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12:01 AM
Animuson has a macro for his 4th mouse button that deletes the post the cursor is pointing
yesterday, by Jason C
@JanDvorak No clicks; mouse over, twm style.
@Braiam ^
12:15 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Tab window manager?
Reject and Edit counts toward the ban, @raff. I'll write a full answer when I'm not using a phone to post. — Shog9 ♦ 20 hours ago
is that the one? did you find it?
I don't suppose Shog9 would be looking for a question he answered today. This question is about bans, not a request for data on the effect of the edit reform.
Meta.SE should have the tag to organize such posts.
@Louis animuson is a semi-pro Ninja, and Anna is a pro ninja
12:19 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii has data-analisys
^^ Isn't this redundancy redundant?
Yes, but it's not so specific. Data analysis can be based on SEDE or search. I meant the tag to be for questions that ask for data that's available only to employees. Analogy with .
@Shog9 maybe it was this one ?
@bjb568 I see nothing redundant, repetitive, superfluous, or unnecessary about it.
If it's not superfluous then is it subfluous... or maybe just fluous?
1:03 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HELP WITH MY SERVER! by Alex123 on gaming.stackexchange.com
1:16 AM
@LynnCrumbling Ha! sounds fun. I envy you.
1:44 AM
* yawn *
female seeking male?
Flying spaghetti monster.
ok, thanks, didn't know what you mean by it. Seen you say it a lot lately. Urban dictionary has lots of different meanings, most NSFW
Who would start that?
2:21 AM
3:19 AM
stabs SQL
@BenBrocka SQL is magic. — Anna Lear ♦ Jan 22 '13 at 21:30
Black magic at times.
> Column 'Votes.PostId' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.
uses mongodb
I prefer dev/null
3:33 AM
They named a gaming steering wheel the "Thrustmaster"? That just sounds wrong...
Short answers get more votes than long ones.
A: Do cloned tomatillos pollinate each other?

J. MusserYeah, basically, cuttings are clones, so treat them as one plant when dealing with pollination. If the original plant couldn't self-pollinate, neither will the clones.

4:02 AM
@hichris123 Duck is swimming , it's cloudy now like cVplZ's avatar, but you can see the duck :)
@hichris123: Don't you like this avatar?
@InfiniteRecursion does anyone?
@InfiniteRecursion Not enough duck
yesterday, by cVplZ
@InfiniteRecursion <3 ur new pic!
4:07 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Needs more jQuery
@animuson Does adding the column to group by solve it? There can be multiple columns there.
You ate all the ducks @bjb568, we are the only survivors ;)
But couldn't it be zoomed in more?
No, because we are hiding from you!
@JanDvorak No, OP showed effort and the question was answered without writing a book.
4:17 AM
@JanDvorak Yes, effort is irrelevant and the question can't be completely answered without writing a book. Comparison questions are generally off-topic.
The clouds are inspired by cVplZ, and he loved this new pic <3
@Frank some clouds would look nice in the backdrop of your selfie
4:35 AM
I'd let the queue handle that, but it's picked up an upvote since I flagged it
@Andy Somebody upvoted that. A moment of silence, please.
@Mooseman What is the reason to close that one?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Somebody added the code from their site.
Q: Should questions without code, but an accepted answer, be deleted?

MoosemanExample question: My website appears upside-down. Please fix it. LINK Example (and, theoretically, accepted) answer: I see that you applied transform: rotate(180deg); to body. Just remove that line, and you'll be good. My question: How should these questions and answers be handled ...

