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12:42 AM
@Bart nope, I posted a link to a ... errr ... full figured woman wearing something ... err ... 10 sizes too small & was flagged next to infinity
the same shy boys room issue - it was a link & it was labelled 'NSFW' and the woman was clothed
If you don't go to the beach often, it is not my fault, is it?
Online newspapers display skin ALL the times!
If you read online newspaper at work sometimes, then you can hardly complain about a link to a clothed woman labelled 'NSFW'
1:36 AM
@FinalContest Just an FYI, when a post gets disputed in the LQP queue, it does raise another auto-flag for us to look at it. In that particular case, it wasn't disputed. The system prevents auto-deletion of positively-scored posts from that queue, and instead just raises a flag for moderators.
> disputed low quality review (auto) Post has a good score but received delete votes [review task]
@animuson: I do not know, but if I do not use other, I do not seem deleted, just my flags marked as disputed.
2:00 AM
I do not see them*
2:35 AM
Oh I always enjoy running across the SafeNow document. Always forget what it is, open it, then spend a good 10 minutes reading and laughing.
3:11 AM
Were the profile tabs always left-aligned on MSE or did someone move my cheese?
They' were already left aligned.
I could NOT figure out what changed, I thought they removed a button.
Yeah, I clicked into a profile earlier and I was like "Hm...wait a second. Something's not right here."
1 hour later…
4:32 AM
Second steward badge.
Why are people's faces made out of horseshoes now?
feels like you could make a "horse face" / "long face" joke out of that, but doesn't feel like putting in the effort
Looks less like a face…
, o o ,
, | ,
message don't include white spaces???
didn't know that...
If it's a multi-line message, you can use the "fixed font" button that appears to the right of the "send" and "upload" buttons to make it preformatted text.
5:34 AM
, o o ,
,  |  ,
    / o o  \
  <|  |    |>
    \ ---  /
These look more like faces now
I thought of adding ears, but wasn't able to find a character for right ear
@bjb568 that looks more like something drawn on tin can :P
O  |---\
O  |
That came out good.
| `|``|```|
That's a kind of (y)
                                               `.  \
                                                 \  \
                                                  .  \
                                                  :   .
                                                  |    .
                                                  |    :
                                                  |    |
  ..._  ___                                       |    |
 `."".`''''""--..___                              |    |
Let's see if I can do a kitten myself…
5:42 AM
That doesn't look like a car :(
It looks like a mining car.
Attempt at circle:
this is a snake
No head?
BTW, data:text/html,%20<title>Text%20Editor</title><textarea%20style="font-size:2em;f‌​ont-family:monospace;width:100%;height:100%">
@bjb568 ummm,, it is a turtle snake, he has hidden his head for now. :P
5:46 AM
|````        ``````````````````````|
|                                  |
                   W W
  W              WWOMOWW
  W             MMMWDWMMM
  W              WW\_/WW
  W                WW
   MW             MW
   MW             MW
   MW             MW
   MW             MW
|````        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@|
|                                  |
This was an attempt at making a ford. :(
Not too bad.
snake was easy
5:56 AM
                   7 7
  1              1 O O 7
  1             1   D   7
  1              1 \_/ 7
  1                992
   7                7
   11             11
   11             11
   11             11
   22             22
`o```o``  `o`````o` `o`````o``o``````o``o``````o``o``````o` ``oo````````oo`
Close enough.
`o`````o`  `o````o`  `o````o`  `o````o` `o`````o` `o`````o`  ``oo``````oo`
This is a goods train :D
Finally something that looks like what I thought.
Done'd. Vote'd. Alreadydid'd.
6:53 AM
@FinalContest have you been up all night? Or am I mistakenly thinking you're Italian?
I am Hungarian, but I slept 8 hours.
Q: What is offensive-flag worth on chat?

bjb568What is enough to flag a chat message as offensive? Is this? Does it compare to comment offensive-flags?

(worth: worthy)
@bjb568 there there shoulder pat
7:09 AM
I should have know that meta would just make things worse.
7:25 AM
hey @rene
Goedemorgen @Stijn ;-)
בוקר טוב!
Do you guys think that I am too harsh on new users?
@bjb568 you should ask the new users ;)
7:29 AM
That would be difficult…
They tend to be more interested in their vamping.
