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12:08 AM
Ok, back to an stable internet connection after using that horrible 2s ping hotspot…
Also back on full, nice computer. Instead of mostly being on mobile.
It makes me remember how bad SE looks since it's fixed width.
Q: I made a jsfiddle of a responsive SO

bjb568Original, Responsive. I got rid of fixed widths and made percent widths. It starts to break at around 650px width, by then it could go to mobile styles. What do you think? Could something like this be made real? BTW, I would like to know what you like and don't like about it. Please leave comme...

Explaining ideas for why exactly this code was written( the logic behind it) in plain english, not requiring to write actual code

Proposed Q&A site for programmers, software developers, especially newbies

Currently in definition.

12:28 AM
I just got a Yearling badge on MSE. Just out of curiosity, what did I actually do 1 year ago? Was that my first post on MSO? I don't remember if MSO needed a separate "sign up / log in" or if it was implied with the SO login.
@JasonC MSE was MSO then. First post is under "activity" in your profile. MSO is part of SO.
I know MSE was MSO then, that's why I raised an eyebrow. MSE hasn't been around for a year.
I've been an SO member for 3.5 years and, actually looking, my first MSO post was November of last year, and my first MSO=>MSE migrated activity was August 6 last year.
I guess that must have been it; one year since first activity on what was then MSO.
@bjb568 I'm fully aware of the split :P
12:34 AM
@JasonC Not fully enough.
@bjb568 Ha, well, more accurately, I wasn't fully aware of my own post dates. And should have taken that half second to look at my activity history on MSE first.
Soooo... how about that crazy weather we've been having?
Weather? If it doesn't affect my computer (I have a nice surge protecter and battery backup), how would I notice?
(Really, what I didn't realize, was that an SO account didn't imply an MSO account; "member since" on MSO is since first MSO activity, not since first SO log in.)
Actually that reminds me, I do need a decent surge protector.
I want to get an online UPS but I have to figure out the best place for it and best way to route power; the equipment I want to protect is all wall-mounted or on a shelf near the ceiling. Not a great spot for a UPS.
@JasonC If you have an SO account, you have an MSO account. "member since" is just since first activity on the implied account. I am so funny.
@bjb568 I would totally star that but we've already established that it will only lead to humiliation.
Can you make it funny? Maybe with a pun or something?
@bjb568 HA HA. HiLARRRious! That is THE perfect blend of humor and help! A+++++ would read again!
Doesn't Google own Motorola? Doesn't that seem to imply that they'd be able to create an Android + Motorola combo that wasn't complete and utter dog shit?
@JasonC Ugh… google.
Use alternatives!
- Search: duckduckgo.com
- OS: Mac OSX
- Mobile OS: iOS
- phone: iPhone
- Cloud storage/syncing: iCloud
- Assistant: Siri
- Laptop: MacBook Pro
- AngularJS: please no, http://vanilla-js.com
- Webmaster tools: Uh… I don't see any purpose of Google's webmaster tools they suck, they don't provide any useful information that you couldn't get yourself easier
(plz no spam flag :P)
Contract renewal in a few months; may make the iPhone switch, as long as I can find GPS nav software that knows about commercial routes. Verizon's global iPhones come unlocked.
Oh yeah, and vimeo is better than stupid youtube. Chrome is half-decent. But I still prefer Safari.
@JasonC Commercial routes?
I have 3 requirements which are getting harder to find: Global radio, commercial nav, and - this is the big one - the ability to reach my thumb to the opposite corner of the phone. Because it's supposed to be a phone. Not a fucking iPad I have to strap to my leg.
@bjb568 Yeah, truck routes. I do a lot of production / logistics stuff for events in my spare time.
12:55 AM
Hm… there's an app for that.
If it doesn't exist, you can develop it yourself :P
(warms up hand in sink) - Ahh, I can type again!