This over-simplified example qualifies for "typo" reason. Generally, I'd say that editing a question by including external code is preferable to closing. And it may be easier: one user action instead of 5+ (or 10+ if the question is edited post-closure and qualifies for reopening).
4:46 AM
It's gone @Andy
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Still there...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: How to opt for an efficient Natural Weight Loss Program? by kimyoskr on drupal.stackexchange.com
@Mooseman What loophole?
Also @SmokeDetector SPAM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@cVplZ Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
4:57 AM
@Mooseman b.c he asked for tool/rec?
Is spam canary running?
@cVplZ Exactly
HAPPY THANKSGIVING (To Americans in the EST)
Hiya @MysticMagic
5:01 AM
Happy Thanks Giving :)
@Mooseman that's not a loophole really, but you can flag as other for a mod to close it, or you could maybe edit it into a better question not asking for that, or you could just do nothing
Don't make typos today ;)
:D will try my best ;)
@cVplZ Flagged, but waiting...
5:03 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: weight loss natural parameters by Beloc Dogik on unix.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 94.4634: weight loss natural parameters on unix.stackexchange.com
5:07 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@cVplZ Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
gives up
@cVplZ: I won't ask if spam canary is running or not...it isn't reporting spam
5:12 AM
VTC the user as too localized
very vierd
if only that was still a close reason for SO. meh.. it will be auto-deleted in 6 months
^ Come on, UNIX people. Editing spam...
5:25 AM
"weight reduction" is not recognized by bots.
Q: Eating cat meat as a tourist in Switzerland

Andrew GrimmI've read that cat meat is eaten in Switzerland. Stop eating cats and dogs say animal rights campaigners in Switzerland cites an animal rights activist saying that it's not legal to sell cat meat (presumably it's talking about uncooked meat), but it's legal to eat your own. Are there restaurant...

meanie's bot recognizes "weight reduction", but I may have upset it's owner
Or is the syntax different for Jan?
5:35 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii he's working 24/7 on the ultimate spam fighting bot, please no disturb
Also, please no listening to random ducks on the internet and closing your bots
👍 I like this idea. — MichaelT 36 mins ago
@Shog9 ^ people are starting to do thumbs up now instead of +1
Nov 12 at 3:54, by Shog9
If there's one thing I hate, it's Unicode
Shog's next script will auto-nuke the users who begin a comment with a Unicode symbol.
5:40 AM
@Shog9: please block unicode, we are becoming facebook ߑ̀
@cVplZ Actually, +1 isn't blocked on meta.SE, MichaelT was just playing on the theme of the post.
Drupal weight reduction is at -3, where is everyone?
they are busy reducing weight
three spam posts at -7, -5 and -3
oh wow, I did a SEDE query for comments like 👍
> A severe error occurred on the current command. The results, if any, should be discarded. Operation cancelled by user.
Avert your eyes when discarding the results.
5:54 AM
\o/ all Drupal spam is gone.
Sweet! Now I can go to sleep!
bots don't pick up "anti aging"
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 77.5498: How to take care of your skin on meta.stackexchange.com
6:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 55.1402: Precisely How Expert Movers Packers Firms Support on Shifting House on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 91.1606: Dose Of Truth regarding Weight Loss Diets? on drupal.stackexchange.com
9:18 AM
drupal spammers at it again, eh..
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: POSTGRESQL 9.1 COPY TABLE by Anais on stackoverflow.com
10:00 AM
disclosure: I'm not affiliated with this site.
10 skills you need to no longer have a personal life ...
@Unihedron btw, what a crap article ...
11:03 AM
@hichris123 why
Any feedback on this problem?
Q: CSS issue when clicking "add comment"

Ionică BizăuSee the screenshot: Reproduced it here: Removing `border` attribute from table doesn't remove the border Click Add comment (question or answer) link The issue should appear. Using Chromium on elementary OS 0.2 (based on Ubuntu 12.04).

