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3:00 PM
Why is @Braiam grinning?
that's a creeper-face
wait, no, that's :C
Why is @JanDvorak confusing?
D:< D: D8 D; D= DX v.v D-': Horror, disgust, sadness, great dismay
Why can't @Braiam use happy smileys?
3:03 PM
@InfiniteRecursion (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
@TGMCians Yup
The expiration date is only a guideline when to discard food. The food is not necessarily rotten after this date. I think you can detect a rotten egg by its smell. Otherwise many would contradict this answer. — Ching Chong Sep 10 at 20:11
gifts post expiry date eggs to @Braiam, he can smell and check
Maybe I. I ran out of rice. Hopefully in some days my parents will bring me some buckets of rice... — Ching Chong Sep 9 at 21:13
^is it too chatty?
3:11 PM
> Anybody else wish to sacrifice some cookies to the cause?
@AstroCB Don't worry, I doubt any sane reviewer would approve. If they did, the robo room has a use once more.
@Unihedron I wouldn't be too sure.
Thanks @ani! (gives cake in reward)
> Hid the code for assignment purposes so I don't get nailed for plagiarism
Ugh, my code doesn't work. Be right back, post a question.
3:22 PM
Good night!
3:24 PM
3:29 PM
@ProgramFOX You doubt me?
Hm, but it's dead in Charcoal HQ...
Now this is why I made !!/reboot available in the Tavern, but that version is not yet enabled here.
This only answers half of the question. — AstroCB 19 secs ago
stackoverflow.com/a/25950316/3366929 (Surprisingly, this isn't the one that that comment was directed to.)
Answer all the questions!
Delete all the questions!
Close ALLLL The questionS!!!!
And if anyone here are javascript experts... stackoverflow.com/q/25950324/3622940
3:36 PM
I don't know Javascript :(
Because JavaScript is lame and PHP is awesome...
I don't know enough to debug my code :(
I don't know PHP :(
Wait, what's PHP?
@uni: PHP is animuson's definition of awesome!
3:39 PM
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 23 hours ago, by Faheem Mitha
It's written in PHP. How can that be a good thing?
@3ventic Image not found
@Unihedron It displays fine for me.
@Unihedron fix your internet...
3:40 PM
Thanks @3ventic :)
or right-click and open in new tab
I don't know why it's needed in javascript, but seems to fix it
In javascript [^] mean all characters — walid toumi 14 secs ago
That seems to be the answer
Javascript sounds good, will try it sometime.
I tried Android, it's very slow. Android Studio takes forever to work.
Javascript is fun to use
3:49 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I use same Android Studio. I love it
Added to my to-learn list
@InfiniteRecursion What computer are you using?
@TGMCians: Good for you. By the time I open it and figure out the answer to post on SO, someone else answers it. The emulator takes forever to start, and I don't post without testing it first. I like Android though, it's fun to code.
yeah gotcha
use genymotion
3:54 PM
it is really great
works really cool & fast
@InfiniteRecursion Answer late questions! :D
@TGMCians Yeah, I think people have even been asking the Android team at Google to officially use Genymotion as the emulator.
@hichris123 hmm that's really good. I use it same for last 1 year
btw hey @hichris123!
hi @chris123!
3:58 PM
@uni: yes, nowadays I only answer late questions, I got a 250 bounty on one too :)
@InfiniteRecursion I see
gZ :)
Ok, I will try Genymotion.
@hichris123: your name is nice, it feels like we greet you and start counting :)
fiddling around with some +K's lines of JS
Feb 19 at 21:50, by Bart
It's his username @Undo. "Hi Chris? Hi Chris? I can bloody well decide myself whether or not I say Hi"
@TGMCians hey!
4:03 PM
Why does every conversation in the tavern lead to Bart? The One that calls me his nemesis!
Because Bart. And Bart's glasses.
Glasses confuse me.
The Tavern is Bart. And Bart is the Tavern.
Then who am I? His nemesis and his duo...confused...
4:07 PM
@hichris123 He got the badge, the answer can be destroyed now.
His rep and badge are safe, delete the answer.
@Unihedron I don't like that he got a reversal for a non-answer... :/
Life is tough.
Life is fun.
4:10 PM
I don't flag comments much, I flag answers!
A: Obsolete comment flag handling

Grace Note [the block decline of flags at the end yesterday] was indeed to send the message of not to take this sort of "shotgun" approach to flagging. I'm sorry that this essentially boils down to some sort of miscommunication since not only did I have the above line, minus the bold, but very much the...