I'm sure it does. Verizon's VZ Navigator ships with Android phones (not OS) and is included in the service plan. All the iPhone ones are monthly fees but I haven't done thorough research for good prices yet.
Google maps gets crappier with every update. It reached a great peak a few years ago.
Then apparently Google fired their magical UX guru and replaced him with an autistic monkey with ADD.
FSM, and the ads in youtube grow exponentially.
Google UX was alright before, but it's quite meh now.
Yay new gmail compose; 6000 clicks to remove the broken formatting on the email you're replying to. And the inability to operate Android Google Maps with one hand now is great. BECAUSE PINCH ZOOM IS SO KEWL.
I think, really, at some point in the past 2 years they just said "User testing? Ahhhh... fuck it."
Yup. Well, GTG eat.
1:09 AM
@JasonC Yearling means that you joined the site a year ago and got 200 rep.
1:23 AM
@JasonC s/KEWL/KUUL/
2:40 AM
@JasonC iPhone 5 / 5s?
@BenCollins I gotta check when my contract is up for renewal (free phone); the iPhone 6 is supposed to come out around October.
@JasonC sure - but I was just talking about your 3 requirements. AFAICT, iPhone 5/5s does all three
probably a few android phones do as well
Oh yeah. Totally.
iPhone 6 will too, although your thumb won't reach across anymore on that one, unless you have big hands
Well there are definitely Android phones, e.g. the Droid Razr Maxx HD I have now. I've been stuck with Motorola phones since the original Droid because they're the only ones that actually do meet all my requirements. The downside is every one has been terrible in a different way.
2:43 AM
I lost my iPhone 5 to a swimming accident recently. I'm using a nexus in the meantime, and I like the bigger screen for viewing, but the iPhone 5 was way easier to drive one-handed
First rev Droid 1; all the keyboard keys fell off. Droid 2's had some weird never-fixed firmware bug that caused insane temperature spikes when charging. The Razr's got its own set of issues.
I do kinda like the look of the new Amazon phones.
@BenCollins The camera on the iPhone 5; does it respond pretty quickly? E.g. can you go from off to taking a picture in, say, < 5 seconds?
@JasonC Moto X
@JasonC yes - can open the camera from the lock screen. I'd say pocket to photo in about 3 seconds
5 if you fumble
@BenCollins Nice. That's another big selling point. I've lost so many moments with the Razr; on a good day it's 20+ seconds of freezing and loading, then more fighting with autofocus on top of that.
@hichris123 It'll be a long time and a lot of healing before I go with a Motorola device again, even if it gets all the best blog reviews in the world.
@JasonC The Moto X is actually a pretty nice device. Droid 2 is meh, Droid 4 is half decent, but the Moto X is actually pretty good.
2:53 AM
@hichris123 Yes but you are neglecting the firmware feature Motorola put in that specifically looks for my Google account and runs a constant tight CPU loop in the background when it sees it.
Gah, autocorrect is annoying me...
I want to write a virus that intercepts typed text and runs it through a bad autocorrect filter.
And then Aveyron send looming Mike tons.
Ah! Swaths honing on??
Older but the newer one is answered and better.
3:11 AM
@BenCollins Hey, that's just rumors. Hopefully Apple will stick to the nicey good screen size.
I see this a lot. This question (for example): superuser.com/questions/549923/… says it was modified 7 minutes ago by the community user. But I can't see any visible indication of modifications. What did community do to that question?
@JasonC Community bumps old unanswered questions occasionally
@Doorknob Ahh, I had no idea. That's kinda neat.
> Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attention
Brainfuck and Whitespace for sure. — Jason C 53 mins ago
3:15 AM
@bjb568 I'll buy the bigger screen - I'll miss the narrow width for one-handed nav, but I think it's worth the tradeoff
@bjb568 were me I would approve it just for making a decent ul instead of ugly br tags
Hm… I guess it's kinda borderline.
Is the "your recent flags have been declined" message broken? Haven't got a declined flag for 24 flags or 2 days.
