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12:07 AM
@Cupcake That proposal is total crap and if I were Shog9 I'd be ashamed to show my face in chat again too.
SOA = Shog9's On Acid
A sin and a disgrace.
Whadaya do with copies?
@JasonC I think he's probably just on vacation
@iStimple Hackers took over account?
Uh... <script>alert('hackhackhack?')</script> — bjb568 8 hours ago
@iStimple A vacation from sanity.
Can I fork my own query?
Haha... that sounds kinda dirty. But seriously; is there a path to the "fork this query" link for my own queries? I only see "edit query".
just start a new query and copy paste
12:22 AM
You can userscript a fork button.
@JasonC create a new account for an organization ;)
12:43 AM
Woah when did we pass 2 million close reviews stackoverflow.com/review/close/stats
Q: Beers for reviews

tarSo it seems that we are crossing the 2-million-reviews milestone. Now, I know that reviews are not rewarded with rep. I would like to suggest that reviewers be rewarded in physical terms to show their value to the Stack Exchange sites! Beers. Beers for reviews, that's a pretty fair trade, ...

How in the world was this question not closed until now stackoverflow.com/q/17049929/2446155
@SantaClaus lack of attention, probably
@JanDvorak Maybe the addition of the why isn't this code working? close reason. I guess it wasn't too horrible at the time.
it was always horrible
maybe not closeable, but it was always horrible.
12:59 AM
@SantaClaus That only happened because SOA wasn't around. If it existed back then I'm sure the OP would have asked how to ask that question first.
@JasonC service-oriented architecture? Sons of Anarchy?
Q: Why doesn't [feature] work in [browser]? It's supposed to be supported

bjb568 This is the canonical duplicate for all questions solvable by adding vendor prefixes. I tried using transition on Firefox 15 and it didn't work even tho it worked on other versions of Firefox and other browsers like Chrome and Safari. Why doesn't it work on Firefox 15? MDN and caniuse say it...

My first canonical dup!
seems too broad. Dupes aren't dupes if you need to know the answer to determine duplicity.
Q: What to do with CSS prefix questions?

Zach SaucierThroughout the time I've been on SO I've ran into numerous questions that can all be fixed by adding the relevant browser prefixes (-webkit-, -moz-, etc.) for the animation and transition properties in particular. In my first month or so on SO I loved seeing these questions because they meant (n...

