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12:15 AM
Don't die, meta!
I'm finding a lot of rec-tool q's, but won't share them this time. :P
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: THIS IS MY IDEA! by Suzan Dzurenko on patents.stackexchange.com
@Braiam Then how am I typing? :P
1:04 AM
For those interested, there are 37 open rec-tool questions I posted here.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: THIS IS MY IDEA! by Suzan Dzurenko on patents.stackexchange.com
@Doorknob that's a song from Portal 2!... just saying :x
Thanks @animuson.
@hichris123 I still don't see factory image for Nexus 4 so... enjoy your Lollipop! :)
@AndrewT. I miss my stock Email app, but other than that it's good. :)
1:19 AM
@hichris123 waiting patiently :)
I'm going to attempt to make the AOSP Email app actually work. We'll see how that goes.
When a short answer is downvoted (from 0 to -1 or maybe from 1 to 0), does the system put it into LQRQ automatically? My downvoter-reviewer experience suggests this is the case, but I can't find any credible information on this.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Downvoting itself would not cause a post to go into that queue. But every post, upon being created or edited, generates a "quality score" which, when low enough, will cause a review task to be created whenever the queue fills next.
It happened several times that I downvoted an answer that was at least a week old, and shortly thereafter saw it in the queue. Could be a coincidence...
Is this ot?
Don't know why, but it's on my flag list.
and this.
1:34 AM
@JosephSilber I think "too localized" is more appropriate. — Dagg Nabbit Feb 3 '13 at 3:21
@AndrewT. Ah.
But "too localized" does not exist anymore. And the question is about a code sample from a book that -- presumably -- has more than one reader.
@Frank well, for this one... I don't think it's OT. Maybe unclear on original version, but after revision, it seems an OK programming question
Read the TIFU on reddit's homepage.
I wish someone would decline those flags.
1:39 AM
(ugh, spellcheck)
@Frank needs another title... that's for sure
@bjb568 Then I have just the rec-tool for you: stackoverflow.com/questions/11365522/…
6 more rec-tool q's here, and now I'm out of flags.
2:15 AM
Vote/Flag usage report: delete votes spent. (Are we still doing these? Maybe not.)
didn't vote on SO yet today; 86 flags used.
9-day roomba runs in 40 minutes; time to spend some downvotes...
Delete votes recharged; any requests?
I accidentally flagged a comment as obsolete that I didn't mean to. It just became helpful now.
@JasonC Wanna cv a whole bunch of rec-tools?
I accidentally all the flags :(
2:24 AM
in Closevotes, 2 hours ago, by Frank
OffTopic/14 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19978880/js-or-jquery-drawing-recomendation
Go there^
Animuson got some already.
Hot damn!
@Frank All comments are obsolete.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii ur obsolete
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Yeah, but I don't like to bother mods on just meh.
(Using stars to mark my spot)
2:28 AM
@JasonC at least 22 of them are still open
> This question came from our site for users of Linux, FreeBSD and other Un*x-like operating systems..
When I read that, I wondered why it's censored, instead of thinking it as a wildcard
'cause your mind is dirty @AndrewT.
The wildcard doesn't make sense there.
@JasonC err.... actually, it does
2:31 AM
@JasonC Why not?
I've never seen Un*x-like. "*nix", or "Unix-like" sure.
Aha! I get 2 more available flags. Thanks @Jason
There's no Un*x anything but Unix, though.
> A Unix-like (sometimes referred to as UN*X or *nix) operating system is
Source: Wikipedia
2:34 AM
> (sometimes referred to as UN*X or *nix)
I'm strongly on the *nix side then.
Down with UN*X
UN*X was controversial enough in the Wikipedia article to merit its own special citation.
And its citation is not a reliable reference.
Not lookin' good for UN*X, buddy.
Now back to my CVs.
2 more flags == 2 more rec-tools flagged and posted in the other room.
I got all the ones that animuson didn't close yet.
@JasonC posted another...
@JasonC Thanks.
How many close votes do you have? That was a lot.
2:44 AM
I just cast 36 and uh...
I have 50 total
It's disappointing when you see "close (4)" and it turns out one is already yours.
One of the above?
2:46 AM
I went nuts on + yesterday.
@JasonC Get anything finished off?
No I was the first CV on most of them.
@JasonC Where are they now?
It's a gold mine of typos though.
What do you mean?
Are they closed?
2:48 AM
No probably not. I'll look through. Let's see.
(The reason I brought up java + printf is because the dupe you mentioned above is one of them.)
