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@Stijn Is there an actual option for that? I have been flagging for moderator attention, and suggesting the migrate in the comment field.
Gotta love people's misguided response to the problem filter.
@IQAndreas Yes, it's in "Migrate to another SE site"
@IQAndreas Yes, MSO is one of the sites available in the migration list.
3:14 PM
Can anyone confirm whether this does or does not work: stackoverflow.com/a/22789766/2846923
André says it doesn't work for him, but it works fine for me.
happy unicorn-day to everyone
@DavidKernin And a happy unicorn day to you, too. :)
@BlueIce you're really an expert with unicorns, I bow to your knowledge of these rare animals
@DavidKernin I think you are mistaken- I'm still earning my PhD in unicorns, but I am already a licensed uni coin expert.
@IQAndreas I'm around now
3:33 PM
@BlueIce I'm having problems finding financial advice or a fund counselor regarding my unicoins, for some reasons every time I search for one they end up thinking I'm a fool
@BlueIce these guys have really no idea of how economy goes nowadays
@DavidKernin My sincere condolences.
@AnnaLear Can you answer a quick non-unicoin question, please?
@BlueIce what's up?
@AnnaLear Will tag badges be awarded the instant you are eligible, or at 3:00 UTC?
@BlueIce "Within 24 hours"
@AnnaLear So you will just get the badge at some point the next day?
3:38 PM
@AnnaLear Excellent, just double checking, are you alright with helping my plan?
(adding an answer in agreement, and adding tag?)
@IQAndreas I'll give you my upvote :)
@IQAndreas yeah, I'm on it.
@BlueIce Yeah, give or take. In theory, it should be around 3am UTC, but sometimes jobs take longer to run, etc.
Awesome, unsubmitted question I wrote at home came up here at work. That means it's saved on the server instead of in cookies.
@AnnaLear Thanks!
Q: Merge [javascript] and [jquery] tags

IQAndreasThere is often confusion among beginners. Most of the time, when they ask a JavaScript question, what they really want is JQuery. In fact, every problem can be solved with JQuery. We should make javascript a synonym of jquery and merge the two.

3:41 PM
@IQAndreas Go go go!
Does the "In fact, every problem can be solved with JQuery." make it obvious it's a joke?
I am very open to changing the wording.
@IQ Maybe change it to "almost every problem"
A: Merge [javascript] and [jquery] tags

Anna LearThat sounds reasonable. It's about time everyone dropped Javascript and tried jQuery.

@AnnaLear lovely.
3:43 PM
@AnnaLear Awesome, thank you so much. :)
sure :)
@AnnaLear Sorry for the constant pings during the week, I just didn't want to wait until the very last minute to find a willing moderator.
no worries
4:08 PM
@SuhosinPony still online?
@SuhosinPony when you have time.... watch this and tell me if it remembers you somepony....
4:41 PM
Q: My Unicorn has Radioactive Gas

Madara UchihaI've been feeding my lovely unicorn enriched plutonium as per my vet's orders. However, it seems that lately he has some serious gas problems, on both ends. My household Geiger Counter shows extreme levels of radiations, and I'm beginning to fear it's affecting my cat as well. Here's a picture o...

@SPArchaeologist Fluttershy :D
hello I need some help with an answer on META SO
I am not sure how to do the answer
how do I run it?
5:04 PM
Q: I have one unicoins?

UndoI managed to spend all but one of my unicoins, and now I have one of them. The little sidebar thingy, however, seems to be very confused as to the plurality of one: This is a very urgent issue. I will have to live with this for the next 13 hours. Please fix it because it makes me unhappy.

