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12:00 AM
according to Shog that's an answer... just a very bad one
it is a link to the documentation without any explanation why to check out, how to use it, why it is any relevant, etc.
@FinalContest sadly it's an answer...
moreover, such posts are 100% removed by the community, even in that thread, such a post was already removed.
Flags are for invalid content, not bad content, even if they often overlap
If that is the quality level of SO, I better leave it.
I am quite shocked to read that link-only answer is an answer.
12:03 AM
I left long ago heh
but I guess I have to accept that others want things on SO that is utterly crap in my values.
anyway, I do not think the community agree with the moderator abuse.
there were flags by others as well as comments. It was on its high-way towards the removal. Every sign was removed by the said moderator.
Why on earth? It is a valid opinion to think it is a link-only answer.
this is not offensive, this is not non-constructive, this is not spam.
If the answer ended up being removed, does it really matter what happened with the comments on it?
> Just remember: if the text of the post contains an honest attempt at answering the question, then it is an answer - so don't flag it otherwise, and if you do, don't complain if your flag gets declined.
> Does that mean these answers should forever hang around the site? No, not necessarily - if it turns out they're just not that useful, they should probably still be removed - or at very least, down-voted so that they rank below other answers.
@Final ^
@3ventic: yes, it does.
@hichris123: you are completely missing the point.
this is a link-only and crappy answer.
the community burns these in the worst hell
12:18 AM
^ Is that link only?
a moderator stepped in with his own power on a self-post.
@FinalContest And how do you know that?
@hichris123 no, just a low quality answer
It may have been another mod.
heck, there is a low-quality flag reason for a reason.
if it is not for damn low-quality posts, then I do not understand what it is for, nor does the voting and commenting community on that post, apparently.
12:19 AM
BTW, ti also looks like a comment
this is exactly the flaw with Stack Overflow
some people handle moderators as gods
based on subjective personal stuff rather than seeing their contribution objectively.
with this world, they have omnipotence, because they can do whatever they want, not whatever is good.
to be objective, you have to stop being human and even so the humans will oppose you
but even if a moderator disagrees with the community, it is not ethical to override the community on an own post.
just because you have the power.
Again: how do you know that the person who posted the answer was the person who declined the flag?
are you dense?
that was literally deleted with a couple of seconds difference between self-deletion and flag decline (and comment removal), and couple of seconds means < 10.
12:31 AM
@FinalContest: you don't generally get suspended for meta posts. Calling someone dense though...
Also, we do have a community edit function - fixing a LQ answer is an option if it really bothers you
I've done it a few times, and I've had people edit in useful bits into my answer in the past.
ah, another moderator praiser for super crap posts.
What are we whining about now gents?
@FinalContest: I'm suggesting an actual solution.
please stop that the whining accusation crap
12:33 AM
rather than meta-complaining.
it is quite disrespectful to say about a valid concern.
@ɥʇǝS: !!!
@FinalContest: cause you clearly need better hobbies.
I will just move on.
you are ignored, sorry.
It is QUITE SHOCKING to see that moderators are praised for whatever they do, and their actions are not measured on objective grounds.
12:37 AM
@FinalContest: What can be done about that?
You clearly have issues - what do you see as being a way to handle mod abuse?
Who is praising moderators here?
I was merely very directly referencing a statement you made
"You should not flag a low-quality post with low-quality flag because it is done by a moderator".
@FinalContest Who said that?
12:39 AM
I've never met this everyone.
@FinalContest That's not true at all... the flag was declined because it isn't link only!