Maybe some debris from that merge?
Hm… possible.
Or maybe it's FROM THE FUTURE!
3:19 AM
@AnnaLear IT'S BROKEN AGAIN!!!! ^ :P
Who here thinks that 5k should be required to bounty questions at 50 rep, 1k to bounty at 200 min? I hate it when 50 rep users have a horrible question with a +50 bounty.
@bjb568 I dunno, I mean, if they want to spend half their rep on a bounty, that seems like a reasonable price to pay.
3:39 AM
@JasonC I don't think promoting a bad question should be a thing, especially for only 50 rep. Remember - it's the users who don't care about rep or SO or other people's time that post crap questions. The good questions probably will be fine without bounties.
Another noob web question. In jsfiddle.net/GMT5D, how do I get the bottom div to be below the left+right divs, and not have them all interfere with eachother? The left/right get placed outside the content div, because of the floats I guess.
Oh wait I got it. I put a third float:none div in #content. God I hate this.
@JasonC .clearfix::after, #content::after { content: ''; display: block; clear: both; } Apply the clearfix class to any containers that need floats to be contained in. OH YESH I'M SO FUNNy!
Whoa; OK, let's see...
CSS is confusing.
You should probably be using inline-block or flex tho.
@bjb568 Oh, yeah, it's way more well-behaved with inline-block, good call.
@hichris123 Of course someone answered that...
4:30 AM
it's been a really slow saturday on here, guess everyone was recovering from Swiss National Day
@iStimple Some things are just scatterplots…
@bjb568 Yeah screw this I'm using a table. Suck it, internet.
@JasonC why not just ask a question on SO?
4:50 AM
@iStimple Because I got it working with tables and this is the least significant thing I need to be spending time on right now. And it's my own little way of sticking it to the man.
you know that if I downvote a CW answer I get the -1 rep but the recipient of my vote don't get any deterrent?
You don't lose rep for downvoting a CW answer.
weird... I remember getting a -1
I checked my rep tab, and it doesn't have it recorded.
1 hour later…
6:31 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Why did Drax call Gamora a whore? on scifi.stackexchange.com
^ Lol
seems legit
2 hours later…
8:20 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected,Phone number detected,All-caps title: INTERCAS LOVE MARRIAGE+918295003531~~SPECIALIST MOLVI JI on english.stackexchange.com
8:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PGFPLOTSTABLE WILL NOT GENERATE TABLE on tex.stackexchange.com
1 hour later…
10:11 AM
Need still one more person for a few of those questions
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Why did Drax call Gamora a whore? on scifi.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: $E(X|Y) = E(X|Y,Z)$ on math.stackexchange.com
10:43 AM
@Sumurai8 yeah I am here
@iStimple [status-allclosed]
\o <-- high five to all that closed :3
"Tavern on the Meta, where questions get really closed". :D
11:04 AM
swings hand in mid-air like a maniac as no-one high fives back
The last thing might or might not be an unintended side-effect from casting close-vote-magic
@TGMCians done...
11:17 AM
:) thanks @ShadowWizard
@ShadowWizard Again I think we have to agree to disagree....
@rene yup, chance for icecream!
As SEDE is hosted by SE and therfore part of their infra, I assume they shoud be handled together. Can't imagine it would be wise to have a box under your control that is handled different that the others....
Mybe the dup should be extended with SEDE?
It's already very different, totally different codebase.
Tim Stone can answer this more easily, but I still think SEDE can support https without relying on SE for this.
Ok, I left a comment on the answer on Stijn's question. Let's see what happens...
It is too early to award ice-creams....
11:28 AM
@rene but... but.... I'm hungry! ;(
I am not hungry. But I still demand icecream
@ShadowWizard Take a slice of bread if you're hungry....
@Sumurai8 We first have to disagree on something and if we agree to disagree you can have an ice-cream
