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1:11 AM
@lostsock By love, you mean nukes, right?
> Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
the problem is, when I'm doen reviewing, there's usually more than there was when I started.
@JanDvorak Better than if you don't review…
is it? K then...
time to recommend 19 more deletions...
Too many buttons! Just pop up a window with a list of sites, by default all are checked. A button to select all, deselect all, and select uncustomized. — bjb568 32 mins ago
1:27 AM
@bjb568 1 or two more buttons is too many, but a checklist of 131 sites is perfect? Seems like opposite world. — hichris123 6 secs ago
> Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
@hichris123 think in terms of algorithmic complexity: n checkboxes ~ 1 checkbox + O(1)
@JanDvorak ... and so?
n checkboxes are no worse than two buttons
Jan is pulling you one @hichris123
ok... n checkboxes ~ 1 checkbox + O(log n) because you have to navigate to the checkboxes you want to check
1:33 AM
ignores as has no clue what's going on
> 705 matches across 208 files
tried to change this future and failed at it
Can I cry now?
This is matches for mysql_query.
@hichris123 I forbid you from crying.
1:34 AM
@hichris123 but... why?
@JanDvorak … which is nice, I like logs. And you get fine-grain control.
41 secs ago, by hichris123
This is matches for mysql_query.
@hichris123 sure, but why does that make you cry?
umm... internet is crappy for me for no reason
1:36 AM
@JanDvorak ... because I want to make it less SQL-injection-y and so as such I'm PDO'ifying it?
ok... pinging my router is over 50ms... WTH
@Braiam you need a faster machine
or your LAN is overloaded
@hichris123 Rewrite the whole thing.
You shouldn't even have that many files.
Let alone horrible outdated ones.
or you are using IPoSW (internent protocol over sound waves) and the router is seven meters away
could also be a crappy antivirus
no, the reason is much simple... my router sucks
1:39 AM
or that
rebooted router... everything is fine
for now
HOST: bp                          Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|-- dsldevice.lan       0.0%    10    1.9   2.4   1.7   4.5   0.7
> Zebras hate you for no reason
@JanDvorak 1/2 credit for no units.
1:51 AM
oops :-/
@bjb568 Not my code. (so I really don't know what's going on)
I'm screaming at this right now. :/
@hichris123 LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!
@Braiam $(".leave").click();
@hichris123 location.href = document.getElementById('leave').href;
2:10 AM
for ($i=0;$i<$pf_num;$i++)
    echo "<option value=\"$pf_Dex\"";
    if ($pf_Dex == $userP['u_profile']) { echo " SELECTED"; }
    echo ">$pf_Val</option>";
oh, cmon, y u no foreach?
doesn't foreach raise a notice for empty arrays?
@hichris123 no idea why it does that. It's still alive, though.
@JanDvorak Oh, forgot to give you background: $pf_num is a mysql_num_rows()
2:14 AM
So it could have been while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($query)).
the more reasons to rewrite
... which is why I'm crying inside.
@hichris123 submit to TDWTF
@Unihedron why?
@Unihedron seems useful given the votes
2:16 AM
@JanDvorak sure, after I normalize the variable names. ;p
The answers makes me cry though...
> Using freegate as agent in China. Run Freegate,latest version. Run SDK Manager, Tools -> Options, Proxy Server, Port 8580. I hope it will help you.
> I had the same problem and the solution was to disable COMODO Antivirus. Then the packages were showing up properly.
@Unihedron .... dafuq?
@Braiam is that not an answer?
@Braiam saw it while reviewing so I had to look up the question.
2:18 AM
@JanDvorak if that is an answer, there's something very wrong with the question
@Braiam That may as well be the case. In general, questions about IDEs are fine, though
It's useful and clear for sure, since it does apply to a wide audience, but it could be easily too broad since there are not enough information to diagnose (as presented by the disarray of answers).
@JanDvorak Cleaned up to:
foreach ($pf_data as $row)
    $pf_Dex = $pf_data["id"];
    $pf_Val = $pf_data["profilename"];
    echo "<option value=\"$pf_Dex\"" . ($pf_Dex == $userP['u_profle'] ? " SELECTED" : "") . ">$pf_Val</option>";
why is "selected" in all-caps?
@JanDvorak I know, I know, but this project uses Allman. :(
2:24 AM
also, why hungarian notation?
+13 = set up your proxy
+11 = set up your proxy
+4 = don't use https (really?) (set up your proxy)
+3 = forget about the SDK, do it manually
+2 = run the SDK as Administrator (WHY?!)
+2 = allow firewall
+2 = edit this bat file... it works
+1 = don't use https (really?) (set up your proxy)
0 = mix between the above, removing COMODO (which can be the firewall issue), don't use cache (uh?), uncheck some buttons (?), don't use your company DNS
@JanDvorak ... no clue.
@JanDvorak ... no clue either.
@Braiam Should we meta it instead and see the community's stance?
@JanDvorak all the answers, in a nutshell ^
The project is a mess of different styles... :/
2:25 AM
@Unihedron I would close it as unclear what you are asking...
What does pf_ stand for?
Private field? Public field?
there isn't enough information to go on
@JanDvorak print file
@JanDvorak Looks like user profile... sigh
Shouldn't that be up though?
Maybe it's profile field?
oooh. That's better than nb_ for numbers
denoting source tables is kinda (kinda!) useful, but I still don't know what's would a "print file" table be for.
profile field sounds plausible
it's still not a semantic type and thus an invalid use of hungarian notation.
semantic type = unsafe | html-encoded | localisation key | ...
@JanDvorak ... I totally want to run this project now through a formatting analyzer, and see how many errors it gives.
        _('Show Status Bar'), 'i_statusbar', 'statusbar',
        array( 1 => _("Yes"), 0 => _("No") )
    echo "</tr>\n";
... there's about 20 of these. :/
2:33 AM
TRWTF is PHP ;-)
I'm giving up on this for now.
Note to self: if the probability of a positive sample is 25%, there are are expected to be three times more negative samples as positive ones, not four times as many.
@JanDvorak Isn't it 75-times more? Oh wait..
cv-pls stackoverflow.com/q/25910127/3622940 dv ans link-only and I can't salvage and inf is offline
@Jamal what was it?
sheds tears of happiness
awesomesauce of firefox latest build
can someone upvote and/or comment any of my post? topbar websockets seems borked for me
nuke pls typographical error(s) stackoverflow.com/q/25944594/3622940
yep, for some motive upvotes only triggers the green background but not the +n popup
@Braiam Me too! A while ago it triggered the green background but I didn't really gain any points.
did you get the +10?
or inbox message?
3:11 AM
Instead of the red thing, it gives the achievement mood
thanks for upvote :)
Upvote one of mine (for testing purposes :D)
In the name of testing, +1
Yes, it happened again.
3:13 AM
Someone go post it, I'm too lazy.
On it.
Q: Rep update borked

