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12:06 AM
function dpsql_query( $query )
	$result = mysql_query( $query );
	if (!$result)
		print "The following mysql query:<br>\n";
		print $query . "<br>\n";
		print "raised the following error:<br>\n";
		print mysql_error() . "<br>\n";
		print "<br>\n";
	return $result;
... you... reimplemented mysql_query?
12:26 AM
Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:
Birthday must be after 1920/01/01
Not true^
It doesn't have to be after 1920/01/01. It can be 1920/01/01.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SEARCH TERMS, THEY WANT HACK? on magento.stackexchange.com
@lostsock mm?
oh, that
@Braiam Which commit?
2 hours ago, by lostsock
hmm, spanish stack overflow?
@Braiam Ah, nice. I thought it was already a beta.
12:39 AM
@hichris123 Nick Craver has the same battery backup thingamagigy as me!
1:19 AM
esnesnon dna hsirebbij
@Frank ?
@bjb568 Here I am.
@Frank In what language?
@bjb568 English.
"esnesnon dna hsirebbij"?
1:25 AM
Oh. I should try reading things backwards more…
@bjb568 Yup.
1:51 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GENERIC METAMATHEMATICS on mathoverflow.net
Q: Linux and Meaning in Blogger Stats

Susan PageI have asked this question on Blogger but haven't gotten an answer. In the Audience tab for 'Stats' I get Linux as the leading operating system. Is that a Mac Computer? Who uses Linux?

For posterity.
2:10 AM
@hichris123 mm?????????
parser has blown...
> Who uses Linux?
Uhh... people who actually want a decent operating system?
(cue OS flame war)
@Braiam lol
@Doorknob 95% of the world servers do... except Stack Overflow... for DB and webserver
@Shog9 about sp.SO, it won't be just a mirror of SO, but an actual high quality programming based Q&A?
btw... I wonder if Stack Overflow em Português works
@Braiam yeah, but they'll all be written in Spanish, so anyone asking [r] questions will have to roll
4 hours ago, by lostsock
Still, it seems to make more sense in any sensible definition of data storage to translate at the view end (Google Translate, anyone?) rather than recreating our entire database of crap programming questions 9 times. — Lightness Races in Orbit 51 mins ago
4 hours ago, by lostsock
lol @the last part , but I like the other languages, gets more people involved that otherwise wouldn't be. Slightly helps keep crap off the main SO too.
2:15 AM
@lostsock so... Long, long ago, we tossed around this idea for a community-driven translation project
@Braiam Shouldn't it be es.SO? And I think it'll be cool, as I'm taking Spanish in school, so we can see how much I've actually learned.
Folks could nominate questions they wanted to see in a given language, volunteers could translate them...
will be watching... the watchers
@Shog9 that seems actually cool
...it doesn't make a lot of sense, because by the time you're done, you're just re-asking and answering questions, drawing on SO as a resource.
2:16 AM
why did @uni not appoint anyone?
tries to flag before Shog appears
@JanDvorak huh?
@hichris123 with watching the realtime tab while I was gone
@Braiam It must work since they are adding spanish now.
2:17 AM
@Shog9 and learning something in the progress
@Braiam well, maybe. What's your motivation for answering questions?
@JanDvorak ah. Well, my bot's running -- but it didn't catch any of them.
@Shog9 the money
nah, actually I do it to challenge my wits
@Braiam well, of course - and the groupies, and copious drugs - but besides that.
@hichris123 Maybe it should just post every new question on Drupal or MSE
2:19 AM
@Braiam right. You get to think. Not just about the problem you're solving, but about how to explain it to others. Answering can be more of an education than asking...
@JanDvorak hah
@JanDvorak ^ :P
uh... nevermind. :P
(There's an old Feynman quote about not really understanding something until you can explain it to someone who knows nothing about it)
Doesn't look like spam to me ;-)
I swear parenting said drupal.
Oh, there was a drupal one right above it.
Anyway... If you're just translating... you don't have that. You're not really explaining something to a real person anymore; you're regurgitating someone else's explanation to someone who doesn't even exist.
in the hope that someone else, from a different culture facing different problems, will be able to make use of the translation
2:22 AM
@Shog9 I get that (actually it can cause some problems later) but I would worry that folks would just regurgitate mirror SO knowledge
@Braiam sure. But of course, they do that anyway. On Stack Overflow.
oh right....
So again, the real test is: can you explain the solution to someone who doesn't know it; if regurgitating someone else's explanation doesn't cut it, you now have a real, live asker sitting in front of you to tell you you're full of it.