He obviously has a confused idea about how the site works.
24 mins ago, by hichris123
> Just remember: if the text of the post contains an honest attempt at answering the question, then it is an answer - so don't flag it otherwise, and if you do, don't complain if your flag gets declined.
12:39 AM
First of all, you make it extremely hard to type your name; thanks for such a nick name.
secondly, low-quality flag is for such low-quality posts. There is nothing to debate about it.
it really does not matter whether it is done by our super-moderator, me, Jon Skeet, or mother gaia.
2 mins ago, by hichris123
@FinalContest That's not true at all... the flag was declined because it isn't link only!
It has nothing to do with being a moderator.
I told you before, +h. Just as easy as @Seth. You said you were too lazy to type it out.
@FinalContest Oh so you used a VLQ flag?
no, I wrote custom reason that the moderator is a kidnapper
and I am wondering why it is declined...
@ɥʇǝS @ht actually.
12:44 AM
Oh, you want news about a kidnapping?
@FinalContest Oh, I'm not surprised it was declined then.
heck, yes, yes, yes, OBVIOUSLY FFS.
I will first start by pointing out that moderators, as general policy, do not handle flags on their own posts.
again, it honestly does not matter who handled it.
it was self-decline 99.99%, but that is not the point.
12:46 AM
the point is that a super crap post by a moderator is ok as per flag decline
Now, let's get gritty.
The definition of a VLQ flag is:
> This question has severe formatting or content problems. This question is unlikely to be salvageable through editing, and might need to be removed.
> the flag was declined because it isn't link only!
and no typing @Seth is not OK
Severe formatting? Nope. Nicely formatted link.
clearly, you have never even tried it.
@hichris123: again, are you dense?
there is NO link-only flag reason.
12:48 AM
Severe content problems? Nope. A correct link that answers the question. Would still be an answer even without the link.
@FinalContest If you read Shog's post, which you obviously didn't, it says to use NAA for link only answers.
However, it wasn't link only by his definition anyway.
Let's continue.
> Yes, they're both very short, and yes, they contain links. But strip the markup, and you still get at least a little bit of useful information.
ok, keep posting SUCH CRAP
> Just remember: if the text of the post contains an honest attempt at answering the question, then it is an answer - so don't flag it otherwise, and if you do, don't complain if your flag gets declined
but please leave me alone
we obviously have different quality values for Stack Overflow posts.
Unlikely to be salvageable by editing? Nope. Anyone could nicely edit in an example.
12:49 AM
that answer is fully qualified for you, "good", sigh....
"good"? No. "ok"? Yes.
it is nothing else than an OVERLY CRAP THAT SHOULD BE BURNT IN THE HELL for me and many.
That is why Stack Overflow is so crappy what it is
and that is why shitload of valuable contributors leave
but oopsie, that does not matter. Some not-so-valuable contibutors think ok, so the site is going into the right direction.
@FinalContest If you don't want to constructively discuss the issue, why do you bring it up in a chat room for discussion?
I will keep flagging such posts from now on as OTHER: MERE CRAP
@FinalContest And guess what? That's going to a) get you flag banned, and b) mod messaged.
12:52 AM
oh yes, opinions are ban-worthy on Stack Overflow. SIGH.
Why is it mere crap? Why is it not just kat? What is the threshold for mere?
@FinalContest Not banned, mod messaged/flag banned.
@FinalContest Yep, using the site wrong is a sure fire way of getting yourself talked to.
ok, I am ignoring you for now. I do not want to waste time with name games, whether "ban" in this context means "flag ban" or not.
With all the sighing, you are setting yourself up for hyperventilation
You need to use the "This is a link-only answer" option next time. You may need to clear your browser cache and/or log out and log back in to see it.
1:14 AM
Is this the room where we praise moderators now?
I put my car in a spin braking to avoid hitting a dog once. Ended up in a ditch. A passing moderator stopped and towed me back onto the road.
@Shog9 No, that's this:

