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12:00 AM
Howdy y'all is my preferred form.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Mine was a question, yours is a greeting..
Your question was too broad, anyway.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii or unclear
Using all kinds of questions as greetings is one of 'merican things I never gotten used to.
12:03 AM
It shows little research effort; it is unclear or not helpful. Feel free to not star it.
New day is here! 40 downvotes, 50 closevotes, and 19 delete votes coming to a Stack Exchange site near you.
And I can go upvote the new material on GL.
So can I. But I choose not to.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii No, you don't know anything about gardening.
I can still see what is the new material, and upvote it. You didn't say "upvote the good new material".
12:12 AM
stackoverflow.com/q/26881411/1927206 I went for Unclear, but it is also Too Broad. And no, they do not want what it looks like they want. I'd edit except for the "gimme any language you like" implied by the multiple language tags.
Options for the name of this site... people don't like the current "History of Science and Math". It feels inconsistently abbreviated.
Simple solution: rename to "History of S&M".
Or 'HSM'
S&M? You don't get out much?
Oh look, a bunch of old tool-rec questions to flag..
12:18 AM
I think the name would draw some extra traffic to the site.
I can't work out who would end up more confused by the whole thing.
exact duplicate of many, many posts — Woot4Moo Nov 15 '10 at 19:17
When did the Amazon Forums become Yahoo! Answers?
12:24 AM
@HDE226868 people like you keeps increasing the amount of people that wants this invented. — Braiam 21 secs ago
Not very nice toward HDE.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii honest > nice
The OP has an account on Math, in fact it's older that their Meta account.
I see more desperate math Qs on Meta recently, perhaps the new Q rate limit at work.
and it's obvious he got question banned in math.se
12:27 AM
AMZN Forums... little surprise it would come to that. Water flows downhill and all that.
@JasonC why answer if you want it closed?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii You should link to the "ask a new question" on Yahoo Answers. That will make it easier for the OP to find an answer! ;P
@TGMCians @bjb568 So I just got an update to the GMail app on my phone. They did it. And quicker than I thought.
@BillWoodger I don't think typo questions are bad questions, I just think they don't belong on the site permanently. So I help the OP, then I let it be on its way.
@JasonC I used to do that until I found it it was not thought of so highly. I htought.
@hichris123 Interestingly, there isn't a button "ask a new question". The question field is already open in sidebar, the only button to click is Submit. They made it more chat-like, you don't even have to open question pages.
12:33 AM
It won't get deleted with three answers on, will it?
@BillWoodger Answering off-topic questions is not thought of so highly but personally I see typos as an exception.
No but it will be closed.
@JasonC OK. I prefer to see them gone, but got busted one time for leaving a comment instructing that no-one answer :-)
@BillWoodger Well, I won't hold it against you if you don't answer or downvote mine.
I gotta run bye all.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii huh
This isn't a duplicate, the other question is about a bug that was fixed 2+ years ago, this is completely different. — ɥʇǝS 23 secs ago
and then I got check the dates... Nov. 12 2012. WAT.
But it's just a read-o.
24 ot flags on SO waiting for review.
I only get 25 flags/day on SO, so 11 left.
On my close request, that first block of stuff is not a file. It is some members, within a library, which contain DSNs embedded in JCL, and may call in PROCs (from another library) containing that DSN in more JCL, or may INCLUDE another member from another library with some more JCL and one of those DSNs. The JCL anyway shouldn't have been written like that in the first place, as a symbolic value should have been used for that Low Level Qualifier (the bit they want changed).
12:51 AM
@Frank that's going to take forever..
@Frank If I remember right, helpful comment flags contribute to the increase of post flag availability. Flagging auto-nukkable "accept rate" comments as "obsolete" can help.
Not sure that "auto-nukkable" is a word.
^ time to train bots to recognize these things too.
programming with maths app is on-topic on math.se?
@AndrewT. Yeah, in general. Not when asked like this. on-topic says: Software that mathematicians use (except Mathematica, which has its own Stack Exchange site)... It is one of the fuzzy edges of on-topicness, when programming issues dominate the question. Why is Maple/Matlab giving this error?
1:21 AM
"Sarah". That's an unregistered account, I might add. Grr.
Place your bets on whether that gets an answer from some of the pathologically helpful math users.
Erm... I hope not
You win! Question got closed without an answer. (I did help it a bit by dropping a link in local chat).
1:37 AM
> The title of your question may be insufficiently specific. See Writing Good Titles
That's what happens if my title is:
> Need Help for maple questions! Urgent!
I think that "urgent" should be a red flag along with "need help"
@hichris123 Yes, that's a Math-specific filter, proposed by me and implemented by Shog9 recently.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Don't know what those are...
@Frank Here they are. The top 15 or so are gone already.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii That's a boring warning. I thought there was the "It's not urgent" warning or something.
Yep. Pasting it into SO gives:
> Getting an answer to this question may be urgent for you, but that doesn't make answering it a priority for anyone else.