@JanDvorak Shog9's On Acid = Help Vampires 'r' Us = Our meta is broken so let's rebrand it = Stack Overflow Academy, the worst new site proposal that has ever existed (even if it never makes it to beta the fact that it was suggested can never be undone), which you can find on Area 51, and to which I will not do the justice of actually posting a link.
1:05 AM
@JanDvorak The answer is trivial. I don't see how this is different from NullPointerException.
@bjb568 it may not be trivial to find
though any decent compatibility list notes the prefixes
maybe you should formulate that as "the site told me to use prefixes. What does that mean?"
@JasonC it's the hottest site anyways
@JanDvorak About the same temperature as a large, steaming pile of shit.
@JanDvorak But people ask it in the form of Y U NO WERK.
@JanDvorak Meh. We'll see.
@bjb568 whom are you answering? To those that have an idea what to look for, or to those that don't (and won't recognise it is a dupe)
@JanDvorak Let's be honest, nobody does any research except the people who know what they're doing - the people cleaning up the mess of dups. The CVers will know what to do, the askers won't be affected whatever we do.
Why can't I accept my damn answer on my damn question? 1) It's community wiki. 2) It's a canonical dup. 3) I'm not an idiot. 4) No other answers can be edited since it's locked. I'll go to the whining room...
1:16 AM
wait :-)
I'm waiting...
for more than a minute
@hichris123 Yay! A new close reason!
1:28 AM
8 mins ago, by hichris123
@hichris123 I actually started first... just that I got trapped in a time dilation field
What is this I don't even — Greg Hewgill 17 secs ago
@Jamal the first comment is better
I know
1:34 AM
@Jamal then y u post the one that's not funny >:(
to make justice, pastes the other
> So you expect a kettle to boil water when you have pulled the plug out of the socket? — Ed Heal 18 mins ago
That one was posted about 15 minutes ago, so I thought everyone here had already seen it.
"Congratulations -- you are one of the top new Stack Overflow users for the week of Jul 28 2014!" :D
…all from that blasted controversial answer.
Um, what?
Where did that come from?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: more Bred 11s than 40 Gamma Blue 11s on webmasters.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector SPAM
1:46 AM
@SmokeDetector GONE
@SmokeDetector HI
@hichris123 TWSS
@bjb568 ?
2:02 AM
Have any of you guys ever watched Higurashi?
2:32 AM
@hichris123 That's what she said.
@JasonC What's that?
@hichris123 Closed
Do mods lock/unlock all questions repeatedly? stackoverflow.com/posts/25110510/revisions
@bjb568 Worth watching, if you like mysteries. It's set to be my favorite series ever. If you intend to watch it try not to read too much about it, spoilers really will kill it, even though most of the first season can be confusing.
Some of the best storytelling I've seen in a long time, hands down.
It does get pretty gory at times, beware if you have a weak stomach.
The anime is an adaptation of a murder mystery video game.
Hm… interesting.
I can't really summarize the plot well without spoiling it; you kinda just have to dive in.
Does anyone else besides me search their post ids on twitter and see who tweeted about them?
2:40 AM
@SantaClaus No. I don't use twitter.
I guess, it's about this village, where every year people die these mysterious deaths that they believe comes from a curse, and the main characters are this group of kids and this other kid who just recently moved into the village; the idea being you the viewer trying to unravel what is going on.
@bjb568 Vote to delete with no comment
@bjb568 FYI there have been 3 delete votes and 2 looks good on that so far
Make that 5...
@SantaClaus I flagged the answer for mod review with a comment requesting that the "looks good" should be investigated; and links to the user profiles who did it.
@bjb568 There was a reason behind it...
2:45 AM
@JasonC Yeah I was wondering about those also. It borders between a wrong and a bad answer
@bjb568 Why?
@bjb568 I decided to unlock it because the lock was preventing edits and votes on the question
I was going to leave a comment but apparently I forgot
I'm hoping you've flagged one of the posts the user reviewed incorrectly
2:55 AM
@SantaClaus I… haven't.
It's quite simple really: DELETE DELETE DELETE!
@bjb568 I mean, you should flag one of the posts he incorrectly reviewed and state in custom flag that the given user incorrectly reviewed that obviously delete-worthy post. Or just post about it on meta...
(note to mods: don't request any more damn links! :P I gave you plenty)
@bjb568 That works too I guess...
Doesn't matter as long as it gets to the ban hammer.
@bjb568 I thought it was a ban stick
2:59 AM
no, it's a ban hammer
only the CMs get to carry ban sticks, since they're longer you can whack multiple people at once with them
@Undo I don't think whack is the correct term. Maybe poke works better. After all, you're poking them with a sharp stick, not whacking them.
no, we whack them. hard
@Undo Okay okay maybe you are whacking them. But where exactly are you whacking them?
@SantaClaus You don't want to know.
that's mod-only information @Santa
3:03 AM
@Undo I think I can handle the truth
@SantaClaus I think you have enough private information, santa
^ Yeah
I'm fast with the XKCD's ;)
3:05 AM
Yosemite awesome
Yosemite koowl
Not when you just had to delete 600+ GB of backups from /Library/Server/Calendar and Contacts/data/
(pronounced YO SEM IT EEE, not YO SEE MITE)
@SantaClaus ugh, Mavericks did that to me once.
the Server/Calendar one
find backup/ -name "000000*" -exec rm {} \;
3:08 AM
brb booting into beta OS
Y u no Linux?
@Doorknob Mac OSX is better.
Besides, it look kewl.
@Undo Yeah and what was horrible was that all it took to fix is an update to OS X Server. But, for the longest time iOS devs couldn't get server betas
@bjb568 No! You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!
@Doorknob It's difficult for open-source software to assimilate me
3:10 AM
@SantaClaus Woah, imagine if Santa was open-source...
@Doorknob TWSS
Your secrets will all be mine!
@bjb568 ... what is that an acronym for?
@Doorknob The Weather Sucks Stupendously
@Doorknob He'd have an IRC channel and an angry mailing list?
3:13 AM
@JasonC Did you just say what I thought you said?
41 mins ago, by bjb568
@hichris123 That's what she said.
@SantaClaus I don't know!
@Doorknob I find urban dictionary to be useful on this topic. urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=TWSS
@JasonC Well I do know
@SantaClaus Well... your mom! OH SNAP.
@JasonC I don't have a mom. I'm Santa.
3:16 AM
@JasonC Everyone knows everybody's mom.
