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5:00 PM
✦ didn't GET THE POINT though (ha ha!)
^ does someone see a typo in uni's ples?
5:02 PM
Yeah and when you're done with that
There are many bastardisations of "please"
@InfiniteRecursion yes
Zephyr is picky about its bastardizations though.
Jan did a swear.
JasonC did a swear.
so you won't correct them @JanDvorak?
5:04 PM
Question and answer have been taken care of it seems
And do you like that? Do you like my z? GOD BLESS AMERICA.
@JasonC Zephyr is picky. Though, it's not as picky about the asterisks any more.
But, salvage isn't a term it looks for
ani salvaged it @uni
@JasonC that's spelled 'MERICA
Night! Thanks!
5:07 PM
> The first serious Java application
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, Phone number detected: +91-9950211818 vashikaran puja by rkbangali12 on english.stackexchange.com
5:09 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
I have The 4400 theme song stuck in my head.
allow us to make it worse
5:10 PM
/me gets too many parse errors in chat
All right no more SO for me to day so, happy thanksgiving!
Happy thanksgiving!
Happy turkey day!
And leaving now. Email me if you need me, else bai!
5:12 PM
Happy thanksgiving! Don't forget the christmas present you promised me ;)
10 hours ago, by Jason C
@InfiniteRecursion I'm going to make you a christmas present.
@JanDvorak That message on ELU wasn't for you, didn't you know? :)
Hi guys
can I ask you an advice?
I was surprised that some of you still remembers me..
probably I've been superboring..
Sure you want our advice?

Suspensions and Stubbornness: Dev Kicks User

Mar 6 at 19:28, 49 minutes total – 108 messages, 5 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Mar 6 at 21:10 by michaelb958

