by documentation I mean anywhere where this is stated
@YiJiang case in point also: you do NOT want to see the javascript code for these pages. No classes. No reusability in most places. Pretty much just straight procedural unless I can squeeze something in somewhere that they won't notice and will regard as a library function.
I had the boss destroy a beautiful div over the weekend because he doesn't understand the box model
I had to spend like 20 minutes yesterday morning fixing it :(
2:24 AM
@GeorgeMarian Hmm, the video is being slow to load... Do you know why he refused to show ID, or did they harass him and then he refused to show ID?
@MichaelPetrotta Yeah, and you won't be able to smuggle paper on to the plane. Victory!
I did an opt-out over Christmas in Detroit. Not great ("OPT OUT!! WE GOT AN OPT OUT!!!"), but they were respectful.
Except for the yelling
@TimStone I assumed it was a matter of principle.
@MichaelPetrotta Both of the airports I was in over the holidays weren't using the scanners they had, heh.
@MichaelPetrotta Wow, really?
You know, I think I've stopped answering questions on SO because of the new sort order
2:28 AM
@George: yep. What's surprising?
With my set of favourite tags most of the questions I get is junk
And hrum... time to read up on the 1.5 updates to jQuery
@GeorgeMarian Ah...I think that asking for ID is entirely reasonable, personally. Trying to act like police and prevent people from taking video footage? Not so much.
@MichaelPetrotta That was more of an expression of astonishment, not necessarily surprise.
@George: ok, what's astonishing? :-) I'm missing something...
Seriously, I challenge you to find a worse set of tags to watch on SO
2:30 AM
Oh, wait, I got that emoticon backwards. Hold on: (:
@TimStone Yeah, I don't know. I sure don't want to see a requirement that I carry ID with me everywhere. This isn't Nazi Germany.
/me invokes Godwin's Law!
Ok people, now that I've battled to save the state of the free world and added a 10 hour billable day to my timesheet I'm going HOME
2:33 AM
@MichaelPetrotta The fact that they would make a big deal out of it. The lack of professionalism that entails. (Again, not surprising when you post job ads at gas stations, but still astonishing.)
@YiJiang: you got something against .NET? Want a piece of me?
@GeorgeMarian Right, but for the purposes of saying "Yeah, I'm the person who's supposed to be using this ticket", I figure " shrugs "
@MichaelPetrotta I have [php] and [vb] in ignored tags. :-P
So, looking at the dictionary definition, I'm using astonished as a synonym for wonder not surprise.
@George: I think they're required to do that. I don't have anything against the TSA folks on the ground. I think they have an impossible (and arguably unconstitutional) job to do, but I sensed no ill will towards me.
2:35 AM
Even funnier: I have [php] and [vb] listed in my SO Careers profile under "dislikes", and I still get messages from companies seeking to fill a PHP role. >_<
I think they were more embarrassed than me. Know they were, actually.
@MichaelPetrotta That makes it even worse. Lets pressure people into not opting-out by making a big scene.
@MichaelPetrotta Meh, I don't want to see questions in languages or frameworks which I have, oh, approximately zero knowledge about
But yeah, to answer your question, I would only want a piece of you if you're @waffles
@George: Not sure I follow. You can either go through the cancer boxes, opt-out and get a pat down, or not fly at all.
@MichaelPetrotta If it's a matter of policy, rather than a lack of individual professionalism, then it seems like an attempt to pressure people into avoiding the opt-out route.
2:38 AM
@George: that's probably right.
Is there a technical reason why they have to shout it out? They likely need to get someone over to do the pat-down, but that shouldn't require yelling.
Oh, I'm sure someone wrote down a plausible reason for the yelling on the procedures. Doesn't preclude the "pressuring" reason.
"In our efforts to conserve energy, we shall avoid using our 2-way radios..."
But it was so similar to an SNL skit I saw, I almost laughed. Almost, because I was a bit nervous.
@TimStone I disagree. ID may be required to obtain the ticket. But, you shouldn't need to prove that the ticket belongs to you.
2:45 AM
Ok, heading home now. I like it when it's dry:
(not a picture of me, I wouldn't have hair like that)
@MichaelPetrotta What about the scooter?
@George: yep, that's what I've got
lol nice
2:47 AM
I like having a few eccentricities.
Nothing wrong with that.
Though, that hair may be crossing the line.
again, not my hair. or my jorts.
or my tucked-in t-shirt. Maybe I should have found a better picture...
Don't forget the hiked-up socks.
At least they're not knee-highs.
@GeorgeMarian Ah, yeah, I don't agree there. :P
2:51 AM
@TimStone I take the same issue with having to present car registration papers when pulled over by police. Why do I have to prove that I'm Innocent?
Mmmmhmm... $.ajax(this) on error can be used to retry ajax requests. Was broken in 1.4.2, but they fixed this in 1.5

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