...and, of course, other answerers, who won't mind a bit pointing out that you don't know what you're talking about and please refer to my answer where I explain it all properly
there will always be people that do it for the money
oh well, I hope it works out
voy a correr la voz por aqui
@hichris123 very
And also, need someone (10k mod?) to see deleted comment meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/272038/my-comment-was-deleted
2:35 AM
was this suppose to be posted as an answer? or just a comment? — lostsock 9 secs ago
@AndrewT. only mods can see deleted comments
@Braiam understood. Thanks
@AndrewT. gone
2:57 AM
Thought on this one, anybody? It needs help. stackoverflow.com/q/26007707/656243
At best, it needs a bunch of edits... at worse, cv-unclear
@LynnCrumbling Burdon's on the asker to not post crap. That is crap.
@bjb568 There's a lot of extraneous code, but the error is there. The extra commentary needs to be edited, and grammar needs to be fixed. The grammar edits could alter what the asker is intending to ask, though, since some of the sentences are so bad.
@bjb568 first pass on it finished.
@LynnCrumbling fixed code formatting
unsure what to do about it at this point...
maybe just favorite it for now...?
I don't know much about JS and LinkedIn. Can't even know if it's unclear or not
@InfiniteRecursion flag it?
@Braiam I thought about flagging, but am not sure if flagging it will be bad for Smokey...
@InfiniteRecursion "flag for moderator" is your friend ;P
@Braiam flagged it.
@LynnCrumbling Thanks
3:38 AM
I had already flagged it. Wonder if it didn't look like a problem.
I think it won't get much attention unless is I that flag it
It is a problem, it has a racial/offensive tone
@Braiam :)
@InfiniteRecursion we call "negra/negro" anyone without care of the actual skin color, and in actual fact, most of the people we refer to are important to us
but, again, I come from a different culture
3:41 AM
@InfiniteRecursion That's what I think, but I flagged it, so have done all I've been empowered with :)
@Braiam In my area, that would be highly offensive.
:2440949 delete
I wouldn't consider it offensive if it was between friends...but that message didn't use the word in a friendly manner for you Braiam, it isn't a 'best buddies' kind of chat
@InfiniteRecursion but I actually don't care :P
It's gone.
3:44 AM
there are things that you learn to just ignore, since the one that said them, isn't important nor relevant to your life
We cleaned up chat.SE, but not here... :/
is like "Values scales" but with people
@Braiam I agree. We should ignore such stuff and only listen to people who actually matter in our lives. But that needed cleanup, and now the transcript looks good :)
"But that needed cleanup" a message 12 hours ago
@Frank: Need your expert advice on this flower : meta.stackexchange.com/users/158100/rene
3:49 AM
@Braiam huh?
yesterday, by lostsock
@rene please switch to a male flower picture
Sorry, on mobile chat.
Morning Jan :)
3:50 AM
@hichris123 No, no. I should be sorry that you are using mobile chat... not you
Hah. Well, make a tablet chat app then @Braiam!
@Frank: flower looks female to me, your expert advice please
@JanDvorak gone.
lacks pollen, I think it's a Hawaiian Plumeria Frangipani
What's up?
rene's flower.
3:55 AM
yes, rene's flower and lostsock's feature request
Look at the title of the question. xD
flagged, and +98 rep... WAT? I better not have gotten downvoted.
I was downvoted! At least it wasn't on GL. How embarrassing.
....and the flower is female? @Frank
@InfiniteRecursion Definitely not Plumeria frangipani, the petals are too symmetrical, with too little overlap, and the center is too large.
:(, ok but no pollen, so female?
4:02 AM
I thought it was White Daisy, but apparently it's different (not an expert in this xD)
@InfiniteRecursion How do you know there aren't any anthers?
@InfiniteRecursion It might be a rose of sorts.
@Frank because I don't see any anthers, it has the kind of center that sunflowers have
@InfiniteRecursion Or just blurred.
@Frank not a rose, of all the flowers in the world, I recognize roses for sure
If you blurred it enough, it would look very similar. ^
4:07 AM
nope, rene's flower has a green/black center
More yellow.
@Frank and green/black center, which roses don't have
@InfiniteRecursion That's not a green/black center.
4:14 AM
@InfiniteRecursion That means it has a compound head of florets, and the petals are actually ray florets. This is the only kind of 'sunflower like head', and is found in the family Asteraceae. None of these have wide petals like that. There is no flower with 5 wide petals and a sunflower like head.
right, does it look like a canada anemone?
@InfiniteRecursion Possible. The center looks too small, and uniformly colored.
@Frank Thanks, now I understood that it has very high probability of having anthers :)
@InfiniteRecursion :)
@InfiniteRecursion But hopefully he isn't a rose, as they have perfect flower (contain both male and female functional parts).
I am aware of that - a rose is bisexual flower. I read that in school, the structure and gender of the common flowers, and in Dan Brown novels, about the symbological significance of roses.
