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7:02 AM
I love it
Nancy White again promoting Spyhunter superuser.com/a/890962/172747
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: A word to describe a person who lives to perform by NoodleFolk on english.stackexchange.com
Thats an answer posted as a question, you don't see that every day
converting a PDF to an MP3??? Straight up changing the file extension or with OCR and Speech Synth? God that would be awful
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: What does Kernel do? by baba ramdev on askubuntu.com
was I being too blunt in this meta.stackexchange.com/questions/251513/…?
just from the title alone, this is gonna be good
7:31 AM
No, you aren't harsh at all. We have standards. Crap that doesn't meet those standards is removed, end of story
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: A word to describe a person who loves to perform by NoodleFolk on english.stackexchange.com
i want that on a tshirt
@SmokeDetector ignore pls
@AlexisKing Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
wait, since when am I on the list?
7:34 AM
somebody could have at least told me >.>
the list?
The "SmokeDetector listens to you" list.
7:35 AM
I am stunned I am on the "anybody listens to me" list
apparently this happened 3 days ago
Thanks for the memo, @hichris123. :|
mind you, I often ignore people... partly due to being partly deaf
2 minutes in the Improvement queue aaaaaaaand, the tide of crap made me CTRL+W
@James happy thoughts happy thoughts
The improvement queue should be removed.
7:46 AM
or improved...?
both, and fix the crap spewing from Triage
The "should be improved" button should have consequences - you should be forced to improve it.
s/it/the reviewed post.
spewing crap...... very bad gastro.....eww
That's actually a great idea
When I first started in triage, I thought that that particular button would lead to a message for the author of the post. But no. It just leads to more work for me in ANOTHER queue.
It's like being at the DMV.
But you're not just standing in line. You also have to be the a*hole behind the counter.
I have no constructive criticism for the new queues - they're just not working that well in my opinion.
7:49 AM
perhaps propose it on meta?
I need to have a constructive proposal. Forcing people to take the consequences of a button-press seems to be an ill-liked idea, in general.
People hate consequences.
I hate consequences.
Which is why I don't triage, instead.
I simply do not have an alternative or a solution I think is good enough to post on meta. But that won't stop me from complaining. =)
indeed! nothing wrong about that!
It will breed either another Hitler or a teenaged suicide
Of course. I was raised by lesbians so of course I think men are the root of all evil, and the sight of my own genitals makes me retch. Except that I'm gay.....
It saddens me that there are actually hardcore feminists who think men cause all their problems
@James The key question is, does the sight of someone else's genitals make you retch?
Well...... I've never seen a girl without pants on. Do my parents count?
I'm sure that most people when confronted with their parent's naughty bits would retch
How do we close questions like these? stackoverflow.com/questions/29116795/…
@James Yes. Most people.
@James Oedipus being an exception.
Yes, of course. But he didn't know that she was his mother at the time. She was just some willowy Athenian hotty I'm sure.
In response to that question, I'd just downvote
8:03 AM
Like every other night at the dive-bar.
Downvote it is. I miss the "too localized" close reason.
I believe it was called an Athenaeum.
Dive-bar. =D
I don't wanna learn PHP mummy, it makes everything smell like copper for some reason
Noone wants to learn PHP.
every time I try and read the book, my eyes glaze over and I just stop paying attention
8:12 AM
Like me and Stack Overflow.
I'm on Chapter 3, after having skipped Chapter 1 (History) and skimmed small sections of Chapter 2 (Basic Structure)
PHP has structure?
sorry, Language Basics
like php has these control structures, this is how you declare a variable etc
8:14 AM
Wonderfox day on SU :/
I beg your pardon?
^ what the eloquent gentleman said
I feel like pusheen with a monocle on right now
already 3 post promoting this
one as question deleted, two answers open, on questions which need to be closed
8:17 AM
Ah, by the same user.
Point me at them, I'll create an account and flag them
I really wish the trusted site bonus was 200, that way I could downvote too
@J.Steen the questions too?
@James no don't downvote spam
Yeah I have
but downvote too if I could
I've created 5 different accounts to flag spam today
@bummi Didn't see a question.
@J.Steen was removed, very fast, too fast to flag for me
8:21 AM
And, yeah. Don't downvote spam. It adds nothing, and obfuscates how soon the post will be removed.