@gunr2171 your memory is better than mine.
I was just browsing through the conversations earlier today
5:28 PM
@gunr2171 nice
how can u see this stuffs?
Someone saved the conversation, you can see all saved conversations at chat.meta.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/89/…
Does the illuminator badge count editing your own question when answering it?
really cool
there are many stubborn people or I am the only?
it scares me a bit that people remembers me..
don't look at me about the title, I didn't make the bookmark
this room bookmarks a lot of things
yes, yes, but it means there aren't so many people which are insisting like me :(
5:31 PM
@Revious there are plenty. Usually not for long though.
@Bart I'm very happy of this
2 mins ago, by Frank
Does the illuminator badge count editing your own question when answering it?
ok, now I can ask the question..
@SmokeDetector fp
@TGMCians Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
5:32 PM
it's not specifically related to meta or SE. It's more about the relationship with other persons
Sounds like Yahoo Answers stuff
I've a friend, a girl, which is very stubborn.
we have different pro and cons
we are mature on different points
today I wrote her like this:
@Frank: Ask on MSE about illuminator, it will help others as well
@bjb568 What's happening with DevDoodle profiles? I cannot load my own profile and other profiles just show some default avatar.
5:37 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I'll go look.
I feel like: "when you say that XXX is bad it becomes the "one and only truth", while when I try to say that there may be something bad about YYY , every single sentence has to be proved. Nothing can be given as understood, every sentence has to be validated, and evrything is relative."
Fix it @Pro ;)
Hi @Revious
@InfiniteRecursion Hi!
@InfiniteRecursion Hard to fix a problem that just falls out of the air ;)
it's the 4th time I face the same problem...
and also here I faced a similar problem
people are not completely rational, they are strongly emotional
5:40 PM
@Revious welcome to life
@gunr2171 yes..
I realized that arguing with these persons is not very useful..
psychology also gave a name to what pushes them to behave in that way...
rationalization (finding rational arguments which support our emotions), confirmation bias (seeing this arguments as the only or the most important)
but the point is... even this is not working fine..
let's make the example of a coach, a PUA, or a community leader.. he has to play a role..
nice bookmark @gunr2171
and also someone which had suffered in his past is strongly pushed to be "stubborn"
@Revious not to interrupt your monologue, but perhaps relationship advice isn't best sourced from this chatroom.
@Bart antipatic :(
5:46 PM
@Revious You could go talk on pastebin or something...
don't kill me.. don't kill me, It's just a joke @Bart
no one is killing you @Revious
kills Revious
Until someone finds out how to punch someone through the internet, we won't. We just want to keep this conversation mildly about stack exchange.
5:47 PM
@Bart doesn't know the meaning of jokes, he has no sense of humour @Revious
@gunr2171 mildly means not strictly, right?
@InfiniteRecursion true... Haha!
@Revious Why push the limits?
I mean, if you want to ask about the weather, then ok fine, just don't get too far on a tangent.
can I write a pill of psychology which would probably lead me to be banned in the next 2 minutes? :P
I, for one, would not want that (for you to write that)
5:49 PM
Think of it like this @Revious. You're serenading an entire bar about your relationship problems. While one-on-one someone might be willing to listen, that doesn't imply all those present will appreciate it.
@gunr2171 Well, ... this room is really loose that way.
we are a bunch of strangers @Revious. How does talking to us about your past 4 relationships help you?
And in any case, it's just advice. I'm not the law. (my smiting stick is)
I'm a bunch of strangers @Revious
@Bart: I will be more concise.. and I was asking here for a precise reason.. I had this problem with the girl but I had the same identical problem here
@Bart: I mean.. I'm collaborative and not polemic.
5:52 PM
@Revious if you're trying to ask "I've had problem X here in the past, what can I do to avoid/address that?" then ask that.
but can I take you as an example of what I was just saying? I will relate not to my relationship, but to how to relate to this community
But you should not get offended..
I'm pretty hard to offend.
@Bart, your glasses are dumb
Absolutely @gunr2171
5:53 PM
...you are having same identical problem here because I am a gal too @Revious I am emotional and easily offended just like all the other gals you just talked about....
human are not rational being.. they are not fair, not objetive and they are trying to find rational arguments to justify their emotional decision.
this is stated by the science, but can you recognize it as true also for you?
ok...you were talking about humans...then I am excluded...
Not really. But then again I might be trying to justify an emotional decision.
humans are the worst. Never interact with them.
ducks are the best
5:55 PM
no, cats ^
Trees are the best.
@Bart: ehen you say that here people should not go OT, if you were a robot (without emotions and prejudice) I would aspect that you are really checking this in a strict way, with everyone.
@Revious beep boop.
but gunr writes: "
I mean, if you want to ask about the weather, then ok fine, just don't get too far on a tangent."
5:57 PM
Anyway, time to catch the bus ... with a net ... back in a bit.
see you later!
I don't want to get too deep into philosophical discussions. But this is just me. I'm not the law (shog9 is)
Mostly because we don't have enough / will not have enough info to solve it
True, Shog9 knows about communities, behaviour and people. (hint)
yes, yes, but I just wanted to say that when someone is pushed to say "don't go OT" there is always a prejudice, a feeling, an emotion behind.
The fact that he may think he is being fair is what psychlogist calls rationalization.. to look for a rational reason to "hide" the emotional reasons behind. I said that only like: "nobody should think he is really neutral or fair or quitting to understand other's reasons"
I'm incredibly prejudiced. Against off-topic discussions.
6:02 PM
The scope of what is on-topic is really wide on this particular chat room, but this is a Stack Exchange area.
@gunr2171 yes, yes, don't get me wrong..
I was just saying that you and the other guy said that usually many speaks here in a short OT
nothing more..
you know what's not off-topic?
French toast.
Man, that stuff is great.
@Shog9 :D
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IF A COHEN SLEPT WITH A NON JEWISH WOMEN by user7454 on judaism.stackexchange.com
Q: What qualities should I be looking for when making the best French Toast?

milesmeowShould it be a thick slice of bread? Should it be made with challah bread? Should it be slightly crispy and brown on the outside but mushy on the inside?

