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12:18 AM
Hello, I want to talk to a stack exchange user about something he wrote.... How I can create a private chat room (like those automated ones with extended discussions in comments)?
3 hours later…
@user0000000: the correct link is stackoverflow.com/questions/1648008/…
2 hours later…
5:59 AM
@balpha Good Morning
please delete this message
@FinalContest I pressed ctrl+alt+del and now I'm without a job...
@user2284570 to have it automated the other user must have been in chat at least once already, otherwise just create a room and invite him through manual comment.
Good morning!
@FinalContest yup, that needs it
7:13 AM
@FinalContest Anyone know exactly what happened to YCS? I know that he was borderline abusive before, but did he cross the line this time or something?
Yes, as far as I know he ate a moderator for breakfast.
@FinalContest Welp, those moderators never sit well with me either :)))
Just kidding, I like the mods here. Except for one guy, who really ticked GnomeSlice off once
@FinalContest Which one? Bart? He got eaten by a unicoin a while ago too.
Apr 1 at 23:05, by Blue Ice
user image
ok, bedtime. goodnight everyone, will see you tomorrow
@BlueIce See you!
8:15 AM
A: JScrollPane doesn't add components

user3619472why you people always come and say you dont need you probably dont need, If somebody is asking something try to answer and dont tell him what he needs or doesnt need. You cannot add scrollpane to panel and expect it to work. And if you are adding to scrollpane a panel then you need to pass to obj...

I assume he get the message now that it is not an answer...
I'm not sure. You should comment to him ;-)
@JanDvorak done
@rene: I smell holland vs. brazil final...
8:49 AM
@FinalContest I hope not...
My first answer on codegolf is received well...Not that I would expect c# ever to win a codegolf...
@ProgramFOX tnx for the edit...
You're welcome!
9:12 AM
@Doorknob does this mean that the everyone else has to share the load that the random victim once fulfilled? What methods did you use to select the person randomly? How do they feel about this? How does everyone else feel?
@Alex they will feel afraid they might be next, and they'll try harder to avoid such mistakes
@JanDvorak nuked by employee
Spamming MSE is like stealing from a police station
Now we never know which bubble bath to buy...
9:32 AM
who needs a bubble bath? Eat beans.
@JanDvorak Tried that once...it works, but turns your bathroom into a big pile of ... mess ...
do you not have ventilation in your bathroom?
At that moment it got ventilated pretty well....
huh?! -1 vote remaining?
did you get a rejected flag or few after depleting your quota?
actually, I exceeded 21 K
so I was going to delete vote something
and I got -1 instead of +1
Q: Vote to delete this post? (-1 votes remaining)

Final ContestI have just exceeded 21K rep and that means I would get another delete vote for the day. I thought I would go around and see if I can cast a vote on some post. This screen was awaiting me: Instead of +1 vote, I got -1. Why is that?

10:25 AM
@ShadowWizard Yes, but the chat room created automatically are private (only invited peoples can read it.) and automatically deleted after a certain period. So that's different from gallery chat room.
Asking the same question will not help. If it has no answer for you, it has no answer for you. Raise a bounty on it and you get your answer there for reputation. We do not need many questions for the same stuff. — Final Contest 1 min ago
@FinalContest out of close votes?
yes, otherwise I would have used my binding close vote.
"This is really basics, and it is really easy to get it working, moreover, there were other two links "-Clearly the English language is beyond you. As I have already said, none of these other posts have this error occurring after a switch in platform, so this issue has not been address. It seems like you have more of a problem in reading previous questions than you are accusing me of having. — holmeswatson 2 mins ago
I am out ....
11:25 AM
@user0000000 hey that's what @rene always doing!
how hard is to determine programatically if a sequence of english words is a valid sentence?
that is a sentence I think ^
the title, you mean?
No. - is a sentence (i think) , so it'd be hard to determine what is a sentence.. but for like a title, it should obviously be more than one word
I just read something about how when people tried to make coding languages to seem write like english, they realized how hard that is since the english language has so many rules, ambiguities, etc..

so yea, it wouldn't be possible to determine a valid sentence programatically, in my opionion
Why my edit got 2 rejections (still got approved though) http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5136750

