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1:44 AM
^ Only one of the top eight Meta users is a person.
@AstroCB Yay kittttten!
Saw 1999 reputation. Fixed it. Welcome to the 2k club! — bjb568 2 days ago
2:38 AM
TIL: ECMAScript regex: [^]
@AstroCB :( but the 90's were so much better
@lostsock points out that some of us weren't around then
I'm spending my evening retagging questions that should have been tagged with . Yay.
@bjb568 maybe they were though, ever hear of reincarnation?
@SantaClaus … couldn't you find something more fun to do?
@lostsock Meh, no.
I've heard of it; but even if it's their spirit - if they don't remember it, it isn't really them.
2:50 AM
@bjb568 The PHP textbook is sucking all the fun out of this room.
feels like needs parens ^^
@SantaClaus PHP? Where? Where should I run?
@bjb568 Quick! Into the bat mobile!
@animuson left the room
Is there any point in the tag?
2:56 AM
@SantaClaus as long as there's a wordpress tag, yes
@lostsock Well my point is that it doesn't apply to just wordpress anymore...
@lostsock I'm finding it on quite a few ios questions and andriod and windows and probably apple watch
2:59 AM
@SantaClaus which people can just search by multiple tags then .. we don't have to try to make everything into one tag... like etc
@lostsock But there are so many uses of widget! urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Widget
just be glad there's not a gizmos tag
@lostsock widget is ambiguous. php-function and javascript-function are useless.
Still relevant today!
Since s never seem to work, whats a "good" way to get rid of a tag? Do I just go through all 5k questions by hand (or with a bot)? Or should I post on meta anyway?
Q: When to burninate

CDspaceUpon seeing this question, I took a look at the [user] tag, and it currently has 1366 unanswered questions, and 4326 total questions. Seeing as that's quite a lot, I thought I'd help with the burnination (am I correct in thinking the burnination is done by users?). However, I can't really tell wh...

3:08 AM
@SantaClaus i doubt that one will be burninated , but you can try and maybe end up with a cool response
@Braiam Ah, thats what I was looking for.
3:30 AM
I'm fairly confident this guy doesn't need this many extensions stackoverflow.com/questions/25802573/…
My edits have taken over my interesting page.
But @hichris123 broke the yellow streak.
if you want to see @shadow with his shirt off, click here
3:46 AM
I still use the pointer trail feature for my high-latency display. I have an old IBM T221 monitor which has high resolution (3840x2400) but with the single-link DVI connector on my laptop can be driven at only 12Hz refresh. Without pointer trails it can be hard to see where the pointer is as you move the mouse. — Ed Avis yesterday
@lostsock How do you know it's shadow?
@bjb568 assumption
I.E. you don't.
@bjb568 tell your teacher that next time. instead of "I'll have the assignment done by Friday", say "I can not know for sure what is truth and what is not since the future has not happened yet, so I may or may not have it done by Friday"
@lostsock The thing is, I don't tell the teacher anything.
… and I probably won't get it done by friday :P
Q: On - window.location.hash - change?

qxxxI am using Ajax and hash for navigation. Is there a way to check if the window.location.hash changed like this? http://example.com/blah#123 to http://example.com/blah#456 It works if I check it when the document loads. But if I have #hash based navigation it doesn't work when I press the back b...

^ Upvote second answer, upvote comments on first answer about it's outdatedness
This answer is now deprecated — Jhawins Apr 11 at 17:39
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GOAL PROGRAMMING EXCERSICE on math.stackexchange.com
3:59 AM
@SmokeDetector don't be so shy
If you haven't already, DV stackoverflow.com/a/25945654/2371861
Hey everyone :) I understand that users with 10k+ reputation can see any user's deleted posts, so could someone with this reputation level find me the URL for the post I made to photo.stackexchange.com a few months ago? I wanted to grab some info from it. (Note, I have nothing against the deletion/moderation system, I just wanted to remember what I wrote.)
@i336_ Only mods can see old deleted posts by user.
^ Anybody can repro the blank space I'm seeing in the rep chart?
4:14 AM
@bjb568: Oh, okay. Well, hopefully a nice mod can come along and tell me, perhaps? :P
@hichris123 Seems meh. When in doubt, just close.
And done!
@AstroCB Yay duck!!
@Infinite You repro? ^^^^
@tchrist You may not remember, but you told be about this some time ago. I didn't agree with the "cultural difference" part back then, but between then and now, I too have noticed the differences and I agree with your observations as well as Tim's blog post. Hopefully, your friend will understand too. Congratulations on your new job.
@InfiniteRecursion I would not have believed it if I had not seen it myself.
In fact, when I saw it, I didn’t believe it.
4:26 AM
@bjb568 yes
It is all too alien to my way of thinking.
why does my Tavern chat scroll to the top by itself when I switch to another tab?
Q: Rep # missing in rep change table on user profile

bjb568http://stackoverflow.com/users/3805262/mmlooloo Wut?

