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12:34 AM
1:18 AM
@hichris123 Cupcake's IRL photo looks weird. I know Cupcake as a cupcake...
@bjb568 That's... not Cupcake...
@KeokiZ, Boston, MA, USA
Available for Hire! Web Developer & Git Ninja!
599 tweets, 98 followers, following 783 users
^ This
1:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NEW TO THIS TOPIC PLEASE HELP ME on askubuntu.com
1:46 AM
Why do you want to install Ubuntu if you don't even know what it is? I wouldn't recommend that, because you will be tinkering with essential parts of your computer. Unless you know what you are doing and what to expect, this really isn't recommended. Perhaps you could edit your question to be more specific about your question? If you have a Windows problem, you can ask about it on Super User, but make sure you read their help center first. Thanks! — Seth ♦ 2 mins ago
2:17 AM
SOA: How do I ask a question that makes me look like an idiot?
2:30 AM
SOA may refer to:
Accounting and business
Sarbanes-Oxley Act, officially titled the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002
Society of Actuaries, one of the two main professional societies of actuaries in the United States
State of the art, the highest level of development
Statement of Advice, a document that outlines the recommendation(s) of a financial planner about a particular entity's financial needs
Statement of Account
Safe operating area, the voltage and current conditions for a semiconductor to work reliably
@JasonC Which one?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: better Gamma Blue 11s quality on webmasters.stackexchange.com
@JasonC Stack Overflow Alcoholics?
We're all alcoholics, aren't we?
@bjb568 I never pictured cupcake having a boston accent
2:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: field Gamma Blue 11s strongly on tex.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector SPAM
Probably not until that answer gets unaccepted, unless a mod deletes the whole thing.
Any moderators want to weigh in on this?
Q: Can we discuss a content dispute over a question about force pushing with Git?

CupcakeIntro I'm having a dispute over the content of an answer with the owner of the question, a question which I've discussed previously in another Meta question, and I'm not sure what the best way to resolve it in this case is. The owner of the question disagrees with the fact that I left an editor...

3:12 AM
@Jamal That's the point. The system is broken, the mods are overworked.
^ Ooh yay, finally.
@Cupcake I don't think anyone will want to weigh in on that on a friday night
Still missing other badges. Like all my gold ones.
@bjb "Mods overworked" - not ATM. Flag queue should be pretty close to 0.
I wonder how the close review queue is doing these days.
@hichris123 Mods are always overworked.
3:18 AM
It's sitting at around 10k @JasonC.
@bjb meh. A majority of things the community can deal with themselves.
@hichris123 That's the true, unfuzzied value?
@hichris123 Not the damned green arrow.
@JasonC yep. They stopped fuzzying the value and started just dropping items from the queue.
@hichris123 Well I'll be damned. Nice. A successful mission.
@bjb The community can delete accepted answers. But it's easier to just delete the question...
3:21 AM
@hichris123 No, the fancy pants high-rep(cough repwhore)s can. But they don't.
... you'd be surprised.
A: Around how many questions get deleted in Stack Exchange and by who?

Shog9I'm glad you asked this... There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding how much stuff gets deleted, and who is responsible - so I'm going to provide a bit more information than what you asked for, in hopes of clearing this up. Questions deleted during the past 365 days on Stack Overflow 659...