I just wanted to add appropriate tag but fixed something in the question as well.
11:34 AM
perhaps they didn't consider the tag useful
@Templar Seemed like a good edit to me. Who knows what those 2 were thinking.
well it's probably the most useful tag compared to others, altough others could be seen as a superset of it, so its acceptable to have them as well
It's a tag that only 9 questions have
@OGHaza: yeah, I cannot see it duplicate just yet since I cannot reproduce the duplicate issue, but I am facing this one. — Final Contest 23 secs ago
its not very popular thats why
11:37 AM
then why add it?
@user0000000 for some reason, many users appear to dislike retagging
should i remove all unpopular tags?
that would be too minor as well :-)
all questions tagged with mangodb has mongodb tag except 2 with negative votes
@ShadowWizard yea, but he changed a lot more than just the tag... they rejected it as too minor... I can maybe see that if he didn't change all the other things.. must be robo-reviewers
11:39 AM
@FinalContest I still think the same bug is behind those two.
@Templar, I was one of the rejections. I see very minor grammar changes (capitalization of a few works, and a small phrase removal) and the addition of a tag with only a few questions to a post that is a year old.
@user0000000 robo reviewers are only approving, rejecting requires more clicks. More likely strict reviewers.
@Andy time shouldn't matter
@JanDvorak I'll remember that, but it did factor in when I saw there were only 9 posts associated with the new tag
@Andy noted. Every tag starts at zero, however.
11:42 AM
@ShadowWizard: how come? What is the bug?
@FinalContest bug causing negative votes in the alert dialog.
:D You just see that that they are both in the delete vote topic, but you do not know if it is the same ^^
also, there was some difference between the two posts, so that old may not be actually reproduceable anymore, and this might be a new issue (strictly limited to exceeding a rep level).
@FinalContest the question will appear soon in the Reopen queue now that you cast your reopen vote. If four other 3k users will agree, you'll have it reopened. :)
@ShadowWizard: yes, I made an edit to make it clear that it may or may not be a duplicate, so it is not a duplicate for sure.
I personally feel it is not the same question, but whatever.
@FinalContest I can't convince you and you can't convince me, we're in a deadlock, but luckily there are others. :-)
12:27 PM
meh, I do not care that much to be honest as long as the bug is fixed and I can continue destroying garbage.
Hello, how I can delete a chat gallery I created?
@user2284570 you can't. Just let it be, it will be frozen or auto deleted after a while.
@FinalContest the bug is not stopping you from deleting, it's just a display bug.
@ShadowWizard: you are wrong, it is stopping me, eventually.
that is the whole issue, not the display :)
could not care less about the fluffy display ;-)
Today's Listening | Electronic/Ambient/Downtempo
1:01 PM
@FinalContest Did someone already said caching?
1:16 PM
Wow. That was accepted faster than I could read the comment: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5137780
Umm... while "integral" does indeed technically mean "relating to the set of integers", I still think it's better to stick to the ungrammatical but clear use of "integer" as adjective. — Jan Dvorak 15 secs ago
1:31 PM
@JanDvorak would you reject or accept?
I was going to reject as invalid
It was accepted by OP, then I commented, now OP is unsure what version is better.
I am suspicious. @rene says caching for everything. :O
Thanks @GnomeSlice
1:52 PM
Is anybody else seeing issues with questions from an hour ago coming back as newest?
@ShadowWizard Ok So I just created that room, and I can't find how to add this user
I seem to be jumping back and forth between up-to-date, and a list of questions from an hour ago.
hah. nice.
nope; firefox, chrome, and ie all show the same result.
And now it's back to up-to-date.
server-side caching, I mean
1:54 PM
ah. maybe...
And, back to an hour ago.
Wonder if there's anyway to differentiate which host (in the farm) is returning the result.
@user2284570 since he never used chat.stackexchange.com you can't do it automatically, you'll have to write a comment on one of his posts asking him to join your room
@LynnCrumbling Nick surely knows :)
@user2284570 I can superping him for you; that will automatically create a chat account for him
But why do you want him to be in the room?
2:23 PM
Soul mates?
good way to have two diamonds
Positive man, what to say :D
I'm tempted to upvote only one and break the pattern, but no
As an experiment we could try to downvote Oded so much that he can't post any more...
2:36 PM
Q: Can diamond moderators or Stack Exchange employees get post banned?

Shadow WizardI will bring forth a likely case. Stack Exchange is hiring new employee, for example new Community Manager, who didn't have account on any site before. The employee start new account and get a shiny diamond. So far everything is good. Now suppose that employee is participating here on Meta by an...