@rene not sweet enough
11:35 AM
@rene But I don't like getting in a fight with someone
@Sumurai8 agree to disagree isn't really a fight. :)
@Sumurai8 Oh, we will come up with something useless
There should only be Peace in this room....
I disagree
Me too
Icecream for both?
11:52 AM
I disagree with you getting icecream and poor little me without it.
I disagree with that pi... d'awwwwwwwww ITS SO CUTE.
didn't you mean to onebox it, @rene?
if so the direct URL is i.imgur.com/YVzAQET.jpg
user image
@ShadowWizard where do you get that link from?
12:13 PM
right-click the image on the image page and copy it's url?
It's an image after all
@Sumurai8 Ah, a pratical use of the right-mouse button...
12:35 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Why did Drax call Gamora a whore? on scifi.stackexchange.com
Need a way to add a "white list" to the Smoke Detector...
(of questions)
It kept a HashSet of already reported questions I thought. Maybe HashSet is broken in Pyhtion?
@rene nope, never did. A revision always bumps the question back.
It makes sense, because a spammer might be able to edit a title successfully, or user rage quits etc
12:57 PM
Is SmokeDetector actually capable of reading the chat?
Is @bjb568 capable of entering this channel without being seen?
@Sumurai8 Channel? I can go transcript, what's a channel?
I am used to the terminology of irc :( Sowwy
@Sumurai8 it's a bot, think that adding the ability for it to read messages via the API isn't that hard
@ShadowWizard I was looking through the source code a bit and couldn't quite figure out how it works :(
feels dumb
Am I the only one in the world who thinks all things on github should have the main file with everything in the root folder?
1:11 PM
I think every program should only be written in 1 file and it will just "magically" find the right code to run
in fact, every possible program should be run from one file by copying and pasting all other 'one file' programs into a new one file program
this way everything should be clear!
All things should be written in binary. It's just 1s and 0s, it doesn't even matter which order they're in!
That's great!
Wait; does smokedetector just scrape the entire chat once in a while?
hrmmm; no, it can watch a socket instead
@Sumurai8 socket indeed, though not sure about the full technical details
@Sumurai8 as far as I know, three steps: use the sockets connection to scan the recently active questions; use a regex to find suspicious activity; if match is found, post a message.
1:26 PM
WTH? These idiots…
helped a bit...
@rene you won... this time
@ShadowWizard It's duplicate enough, I don't want to use up Nick's time to make those resource changes until HTTPS is supported. That said, I can fix the static (non-per-site) image references now. — Tim Stone 1 min ago
1:43 PM
@ShadowWizard I helped a little bit by first having Tim comment on the answer on Stijns question and then point him to the duplicate :)
2:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: KATLATHARIYA`S(+91-9950211818) love vashikaran specialist on english.stackexchange.com
2:18 PM
@SmokeDetector Anybody ever called these phone numbers?
2:32 PM
@bjb568 Yeah, some girl named Jenny answers every single one.
@TimPost O_O
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: AUTO ROTATION OF PURE CSS SLIDER IN IE on wordpress.stackexchange.com
@TimPost SEXIST!!!
@BartoszKP: when it is not relevant to the point being made, please do omit the gender of those involved. In fact, omit everything that is not relevant to the point, or it will be presumed by your readers that you feel these things are relevant to your point. — John Saunders 13 hours ago
@bjb568 times 8,675,309?
@TimPost Something like that. Can't believe 4 people upvoted that crap...
2:35 PM
Huh? I'm still talking about this:
About what?
4 mins ago, by Tim Post
@bjb568 Yeah, some girl named Jenny answers every single one.
Apparently nobody got the joke.
Big surprise, once again, I'm too old for everyone in a tavern.
Your picture is black and white.
Then again, I'm young, and don't get some things.
come on!
Q: What is the terminal velocity of a sheep?