Although everybody bandwagoned on the wrong close reason on that one >:(
@JasonC Did you get my last pile of rec-tools I posted in here?
I made Jan grumpy.
Most of the java + printf ones I did yesterday look to be around 3 votes now. About 25% of them look like they're closed.
2:51 AM
@Jan don't look in the cv room.
@Frank >:-(
This user keeps proposing irrelevant tag edits; I ran out of reviews rejecting them, so if anyone wants to take some action there, be my guest.
only 2 flags waiting for review. You guys are great.
@Frank More like: "the flags queue is almost at zero so mods are actually looking at your flags".
2:56 AM
@hichris123 It was mostly Jason C., animuson, and Jan, though...
I wonder whether flags are actually implemented in a queue like data structure
@Frank I wasn't raising flags; I was casting votes.
@JasonC They marked my flags helpful.
or maybe it's more like an array of flags
@Frank Oh, yeah, that
2:58 AM
@chmod711telkitty Not like the review queue, but similar. It's pretty much just a page with flags, paginated to... 100? Something like that.
animuson took care of some of the rec-tools, but they're all marked helpful now.
@chmod711telkitty Your face is an array of flags
7 messages moved from Closevotes
well this is interesting
2 messages moved from Closevotes
3:05 AM
@Doorknob They don't like you to chat in there.
@hichris123 That's their appearance in site interface. I suppose the implementation involves some table on SQL server.
ooookay then. :P
Why there's lonely star on Closevotes room :O
3:06 AM
was leave open the right choice?
@AndrewT. twas Jason.
He was 'marking his spot'.
Is there a script that catches a rapid sequence of downvotes on posts by different users? Asking for a friend.
@AndrewT. closevotes room is bleh, the owner is out of control
@cVplZ Haha, so have I been recently.
@bjb568 lies. Lies I tell you!
3:09 AM
I posted almost 50 rec-tools there. I should find something real to do.
1 message moved from Closevotes
@Frank Will CV them all by bot…
(not now tho)
some are closed already, by animuson. :)
@Frank here's 2891 rec-tools data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/201658/… , not all, but probably 90% of em
Stupid history class - a test over a bunch of revolution in latin america which teacher has spent 0 time talking about, at least I get to bring an outline of the chapter to the test… O.O
@cVplZ But I'm out of flags.
@Frank it'd be kind of pointless for you to flag them anyways, since a flag just adds them to the close queue, and they are already there...
@cVplZ I was finding the misspelled rec-tools and flagging them.
@cVplZ I get helpful flags though.. :P
@hichris123 @Undo @Unihedron @Doorknob @bjb568 @JasonC please burn this with fire... I've been hitting that hard lately, but need help your help
@Frank free comment flags
Q: Store double on SQL

pseudonym27If I have double type value in C#, and I store it as float on SQL server, can I lose some data? If yes, how can I save C# double data to SQL server such that no data is lost? I found this: but can't figure out what the "data loss exceptions" means.

@hichris123 Yeah lol I just was coming back here to post that same link.
3:17 AM
That's not a tool rec.
@cVplZ out of comment flags, used them here.
@hichris123 I know, I never voted to close that one.. But could maybe be closed for another reason
@cVplZ For stupidity? Yep.
@hichris123 "I'm just looking for a library to handle these" ... that was in original post
Welp, no more CVs today.
3:21 AM
@cVplZ I am offended, why didn't you poke me?
Delete time.
@AndrewT. That's my fault. I was using stars to mark my spot but that one was stubborn.
@InfiniteRecursion poke
@cVplZ Eh, but it's good now. Voting to reopen.
Poke me too...the next time you need cvs
@hichris123 ok, only 2 more needed
1 more needed
how about changing from a boring unnatural straight line - to this ~ — cVplZ 10 hours ago
You know what's sad? When a 0-score, year-old unanswered question has two comments, and one of them is about accept rate.
3:30 AM
The sad part is when I go to nuke accept rate comments, I see long discussions about "don't bully new user" under the posts and end up using a custom flag for "purge all the comments". So, instead of cleaning up without disturbing the mods, I end up creating more work for them.
About a 100 abandoned questions are one auto-comment-nuke away from being roomba'ed.
@cVplZ, @Rafflesiaarnoldii: I mentioned both of you in my post as users who change avatars frequently :)
Oooh, more profile and blog views.
comments prevent roomba? TIL
3:35 AM
If the question is more than 365 days old, and ... has a score of 0 or a score of 1 with a deleted owner; has no answers; is not locked; has a viewcount <= the age of the question in days times 1.5; has 1 or 0 comments... it will be automatically deleted.
