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1:24 AM
@Cupcake: cv'd
1:48 AM
@FinalContest thanks, I actually ended up editing it so that it wasn't a duplicate anymore.
However, I do have something else that needs closing, let me find it...
Here we go...:
Q: 2 errors produced by git push -u origin master

MalloryBefore this is questioned, I've browsed 4 similar threads that have not answered my question yet, so I'm posting now. I'm doing a project through One Month Rails, have set up Git and GitHub without any problem until I go to do the following: $ git push -u origin master Then I got this output ...

nice lady ;>
2 hours later…
3:59 AM
Good Morning to All
@CapDroid Morning.
@user0000000 I scratch your back, you scratch mine?
Q: Restore git clone local copy as a shared repository

Sunil KhiataniI've backed up my repository using git clone. I've used the commands described here to restore it: How to convert a git repository from normal to bare ? My original shared repository had many branches. e.g. git branch -a * master branch1 branch2 However the the shared repository restored...

4:46 AM
@FinalContest thank you!
6:59 AM
7:17 AM
Q: Why git add <<<<<<<<HEAD on top of my files

Muhammet ArslanI did git add -A . then git commit -m "message" and then git push origin master then it gaves some error and said "git pull.. etc" i did git pull origin master it gaves error about "merge conflict" and then i did git push origin master but now i check my files i see in some...

Heya Guys
hey @TheLittleNaruto!
I was owner of this room . Someone hacked one of owner's username and password and removed everyone from write access and as a owner too.
We're not able to access this room anymore
Is there anyway to get access of it again ?
7:22 AM
@TheLittleNaruto system automatically select one active owner
How ?
system will select most active user as room owner in some days.
May I know, the number of days exactly ? @CapDroid
7:25 AM
@TheLittleNaruto so be active there :)
@TheLittleNaruto I don't know, you can ask to others, may be someone knew it
Okay No Problem, Thanks anyway Big Bro :) @CapDroid
@TheLittleNaruto :)
Is July holiday season or what?
holiday? What's that?
7:45 AM
@Bart it's a day so holy that people prefer to worship it rather than (horror) working :)
Not working? I'm so confused.
Concentrate, @Bart. Clear you mind. Travel back to your childhood. Remember, when you were 3 years old? Now that was a holiday. :D
Guys, I can see some potential in this question, hidden very deep behind the noise. Considering total rewrite, what do you think? Worth the time?
The potential being?
Do you think the question is: How can I see posts that are shared in either the datadump or in SEDE?
@ShadowWizard Hmmm, the OP thanked me for my helpful comment....
@rene below each question in Stack Overflow, there is "Know someone who can answer? Share a link to this question via email, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook" so he want to know how many and who exactly clicked those buttons to share questions
I don't think it's possible or even monitored, but still that's a valid request
7:58 AM
Yeah, I guess that is the info he is looking for
As I said in my comment the posthistory table has type reserved for it but it is either not populated in production, considered a secret or missed in the export
@ShadowWizard I say: go ahead
I'll reverse my dv in that case...
@rene cheers, taking screenshots, preparing the FHRC generator...... :D
@rene: the top-20 cv reviewers are pretty active...
Q: Stats for questions that were shared by users

lenoWhen a question does not have any answers, we see this below the question: Are there any statistics about who shared and what questions have been shared?

Short and simple, free of noise.
@FinalContest Yeah, but out of the potential 17K+ it is...nothing...compare the curent activity with the period when we fuzzied the CV
@ShadowWizard retracted my CV and Upvoted
And removed my earlier comment by a more friendly one...
8:17 AM
cheers @rene you're a good person ;)
@rene I thought it was because one-vote questions did not count into the queue?
@JanDvorak It helped to see effect but the number of reviews per day was up to 8000. At the moment it nearly reaches 2K...
mostly because the whole question should be closed and deleted
it is not a real question, but software promotion.
8:24 AM
I flagged the question as spam
me, too.
@FinalContest it's a pure spam
how did it survive until now?
anyway, it is surprising no one has caught it since the 10th of June.
yes, exactly.
especially since it is first post
who clicked on looks good in the queue?
@JanDvorak title is innocent enough, very exotic tag
8:25 AM
should be brought up to meta and punished with a smiting stick.
can we figure out who reviewed this first post?
that person deserves a ban for accepting spam.
@FinalContest only by manually scanning the history
well, we know the date at least.
Are you going to bisect the ID?
8:27 AM
Q: Someone clicked on "Looks good" for a spam question