MewInspired by this question on Gaming.SE Using actual in-real-life physics, what would the terminal velocity of a sheep actually be? I would assume it would be around 50m/s, but I might be wrong. Bonus questions: How big would the splat of the poor sheep be? (I'M JOKING. PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER TH...

Today's Listening | Electro / Dance (Mixsets Day 3)
2:40 PM
@TimPost I got it! I couldn't remember the name of the song, though...
3:17 PM
@TimPost naw.. maybe someone should come up with a song about connecting to a jenny or something at an ip address to keep with the times though
@bjb568 this post is about you!!! and he forgot to attribute you!
Q: Member for 5 days, and fanatic-badge?

majaThe fanatic-badge is described as follows: Visited the site each day for 100 consecutive days This means (if I don't understand it wrong), that you have to be a member for at least 100 days, and visit stackoverflow daily. However, I came across user with this badge who is, according to its us...

The user has a name! But yea, I've never seen of this user before. Probably a hacker or something. — iStimple 1 min ago
out of close votes man
3:32 PM
@hichris123 done
3:48 PM
is this NAA?
@hichris123 shudder And bookmarked for a delete vote later.
4:32 PM
@iStimple Gone.
4:48 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MERGED THE WINDOWS PROGRAM FILES TOGETHER on superuser.com
@hichris123 done, still can cast more 30 close votes.
inb4 31 cv-plzes
@hichris123 lets close 30 more questions. you don;t have to do anything more stuff just share link here only :D
I hope you don't mind if I just bystand.
4:56 PM
I know you can find easily because I am sure craps are there on SO :p
@JanDvorak No I won't :)
Done here too. I am soo done. Actually, not quite. I have a few close votes left.
@JanDvorak please cast your votes also. or you dont have any close votes left ?
@hichris123 huh you are very slow :p :) I need to go through now big queue to cast some close vote there :D
5:39 PM
@TGMCians Nah, I just got bored. :)
oh ok no problem :)
> You have no more close votes today; come back in 6 hours.
sorry hichris now :)
5:56 PM
Has there been a recent change that blocks comments when you try to post rep-whoring or has it always been like that?
@Stijn It is neither an accurate, nor appropriate term to describe behaviour you look down upon. I honestly don't care to know when it was blocked, as long as it is blocked. It doesn't take much time to describe that behaviour in a normal way.
@Stijn Let's try it!
It's blocked.
@Braiam OMG:
I call shenanigans
Minutes are no longer converted to hours? Good going, SE.
6:09 PM
@Jamal only when it's equal to 666
@Sumurai8 is the specific word the problem, or is calling someone out the problem? Would rep hoarding be fine?
The word, not calling someone out on it
@Stijn Both are the problem. Neither are constructive to the question itself (and therefore not appropriate for a comment).
If your comment could legitimately fall under a "rude/offensive" or "not constructive" flag, it's probably not appropriate.
@JasonC it was simply part of explaining my reason for downvoting a particular answer.
@Stijn Was the answer itself, outside of emotional context, incorrect / not useful?
6:15 PM
@Sumurai8 OK, I suppose it wasn't good of me to try and use that word.
@JasonC I thought it was not useful (because there were already other answers posted a while before it). It was technically correct.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected,Phone number detected,All-caps title: ALL PROBLEM VASHIKARAN +918295003531 on english.stackexchange.com
@Stijn Ah; well if it was a straight duplicate of an existing answer I would also call it not useful, and probably just leave a neutral "this is a duplicate answer" comment and a downvote, which is explanatory enough.
Yeah the problem was I got carried away in a (now removed) discussion because the answerer asked if I was mad.
Resist the flamebait! You must resist!!
@hichris123 BTW, the smoke detector kicks ass.
Thanks for your input both :) cya later
6:19 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Why did Drax call Gamora a whore? on scifi.stackexchange.com
@JasonC :D Except there ^. :P
Yeah; that one was a repeat. It's like it heard me. Well, it's got a good sense of self-deprecating humor, maybe.
Are all my answers controversial? FSM! meta.stackoverflow.com/a/267495/3890059
6:36 PM
@iStimple do you realize how confusing it is when you change your username?
Hm… SEDE is taking forever. Strange. I'm only making it spit out a million results…
I had no idea that you were actually VoteToClose until just now.
@Cupcake Do you think usernames should be unchangeable?
@bjb568 no, people should be able to change their usernames whenever they want. It's just really confusing when they do it after they're long established under a particular name.
@Cupcake Hm… so you don't like the reddit system?
6:39 PM
@bjb568 reddit doesn't allow you to change usernames?
Hm… it's been 5 minutes fetching results… "SELECT * FROM Posts WHERE PostTypeId = 1 AND ClosedDate IS NULL ORDER BY Score"
I think that Laszlo Papp guy changed his mostly just for rebranding, which was probably a good idea.
Actually I encountered him recently on the busybox mailing list, as goofy as ever.
TIL using * is really really slow
stream coming:
Q: Joining scatter dots with lines of different colors