A: Add another canned flag decline reason

BoltClockActually, it was never really OK to use custom flags in lieu of existing flags unless you had a very, very good reason to do so (e.g. old question that will never receive views, before close/reopen queues were a thing), because using custom flags interferes with sorting and filtering flags by typ...

I would read the hell out of a 'Best of Mod Flags' page
where the mods post the funniest/most inappropriate/creative custom flag reasons
I think a definite "unclear"-vote, and walk away.
far away
Isn't it funny how we have a vote-reason for subjective questions, when everything in a crowdsourced community is, basically, subjective?
"What is your suggestion" -> POB. "Is there any tools" -> rec-tools. "What can I use" -> too-broad.
8:30 AM
The fact that that question is unclear is highly subjective. Someone might understand it.
See? Andrew understood it.
It's just the poor phrasing that makes me giggle, that and they are always asking you to literally design their entire system for you
The general opinion of the public is "programming. how hard can it be?" (hence why PHP exists). So, a lot of people who just aren't cut out for it work in the field. This is my highly biased and subjective opinion.
No it seems fairly accurate from where I am sitting
@J.Steen Check the profile. That user also asked a famous question....
@rene I know. I was curious about the gold badge. The question has a total of -five- upvotes. Not that great, in other words.
8:36 AM
That kind of thing annoys me. A 4 line question does not a famous question make....
Out of 12 000 people, a minimum of 14 visitors have voted on that page.
A maximum of 19.
That's not a good ratio.
I put literally days into this Q&A and I don't even have 500 views
But you've got as many upvotes. =D
Better ratio.
@James now you will, or at least you just increase the chance to make it happen.
It's the answer I'm the most proud of
8:39 AM
I also think the commenter Hitham is utterly incorrect.
Which one of you sweetie's upvoted the answer?
It's a legitimate question and is better suited being a question than in the tag wiki - WHICH NOONE EVER READS.
But the question could be fleshed out with an example of attempted code, or code explaining the situation that the answer solves, or something.
To make it more complete.
And make it look even more legitimate.
I did think of that, but then I figured that I provided enough detail in the answer
8:42 AM
Sure, but the question shouldn't be a result from the answer. =)
Hmm true
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected, Offensive body detected: The use of the word “fuck” in The 300: Rise of an Empire by Hawthorne Smith on movies.stackexchange.com
but I'm not sure what to include, because the answer covers so many things
I could split it up but I wanted a central resource to point too when answering questions about common Hibernate problems
@SmokeDetector ignore, well..... legitimate question, methink
@AndrewT. Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
8:44 AM
That's the most stupid question I've seen today.
though the question could be expanded to "Why the movie uses English, since English doesn't exist on that time"
It's not legitimate. They used 'fuck' because the script-writers wrote it that way. THEY DIDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH IN SPARTA.
It's a very stupid question.
Well. I guess it's legitimate. But stupid.
That's like asking why they speak English in Star Wars.
Or Tolkien, for that matter.
8:46 AM
Because Klingon didn't have enough user penetration
It somehow reminds me to a pattern used be an user with at least 3 accounts
^ actually I thought of that too
don't have VTC powers
sadly :(
8:50 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I've upvoted the comment but I have no idea what that said ....
That Smokey post, flag as VLQ?
@James NAA
@James went for NAA
@SmokeDetector tpu
8:51 AM
@AlexisKing Blacklisted user.
oh well
flag cast now
no bad username to assume abusive
I went for offensive. =D
same here
these random characters offend me, because of non-specific childhood trauma
8:52 AM
To me, it's offensive that they don't bother learning what to do with the site before posting.
@bummi It's a 1 rep user with nothing else. It's not going to lead to anything good.
It's unregistered, even.
most times abusive seems to be ok, sometimes it get's declined, clueless asumed
kind of dilemma, since if we aren't fast enough to get rid of it by 6-flags, a mod may invalidate the flag :|
It's a race for subjective opinions!
which might be hinting of voting-ring!?
unclear what you're asking
@James I'd say off-topic -> debugging help.
that too
8:55 AM
Though that's really just a subset of unclear.