6:05 PM
Successful diversion is successful.
Oil? No way. Butter! French toast is not diet food :) — daniel Oct 5 '10 at 7:28
@Shog9: nice, I like them also. Maybe I can also dare to ask an advice... I'd like to be less polemical.. and to express my ideas in a less boring way... even when I'm not wrong people would fell asleep. it's enough to look at my last sentence.. I'm stubborn, irritating..
Q: Do self-answered questions count as progress towards the Explainer, Refiner, Illuminator badges?

FrankI tend to answer my own questions if they remain unanswered for some time, and I wondered this: If I edit my question within 12 hours before or after answering it, like I do with others' questions, will that count as progress toward the Explainer, Refiner, and Illuminator answer badges?

@Revious: Slow down on the pinging with @, Shog will read if he wants to...pings get you kicked faster than OT stuff
6:09 PM
@InfiniteRecursion ok, I didn't know.. usually in chat @,,, is not for pinging is to make understood who you are answering to. I will avoid with shog
Avoid pinging me too...am a gal (just like all the other gals you met: emotional..etc etc). I may get offended faster than Shog
what is a gal?
Ping me all you want; I'm just some tree...
ah, a girl?
pings @Frank @Frank @Frank @Frank :)
6:13 PM
I'm sorry if you get offended for my opinion on girls :D every human being is emotional
doesn't care
@Revious depends how you define human being.
feels offended that Frank doesn't care
I've met some really... nevermind...
@InfiniteRecursion but you are joking
@InfiniteRecursion doesn't care
6:14 PM
you don't get offended :p
Oops, I pinged you.
and everyone jokes here..
and Bart said to me that I was OT
@Revious Knock knock
I am offended now :(
If you say anything about Bart, I get offended. He is my nemesis after all.
6:16 PM
@Inf Bart is cool
@InfiniteRecursion :D
ops.. I cited you
@Revious *pinged
@Frank it doesn't seem so terrible to be pinged...
Now that I know that infinite is a girl I would like to have her advice..
6:18 PM
@Revious Beleive me, it's the worst thing that can happen to someone...
@Inf ... better run away.
@Frank :o
runs awaaaaay
usually girls are nice being
I love them
6:19 PM
That's a 9.4 on the creepy scale.
I don't love you, cya
I feel very well with them
@InfiniteRecursion :(
Ok, yeah. @BenCollins, do you remember Revious?
@Revious really, your being really a @#$%& dumb person. Why not leave? ;)
@gunr2171 help!!!!
6:20 PM
@gunr2171 oh, wow. that was a while back
managed to creep out Infinite as well
@gunr2171 I hate you!!!
but now I have to go
I will continue hating you later :p
@Revious cya bye
@Revious cya bye
Hum, I might need to make a part 2 for the bookmark...
6:32 PM
Weird, I post 4 answers on GL today, and get 40 rep from them. Then I asked a q on MSE, and get 30 rep in less than 1/2 hour. Kinda interesting...
Do what you want Ben, I figured I'd bring it up to you because you handled it last time.
In Indiana.
@ProgramFOX fixing
6:55 PM
@ProgramFOX Fixed
fixing more security issues
@gunr2171 no reason to kick him this time
Why was this proposal closed as a duplicate of "SO Spanish"? ....as per discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/q/18793/112531, it was meant to be "Programmers" in Spanish.
(it appears that @RobertCartaino is not pingable)
7:04 PM
@Shokhet Probably because they didn't follow the rules about putting the title and description in English, so it wasn't obvious that it was meant to be a different site in Spanish.
@animuson "rules"?
A: Is it OK to have non-English question and answers in Area 51?

Joel SpolskyOur mission is to make the Internet a better place to get expert answers to your questions. Nothing about that mission says the questions have to be in English. It is our long term goal to make the Stack Exchange Network a great, planetary resource for all the world's citizens no matter what lang...