bjb568When I get an upvote now it makes the rep/achievements dropdown button green without a "+rep" textual blurb. It looks like an achievement not a rep update. HALP!

Wow, dup already.
how is this not of topic then? stackoverflow.com/questions/2926703/… the rules of this site seem very bent to how people are feeling from one day to the next — 8DK Sep 15 at 14:08
Ugh, someone is wrong on the internet.
My biology grad student friends tell me that different types of alcohol don't actually have different effects. I trust their expertise, not because of the 'biology' part, but because of the 'grad student'.
the time when XKCD was simple and there wasn't a need of explain xkcd
Can you get tag badges on MSO?
@Unihedron Yeah
3:37 AM
Thanks. :)
Congrats Servy for holding the only gold tag badge on MSO meta.stackoverflow.com/help/badges/100/discussion
Q: Burninate the [percent] tag

Zach SaucierStack Overflow has both the percent (x194) and percentage (x893) tags. I think that either one, percent (since it is used less), should be burninated or at least made a synonym for the other. But, since I don't have a score of 5 in either tag I am unable to do so myself. What do you think?

^ Do it
I'll go to bed. 'Night!
Q: Messing up coding because of Stackoverflow formatting

nemSo I've been pretty active on SO for about 2 months now and all that rushing to write well-formatted answers gave me a funny habit. Recently I noticed that I sometimes tend to type SO formatting rules rather than the rules of the programming language I am using. For example, I was declaring stri...