Final ContestDoes the person doing that deserve some short-term review suspension? Here is the question: Novell Groupwise to exchange mailbox migration software

Why would I want to look ripped?
hope it was not me :)
have you not seen the drupal spam I've linked?
@JanDvorak Gone
oh. Good :-)
@rene: thanks, added.
also, hack I failed an audit after a long while. I misclicked. :p
@rene nice. How did you find it?
I wanted to reopen Soner's good question, but accidentally clicked on leave it closed. :p
8:34 AM
@rene nice. Didn't know reviews were in SEDE
@JanDvorak needs some tweaking but I'm working on that now...
Q: What should I ignore in a in a C# project when I am using git?

Eliott RoynetteI am new in C# and i am actually working om a project C# using a webService and an edmx database object. I would like to put this project on git but I don't know separate generated files and sources files. Does someone can tell me which kind of files should I ignore in git ? Thanks,

@Cupcake: downvoted, close voted.
@FinalContest thanks!
8:37 AM
also downvoted and flagged the second answer.
Thank you!
@rene nice!
Nighty night y'all!
@rene Can you tell by whom a vote was cast?
No, there is no user id in any of those tables AFAIK
Lol using that query I found out that one of my answers has been used as a review audit.
9:08 AM
@ProgramFOX can you share the postid of that review audit you had?
@user0000000 I didn't have a review audit; I meant that one of my posts has been used as an audit.
can we get all comments of particular user ?
yea , I know @ProgramFOX , what's the postId of that answer? I just want to see how you know it was an audit
@CapDroid You can go to the "comments" tab on the profile page.
@user0000000 The postId is 19346006.
@ProgramFOX I see, very cool, thanks
9:11 AM
You're welcome!
@ProgramFOX where is "comments" tab
@CapDroid first click on activity, then comments
@CapDroid It is in the "activity" tab.
@user0000000 @ProgramFOX got it
@user0000000 I can't close the answer, but I've flagged it
And... rejected!
thank you
rejected by... edit?
way to go :-)
@ProgramFOX pure luck, I think
Yeah, maybe :(
10:10 AM
Nice to see that homework questions are widely accepted on a Stack Exchange site, and can even becomes a Network Hot Question. math.stackexchange.com/questions/846531/…
10:31 AM
@ProgramFOX I found that one of my questions was used as an audit in the First Posts Queue, Reopen Queue, and Close Queue... post id 21199701 , try to beat that !
Beating that is hard, as I don't have posted questions :)
ok, I should have chosen the new close reason, but still. ;>
10:56 AM
@AnnaLear: I don't want to create too much of a fuss around 2 user accounts that had a lot of cross-serial-voting and answer accepting annulled, but I see that all the posts are cached as having been accepted still.
I cannot shift the cache by editing the answers either.
Should I post a bug report (with the associated attention towards the accounts) or can you or another dev kick the rendered page caches for these posts?
Related to meta.stackexchange.com/questions/234443/…; the two accounts involved had a series of posts forcibly marked as unaccepted.
Like this post: stackoverflow.com/questions/15868723/…, see the post timeline shows that no answer is accepted now.
11:51 AM
Q: Has anyone ever written to Free Software Foundation?

prqIn a software with GNU/GPL license, there usually is a disclaimer: You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA Has anyone ever wr...