Rather than calling out the urgency of your question, take the time to make sure it is clear and well-written - this will help those willing to answer to do so more quickly.
1:46 AM
@hichris123 Yes, that one is SO-specific.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I like that one. Someone should add it to Math. ;)
I'm less fond of it. It's too specific, teaches the user to remove "urgent" from the title. I want ugly questions to have ugly titles; they attract DVs and CVs quickly.
@hichris123 aww... I'm waiting for my Nexus 4 OTA :(
@AndrewT. Hah. I have a Nexus 7 2012.
I wish someone would just capture the OTA URL. :/
@SmokeDetector suggested an edit.
2:11 AM
Is stackoverflow.com/questions/26292491/… a good use of "no longer reproducible"? It seems so based on meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/258685/… but that's one I'm still a little fuzzy on.
@hichris123 oh, it's edit conflict. I thought it was rejected o_o
The announcement of rolling limits is no longer featured SE-wide? Odd. The blog post of somewhat limited interest remains in the sidebar.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Cool, thanks.
2:45 AM
Holy crap there's an emacs.se! Sweet!
Split all the things / sites!
Q: Closing the Vi/Vim Proposal

Robert CartainoProposal: Vi/Vim We recently launched an Emacs site, and the Vi/Vim community quickly followed to have a site of their own. The show of support here was nothing short of amazing. It weighed heavily in our evaluation of this site, but we ultimately decide not to split off Vi/Vim from Stack Overfl...

/me has 131 se accounts
I'm split between loving that emacs has its own site, and being saddened that the whopping 778 questions on the site would apparently push SU past capacity.
It's pretty new I guess though; first question only 2 months old. So maybe 778 isn't that low.
So yeah, sweet!
Love that guy^
He was a pro-tem on GL, and was probably the best thing that ever happened to the site.
2:50 AM
/me proposes loremipsum.stackexchange.com - although I suspect many duplicate questions.
Then he steps down.
A noble cause though
He was yoda, changed his name when he stepped down.
^ early SPAM!?
2:55 AM
Shog actually managed to get two gold badges on meta.
Jeff Atwood too.
A: What is an acceptable answer?

Lorem IpsumThe following is a slight modification of my post on meta.gardening. Consider a hypothetical question: How can I foo the bar in X? I'm trying to foo the bar using qux. However, I get an error message <error>. What am I doing incorrectly? When should I post a comment and when should I pos...

Q: Remove "democratic, community-driven process" from the Area 51 FAQ

nightcrackerSeeing there is an arbitrary nonelected dictator group or individual that can and does close proposals that are going through the proposal process without asking the community, in fact, directly going against the community, I feel that calling the Area 51 process a "democratic, community-driven p...

3:02 AM
Oh god
Aw, that was not the forest fire that I expected
I don't do much in Area51 discussion. My best accepted post there is:
A: Hunting is already covered at The Great Outdoors

J. MusserYes, hunting is in scope on The Great Outdoors beta. Based on how many questions per day they are getting (around 1.5/day), I think it would be a bad idea to split off. Also of note: The proposal Hunting and Fishing has been closed and deleted, as it was also considered a duplicate of The Great ...

I stay away from it. I totally support a nonelected dictator group or individual that calls the shots there. Area51 has a very high bandwagon factor.
I like this one more:
Q: Owls is in scope of Birds

AlizterProposal: Owls (Strigiformes) This is a duplicate of Birds which is itself having a bumpy definition. In other words this is way to specific.

