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4:01 PM
@Shog9: you should ban more crappy people.
for doing unqualified technical stuff on SO.
4:23 PM
OK, right, I cannot beat Your Common Sense's unexplained downvote rate, that is true...
even if he is a harsh person, it is more than unfair to downvote him without reason to the hell ...
@FinalContest I'm sure there's always a reason
I rather work with harsh, but correct people than ignorant, revenge, and unfair.
There were plenty of answer from YCS that weren't answers to begin with. No explanation needed. This of course amongst admittedly great content.
sorry, but I do not buy that it is the reason for unexplained downvotes ...
if it is not an answer, say it so, or flag it so.
what if someone thinks it is an answer? Why do you think it is obvious what you think?
@FinalContest flagging and downvoting aren't mutually exclusive... and downvoting tells others that the answer is not OK
4:27 PM
and even if it is obviously not an answer, that would be gone, and I would not see that in the well downvoted history.
@FinalContest but, in the meantime...
his account is canonical for showing how revenge'ish SO is rather than technical merit based, at least at certain big times.
YCS is "revenge'ish", not the rest of SO to him
4:41 PM
the tools encourage revenge?
2 major issues with the tools that support revenge.
how do they?
Shall we pull up previous transcripts of this conversation, or are we going to go over new arguments today?
@Andy arguments of yesterday are obsolete today D:
you ought to read the chat room that was dedicated for it.
4:45 PM
wrong room
@Braiam s/obsolete/forgotten/
@FinalContest wait, you dedicated a chat room to your rant about unexplained downvotes?
"Have anyone tried X?" kind of questions are primarily opinion based, right?
@Braiam link?
POB, too broad... make your choice
@Braiam potentially too broad; doesn't seem POB to me, though
4:51 PM
But because it has an open bounty, it cannot be closed right now.
@ProgramFOX it can still be flagged
@JanDvorak As "other", I assume?
Ok, flagged it.
thanks guys
4:58 PM
@rene: is it possible to query how many of my downvotes ended up in closed and deleted posts?
Because upvote and downvote data is not available in SEDE, I think it is not possible.
Ended up in deleted posts is possible to check though: take the difference of the downvote count on your profile page with the downvote count on the "downvote" tab in the "votes" tab.
so, about 4000 deleted?
right, and some of the 1900 is probably closed, but not deleted.
or some left-over and historical posts which were not deleted, but downvoted.
thanks, this is useful to know when people offend me that "I have too many downvotes, so I am a negative person"
when in fact I have much more upvotes than them, and most of my downvotes get deleted, closed, or historical :-)
5:15 PM
Q: Cleaning up Git branch before pushing to master

marcin_kossBelow is a simplified commit state on my dev branch. 7f75hsyfr - changes to file1 file1 94dfsrg43 - more changes to file2 file2 92d7a513 - changes to file3 file3 035a72fd - Merge branch 'master' into dev 35bcc341 - Merge branch 'master' into dev 2e05a2fc - changes to file2 file2...

done, are you a git master?
@JanDvorak that actually seems fairly specific to me. don't get hung up on a particular phrasing, @Braiam. "Does X run on Y? How can I make it go?" is a pretty legit question and it looks like that one has a good answer along those lines.
I read that as looking for any kind of experience. Did I misread?
@AnnaLear the problem is that the answer to the first question is yes/no, and I don't see why it shouldn't run in first place. First you try and then you hit a problem ;)
and what jan said
5:26 PM
This is a case of a mildly subpar question being rescued by a good answer. if anything, I'd edit the question text (I personally don't think it's that bad in the grand scheme of things), but closing it seems like overkill.
@Braiam Rule #1: never try to replace your OS just to see what happens. ;)
@AnnaLear I agree there are good answers, but there are equally terribad ones
I would have preferred "I installed foo in bar and X doesn't work, what can I do to fix it?"
So flag those answers.
Or downvote them. That's also an option.
Using many sockpuppets
@Bart that would be illegal
starts building army of sockpuppets
5:31 PM
@JanDvorak only if they find out
even upping your spam flag quota through sockpuppets is borderline disallowed
@JanDvorak I've been downvoting myself for years and nobody has complained about it yet
wait ...
@Bart wait, do you have a downvoting sock? That would explain why FinalContest's downvotes always come in pairs...
@Bart don't worry; he's ignoring me anyways
5:35 PM
Luckily there are no employees watching this either, so I'm safe.
There are mods here, though
@rene nope, Laura removed it when removing the tag. I guess she thought the request was for a review ban, which indeed exists.
what is the difference between sockpuppets and puppetssock?
@JanDvorak mods in MSE == employees
5:38 PM
and they are watching
no mods for MSE.
just devs.
One is even watching my Den, lol :D
We're all watching your Den @ShadowWizard
No privacy, eh? :(
How's Shadow's shadow doing, BTW?
5:40 PM
@JanDvorak fine, thanks for asking!
Shady business
yeah, I know. Nightmare to keep all the shadows at bay.
how many socks do you have?
@JanDvorak wait, going to take a picture
user image
So, I'd say many!
I meant sockpuppets, not footwear
5:49 PM
@JanDvorak oh
but if I tell you it won't be fun anymore to wreck havoc :D
my shadow is the only one I know of so far. :)
@FinalContest I'm afraid not, down and up votes are anonymous...
6:12 PM
@FinalContest I only pretend to be one, I actually have no idea what I'm doing. Shhh, don't tell anyone that I've just been guessing all along.