This question appears to be off-topic because it in no way relates to a practical programming problem in the scope of the site. — Bart 3 mins ago
Alaska? What is Baba doing in Alaska?
Vacation with the missus
@Bart tnx, followed your cv reason
Didn't know Alaska had +91 as country code...
I don't think it has...
have no idea about the two downvotes here: stackoverflow.com/questions/24410130/…
as far as I can tell, I even tested my answer, and works properly.
it is really annoying to get two downvotes without explanation.
Maybe you made some users angry and being stalked.
well, they would deserve a ban for the revenge.
this is not in any way constructive.
Why are you assuming intent?
it's hardly a serial downvote if two different people do it
it is a serial nonsense
I will remove my correct answer.
celebrate the crappy people for removing valid content.
1:47 PM
@FinalContest now that's Laszlo back in full glory! I really really can't understand how you can't develop a thicker skin on Stack Overflow.
@EvansBelloeil: get the copy of my answer as I will remove it soon. It is correct, but I do not have the sake to deal with crappy downvoters without providing any reason. — Final Contest 22 secs ago
@FinalContest if you think it's correct, leave it there
deleted, sorry.
@Andy The complete account can be nuked as well stackoverflow.com/users/3775415/user27287
you can still undownvote
1:49 PM
My answer was correct, but I am upset with crappy downvoters without any reason. Get the correct answer from them. They are the smart people. I am out. — Final Contest 40 secs ago
@JanDvorak convincing a wall is easier than convincing him when he's in such a mood... ;(
Should I flag that comment as rude?
Yeah, nice find
1:53 PM
@JanDvorak nah, let the downvoter(s) do it if they want. I don't find it offensive.
I do, actually
So flag away! It's a free, uh, site! :)
yep, support crappy downvoters!
sigh, /me is out.
what a strange way to advertise a bus
Finally, Nick's sleeping hours exposed
A: Search index not updating?

Nick CraverTL;DR: Fixed, enjoy! The way we index the posts table is pretty simple. We use a field on Posts called LastChange which is a rowversion column, basically an always incrementing number that updates when anything on the row changes, even though it presents as a TIMESTAMP. We use that rowversion...

10 PM, what a good life he got. :)
2:03 PM
Q: Correct and tested answer with two unexplained downvotes

Final ContestI would like to get some input why this answer has started off with two downvotes even though it was IMHO correct and valid: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24410162/2682142 I just cannot see the point of two unexplained downvotes. It made me to delete my correct answer, but some people started comp...

