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9:00 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Thank you!
Straw poll: When I say "native app", what's the first thing that pops into your head?
- .exe?
- bundle?
- iOS?
- Android?
- other?
@Shog9 Indians
I associate "app" abbreviation with mobile devices. My interpretation was Android.
@Shog9 runs without the need of internet
anything that doesn't run on a desktop and not on a Nokia 6130
9:12 PM
@Shog9 Mac App Store
.exe is only for viruses, right?
@Shog9 official stack exchange mobile app :D
(dunno why)
There are 2.
Both useless.
Not another 78 MB gif...
This one isn't even that big…
Besides, it's Chrome's problem.
@bjb568 it took quite a while for your cat to become alive... ouch those oversized images... (;D)
9:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Using freebase for a twenty questions application by GStack on stackoverflow.com
Q: UI suggests that better fit elsewhere is a valid reason for closure

200_successThe criteria for migrating a question are: The question is off-topic on the current site. The question is high-quality. The question is on-topic for the target site. Or, as stated in the faq, Don't migrate for the sake of migration. We only migrate questions because they are off-topic ...

delete pls. @bjb ^^
too late
Q: Add optional box for spam flags letting you say why you think it's spam

T.J. CrowderThis came up recently, where a user had taken the time to look at the link on a post and realized that the post wasn't just off-topic, it was actually half-decently-disguised spam. So he flagged it as spam, and an overworked mod declined it, giving the questioner the benefit of the doubt. And we ...

migrated :)
(and was remaining in the CB of SO for some time)
9:45 PM
@HoboSapiens I think @Bummi and I were the two additonal spam flags that jumped on that Safari-Apple-Rejected-Spam-Flag thing.
> However, the question then gained two more spam flags in quick succession so I took another look and conceded that I'd made a mistake the first time in not just deleting the post.
@nicael Hi nicael, AFAIK you are collection possible bugs, I upvoted this before on meta.stackexchange.com and was able to upvote again on meta (just tried, took it back) I'm not sure if this should be possible.
@LynnCrumbling hm, what did I / we wrong?
Why can’t we have a vandalism flag?
A: Words for before, during and after a theatrical performance?

iuuiuiuuiiiu78oiiiuiuiuiu ed fd g etergrefr erfrfeefrerf erfeferfet 4 54gg gt4tt4t4g

I find vandalism offensive, but I don’t expect that flag to be acceptable here.
It’s hardly hate speech.
Because that presupposes it to be speech.
Not line noise.
9:52 PM
abusing the system, even with this username, nothing which happens clueless?
Well, throw flags on it. We’ll see if we can delete it that way.
Many have been deleted that way already
I’ve had my wrist slapped before for not using NAA on those.
@JanDvorak New mod. Some time ago now.
Well, that worked.
I feel like we see so many of these that we should be able to teach Smoke Detector.
9:56 PM
@bummi that's quite a useful feature btw :D and it seems to be by design and already reported (lazy to search now :D)
If there is a real username and something which could point to a clueless user I go for NAA, especially on sites I'm not too familiar with
@bjb568 lol yes, 'cause Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are all viruses.
@nicael so I can upvote again? I'd like too, I was about to ask for this feature for a long time ....
@hichris123 :P
@tchrist We usually catch these, hold on...
9:59 PM
@bummi wait, of course you can :D are you afraid to do it?
@nicael feels like a kind of fraud (2 votes of me on one post)
Ah nah, dunt worry :)
(I already upvoted it the second time about half an hour ago)
@bummi Take a look at this meta.stackoverflow.com/q/288062/656243
I'm out - night all!
@LynnCrumbling night :) , in this case I was not involved :/
I have a slight feeling nobody's going to like what I've written here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/288238/…
10:14 PM
I think I can see why
This feature request grew out of a situation where the user hadn't actually done anything seriously wrong. — Pekka 웃 48 secs ago
Hi all. Here's a silly question-am I in here? I somehow showed up and left my avatar behind!
Now it's here!
define presence
@JanDvorak I was afraid someone would ask that!
And yet you seemingly didn't prepare an answer
10:17 PM
where is the meta post about questions which only one answer is the same as the other, but that doesn't make both duplicate
lol, what a goofy story
@JanDvorak Lol! You're right, I didn't, should've planned ahead. I was going to say "Hello, hello, is this microphone on?" Should've stuck with that!
Microphone? What microphone?
Hiya @Sue
10:21 PM
@JanDvorak audio chat
Q: Question views should be migrated along with upvotes

nicaelI just saw a question migrated from MSO and it immediately made me think about my confusion long time ago. The reason was, of course, the fact that the number of views doesn't get migrated and always resets to 1 after migration. For example, the question I just mentioned now has 218 upvoted and ...