I tend to find those two kinda interchangeable
Or RTFM, but we don't have that either anymore.
But that's what downvotes are for!
There are always custom close reasons for the really awful questions.
It's those kinds of questions that annoy me the most. Where it is painfully obvious that the user hasn't done a blind bit of research into their problem
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Detect OS in Vimscript by nhg on vi.stackexchange.com
8:57 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
Anyway, I'm out for the day, so I'll see you tomorrow
@AlexisKing Blacklisted user.
That's a very... specific sub-site.
@J.Steen There's also Emacs, though IMO that makes more sense.
Emacs is basically an operating system.
I'm waiting for notepad.stackexchange.com
8:58 AM
Vim is a text editor.
And VimL is one of the worst scripting languages I've ever seen.
Can we make php.stackexchange.com so we don't have to deal with it on SO? =D
Bah. =D
Also, I really don't understand where that sort of "random character" spam comes from. Who the hell wants to go around posting random characters as answers to things? o.O
At least with actual spam there's some possible motivation, even if I can't imagine it's very effective on SE.
This user is making quite some suggested edits these days. How to proceed with this one? meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/38039 Not sure about the **be aware** part. It seems so useless.
9:01 AM
WHY did someone bother to edit this? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/251510/…
@J.Steen badges?
"Be aware! Reading the tour might stop you asking a question (since you realize that it's off-topic, good!)"
@PatrickHofman He's also posted a massive post about rejected edits...
Do edits count toward badges if the post is deleted? I'd hope not...
9:03 AM
@J.Steen Do you have a link?
serverfault gone
@bummi I find it odd that SF hasn't gotten the design overhaul when basically everything else has.
Especially since it's one of the trilogy sites.
@AlexisKing there are more "old" sites, waiting for the new one from meta :)
9:06 AM
I'm still just patiently waiting for CR to get its own design now that it's graduated.
I've always seen sysops as being even more opposed to change than developers are. ;)
I need to sleep. The typos are starting to hit that level of mind-boggling strangeness.
'Night all.
what makes me wonder is the spam this morning using then same engine as the skin products but promoting sourceforce PDF "products"
9:13 AM
SPAM engines are big business so great chance they are equal.
9:46 AM
> The question has been closed Mar 04 at 02:30 AM by meat5000 for the following reason:
The question is answered, right answer was accepted
Got to love the Unity Q&A site ...
10:16 AM
I feel meta here...
@rene mhmmm ... Where I can ask this question:
Yeah, thanks...I was in that same process Mr quick-typing, well-formulating, ... run out of words...
10:21 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle by RosaRome5 on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@rene Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@SmokeDetector nuked
@rene Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
10:29 AM
waiting here (seed?) superuser.com/q/891016/172747 OT anyway
@bummi It is spam. No need to wait for an answer
@SmokeDetector gone
@bummi the tag is OK...
@JanDvorak thanks , did not realize the standing term.... :/
Gone. At -7.
10:54 AM
user image
Did it ruin the firetruck when a train came?
Maybe having a fire hydrant on both sides would be an idea.
stackoverflow.com/questions/29118703/… I'm sorry, but this amuses me. "I have lots of experience in writing code" "never done something that compiles or builds into an exe" "I [...] just run it in visual studio"
The fundamental lack of understanding about how software development works is so...
11:05 AM
I have no words.
Interpreted languages are getting more and more popular nowadays
Yes. But they use Visual Studio, and C#, and even mention C++!
And while C# is an IL, it's COMPILED to run.
How does eval actually work in a compiled language?
But, if you want the technical details?
By firing up another application domain context to compile the eval'd code in.
And then running it.
But then you have to include the compiler in the compiled code
11:10 AM
.NET compiles itself. So yes.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PERIODID DOES NOT HAVE A DEFAULT VALUE by user61591 on dba.stackexchange.com
You're basically building IL-code on the fly.
Sorry, by IL I mean intermediary language.
C# is humanly readable. MSIL is less so. It's just-in-time compiled to byte-code every time you run your MSIL-compiled code.
So, a bit like Java.
In principle. Not execution.
Javac compiles to bytecode directly. What's the extra intermediate language for?
unless by bytecode you mean the machine code?
By same principle, I mean they both just-in-time compile it.