I have successfully merged two memes :D
@Undo roflol
now someone needs to explain to me how I missed that dupe in search :P
@Undo I can imagine that as a new user you have trouble using the search engine effectively....oh wait...
yeah it's confusing
much confuse. very search. halp!
over 100 questions about today ಠ_ಠ
5:36 PM
5:57 PM
I almost posted a "one unicorns" question myself.
this amount of no-research unicoins questions is starting to become annoying
6:36 PM
Unicorn sauce.
Tasty, tasty.
I'm moving up five floors at work. I think this means I have gained five levels of importance.
Can't believe I had to mine 24 unicoins to get the animations tht were free last year.
6:53 PM
Inflation, man.
@jadarnel27 Did your salary moved 5 floors up as well?
Inflation is what we get for all of you dirty Silverites wanting free unlimited silver currency.
7:08 PM
@jadarnel27 Or it means they think you need more exercise.
> This all took me 23 seconds of googling.
@rene No, I was told salary increase is logarithmically related to floor increase.
should this be edited out of an answer?
@Undo Yeah, that seems more likely haha.
@JanD I would edit it out. No need for that nonsense.
@jadarnel27 done. Thanks
7:13 PM
No problem.
> You did not read my question! – Jake 404 17 secs ago
> @Jake404 which version? – Jan Dvorak just now
@jadarnel27 Is the new floor painted brown?
@JanD Note that if the OP rolls back, I would probably flag for mod attention and move on.
@Undo I wish!
7:35 PM
What is the Unicoin thing? Is it over? I saw QAs about it but I don't see the widget anywhere.
Wait! I see it in Firefox. Apparently it doesn't work in Opera weird. Maybe I should try clearing the cache.
7:51 PM
Huntercoin mining is more fun.
I'm disappointed the SE team didn't put weeks into developing an engaging mining game instead of working on something useful.
8:06 PM
I've seen no widget in IE8 today either.
Which leads me to the conclusion that Opera and IE8 are on the same level in some ways.
So I finally got all power-ups, including voting animations.
I also ran out of votes for today.
@TheGuywithTheHat On all sites? :P
@hichris123 Well, no.
I have 200+ Unicoins on Arduino.SE
Because my quarry was running on that page
Apparently I had an Ar.SE page open
8:17 PM
Unicoins are widely known to be the poor man's Hats™.
only downvote please here stackoverflow.com/a/21234466/1741671
I wasn't asking this. Do read the question again and the answers other people provided — Rahul Gupta Jan 20 at 12:52
Reason already here
@TGMCians No need to ask for downvotes. a) the answer is already downvoted. b) pile on downvotes are the worst.
@AnnaLear Okay gotcha
@TGMCians I personally think the answer is great. The question isn't stating he want a library
Question is clear , OP shared screenshot the view he wants to give
8:28 PM
The comment of the Op makes me to downvote the question because that is obviously not clear...
Never, don't downvote question, it is clear to me, no issue at all, it should clear to you also :)
... yeah, I don't really like the question. VTC as too broad.
I voted to close it as dup
I left a comment on that answer
Votes are people too. You can't just go around telling people what to do with them.
8:37 PM
rene, I also left a comment there !
I see, I probably never going to understand a single bit of that Android stuff and I'm happy for it.
Okay no problem, but of course who works in Android can understand very easily
Now, I'm out !, late night here
@tgm cya!
9:06 PM
Q: Help me reverse-engineer Unicoin

DoorknobHere; have the full, uncompressed source code for Unicoin you code monkeys! http://dev.stackoverflow.com/content/js/stub-uc.js This section looks pretty interesting: var loadingVersions = {}; var powerupDeferreds = {}; function registerPowerup(id, factory, noNeedToCache) { var def = poweru...

I want to buy Unicoins!
StackExchange.uc.registerPowerup("f1bb643faf2c4382a56a7dfb945269c8",function(){return{"enable":function(){function e(e){var t=$.Deferred(),n=$("<img />").attr("src",p+e).css({"position":"fixed","top":0,"left":0,"width":1,"height":1}).appendTo("body");if(n[0].complete)n.remove(),t.resolve();else{var i=!1;n.bind("load readystatechange",function a(e){(this.complete||"complete"==this.readyState&&"readystatechange"==e.type)&&(i||(i=!0,n.unbind("load readystatechange",a),n.remove(),t.resolve()))})}return t.promise()}function t(e,t,n,i,a,o){var s=$("<div />").css({"width":i,"height":a,"backgroundI
why is that not code formatting
9:28 PM
TypeError: Cannot read property 'resolve' of undefined
A: Help me reverse-engineer Unicoin

DoorknobUPDATE: Yes! Victory for reverse-engineering of the unicorn voting animations! Here I shall document my progress so far. This URL: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/unicoin/available-powerups looks promising.... {"powerups":[{"name":"Voting animations","useid":"f1bb643faf2c4382a56a7dfb945269c8","p...

yes! one down, a lot more to go!
userscript is in the process of being made
10:07 PM
Q: Unicorn voting animations for everyone! FOREVER! (2014 edition)

Doorknobvar p="http://i.stack.imgur.com/" function t(e,b,a,c,f,g){e=$("<div />").css({width:c,height:f,backgroundImage:"url("+p+e+")",position:"absolute",top:a,left:b,display:"none"}).appendTo("body");return g||e.fadeIn(),e.set=function(a){this.css("background-position","0px "+-f*a+"px")},e.finish=functi...