@HoboSapiens gone
@HoboSapiens I can only see one comment, and what's so bad about it?
@JanDvorak The offensive comment has been removed already
10:22 PM
@Frank Where in the world do you find these things?
@Sue Ha!
cool, firefox autocompletes https:domain.tld with the slashes
2 mins ago, by Frank
@HoboSapiens gone
@HoboSapiens But next time, if you could directly link to the comment, it'd be better.
notes to trust Frank more
@JanDvorak That's what I thought would happen!
10:25 PM
@JanDvorak To be Frank, I'm quite honest.
Hiya back Frank!
@Frank I have no idea how to link to a comment.
@HoboSapiens right-click the timestamp
then copy the url
right click, to be exact
or right click if you are blessed with a windows-box
10:27 PM
@Frank That's a feature I never dreamed existed, let alone find a use for. Thanks
@JanDvorak right. :P
forgot to specify
@Frank I think you could have left the other instruction up too, for those of us on tablets with no right-click!
@Sue Can't you click and hold? Or is that just mine?
"or the equivalent action for your device" is always assumed
@Frank You're right-I can!
10:31 PM
I see a jpg I posted in here is on the star wall - forget what I posted 12h ago... scary
Oh, just that
> You've accomplished a great deal already, and I'd like to help you transform those accomplishments into college admissions success.
@Mooseman a toddy is a drink. Not offensive ^^
lq though, but not offensive
Changed to regular delete.
@nicael gone
10:35 PM
@JanDvorak that... wasn't a regular spam report
Yeah, not a spam report, @Jan
@Mooseman I added post notice
@BrianNickel Are you around?
a square?
No biggie-I'll catch up with you later here or in the other room. Can you just leave me a note with the most up-to-date IOS version? I'm running 1.2.2 which is what's in the App Store, but my screen shot looks different-no buttons along the bottom. Is it based on my iPad's iOS version, which is 8.1.1. There's an update to 8.2 but I haven't done it because you never know what will happen!
does iOS have bricking updates?
10:49 PM
or crippling at least
@Sue A hexagon
Most definitely crippling, and you never know what will break when you update.
Which buttons are you referring to?
All 8.2 will get you is some security and bug fixes and an undeletable app called "Watch".
Looks like Kasra finally became productive and got work done on the Android app.
10:55 PM
Kasra has had a hell of a week. He finally figured out why lower end devices sometimes have blank post bodies and pushed out a fix.
@BrianNickel Oh hi. The buttons on the bottom of the screen on this. The bottom of my screen is blank.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Doorknob Blacklisted user.
@SmokeDetector gone
@BrianNickel Now the question is why didn't he figure that out last week? ;)
10:57 PM
Screenshot of mine.
Okay, "Switch to meta site", etc are in the beta channel. You can get it by filling out this form: docs.google.com/a/stackoverflow.com/forms/d/…
Cool-be right back. Since you so kindly offered to discuss the app with me, I've been doing lots of research (@Frank knows I love research!), and want to make sure I'm looking at the right version. There's tons of awesome new stuff since I last used it though!!
@Frank Ooops, didn't mean to ping you when you were already here!
@Sue I
@Sue don't
@Sue care
@Sue really
11:04 PM
@BrianNickel Cool-I'll be expecting a link...
@Sue at
@Sue all
@Sue :P
@Frank I'm
Does @Sue need more pings?
I think @Sue needs more pings
@Frank glad
Maybe @Sue doesn't need more pings
But I'm guessing that @Sue needs more pings
11:05 PM
@Frank to
@Frank hear
Ugh. Mod doesn't extend to MSE chat. :/
@Mooseman Nor SO chat
> In the world of blind the one-eyed man will find no place to buy a camera.
11:06 PM
@Frank that!
@Sue you skipped two :P
@Mooseman It's a different network.
@Doorknob Yikes, I'm slipping!
I'm feeling old reading this all :(, Night @all
@bummi Bet you anything I'm older than you! Nighty-night!
11:08 PM
@bummi Night already :)
@Mooseman Thanks!
@Mooseman ¡sʞuɐɥ┴
@Sue Sent
@Frank O.o
@Mooseman ha
11:11 PM
@Frank I think you've told me before that you usually don't do much about user names, just what they say. True?
@Sue I flag for offensive names, if that's what you mean.
@Frank That's what I meant. Was on Ask Different yesterday. I flagged the post but didn't know if you do anything about the name, which is f***1 or something like that.
@Sue Yeah, def. offensive
was the post bad?
@Frank It may have been Android but I can't find him now. I was actually reading the transcript here and saw the post come in so I flagged it, but the username was still there later.
@Sue oh, so in chat?
11:21 PM
@BrianNickel I've been meaning to ask for this on Meta, but I didn't get to making the demo showing how many steps it takes to get to a child Meta site.
@Frank Yup.
@AstroCB Yeah, it's been long overdue. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/229369/…
Last evening. I think it was Android. I have an account there so when I saw the request come in I went. Three downvotes came through while I was reading the post, which already had 5 when I got there.