Great minds think alike!
hey don't pity upvote just because I'm a poor wizard who got hammered down in the past :D
That wasn't me...
this time...
@ShadowWizard Should I downvote to offset the upvote? :P
But I agree on the poor wizard part
@Doorknob bring it on! ;D
I'm just going to play with the voting buttons >:D
2:39 PM
Don't let me push any buttons...
@ShadowWizard Guess who.
@JanDvorak hardly, just crap.
@nicael you know, I fear the day when you will delete your account. I have a suspicion many users will lose many repz.
@ShadowWizard mod-deleted with a helpful flag. Noted anyways.
@ShadowWizard Wait, I didn't say that I upvoted you, did I?
2:42 PM
and then gain them again. And then lose them. And then gain them again...
@JanDvorak and I thought 24 contained all possible methods of torture :P
@JanDvorak yeah, no harm done, just being picky :)
Ugh. I hate posting an answer, working with the OP through a string of comments to get at the real problem, then having the OP post an answer of their own which effectively restates the conclusion that the array of comments was leading towards.
Ha. Oded has pulled ahead.
I am the top user.
I am the top user again.
3:03 PM
despite the light traffic jam I take the car and drive home...cya...
@Bart no, top. :D
3:18 PM
Hello! Good whatever, everyone! (It's a good morning for me)
@Doorknob Yes please do it! I want to talk to him because he published some part of the code source of a program (which aren't inside a post). His program is a library for multiplying integers with OpenCL and advanced mathematical, which maybe the only software for doing this. While I have the mathematical level for understanding how he did, I can't write something like that myself. So I need to talk with him to see if I can get the whole source code or (at least) the binary.
@ShadowWizard Upvoted, haha
@user2284570 His personal website has contact information. Might be an easier route than dragging him into chat.
@user2284570 You should probably comment on one of his posts instead of trying to force him into your room
@Bart Where he used his stakoverflow account...
3:26 PM
@user2284570 That doesn't mean "contact me on SO". His email address seems a more obvious point of contact.
@Doorknob It would be off-topic (since it has nothing to do with his post) and a comment like this is likely to get flagged and deleted.
yup, agreed
I'd use his email. He put it there for a reason, so people can contact him with specific issues.
@user2284570 Can't the same be argued for the chatroom itself?
@Doorknob Yes, please delete it (since he can't come on it).
3:42 PM
Hey this was all simply! Nothing is needed (no need to create a chat room manually). I just used the feature "talk with this user" which is present on every profile. @ShadowWizard : Why didn't you tell me about it?
Cause @ShadowWizard is evil. EVIL!!!
@Bart mdr :)
3:57 PM
@ShadowWizard: the question got reopened, apparently.
@Bart: not enough question marks; do not be so friendly.
Ok, the result is here.
4:12 PM
@FinalContest I'm having a positive day.
4:25 PM
@user2284570 it exists only in chat profile and as far as I could see that user did not have one
@Bart oh yes, this too ;)
@FinalContest can't fight Lance!
told ya :p
@ShadowWizard He have one and I found it.
5:24 PM
eh, never mind, just low quality
@user2284570 yup, nice find!
@ShadowWizard That day moderator on chinese stackexchange ignored my message and even I had a chat with him, after that he did so, Anyway
but later StackExchange Team replied me that we have deleted those accounts
6:31 PM
@TGMCians that's not the issue. Something is rotten in the moderation of that site.
@ShadowWizard I'd love to help out, but it's all Chinese to me
Anyway guess we better just move on, nothing more we can or should do.
@Bart Google Translate for the rescue ;)
6:54 PM
@ShadowWizard we can still sit there and flag offensive
7:12 PM
I didn't pass this audit because the OP updated his question that it now works. So I wanted to vote: no repro. Thoughts?
@rene I like icecream
@rene you can recast.
Yay! Wait ....
@JanDvorak not sure....now that I visited the question and try to understand the answer it might be a response that the answer works?
7:16 PM
as in, a thank you edit?
he's also adding information, so a rollback isn't entirely great either.
I left a comment
7:36 PM
@JanDvorak I had a look in the morning and noticed all troll accounts were deleted and no new trash. Found one possible NSFW picture while roaming the place, but no trolling.
So, hopefully he got the hint and moved on, leaking his virtual wounds.
A: sending email via HTML form using php script

user3772539This is easy go to w3schools, You'll find your desire answer. I think w3school is best solution ever.

Duplicate question, please close:
Q: git reset / unstage new file(s)

ThorSummonerI've accidentally staged a lot of changes including new files that I do not want to commit. How can I unstage or reset only new files? I am not looking for a script of any kind; I am looking for core git functionality to be exposed and documented here on SO under a meaningful topic title.

@Andy Anna to the rescue
Ceiling moderator is watching you link to not-an-answers.
8:09 PM
"Spider moderator, spider moderator, does whatever a spider moderator does"
8:25 PM
I believe deleted answers/questions shouldn't be used in an audit?
So this is wrong?
Based on this answer from Oded...
@rene Depends on the queue.
Oded's answer says nothing about questions and that was a question audit.
In the CVQ it is ok?
Was there something weird with that audit or are you just idly curious?
No it was reported here but as Shog9 said that some stuff in the queue needed tweaking I wondered if this was also something that slipped through
Based on Oded's answer that is...
Oded's answer is about something else.
I'm not sure off the top of my head what we're doing for the close votes queue, but it seems reasonable to not necessarily exclude deleted (and closed) questions
That said, might be worth a separate meta post if you'd rather have a more definitive answer. (I could also be wrong. :))
8:33 PM
@AnnaLear We might have found it: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/202033/… and you're correct...
Thumbs up for Anna!
9:12 PM
@AnnaLear did you notice this isn't this issue related to/ has a root cause after a fail-over to the other DC?
@rene possibly... I'm not sure off-hand.
I'm reading the post-mortem on the outage of yesterday. If I find anything I'll let ou know :-)
Searching for posts that contain "opengl" isn't the same as viewing questions tagged [opengl], but I'm not sure how search works vs just looking up a list of questions in a tag.
I assume that there is some lag but 8 hours seems to me some job is not running...
@rene Nick's looking into it.
9:19 PM
I like this bit ...see syntax changes without logging into production equipment
Does anybody know where I can find an SE press kit or something
@GnomeSlice What for?
@AnnaLear Logos.
although that's only trilogy + se.com
Nice, thanks.
Stackoverflow is the one I wanted anyway
9:34 PM
thanks :)

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