user3438326Consider this jsfiddle. Here I would like to join the scatter dots with lines of different colors. That is if lines have varying x value then the line should have one color and if x value remains constant then the line joining scatter dots must have different color as shown below. How to do this ...

Q: Forcing a function to return if false

user3186187How can I create a loop that goes back to the beginning stage? My issue is here: int main(void) { midi_start(); program_change(1, 1); program_change(2, 1); t=400; printf("Choose a scale and write the code of it:\n "); printf("C:0\n "); printf("C#:1\n "); printf("...

Q: Labeling the canvas elements

user3438326Consider this jsfiddle. In this Fiddle I would like to label the line at the top with values from 0 to 10 across grids, similarly for the left line with values from 0 to 10. What changes should I make in the code ? function drawBoard(){ for (var x = 0; x <= bw; x += 40) { context.moveTo(0.5 ...

I need to give out some apology gifts to some people.
-21? O_o
6:50 PM
Anyone want to help me pick up some good answers?
Q: reversing the doubly linked list

user3360087i want to add a reverseDLL() function to my Doubly Linked List..can somebody help me? i am really struggling how can i create the reverseDLL() function. please help me. i need it badly. struct node{ int info; node *prev; node *next; }; node *head=NULL, *tail; void addNode(){ int...

@Cupcake O RLY?
@Cupcake "pick up"?
Pick out.
Order by score?
Having 3k is great. CV as other: "This question appears to be off-topic because it is not a question that a professional or enthusiast programer would ask." :P
Hrmmm; Weird. Sometimes when I switch between a custom offtopic reason in the list and a custom offtopic reason with the text field, the 'vote to close' button stays grey. I can't reliably recreate it though.
Q: ad written in html and how to handle it in css?

dschinn1001With this I refer to already asked question like here : Insert HTML from CSS There is said, that it would be not possible to insert html into css (box ? ). Tricky thing here is, I want to create complete css-homepage and there are boxes like in a passepartout (right, left, top and bottom). So n...

6:56 PM
Actually, I think I can.
Q: What would the Big O complexity for this sort be?

Taylah GrayBozosort is another sorting algorithm based on random numbers. If the list is not in order, it picks two items at random and swaps them, then checks to see if the list is sorted. What would the Big-O complexity for this be? (And why, explaination would be good!)

Anyone familiar with node?
@Cupcake Yeah!
Is this answer any good? stackoverflow.com/a/18346387/456814
I'm trying to find something to place a bounty on.
6:58 PM
Q: How should I get the original password of every user?

user2903316Suppose that Im superadmin and wanted to know every users password, then how to get original password of every user? Currently I an using password hash and key method to encrypt the password. namespace UserManagement.Library.OperationsLibrary { public static class UtilityService { ...

@Cupcake I dunno. I'm not an expert at anything command-line.
(ie I dunno WTH I'm doing)
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