@bjb568 Yes but not everybody knows everybody's mom like everybody knows your mom. DAAAYYUUMMM.
Or something. What are we even talking about?
Your mom.
(I love this, we're like middleschoolers or something…)
If @undo really was an xkcd expert, he would have brought this up already
@bjb568 And @hichris123 and I here actually are... this situation just seems completely reversed :P
@Doorknob My true identity will never be revealed.
3:21 AM
@Doorknob My true identity will be revealed in… soon (i.e. months).
@bjb568 I hate that. "We're acting like middleschoolers because we're talking about your mom and making poop jokes." No we're not. We're acting our age. Because we totally are talking about your mom and making poop jokes, and we totally are our age.
@Doorknob LIES! I'm going to high school uhm... next week?
I mean I guess we weren't actually making poop jokes. Sorry I got carried away.
@JasonC Like yo mama's poop!
3:22 AM
@hichris123 Your school starts in a week? Mine doesn't until in... 3 or 4 weeks? And I'll still only be in 8th grade :P
Are you guys seriously young? I can't tell on the internet.
@SantaClaus Jon Stewart; also Louis CK (the real star there)
@Doorknob 10 days sigh But we get out like May 30th
@bjb Yes, I actually am 13.
3:24 AM
@bjb568 I didn't get to read that you deleted it so fast
@bjb568 I'll tell you a secret: I'm not actually a doorknob. :O
But yes, I am 13.
Nope, it'll never die.
@JasonC oh I really don't like you...
Haha and I was gonna remove it too.
3:25 AM
@Doorknob Okay okay I actually laughed this time
It's like the olympic torch
picks up torch and runs with it
I don't live on the north pole either.
Ok, please, respect privacy…
It will nevar die! :P
3:27 AM
Ok wave goodbye, mostly because I really want to look away from this tab.
People will wonder whats up with the deleted messages
Well that was... mildly amusing.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HDD DRIVE ( E ) IS LOCK IN WINDOW 8 on superuser.com
3:29 AM
Uh oh I wonder if @SmokeDetector heard us...
Help, my drive is lock
Not only is there a "window-8" tag there, but he used it.
I recorded your ages in a safe little note. FOREVER!
@SmokeDetector Redundant tags are redundant.
@bjb568 Now to write a script to increment every year
3:30 AM
Herm… can mods see deleted posts?
@bjb568 yes
Uh oh.
@bjb568 Mods automatically have all privileges
@Doorknob Not unmerging.
Oh, in chat? Yes, but this is chat.meta, so we're mere mortals here
@bjb568 That's not a privilege
3:31 AM
What is it, then?
An employee super-power
Privileges as in privileges.
@Doorknob A high privilege.
@Doorknob T'aint chat.
@bjb568 Yeah, I didn't know we were talking about chat
@Doorknob Well, we are.
@bjb568 We also get to do fun stuff like this :D
3:33 AM
It's not like the massive set of removed messages will raise any eyebrows...
> I am secretly a unicorn
@Doorknob Oh everyone likes to pick on Santa, eh?
Uhhh... @Shog9, don't scroll up
Yes @Shog9 Don't scroll up
@Doorknob Isn't that because you're a mod in Puzzling?
3:35 AM
@Doorknob too late
Yeah, @Shog9
@bjb568 Yeah, mods on any site are automagically mods on all chat.SE sites
What's that thing called when you dunk somebody's head in a toilet bowl then flush it?
@iStimple I was on vacation. I took time away from that a few days ago to try and answer questions from @JasonC that I assumed were asked in good faith. Remind me not to waste my time on that again.
@JasonC uh uh uh I know this one
3:36 AM
The rest of the vacation was quite restful.
Oh a swirlie.
gives @Shog9 a massive swirlie.
kicks @JasonC
@Shog9 Approximately how many sub-13 accounts get nuked?
Okay, you can stop with the (removed)s now.
3:37 AM
@Shog9 I thought my cat just hit my back button. :P
@bjb568 don't track it
@Shog9 I'm not. But how many?
The "related words" section of urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=swirlie is good also.
@bjb568 no, I mean we don't track it
3:39 AM
@Shog9 Which is why I said "approximately".
I could probably get a number if I needed it, but... Never needed it.
its pretty rare
^ not surprising
Aw… More programming education for young people! I need to get some young 'uns on the internet…
(I'm assuming that the ratio of ban to not-ban is constant)
@SantaClaus Not the friggin 5-year-olds.
3:41 AM
@SantaClaus Eeuuggh we were force to use that in a "computer literacy" class once. That was torture. Why would you even... just, no.
@bjb568 Well, I find a lot of questions that seem like they were written by 5 year olds
@SantaClaus SOA will totally solve that.
@JasonC Mmm hmm…
@JasonC Mmm hmm...
@JasonC Mmm hmm...
Hey you can totally ring your own bell.
3:44 AM
@Doorknob Yep.
@SantaClaus I mean minestorms, tetrix, codecademy, khanacademy, high-level languages like python, ECMAScript, Ruby, etc.
@bjb568 Yup.
@Doorknob You can even ping messages in the future.
Like this!
:2272453 Into the future!
Aw man. Fail.
@SantaClaus what's really shocking is how often 12 year olds write better than 50+ year olds.
3:45 AM
@bjb568 It's from Star Trek and it's awesome.
@Shog9 I can relate to that
@Shog9 Yeah, that's called "idiots". Sadly, they make up a large %age of SO.
@bjb568 Well, then there's the 94 year olds...
@SantaClaus Well, to pick nits, that's still a 50+.
Is everything breaking now?
3:51 AM
@bjb568 This is what happens after 11:00 PM ET
@bjb568 Yes, of course.aaaaaaaa!!![;::^(@''>,./.\\|@{jf3<#,[email protected]
@bjb568 Yep...gotta love xkcd
@SantaClaus lol
I was wondering about recently I have found a SO-specific question ban warning (just a warning) when I was about to ask a question. I never saw anything like this a week ago. I know I have a few very highly disagreed-with suggestions on MSO, but how should just those three (not ultra-recent) just now affect my ability to ask constructive questions on the main site?
@impinball Well, the system doesn't necessarily determine weather the question is constructive or not. I think it's just warning you that if you ask another bad question, you may get banned.
I was banned once, and then I figured it out. (Somehow they thought they could ban Santa)
We locked the doors but forgot to block up the chimney. Rookie mistake.
Also, on a more direct topic, would a question asking the difference between Array.map(foo).reduce(bar) and Array.reduce(function (e){return bar(foo(e));}) in JavaScript be better for SO or Programmers.SE?
4:03 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: 2014 Nike air max 90 exclusive,Nike air max 90 pas cher on drupal.stackexchange.com
Turkey lurkey
4:24 AM
Somebody keep this guy away from Room 17 after I go to sleep... stackoverflow.com/questions/25110510/… :P
@bjb568 Hmm. Maybe we'll just keep you out of this room instead?
Well, leaving anyway. Goodnight!
A: F# learning resources or tutorials

