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8:05 AM
@SPArchaeologist Monday, Monday?
too late :(
@Stijn frustrated? ;)
roll back, @Stijn
@ShadowWizard done
@rene yes, I don't like robo reviewers :(
That edit was done in good faith but the reviewers didn't pay attention at all.
@Stijn True, but don't let them get under your skin
8:30 AM
@rene I'm gonna get another cup of coffee, perhaps that'll help
@Stijn actually the edit looked almost fine, I don't blame the reviewrs this time
edit conflicts are hard to spot/catch
@Stijn You better take that coffee first before you respond to @ShadowWizard...
@rene Yep - and the delay in my answer only confirm this.
Greetings Meta :P
8:36 AM
why am I getting empty responses from the stack exchange server?
Stack overflow maybe?
latest reload: CSS did load, the sprite sheet didn't.
@rene SOA or whatever that crap is, should be SOPCSACP
I have the feeling I'm going to learn something today...
8:41 AM
@JanDvorak are you using HTTPS ?
cause that sounds like a CORS request being blocked by your browser
@Stijn not for the page itself at least.
Stack Overflow Psychological Care Services And Counseling for People
Stand back, I'm parsing XML with regex.
so stop the how to ask on SO site and start a counseling one instead
@Stijn I do repro if I swtich to https
@iStimple Tnx :)
@iStimple You suggest I should unfollow Stack Overflow Academy?
8:43 AM
$("[src*=https]") yields nothing.
@rene I think so, all the cool people are dissing it.
in RegEx on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 days ago, by HamZa
in PHP, 32 secs ago, by Alma Do
@HamZa yeah, later coming: Stack Overflow Academy College (how to ask good questions on SO Academy) and Stack Overflow Academy College School (prepare young folks of how to ask question on SO College). Resolution: What. A. Dumb.
@iStimple Well, that qualifies me as un-cool which is a perfect fit...
@Unihedron that's exactly what I was trying to post as a comment on one of the discussions on that proposal, just wasn't able to find the words
we have meta for every site, then we again have MSE. If someone wants to learn, I think this is more than enough.
@DroidDev I want "Baba's Spamming Class 101"
8:47 AM
@rene naw, you're cool! I'm indifferent about it, really. We can't know for sure until it launches, but it seems kind of redudantly useless and it would be better to have just a site that is for "how to ask good questions" , like questioners.SE , not just for how to ask on SO
aka: don't reinvent the wheel.
Woo. We have a new "delete comment" icon now.
Though I did follow it - it seems interesting.
@SPArchaeologist I think that is blatantly off-topic :P
@JanDvorak did it needed to be updated? The old icon didn't work?
8:51 AM
@JanDvorak looks the same to me, maybe a side by side image so we can see the difference?
@rene what old icon?
It used to be a word
@JanDvorak it's always been a circle with an x inside of it for me
I think
@Stijn Same here.
I don't have a circle around. Or is it per-site?
8:53 AM
@JanDvorak Are you using lynx?
nope. I'm considering a different feline, however.
Oh, wait, that's a panda.
^that's on SO
@ShadowWizard Flagged both.
@ShadowWizard #1 gone?
8:56 AM
both gone
Well done! The Tavern, flagging spam posts in time since 2008
yeah, the one on SO could have gone unnoticed for a long time
robo reviewers probably clicked "No Action Needed" in First Posts review
9:37 AM
Is the search indexing broken again?
9:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Nike Roshe Run Mesh Damen Blau Weiszlig Amour on askubuntu.com
Thanks SmokeDetector! What should we do?
@Unihedron flag as spam
@DavidG Could be, do you see only questions that are two hours old?
9:56 AM
Argh, too late.
@Unihedron Maybe you shouldn't propose an edit in the first place if you want it to be rejected anyway...
@rene Exactly, it's happened a couple of times recently
I didn't realize I made that mistake of correcting code until I submitted it.
I'm a fool...
@Oded Can you recycle the elastic search thingy once more?
@Unihedron no comment....
@rene what seems to be the problem?
10:03 AM
@Oded The search results seems to be two hours old.