Or anyone with the same problem?
I remembered there is a CSS issue with Chromium since new MSO design, but I couldn't remember where I read that.
It's written in the comment thread, so it might be difficult to search
11:21 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keywords in title: Requirement of Specialist Packers and Movers Agencies on Moving by vedwati1 on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 80.1739: Requirement of Specialist Packers and Movers Agencies on Moving on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
could we blacklist these URLs??
I knew it was a good idea for me to change "movers and packers" into mover+and+packer!
restarting canary; sorry for the pilot error
12:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 70.9235: Connect 2 Screens With Macbook Air on apple.stackexchange.com
12:18 PM
Wow! An anonymous suggested edit that isn't spam! meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/32768
@PatrickHofman still not that useful, though
12:35 PM
@JanDvorak No, but it doesn't hurt either
spam gone
@DroidDev alternatively possible spam-seed
@DroidDev Wow. Someone even managed to upvote that answer.
@PatrickHofman WHAT?? REALLY!!??
Also, how did you manage to find all these links within a minute of this question being posted? I'm tempted to flag as spam. — Jan Dvorak 19 secs ago
12:43 PM
That answer was at -3 a bit ago, and now at -2
what's happening there?
Wishing he could see vote count
@JanDvorak well, searching "Android tutorial" on Google will lists those sites easily, not that the answer is useful in the first place though
Wow, a second upvote.
Somebody upvoted that answer too...
+2/-5 now
@DroidDev, @JanDvorak: It seems we are either in the wrong tag, or he has some sock puppets active.
12:46 PM
worth a custom flag?
@PatrickHofman haha, you are talking about there is nothing right in it. Its all mad people convention. Btw, I am one of those too ;)
deleted by owner 1 minute ago
@DroidDev high five!
12:48 PM
Ha! I wonder if only girls downvoted this question, because of that example in first line
@AndrewT. YAY!
downvoted for that reason despite the fact I am a male
@DroidDev s/android/{any tag}/
@DroidDev I don't think it's too broad, but I can go with unclear
> You and your girlfriend have trust issues. Maybe you should follow this proposal. – Patrick Hofman 16 secs ago
12:56 PM
@PatrickHofman (Y)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ISOSCELES TRIANGLE INRADIUS = 12 by Devang Patil on math.stackexchange.com
@PatrickHofman same kind of proposal was closed some time ago
no, use telepathy ... — Selvin 2 mins ago
who said we hate fun?
likely duplicate.
If I knew, I wouldn't say "likely"
1:01 PM
off-site resource ^
lol, I keep posting , but, what I do is flagging...
too-broad, unclear, whatever...fantasies... stackoverflow.com/q/27171307/2389078
1:18 PM
Flags don't expire.
ya, but, you can't retract them either
Exactly, so there really isn't any urgent need for the cv's. Why are you begging for close? :P
@Unihedron it just came to my mind and I wrote it, nothing else
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks) on Stack Overflow Chat, Aug 6 at 12:37, by Stijn
@Unihedron be careful to not spam with cv-pls, especially on that other tavern. It's mostly useful for questions that wouldn't get enough close votes on their own before they expire.
@Unihedron ok, I'll keep in mind
1:33 PM
Wait, you don't know what cv-pls is for? :P
@Unihedron Until now, I thought, that any closeable question, if not getting closed, can be posted here with a link and a reason
@DroidDev That was what the PHP room inhabitants worked with as well, until cv-pls.com never cleared itself.
@Unihedron on a lighter note: if you see, I never wrote pl"s", I always wrote pl"z" :P
There are too many closeworthy questions. :P
@DroidDev Doesn't matter, it's the same since I'm only watching zephyr.
but, it was on lighter note, so you don't need to take it seriously :P
1:37 PM
Meh. :P
1 min ago, by Unihedron
There are too many closeworthy questions. :P
@Unihedron this one with the awful answers might not get enough close votes stackoverflow.com/q/13702614/1699210
@bummi voted, don't forget to downvote
Afternoon :)
1:46 PM
Mew :)
Hi @bummi, it's now closed
when the heck is "mew" time?
It's always mew time.
any "non-quack" time is "mew" time @Braiam
1:55 PM
I finally recalled where I met bummi :)
@InfiniteRecursion jep , my democratic bulwark
@InfiniteRecursion so you're saying she's unreasonable? :p
in In Praise of Moderators, yesterday, by Aidan Mueller
A moderator and a user walked into a bar. The moderator ordered a shot of whiskey. The user also ordered a shot of whiskey. When they were handed their drinks, the moderator spilled the user's drink "because it was a duplicate".
2:07 PM
2 days ago, by bluefeet
shut ur mouth @Bart!!
2 days ago, by Infinite Recursion
shut ur mouth @Bart!!
@Unihedron as a moderator I would have merged the user's drink with mine.
@InfiniteRecursion :D
@Bart Have you nominated yourself in any of the mod elections till now?
Good. Judging by the unpopularity of your meme, that was a very wise decision.
I'm not certain meme-worthiness is high on the list of demanded moderator qualities.
Perhaps I should run next time @InfiniteRecursion. If only to draw attention to your meme.
2:19 PM
Yes :D
careful what you wish for ;)
You won't run ;)
You are too predictable @Bart :D
s/You are/The Tavern is/
/me makes plan and doesn't tell Inf
2:28 PM
The tavern transcript looks boring today. Also, uni got 2 stars for SPAM. So boring...
/me makes plan and doesn't tell Bart
/me is just planning to make a plan
/me likes planning; plans to make plans for planning plans
See, if @Frank was here, he'd be a PLANt. (sorry)
@InfiniteRecursion we could add some drama.
lets talk about drama to add drama to the talk
2:36 PM
No @Bart, you guys seem to be doing well now. Carry on :)
This conversation is very [status-meta].
The MSO/MSE split seems to have reduced the Meta drama a fair amount though. Or at least it feels like that. We could use some good ranting users and mod-abuse complaints.

