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1:05 AM
Duplicate question,
Q: How to remove multiple deleted files in Git repository

shinI have deleted some files and git status shows as below. I have committed and pushed. GitHub still shows the deleted files in the repository. How can I delete files in the GitHub repository? # On branch master # Changes not staged for commit: # (use "git add/rm <file>..." to update what wil...

Thanks! I'm going through yours right now too.
Isn't that what StackOverFlow is used for !? — user982850 1 hour ago
pfff ^^
I can't wait to get super Mjolnir powers for , then I can just bring the hammer down on duplicates by myself :P
same user, still ^^^
what poor and effortless questions.... He would honestly deserve the question ban.
"This question appears to be off-topic because it is about what have you tried?" You'd have better luck closing a question like stackoverflow.com/q/23453040/456814 with Too Broad.
Also, avoid downvoting more than 1 question, otherwise there's a good chance that you'll trigger serial downvoting reversal.
for me, it is not broad, but it does not show any effort.
actually, I have never mentioned downvote here.
2:36 AM
The questions all have downvotes, so I just assumed :/
but even if I did, it would be justified in this case, since it is all rubbish content, and will likely be gone before the serial voter script catches it.
hopefully he gets question banned by that time. :)
his comments and effortless questions are terribly annoying.
Why this is just sad:
Q: How to share a bitmap on facebook as a photo in C#?

user982850Ok so I am 100% new to sharing things from C# on facebook. I need a sample code of how to share an Image on my facebook as a photo ? Please do NOT answer with ( Google it, I dnt know, why ?, impossible, Facebook SDK )...

That question was asked 2 years ago!
2:38 AM
They didn't get the hint in that whole time! :/
let us target question ban for him by closing his questions :)
I don't know about this one:
Q: Which Windows Forms controls slow down the application the most?

user982850I am working on a huge C# project and I realized by removing some useless controls I can really speed up my C# Windows Form Application. Now I want to know in general , which of the controls in C# slow down the application the most ? give me names like : pictureboxes, panels ... ?

I think he will wake up for most of his questions closed.
I think it could possibly be answerable definitely if someone did a bunch of tests and gave the numbers in the answer.
2:43 AM
it depends on all kind of scenarios.
I guess it could be a "it depends" answer.
there is no universal "slow" rule.
it is calling for "this", no "that", wait no, I know "that one".
too broad, and hence people will be opinionated.
@Cupcake: btw, serial downvoting is not a problem if it is done for good.
A: Can there be legitimate serial downvoting?

Oded or is that crossing the line of serial downvoting? It isn't crossing the line. It is the definition of serial downvoting. Going after every post of a person and downvoting them because they are bad quality, not because of the OP is not distinguishable from downvoting them because of the OP....