Questions that need to be deleted: 90%. Questions deleted: less than 90%.
@bjb568 Your face is an invalid edit.
... How is my face an edit in the first place?
3:30 AM
@JasonC why not?
@JasonC /r/nocontext
I don't do context.
@iStimple that's a good point.
1 hour ago, by Jason C
SOA: How do I ask a question that makes me look like an idiot?
I'm definitely Stack Exchanged out, time to call it a day, have a good night/weekend y'all!
3:40 AM
22 mins ago, by Jason C
I wonder how the close review queue is doing these days.
@JasonC sorry, just wanted to show that you ask questions all the time!
Speaking of which, I have a noob web design question, and you've created the perfect topic transition.
Is it how to do a sticky footer?
@iStimple Isn't that when you walk around in the bar at 4AM?
3:44 AM
Oh, it's a friday night! I should do some more developing! And sleep. Ok, goodnight.
So I have a page that has a bunch of items on it, and a little plus sign next to each item that expands details via Javascript (not a page reload). I want to make it so you can permalink to the page with a given single item expanded. I can use either query parameters or anchors in the URL. I see people use anchors a lot. Why do I see people use anchors for this instead of query parameters? What's the magic there?
@JasonC Wait... a question? I'll answer.
@JasonC Query parameters look ugly and old. People like #s. Query parameters are sent to the server - the server doesn't need them (not like 6 bytes makes a difference).
@JasonC Do you have a chat-puppet for stars?
So it's more about coolness and appearing clean to the user rather than a technical reason (extra data to server aside)?
@JasonC It takes slightly more code to parse querystrings, but it isn't hard.
3:47 AM
@iStimple No I'm just... amazeballs.
8 hours ago, by bjb568
I feel like I'm the only one starring things...
@bjb568 I see. Sweet, thanks.
@JasonC well, for search engines it matters. Different query parameters in the url treat it like a different page. While different anchors does not. However, you can tell google to ignore whichever parameters you want.
@iStimple Ohh; interesting. That's a good point.
Oh yeah, that.
Different query = different page. Decide if it's one page, multiple parts or multiple pages.
Now, actual goodnight.
3:52 AM
@bjb568 \o
1 hour later…
4:53 AM
morning morning :)
5:42 AM
With 4 active answers.
@ɥʇǝS Eeeeeek, 6 spam posts that have been there for hours
@Doorknob Oh I missed the questions.
Just a couple more on the answers...
Wow, this place is rather dead at the moment...
two down, two to go
6:09 AM
@ɥʇǝS I killed the last two with my spam flags...
2 hours later…
8:16 AM
@JasonC thanks again for the help earlier, I really appreciate it.
8:37 AM
@chmod711telkitty You feel empty?
you mean ... roomy? >_<
@chmod711telkitty if you have nothing to say... don't say it
try to post an empty line yourself :p
empty line
There, I did it
9:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BEST MEDICINE FOR BODY FITNESS on meta.stackexchange.com
That is SPAM ^^^^
10:07 AM
SPAM meta.stackexchange.com/questions/237460/… (picture might be NSFW)
and gone...
I can't tell bored trolls from dumb spammers on SE - I mean why even bother? The spams would get taken down within 5 mins without many views.
10:26 AM
If is's long enough for a Google Crawl and show up in search results....
not if it is deleted ...
@chmod711telkitty Hmmm, this still shows..
@rene who visits those anyways?
the links have nofollow so there's no pagerank benefit
even if Google didn't already know about spam
That is a good point...
@rene the spambot's author should be forced to read that aloud on Youtube
@JanDvorak Could go viral...
do you happen to have a beautiful voice?
did the spambot even attempt to produce something even remotely syntactically valid?
@JanDvorak whoahahaha....no...
@JanDvorak That is also a no...
11:32 AM
I'll go with Google UK English Male then, I guess
11:44 AM
@JanDvorak Better than my Stone-coal English
2 hours later…
1:47 PM
Today's Listening | Dubstep / DnB / Glitch Hop (Mixsets day 2)
1:58 PM
I'm so close to 3k I can taste it.
3k tastes like chicken
@Bart that's 10k
3k tastes like hot dog
1 hour later…
If anyone wants to play around with this, have fun: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/213570/…
@Stijn It's one of Undo's userscripts.
5:25 PM
@Braiam based on the comments, this While we have not been able to detect malicious activity on that server, we cannot be sure there wasn’t any such access can be changed in we are sure there was such access....
6:12 PM
anyone around here ?
I was. :P
@TGMCians The usual suspects....
6:21 PM
"Every time you kiss somebody you're putting your lips on the sweet end of a 30-foot digestive tract."
@JasonC Thanks for reminding me....
@JasonC As long as you don't come out at the other end, you're just fine.
@Bart s/and/end/
@Bart You make the presumption that you didn't go in the sweet end in the first place, in which case you'd definitely want out - either end would work.
@Braiam say what?
6:27 PM
@Cupcake something to keep you busy unix.stackexchange.com/q/146299/41104
just got free from skype video call. I was asking simple question that I updated my avatar on SO so do I need to update same in other sites also to reflect on all sites ?
I know there is caching concept here so it takes time
@TGMCians you using gravatar?
@TGMCians "Save and Copy profile to all my stack exchange accounts"
thanks :)
6:47 PM
@jadarnel27 Actually, he probably would have been drinking 10 year old coffee long after it cooled off and was forgotten. He just saw somebody else drinking it once, and they told him it was cool, so he decided to identify with it, despite having no idea where it was brewed.
@JasonC I thought I sent you a chat message to say thanks earlier, but I guessed I just imagined it because I can't find it. So anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for your help earlier, I really appreciate it.
Then he would move into your neighborhood. High-markup organic grocery stores would rejoice at his trust fund.
@Cupcake I think you did; or it was in a comment; I remember reading it in the inbox. Don't worry about it, lol. I just thought the drama factor was too high there.
7:04 PM
Is there a way to see which prettify lang codes are linked to a tag?
7:49 PM
@rene only to mods
@Braiam so it is stored in the db?
@rene Which tag?
@JonEricson VB.NET and Sql-server-2008
Is there a specific reason that that info is not visible for normal users?
8:04 PM
@rene beats me
@rene I remember animuson whining about it
Q: Display text-only language hint on each tag for regular users