@bjb568 I won't say too but harsh, yes. But I don't mind, SO is not a social network so being to the point is OK to me.
it is amazing how people upvote syntactically wrong code: stackoverflow.com/a/24053802/2682142
Thanks @Stijin for reference. — Hassan Nisar 2 mins ago
@rene The people on meta and chat think otherwise.
how hard is my name really :\
7:32 AM
Stijn Stijn Stijn (manually typed)
3 upvotes for syntax errors.... compared to my only downvote ;)
dumb upvoters are dumb
"But the chat rules say we need to be nice to everyone"
@FinalContest I don't see any syntax error and postional binding seems to be ok given the examples provided in the link from your answer...
You wanna get nice? LET'S GET NICE.
@rene: sure, but you do not know Qt. ;)
7:36 AM
Don't be so harsh to me! Be nice!
but if you submit an answer, you at least test it, don't you?
Well.. yes
At least compile it
@bjb568 From what I have seen on SO, after a certain period of time, everyone, except some exceptional persons, tend to get harsh on new users.
exactly, or disclaimer
but people just upvote, I do not think the upvoters ever test code, so then it is questionable whether upvoting is always good.
@DroidDev Which is fine, hand-holding doesn't scale.
7:44 AM
Please do test your code before submitting, or leave a disclaimer that you submit untested code. Either way, Never try to create SQL commands by putting values directly into the string is the bigger issue since it is conceptually wrong. See my answer that it works (and should work) fine for me. — Final Contest 4 mins ago
@rene: people submit syntax error with conceptual flaws and it gets 3 upvotes in no time.
@FinalContest They probably go like me, looks good at first glance, it is accepted so it must be good...
and of course my tested code with the intended design gets no upvotes or perhaps even downvotes if we wait a bit because I dared to point out those issues in the almighty answer. :-)
user image
A: Generating a dynamic XPS document from a MVC application with database values

RyanSorry I should have commented instead, but stackoverflow won't let me... I was able to generate PDF Documents in RazorPDF with data coming from SQL Server, it would help us solve your problem if you can detail your scenario in PDF Printing. As for XPS, I haven't come across that either.

@bjb568 I'd say it is really difference of thinking. Like, what you consider as a good and answerable question, and what are other people's standards for same.
In your case, you just encountered some people who don't have same standards as that you yours.
7:51 AM
In any case, they are awfully rude about it. And serial downvote and stalk me…
You should change your name and avatar, if that is the case.
They'd find me.
I don't see much help being provided from SO, if you are getting downvoted by some people who are smart enough to know how to get away with that.
Changing my name causes problems with @-replies.
@rene: that guy seems to be the number one in the sql tag... so he probably is OK at SQL, but takes wild claims at QtSql. ;)
8:00 AM
@bjb568 If I had seen that kind of criticism on myself and If I was convinced that it is wrong, I would had left the room at same instance. But, then again, I am kind of stubborn person who get into problems with others because of his attitude.
@bjb568 how much of that do you get on daily basis. I think that will settle up eventually.
@DroidDev Same here. But I also enjoy helping people there too.
@DroidDev I dunno… Seems drastic.
@bjb568 Then I'd suggest you to ignore people that you don't like and keep helping the ones that you want. If you think someone's question is not worth answering, don't take the link to that chatroom. Flag it and wait for reviews. Because copying the link there will again cause a conflict of ideas and that will again start an argument.
@DroidDev Well, I'm not going back to the JS room, but here seems to be fine.
@Joe there are no "civilians" reading Meta posts. It's all politicians and morality knights here. — rubenvb 9 mins ago
8:06 AM
@bjb568 :)
when you discuss about flagging on the post itself. I wonder what the OP might be thinking.
@FinalContest done
@TimPost hey, got a minute?
8:12 AM
Comment cannot contain that content -> waaaat
"what have you tried?"
A: "What have you tried" epidemic

Shog9I agree - these are getting old. If the question's really missing something, either down-vote / close / flag or take the time to explain what is missing. Starting now, comments that consist of nothing but "what have you tried" are blocked completely, and comments that consist of little more than...

/me is shocked
let us circumvent it
Heck, NO, just no! — Final Contest 5 secs ago
@ShadowWizard I was just hit by that yesterday. You can't post that content in comment (something like that appeared)
@DroidDev what have you tried? :D
@DroidDev: "Comment cannot contain that content"
You are expected to try to solve the problem. — Final Contest 3 secs ago
8:16 AM
@FinalContest Did you just tried it? LOL
well, the english language is versatile not to get blocked by some adhoc limitation. ;)
The question seems to be off-topic because it is about "what have you tried"
ya, I eventually end up posting Show us your efforts. What have you tried?
this seems to be allowed, roger!