@Uni ^
That meta answer is confusing. It's also on gaming.SE.
I know, but trust me on this. Don't mass-flag comments.
We (the Charcoal team) got in trouble for this at the time of that meta post.
Don't flag comments that don't create too much trouble @uni, it's like a too minor edit, waste of everybody's time. If a post has more noisy comments, flag with others and ask them to purge all the comments.
Ah, gotcha.
4:15 PM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Feb 4 at 16:23, by Undo
@ManishEarth So is this a primarily-Arqade problem, or... network?
In android tag, you will find posts with 28-30 comments with hi sir, hello how are you doing kind of conversations running under posts; those are the ones that need cleanup, not a one-off thank you or a +1.
yeah, pretty much.
> However, if you - or anyone - have any plan on doing a large-scale cleaning operation, standard flagging is not the best approach - it's better to coordinate it in meta beforehand. For example:
Oh, I see what you mean now. Thanks for letting me know!
I asked on MSO once, if this was fruitful at all, animuson answered it meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/271184/…
@Unihedron np. Also, Shog had the idea of doing ML to identify what comments could be deleted and what not to delete. If you have any ideas... :)
4:22 PM
Grace Note's avatar is very pretty
And Grace is a guy, if you didn't know. ;)
I don't, he can ask it on Data Science, those people are the real Machine Learning experts. Learned a lot from reading the posts there. :)
@hichris123 YOU LIER!
I like rootbear.
@hichris123 Lies. Grace Note is a cactus.
4:25 PM
I guessed it, only guys can survive pretty avatars on SE network. Females use ducks and boobies. All the pretty female avatars are guys, else they can't survive.
@ProgramFOX :D
Funny is that "Chris' is also an ambiguous name
^those quotes are ambiguous too
everything should have a uncertain sense of ambiguity @inf
I uncertainly 'agree" @Braiam
4:31 PM
if (isset($_POST["swProfile"]))
    // User clicked "Switch profile"
    // get profile from database
... you're using mysql_query... and you need a comment to say you're getting the profile? GAH!
4:33 PM
Also, they have their own custom function to get something from $_POST or $_GET and to verify that it's what they want:
$c_profile=get_integer_param($_POST, "c_profile", NULL, 0, NULL);
@InfiniteRecursion @Uni :D
The countup is critical @uni
@Unihedron No stars for you! :P
4:37 PM
Bart's enemies star me @uni, they convinced him that I am his nemesis!! :(
They even opposed the duo idea, confused enemies of Bart :(
_create_mysql_update_string() is a function. :(
> Please define CO2
Hiya @Sam!
4:39 PM
function _create_mysql_update_string($source_array, $string_fields = array(), $numeric_fields = array())
// $source_array is an array such as $_REQUEST or $_POST.
// $string_fields
//    is a list of keys such that $source_array[$key] should be a string.
// $numeric_fields
//    is a list of keys such that $source_array[$key] should be a numeric value.
// This function checks that those expectations are satisfied, and constructs a
// string of column=value 'assignments' that can be used in an SQL UPDATE
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected, Phone number detected: Girl Boy Vashikaran Specialist+91-9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
4:41 PM
^study the formation and sentence structure @uni
BABA spam alert
Nuked it
bye baba
4:42 PM
@ProgramFOX Yup
@hichris123 ^ Here it works.
@hichris123 You doubt me?
4:43 PM
@SmokeDetector yes
@hichris123 Yup
never Smokey never, he is your dev team :)
4:44 PM
Why would you doubt something you know and understand? :/
tries to do something productive meanwhile
^another member of the dream team speaks
you are the good one @uni, you never doubt Smokey.
@InfiniteRecursion Of course
4:49 PM
Sep 16 at 17:10, by Unihedron
@SmokeDetector Ha, gotcha! You're lifeless, you're a bot running on some VPC cloud thinking you are cognitive, maintaining the world, but you're actually just an automated script!
:..( poor smokey
I like Smokey, great uptime, very good at catching shouting and catches spam as an additional benefit. If a project does one thing right with perfection, the team has done something right :)
Very productive @Braiam
in Ask Ubuntu General Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 days ago, by No Time
im massaging wife atm so 1 hand typing
@Braiam Some things we simply don't want to know
4:57 PM
Your definition of productive is confusing @Braiam
> productive (pro·duc·tive) adj. completing several task at the same time
@inf ^
> programming (pro·gam·ing) verb investing time in coding software that is capable of converting user input into unexpected error stack traces, especially in java where NullPointerExceptions are thrown more than rene talking
That's multitasking, if you multitask more, you need to sleep more...
Q: Do women need more sleep than men?