4:13 AM
spam^^ gone
"your skin is your armor" hmm... my armor sucks then
lols.. then what about cloths?
at least i don't have to worry as much about getting those paper cuts with paperless billing
MSE SPAM at -5
4:17 AM
MSE Spam gone.
@SilentKiller Since this appears to be your first time mentioning moobs, I won't post a pic. But just don't let it happen again, or else everyone will be upset.
@lostsock Oops i was just kidding. won't repeat again. :)
Some CV remains please check from this line
@infiniterecursion saw u in close queue
SPAM ^^ gone
Hi @lostsock, saw you too. We often visit the cv-queue at the same time :)
I missed all the spam
zigi left the tavern?
yay! congrats.
gone ^^
1 hour later…
6:15 AM
1 hour ago...
@Frank hiya hows you?
@SilentKiller doin' all right, yourself?
@Frank All fine. :)
What time is it at your place?
11:47 AM n yours ? it must be night there
6:17 AM
@SilentKiller 2:17 am
@SilentKiller You're not in the US.
:2429294 Do you ever get snow where you live?
@Frank yup but in north side only. not at my place.
@SilentKiller Getting toward fall here in Pennsylvania.
In 2 hours, 39 minutes, I get up for work :/
@Frank Take care.
@SilentKiller Of what?
@Frank of snow fall. :P
6:23 AM
@SilentKiller Oh. I make money with snow removal.
@Frank so you want more snow fall? :D
@SilentKiller It is forecasted that in my area, we should expect up to 50 times the regular snowfall.
That means that we may get over 20 feet.
:O 50 times. its too much i think.
@SilentKiller Yeah, one day I'll wake up buried.
:/ take care Frank.
6:29 AM
@SilentKiller I will.
@Frank i've heard Pennsylvania first time in Hugh Jackman movie Van Helsing
@SilentKiller never watched - any good?
yup it is. even i like Hugh's moveis. ;)
@SilentKiller Might have to check it out. :P
What was the connection to Pennsylvania?
@Frank Dracula lives in Pennsylvania. :D and Hugh came to kill him. ;)
6:39 AM
@SilentKiller Oh cool
@Sil you working yet?
yup at office.
@SilentKiller Nice. Most people on here are still schooling.
@Frank yup and its amazing that in this age they reach at some level.
6:44 AM
@SilentKiller Didn't fully get that...
@Frank they still in school and having much knowledge about development which is good.
@SilentKiller Oh, absolutely. They're going to be great for society.
Oh! Oh! Three more points in the [string] tag to next tag badge!!
@Frank absolutely
@Unihedron On SO?
6:48 AM
@Unihedron where where? :P
@Frank yeppers, SO
Image not found. :P
Uni you are pundit. ;)
ha, puny
6:49 AM
:2429334 I have three tag badges on GL.
@Frank I have two, soon to my third, if I find questions about strings to answer.
, and . 4 more votes and I'll have . (I need that one)
6:52 AM
both gone
both gone, managed to flag the first :)
!! :)
@SilentKiller Thanks I find a good question to answer :D
flagged and gone
@Unihedron :)
6:54 AM
@JanDvorak here it is not showing a list of options to flag it as SPAM
@TGMCians page is gone
yes I tried before it was
@TGMCians funny...I flagged it no problem
@Unihedron i'll try to answer tomorrow as it is Sunday and will get some free time. :)
I am disappointed in you guys...
6:55 AM
@JanDvorak What did I do this time?
Nobody noticed this crap for two hours
I can't even go to sleep in the morning
@JanDvorak Wasn't on till just 1/3 hour ago. Sorry
/me also ^^
Why does drupal get so much spam?