@InfiniteRecursion Just create a huge list of comments and poke @animuson to nuke them.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii thats showing users who aren't deleted, they still active
@hichris123 ok :)
@cVplZ (has a score of 0) || (a score of 1 with a deleted owner)
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I see, but the way it's written, it could be interpreted either way
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Want to hear something really sad? When a 0 score, 2 year old unanwered question has two commetns, and one of them is about accept rate and the other is about what have you tried
I have nothing to do.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii All are eligible for roomba now
@Frank That's no fun. The fun thing is to have lots of things to do, and hang out on SE instead.
The 365-day and 30-day roomba runs weekly. Next run in about 45 hours.
3:54 AM
@inf ^ please remember
@cVplZ ok...we will check and see if those posts are nuked after the roomba
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I'm in that position right now in a bad way, and I can tell you, it is a downward spiral and is no fun.
my first silver badge on diy!
More procrastination = more overwhelming = more avoidance = more procrastination. I have to travel tomorrow to a site with a hard deadline. When you guys see me on Monday, I will be a sad and shamed programmer.
And now, without further ado, let's see if there's any good videos of explosions on YouTube.
Ooo, or do I want Russian dash cam car accidents. Hmm, choices...
3:59 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii It is snowing here, first snow of the year. I didn't know it was coming, I just moved all my tropical plants inside, and they're thawing out. We'll see how the fatality rate is tomorrow.
@cVplZ Exactly.
@Frank Sounds like a good GL question: can anything be done to save tropical plants in this situation?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Hopefully Frank manages to not self-answer "Nope".
I just noticed that there are way too many diamonds lurking in here. HALP
4:03 AM
Is there emergency ambulance service for plants?
@cVplZ I think the number is within usual. We haven't been talking about chicken body parts, have we?
@cVplZ here, wear your <^>
Let's stay on topic and talk about MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS! Wheel of blame link bolted on for your ease of use: jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/82/embedded/result
not sure why this got -2
It's not yet full of stars... MOAR STARS PLOX
Wheel of blame is handy now: my spamping Chrome extension acquired a bug, because I fail at version control. (Tested with this message: bug fixed :)
4:15 AM
Oct 18 at 11:36, by Bart
@InfiniteRecursion Nah, I didn't post yet today.
Q: HackOverflow will not be moving to private beta

Ana HevesiProposal: HackOverflow The momentum around this proposal is admirable, but it won't be continuing to private beta. Folks here have already wondered how to navigate 'dubious' subject matter, or suggested a name change which focuses on the defense of systems, rather than breaking them. The probl...

hmm, I didn't join that, but I guess lots of other did, please uncommit to free up room for more commits, and consider committing to woodworking and/or health
@cVplZ @Uni was eager about HackOverflow...did he see that^ post?
What's the difference between "Avid Enthusiast or Prosumer" and "Professional or Expert"?
@bjb568 You are an avid enthusiast of math. I am professional or expert.
Hm… ok. But often there's no such divide. As with most things on A51.
4:24 AM
@bjb568 enthusiast could be one that uses an iphone all the time, uses advanced apps, things, knows a lot more than the average iphone user.. but a pro would be someone who can write the apps, etc
Users self-describe when committing to an Area51 proposal, so in practice it means whatever they want it to mean.
'Night. I probably went overkill with my notes on Latin America revolutions.
Hi @Boann! Welcome!
Hi Boann! Welcome!
Hi bjb568! Welcome!
4:28 AM
Hi Infinite Recursion! Welcome!
Hi.... is this a good place to ask for Stack Overflow mod help?
@Boann yep, please feel to just ask your question here in chat. A mod can answer, or depending on the question, even someone else.
Okay... I'm having a problem with comments disappearing. A new user left a thank you comment my answer to their question. I posted a comment "Consider accepting this answer if it solves your problem". I noticed a while later that the comment wasn't there.
That's odd, I thought, I must have forgotten to click submit. I reposted it definitely, and also made the same comment in the same situation on a different q/a. Now I see that both my new comments are gone, and so is one of the thank you comments I was replying to. Is pointing out the accept answer feature banned now, or the site acting screwy, or what's up?
Probably, the comment was flagged as too chatty or some such thing, and deleted by a mod. No repercussions for you. It's just that such comments are often deemed unnecessary.
4:34 AM
You're right that "thank you" comment is too chatty, and usually it will be removed. As for "Consider accepting this answer", I would reword it as "Consider accepting the answer that solves your issue" on the question instead.