NoneThe claim is that women need more sleep than men because they do more multi-tasking during the day. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2528920/Women-DO-need-sleep-men-Multi-tasking-means-brains-longer-recover.html

rene hardly talks @uni, you are the talkative one
@InfiniteRecursion they claim nothing
@InfiniteRecursion xactly :D
5:09 PM
In that article, it says "He added that women need more sleep as they use more of their brains than men do because they multi-task more." @Braiam.
I am tired of using my brain sleeps
sleep well!
5:34 PM
@InfiniteRecursion You doubt me?
Never Smokey :)
6:16 PM
@SilentKiller: Don't ping me from the room for Unihedron and Infinite saying morning, brb, and night everyday with @ pings. It's extremely annoying. That room was created so that uni could check how chat software works, we did some testing to see if messages can be deleted, and uni posted a bug report on MSE about the chat software after our testing. Those @ pings are extremely annoying, kindly refrain from the same.
never mind @InfiniteRecursion!
It wasn't for you @TGMCians, but thanks. There is a line, and sometimes we have to tell people when they are stepping over the line. I am generally friendly, unless someone gets over the line by a mile-and-a-half :)
oh yes I see..
see his name silent killer & somewhat he is doing same :p
I have told him the same earlier too, in the tavern , don't ping me in every tom-dick-and-harry conversation chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/89?m=2430556#2430556
hmm. ^^^
6:27 PM
A: Achievements indicator no longer showing number for rep change

Anna LearI'm deploying the fix. Should be live in the next 20 minutes or so now.

Sep 16 at 19:42, by rene
git commit -m "for Anna to rollback later"
@rene voted..
Here is uni's meta post, for which that chat room was created:
Q: Stars and pins are retained when chat messages are moved!

UnihedronIn the chat system, stars and pins are retained when moved to another room. This is probably a bug. Here a picture: When a room owner pins a message, they can move it to another room, and they cannot unpin it. However when a starred message is moved to another room, the user can unstar it in t...