6:57 AM
no mod ?
nor was Smokey, nor was Sam's bot
where are those two?
@JanDvorak so sorry, I was coding >_>
@Undo ^^^
6:59 AM
Oh nice, zigi's gone.
@Frank from all rooms even from SO.. ;)
@Frank how ?
We need someone to watch the sky when I am asleep
anyone suspended him ?
@JanDvorak I'll do it!
7:00 AM
@JanDvorak gone
I think he turned off his computer, @TGM
@Unihedron good, thanks.
oh ok
But first... Lemme make a back up
I guess I should also have announced my falling asleep this morning?
7:01 AM
Speaking of, it's past 3 in the morning, about time for me to hit the sack
@JanDvorak note to self, next feature in bot: announce when Jan times out
9 AM here
12:32 PM here
@Unihedron I forbid you from polling my status by pinging me continually
@TGMCians samehere
7:03 AM
@TGMCians whoa, you have it good ;)
@JanDvorak I can check every minute your "last seen" counter, or announce when you disappear :)
@Unihedron nice
Anyway, see y'all, behave! ;)
See ya @Frank!
@Frank Good Night. Seeya
7:04 AM
The bot would probably announce like ~ Jan Dvorak fell off the shelf! Someone save the world!
that's Good
star ^^
@Frank you're going or coming ?
let me know when your bot is done so that I can leave
> -10 user was removed
on SO?
7:11 AM
@Unihedron: Sorry! Your edit clashed with mine. You can try yours again (the tags and anything else), and I can approve it.
@JanDvorak i had also faced that.
@Jamal Nah, I only made that edit to get rid of the [Java] in title. It's perfectly fine.
Okay. I am quite unsure why he put it in the title, but not as a tag...
is it closeworthy or am I just too sensitive? stackoverflow.com/questions/25946280/…
7:20 AM
@JanDvorak vote to close
done Jan
The first thing I saw when I joined the SEQ was someone trying to inline the image into an unsalvageable post
> deleted by Typeconor 13 secs ago
@JanDvorak reject it?
7:22 AM
@JanDvorak need 1 cv
@Unihedron as?
@JanDvorak too minor
@Unihedron RIP
too minor is no more
only "custom - not useful at all", which isn't the case here
require 1 cv here
7:25 AM
already voted..
I will go have lunch and be back to watch realtime
be right back
@SilentKiller \o/
how do flashcards help seducing a man?
7:30 AM
"Is it possible to" and "I am too lazy to" makes me think it's too broad instead.
check comments too.
I will go have lunch and be back to watch real-time. brb
@SilentKiller it seems ok to me
I don't have any problem
@TGMCians i don't think any problem will occur but OP need to try
yes he probably tried it
@SilentKiller I am just asking. I've tried it on my samsung phone, but that is my API 10. So wanted to know if it there were any problems associated with, if I deployed it on latest APIS. — Kraken 15 mins ago
I've tried it on my samsung phone he is asking about Now, if my user has a phone with API 14, where I can use android's Action bar (and not the support library), is it possible to do it for him ?
7:35 AM
yup I know
welcome @rene
@JanDvorak Because evidently MSE users solves all your problems, including Vine support
7:50 AM
cc @rene c# crap :p
@Unihedron deleted by Douglas, Henk Holterman, Joachim Isaksson 31 secs ago
@JanDvorak again all char caps
some fault with his keyboard
@TGMCians except for the "C"
7:59 AM
oh I see
Other than the shouting, the question wasn't that bad

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