So if I see a user with a crap post, and I peek at their profile and see 7 other crap posts I cannot downvote them? because that is "the definition of serial downvoting." that seems to send mixed messages about "vote as I see them" — rlemon Jun 17 at 20:10
It's pointless either way, the system itself is designed to prevent you from serial downvoting someone.
2:49 AM
I often 'review' users when I see bad content from them (make sure it isn't a habit of theirs). I think as a community run site that is important for some people to do. I disagree with the mods stand on this. — rlemon Jun 17 at 20:07
@Cupcake: that is fine, I am happy to keep downvoting that person ;)
@bluefeet that IS the problem. The system doesn't let non-indifferent people to keep it clean. — Your Common Sense Jun 18 at 10:39
I must agree with YCS therein.
You know that YCS was recently suspended, right? I think you might have brought it up a day or two ago.
irrelevant to the merit of his post.
I mostly agree with his posts.
I was quite sad to see him going. He was one of the guys who actually really wanted to keep SO clean.
along with H2CO3, and and ...
full of rubbish questions, and none of them caught and he is still happily around asking garbage and accusing others for their "tone" in comments.
I've seen a 10k user like this before, lots of really "plz gimme teh codez" questions.
I'm not sure what happened to him though.
You can say that our comment tone is not proper, but this question is also off-topic asking for off-site resource. I do not have any close votes left for today, but will definitely vote on it tomorrow if it does not get closed. Most of your questions are effortless and/or off-topic. Please carefully read the help center for changing this habit. — Final Contest 15 secs ago
2:59 AM
I'm all voted out, calling it a day, nighty night.
4:11 AM
Good Morning...!!!
@balpha Good Morning
that guy again back with new a/c
this is new account
6:05 AM
wow, there are five people downvoting attention to spam approval: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/261504/…
(without explanation as usual)
actually, it should be a flag, not a meta post
does 20% really think it is bad to get attention to spam approval or childish nonsense revenge is at best on meta, too?
I'd rather guess the former
6:21 AM
why was the low-quality flag disputed on this one? stackoverflow.com/a/1461615/2682142
if that is not low-quality, I do not know what low-quality means...
bad reviewers, I guess. Reflagged.
@balpha there ?
6:36 AM
yeah, I'm on it
you can read this chat history for reference
@balpha I think he will again come with new a/c..
what to do with this guy ?
6:55 AM
@CapDroid - That chat in that room looked more like a facebook chat than a SO chat :)
@R.J just seen his chat profile
mostly he created rooms with girls, and changed room name..:P
room with girls? Now you got me curious, @CapDroid! :)
@CapDroid - Cleverly worded ;)
7:11 AM
@ShadowWizard ha ha, all are interesting...
@JanDvorak kaboom
@IonicăBizău oh, poor Pratik, he doesn't realize it's not a girl. The picture is taken from here, first Google result for "Cute girls". I can say for 99% that it's a male programmer. :D
6 downvotes and no boom, someone just downvoted without flagging. WHO? :(
maybe someone downvoted and flagged?
7:19 AM
@JanDvorak oh, didn't think of that. lol
@IonicăBizău ha ha, nice job :P
8:55 AM
(the answer, not the question)
@user0000000 (removed)?
@rene oh sorry.. there was a cv needed on meta.SE, and I then asked sarcastically if you could cv on meta.SE yet. But the question was deleted by owner quickly, so I just removed me dumb chat comments :(
@user0000000 OK, but thanks for asking: yes I can CV on meta.se now... :-)
Thanks to all my dumb SEDE sql queries ;-)
I like your queries, they do what I need
9:41 AM
very weird. my SO top bar shows rep 6003 , and meta.SO shows rep 5999 .. and I've already hard refreshed a couple times
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/251194/… hmm.. guess it's synchronized hourly, but never run into that issue before
10:27 AM
can't believe someone downvoted my answer here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/261623/… the nerve of some users!
two of them
that's how the system currently works, some people just can't handle the truth or want to hear the truth
are you claiming that @FinalContest was right?
unclear what you're asking
@user0000000 just don't ignore us all plz! :D
10:35 AM
Three of them now that I've read the answer
i would never ignore someone... flag yes, not ignore. Not a big deal since there isn't even rep on meta.SO, just find it funny that people downvote things that are facts, just because they a) don't understand it or b) downvote the messenger just b.c they don't like the facts that he brings
The point of Mx is to establish a policy, not to document it
and... @ProgramFOX wins!
10:45 AM
thanks @ProgramFOX
11:31 AM
I would close it with my binding vote if I had any left...
12:15 PM
what was the reason for not having 100 close votes daily for the maximum like for the flags?
I am running out pretty much everyday, and hence useful contribution is lost by me not casting close votes IMHO.
A: Close Vote Review Limit Recommendations

Kate GregoryThe reason so few close votes get cast is not limits. Very few people reach their limits. Raising the limits won't help. The reason is that the close vote queue is just not as much fun as the others. I don't know why, exactly, and I don't suppose any of us do. I made a reasonably popular feature ...

more power for the closers would work alternatively, too.
and more sane closers, of course.
> Very few people reach their limits. Raising the limits won't help.
I don't agree, but that seems to be a common idea
1:05 PM
@ShadowWizard that's an exceptionally huge mobile network, and they use several of them, which is harder to get a fix on. Some of the changes we're making to the quality post-processors will likely also take care of baba, because baba seriously needs some taking care of. — Tim Post ♦ 43 secs ago
baba is being targeted by SE's best sniper :D
Q: URLs with ' are not recognized in preview window

tanasciusExamples: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two's_complement two's complement two's complement The original Markdown was: 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two's_complement 2. [two's complement][1] 3. [two's complement](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two's_complement) [1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/w...

