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6:00 PM
It's like a fun little racing game
@JanDvorak Yeah, they all are.
can he undelete them?
No, because devs/CMs are destroying the accounts
6:01 PM
I'm slightly curious why SE doesn't block questions with all caps titles and/or all caps bodies
Aww, I clicked it and saw "deleted 9 seconds ago"
So close
He's now self-deleting these posts. I'm officially confused.
@AnnaLear Why do you have a random gravatar?
6:05 PM
because of reasons
@AnnaLear IIUC, he's trying to trigger responses from SmokeDetector
@AnnaLear He is playing with the SmokeDetector having his messages broadcast here.
So all-caps title plus copy of another question to pass the quality filters.
Just sit in wait for the next user account being created, meta.stackexchange.com/users/269104 is next I'd say.
@MartijnPieters Ah, well. Sounds like a fine way to waste his own time.
Every time I leave, the tavern get filled with smoke o_O
6:09 PM
@InfiniteRecursion So stay, please!
@AnnaLear Yup, we just ignore the bot for a short while.
Here we go, user account 269104 just came online. Counting down to spam post..
Can we not pre-emptively suspend and nuke all those new accounts? Do we really need more users?
I suppose that risks killing a legit user
6:12 PM
Umm, let's not talk about this in here. I'll create a private room.
user account now user269105
he#30;s kinda cute, gotta admit
pls invite me
new account + first-question with all-caps title..
seems like a good filter for cr*p..
6:14 PM
@Unihedron what is it? Invite for what?
are you guys talking about something, of which I know nothing
gtg, @JanDvorak is an owner so you can add write access
@DroidDev you know nothing Jon Snow
Is there cake @Doorknob?
@Bart then please tell me, please....
See the chatroom link @DroidDev
6:20 PM
Ok, I'm back.
That was quick.
It was. :P
^ Someone star that or something
So that people see it
There are some requests from people who haven't spoken here in a while. Should I let them in?
Make them dance!
@JanDvorak Yeah, as long as they're not really new users or something. The point is so that the allcaps question guy can't see the messages in there
6:24 PM
@Bart I requested access
Good, I'll stay here and make sure I'll say something amusing or insightful every now and then.
@DroidDev granted
14 hours of coding is enough I think, going home finally...
@JanDvorak hey, thanks
@Doorknob done
Q: A simple request: to_upperCase button in edit menu?

CoffeeIn the code, you often need to capitalize, or to make-lowercase. Why is there not an "UpperCase/LowerCase" button for this? It'd be really nice!

6:35 PM
damn. Misread that as a programming question.
@SmokeDetector Lol, pie
@Doorknob: not sure if I am supposed to be able to still see that room, but I can. Perhaps until that huge animated countdown in the bottom left corner reaches 0..
Why not just say: [ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title on physics.stackexchange.com instead?
@MartijnPieters You're a 10k user, so you can see it. Lol, that was my 999-second timeout. :P
6:47 PM
@Doorknob Bit more than 999 I guess.
... I may have added an extra 9
9669 bottles of beer on the wall
@Doorknob I just realized I am actually a 10k user on the network..
@Doorknob Perhaps 10k is a bit low.
@tchrist I recently reviewed one in C++ T.T
6:49 PM
@JanDvorak What ever it is, please let me in, I'll dance if needed...
> We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance
And if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine
Say, we can go where we want to
A place where they will never find
And we can act like we come from out of this world
Because you're one far behind.
So 10k users can see deleted rooms, huh?
Why am I presented with a 3-year-old answer as a late answer?
Timezone? ;)
@rene roight. It was posted 10 weeks after the question was asked, but the question has been closed almost 3 years ago too.
Weird, out of place.
6:58 PM
@Cupcake Only if they know where to look.
@tchrist just like posts. Makes sense.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Let's see if this lowercase shit gets through on meta.stackexchange.com
Oh well, the peace was nice while it lasted
@JonK ignore / don't feed troll / go eat some cake
I don't have any cake :(
I do have some meringue though
7:02 PM
@JonK Go eat some meringue.
I just might at that
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: [I just saw you changed SmokeDetector source code - “(?i)\\b([Nn]igga|[Nn]igger|niga|[Aa]sshole|crap|fag|[Ff]uck(ing?)?|idiot|[‌​Ss]hit|[Ww]hore)s?\\b”](meta.stackexchange.com/questions/238403/…) on meta.stackexchange.com
wait, why does SD have one rep only?
7:06 PM
Oh, Smokey
Coz he doesn't need any more than that?
Undo was too lazy to answer a question with him ;P
ignores SmokeDetector
don't; I need to go sleep soon
7:31 PM
Should I bother flagging these new ones, and if so, what as?
I used "other" for the first new one, which then got mod-deleted
the "why was this one deleted" one, which I've only downvoted, just got mod-deleted as well
I saw... not sure how to feel about the first one though, it seemed a reasonable question (though a duplicate to be sure)
he didn't seem nearly this fluent in english just about 6 hours ago
"Is a megabyte bigger than a gigabyte?" ~ Grandma wisdom
> At least play my games if you really believe I'm playing
is Smokey dead?
7:50 PM
Maybe it was the ampersand. They're lethal
8:06 PM
@JanDvorak Uh... maybe. Not sure, ask @Undo.
@Sam Meh. It wouldn't give you context. But it would help prevent trolls like this.
Honestly, if this happens again... we should probably just !!/stappit the bot.
8:34 PM
@MartijnPieters but one needs 20 rep to write in chat so how can it post?
@hichris123 oh, neat!
@SmokeDetector ha
Q: Replace voting arrows with stars

JDBI strongly dislike suggestions about changing our system or "way of doing things" for the benefit of a sub-group of users who will abuse the site regardless of such innovations. So recent discussion around the topic hasn't been enthralling. But, in reading a recent suggestion about imposing a 24...