Shadows socks

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@rene lol, good one!
@JanDvorak Created an acoount on SO now as well
And on Magento.
6:14 PM
That one was already there with the previous spam post
But yeah...
No posts, though
No, not yet
He might have tried already...
I have him open
@JanDvorak Oh, hallo, talking about sock puppets? I have it 64 by now and guess that nobody have more.
@nicael why not 256 then?
6:26 PM
have 2048 of them
@ShadowWizard In some time will be 256. Not yet.
@Bart need your sincere opinion. During the drive home I thought about Laszlo and had an epiphany. Something that explain it all and might give us a way to deal with him more easily. Think I should share it?
@nicael sure, when it's the sockpuppets' mating season. When will this happen?
What does it explain @ShadowWizard?
@ShadowWizard I'm all ears
@Bart kind of analyzing him of some sort so it explains why he's being so... well, so Laszlo sometimes.
@JanDvorak I thought you were all socks! :D
Anyway dinner time for me, so if I'll get Bart's approval will try and put my thoughts into words :)
6:32 PM
Hah, you by no means need my approval. Up to you if you feel like sharing it.
@ShadowWizard It.. er.. The thing is, it may already have happened, but I don't know. It is a bit difficult to look after them and... So, gonna check... tomorrow
Today's Listening | Electronic/progressive/chiptune
How sad is it that whenever I read "obsidian" I think "Minecraft" @GnomeSlice :p
6:48 PM
@Bart I COMPLAIN, IT IS NOT ALLO... wait, downvoting sock?.. I haven't seen anything forbidding downvoting socks...
It keeps me grounded @nicael. Otherwise I might think I'm awesome. Which I arguably am. But at least now I'm humble about it. Even though I'm awesome. Very much so even. Yet humble.
Anyway, back in a bit. Preparing a mate.
@Bart NSFW
Mate (, ; sometimes spelled maté in English, but never in Spanish or Portuguese), also known as yerba mate, chimarrão () or cimarrón (), is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, particularly in Argentina (where it is defined by law as the "national infusion"), Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil, and to a lesser degree in southern Chile, the Bolivian Chaco, Syria and Lebanon. It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate (llex paraguariensis, known in Portuguese as erva-mate) in hot water. Mate is served with a metal straw from a shared hollow calabash gourd...
there is even dj at the workplace.
6:58 PM
@FinalContest I'm not sure...:)
that mate is awful! :D
For shame!
It's funny though. People I know either love it, or find it disgusting.
7:14 PM
Haha, one of Robert's "I ain't got time for this shit" moments
Yeah...but that OP... not so nice...
7:42 PM
@rene not that bad just yet, unless he deleted some comments by now
@ShadowWizard They are still there....maybe I'm over sensitive ;-)
@rene yup, but agree it can oscillate quickly if OP will insist on his way.
@MartijnPieters alas, it's not a caching problem
if I'm reading this right. I'm digging further.
8:11 PM
You are mixing up two SqlCommands. You have one assinged to cmd to run the select query (Why?) and the assign the SqlCommand update query to cmd2. The parameters however are added to cmd and then outside your loop you call ExecuteNonQuery on cmd where you shold have used cmd2. Conclusion: You code never call your update query hence no updates in the database. — rene 24 secs ago
Can I have on that question ^^^^
8:33 PM
anybody have a quick linkn to the "PRX cannot parse HTML" authoritative answer handy?
Ah, it's in the tag wiki, nevermind
That is quick
Finally my talent is recognized...
@rene: That is so wrong in so many ways. I think I like it. — Robert Harvey ♦ 11 mins ago
8:59 PM
What's up with the "please explain these downvotes on my post" posts on Meta?
Maybe it is something infectious?
Perhaps I should propose CrystalBall.SE on Area51
Please do...
It could also answer if Switzerland would score another goal...
I even heard some of the Swiss here cheer. Never knew we had Swiss people living here.
Enough noise for all other countries though
9:36 PM
@AnnaLear Whatever it is, it's on your radar now :-)
Means I don't have to create a meta post that names and shames the users.
2 hours later…
11:09 PM
@MartijnPieters We're fixing the bounty part of this (gotta invalidate bounty starts along with awards), but the accepted answers remaining sticky is here to stay for the time being. the rep changes from it are invalidated, but updating the actual post status is a bit trickier and given the frequency of these invalidations... not that big a deal at the moment.
11:25 PM
@Anna: sure; just glad this is on the radar. :-)
Hems, no editing in the mobile UI; that smiley will remain forever smile-less then.
Fixed it for you. That's the kind of nice person I am. ;)
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