6:33 PM
@TGMCians kinda sorta
Wokey inf no pings anymore
Thanks a lot
@Inf it's great to see you happy bcz your big problem has been solved :)
@rene are you around here ?
6:43 PM
@Jan: Both the baby bots have issues, 468% wow
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 4 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
inb4 over 9000%
@TGMCians sort of...
should we start...?
6:44 PM
Give me 10 minutes.... ?
cv queue stuff
ok sure. no problem
@JanDvorak deleted in 12 hrs...
@Jan: Good prediction, last update on Pham was this:
9 hours ago, by Sam
@Uni (Just an update on Pham's development.) After a few hours of research on statistical analysis, machine learning, blah blah blah; I've come to the conclusion that any "analysis" command is going to be either: too inaccurate, too complex or too expensive. So, I'm gonna drop the whole with that command and just continue on the whitelist scoring system instead.
Why did you onebox that post @JanDvorak? Pham has even reported 1000% false spam....so I am confused now, you didn't onebox it for the high percentage for sure.
I oneboxed it because it was a particularly bad case of a true positive
@TGMCians I move to the SO Close voters room...
6:57 PM
pokes the other bot
@InfiniteRecursion ... did I miss something?
No Smokey
@SmokeDetector no spam notification in last 2-3 hours
@TGMCians It might be that there is no spam, but Smokey is kind of broken, but I think I have a fix for that.
7:02 PM
This commit and this commit should fix the problem that it crashes many times.
Good to hear that @ProgramFox
7:34 PM
It won't crash any more. It doesn't startup either but that problem has to wait for the next release....
@rene Before we had this problem, I think it restarted fine. No idea why it did not now.
Don't pay attention to me...I'm just trolling...
Rene never trolls, he is a good guy @ProgramFox
@InfiniteRecursion Oh, so he was trolling me when he said that he was just trolling!
7:39 PM
@Inf then you doubt me ?
Ever since Smokey started saying that, even its dev team has started doubting it :P
@InfiniteRecursion kinda sorta
@InfiniteRecursion Smokey don't inspire confidence...
1 hour later…
9:20 PM
@ProgramFOX That was weird.
9:40 PM
nevermind, apparently I don't know what continue means. :P
I’m looking for a particular blog posting about the strange voting patterns that were discovered among, um, certain um, ethnic groups, which when the people were contacted about it they very politely insisted they were doing nothing wrong. I believe it may have been written by @TimPost prior to his becoming an SE employee.
But I’ll be darned if I can lay hands on it just now.
@tchrist I swear it was on Tim's blog.
The reason I’d like to find it again is because I would like to point someone at it (privately) as a demonstration of cultures-in-collision.
@hichris123 I thought so, too.
not there?
I must be looking in the wrong place.
What URL is his blog at?
9:47 PM
np. :)
Yeah, it’s right there. Thanks.
Oh, good, I actually remembered correctly. :D
What really caught my eye was that they really did not think they were doing anything untoward.
I was until recently part of bifurcated team, half stateside and half “in one of those places”, and we just kept having unexpected culture clashes that I am convinced were related to Tim’s post.
It just never made any sense to us Westerners.
9:52 PM
IMO it was in MSO
    $result = mysql_query("
        SELECT * FROM news_items
        WHERE news_page_id = '$news_page_id' AND
            status = 'current'
        ORDER BY ordering

    $i = 1 ;
    while ($news_item = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
        $curr_id = $news_item['id'];
        $update_query = mysql_query("
            UPDATE news_items SET ordering = $i WHERE id = $curr_id
        if (intval($curr_id) == intval($id_of_item_to_move)) {$old_pos = $i;}
I swear this code does a total of... nothing.
@Braiam I do not mean that our clashes were what he was saying. I meant that the cultural differences that accounted for what he was seeing there may have been related to something else I was seeing elsewhere.
I wanted to point a friend of mine, who is in a managerial role trying to keep well-ordered all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, at that posting in reference to some private issues we/they have/had been having.
@tchrist what has that to do with my statement?
I thought you were saying something you apparently were not.
@hichris123 Wow, raw mysql calls again. I’ve got my head so far up DBIx::Class’s hiney that I nearly forget what those look like. :)
So many frameworks, so little mind.
I've never used a framework for MySQL.
9:59 PM
I started a new job a month ago, and went from a no-framework world to a high-framework world. At *(job-1) virtually all the “real” SQL work was left to one dedicated specialist, the rest of us usually just writing little scripts that used her stuff. And all our calls were raw like that. The new job it’s nearly all under a framework.
At least this time it isn’t trying to brush the kitty the wrong way: at *(job - 2) it was a very heavy framework world, too, but a completely different set of frameworks that I never did become completely comfortable with. The new frameworks “make sense” but are complex. The old ones never quite did.
Or $job[-2] if you sprichst kein C.
Basically, I went from an academic Java NLP framework shop, to a no-framework telecomm C and C++ and Perl shop, to an all-Perl framework shop.
The middle job had nothing new to teach me, but there was just no order in the chaos, and needed to be.
No, the best soulution is to make it clear to polticians that all country borders need to be redrawn in rectangles. — balpha ♦ Apr 13 '10 at 18:33
I never know whether folks round here are more apt to grok $job[-1] or *(job - 1) as a way of indicating one’s penultimate employer.
Although no matter which you choose, your accent comes through pretty heavily. :)
@Braiam But that would decrease the uniquity of the Four Corners! :)
10:32 PM
Night guys, I'm off.
10:44 PM
I noticed I haven't had hot pockets for a while. Just bot 3 packs.
Q: Getting poor answers, what should I do?

J_StrautonMy question is here: How to call Activities from a non-Activity Thread? I have edited my question a few times, always trying to improve it to help others help me. I have it edited in such a way that it is super tight and to the point. I tried commenting with the two answers I received. However...


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