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9:11 AM
Warren over at bukkit seems to have forgotten that the project was bought by Mojang over two years ago, and isn't his to discontinue.
That means bukkit always had a special relationship in regards to things such as the EULA, and if Warren is bored, we need to do something.
It's quite hilarious how people want to make Mojang be this big and evil corporation, but time and again it turns out it's not all that bad or not bad at all.
Flagged. It provides total satisfaction and guarantee though.
@Bart Yeah but here's my very LOW way of going about this:
1. Unprofessional
2. Absolutely confusing
3. WTF
Well, the confusion seems to be caused by Bukkit at this point in time.
Yes, Mojang does own Bukkit. Them acquiring us was a condition to being hired. If Mojang want to continue Bukkit, I'm all for it :)
There we go. No drama whatsoever.
9:26 AM
Either way it's handled horribly...
9:37 AM
yep it's always a good idea to post business problems on twitter and public forums before talking it over with your superior.
why close it?
@Unihedron maybe spam is wrong
It came up on the CVR queue
@Bart it's not direct spam, no link in there and nothing in profile either
It is promotional...
This question is effectively an advertisement with no disclosure. It is not useful or relevant, but promotional. <- definition of spam matched
10:45 AM
Meh, that's spam in my book @ShadowWizard. No link needed. It's promotional
The fact that the spam didn't include link just adds to the recardedness of the spam. xD
@Bart yep and I flagged it, but for many people it's not, so until it gathers 6 flags, we can delete it ourselves
Meh, not enough rep for that anyway.
11:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CASTING A INTEGER DATA INTO CHARACTER DATA on electronics.stackexchange.com
@Cupcake : Help with the mouse please, it's hard to "search"..
Q: We should be able to initiate a search using the mouse

Vignesh KumarAfter entering some text in the search box, I am not able to use the mouse to search. Only the Enter key works to initiate the search. There is a magnifying glass button in the left-hand side of the search box, but it is not clickable: Please enable the option to operate the search box usin...

12:17 PM
should maybe write some E-Mail to RiotGames Inc. and decide on a license for my latest project...
Licensing, meh.
If I ever end up releasing something as open-source, it'll be WTFPL or MIT. Sadly I have yet to actually finish something.
I've been unproductive ever since I got a spinning chair.
@Unihedron that is exactly why I am unproductive at work and productive @home..
Isn't that common amongst programmers? Having great ideas and then spending most of your time on configuring your project/environment, reading up on some stuff and trying out some things, before finally abandoning it to have it collect dust on your hard drive.
12:22 PM
@Stijn or in your git-repo fwiw.
@Stijn Oh so very true! My SourceTree has a folder dedicated to "on hold projects", and it's miserably large...
Well right now I just put in a copy-pasta CC-BY-SA 3.0 with attribution required license...
but somehow it's probably not what I want..
Greetings Meta! I have an announcement to make!
(clears throat)
puts down pint
Speak up, we can't hear you at the back of the room!
12:25 PM
I'm devouring a delicious can of Sprite!
(walks away)
I should complete that darn git-assignment I got for this week..
Top tip @Unihedron: don't devour the can, open it and drink the liquid inside.
@Vogel612 So much to do, so little motivation!
@Unihedron especially when I just finished writing an email to the german ministry of education about whether I can rip some money for my university times...
@Bart omg! I'm learning so many life hacks from Meta!
12:50 PM
What's up with all the turkish stuff on meta lately?
@JanDvorak Turks are invading!
@Braiam easy solution... get your military tech up to 22 minimum, and hand their asses back to them
obscure Europe Universalis IV reference.
1:22 PM
where is enable desktop notification link. I can't see it in my browser :(
should there be one?
@DroidDev your browser should ask you to enable them. chat.meta.stackexchange.com/help/desktop-notifications
> try clicking the link to enable desktop notifiactions
what link?
what desktop notifications?
I'm confused too
1:30 PM
@Stijn done it, still can't see them
@JanDvorak you mean you've never seen those pop-ups when you are notified in chat?
oh. thoose. They used to show up but no longer do due to no fault of my own
g2g, sry
1:46 PM
there should be a question about high reputation users answer in the low quality post queue, where it is?
the only one I've found is this and I'm sure times changed
2:10 PM
@Braiam maybe it's on MSO?
@ShadowWizard nope
so dunno, maybe it got deleted...
2:26 PM
How about the big thing on the bottom there?
@bjb568 huh, I don't see that
@Stijn only chrom* and safary
@Braiam nope, Chrome here and no such link
probably user script
indeed, Chrome and no link
2:29 PM
There are tons of user scripts for chat, most likely one of them is adding those things.
Q: Desktop notifications broken in chat