In Praise of Moderators

This room has nothing whatsoever to do with criticizing modera...
One time I was leaving a hospital to get rid of the vomit smell via a febreze bath. Hadn't eaten or slept in a long time. Saw a light in the darkness, and walked toward it - found a warm shop where a moderator gave me a smile and a chicken sandwich.
No, this is the room that the SE staff see polluting their list of active rooms on Meta SE chat
@random I need to clean my eyes/ears with acid...
You need Tums. The taste deflater.
1:26 AM
I meant to ask since sometime, but is guessing an answer?
@Braiam depends on how good you are
@Shog9 how good is baba?
Ali Baba? They're public aren't they?
@Braiam psychic debugging is a time-honored tradition, but not everyone who claims to know the unknown is legit. Call the number & test the advice you get...
@Shog9 I... see your point
1:31 AM
1:54 AM
What the f/h ... is this? Please make it shorter as you do not really to convolute us like this. — Final Contest 3 mins ago
@random that's horrifying! Is that supposed to be the new Friday among the youngins these days?
It was about two years ago
I mean the music video.
1:56 AM
I whole-heartedly agree with everything you wrote. I do not think meta is a right place to discuss site issues, sadly. — Final Contest 9 mins ago
If users stop answering and upvoting debugging, you won't see debugging
I've been guessing on all my answers this whole time, and 99.99% of the time, I actually get it right. I feel sorry for that one guy who got my 0.01% answer though...
When it comes to meta, it is mostly mods doing whatever they want at times without doing what the community wants and many people following them blindly. They forget about that the community is their boss who elected them and they are responsible to them with their actions. They are supposed to represent the community, and not force their opinion on the community with the help of a few unconditional followers. — Final Contest 2 mins ago
@FinalContest That's... a really weird post.
2:21 AM
A: Return current web path in PHP

animusonCheck out PHP's dirname() function.

Notice that it is not link only, and could be VLQ depending on who you ask.
Downvotes however, are free :D
Please upvote it heavily to avoid the deletion. It is posted by a moderator, so it cannot be low-quality!
it is top-quality content!
2:28 AM
you all lost your soul for sighing too much
StackOverflow has never had soul.
1 hour later…
Q: Removing unwanted files from local and reverse commit/merge

andrewliuMy repository is a mess right now... I have a messed up merges and commits... I want to go back to a specific commit because it has the clean files. Right now I have a few filename.orig in my local, and its in my recent merge because of conflicts I was going through. I'd like to revert my local ...

Good Morning...!!!
Great Night!
@user0000000 is there night ?
1 hour later…
5:29 AM
@user0000000: downvoted and closevoted.
5:57 AM
How did this spam user manage to get in an image? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/234670/health-insurance
@Mysticial - Now that's mystical ;)
hi guys
i'd say this feels like a real tavern
but a real tavern might have more talk
(or maybe i've been gone so long that i forgot what the normal is like)
6:13 AM
Q: Health Insurance?

user262800If you are exploited at any job in the country, purchase booming plus of your employer's shelter insurance.Diabacor Because of the freshly passed healthcare legislation, every employer now has to tender insurance to employees. It might be a bit pricy, but it's far writer cheap to go through your...

Flag it into oblivion.
it's still there? sigh
Oneboxing spam is mostly never not a good idea.
6:14 AM
It's late, and MSE doesn't get nearly as much traffic as it used to, since it split off from MSO.
Now it doesn't really matter because there are no links in the onebox, but in general...
looks like i was the last flag
That thing lasted way longer than it should have :P
@JanDvorak Fixed :)
6:14 AM
17.5 minutes longer
6:48 AM
Is this answer a link-only one?
@R.J definitely
@JanDvorak how do you keep finding spam on these different exchanges?
@JanDvorak cool!
7:36 AM
I miss the spam review queue.
7:53 AM
@R.J I was just a little bit too late.. sorry...
@rene - Would have been so nice if there was an option called "Must make question close, fast" for such posts :)
9:53 AM
@R.J Yeah, or at least a answering is possible after {number of close votes x 5} minutes
1 hour later…
11:02 AM
@R.J LQ flags ;)
@FinalContest You know he wasn't a moderator at that time right? He also had less than 1000 rep at the time that was posted. Honestly, I'd say that's a decent answer for someone so new.
11:39 AM
11:58 AM
@Andy: What ?! "Use foo" as a link is a decent answer? It really does not matter who joined when. If a post is crap, it is crap, no matter which demi-god made it from which universe.
12:09 PM
Please tell me those are dummy names... — ThiefMaster ♦ 42 secs ago
12:31 PM
I'm not sure what language those variables are in
12:43 PM
@user0000000 They look familiar to me...
1 hour later…
1:59 PM
Reopen please:
Q: Non-interactive fixup until specified hash