That's quite a suggestion.
@Undo can it respond?
8:49 PM
respond to what, @ShadowWizard?
@AstroCB yikes!
It's still alive
@Undo to this :)
I wonder when someone will suggest using "like" and "dislike" instead of upvoting and downvoting.
8:54 PM
Someone post something in the Sandbox for testing purposes.
@hichris123 Fixed, but the purpose is served since someone posted here.
9:10 PM
(just wanted to say that. no idea what's actually happening here. carry on.)
... okay
@AnnaLear That's ok. Carry on. :)
Admit it @Anna, you came to collect stars
use them wisely, e.g. to patch bugs :)
I've been jonesing for some Super Mario Galaxy lately, and this is the next best thing.
@ShadowWizard I think the bot had 20 rep on Stack Overflow for a little while, just to get the chat room access..
Although I am not 100% certain that now that it is below 20 again it shouldn't have lost the privilege again!
9:17 PM
@MartijnPieters see this, turns out a room owner here gave the bot explicit access
if user falls below 20 rep, he can't write in chat even if at some point he had more than 20, it's not a badge.
or their reputation is too low.
Need to remember that.
@MartijnPieters Only mods can add people who have too low of rep.
@hichris123 so "mortal" room owner can't do that?
9:20 PM
@ShadowWizard IIRC, they can't.
9:42 PM
wow, 4 people just left, I swear I showered today
@iStimple it's not you, it's him:
he's scary
@ShadowWizard they can't.
@Undo yeah, makes sense. Too much power.
10:28 PM
A: We should be able to initiate a search using the mouse

bjb568Remove the magnifying glass. Don't add a button. I don't like buttons. I don't like magnifying glasses.

^ Is this a good idea?
@bjb568 no. I do like buttons and want such feature :)
(sparing you a downvote though ;))
so many kickstarter clones.... almost like Stack Exchange clones
Haha, yeah.
10:43 PM
someone having a little fun in c++ :P
mm... it was really Feeds that said that chat.stackoverflow.com/messages/18425454/history
translate: שלום עולם
Hello World
is this easter egg??
translate: שלום עולם
10:45 PM
Hello World
translate: and used for evil
it can be english
translate: הוא גנב לי את העוגייה!
He stole my cookie!
10:45 PM
translate: and used for evil.
and used for evil.
ok, guess we better play in the sandbox before we wake up some dragons :)
translate: ¡Hola!
translate: translate: Test
10:52 PM
translate: Test
translate: يغذي أنا أبوك!
Feeds I'm your father!
translate: Feeds, mimi ni mama yako pia!
doesn't seem to translate Swahili
translate: פעעדס, איך בין דיין מוטער אויך!
פעעדס, איך בין דיין מוטער אויך!
translate: @ Shog9 يراقب لك.
10:55 PM
Watching Shog9 @ you.
not even Yiddish? c'mon!!
@Feeds That didn't quite work.
translate: يراقب لك @Shog9.
translate: يراقب لك @Shog9.
Watching you @Shog9.
translate: @ Shog9 наблюдает за мной, HALP!>!>!>!
Watching Shog9 @ me, HALP! >! >! >!
10:57 PM
@Feeds Nope. (Sorry for triple-ping Shog).
kicks @AstroCB
@Shog9 Ouch.
@AstroCB why not? it reads: watching Shog9 at you
Q: "This comment is not eligible for voting or flagging"

bjb568 If the comments are not eligible for flagging, how did I just flag one?

@Braiam Should be "Shog9 is watching you." (@ ommitted to avoid wrath)
11:11 PM
Q: Error message says I can't flag... but yes I can

Shadow WizardWhen trying to upvote a comment made on a locked post (ordinary lock, not historical lock which remove the vote arrows and flag altoghether) we are greeted with such error message: Or in words: This comment is not eligible for voting or flagging Being the curious type, I went straigh...

11:33 PM
@CodyGray I think it's more important to accommodate those with ban rights to ban those suckers! — bjb568 6 secs ago
@hichris123 SO is not a forum.
REMOVE ALL TEH IMGAES! — iStimple 1 min ago
Remove them ALL!!!
@bjb568 Uh... nevermind. I misread illiterate as blind, which wouldn't even make sense... so... oops...
I just proved that I was illiterate by not understanding what was being said.
I'm not stubborn, my way is just better.
11:44 PM
Oooh. I'm close to a bronze mSO [discussion] badge.
stackoverflow.com/a/25437403/3622940 Am I going nuts or is this a spam that's irrelevant to the question?
:S I don't know...
11:58 PM
@Unihedron Flagged spam.

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