Ooh, there's a shiny "rollback" link in the post action bar now.
For one of my questions, anyway.
... huh?
@michaelb958 Where'd you get that?
Old tab. I opened a new one and it's not there anymore.
10:17 PM
... weird.
Poor @Sklivvz. All those questions he marked as on Jan 31 and got no upvotes for are being Community-bumped, and everyone's out of votes...
Why does Community bump questions?
@hichris123 Because it's dumb. Seriously, it's the stupidest bot I've ever seen, and should be immedi
@michaelb958 I completely agree- the Community bot deserves a good immedi once and for all.
@BlueIce Yeah, I immedi everything!
10:29 PM
@hichris123 But I immedi faster than you do.
psst... any mods here?
Or even @Shadow?
@BlueIce Nope!
I need a 2ker on Meta.
@BlueIce Go home, you're drunk.
@hichris123 3.9k at your service! (That's almost two 2ks!)
10:38 PM
@hichris123 Shadow here!
Q: Who logged into my printers?

j0hThis April 1st, Someone logged into the printers and changed the ready screen to "vote for josh" on numerous hp laserjet printers. Know that they must have logged in via telnet. And I found this article about how to perpatrate this activity: http://blog.mbcharbonneau.com/2007/01/22/change-the-st...

Will probably need to be protected, it's generating me too answers.
10:40 PM
@hichris123 not sure it's a good idea
@Undo What the hell is that question about? April fools?
@BlueIce I have no idea.
@ShadowWizard Anna did it to the first question, therefore, it's a good idea. :D
@hichris123 oh, that Anna surely know to have fun then!
10:41 PM
Dat new tag... :-) — Jamal 24 hours ago
... well then @michaelb958. :P
Someone stop me before I everything!!!
I suggest you should suggest a tag synonym, ->
@michaelb958 Stop. Like really.
@hichris123 Gee, that's a good idea.
Proud of my new avatar on Meta, though not sure I'll keep it
10:46 PM
@ShadowWizard I like
Shog is too quick; I clicked close and Shog had already beat me. :(
@michaelb958 I actually just came here to mention that.
... or Shog (Josh) is just trying to cover up his consipracy.
Oh wait, just remembered something. @Anna also created a tag that was later killed by a moderator. So not sure that new tag will survive for long either.
Unused tags automatically age out.
10:48 PM
@AnnaLear nope, I'm 99% sure I saw a moderator (don't remember who) retagging few days later
@Shadow Keep it! please
@BlueIce 1000 unicoins plz :D
@ShadowWizard Stand by; manipulating Data Explorer to find out what happened.
@Shadow Ow, right where it hurts! :(
@Shadow Does a screenshot of 1000 unicoins count?
@BlueIce nope. Or a beer. Unibeer.
10:51 PM
Oh goodness, DE sidebar's clogged with review tables.
@Shadow If you keep your current avatar, I'll change mine. (a shocker, I know)
@michaelb958 Yeah. I just made the CV queue go down by ~ 20 because of that. :P
@BlueIce go ahead! need to rework mine, it's still cut. 1:52 AM isn't a good time for picture manipulating!
@ShadowWizard OK. I'll get mine in by UTC 6:00.
Q: Impale people on unicorn horns (2014 April Fools' unicorn voting animations on profiles!)

DoorknobScreenshot In action Code var p="http://i.stack.imgur.com/" function t(e,b,a,c,f,g){e=$("<div />").css({width:c,height:f,backgroundImage:"url("+p+e+")",position:"absolute",top:a,left:b,display:"none"}).appendTo("body");return g||e.fadeIn(),e.set=function(a){this.css("background-positio...

^ :D :D :D
okay eating dinner now
10:55 PM
@Doorknob I read it as "okay editing dinner now". Need to go to sleep.
@michaelb958 good luck with that, can't find the source question but I'm quite sure it's not my imagination.
By the way what happened to Bart?! Eaten by a unicoin?
How many Unicoins does everyone here have?
user image
@animuson Do you know if the questions will be deleted at UTC 0:00, or if they will be deleted when April Fools has ended around the world?
Why would they be deleted? I'm only closing the idiotic ones that are just fabricated stories or have nothing to do with anything.
@animuson yay!
11:12 PM
Stupid denormalised tags...
@animuson Robert appears to be annoyed by the whole thing so...
@BlueIce nice one!!
I already commented my opinions about it.
To be fair, though, some of these questions are just fabricated crap that I don't see why we need on Meta. I realize this is April Fool's Day, but seriously, there are still real issues that occur on this day and we don't need pages of our main meta site flooded with useless nonsense about unicoins, drowning out important problems users might be having. — animuson ♦ yesterday
Oh, I give up. You'll have to wait for your query.
I just killed off 9 new tags earlier.
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