@Oded similar to this
@rene It's exactly that - that was my question when I spotted it the first time :)
KK - looking into this
hmm... those empty responses seem to be a bad ISP on my side
10:19 AM
10:36 AM
10:48 AM
fastest to reach 10k SO users list.
@AvinashRaj who?
i get that.
i just wanna Query to find the fastest users to reach 10K
@AvinashRaj oh, I see. So what's wrong with it?
11:04 AM
nothing wrong with that.
first i asked for the query link . After that i searched in goole. It helps me.
12:43 PM
@Doorknob 3 years in SO, 2k rep.... amazing.
Guess there are people who really can't be teached.
And 437 questions asked. I wonder how many of them could have been solved with Googling...
@Doorknob I never would have expected this to some day become true
@Stijn It would have been much better, if you'd have added some upvotes/downvotes to question and awarded a bounty to accepted answer of 600-700 reps. :P
@ProgramFOX -1 not enough english
Gone by the time I clicked in. GG
@rene - fixed
Weekend officially over when spam on MSE is nuked in 2 minutes :)
1:01 PM
@ShadowWizard nope. That just means the mods are here.
@Oded any hint what might be causing it to get stuck in the first place?
Okay, spamming MSE already makes very little sense, but spamming MSE in Spanish?!
@JanDvorak hmm... mod binding spam flag? Might be.
@ShadowWizard nah, it was sitting at -6 and after I flagged it the page refreshed
@ShadowWizard some problems with our dev tier connecting to the production tier (specifically elastic indexing) - the underlying issue was fixed, so this shouldn't happen again.
1:04 PM
@Oded Hooray! Well done!
@Oded I will keep this in mind when it will crash again ;-)
1:22 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: JUNK TO ARABIC CONVERSION IN WINDOWS MOBILE 6.1 on stackoverflow.com
even the post body is in all caps, I can't be bothered with that
Good job everyone!
@Oded can you permanently remove image from i.stack.imgur.com?
@ShadowWizard yes. Link me up
@Oded not my own, I believe you have an email already with the URL to be removed, based on this.
I advised him to come here himself, guess he can give more details if needed
1:36 PM
No need - using the contact us is enough, but it was the weekend - it may take some time for the CMs to get around to it.
1:48 PM
Morning @bjb568!
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Acheter Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher Femme on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector gone
2:10 PM
Today's Listening | Chillout (Mixsets day 4)
Oh yay, I left my SE chat tab open all night, in addition to leaving iTunes playing all night.
@SantaClaus good to know. Guess I can save the money for an air mail stamp to the Pole and just post my letter here then.
@SPArchaeologist Ha - you thought I actually read your letters? Noobs.
@Santa enjoying pinging yourself?
@ShadowWizard It drowns out the whining of the elves.
2:17 PM
@ShadowWizard sure it's fun!
2:32 PM
@SantaClaus The answer above should at least prove you read chat messages, so one more reason to post our presents wishlist here -_-
2:47 PM
My favourite days at work is when someone has their birthday. Chocolate cake \o/
My favorite day at work is when I don't have to work
@Stijn not to mention the beer ;)
@ShadowWizard we never have beer on birthdays, that's for when someone leaves for another project :)
Hi is there anyone who may be able to help with a problem?
@Keyes No, we're all useless. But you can ask us anyway.
2:51 PM
SE support hasnt responded, and im wondering who can remove an uploaded image? E.g the stack.imgur ones.
I don't think you can
@Keyes your case was actually mentioned an hour ago
1 hour ago, by Oded
No need - using the contact us is enough, but it was the weekend - it may take some time for the CMs to get around to it.
It should get looked at soon
Okay, thanks.
Be careful in the future :)
2:53 PM
@DavidG fixed by Oded and verified by me, it works again...
3:05 PM
3:10 PM
Cleanup in aisle 89, please
Someone has thrown up over the cucumbers
Everything about japaneseemoticons.org is a lie.
Anyone think that maybe we shouldn't have closed this question?: stackoverflow.com/q/24719268/456814
3:22 PM
Maybe we should have let people answer, and only close if there started to be like more than 10 or 20 or something?
@Cupcake no
@Cupcake when the damage is done, you mean?
@Cupcake No it's pretty damn broad.
I'm so conflicted about Too Broad now. I think I'm just going to stick to closing recommendation questions for a while.