@Unihedron Does that for me randomly.
perhaps it's something to do with keyboard (/textbox) focus?
It doesn't work every time tho.
4:30 AM
Perhaps they hit the rep cap from upvotes?
@Unihedron No…
That's a -8…
No, it's a +10/-10
so cancelled out
@tchrist It was alien for me too, SE is my first exposure to a multicultural environment. Professionally, as I am very new to the field, I didn't get exposed to the kind of experience you had in *(job - 1)
@Unihedron Oh.
But it's alarming when we realize it. And Tim has done a wonderful analysis on his blog.
@bjb568 upvoted because I am able to repro it.
4:35 AM
Me likey upvotes.
As long as they're mine.
Me not likey your cat lingo
It kitten lingo.
Me likey lingo - lingoingoingoingoingoingoingoingoingoingoingoingoingoingoingo
lin going
li n goin
Kitten lingo is confusing, why not speak English?
<li> 'n' goin'
@InfiniteRecursion Kitten lingogogogo is fuuun!
4:39 AM
Funny thing is I read Pygmalion last week, by G.B.Shaw, where a linguist tells a flower girls the English is the language of Milton and the Bible, because she uses kitten lingo. I thought of you when I was reading it :)
yawns 'Night!
@bjb568 Night!
4:41 AM
@InfiniteRecursion plz send teh coffee
Afternoond :P
s/d// >.>
s/(^s.*) .+/$1/
A: Rep # missing in rep change table on user profile

UnihedronIt's a +10-10, so cancelled out. See: From my experience, the top four items in the \d+ Reputation pane is remembered and if new reputation change incurs and the item is already there, it is accumulated to the item and bumped to the top; And if it is not already there, the last item is dropped...

4:45 AM
grumblingly accepts
Your edit on the question invalidated my answer, @bjb568 :P
Also, that link I was looking for earlier - I found it, after grepping some old cache directories :)
reads through old post of camera requirements (it was incredibly detailed, so much so it was essentially offtopic - photo.stackexchange.com/questions/49514 heh)
@uni: make your post gender-neutral, it says "If he gets"
What post? :p
The post which I am going to downvote now :P
It's gone :(
4:49 AM
uni your answer gone. :/
It's irrelevant after they added "Ooooooh… It's a 0. Well… why isn't it a 0? Blank ≠ 0. Should be 0.", so it's not staying anyway. :P
Hide and seek. :P
That English....hmm.
Still better than his earlier one:
Aug 15 at 3:27, by bjb568
Q: hau i steelz dimondz

bjb568i iz on metaz and i nedz dimond how i get i need diamond pastry sayz n heer hoow i steelz dimondz plz answr qwery ty -bjb comment ax fr code here iz http://jsfiddle.net/agje1cax/ EDIT alos hear eat pastry cupcake if no haz dimondz mst hve y no werk