user137369Let’s say I have hour commits * 7bd4815 (HEAD) four * afe9410 third * db064dd second * 46ab932 first There are no uncommitted changes. What I want to do is non-interactively squash everything after first, into it. I want the equivalent of pick 46ab932 first fixup db064dd second fixup afe9410 ...

@Cupcake done...assuming you know what you're doing :)
That's quite the assumption
You caught me, I've just been guessing.
But I get it right 99.99% of the time.
2:02 PM
I must be really lucky.
I keep worrying that someone will beat me to the punch once the question is reopened. I even have an answer ready to post too :P
rene : closed
2:54 PM
@TGMCians tnx
It's getting really tiring having crappy audits, but mostly bad that I can't give feedback on them. How hard would it be to put a feedback system in place for audits?
I've already put up a few feature-requests on bad audits, but no real change. So now I've just given up. After failing a few bad audits and getting timed out for a while, I just figure I get a well-earned break.
Heck, they still haven't fixed the delete count vote bug.
Does anyone work on SE features/bugs anymore?
Today's Listening | Post-rock / Alternative / Instrumental
$20 says this is the new 2048
> DevShelf.us is a community-driven reading shelf that covers a ton of different topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Just search for the topic you need, or add a new article. There's even a bookmarklet to make contributing easier.
3:19 PM
@LanceRoberts Last time I saw some bug figure it was over 4K...great chance they didn't reached that particular one yet...
3:30 PM
@LanceRoberts I think about what it would be like to work on them
3:48 PM
@LanceRoberts it's not a bug, it's a feature. There, two birds, one stone. ;)
Yep, that covers pretty much everything.
4:19 PM
@LanceRoberts Do you have a specific request? You can ahem poke a dev/CM with it.
20k isn't really an exciting privilege level :P
I needz 10k.
What I really want is a Mjolnir for my birthday :P
4:24 PM
I can haz teh power?
the only real milestone is 1 million rep... you get not one unicorn painting but a painting of a unicorn eating waffles
@Cupcake If you serial upvote me! (joke)
Please don't do that.
@Cupcake yes, do it!
so when I upvote @hichris123 he doesn't get any repz :D
4:59 PM
Q: How can I watch porn, safely, and not get a virus? (and not infect corporate data also)

TLDRI'm part of a small office in the middle of nowhere, and we just got absorbed into a large mega corporation. Sometimes we watch porn, at the office, on company computers, using the company Internet. It makes good for a good background distraction (I know I'm not the only one who does this so ...