Just look at the variation between even the two given answers.
Well then call it opinion based. "How do I detect if a page is a forum page?" does not have a correct answer; period.
I went for unclear, btw
3:25 PM
I dunno about unclear; it's pretty clear what he's asking.
@Cupcake Plus reading the comments the OP is kind of a dick.
@JasonC not strictly a close reason
@JanDvorak Not a close reason at all, but a reason to not care to consider it any further.
Until you can answer it with if (TypeOfWebPage(url) = 'Forum') { it is too broad
^ Exactly
@Cupcake You just called for 40 's that are tool recommendations. :D
3:29 PM
You can find those in CVQ...
can this get an upvote so it doesn't count as unanswered?
@JasonC what should I forget about?
Too broad / unclear: stackoverflow.com/questions/24213359/… - OP does not specify authentication method details, answers are all over the place, comment discussions on answers are also all over the place, and I suck at chat.
@JanDvorak THE FUTURE.
@Braiam done
@JanDvorak 42?
3:44 PM
@Stijn thanks
@hichris123 since I'm a 20k user (or is this a 10k thing?) I actually have a quota of 50 close votes available...
@Cupcake everyone has 50 close votes per day, but you can only use 40 of them in the review queue
@Stijn correction, you only can act on 40 reviews... you can skip them all and vote outside the queue all the same ;)
@Cupcake Uhm... blame my bad memory. :P
Number of posts to review =/= number of close votes to cast :)
It says here you have 50 cv per day from 3k rep on SO
4:13 PM
If anyone wants to give their input:
Q: Can we have a "recommendation and off-site resource" filter for the Close Review Queue?

CupcakeI can only afford to spare 10 minutes a day at most to the task of reviewing questions in the Close Review Queue, but since it's an extremely time-consuming process, I've recently just given up completely on closing questions through the queue. Which is sort of a waste, because I have a whopping ...

Q: Close Vote Review, additionally filter off-topic close reasons

apaul34208Given the ever growing close vote review queue, I think it would help things along if we could streamline the filtering a little more. At the moment we can filter by tag and by close reason, but off-topic has 7 sub-close-reasons. It may improve the workflow a bit to be able to narrow it down to ...

@Shog9 Can SOA just post meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/260648/… verbatim as an automated answer to every question?
CV: somebody please put this out of its misery: stackoverflow.com/questions/25122923/… I've been watching his edits go nowhere for 15 minutes.
It's like an "I don't know how" fractal.
@JasonC What to flag it as?
4:24 PM
@Unihedron It's unclear unless he can answer Josh's questions.
> How to reset modem by C++ code? But wait, I don't know write by c++ code.
I sorry if I say not well :) — Hoàng Anh Tuấn 1 min ago
Now I want to give him a hug :'(
Q: Do I need to know C++ to use Unity3d?

jbrownI've got an idea for a simulator game - something like transport tycoon or sim city. I know Java & Python but don't know C++. I've developed lots of web things but never games or graphics. I've heard about Unity and it looks like it might make things easier for me. But will I need to learn C++ t...

Wow, if you're too lazy to look up what programming languages Unity supports, I don't have high hopes for the rest of your ideas.
"pro only" makes a bad answer.
How so @Unihedron?
4:32 PM
@Unihedron Unity isn't a free programing language, ya know?
Na, it's simply only Unity Pro which supports native plugins
@Bart I meant as freedom, but ok
I find that as the declaration "pro only" doesn't address his point, but instead leaves his final point opinionated and without a base. I was just googling about the plugin, and I still think there could be a more concrete point than it's "pros only".
the problem is that only pros knows what the pro only do :P
Hence I retracted my downvote. It could be useful to someone else, but meh.
4:42 PM
Consider me lazy: Do I need to know PHP to use Unity3d?
@JasonC How about we just close every question on SO as a duplicate of RTFM?
Because that's how these sites work, right?
Screw "specific questions"
@Shog9 If that is a serious suggestion I totally support you; can we have "RTFM" as a close reason?
If you're not going to give us an "RTFM" close reason then stop joking around about it. :P
@JasonC No, but I highly suggest you spend some time thinking about the problem that SO - and by extension SE - was created to solve.