Page not Found. inf
@SilentKiller I'm not sure how you expect that not to be deleted...
4:54 AM
@Unihedron didn't seen that update. after your post i read question again.
@tchrist rep with >3k user can see deleted post?
@SilentKiller 10k
@SilentKiller I am, um, more reputable than that.
4:58 AM
hmm 56k and 48k total 110k. nice. :)
tchrist is a famous author @SilentKiller, please read his about me.
tchrist has an amazing post on English.SE about adverbs, it was awe-aspiring :)
@SilentKiller I’m the only one in that range on both.
@Unihedron I actually like my adjective answer better than my adverb one.
Weasels excepted.
author of Programming Perl and Perl Cookbook its like asking me to stop breathing. never got hand on Perl. inf
@tchrist Congrats for that. never got experienced about Perl and its healthy experienced with BSD Unix.
The way the network profiles collate a user’s Q&A across sites I always find interesting.
Oops, sorry for fronting the object for any non-native speakers. Just how it came out.
Resource/recommendation request.
So, no.
I didn't get the connection between breathing and reading books, sorry for that. But it isn't about a language in particular, I was just conveying to you that his reputation > 3k.
after your ping i just check profile. and about breathing and reading books i am lazy in reading.
You can delete it if you want, but I believe because of its own low score and the low scores of all its answers, the reaper will have its way with it come nine days hence, if not sooner.
I love reading books, books connect you with authors from different cultures, age groups and time periods.
5:17 AM
A reader lives many lives while one who doesn't lives only once.
agreed but for reading need time which currently i don't find in my schedule.
@SilentKiller Put it on your headboard or bedstand. Read a bit every night before sleep.
@tchrist I'll surely follow your advice. :)
for that please someone suggest me good books with i can start. and please don't flag me as POB ;)
5:25 AM
anyone. :)
suggest me don't ask me or you can say give homework. :P
@Unihedron it should be in Hackoverflow description. ;) Starting with it
Depends on your individual preference. No one can tell you, you need to find what interests you. There is one book every gal loves - pride and prejudice, if you were female, I would have recommended that, apart from that, there is no general concensus.
5:31 AM
Yeah. Someone should propose Books.SE on Area 51.
if you were female :p no i wasn't.
I know you aren't, we don't use names like SilentKiller in our profiles.
O.o its a nick/gift
5:52 AM
@Unihedron same shit replayed
@lostsock LOL
6:43 AM
Be right back to eat my tea.
7:19 AM
bug report for Zephyr: it didn't quite understand the above
8:13 AM
> That's definitely not an answer.
> Oh, wait. EDX.se
8:31 AM
How to validate if string is valid roman literal with pcre @tchrist?
@Unihedron may I answer?
please do
add ?: as necessary
um it doesn't validate XXXIX
or I by itself
8:38 AM
sorry for making you say sorry
Wow it works!!! Thanks so much for your time @Jan!!!
8:55 AM
There's a tag on SO called "[playing]". ha
9:20 AM
9:53 AM
The joys when every reviewer uses a custom reason. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5821076
1 hour later…
11:02 AM
You doubt me?
I would not dare to doubt you....
@InfiniteRecursion kinda, sorta. Leaving soon
@Unihedron you need 23 more rep on math.se
Is @uni watching the skies?
11:06 AM
@JanDvorak On it! I'm searching for a math homework of mine worthy of a self q&a...
maybe a soft question?
@InfiniteRecursion I'll be once Jan falls off the shelf. I want points on SO, so I'm finding tag wikis dire in need of an editor.
You make it sound like JanDvorak is a Humpty Dumpty sitting on a shelf ;)
Night owl here, I'm leaving. It's up to you, mighty duck. Out.
11:10 AM
Cya laters
Bye Jan!
@Unihedron try this
Yeah! The last batch of suggested tag edits just went through.
The rooms says bye to Jan
@rene here is mine :)
11:12 AM
Jan has fallen off the shelf, and Smokey is sleeping, @uni is the guardian of the realms now
You've overestimated me. I'm at no point as great as Jan!
11:34 AM
CS50 makes me cry.
11:47 AM
Seriously? VS2013 still doesn't have a builtin option to trim trailing whitespace?!
12:20 PM
@Unihedron boom
Q: Filter Stack Overflow Questions

brasofilo (Chrome only) Makes easier to find good questions to answer. The script will filter all Stack Overflow /questions/* pages, hiding them by score, user reputation and accepted answers. Uses jQuery to hide question items on the page and doesn't run if the URL is /question/ID. Depending...

[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CAULADORA COM VALORES PROGRAMADOS on stackoverflow.com
@InfiniteRecursion Yup
12:38 PM
@Unihedron cough as great as Jan cough
A: grep contain between 2 regex in a same line

RemssssssThanks a lot all I tried with sed, it works great ! Can ou just comment a bit the regex so that I understand what's going on... Best