@animuson Ah. Thanks!
Might be nice to put that in the FAQ though
7:08 PM
I don't think anyone reads that FAQ. It's way too long and wordy.
I read it, though it took some effort. Don't remember any mention of other languages.
one more vote here. pls..
9 mins ago, by TGMCians
cv-pls http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27156915/display-textfield-results-as-label
Thanks @gunr2171 for handling the situation.
thanks @bjb568!! :)
welcome back @Inf!!
@TGMCians I paid the OP $15 to leave this site and never come back...
7:13 PM
It's a "very simple app" and you get $15 for it ... how about you try it yourself then? — Bart 1 min ago
I think I fixed all the DD security vulnerabilities. Now all I need is SSL. Anybody want to pay for a cert? :P
I still have some DigiNotar certs if you want some @bjb568
Ok goggles that
@rene, you didn't give them $15. Your secret has been revealed...
Could you please give me a tutorial or something? I just want to win the $15 quick! — ThorNiLs 1 min ago
7:18 PM
@Bart Oh, now I get the joke
@Bart lol....
So I guess that's a no then @bjb568?
Yes, no.
^grammar alert
7:19 PM
^alert alert
@InfiniteRecursion hmmm...
Fun fact: Unity supports SSL but doesn't actually validate the certificate ... yeah ...
which Unity?
Assassin's Creed: Unity?
7:22 PM
Unity game framework ?
Yeah, Unity 3D
The desktop manager?
@Bart: You wasted some really good advice on the $15 OP, I hope they follow your advice IRL.
The global concept of "unity" @JanDvorak. Unity for all mankind.
@InfiniteRecursion next bit of advice will cost him $15
Hmm I wonder how buffalo hot sauce on turkey would taste.
7:24 PM
Or how turkey hot sauce would taste on a buffalo
Say @animuson, can you see active flags in a user's profile? Or are they just grouped into lists?
Finally, rene gave $15 :)
7:26 PM
@Bart Well, we can see a user's flagging history. There's also a little number that appears on their profile for how many flags have been cast against their posts. But there's nothing that blinks at us or anything when viewing a profile that tells us the user has active flags cast [against them].
So you can't see that I currently still have 1 active flag waiting to be handled, right?
Oh, we know.
... that sounds ominous
7:30 PM
Your flag has been sitting at the top of our queue, which we've been surprisingly keeping clean lately.
Ooh, well done. I imagined it was still an unmanageable heap.
decline it now!! :)
Currently 77. And yours is at the top because it's the oldest, so if that says anything. :P
Wow, that's efficient
Good to know, we can start flagging again. The queue has reduced :D
7:34 PM
@InfiniteRecursion wait..but not my comments and answers...
Anyway, if anything is unclear about the flag let me know @animuson. Long story short, I just looked at it and thought "could have been more descriptive".
It's been discussed a little. Someone will bite the bullet on that eventually.
I will flag your cat gifs now @TGMCians ...
7:37 PM
@gunr2171 I thought you were just joking.. I didn't realize that you see a problem to address. We were laughing together.. Also shog posted a joke on french toasts.
French toast is no joke!
@Bart :P
Please, not that...again :(
@Bart ok, but jokes aside if I was offensive or excessive with you before, just tell me..
You're still alive @Revious
7:42 PM
yes, but I have a very bad reputation here. If you didn't felt offended maybe you could say this to people which were not in the chat and have read it only later like BenCollins.
You lost your nemesis @Bart, have fun.
Noooooo @InfiniteRecursion.
Can I create a chat with only one user?
7:45 PM
@Revious that is possible, yes.
voted rene
Sorry @Bart, I didn't see revious' messages because I ignored him. I just saw your message about the french toast and you pinged him after that...so I thought you are calling him back...and I left. But I now saw his messages in the transcript and realized he was already here. You didn't call him back. Misunderstanding, sorry.
Don't be afraid of french toast @InfiniteRecursion
7:54 PM
Do I need to ask for a pass to change email? It's post so no CSRF and leaving the session open in a library scenario wouldn't let the attacker change pass so the user can log in and change email back easily.
I am afraid of unwanted affection @Bart.
Hmm, night..it's late night..
7:57 PM
oops...I won't make trains
oops...I w ... nah ...
It's possible to have a room with a single user, uni and I have our room