@Shog9 I'm aware of all of that and SOA is crap. The ideals there and SOA's crappiness are not mutually exclusive.
@JasonC You say that, but then the rest of your words betray ignorance. So please, do stop talking and start reading the fucking charter before you embarrass yourself further.
4:45 PM
Weee! Whack him with diamonds, shog.
When you can explain to me why SO was created and how it is useful to both individuals and the collective community of programmers on the Internet, we can have an informed discussion of whether or not SOA aligns with those goals.
@Shog9 I don't think I could reach even a fraction of the level of embarrassment you brought on yourself with that proposal. On the surface SOA appears to be helpful and good-intentioned, but if you take 5 seconds to think about the type of user it attracts and the path a user takes to get there, it's not just ridiculous, it's damaging.
Until then... This is just a waste of time and energy for both of us.
(PS: data on the "type" of user being attracted is publicly available as well... You'd be well-advised to familiarize yourself with it)
This is simple. People have problems, people have solutions. We share them. But some people are crappy and that's a problem. Crappy people won't help themselves, so SOA is unproductive.
@Shog9 You have no concrete publicly available data on the type of user that a nonexistent site attracts.
4:50 PM
@JasonC Personally, I don't think it's going to work. But maybe Shog is smarter than us. Maybe. Give it a chance?
@hichris123 But that's the thing. SOA is particularly dangerous (in my opinion) because it's the type of thing, I think, that both feels really good to support and does a ton of long term damage. I will do my best to not give it a chance, because I suspect it will get enough bandwagoning to make it never go away, regardless of consequences.
Remember the same people who are allowed to ask crappy questions are also allowed to support and run a network site. This one is like a help vampire virus.
@hichris123 I have grave doubts as to whether such a site could work. But not because of "crappy people" - them's par for the course on the 'Net, indeed everwhere; a system that can't tolerate ignorance and laziness is doomed to failure. If it fails, it'll fail for the same reasons that any site fails: not enough participants with concrete problems or not enough people with concrete solutions.
@Shog9 But what really seems off to me is that MSO theoretically lets people do this already. And you had made a comment (and a dubious analogy) that MSO wasn't working for this purpose. I really don't understand how rebranding meta with a different URL solves whatever problem you saw with meta that was causing these people to skip it. It just creates whatever shortcoming meta has again, but with a different URL and front page theme.
@Shog9 Yeah, my main doubt is as to whether people are going to 1) find it, and 2) ask questions (not just a copy paste of IT ISN'T WORKING111).
@JasonC let's try a different approach... Assume a reasonably-intelligent but inexperienced asker, able to provide sufficient detail and write with clarity... What problem is his question most likely to suffer from on Stack Overflow?
4:57 PM
@Shog9 No; you're missing the key thing that sets SOA apart from other network sites, which is that it is essentially a stepping stone to SO. No other network site acts as a filter / gateway to another network site. Any attitudes / practices that SOA encourages become the background for new users who pass through there and onto SO. And SOA naturally encourages asking questions about things that are easily findable.
@Shog9 I would say most likely his question would be a duplicate.
@JasonC then why would he ask it?
@Shog9 Because he wanted somebody else to do the search for him, which is a behavior we do not desire here.
@JasonC why is it easier to ask than to search?
@Shog9 Because it's always easier to ask somebody else to do your work rather than do it yourself. It's less effort and less time commitment, you can just wait for the other person to use their time to do what you should have done.
@JasonC Do you believe that? I've asked all of 9 questions on Stack Overflow... Over the course of nearly 6 years. I'm nothing if not lazy - yet I search compulsively and ask rarely... Am I an anomaly? Do you prefer asking to searching?
5:02 PM
And your assumption is slanted a bit. You say "reasonably-intelligent but inexperienced", but you leave up in the air whether or not he values doing his own work vs. asking others to do his research for him. Such a person could totally show prior effort and not post a duplicate, or could not put any effort in at all. Wherever you are going with this is totally fuzzied by the fact that you left a specification of this quality out of your hypothetical asker.