Make it more objective, not forcing to your answer
at last, happy hour time
Thanks for suggesting workarounds for too chatty comments
I was the only answer in both cases.
But still, it's better to put it more objectively. You'd never know when someone answer the question later.
4:36 AM
Also I have always furiously disagreed with the rule about not leaving thank you comments. I'll thank the people I wanna thank.
@Boann Is that a rule?
Upvote and/or accept the question/answer if it's helpful. "Thank you" comment doesn't add any value to the post.
@Boann Sure, you can. But others will flag the comments they wanna flag.
@AndrewT. It most definitely adds value. If it weren't for thank you comments I wouldn't bother coming to Stack Overflow any more.
Meh, I leave thank you comments all the time. No idea how many of them have been deleted by now though.
4:39 AM
It's polite to respect the rules of a community, rather than violating them based on one's own personal preference
There are a whole bunch of similar meta threads indicating that consensus is telling people about the accept answer feature is considered good: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/14994
Nobody's going to hold thank you comments against you @Boann, even if they do get deleted. Deleted comments don't hurt you. Comments are generally considered transient anyways, I wouldn't get too attached to them.
Okay, now imagine there is a popular & good answer. Now 1000 people read that and they feel it's helpful.... then all of them post "Thank you" comment.
(Just for example though)
@AndrewT. That has never happened.
I've actually had people thank me for telling them about the accept answer feature in some cases.
I'm so irritated by the deleted comments.
They are manifestly not "too chatty" because I was going to delete them later, nor are they against community consensus nor any clear rule, apparently.
@Boann How you choose to react to deleted comments is your business and is something nobody else can help you with, unfortunately. You really shouldn't get too attached to them, you're just asking to be irritated a lot. It's not healthy.
It'll give you wrinkles.
4:42 AM
@Boann I have no problem with sometimes informing users about accepting an answer; as long as you delete your comment within a couple weeks.. The problem is there are tens of thousands of these comments that are out there, and are useless. So it makes extra work for users and mods to delete them. I clean up after myself and so should others.
If you need a punch bag to take out your frustration, there's a spam question to be nuked on Drupal. ^^
Or this one, fresh spam.
4:44 AM
It's offensive, that spammer used "yellow" !
Lol, oh god.
Yes, I exaggerated on my example, but it gives a general picture. Personally, I feel 1 "thank you" comment to my answer is okay, and I don't flag it. But if it is deleted, then I have no problem with that too.
@Boann don't be. Comments are second class citizens for a reason on SE. They can be deleted at any time. Don't take it personally.
The point is... already mentioned by cVplZ
4:45 AM
I find it ridiculous how long legitimate flags take to get handled, and how sometimes things have to be repeatedly flagged to be sorted out due to them being bizarrely mis-handled, yet the mod system has all the time to go stalking down and obliterating friendly thank yous.
"Comments are temporary "Post-It" notes left on a question or answer. You should not expect them to be around forever"
@Boann Seriously, help us kill spam on drupal. You're just in time. It'll make you forget evvverryytthhiinngg. Yes. Help us. That's right. Come closer.
If you find it ridiculous, then I think it's really your problem, not our problems. You might take it to the meta, but I don't really recommend it though.
@cVplZ I have always disagreed with the notion of comments being temporary. It's a stupid idea at worst, since comments are often the only way to convey the train of thought that leads to solutions; and wishful thinking at best, since the gigantically overwhelming majority of comments are never deleted, nor will they ever be. But, oh, if they fall into the category of friendly thank you, BANG! You're dead!.
Also, this is the correct place to ask for Stack Overflow mod help, but may not be the best place to express disagreement, because some of us here are focusing on actually cleaning the network.
Please feel free to formulate your ideas and post a constructive solution as a feature-request or as an open discussion asking for community feedback.
Are the bots sleeping or what? "glowing skin"...
Btw, where is the post about auto-nuke 1 comment flag?
Yeah; where's smokedetector
@cVplZ ... did I miss something?
4:50 AM
@InfiniteRecursion plz send teh coffee
@SmokeDetector a lot
Hell yes you did!
@InfiniteRecursion Running since 03:55:29 UTC
4:50 AM
@AndrewT. I was looking for that too.
@InfiniteRecursion My constructive solution, that I would heartily recommend to everyone, is to wait 12 hours until a different timezone rolls around then repost the comments when whatever mod that deleted them or turd that flagged them has gone offline.
1 hour ago, by Rafflesia arnoldii
If the question is more than 365 days old, and ... has a score of 0 or a score of 1 with a deleted owner; has no answers; is not locked; has a viewcount <= the age of the question in days times 1.5; has 1 or 0 comments... it will be automatically deleted.