In Praise of Moderators

This room has nothing whatsoever to do with criticizing modera...
@bjb568 -1 no mute button
2:43 PM
@Unihedron click pause > sound: on > sound: off
2:57 PM
I was able to delete an answer (wasn't accepted) that won a bounty, is this bydesign?
A bounty doesn't stop it from being deleted. Link?
Thanks for the confirmation, good to know, and why would you want a link? xD
Ah, it's your own answer?
Yeah okay. I got confused because of your rep level and deleting answers of others.
So yeah, bounties don't stop you.
3:00 PM
Cool, I thought bounties worked like accepting answers.
@Unihedron how old was the bounty, did the "winner" lose the rep?
@bummi I won the bounty "50 mins ago", I tried deleting the answer to see if it would let me (I've never done that before), I lost no rep but that might be because it was at score of 3
interesting, I would imagine that this does not work at as desired
@bummi me too, so I asked
Maybe a question for mete?
sorry meta :(
3:17 PM
you can edit an existing chat message upto 2 minutes @bummi, click the arrow in the left side of any message to get the drop-down menu
@InfiniteRecursion thanks for the hint, discovered the chat very late, still learning
Don't forget to take the tour read the help pages too! chat.meta.stackexchange.com/faq
You gave good advice to Revious @Bart, maybe you have some good mod-like qualities after all :P
@InfiniteRecursion don't confuse a lucky strike with any sort of sanity on my part ;)
@bummi Everyone will help you out over here. Welcome to the tavern :D
3:23 PM
@Unihedron voted to delete
need one more..
YAY! The system works
… no it doesn't
3:25 PM
The lucky part for you was that you aren't female @Bart, else his love was too much to deal with. You had an unfair advantage in the conversation...just your lucky day ;)
@Braiam dl;dw
@uni is still our tour guide?
@Uni kaboom!!
@InfiniteRecursion ^_^
blame @TGMCians, he gave all the hats to the cats
hat for @uni <^>
3:30 PM
@InfiniteRecursion :D
@InfiniteRecursion thanks again, I have to take my shyness :)
3:43 PM
that's a nice one, see the edit history stackoverflow.com/a/24807410/1699210 plagiarism or due to ` enter code here` an improve or even worse if you look at the timestamps
@bummi It vandalizes the answer. Shouldn't it had been rolled back all this time?
yes,and then it looks like it would been the original ?
or would it need a flag for merging accounts?
I flagged for mods. Looks like user posted from two accounts. They will remove it, if required.
Yes, generally they merge these accounts.
...I flagged Inf also .errrr...sorry :P
Too bad...Bart is pokeable, but isn't a mod :(
3:51 PM
@InfiniteRecursion ok, thanks, no need for further action from me ...
The new user reminds me of my earlier avatar, when I had a hidden avatar :D
New name @raff? Let me guess, it's Shog's effect...
Reject and Edit counts toward the ban, @raff. I'll write a full answer when I'm not using a phone to post. — Shog9 ♦ yesterday
Moderators cannot merge users, only SE team has that ability. I left a comment telling the user (registered instance) to contact SE team. Because Shog was complaining the other day about not having enough support mail.
It's not just that, multiple users were shortening the name this way. I figured that R. arnoldii was too formal for conversation.
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