What you are actually attempting to do is rather weaselly I think: You're purposefully leading me on to talk about how his problem is most likely a duplicate but based on an example person who "sounds good on paper". So be honest with your hypothetical qualities. Say "Assume a reasonably intelligent, but lazy asker".
@JasonC does showing effort necessarily preclude a duplicate? I've often observed otherwise; indeed, I commented on this duplicate just a little bit ago because it was in danger of being reopened and yet is clearly a duplicate (albeit one with copious amounts of effort shown).
@JasonC why?
@JasonC Why? I'm lazy. Yet I ask few questions, and rarely duplicates. Why is "lazy" a necessary part of a description for you?
Sorry the chat gets weird for me sometimes.
@Shog9 1) I dislike when others ask me to search for them and do not wish that on anybody else. 2) It is generally faster, in reality, to search then ask. 3) I am often frustrated by internet noise in search results and do not want to contribute to it with more duplicate content.
(For reference to a reader, shog's "Why?" referred to an accidentally-deleted comment, "I prefer searching over asking.")
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Vashikaran specialist princess +91-9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
@JasonC Same here, particularly #2 - asking is painfully slow on average compared to finding a solution to an already-asked question. Preferring asking to searching is inefficient.
@SmokeDetector SPAM
5:08 PM
Which again raises the question, why would someone of reasonable intelligence, able to perform this same cost-benefit analysis, still ask a duplicate question?
@Shog9 What do you mean "why is lazy a necessary part"? Sure; being panicked with a short deadline and not having enough time to search (or at least thinking you don't), could be a reason as well (which I disagree with), but generally, some amount of laziness / entitlement, I think, is always associated with asking before searching.
@Shog9 Entitlement, then.
Or panic.
Or some negative quality, sure, perhaps not necessarily laziness.
5:09 PM
thnx Jan
@Shog9 At some point you should tell me where you are going with this.
@Shog9 They usually won't. These non-idiots are high-quality users who don't need SOA.
@JasonC simple: I want more folks like me on SO. Or, perhaps not so much like me as like you. Maybe like @hichris123. Whatever; the point is, folks with many, many negative qualities who are none the less able to find answers to their questions without actually asking them most of the time and able to ask reasonable questions on those rare occasions when they can't find the answer.
@Shog9 unless you don't know enough to know what to search for, but in that case, it is also probably the exact kind of thing that SOA could help with
@AJHenderson bingo
The problem to solve here is... How do you get someone from Point A (knows nothing, can't search, can't debug) to Point B (knows how to break a problem down into questions they can self-answer 99% of the time, knows how to present the remaining 1% in a form that others can understand and answer)?
5:13 PM
@Shog9 nobody performs cost-benefit analysis on that level
Donno about you, but I learned that via trial and error
(the same way I learn everything; lots and lots of error)
I don't have a lot of experience on SO, but I know on a lot of the sites I participate in heavily, most of the duplicates that could have been answered by searching are situations where the asker clearly didn't even know the basic terms to use in a search
Which is great, but not everyone has a high tolerance for error - and SO isn't necessarily well-suited for folks primed to make lots of mistakes out of the gate.
Schools sure as hell ain't teaching debugging. At least, not well.
they get enough out so that an experienced individual can piece it together and go "oh yeah, that's a dupe" but they didn't have a prayer in the world of finding it on their own
@Shog9 heck, I went to a top 10 school and they barely taught programming. It was all theory
@AJHenderson So as I see it, we have a need that's not being met right now. A set of knowledge that isn't being efficiently transferred from the folks who've learned it (via trial and error or whatever) to the folks who need to learn it.
5:17 PM
Schools aren't practical problems solving learning centers
Can something like SOA work for that? Who knows. It's easy to identify areas that need a SE site, quite another to actually gather the right people into creating a site.
@Braiam in my experience, schools are generally terrible at teaching folks to solve problems.
Which is a shame, but it's what we got.