@InfiniteRecursion That's typical of all rose family plants.
The website always times out right when I wanted to flag some spam.
@Frank Thanks Frank, I learnt about flowers today
@InfiniteRecursion did you?
What did you learn?
@Frank I learnt about ray florets, and Asteraceae.
4:28 AM
@ItachiUchiha cv'd.
@LynnCrumbling thanks :)
@JanDvorak flagged.. still there.
@InfiniteRecursion Ah. You didn't learn too much, then. Can't let you be a better plant expert than me, and displace me on GL. :)
@JanDvorak flagged. gone.
4:29 AM
@LynnCrumbling thanks
@JanDvorak That op's profile image..
I should flag that OP account deleted
drupal one is gone now, too.
@InfiniteRecursion didn't see it. I was too busy flagging.
@Frank it was a scantily clad female
@InfiniteRecursion Oh. Then nothing interesting/funny.
4:35 AM
@Frank yes
@InfiniteRecursion My favorite avatar on here is this one:
Don't know why it cracks me up.
@Frank Whose avatar is that?
She's on biology, so that's my connection.
My favorite avatar is this one:
@InfiniteRecursion Why?
4:40 AM
@Frank because it looks cute along this one:
@Frank I love dogs, and his dog is super cute. It makes me happy every time I see it
user image
@InfiniteRecursion I wonder if it's Undo's dog in real life.
4:42 AM
No, I don't like the other dog avatars, Undo's dog has a very nice expression on it's face. A very sincere honest look.
@Frank I think it's his real life dog, look at the expression on it's face !
@InfiniteRecursion I had a dog last year.
@Frank Do you still have him?
@InfiniteRecursion Read this to find out why.
Ohh, I am so sorry. It hurts a lot when they are no more :(
I am a very good amateur trainer, and usually all my clients, and especially my personal pets, turn out fabulously. I guess I put more into them than I should.
@JanDvorak already gone.
I managed to get a flag in edgewise.
Then you have an amazing life, dogs are fabulous companions in terms of character, honesty and dedication. Have had 3 dogs in the family till now, since I was born, and I always learnt a lot from them. I find them very inspiring. But their loss is extremely heartbreaking.
I flagged it too
@InfiniteRecursion Your tellin' me...
@InfiniteRecursion What dogs did/do you have?
4:52 AM
@Frank No, I read your post and I know that you are very well aware.
The first one was a maltese, the current ones are a pair of golden retrievers
@InfiniteRecursion Golden retrievers are awesome. How old are they?
Are they English or American?
English, 3 years :)
yes, the are awesome
How old when they came to you?
3 months
4:57 AM
@LynnCrumbling unclear I think
@InfiniteRecursion I like English ones. Are they light golden, regular or dark? What kind of coat? (I like to have a pic in my head)
> There are about ten wonderful methods that can be resorted to which are guaranteed to create a totally new person in you.
@Frank Haha, light golden, straight
@InfiniteRecursion wavy, curly, or straight?
@LynnCrumbling vtc'ed both
Yes @Jan
@InfiniteRecursion Same as mine then.
@InfiniteRecursion thanks
5:04 AM
@Frank Nice :)
@LynnCrumbling closed
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ONLINE QUIZ APPLICATION WITH TIMER on magento.stackexchange.com
@InfiniteRecursion excellent.
@InfiniteRecursion Were they extremely expensive, then?
@Frank Kinda sorta :)
^Smokey is borked
@InfiniteRecursion Ellie would've qualified as a show dog, and was perfect in all points, except 1/4" taller than ideal. I don't like doing the shows, though. They're stressful.
5:06 AM
^@undo, @pro: websockets problem
Poor Smokey!
@Frank Did you get any more dogs after she passed away?
@InfiniteRecursion Still thinking about getting an English mastiff.
Q: How much will a full grown English mastiff eat?

J. MusserI am looking to get my favorite breed of dog: Mastiff. But I can't spend much on dog food. How much should I expect a mastiff to eat per day once it's full grown?

@Frank I like the answer - "Too much" :D
5:12 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah. But it would be heaps of fun. Also to train something more challenging than a goldie.
@Frank ugh... s/than/then/
@Braiam where?
@Frank You know so much about living things, which is totally amazing. I only know how to write the codez :(
5:17 AM
@InfiniteRecursion You can learn, especially where you have an interest. :)
@LynnCrumbling The lines need to be continuous--therefore it must use some sort of loop. - Good that the OP told us
@JanDvorak nuked
@Frank most upvoted answer
@InfiniteRecursion Indeed.
@InfiniteRecursion good
Time for bed... 'nite all. Catch you tomorrow @work.
5:18 AM
@LynnCrumbling Night
@Braiam I suggested an edit.