David X. RandomChrome has now removed the prefixed navigator.webkitNotifications API and as a result desktop notifications no longer work (I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but it certainly doesn't work in the latest Chrome stable edit experimental evidence indicates this change was made between v34 and ...

what about it, @bjb568?
random blog post you found?
ya, what about it?
@ShadowWizard I think @bjb568 is amazed about directioning of head while sleeping, Am I right?
@bjb568 that blog is according to religion belief, so can't be debated.
So you joined that site just to post that comment?? eh, nice.
I stay away from things I don't understand or need long time to learn... :)
2:57 PM
Apart from this, there is also a scientific reason Alarms sounds
Also, the blog has a "Scientific Reason" section.
Somebody is wrong on the internet.
@bjb568 oh! that...
@bjb568 science and religion are like brothers: they argue a lot, sometimes one is correct, sometimes the other, and always the parents need to clean the mess.
However, and somewhat unrelated, one must applaud the skill that Vignesh has demonstrated with carefully-timed screenshots. Good show sir, good show. — Tim Post ♦ 3 hours ago
@InfiniteRecursion wut
@bjb568: A comment isn't enough. You should write your own blog post on that subject. All of us will sign in and post our comments on your blog.
3:04 PM
@ShadowWizard Science is our understanding of reality. Religion is not "right", it's opinion.
@InfiniteRecursion Naw.
tude train in the Den! :D
@Cupcake's friend received a compliment @Braiam
@bjb568: Now you know why all the birds in the tavern point their heads in different directions - 3 birds, 3 directions.
Good thing there's more than one bird.
@InfiniteRecursion actually.... it's 4 right now. You could include me...
ach meneer een mooie vogel wil ik zijn
3:18 PM
@Vogel612 But we won't.
@Stijn nope, the neighboring state..
@Vogel612: Good. That means we have all the four directions covered!
@Vogel612 I know but I thought you'd understand :)
3:19 PM
@InfiniteRecursion nope, we got right duplicated, check the picture..
@JanDvorak I swear he's translating word by word, instead of complete sentences...
Q: Copy-pasting the contents another answer to the same question — with attribution

Jean-François CorbettI know about this question: When is using an other poster's content plagiarism The wording of my question is only slightly different, but I think it depicts a rather different situation: Is it ok to take material from another answer on the same question and re-use it with without modifications...

just WOW.
@Vogel612: You are looking behind your back, if I am not wrong, Jan is looking straight ahead, and the blue and yellow birds are looking left and right.
@InfiniteRecursion take a good look...
picture itself is tilted by 45°...
so I am looking "right"
Q: Stack Exchange Stock Exchange ~ Revised

spocotBackground You are all traders for a slightly less than reputable stock firm. You all are part of a group of traders who focus only on one specific stock. Each hour each trader has a chance to Buy X stocks or Sell X stocks. There are 50 hours per round and 3 rounds per competition. At the end o...