Agreed. My understanding has taken a turn for the best upon discovering SE.
yeah, that's my main concern as far as SOA goes is longevity. I think there are good questions that can be asked there, but I mostly worry about long term discoverability, but then again, it probably is something needed by the broader community, so better to try to isolate it someplace where those participating are interested in helping with that
I doubt it will be "successful" in the traditional SE sense, but I do think it could provide a lot of value potentially too
@Shog9 Ok, look. Let's say for the sake of argument that a reasonable ... reason ... for asking before searching is because even an intelligent person may not be particularly good at searching for information because of how much information and noise there is on Google (or DDG or wherever). Ok? So given that, are you implying that the help center is as full of noise and hard to search as the rest of the internet, thus justifying the existence of SOA?
because clearly there IS a need for helping people get to the basic level of knowledge to be able to ask meaningful SO questions
5:20 PM
@Shog9 And yes, it's sickening, actually.
A lesson hard-learned during my time with SE has been that it is near-impossible to solve large behavioral problems by attacking them head-on. You have to convince a few people that there's a better way, and they'll do the same for a few more, and eventually you have enough believers to actually make a dent in it.
@Shog9 you know, I never put my finger on it that way, but I guess that is probably why my school was ranked so well. Because the focus of all that theory was actually being able to solve problems
and define the problems to solve
But SOA is an attempt to attack a large behavioral problem head-on, which is exactly my criticism of it!
but yeah, that does seem to be a minority
@Shog9 beware, to be considered a preacher is worse
5:22 PM
Help center, meta, close reason, etc. improvements are the things that should be concentrated on, not some brute force band-aid like SOA.
And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in
askin' good questions and walking out. They may think it's an
Organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said
Fifty people a day walking in askin' good questions and
walking out. And friends they may thinks it's a movement
And that's what it is, the Stack Overflow Academy Askin' Good Questions Movement, and all you gotta do to join is to sing it the next time it comes around on the guitar show two other people how to ask a decent question.
With feeling.
Besides, SOA isn't the equivalent of teaching people how to debug; don't pretend it is by linking it with noble goals like that. SOA is the equivalent of saying "Spoon-feeding you resources on how-to-ask isn't enough, so screw it, just ask us. But remember, do your research before asking." It's an oxymoron.
@Shog9 since it's dangerous to go alone, you have to find people, no? ;)
@Shog9 And again, are you implying that the help center is as difficult to search as the rest of the internet? Because that means the help center is the problem, and SOA doesn't solve that.
@JasonC the Internet is dead easy to search.
5:25 PM
I fully support SOA and the ideas behind it.
Most of the questions on SO can be answered by a search that excludes SO...
if you know what you're looking for.
But there's the problem.
@JasonC the problem with the Help Center is that it is too general to be helpful in the problems that SOA tries to solve
I feel so left out. I "got" Stack Overflow from day one and I had absolutely no trouble following the rules to the letter
If you know, the manual is just a way to avoid memory errors.
If you don't know, you might read the whole manual and still not recognize the solution when you found it.
@Shog9 I know that. And you know that. But I am only trying to see things from your point of view and figure out where you were going with the hypothetical person; and again for the sake of argument I assumed it was because said intelligent person was just having trouble finding information. I don't actually believe that the internet is hard to search. I'm genuinely making an effort to guess where you are coming from.
5:26 PM
You gotta know what you're looking for before you can find it.
And I have just enough written communication skills to get by which lend themselves to writing good questions and answers
@Shog9 No you don't. Not in the "how to ask" case. You just need to read e.g. Jon Skeet's question checklist. Why don't we just make that required reading and make passing a quiz on it a requirement for being able to post a question? :P
@BoltClock'saUnicorn yes, but you are also probably a user of above average intelligence with a decent understanding of the field
@AJHenderson Which rather amusingly fits Shog9's (presumably intentionally) incomplete hypothetical profile. Which is another reason I have no idea where he was going with that.
5:29 PM
@JasonC let me try an example I've seen from Photography. Say you are asking about the thing that controls how much light gets in to the camera and makes the stuff blurry
now, to me, as an experienced photographer, I immediately recognize that as aperture, but if you didn't know terms like aperture or depth of field, you could have a lot of trouble finding that and instead end up looking at focus adjustments
@JasonC the decent understanding of the field is the part that doesn't fit
@AJHenderson Then you search for "thing that controls how much light goes into the camera", find mathisphoto.net/Articles/CameraControls.htm as the first result, and find "aperture" is the word. Which I just did, despite not knowing that, in what, 30 seconds?