^ should be changed to URLs with ' are not recognized at all
1:28 PM
On it.
1:52 PM
@TimPost shield yourself well, baba got tons of black magic D:
Much better now, @Tim! I am sure of your ultimate victory. :)
I see my wheel wasn't put up yet :(
1 hour later…
This user seems to be pushing their Classified application on a few of their answers: stackoverflow.com/users/514629/chema
Didn't even notice that. I flagged it a few days ago but nothing was done
Glad its closed now thanks
3:36 PM
@Andy looks legit to me actually, as far as I could see.
2 of them got deleted I believe
mm... anyone knows how to find patterns using sede?
@Braiam What kind of patterns?
@ProgramFOX the nearest to regexes the better
3:43 PM
@ProgramFOX T-SQL doesn't have em :(
Oh :(
Q: Can you suggest a Non-HTML WYSIWYG web editor?

Thomas LundströmI am scouting the market for a good WYSIWYG editor. My users are going to write stuff just like I'm doing now on Stack Overflow, but they aren't as tech-savvy as the SO users, so I need a WYSIWYG editor instead of this Markdown editor. Feature-wise, I'd like the editor to have approximately the ...

3:48 PM
oh well, ended using like '%[\[]%'
@ShadowWizard 3 of the 6 have been deleted. The 3 that are left look ok
4:49 PM
@Andy oh, makes sense. :)
Today's Listening | Jazzy Electronic
5:10 PM
@Cupcake: you should really have gold badge to do these on your own.
116 scores to go.
5:35 PM
@FinalContest about 116 more upvotes to go, make it happen: stackoverflow.com/users/456814/cupcake. And by "make it happen", I mean don't, because, you know, serial upvoting reversal...
7:13 PM
@GnomeSlice yay
MSE has a new favicon.
7:38 PM
@Bart This is one of my personal favourites recently. Really enjoying it.
8:24 PM
I liked the old favicon.
The new one doesn't match the current logo.
It doesn't make sense, unless it's consistent.
I don't see any reason why it needed to be changed in the first place.
8:42 PM
@Cupcake I couldn't distinguish between meta.se, chat.meta.se and sede windows so for me it is a little bit improved...
@GnomeSlice I like this as well ;)
9:22 PM
Tomorrow Steward badge on SO for the VLQ if I remember to do 2 reviews...
9:53 PM
Never mind, premature. Maybe after a few days though.
Or a week or two.
10:27 PM
@ShadowWizard It was accidentally [status-completed].
@hichris123 yeah got notified (bounty owner get notified of any new answers same as OP) and bounty granted. But I just don't like the empty square used as favicon.
Q: Please bring back the previous favicon

Shadow WizardTake a look at this: This is empty. Heartless. I won't say ugly, just bad. The worst favicon I've ever seen, and I saw my share in the last 20 years. It got no meaning, nothing. Please change it back to the stacked, colorful, balloon. Please.

1 hour later…
11:46 PM
What is the reason for the link-only declined in here?
the answer was submitted by a moderator and it only contained this:
"Check out PHP's date() function."
even the "link-only" flag comments were removed from other users.
to be honest, I find it the abuse of moderator power on an own post at first.
I can't see an answer by a moderator on that question?
you will not see many things with your reputation level I am afraid ...
Q: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

Shog9I think we can all agree, this sucks: If you've been around a little while, you've probably encountered hundreds of answers like this in various forums, some of them even marked as "The Answer" by well-meaning1 forum admins looking to close a thread. We could try to enumerate the commonly-obse...

well, it is impossible to gently bring this topic up on meta, because people will scream that moderators are ultimtaly right.
declining a valid flag on a crappy post just because you are a moderator and its your own post is the abusive use of the moderator power IMHO
it should be left with the community to decide in such cases to be fair IMHO
and removing the link-only comments is also odd.
a moderator is supposed to maintain good stuff here, not to defend crappy self-post because s/he can.
anyway, the whole question should be closed, since it was asked 25 minutes before that question.
I may even get one-year suspension by raising my opinion; meh this is still my opinion though.
@FinalContest because it says "Check out PHP's date() function.".

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