someone upvoted this crap..
I have to flag the above post as???
@AvinashRaj NAA
NOT AN ANSWER it's a new question
!!! the userscript actually works, i'm going to love this
12:53 PM
I have got 5000 rude comments coming my way on SO:
-1 for each "rude comment" is a nice thought. But .. would that also count for someone commenting "no i will not write code for you", which may be perceived as "rude" by (at least) the OP? (Resisting to add insults here, with an added "well, at -1 apiece you got 5000 more of those coming yer way!") — Jongware 16 hours ago
@Avi Anything wrong with my answer? stackoverflow.com/a/25959377/3622940
Apple question is on-topic as far as I am aware of their rules
"Will the update be processed faster than a resubmission?" sounds POB on first sight
... Sam is gone.
Not sure if it's POB, or if someone can find concrete guidelines published by Apple about the timelines. I wouldn't flag the question though.
Gotcha, I won't either.
1:01 PM
You are the only one spending your weekend on the shelf :D
Ha, I was just going over the profile as well...
@AnnaLear well, there are users that think that downvoting is being rude... which is ridiculous, and me telling them that is also rude... in their eyes. — Braiam 18 secs ago
1:11 PM
OP's rep count dropped to 6 from two questions..
Yeah, I'm checking his other stuff and if good enough I edit or leave an upvote
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 10 mins ago, by Zephyr
Close Vote Request for http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25959443/how-do-i-create-a-hierarchical-state‌​-machine-using-c-sharp by rene from Tavern on the Meta Reason:
hi @Andy look ^^
anyone here running Safari on a Mac who can help me test something?
@bjb ^
he's offline
1:15 PM
or @santa
Safari on Windows... sorry...
I don't have a mac
me neither, that's why I'm asking :)
@hichris123 yep
Can't you use browserstack?
@balpha I suppose I could move two feet to get the Mac
I asked for an approach. And you suggesting me to TAKE PROGRAMMING CLASSES. Sorry Mr. Genius but I don't need any classes. Thank you very much — Navik Goswami 1 hour ago
^ Is this rude?
@TimStone I would appreciate such sportive activities on a sunday :) Please open thingadongdong.com/s/scimonpro.html (not in incognito mode, since that disables localStorage), do what it says, and let me know the results.
@Unihedron I won't say so but my dutch standards migth not apply world-wide
'Mr.Genius' - for once I am happy someone assumed SO is all male @uni. Not sure about rude, looks too chatty to me.
1:20 PM
@Unihedron at least is not constructive...
@balpha I haven't even had coffee yet, it's very sad. :(
Uhh I did the thing and now Safari is beachballing, hold plz.
I hate to build that wall of comment flags and bug a mod though. I'll keep it alive. :]
@TimStone entirely possible, that probably means it's running all three pages in the same event loop
that's what FF does as well
"How can I do this? What could be my approach?"-kind of question would certainly meet with this response, you have tried something but a glance to it doesn't show any problem. In fact, what problem are you having with your approach? — Braiam 29 secs ago
Use one custom flag ans ask for all comments to be purged, that's a huge amount of noise @uni. Not a single comment is about clarification of the post.
1:23 PM
@balpha Ah, okay. It was confusing because it told me it was done after recording 0 events in 0 ms and then after the fact it beachballed
@InfiniteRecursion not even mine?
@TimStone hmm no that's weird
...Let me make sure that the MacBook's usual captor has been keeping up to date with updates...
do the monkey and the programmer say that they started?
Hm, no
1:25 PM
Yours is constructive @Braiam
@TimStone localstorage disabled for any reason?
@TimStone Repro in mobile safari
Won't even let me open Web Inspector while it's beachballing, heh.
Safari you so classy
that's why I don't use macs...
1:33 PM
@TimStone what happens if you start without the programmer?
The same thing because I accidentally did that the first time and didn't want to admit I couldn't read.
and if you open neither?
and then click start?
(and also close all the old monkeys and programmers)
It didn't explode this time!
I knew my choice of words would make for great conversations
1:35 PM
no monkeys + no programmers = no explosions
It's worth noting that the monkey/programmer tabs no longer say "I am the..." after starting, but they're just blank, not anything useful
@GnomeSlice Yeah thanks!
@TimStone okay then, thanks. I guess that means safari doesn't like repeatedly writing to localstorage in a tight loop
(works in safari 5, which is all you get on windows, but that's running all the pages in a single thread, making the experiment not very interesting)
I'll see if I can get you some more specific information, but the new Safari Web Inspector confuses me greatly so we'll see how that goes, heh
2:07 PM
@Unihedron ? what?
It answers itself in the question.
I didn't hear a "pls"...
@balpha I was able to confirm that Safari is terrible, and that's about it.
"I think you guys are afraid of my question because you work at a company that makes this kind of software."
Nice comeback, shame we're programmers. :P
2:32 PM
@TGMCians That's ridiculous. What is this, the USSR? This website should encourage free inquiry not inflict bureaucratic rules. — Selfy 1 min ago
Nothing to see here, let's move on with life!
Boring day, no spam.
Baba rest on Sundays
2:37 PM
@Braiam You kidding? I just caught one of the lost lovers spam when Jan was sleeping.
He accidentally killed himself using his black magic.
/me makes spiced ham for inf
@balpha Actually it's kind of weird because it looks like it does finish generating data, so I'm not sure if the issue is with writing to local storage or dispatching that many events.
@InfiniteRecursion Stuff like that doesn't really get reopened a lot. :)
2:53 PM
is good when you can use a link to XKCD to make a point
Hi @AstroCB!
^ Bet you can't find a relevant XKCD for that message...
I lost. What do you want? :P
I'm a kitty!
> I am the scientist.


Recorded 54767 events over 2060 ms with 0 mismatches, 54 actor switches

Monkey: 0–54766, total: 27740

Programmer: 1023–54075, total: 27027, correct: 27000, wrong: 27 (0.09%)
2:58 PM
stumbles upon the code-golf tag and goes nuts

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