3:27 PM
I have missed four comments on that "y u racist cos im turkish" post. Was there anything interesting?
@JanDvorak how would there be?
@Vogel612: You took the scientific direction of the mod bird! Turn your head before bluefeet sees you.
@JanDvorak That entire post boiled down to this:
user image
@Andy Don't nobody understand the words that are comin' out of your mouth.
@InfiniteRecursion meh. maybe I'm better off as a dog then...
3:32 PM
Oh the caching...
@bjb568 I've wanted to try one of those before but I don't understand how it works. Is there a time limit in which you should submit your code?
@AstroCB That describes my entire review experience.
@Stijn I don't think so.
@bjb568 How does that work?
@mehow: I had told the OP in comments that your answer had a lot more information and was entirely different, but he didn't seem to agree till a mod came along and said the same thing. Drawing parallels with something as bad as plagiarism was completely uncalled for.
3:37 PM
@Unihedron Dunno.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HELLO HOW DO YOU ENTER THE TOURNAMENT IN HUCK? on meta.stackexchange.com
crap++ ^
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BILBAO - HOW FAR IS NINE RETURNED FROM LOOP on meta.stackexchange.com
I smell a troll
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ANDROID SHARE - SPECIAL CHARACTERS FILTER FROM HTML on meta.stackexchange.com
3:45 PM
Hi @MartijnPieters, seen you around :P
Flag with 'other' as 'troll'.
@Unihedron Hi Uni
not as "abusive"?
3:45 PM
they're removed faster than I can see and flag them
@Stijn yes same happened for me
Won't one-box, but here's the cached version:
@JanDvorak they are not specifically abusive of anyone.
3:47 PM
@MartijnPieters they are abusive of the system
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PERSIST CRITERIA FOR SHIVERING LOOP on meta.stackexchange.com
@JanDvorak That's a different definition.
@SmokeDetector gone
What's up with these posts? o_O
3:48 PM
Troll alert, bring in the heafty nuke from orbit option
I guess it's the guy whom we've told we can't uderstand a word of theirs.
@MartijnPieters I am not seeing most of this, is that really the same account?
@Vogel612 Don't think so.
But I do see a cultural similarity.
(If we are talking about Sumer here)
3:50 PM
Tor-account-fed trolling campaign.
Hrm, where have we seen this before.
"other" flags mean that it won't get deleted until a mod comes around
They are also copying legitimate questions to try and delay the deletion.
@JanDvorak A mod is active.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO FISH A FISH WITH A HOLE FULL OF NOTHING? on meta.stackexchange.com
"troll" is too short
also, should I flag even if it gets deleted in the meantime?
3:54 PM
If you know it has been deleted?
No point then.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO PAT A HORSE ON THE BACK WITH YOUR TOENAILS? on meta.stackexchange.com
I tell you what though, this is doing wonders for my helpful flag count...
that guy is annoying
@JanDvorak don't worry, we always win anyway.
3:57 PM
that turkish guy is sending me tweets
ok, this last one is offensive, right?
oh that one was also offensive....
(not even clicking them anymore)
4:00 PM
blocked and reported that twitter account
@JanDvorak Sounds like Sumer is back.
that's whom I reported on twitter
Yeah, I had heard about that account, others thought it was a copy-cat.
so he wrote a script to copy ask.com questions, change them to SHOUTCASE and spam them to MSE??
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TESTING TO SEE IF THIS IS SEEN BY THE CHAT BOT on meta.stackexchange.com
4:05 PM
that guy is super-annoying
gone ^
wat the
he's monitoring the tavern
yes right
Let's all say hi to him.
4:07 PM
hi Sumer
Hey Sumer how are you?
hi Sumer
what's up ?
yes it definitely looks like it.
> Yet, when I need to split a message in the chat because it gets too long (I know you wouldn't have guessed, but I am a bit long-winded sometimes), cut out the second half, hit enter, paste it back, and hit enter again, the chat server greets me with "you can try this action in ... seconds", and requires me to grab the mouse to click on "retry", by which time someone else will have sneaked in a dumb technical message, interrupting my beautifully crafted, witty, universally applicable, and most philosophic statement—very likely with some stupid template meta-programming bullshit.
4:09 PM
no matter what you try, you aren't going to evade me, Sumer
Learn programming and English and get 20 rep so you can come talk to us...
@Unihedron where did you get that from??
Who wants to be a cracker anyway?
Web archive
@Unihedron be careful, he might try to come and bomb you in the name of allah
4:10 PM
I trust my proxy.
@Unihedron I trust your proxy too ;)
I'm glad I am in an office then, I suppose
the self-deletes though.
@Andy T-carrier internet?
4:13 PM
@Andy I don't trust the security of our intranet-application (that is open to outside), though..
maybe I should wake up my proxy now..
but then again chat times out with proxy on.
Ah, true.
By the way is it just me or is that guy supposed to be a whole whooping 24 years old?
@InfiniteRecursion yeah I saw, thanks.
4:17 PM
So much smoke! What did I miss o_O
Some delicious cake, which I forgot to leave you some, sorry.
a troll wave
@JanDvorak hum, looks like a digital Jihad...
Going to temporarily ignore the Detector because that's really annoying...
4:21 PM
@Unihedron should I forward anything but this wave?
note to self: never leave chat, else @Uni eats the cake
@JanDvorak Thanks kind sir :)
don't worry, Sumer, we're not going to weaken our forces just beause there's more stuff to fight
Is he talking to us?
@Unihedron I think so
And all this time I thought we moderate the site. "Community moderated"?
while, in fact, the site is moderating us
Yes, finally we are talking to each other. Some shows end once the audience leaves :)
as an aside, I'm kinda interested in how he generated the content.
what content? All I can see are 404s
You are a true enthusiast! @Vogel
@InfiniteRecursion to me it seems like he just scraped a significant sample of posts and created a word-type dictionary from it
Maybe if YOU SCREAM YOUR QUESTION OUT LOUD, our friend might answer you. It's Q&A after all!
4:33 PM
then he just had to define a few word-type patterns to form a halfway grammatical sentence and insert words of that type in a weighted random way..
I doubt that this knowledge and the troll talent is capable of residing in the same brain.
Has the lack of an audience killed the show already??
could someone clean up the remnants that SD has left us here, please?
Chat users are getting bored, somebody please SHOUT
4:39 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: I HAVE TO SORT A LEGAL ISSUE OUT - SEE YOU LATER on meta.stackexchange.com
LIGHTNESS RACES IN THE OR- wait, that's a terrible pun
not you, Sumer, you don't shout
Ohh no! The show officially ended....just when we started enjoying it :(
I still don't quite understand why he made the titles all caps either way..
or maybe I just didn't see the majority of the sh*t that he unloaded here.
Perhaps we can trace him via flickr.com/photos/voido/6676016863; we can all say hi in person and help him in violate his e-trade restraining order.
4:41 PM
He really doesn't like q&a, as soon as I asked vogel to shout out the question, he left.
well it looks good, at least the address:
Let's fedex him some cookies
240 N Bayshore Boulevard, Apartment 313
San Mateo California 94401
Poisoned, of course
4:43 PM
So what's the deal with this guy anyway? Sounded like he has a bit of a history of posting rubbish
Maybe he just want to be loved.
@JonK Deranged. No idea why but they have a history of trolling to get a rise out of people, up to and including death threats.
@Vogel612 The address is also on the restraining order E-Trade obtained against him for harassment.
Ah, so it's more than one person then? I thought it was just that Turkish guy. Aslan was it?
Everybody has their special skills, posting rubbish is his skill. He is one of the most famous trolls on the planet.
@JonK from his twitter it seems he got some flak on askubuntu..
4:45 PM
@JonK AKA Sumer Kolcak
Another troll on the internet...
Trolls, trolls everywhere!
@MartijnPieters is that the... "LEGAL ISSUES" he mentioned??
@Vogel612 The restraining order is older; perhaps he got newer issues. Wouldn't surprise me.
Q: We should be able to initiate a search using the mouse