@Alex it's not just a bus, it's a big company aimed at tourists. They might have hired advertising company promising them some "free exposure", not a direct employee of the company posting all of this.
fantastic, someone gave another unexplained downvote, for another answer, literally within a couple of minute.
Seriously now, why you let him/her/them go under your skin like that?
you are ignored
@FinalContest so are you
2:12 PM
Wow, so harsh. Now we have to start a support group for @ShadowWizard. Being ignored like that. The horror.
I was only trying to help @FinalContest. Hey now I can say anything I want about him and he will never see
woohoo! :D
Hmm... wonder if he sees my posts on the star board?
easy to test actually. Hmm... who I'll ignore....
@ShadowWizard only Bart has frequent starred messages in this room
Messages are displayed in the star board even if the user is ignored
@JanDvorak but he lost his touch lately. Only 1 now!
oops, 2
Final is leading with 3 starred posts, who would believe :D
@ShadowWizard depends on your screen resolution
@JanDvorak really?! hmm...
2:19 PM
@ShadowWizard the messages are cut off so that they fit on your screen
except at least one is always (partially) visible
@JanDvorak They should fill up to fill your screen too.
I see 10, @Jan isn't it the max?
And big gap below
1920x1080 is my max and already set
@ShadowWizard perhaps. I've never seen that many.
So out of 10, Final got 3, Bart, rene and myself 2 each and Doorknob 1
@JanDvorak Looks like that ^
2:22 PM
@Andy yup, same here :)
So you think that messages from ignored users appearing in the star board is a bug? Should we report?
Nah, then we can't abuse it for the fun of it.
right, I ignored all the people here who cannot keep constructive discussion about it. Frankly, I am tired about "why cannot you grow better skin" and etc. Why do I have to tolerate all the shit instead of the people getting banned doing all this.
I'd reply to that but I guess we're all ignored.
@SPArcheologist ^
You don't. You are free to close the tab that this chat window is part of.
2:30 PM
@FinalContest I would have said something smart but you won't see it
@Andy: my way or no way... nice.
@Andy and.... you're Ignored :D
what you said is this in other words: go away if you cannot tolerate the shit because we support shit.
Anyone else thinks Mr. Contest took things just a tiny bit too far? If so let's have a Yes train!
the whole argument is completely ridiculous, no one can reveal any issues with my answer, apparently.
2:31 PM
That seems to be your method. Don't like what people say? Ignored.
@FinalContest I'll say this one last time: if you want it to be dealt with (if here is an actual "it") contact the team. They are the only ones who can see all in full detail and take appropriate actions. If you're not going to do that, stop whining. I could of course supply a possible explanation of my own where it concerns a reason (which surprisingly would align with your revenge theory) but you're not going to like it and it's an assumption. So let's not.
2:32 PM
@Bart: I do not trust the team, sorry.
I cannot believe this shit is repeatedly happening, and the team keeps saying it is all fine
@FinalContest why?
I always get two consecutive downvotes, I mean ALWAYS
never three, never one, usually.
@FinalContest after posting an answer, you mean?
very rarely, and this is all good, and no one is trying to play with the limits (three consecutive).
the two consecutive is 100% unexplained.
usually !== ALWAYS
2:34 PM
it is only happening to me like that here.
I just cannot believe this is an "oops", your answer really is crap
I simply do not trust the team anymore. I honestly think this is fine for them if someone is doing it, and they call it "non-suspicious".
this is simply unacceptable in my values, and obviously community poisoning.
a coal mine?
perhaps it's not a single person?
@3ventic Well, I believe mr. F just said my answer was crap
2:36 PM
I don't know what's going on here.
goes back to slaying Dragons
who is Dragons?
and I either delete my account (or get deleted) or I will keep repeating it. There is no way around to it.
@FinalContest when you get a sting from a mosquito do you ask for revenge and yell at god for creating them all? No, you rub the place and move on. It's the same with those silly downvotes. Nobody here ever said they are justified, just no point suffering so much over them.
@ShadowWizard mental note: stop revenge mosquito slayings
and yes, it is very bad to see the non-sympathy therein, but sympathy towards the revenge people when I am spending my free time with helping people.
2:38 PM
@3ventic epic battle, so much better than dragons!
@ShadowWizard noone chooses to be allergic. Of course, if you're deadly allergic to mosquito bites, you don't go near water.
it is the worst "appreciation" I can get.
@JanDvorak Those giant things that fly around and breathe fire and frost and stuff
@FinalContest noone here has shown any sympathy to the downvoters yet
heck, I do not feel any appreciation for my contribution and corresponding concerns. I am always said "shut up" or downvote to hell, when I am sincerely trying to discuss these revenge people. Better to say goodbye, indeed.
2:39 PM
@FinalContest Except for, you know, the countless upvotes you've gotten
@FinalContest sincere doesn't mean you say the first thing that comes to your mind with the first set of words that come to your mind
@FinalContest getting upset at and ignoring all those who have different opinion than you isn't a recipe for healthy discussion.
@FinalContest Shadow Wizard has just said: getting upset at and ignoring all those who have different opinion than you isn't a recipe for healthy discussion.
I better leave now. @FinalContest seems to be ignoring me as well ;)
@JanDvorak nooo, please stay with us! A bit longer! :D
Guys, major victory in the battle against crap edits!
Q: Moderators should be able to manually ban users from suggesting edits

Brad LarsonWe regularly get flagged about specific users who are submitting a series of really bad edits. Normally, enough rejected edits for these users would trigger a timed edit ban by the system. However, as we all know, there can be bad reviewers out there who approve even these terrible or vandalizing...