Room for Uni and Sam

... and whoever that comes across this room. Nothing much real...
22 hours ago, by Bart
If he doesn't resolve it, ping me again tomorrow @rene. I might have a better look tomorrow evening.
@Bart it is tomorrow now... and it's not resolved.... AFAIK
8:24 PM
@rene ooh yeah. I'll have a look
@JanDvorak It seems that questions beginning with "I am looking for" are a rich source for "software recommendation" close reason.
However, I have failed in an attempt to escape the single quote in "I'm looking for".
\' ?
Didn't work.
in what context?
8:30 PM
In the context of SEDE query that I linked. Oh.
Q: How do I escape a single quote in SQL Server?

tim_wonilI'm trying to insert some text data into a table in SQL Server 9. The text includes a single quote. How do I escape that? I tried using two single quotes, but it threw me some errors. eg. insert into my_table values('hi, my name''s tim.');

^ Now the search for I'm looking for works too. :)
9:20 PM
I totally called that
Fix is being pushed out presently. You should start seeing those replaced with proper characters in a few minutes. — rossipedia ♦ 2 hours ago
3 hours earlier...
@Bart But it might be one of those things where they just put a instead of the entire long name. — The Guy with The Hat 6 hours ago
Tor relays don't count, right? That could be used to abuse the system (repeatedly create a new identity and then browse the question many different times). — damryfbfnetsi 8 mins ago
@cVplZ Hmm, that is a good point.
9:39 PM
@InfiniteRecursion All I got in the notification was @cVplZ , no heart or anything after it..
9:58 PM
Hiya Mrs. BJB!
@animuson How many flags have been cast against me?
@cVplZ You can get an idea from Reviews on your posts
@cVplZ ∞
Your first post was used for several audits. :) Some passed, some failed.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Thanks. I bet most of those lq ones were auto-generated by the system though, b.c didn't contain enough text, just code.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Whoa! People actually use my query?
10:05 PM
It's a good one. Have a star for it.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I've only had a post of mine used for 1 audit, and it was passed.
None of my 1282 answers were used for audits. I guess they aren't that good... or bad. All I had reviewed were first posts (first Q and first A separately, even though I had a lot of rep by the time of first Q), suggested edits, one retaliation-type CV, and one automatic LQ flag. Boring.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Does Math.SE even have audits?
Feb 16 at 1:13, by Bart
Wait what? I flagged that?
Yes, it does...
10:14 PM
To address the trial period - yes, we can certainly think of the first someever period of time as a trial period and at the end, if y'all feel it was a terrible idea, we'd deactivate. Or if y'all found it a great idea, we would leave it in. — Grace Note ♦ Aug 23 '13 at 13:27
^ since August 2013
@Bart flagged one of my chat posts when I was still a new user to the Tavern! ^
Besides that quote and the transcript where I admit it you have no proof @cVplZ
luckily the flag was declined :)
One day I will get you
10:16 PM
someone watch my back plse
@Bart The next time you mash your keyboard, of course.
@Frank lol. Guy probably needs new tires after that. Was he pushing the break or what?
@cVplZ they were both pressing the gas. They were testing which truck was better, lol
or this:
10:32 PM
@Frank yea, but the guy obviously lost., why would he still be hitting the gas after being pulled into the grass and then back to the starting point? Obviously, he wasn't thinking , just like agreeing to do a stupid thing like that. Fun for viewing though
@cVplZ I would do it. There's no real way to stop the other guy anyway.
This one was a tie , lots of smoke youtube.com/watch?v=gEo2mnUFab8
@cVplZ weird, the dodge was way bigger...
I never knew people did this. TIL! Maybe this should be the default way road rages are solved? Like car dueling.
@cVplZ but I would win.
10:41 PM
@Frank Hope you haven't had to go out in this.
Woah. What happened to the duck @Inf? ;)
10:57 PM
A: Different rendering in Chrome based on whether a page is refreshed with F5 or Return?

Eduard KalinicenkoThis is not an actual answer - thank you stackoverflow for not letting me comment until I have enough reputation - now I have to misuse your system. I will delete this as soon as the OP updates the link in the question. Thanks to Pedro Moreira, I have eliminated described behaviour in Chrome. Ho...


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