@DroidDev: that can be deleted by one single flag.
@DroidDev: try to avoid what have you tried, and that cannot be deleted by one flag abruptly.
see Shog's post above.
Why do they need to do that? OP will almost always edit.
Let's see...
What have you tried?
This shouldn't be blocked ^
8:21 AM
@FinalContest I don't care about deletion of that comment, if I really need to post that kind of comment on a post, chances are OP hasn't tried anything(I am talking about android tag) and I'll end up flagging it anyway.
¿pǝᴉɹʇ noʎ ǝʌɐɥ ʇɐɥM
@ShadowWizard That is....:)
@ShadowWizard I flag it
@DroidDev nooooo
@bjb568 but I can't read it! ;)
@ShadowWizard Ⓦⓗⓐⓣ ⓗⓐⓥⓔ ⓨⓞⓤ ⓣⓡⓘⓔⓓ?
8:22 AM
Ok, don't panic, I didn't :P
I get it that Jin is too busy? Weeks pass by and not a single bug got any bit of attention. I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything but.... — Shadow Wizard 19 secs ago
Anna is my last resort!
@bjb568 that's better. But most new users would just shrug it off ☻
@bjb568 How do you guys do that with characters. I really need to take some classes on interactive chatting. My friends also suggest me same.
@DroidDev Google. A proxy for Jon Skeet.
@DroidDev the stuff above is achieved with unicode converters, the ☺ or ☻ or ♠ can be achieved by pressing ALT and a number in the numeric keypad
☺ is ALT+1
On a mac, option: ¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘«åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥÷ Option shift: ⁄€‹›fifl‡°·‚—±Œ„´‰ˇÁ¨ˆØ’»ÅÍÎÏ˝ÓÔÒÚƸ˛Ç◊ı˜Â¯˘¿
8:28 AM
Sometimes I accidentally type unicode characters. I'm convinced something's wrong with my keyboard.
@ShadowWizard I am on linux and my chrome takes me to that number of tab, which I just pressed with ALT
But first things first, let me clean up the dust from my numpad.
It's been 34134234342 years, since I used it.
Seems like it's 798986798467687468798986498974561238676889% useless.
@DroidDev: write "you have tried what?"
That's a habit developed from using laptop too much.
or you can make an innocent typo: "wat have you tried"?
8:32 AM
@FinalContest (idea) Why I didn't think of that.....
you are not bored like me :D
I am waiting for an application to come live on Google Play store since monday and then test it for any bug.
Bored? Learn node.
nothing to do other then SO.
I think we should ask for modification in the English language not to match the WHYT pattern.
8:36 AM
then see this should also be banned from being typed in comments.
check this? :p
see it? :p
Amazing. Code I wrote over 8 years ago is still being used. forums.aspfree.com/code-bank-54/…
@bjb568 sweet dreams!
@FinalContest Have you even read about Sanskrit language. You can write a sentence in it with any possible combination of words, its meaning will never change.
Like, John is coming from tom's house and tom's house is coming from john.
I actually know some "sanskrit slokas".
8:40 AM
second sentence doesn't mean anything, but this doesn't happen in Sanskrit
i.e. verses, by heart :)
@FinalContest really!!
@DroidDev I only remember Sanskrit used in Dan Brown book as part of encryption.
@ShadowWizard I have studied it from 7th to 10th standrad.
@DroidDev: yup. :)
8:42 AM
@FinalContest It is almost at the point of extinction in India, where it originated and was used as primary language for communication for centuries. But seeing you knowing slokas, I am just shocked.
yeah, maybe 10-15 of them.
by heart anytime even when I wake up ;)
wow, do you also know their meaning, I know some slokas, but don't know their meaning.
yes, of course.
@FinalContest what prompted you to learn those? If I may ask.
@MartijnPieters stackoverflow.com/questions/23945992/… is a dupe too I think
8:47 AM
@ShadowWizard what have you tried?
@TimPost everything. I bumped into a solid wall. Haalp!
@ShadowWizard Use your diamond pickaxe or TNT if you have it.