^^ hyperlink
@Boann Adds Boann's comment activity page to Chrome bookmarks.
4:52 AM
I am thinking of muting, because I can't see the spam reports in this mess :/
@Unihedron Or maybe the combination of "tips" and "skin|body|face" in title, not necessarily together. Spammers are likely to rearrange things around, the combination of these two should be reliable.
@Boann I can guarantee that you don't hate deleted comments as much as I hate when people say "inb4".
@InfiniteRecursion For a summary of spam reports, see drupal.SE
goes to propose Dermatology.SE to duck with smokey
It's already ignoring fitness.SE for this reason, so...
4:55 AM
12 hours ago, by Rafflesia arnoldii
Can someone unfreeze the Whining Room, there's an obvious demand for it.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SOFT SWITCHING OF KY CONVERTER by Anjaly Jose on electronics.stackexchange.com
No rep. :( EE is another site with frequent all-caps title, confirming my hypothesis that they correlate with all-caps site name in the logo.
Its contagious
Google's cache didn't save the thank you comment, so I can't even read it to quietly bask in the glow of my usefulness, and now the user has deleted their account. Bah.
5:05 AM
@Boann Your fault for getting all your self-validation from thank-you comments.
I get my self-validation from internet points instead.
I get all my self-validation from Facebook likes.
I just print all my good answers and read them out loud to myself in the bathtub.
@Boann At least we can still bask in the glow of your usefulness!
@JasonC I object! I don't get all of it from comments.
5:07 AM
Self-validation should come from spam flags alone.
Next time, take a screenshot and save it.
And comment flags "obsolete" and "too chatty". Oh wait...
Getting Godwinned made me feel pretty good, too.
@AndrewT. Good idea. I'll make a scrapbook. Or a screensaver, if scrapbooking is too passé now.
5:10 AM
^ Do that dance in the mirror.
There should be a Stack App for that. Saving all comments as they are posted...
@InfiniteRecursion ;(
@Raff Can you run a SEDE against fitness.SE for that proposed combination, I feel there may be decent sources of fps.
@Boann Lol, a comment screensaver would be great.
5:12 AM
@Unihedron Aren't you ignoring fitness for spam purposes anyway?
I wish there was a stream of deleted offensive comments.
At least for the purpose of this regex, I would.
@Raff I was just typing that. I could add it to a new collection and set it to ignore fitness, or if there are not many fps we can add it to the simple set.
@Unihedron Which bot are you referring to? You are a dev for every bot
@Unihedron There are 11 questions with tips in title
5:15 AM
Smokey already ignores fitness.SE, I checked the code @uni
Only the line with weight loss does @inf, it's specific to each json object keyvaluepair entry.
Yes, I saw that @uni
it's a self documenting json ;)
Thank you :D (now dance)
@Raff so fps are probably not going to happen anytime soon. Thanks!
5:19 AM
Every time I talk about JSON in real life, it's awkward.
Welp, breakdance'd
You should change your display name to JSON instead of Jason, that would be more awkward :P
Change your legal name to JSON.
I could also change my real name to Windows, for maximum awkward.
5:21 AM
As long as it's not Mac
Do any programmers name their children JSON?
Maximum awkard name would be Drupal
imagining a can of spam branded as Drupal
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I dunno but there are apparently two JSON Johnsons in the US.
5:24 AM
Drupal is spam free for now
@JasonC maybe his parents never got an "A" in school?
sings the waiting for spam song
5:25 AM
Bye @Uni
^ That piece is called, "triumphant-young-multi-ethnic-business-executives-punching-air-celebrating-succ‌​ess"
5:27 AM
Let's see your emoticon for that.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ANDROID PORTING ON VERSATILEPB by madhu on android.stackexchange.com
> Anti-Aging humor before and once results to wit
sings the songs of his fathers, and of his father's fathers, raising his hands in joyous excitement ----> \o/
5:43 AM
@InfiniteRecursion no need for thanks, sets bad example
@cVplZ No!
finally...somebody raised it...
Q: When are answers just linking to some one else Answer/Text Ok?

ZaibisI ever thought answers that just contain links to content that is serving a answer aren't welcome on SO as answers. More they had to be a comment. But when I reviewed those answers and flagged them as not a answer, as the should be a comment. I got the last 3 or 4 times declined. I even had a fl...

[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 84.1129: Improves your skin elasticity and assures you younger? on drupal.stackexchange.com
^ spam

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