Vignesh KumarAfter entering some text in the search box, I am not able to use the mouse to search. Only the Enter key works to initiate the search. There is a magnifying glass button in the left-hand side of the search box, but it is not clickable: Please enable the option to operate the search box usin...

My downvote count just passed my upvote count:
4:51 PM
@Astro: Vignesh is pretty efficient in "searching" already, despite the mouse disabled search on SO, believe me. He just came back from a week long leave and posted this. We don't need to give him any searching advice.
Congrats @Cupcake :-)
I find crap all the time! Yay?
@Cupcake it might be interesting to see how many of those are still in effect
4:52 PM
@Vogel612 still in effect?
Where the posts aren't deleted.
Then share your search tips with Vignesh :-)
Q: We should be able to initiate a search using the mouse

Vignesh KumarAfter entering some text in the search box, I am not able to use the mouse to search: only the Enter key works to initiate the search. There is a magnifying glass button in the left-hand side of the search box, but it is not clickable: Please enable the option to operate the search box usin...

usually upvoted posts get deleted far more seldom than downvoted posts..
and votes cast stay votes cast after the vote locking, right?
Yep, you can see your votes on posts that aren't deleted on the Votes tab
@Unihedron but is it only those not deleted?
5:02 PM
@JanDvorak LOL
But OTOH, just FYI and FWIW, some acronyms AAMOF would only have a "canonical" link in UD (but it would be ROFLOLMFAO-worthy to abbr this many acronyms, and probably most people ACGAF, and would mention that ASBMAETP, which AFAICT is EZ 'nuff). — Camilo Martin 14 mins ago
Git Rainbows!
@AstroCB is it bad that I can read that without hesitating?
@Undo Maybe. Just maybe.
5:22 PM
Today's Listening | Electro (Mixsets day 21)
5:35 PM
Q: Read a Javascript page

Andrew PrattI have a customer care case handling page, written with JavaScript. I need to create another web page, that can read the info of the case page, gather the info, and play with it.

Thank you for telling us. — tcooc 1 min ago
That's nice. Good luck with that. Did you have a question? — Marc B 7 mins ago
I think some people honestly think that this is a code-writing service.
Doesn't help that there's people willing enough to actually write their code...
@JonK (cough cough) rep wh**es
select do_my_code_for_me_for_free from stackoverflow where info = 'minmal' and thanks = 'given in advance' — Twelfth 38 mins ago
Need one more CV on that question, too ;)
Would if I could
Surprised it's managed to stay open this long
5:43 PM
@AstroCB Aww, wrong auto-comment.
@Unihedron lol
@Unihedron Is my modified answer worthy of a bounty, or should I add more?
@AstroCB It is ;) But I'm still going to leave it there for the full bounty cycle, so it gets the attention and up/downvotes it deserves
5:48 PM
@Unihedron Fair enough: thanks again.
Troll alert, please downvote and flag for moderator attention.
gone ^^
That was quick.
5:49 PM
Community deleted.
For a split second it said "This post has been locked; Locked posts can't be voted on".
How do I unignore smokedetector?
@Unihedron go to your chat user account, to the prefs tab.
doesn't clicking its avatar help?
It was a "hide posts" (temporarily ignore), and refreshing the page didn't help
5:56 PM
Crikey that was fast
still getting destroyed
Never mind, he's visible now
@JanDvorak by the user; they are targeting the smoke detector.
5:59 PM
I almost managed to flag that one

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