@Sue oh, so the poster wasn't in chat, but he was reported there... kk
@Frank Yah-I didn't mean to insinuate it was a post here-it was one that was reported here.
11:25 PM
So much android spam, if the mods didn't nuke the user yet, prolly not worth digging up unless a lot of people are likely to see it otherwise
I get it, seems like tons of stuff there is spam, but I met a nice person in the chat room!
She couldn't answer my question, said I should probably post in meta, but maybe one of you knows.
@Sue Mods can get a list of who posted spam, if they wanna nuke stuff.
@SmokeDetector fp
@Woodface Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
^ What I think every interviewer does
11:30 PM
@Sue But when I see spam, I keep a link to the users profile, and if it isn't deleted shortly after, I flag.
My question was similar to my iOS issue-I have the right Android system for the newest version, and my phone's set to update, but I'm a version behind and my play store is too. Do I have to do something like I just did with IOS?
@Sue Hmm, I don't know.
@Frank That's what I figured-which was why I was surprised to see it later. Maybe just took a while.
@Sue Feel free to flag spam/offensive users in any case - there's no good reason to ever decline that flag.
Thanks. I definitely will next time.
I did flag the post but not the user. I should check to see if it was a "helpful" flag.
Yikes-he's still there! I got a helpful flag on the post but they left him alone. His username is F***itunes (he spells it out). How do I help get rid of him?
11:40 PM
Flag again?
@Sue Got a link to the user account?
@Sue Flag the user.
on one of your own posts, if none of his exist
@Sue Pinged the Apple mods in TL.
11:43 PM
@Frank ... wait, we can?
tell me of this secret tool
@Undo yup
@Undo score:..-6 locked:yes deleted:yes
... oh
well that's cheating
and turns up nothing on SR
so it's not reliable
11:44 PM
It should.
... has SR not had any spam?
score:..-6 deleted:yes turns up some stuff
@Doorknob we just haven't had any get community nuked
Or has all of it just been mod-spam-flag-nuked before reaching 6 mortal spam flags?
^ that
11:44 PM
Thank you! Me no like that stuff. this is my flag summary which shows part of the post. Will delete this once you've seen it.
@Sue Can't see that; I'm not a mod on Apple.
@Doorknob I embedded the link in the word "this."
Yeah, I'm just a mere mortal on apple.SE. Can't see your flag history.
11:46 PM
@Sue right, that link won't work for anyone except you and Apple.SE mods
@Undo locked:yes deleted:yes is more reliable
@Undo Even through my link to the page?
@Sue Of course. Otherwise people could just see other users' flag histories by sticking any user ID into the URL.
> Don't ever underestimate how stupid humans can be!
Open Source in commitment! Go support it if you want!
11:49 PM
@Doorknob That's a good point, actually! I wouldn't want to be able to do that. I just tried to delete it and the x is there but it didn't delete.
No biggie since you can't read it. Glad to know some things are actually private :)
@Unihedro inb4 "i wantZ open source dat do X"
@Unihedro Hmm... I can't think of many questions about that that would fit within the SE scope.
@Doorknob you just need one
@Doorknob Look at the questions asked in the definition phase.
@Unihedro Okay, I gotta ask: why did you use your other account for some flagging action, hmm?
11:51 PM
@Doorknob Thanks for doing that. I hope he goes elsewhere!
Also, your age is leaking on that account...
@Unihedro Why'd you flag with a sock instead of your own account?
Oh, that was a test to see if we could programmatically flag from a user without borking it. We're not doing that anymore.
@hichris123 the only important part is that nobody knows he's a turtle
cc @Sam
11:52 PM
@Unihedro huh, okay.
@hichris123 Bah.
@hichris123 I noticed the age too. And I love turtles. Had one for a pet-he was cool!
@Doorknob "requires access token" We weren't using one :p
@Sue Never had a turtle before.
@Unihedro needs to change his avatar to a turtle.
11:54 PM
On it!
We should really have change-your-avatar-to-a-dog-day. :D
@Doorknob April 1
@Doorknob april 1
11:56 PM
Okay, why not. I'm becoming Dogknob next month.
Also, @Unihedro: your Careers profile is borked.
@hichris123 He was cool. We rescued him from a group of hatchlings that had been run over while crossing the street.
Uni is being audited D:
Mar 12 at 7:24, by Unihedro
Can someone try out my "careers profile link" button? I think it's broken http://meta.stackexchange.com/users/266094/unihedro?tab=profile
11:57 PM
much borked
@Braiam Random thorough information audits conducted by moderators of another site in the network for no apparent reason :D
his socks are being seized, his profile scrutinized, his links verified
hum hum
@Undo site.stackexchange.com/admin/users, and look for users with 1 rep, and multiple flags...
@Braiam Spring cleanup time!
11:59 PM
@hichris123 Don't kill me sock! :p
To school, bye o/
> This user was created to circumvent system or moderator imposed restrictions and continues to contribute poorly

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