@AJHenderson I feel the same way as BoltClock, but I assert that I'm a user of below average intelligence. Just me specifically though. Not BoltClock.
@AJHenderson And in any case I don't see how this relates to SOA.
@JasonC that's more a flaw in my description, it would be harder to find if you didn't know it was related to how much light went in
but I couldn't remember the exact case I have actually seen before
I've seen situations where it was not easily searchable for lack of having the correct words to search with
and not knowing what to ask to build up to that
@AJHenderson Usually I just bug them on english.se first, heh.
5:33 PM
Look, we can argue all day long about whether SOA is a good idea or not. How about we just try it out? If it doesn't work out, then we can just burn the whole darn thing to the ground and pretend that it never existed, just like we do with all the other failed beta sites.
Because the way I see it, all of this constant arguing is just going around in circles and going no where.
@BoltClock'saUnicorn heh
@Cupcake NO. I am vehemently against "just trying it out" for reasons stated above. It's too "feel good" to fail after it gets started, and the long term bad effects are too slow to see until its too late. It just needs to go away now.
@Cupcake which does bring up a good point, seems like Jason's main concern is that it will get entrenched and cause problems for SO, but if it does, then SE can always kill it off to stop the problem
even if the community itself is healthy
there is nothing that requires SE to keep it running
@AJHenderson ... I suppose you're right.
5:37 PM
(just messin')
@Shog9 In any case I'll keep my arguments to here and to Area51 and stop leaving snarky comments on SO questions.
Well, unless the temptation is too great to resist. Let's say, I'll limit to one snarky comment per week.
uh, yeah... if you were doing that please do stop
@Shog9 Well, more what I mean is, I'll stop leaving sideways comments and picking on you here too. Sorry about that.
@AJHenderson yeah; don't think folks realize how many proposals get killed at some point along the road, for all sorts of reasons.
Although I'll still maintain that SOA = Shog9's On Acid, if anybody asks. :P
5:41 PM
I still can't stop thinking of the boss from SW:TOR
@Shog9 This isn't your usual proposal, though. All I'm asking is at least stay mindful that this is different, both in purpose and in how it "feels" to people, especially when interpreting the standard set of reactions like up/down votes and +1's.
Nothing that involves SO in any way is ever not "different"
Well, it's easy to gloss over the uniqueness and lump it in to general plurals e.g. the "many proposals" that get killed.
@JasonC point is, everyone thinks their proposal is special / different / unique / deserving of special treatment. And sometimes they have really good arguments to back up that assertion. It doesn't matter; they still gotta pass muster when it comes to the normal boring criteria for sticking around / moving forward.
GOTO BeginningOfArgument;
5:54 PM
RIP @JasonC mauled by velociraptors
^ Error: Unreachable Code
that should be a warning. Only pedants compile with -Werror
Well, it's an error in Java. Or in Java++, which I just made up.
Besides it just starts another argument, because I do feel pretty strongly that deinonychus' don't get the love they deserve.
is there a way to search for questions only in my favorite tags?
ie: answers:1.. infavoritetags:yes score:2
@JasonC that only search for favorited/stared questions
I'd upvote that as a feature request if it doesn't exist.
6:04 PM
Q: Searching for Q's on SO that are in one of my favorite tags and unanswered

HK1I did some looking at the search help and tried out the options but nothing seemed to work. How do I found questions that are unanswered AND IN one of my favorite tags?

6:16 PM
Q: Missing features of mobile chat

timothymhMobile chat is missing a lot of features (understandable, as it's mobile). However, there are a number of features not currently implemented that are almost necessities: Replies — Sure, we can type "@so-and-so" and hope we've gotten the so-and-so correct, but this doesn't work well when replyin...

when it is possible to have those features in mobile chat...
6:54 PM
7:10 PM
Wow I got down voted for asking an honest question you guys seriously don't bother to help some one new to coding? My question is just as important as the next guy. — Xxcoder14xX 3 hours ago
@Braiam intags:mine
@Jamal when I read that question, I remembered this image:
@TimStone I knew there was something like that
7:28 PM
Ahh… watch her grow! My CW answer has grown substantially. stackoverflow.com/posts/25110511/revisions
@Jamal Pigs in... ?

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