Lol, owls
3:10 AM
I want to propose totally arbitrary ones, like "pennies" or "zippers".
I have a lot of questions about zippers.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I answered that as well.
^ is awesome @Rafflesiaarnoldii
I use it all the time.
lol audit.
"bounty worth 50 ending from user x in 5 days"
then right under that "closed"
bug report?
@Frank what of?
3:19 AM
wrong link, sorry
Can't poke LightnessRacesInTheOrbit from here any longer :(
cv'd anyways
3:21 AM
@Frank doesn't seem that broad to me
until I look at the answer, that is
aaaaargh... is SE hiccuping or only me.... aaaaa....
@InfiniteRecursion Welp. ;P
nvm, seems it's already okay
@InfiniteRecursion Haha! be sure to correct him given the chance. :P
3:25 AM
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 8 secs ago, by hichris123
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Your presence is requested in the Tavern. http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2651240#2651240
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
See, it looks way more official this way, @Jan ^. ;)
The edit is still pointless
@Frank plz recommend a tool to closevote questions.
Anyway, close voted.
@JanDvorak c++ faq is for high-quality posts, though. Not crap like this.
I'd wait for roomba to edit it out
3:30 AM
point taken though
Money spam gone.
@Frank I don't use the Timeline bookmarklet that often. My favorite by far are the CV bookmarklets.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I like looking at timelines.
My computer is being really slow, and I only have 16 tabs, and 11 pinned chatrooms open. :(
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: REALM.IO SWIFT DELETE 1 OBJECT by zapKILIG on stackoverflow.com
If you are looking for CVs, about 98% of stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/java+printf is no-repro.
@SmokeDetector missing desired behavior
@Frank Well it's the + combo; the vast majority are people with typos in their format specifiers.
SO server seems to be hiccuping a bit.
these are just active flags of mine.
@Frank He knows, he was trolling on my troll answer :P
3:42 AM
@InfiniteRecursion :D
Q: Any thoughts on how to react to gender-specific language?

MelanieThere have been a couple of times recently when someone has referred to me as "mate" in their comments or responses. I don't tend to be very sensitive about this stuff and have really found very little sexism during my tenure as a computer professional. However, since my Stack Overflow display na...

lol nice name @Doorknob — Abdul Ahmad 51 secs ago
Oh, I feel so flattered.
oh - a joke. Sorry.
Ooh, that'll get you a reversal @Infinite! (one more vote..)
@Doorknob do snippets not count as "in the question itself"?
@Doorknob I like NotDoorknob's name, it's the funniest sock name on SO
@JanDvorak Huh? What snippets?
wait, sorry, that was a jsfiddle inliner
How did these rec-tools survive so long without being closed :/
worse, how does Frank manage to keep finding them?
3:48 AM
casts 5 consecutive closevotes
also, please pause the cv-requests....we don't cv too much at a time...
@InfiniteRecursion why?
@InfiniteRecursion yeah, sorry. They were still active on my flag list, which means no one had cv-d after I flagged.
3:50 AM
looking at bad questions is depressing...
great reason.
@Frank ok, then bring them on...let's close them now!
^ go to there?
3:51 AM
@AndrewT. No one's there. :(
I'm not going anywhere
@Frank bjb is...that's his fav place to shout CV, CV, CV, CV
he uses tavern only for LQ, LQ, LQ, LQ
3:54 AM
reversal on its way @InfiniteRecursion :D
So. Much. Repost.
@ɥʇǝS Yay! That's my first reversal
@Frank what's the typo?
3:56 AM
hiccup... won't get the flagging done
no hiccups here
@JanDvorak I didn't cv. Someone requested cv on it here earlier.
Then why repost?
@Frank don't flag everything that is requested for cv here
@SmokeDetector fp
3:58 AM
@JanDvorak Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@JanDvorak because... no one cv-d after I flagged...
That's the problem of denying comment answers from askers. You're denying explanation from reviewers.
Great Expectations recievs -5 score from me. (Dats bad). Make me brain go Kewkoo.

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