animusonIt's currently very difficult (not impossible) for regular users to determine if a tag on their site is currently set to one of the available language hints. For moderators, there is a drop-down box at the bottom of the tag wiki info page that lets us select a hint and save it. For users, nothing...

@Braiam Everything is stored in some database. ;-) I don't know if it's exposed in SEDE, however.
@JonEricson No, it isn't .. I checked that
@JonEricson wait, redis is a database? the horror
At least not on the tags table
@rene lang-vb and lang-sql.
8:07 PM
@JonEricson Ok, tnx
@Braiam I upvoted that...
@rene Me too.
Can't see any danger or security holes if this info is shared
To be honest, it was likely an oversight.
Well, from a UX perspective you could argue that you don't need that info often...
@Jamal as what?
Looks like recommendation.
@Jamal I don't find that a strong case...
It might be unclear but I can't judge that
I find that new answer on it more intersting
smells as spam...
I was a little hesitant, so I flagged as VLQ.
@Jamal I started with unclear. Let's see what others think
8:49 PM
the topic might be interesting by the amount of views, but all post 0 scored smells like a waste of time for the internet to see that question
9:25 PM
i bet people in this room could answer this ell.stackexchange.com/questions/30574/…
@JonEricson I'm trying to connect my toilet to microsoft access, but it's confusing b.c I use pipi as 0, and poopoo as 1 , which isn't how it is in real life
9:43 PM
only 2 upvotes away from a Great Answer badge
@GnomeSlice Saw you here.
@AidanMueller Aloha
Q: Is beer safe after a nuclear event

TheBird956I've heard somewhere that beer is safe to drink after being exposed to radiation (like after a nuclear explosion). Is it true? And why would it be safe to drink it while water would not be safe to drink while beer is mostly made of water.

don't all go testing this at once
10:08 PM
@iStimple This blog makes the hilarious point that some of the beers tested were labeled "returnable". Hope the AEC wasn't on a tight budget.
@JasonC interesting read, lol'd at this "Post-bomb beer might not poison you, but will it keep its flavor?"
10:24 PM
Q: Reproduce a website from an existing wordpress website

user3450484I am currently working on developing a new website and i saw a site online that i really liked. i saved the website on my system and i discovered that it was developed using WordPress theme. i searched for the theme online but i couldn't find an exact copy so i decided to do it manually. I have ...

@Jamal pretty sure that NAA'swerer is the same person as this chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/89?m=2202627#2202627
That answer has received two upvotes as well...
And now it's gone.
10:41 PM
Already flagged-to-close.
(I'm such a peasant...)
1 hour later…

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