Austin SalonenCheck out Going Deep from Channel 9. Their latest videos have been on F# but they also have some older videos on functional programming in general.

Ok, actually bye now.
12 minutes and spam still there ^
4:39 AM
@impinball SO. But the answer is obvious: you're not creating a temporary copy of the entire array in the second version.
@Shog9 I mean beyond that.
It's blatantly off-topic and open since July 25th, please close it
@InfiniteRecursion Flagged it myself.
@impinball Thanks
5:03 AM
@InfiniteRecursion If you actually look at the survey it also implies that Programmers, DBA, Server Fault, and SU were targets for his survey too. I couldn't find any posts there so if they existed they must've been caught already. But that guy needs to not be allowed to come back here any more.
@JasonC Yeah, hope someone stops her from coming back. That user doesn't even know how to write a question fit for Q&A, how will they do survey on SE? Look at all that fluff in her posts.. I just come across this user's survey posts very frequently, but I never opened any of the survey links. I avoid such stuff
I changed my iPod's name to Titanic...and it's syncing.
@jadarnel27 :(
It's syncing, guys.
(joke lovingly stolen from this meme picture, which I thought was hilarious)
The funniest part of that joke is someone having an iPod.
5:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: wording and Bred 11s on webapps.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: everything we Aqua 11s on ux.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Infrared 23 11s great on mathematica.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Infrared 23 11s appropriately on tex.stackexchange.com
that's the most interesting thing I've seen today
What about when you've been punched in the kidneys?
there should be an emergency button for that...
I am glad santa lives in a colder area, I wouldn't want to see him going to the beach in a speedo
Pretty sure Santa wears a fat suit. He's ripped under all that.
6:10 AM
some suit ... does make your butt look big
6:23 AM
flagged that too
6:51 AM
@DroidDev lol, I consider -1 since my colors are different. Oh wait, I have only 101 repz there. Bummer.
@ShadowWizard what!!? what do you mean your colors are different?? They are same universally. :P
@DroidDev there are lots of shades to every color you know... :-O
@ShadowWizard lol, I wonder... wait! I don't want to wonder that.
@DroidDev yup. better not. :)
@ShadowWizard I don't care about NSFW. But you should have warned us about photoshop products. Gone BTW
7:06 AM
@JanDvorak I didn't have time to notice in the half second I saw the picture before scrolling down :)
but you did notice the amount of clothing
@JanDvorak yeah, noticing such a thing is instant. Guess it's a primitive instinct.
When did monkeys start wearing clothes according to Darwin?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Nike Air Max Thea Print Herren Carbon Grau on askubuntu.com
I don't think I was rude here, does OP have a point or is he overreacting?
7:18 AM
@Stijn flagged his comment as NC
7:56 AM
@JanDvorak lol, 1:0 to you :)

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