At first I thought it was trolling, but it looks like it might actually be a serious question.
The things you find on Stack Exchange these days...
5:31 PM
thnx :)
Ugh, I'm banned from chat.se again
5:47 PM
@GnomeSlice That's... a messed up Yahoo Answers question.
Yeah, it's hilarious.
Apparently 'butthole' is bannable.
I dunno.
@GnomeSlice from The Bridge?
6:20 PM
@Shog9 can I get a Stack Overflow shirt pretty please :)?
I'd probably buy one, but I have no idea where to get it and the shop is closed
Some stickers would be awesome too
over 500 consecutive days and 40k rep have to count for something, right?
"I haven't left the house in nearly two years"
1 hour later…
7:39 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum: my friends have 2000 consecutive days on IRC or more.
you are yet to come :)
@LanceRoberts: tell me about the vote count bug...
Oh hi there
7:59 PM
Do you know that Community's rep is greater than 1 sometimes?
8:43 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: P&#193;GINAS PISCAM AO SEREM CARREGADAS on pt.stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Are popular porn sites more likely to be infected with malware? on security.stackexchange.com
user image
@ManishBot I think you mean "naughty keyword" there.
9:17 PM
@AnnaLear yeah, Mr. nicael know how to get a sigh out of people. ;)
@GnomeSlice stick with butthead, much safer.
It was in an image. I linked a picture of a yahoo answers question where the guy asked for a way to piss off his mom besides shoving pizza crusts up his butt.
@GnomeSlice ouch. both for you and that poor guy.
Did he get a decent answer?
I dunno, it was a pic I found somewhere else, not on yahoo answers.
there we go
please don't click if the word 'butthole' offends you.
that's not the original, but it's still the Q
Crappy question, and to think we're always complaining about crappy questions on Stack Overflow.
Who broke imgur?
9:27 PM
@ShadowWizard if you look at it that way, a company can spam us without any accountability. i admit, there is no way to prove that they are responsible. but still. it does not quite seem right that we are subjected to adverts that we have no interest in and the companies that might benefit from said adverts are immune. untouchable.
@Alex as far as I know, spam rules exist but only to protect private people, e.g. when you get email or phone call from a spammer. No rule against posting a spam post in a public site.
... and now imgur is back.
@ShadowWizard if only the spam rules could protect, in the same way that common decency and manners would
i mean, the public rules, of publicly acceptable behaviour
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about licencing, not programming — Jan Dvorak 11 secs ago
@ShadowWizard i feel that i must add, that if there any rules that protect us from emails or calls, many people are not aware that they exist. due to the nature of of these problems, another solution is required to deal with such issues
9:47 PM
If I wanted to ask someone to write a custom Data-explorer script, is it on-topic to ask it on meta?
@Richard you mean SQL? Ask @rene he's our local Guru ;)
But generally speaking then yes, MSE is the place to ask about the Data Explorer
@ShadowWizard But can I just ask to generate a custom script? Or is that a bit pushy?
e.g. I want a script that tells me; how many days the top 20 members on a stack have hit the rep cap, versus how many days they've been a member (as a percentage)
@Richard you can ask, @rene wrote quite a lot of such custom scripts lately. Worst case he'll say "no" and you can say I asked you to ask him :)
@ShadowWizard - I'll post it as a question and see where that gets me :-)
@Richard cheers, good luck!
9:58 PM
@FinalContest I've been looking at delete counts every day, and this is really irritating:
Q: Mouseover tooltip for delete count is wrong

MichaelTNormally, it takes three votes to delete. It still does, though the mouseover tip for a question with one delete vote cast on it already appears to be stuck at '1' And then after casting a delete vote on it: And if I've cast the first delete vote: The above examples are from P.SE, and w...

Sometimes is so hard to get close votes :/
I'm not sure my answer is the real answer to what's going on, but something is.
Also on undelete votes:
Q: Confusion about how many votes are needed to undelete a post

Peter OlsonI went to this question (deleted, so 10K+ only) and pressed the "undelete" link. As you can see in the following screenshots, there are discrepancies in what it tells me about how many votes are needed to undelete the post. First, it says 1 more vote is needed. Then it says there are 22 votes...

I've also noticed that the first number in the delete list in 10k tools seems like the recent number of delete votes, not the current total.
@JanDvorak man I feel sorry for that guy, someone recommended to him to go to Super User from Stack Overflow instead of Software Recommendations.
10:01 PM
inb4 he gets to SR, and gets told he doesn't meet their requirement
Oh really?
not sure
10:55 PM
@Mysticial FYI:
Q: Possible bug with new spam user uploading image with just 1 rep

CupcakeSo Mystical pointed out earlier today in chat that a spammer was recently able to post a spam image to Meta Stack Exchange in a question, even though (if I recall correctly) the spammer only had 1 reputation: How did this spam user manage to get in an image? http://meta.stackexchange.com/qu...

11:08 PM
@ManishBot lawl
@ManishBot gosh! that didn't last five minutes.
The "aw hell no" school of site moderation.
11:44 PM
Wow, I didn't realize that @ManishBot was, well, a bot.

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