MSE.Report("design bugs");
MSE.Bump("design bugs");
MSE.Bountify("design bugs");
Email.Send("Stack Exchange", "nudge about design bugs");
@Tim ^
Who wants design?
8:55 AM
Developer.Bribe("design bugs");
@Bart oh, but I lost all my Unicoins {sob} ;(
@rene me! me! me?
So the team designed bugs for you and now you are still unhappy?
@rene when you put it that way... ;)
And I didn't even report most of the bugs, so no MSE rep gain for me. D:
who want some skin care advice...
9:10 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about seeking reasons for downvotes on a bunch of poorly-written questions that were basic enough to be answered by referring to the documentation. — devnull 33 mins ago
Really, that is a valid custom close reason? And it has 2 votes so far?
9:26 AM
@ShadowWizard Laura is unofficially officially semi assertively taking over those to make sure they get done. Let me ask hew how she wants them funneled in
But, I need to wait for her to wake up first.
I am feeling blue when I come & visit this chatroom
/me imagines massive actual funnel on top of office building
You should be feeling brown, if anything @chmod711telkitty
... do I want to click on that?
It's very safe ... unless you are on some kind of diet ...
9:29 AM
@Bart YES YES!! DO IT! DO IT!!
Dammit, now I'm hungry!
that was fast
Should have really marked that NSFW though @chmod711telkitty. Not Safe For Waist
well, safe for women who only gain weight on boobs and butts :x
@chmod711telkitty It's an overcasty-rainy-ish late afternoon here, perfect time for one or three of those and some coffee.
9:34 AM
Coffee ... not some nice hot drink from tpot teapot? ;)
@chmod711telkitty Brain: flag it, heart: no its funny, don't do it. LOL
It's not fair, I can post naked pictures of any female specie, just not humans :/
I can post a picture of hen, cow or a mother pig without any clothes on, just not a topless woman
Oh! so you were talking about those female specie. Then I should shut my brain up. ;)
And recently I was banned for posting a link to a woman who have clothes on, I even put NSFW tag on!
9:42 AM
@chmod711telkitty My teapot had an unfortunate, tragic encounter with gravity earlier this week. I am quite saddened by it still.
You should try glass of steel for coffee then. :D
9:55 AM
@chmod711telkitty Upon first observation, I thought you'd constructed a porcelain chicken.
It also seems like Alladin's lamp, in pure white.
I like the ribbon. Pretty pretty ribbon.
Give me a flag riffle and too-broad bullets. I am going in .
10:20 AM
is this too-bread or opinion-based?
@TimPost if she dream about those bugs then it's all good. :)
10:44 AM
@DroidDev I'd go for "unclear"
11:17 AM
You are expected to try to solve the problem. — Final Contest 3 hours ago
Final Contest, What do you mean? — cotigao 2 hours ago
11:48 AM
@TimPost Can you please reply to my email I sent? Thanks! :-)
@IonicăBizău I'm going to be processing stuff at the warehouse tomorrow (FYI for all others awaiting swag). I'm going to have them actually hand-write the label out, because I can't for the life of me figure out what else could be causing it to go missing once it hits your neck of the woods.
Having problems delivering in a few parts of India recently too, I don't know if it's a FedEx quirk or what
12:15 PM
@TimPost Ok. Thanks!
12:28 PM
The day when LINUS was chosen as an OS.
> Linus as the best development platform
Does it shout at you when you make a mistake?
The boot windows says "Oh, it's you, you incompetent bastard"
It gives you a link of SO, when NPE occurs in your code. I've tested it myself.
@Stijn most likely
@IonicăBizău what'd you ask for :D?
12:41 PM
I also wanna know this
What?? Don't you believe me??
@DroidDev CV'd
sorry :P
1:06 PM
Now consider another scenario, when your TextToSpeech reads STOP from text and it says STOPDroidDev 57 secs ago
1:20 PM
There is a user @vessilli who is making a lot of vandalous edits is this the place to report that?
@secretformula not really, flag is the proper action.
Alright thanks!
if it's really bad you can also report on the meta site itself so that hi rep users can rollback invalid edits etc.
Just avoid calling out specific users on meta whenever possible, the attention they'll get is far from pleasant, and usually much harsher than what's needed or warranted.