2:49 PM
moment ago though no official answer yet
hold on...
@ShadowWizard user nuked as well
@rene good riddance! :)
@JanDvorak looks like it will take 6-8 weeks to write answer as to what has been done.
3:08 PM
A: Using VS2010 to support a VS2008 application

BartYes, you are correct. However, you might want to have a look at this converter. Haven't used it myself so no guarantees.

downvote + flag please ^
@Andy: useful contributors should never allow crappy people.
having useful people are not an excuse for doing nasty things.
this is flag and downvote worthy in that thread, too: stackoverflow.com/a/5903198/2682142
oh, someone went Bart Hunting
@FinalContest i wouldn't say that was a link only answer... but it could also fit into a comment
@Alex: it is a link-only + comment, so two reasons to flag, yes.
the other is definitely link-only.
It's basically a yes/no question
@FinalContest with this one they should have included the title of what it was, at least then people would know what it was and they could try searching for it
3:16 PM
LOL, it got an upvote
@ShadowWizard rofl.
I guess because content matters .... oops, it was me bringing it up, no, then, content is secondary.
why would anyone ever upvote that?
A link like this is not very usefull, you dont know what it is unless you click on it or are able to inspect the link with a mouse over. Also if the link dies no one will be able to figure what it is if it's linking to an id
@FinalContest Can you honestly say this doesn't answer the question, if you forget the link?
And then he wonders why people might be targeting him ... the introspection isn't strong in that one.
3:18 PM
Sure, it's not a brilliant answer, but in the context of the question, it doesn't seem bad either.
@Bart: "Assumptions. Assumptions everywhere. "
do you know that phase, man?
I'll happily admit they are.
Someone is deleting answers while I'm commenting...
@3ventic nice, that's what I was trying to say but didn't find proper wording
@rene now that's cruel!
@rene punish the bastard!
3:21 PM
earned 200 reputation on meta, fantastic...
Wait ...
@Bart Hand over your Smiting Stick, please...
5 unexplained downvotes:
A: Why is QPixmap.load returning false?

Final ContestBased on the long comment conversation, it seems that you do not have the "jpeg" installed for your Qt environment available. This is necessary in order to handle 'jpeg' files. Make sure that your qmake configuration file contains the 'jpeg' in the list. This will ensure that the 'jpeg' support ...

anyone knows what is wrong with this answer? I showed to some Qt developers, and they cannot understand it either.
what are we missing?
is it just that it is the back of my answer queue, and thus an easy target for revenge?
Could be.
@FinalContest On the plus side: Your answer does have the most votes overall...
3:26 PM
wonderful ....
the correct and recommended answer for that technical question is now even greyed.
5 damn downvotes without any explanation... well, that is not fair, the OP gave some garbage explanation after the hand-holding.
One less user to ignore, Final, I'm going now. Cya!
I am leaning towards using my binding vote to close it and then delete vote it ...
cya @ShadowWizard
@ShadowWizard Um. Laura just removed the [status-completed]
@Doorknob Management demanded more status-completed in the monthly report. The report is done, back to reality...
3:37 PM
why are people voting on this SSCCE stuff here? stackoverflow.com/questions/24410130/…
Honestly, the issue can be reproduced by the code in all fairness.... Luckily, I can have my binding reopen once it gets another close vote.
@FinalContest use your re-open vote...
@rene: I would rather not, but people would actually think...
right, I cannot reopen apparently...
that is a weird one
shouldn't I be able? The c++ tag was there initially, and I have gold badge about that one.
sounds like a meta report?
or is it only for cases when it is bindingly closed?
I'm not sure how that works.
let us ask it on meta to get another godzillion downvotes
3:41 PM
@FinalContest Doesn't it only work for duplicates?
ah, right.....
fair enough.
now, we got a valid question closed which can be reproduced....
the first two close votes were valid
well, kind of valid.
then the OP updated the question, so I am not sure about the other two before rene.
I would personally suspend them for being inconsiderate.
they are probably robo-closer, and they do not have any track record in the tag.
They would deserve the review relax IMHO ...
well, I am hoping for the community's help here and trust in me:
I've edited that question somewhat into shape and voted for reopen
@nogard: please stop robo-reviewing. The issue can be reproduced after the edit. I do not think you checked the edit. — Final Contest 23 secs ago
@pippin1289: same to you, too. ^^ — Final Contest 18 secs ago
@rene: thanks.
You're welcome
@ShadowWizard I'm not sure but did YOU remove your comment???
@ShadowWizard aaand [status-completed-removed] :(
3:58 PM
We need to re-work the edit ban system. It's too crazy right now.
Hm, yeah I can see that. I'm glad you are working on it!
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