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12:01 PM
`o`````o`  `o````o`  `o````o`  `o````o` `o`````o` `o`````o`  ``oo``````oo`
The train has finally arrived
@user0000000 github.com/StackExchange/StackExchange.DataExplorer you can do a pull request :)
WTF now moved to.... LOL!
what to close it as?
@JanDvorak unclear what you're asking
79753741930607500 isn't in fact a magic number btw, it's just loss of precision.
12:48 PM
... why does that question need to be closed?
@Bart my troughs exactly
OP doesn't really explain what he's trying to do. How did he get that number? What's the use case?
it's not clear if the asker wants an explanation of the numeric data type (which is too broad), a bigint library (which is off-topic), or a better data type built in (which there isn't)
Seems like a very answerable question to me though? YOu have a number X, and no matter what you do with it, it seems to remain X. What is the underlying cause and how can you address the issue.
The current answer is that of a library recommendation
12:51 PM
Which I'd say is a poor answer (in its current limited form). Doesn't mean he question is a problem though.
Though it could use a better formulation.
what's a nice way to say "suck it up" ?
"You might just have to move on"?
yeah, thanks
Either that or "Wahwah"
Ooh, I've had no coffee today. That explains a lot.
Unicorns died out because they were hunted for their horns, which were ground down to make paint for all those unicorn posters and t-shirts.
dump a truckload of coffee on @Bart
1:02 PM
Maybe that will help me math @Braiam. Cause I literally can't math today
@Bart 2+2?
Nah, linearization of constraint equations
@Braiam According to multiple hot questions I've seen this week, 2 + 2 = 5
@Bart If anything else fails, use fire Matlab
If only I had that available to me @SPArchaeologist
Though I guess octave might be an option.
ooh, figured it out. See, coffee was needed.
1:30 PM
It is dangerous to go alone. Take this.
That's all abacuscadabra to me
See you @all next week, have a bombastic weekend. :D
cya @DroidDev
Someone just had to mention Matlab ... and then I bump into the same crap user I mentioned some time ago. Flag is still pending. Sigh.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INSERTING MISMATCHED COLUMNS INTO TABLE on stackoverflow.com
2:07 PM
once again, Gaming provides some amazing titles...
Q: Why are my kids naked?

DaveTheGamer I was playing my old Hearthfire save in Skyrim when my kids were only wearing their underwear. I attempted to give them clothes, but they didn't do anything with them. Anyone else have the solution? EDIT Now the rest of the Skyrim kids aren't wearing clothes.

Parenting.SE here we come
2:21 PM
So this exists: dogeon.org
Still more exciting than Apple's Swift
@Stijn the doge meme should die already
moreover it's just an unnecessarily inefficient encoding of JSON.
2:39 PM
@JanDvorak speaking of which, why don't barbies come naked by default?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: USB DEBUGGING PROBLEM on android.stackexchange.com
@JanDvorak so dead. much forgotten. gone.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Test taking : ji选? on chinese.stackexchange.com
Bad keyword?
As in Baba
2:51 PM
Umm, \b much?
3:26 PM
[tag:dup-vote-plz] of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1634271/url-encoding-the-space-character-or-20:
3:39 PM
Still one of the best HTML quirks I've seen: stackoverflow.com/questions/8318911/…
[tag:dup-vote-plz] of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8318911/why-does-html-think-chucknorris-is-a-color:
It may not be, but it looks like it to me at first glance.
4:09 PM
@Bart yup.
@Shog9 Maybe... but the problem is me being an Android developer. So I go to the tag to look for questions to answer. And the vast majority should be downvoted, edited, or closed. So I spend my time doing that... and the problem is all the questions I can answer should be closed.
@hichris123 3 to go
4:25 PM
2 to go
I've got a disconnect with the low quality post queue on SO. It says I have done 19 reviews on the stats page, but when I try to do a review it says I have already done 20. Anyone know what causes/has caused this?
@demongolem caching
Q: Cannot review anymore after 19 reviews

ProgramFOXToday I reviewed some posts in the Low Quality Posts, and I hit the daily maximum. But at the "Today" field, it shows 19, but I got the message: Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 14 hours to continue reviewing. Here is a screenshot: When I manually counted ...