@InfiniteRecursion I have always loved growing, living things. You could look at it the other way: You know how to write code, and I wouldn't know where to start. Different gifts were given to different people. No doubt you're also far better at math.
@InfiniteRecursion =)
@Braiam fixed now
DroidDev thinks I play it safe. :(
in Shadow's Den, 1 min ago, by DroidDev
@Frank ok, I get it, you play it safe :P
Hey guys what to you think of this stackoverflow.com/questions/25995874/…
@Frank woman - stubborn - hmm
can i use any other interesting example other than milking a cow ?? :P :P
@InfiniteRecursion That's the connection he made
cc @uni @bjb
@InfiniteRecursion haha
5:44 AM
@JanDvorak gone
There are like 4 spam posters with live accounts.
They bother me.
always nice to start your day with some close voting.
Bring on the SPAM please.
@rene Spammers are active today, you won't be disappointed ;)
5:58 AM
who upvoted that question :(
@InfiniteRecursion not really NAA since it does answer the question. I'd say VLQ though.
@AndrewT. thanks
6:17 AM
@AndrewT. well, the answer on that question is also pretty un-relatable
A new user has the nerve to accept my answer 5 minutes after it was posted.
@DroidDev Well, it does but it would be better if the OP makes an excerpt of the blogpost in the answer. It does answer the question
Not good for encouraging a nice a/q ratio.
@rene sorry, I think you got the wrong one, I was talking about this answer.
6:28 AM
@DroidDev Oh, I need coffee...
@rene one for me please :)
i think my body no like caffeine much no more
@InfiniteRecursion that'll do, but I still have some doubt :P
@rene thanks for that :)
6:32 AM
@InfiniteRecursion even @undo could drink from that
@InfiniteRecursion heck, you could swim in that
All answers need reformatting and some need flagging - anyone please? stackoverflow.com/users/3840428/nagarjun?tab=answers
@lostsock no, I have my pond. That one is for rene ;)
@InfiniteRecursion @bart's pond is not your pond! Surprised he hasn't evicted you yet.
Night all!
6:35 AM
sleep well
Oh, there's coffee and there's Balpha...
.. with coffee
@lostsock MY pond
@DroidDev the answer, you mean?
@JanDvorak the question, it's rec-tool
6:39 AM
@InfiniteRecursion ewe, bad hair day?
@JanDvorak the question itself is asking for off-site-tools
@lostsock that's an angry look
who went through flagging NAA searching for "see my blog" /etc ?
@lostsock Fine now?
@InfiniteRecursion some of those answers, you really owe me a coffee now :P
@DroidDev thanks for cleaning up, you totally deserve the coffee
@InfiniteRecursion @AndrewT. is also helping, he also edited almost half of those :)
@AndrewT. ya, go for it, those are my two points :D
@DroidDev Andrew deserves a coffee too :D
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NO MORE FREE STORAGE SPACE on android.stackexchange.com
Haha :)
6:44 AM
nothing better than reputation earning with coffee sip :D
@DroidDev I helped recommend deletion
@DroidDev I copied the links to tag wiki
from all answers and the question
6:46 AM
@rene that's just great and right place for them :)
@InfiniteRecursion this has pending edit too stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5843256
@lostsock but your body no like caffeine much no more :P
@AndrewT. 2 more points for me, you are great!
^ lol, single php tag
and spam i think
6:51 AM
@SmokeDetector also, vlq
@SmokeDetector wow, the content is.. nsfw :|
Looks like an ideogrammatic version of markov chain spam
@AndrewT. it's kind of safe because no one understands what's written on it ;)
@SmokeDetector wait... is that zalgo or something :/
@DroidDev Hangul (Korean) characters
@AndrewT. right, google translator also detected same :)
time to edit some 9-patch images
이̳̱̠̋것̯͌̉̓̎은̞͌̊̂ ̘͖̹̺̏ͦͣͦ̑̓̀́어̻̤͊̌ͤ͝떤̲̗̫̙ ̹̩̙̆̀̅ͪ́͝임̘̘̹̻̟͓의̟̩͖͌͌͠ͅ의̨̲ͦ ̙͛마͙̦̬̩̊ͤͮ͛르̼̦ͧ́코̇̅̇프͓͕̏ͬ̀̂ ̞̘̣̟̉̽ͬ̇ͨ̋ͯ체̡̖̂̈́͂인̦͖̄̋̉͆͌이̅ͪ̆ͮͥ̋͜다ͮ͋̄ͦ͆̊ ̵́̓̄ͬ̎̊ͬ텍̞̦̪̪ͩ̌́
@JanDvorak google translator fails, are you trying to scare us :P
@DroidDev remove zalgofication first

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