I don't think it extreme enough to warrent meta, thanks for the advice
1:23 PM
Cheers! Guys, quickly let's reject this: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/4989480
With enough rejections he will get auto banned for 7 days
My only concern was I was seeing his edits get approved :/
@secretformula sure, see "Robo Reviewers"
One of the most infuriating things on SO
1:36 PM
@ShadowWizard I guess he's done now
Has anyone ever noticed the link near "IE6" on the Test Virtual Machine Environment page on modern.ie ?
@Bart not sure, Robo OP approved this crap.
some guys wanna watch whole world burn
1:52 PM
Yeah, but a couple got rejected and the user stopped. Let's hope that was enough @ShadowWizard.
good work guys
@DroidDev oh, not burned. Just get covered with crap.
@user0000000 why??
it's a valid request.
I don't like it, its about something way too minor, and it's only an issue because the OP is messing around with client side html editing.
1:56 PM
@user0000000 not liking something on MSE does not mean we should close it. Downvote, comment why you don't agree and that's it. :)
recruiters are getting desperate, just got an email with the subject "Experience your wet dream :)"
Are they advertising a job in water bed testing?
@3ventic a .NET evangelist followed by a bunch of buzzwords
as usual
2:14 PM
there is a tag non-existing anymore that used to .... we have even written tagwiki for it... How can I check why it has gone? Cannot find any meta discussion.
which tag?
I have just re-created it, but all the wiki work is gone.
Did it have a lot of questions?
maybe 5-10.
it is a new project, so that does not mean it is uncommon because it is crap. :)
Hmm, okay. That should suffice. Sometimes a tag with 1 question gets cleaned up
But 5-10 seems excessive
Ah, here we go. I guess this might explain it:
Not certain though. That might have been a single instance
2:20 PM
yeah, and quite useless edit again. :/
Tag Wars!
the question is about qt and websockets, yeah, right, the OP was not aware of it, but that is what it is anyways.
yay, done by a php/non-c++/non-qt contributor.
I definitely think irrelevant people have too much power that they misuse.
@Bart stackoverflow.com/users/168868/… looks to be a single instance
Haha, you were seconds before me @Stijn. Was verifying the same thing, given that it's Charles.
2:22 PM
@FinalContest he got same power as you, best course of action is inviting him to chat and discuss it with him.
perhaps SEDE can be queried for revisions removing this tag? not sure
@ShadowWizard: best solution for irrelevant people to shut up and leave it with the tag contributors to agree upon it.
has anyone tried to write a QWebSockets tag wiki?
yes, it was done, and it is gone.
we wrote it with the qtwebsockets author.
sigh, that guy should have really checked the tag wiki before he removes it, how many questions it had, etc.
@FinalContest no, being offensive is always a bad idea. Period.
2:24 PM
@ShadowWizard: indeed, so do not offend area experts.
@FinalContest once again, absolutely not sure he removed the entire tag. That's a single instance.
at best: they will tell you that you do not make sense
at worst: they will leave.
did anyone have an offline data dump they can query?
I think select * from posthistory where text like '%<qtwebsockets>%' would work, but it'll probably timeout on SEDE
@Stijn sede?
SE Data Explorer
2:26 PM
@Stijn not sure why you are telling me that
> Hold tight while we fetch your results
the whole global power does not make sense to me.
@Braiam I thought you were asking what SEDE stands for
it is so often abused by people beyond their league.
2:27 PM
another OpenSSL vulnerability openssl.org/news/secadv_20140605.txt
@ShadowWizard I'm querying per month now going back in time
that seems to work
while we are at it, let us close the question: stackoverflow.com/questions/5673827/…
I already closed to vote it in the past, apparently.
@FinalContest I voted cv. But it seems like most people in the tavern have been too busy to cv questions with the cv-pls tag lately...
@user0000000: or they exceeded the limit like me...
thanks =)
2:51 PM
what's the place holder for the "current database domain" in the sede queries? ##site##?
3:06 PM
@Bart @FinalContest it's plz not pls... right?
Don't make me take out my smiting stick @user0000000
@Bart So sorry, I'll leave now in shame.
someone flagged that comment so it is now gone :P
... how did that get through?
3:15 PM
well, it was a link, so it is not literally 1:1
3:28 PM
@Bart there's another one that still survive
Hurry up before it's flagged too ;)
So it's only the comment without the link that's not allowed?
@FinalContest yep, the server side validation probably check the raw comment, not the final parsed text.
3:57 PM
@ShadowWizard boom
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