Ummm anyone need a wtf for the day or a classic example of building a jackhammer to swat a fly, check this out: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/30301/6746
Hahaha, that's still awesome though.
@Bart I think you and I have different definitions of awesome
4:57 PM
@rene Ok among those list of candidate comments, I choose race condition because none of the other items are valid for my case. I have not seen 21 before though personally.
@demongolem No, me neither despite my high number of completed tasks in the CVQ....
5:39 PM
Time to watch both National Treasure movies!
@animuson ... you haven't watched them before?
I've seen them many times. Doesn't mean I can't watch them again.
Doesn't it get old?
@hichris123 the best titles never gets old ;)
You're talking to the guy who has watched all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1 at least 25 times over.
6:07 PM
@DroidDev I like to reply to the old "goodnight" messages. I don't know why…
What's "POB"?
@ProgramFOX Primarily Opinion Based
@animuson Thanks!
6:24 PM
@animuson <3 SG1
6:48 PM
@Bart Have I posted music yet today?
7:14 PM
If so, I missed it @GnomeSlice
7:44 PM
Number.prototype.bound = function(l, h) { //Random function of the day!
    return isNaN(h) ? Math.min(this, l) : Math.max(Math.min(this,h),l);
8:12 PM
In error I clicked leave open. Anybody who wants to cast a cv for me? stackoverflow.com/questions/24086347/…
@Bart hm, whoops.
Still have time for some?
Here, I'll do a short one
Let's have it
Today's Listening | EDM/Electro
8:40 PM
Weird, that message messed up
17 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Today's Listening | EDM/Electro
@rene @Bart
I listened to it, it didn't messed up for me...
I mean the message didn't show up right.
For me, it was posted before you asked for it again, and when I refreshed it was after.
I wonder how long it took to show up
I think we crossed the beams on those messages...
9:15 PM
Q: Should we have a more specific close reason for vague debugging questions?

Shog9For several months now, we've had a close reason (actually an off-topic reason, but no matter) for poorly-asked debugging questions: This question appears to be off-topic because it lacks sufficient information to diagnose the problem. Describe your problem in more detail or include a minimal...

@Shog9 lol, now your answer on the "Can we please have 'lacks minimal understanding" will get a lot of upvotes because it is linked directly.
About time. Sorely tempted to feature a separate meta post that consists of nothing but the text,
"Unclear == the text fails to state a specific problem. Your ability to infer a problem when none is described notwithstanding."
@Shog9 I should try as an experiment to buy ultra targeted ad-words for a meta answer and see if that gets it lots of upvotes sometime :)
@Shog9 ... you do realize that post would be closed as Unclear, as it's unclear what discussion you want to have out of it? ;)
Welcome to Meta, @hichris123! Let me show you around...
9:27 PM
On meta, questions are rants. Answers are rants. Comments are… what are they? Chat?
To your left, you'll see our big pile of scrap irony, and to your right are the waffles
Mmm. Waffles.
How does punctuation and smileys work? Sentace. :), Sentace :). Sentace :)?
What just happened?
What happened?
9:32 PM
At least it wasn't me, it was them
or so said the message
Are the unicorns ok?
9 hours ago, by Bart
Unicorns died out because they were hunted for their horns, which were ground down to make paint for all those unicorn posters and t-shirts.
I get "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!" for all twitter messages for some reason. I can view users, but not individual tweets.
Lucky I hate twitter and never use it.
We are bringing up database servers in the JYC data center, there may be minor blips while we heavily sync replication
Strange… that isn't a 404.
9:56 PM
I wished we could flag "Hi plz provide me code" as offensive…
... y?
Isn't that why we have close reasons?
But I like the red background.
And the 100 rep penalty.
10:21 PM
No VLQ? Ugh, an idiot upvoted. -1 WAIT, NO MORE VOTES TODAY?! NOOOOOOOO
This is not a game it is actually real! I am working on a project where we are hunting invasive lionfish in the Bahamas and I want to put a counter on my blog to keep track of the number of lionfish I have speared. — user3709619 22 hours ago
Ugh. Ran out of CVs.
10:37 PM
I still have more! :D
With my flagging sprees (marked helpful or disputed by idiots), I'm probably not going to run out of VLQs anytime soon.
Whacha been flagging?
10:58 PM
11:42 PM
Q: I can still review in the CV queue after running out of CVs

bjb568Pretty minor, but when I'm out of CVs (), it will still allow me to review in the queue: …event tho I can't review First Posts and Late Answers without available up/down votes.

@bjb568 you can vote to leave open and edit, that's the answer
I can flag, close, edit, and comment for First Posts and Late Answers too.
…but who ever does that?
@ColeJohnson Well, I did it.
"Which is faster?" I don't care. Isn't that NAA by definition?
11:48 PM
The question asks about which is faster, not which is better.
That's... not really NAA, just a roundabout answer.
Whatever, it's not worth keeping.
And could work as a comment.
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