And use a VM to run the code.
11:17 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Configuring slave from EC2 master to Amazon RDS slave by chandu lakkineni on dba.stackexchange.com
@bummi This vaguely looks like an answer accidentally posted as a question to me.
spam gone ^
Man. I want dba's close reasons.
Too localized; shopping list question; tip of the iceberg
(I want them for SO, I mean)
11:26 AM
@J.Steen propose it
@SmokeDetector tpu in essays we trust
@Woodface Blacklisted user.
@Bart Would never fly. =D
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: How to undo a stubborn knot without using fingers by Lurrey on lifehacks.stackexchange.com
Oh, someone flipped a switch.
11:30 AM
Lurrey... the name sounds familiar.
@SmokeDetector Interesting template text, direct copy from wikipedia, WITHOUT proper attribution. Two offences in one...
both spam gone
11:33 AM
first I get a "you can only flag once every five seconds" popup, then I get a flag dialog without the spam option available.
Just flag some other random post to calm down
may be answer was deleted.
@JanDvorak we need a flag all posts check box sometimes ;)
11:35 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@bummi Blacklisted user.
is anyone still counting the sites?
Interesting. Automatic protection by community.
11:37 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@bummi Blacklisted user.
That was only one of the users. =/
(they're different)
Argh, how many did we miss 7 hours ago?
same user
11:38 AM
No. Different user-id.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@bummi Blacklisted user.
can we ban the username?
They are all unregistered one-use accounts, so tpu is no help...
11:38 AM
user image
The email should get blacklisted soon enough.
@Mooseman Oh, hey, my daily life!
@JanDvorak adding it to blacklist sounds reasonable, bu the problem is that username on answers is fetched by API. At which point the text is checked anyway.
Hi all.
11:42 AM
I have a personal question may be off topic here but would appreciate if any one could answer it from your experience
@Mooseman my favourite response: "That seems rather complicated ... can't we just ... put it on the web?"
My current work experience in this [field] is 2 years, I am looking for a career in programming. The [field] is not related to programming at all. Will these 2 years affect my new job opportunities in programming ?
Not if you can demonstrate relevant skills
So you mean if i have relevant knowledge and some hands on experience, that can vouch me an opportunity at least ?
To some extent, yes. Especially if you can clearly demonstrate your skill. Projects you worked on. Software you contributed to. Personal work. Etc.
It depends a bit on the job you're applying for.
11:46 AM
I do have some hands on experience in Java/Android..
Hmm thanks for answering
Make sure you can demonstrate it. After all, they can't call your previous employer to hear glowing reviews of your programming skills.
Then again, nobody can call my employers to hear any glowing reviews, yet I still work. :p
If it doesn't turn out well you can always come back here and blame @Bart
Heck, just blame me now and get it over with
Or learn PHP.
11:50 AM
I count 17 SE sites with essay spam in the last 8.5 hours, some got two posts. All but one posts by Lurrey, one by Steven.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: How do I handle large paragraphs of centered text? by Lurrey on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
Holy crabcakes, someone using a static lock-object in a generic class.
@Woodface 18.
Could someone poke a dev or whatever it takes to ban the email?
Does the number of years of work experience influence the company to hire ? Or if a person with less experience more knowledge influence the company to hire you ?
@J.Steen then they'll start using another one
Last question Sorry
11:53 AM
@JanDvorak But it'd FEEL GOOD.
@SmokeDetector The plagiarized paragraph of text is about Mathematica. So many sites, they are getting mixed up.
@SmokeDetector fp
@Woodface Registered answer as false positive.
12:03 PM
lols ^
@MetaWonder difficult to say really. I wouldn't obsess over it in your position.
@Bart Thanks !
@J.Steen is there ever enough jQuery?
@Bart No. Not even in PHP.
12:05 PM
Anyway, kebab time ...
@Bart you eat Kebabs, the indian Dish ??
@Bart The last frame should involve beating with a giant NAA.
@hichris123 g/done
Would marc really like to be pinged by a ton of users? Shall we try?
12:15 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: What is the limit of cabin baggage on Wizzair flights? by user27762 on travel.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector 1 char filler for a too-short, unsourced, answer. VLQ


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