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7:00 AM
Hello folks! :D
I haz meta questions! I can ask?
It's too quiet in hur! :( Goodnight folks! Cupcake out! :D
@Cupcake Tavern can contain Meta questions about the Meta issues of Meta Stack Overflow. Bring it on!
@JanDvorak gone already, such titles survive even less than the Baba
7:09 AM
@ShadowWizard sometimes; math.se is pretty active, but mo isn't.
@JanDvorak never really figured the difference between the two to be honest :(
@ShadowWizard low-end / high-end mathematics
math.se = is there a mnemotechnic on how to multiply two polynomials?
mathoverflow = how do I prove that the set of polynomials is a commutative field and a unique factorisation domain?
By the way, usually I don't downvote discussions on Meta but couldn't help myself downvoting this one.
Thanks @Jan think it's more clear now :)
that baba guy can't help but include his phone number in every title
@JanDvorak yeah... I wonder, has anyone ever called it just to see what happens and who answers? I'm tempted to try but can't be bothered! :D
7:18 AM
@ShadowWizard my guess it's just a generic drain-your-money paid line
two minutes of music before you hear a human voice, which does nothing but say "please hold on until one of our operators is free"
@JanDvorak what about Skype? Won't it be free of that extra charge?
@ShadowWizard almost definitely not
I'm not sure if skype is able to reach premium fee lines
@JanDvorak good point! That Baba really should progress and make himself a site then.
Phone is so 90's
Oh, two fell down from chat
@ShadowWizard: if they had internet service you wouldn't need to wait 48 hours for marriage solutions :P
@Qantas94Heavy I want to be able to order black magic with a single click, how hard can it be?! :D
7:26 AM
@ShadowWizard: call call BABA JI the experts in love games
Reading the transcript, I was kinda tempted to just spam flags (that's verb, plural noun) all over the whole vomit conversation.
inb4 "what's wrong with the tavern? It's generating way too many invalid flags!!!"
Someone's had too many drinks from the tavern...
or not enough!
@michaelb958 vomit? Sounds like I missed some fun!
Hope a m̶o̶d̶ janitor cleaned the place up? Such things tend to leave quite a mess.
7:43 AM
ahoy hoy
yoh yoha
heh nice.
It's good to see someone alive in here
Is it just me, or does Meta.SO have a very controversial feel?
Everytime I post on it, I dread being downvoted within a few minutes. and it happens frequently. haha.
or, maybe it's only the last 2-3 questions I've posted or seen others posting with same concerns as myself.
@TomPace who said I'm alive? I might be a bot. ;)
Maybe you're a comedian bot.
just no knock-knock jokes, please.
@TomPace many do, and many get downvoted indeed. But that's Meta, for good or for bad.
@TomPace Undefined term "knock-knock jokes" so nothing to worry about. :D
7:51 AM
Haha good stuff. I have a little black book, it is entitled "Jokes Every Man Should Know"
The author banned knock-knock jokes. :)
@TomPace I'm tempted to Google. Will do it shortly. Anyway, can't see any downvoted questions of yours on Meta, so it means you deleted them?
Tonight I read how Meta.SO's up and down voting is entirely repurposed ... despite functionally and visually identical... and is fully emotional/opinion/subjective based, rather than merit based.
No, fortunately the question I posted an hour or two ago was subsequently upvoted a few times.
@TomPace that's true, but I fear most just learn it the hard way.
but within 5 min of posting, it was -1. :(
@TomPace oh, one downvote is just noise. Personally I suspect we have a downvote troll roaming around and just downvotes everything. So always ignore first downvote.
But if it becomes a rain/flood, well, it's a different story. :)
7:55 AM
Thanks :) I appreciate the sentiments of a downvote troll.
thats the joke book on amazon.ca
@michaelb958 well? I find it rather cute. :-P
@ShadowWizard I tend to get a lot of sympathy pain, sympathy sickness, etc. So that's not my favourite thing to read.
@TomPace oh my, I finally understand what you mean! We even have a phrase for this in my native language: בדיחות קרש lol
8:02 AM
lol ok I'll give you one of a few unbanned in that black jokes-for-men book:
Person 1: Knock knock!
Person 2: Who's There?
Person 1: Interrupting Cow.
Person 2: Interrup-
Person 1: MOOOOO!!!
I suppose if you are not familiar with knock knock jokes, the humour is lost :(
@michaelb958 that conversation is hilarious
but if you want something un-nausiating, I can tell you a good joke
I want a troll joke, @Tom! ;)
8:21 AM
Troll joke with happy ending e.g. when he falls over a cliff or get banned :P
Finally got an excuse to post JavaScript in Meta! meta.stackoverflow.com/a/228583/152859 ;)
You're on a roll!
@TomPace yeah, luckily not a troll!
8:37 AM
Could be a rhyme
Troll Groll sat on a bat.
Up in a jump, it stuck to his rump.
The bat he ate, it wasn't great,
And until his death, he had bat breath.
I am having too much word fun.
@Tom well played!
@TomPace Nice. It even fits on the starboard without ellipsis.
@michaelb958 wow, I'm sure Tom did it on purpose! ;)
I didn't even know about the star board thing
but I see the 2 stars now
Cheers @Tom and enjoy your new shiny badge! :D
8:49 AM
Two pigeons in a town decide to meet the next day at noon in the town park. First arrives 30 min early and waits. 12. 12:30. 1. An hour and a half pass, no sign of his friend. At long last, he shows up. When asked what took so long, he said "it was such a nice day out, I thought I'd walk."
Q: How to exchange binary structured data over a stream for C++, Java and Python?

Andreas FlorathI need to exchange binary structured data over a stream (TCP socket or pipe) between C++, Java and Python programs and I do not want to reinvent the wheel. Therefore my question: Is there a library / project out there which I can use? My first thought was using Google Protocol Buffers, but thi...

close vote please ^
9:05 AM
yeah, why not
interesting that there is no spam flagging option :)
Mcafee find the site OK, but I refuse to hit any POST button on that page...
I used more words
A: Using map with structure as key - value doesn't save

VinayDanvil has answered your query Just to add more into theory part: strict weak ordering This is a mathematical term to define a relationship between two objects. Its definition is: Two objects x and y are equivalent if both f(x, y) and f(y, x) are false. Note that an object is always (by the...

he lifted the answer from somewhere...
I am flagging it as NAA.
That will be declined, flag it as other if you feel the urgency. A downvote will give a strong signal...
9:11 AM
Q: extracting the contents from another site and store it in my database

user3503092I have used curl as well as get_file_content function to extract the contents of a site but I could not store it within my database i.e. mysql I request you all to help me out to solve this problem.

I flagged so. Hopefully, the comments will speak for themselves.
There seriously should be a spam flag for comments
Look back the transscript...
@rene: he could have used the duplicate flag.
it is a nasty way of abusing existing answers.
I agree with that
9:12 AM
two more close votes on the question, and it is closed as duplicate.
in which case, the answer really becomes useless, finally.
But if you flag NAA that could easily be misunderstood by a mod.
OK, the owner deleted. :)
well, I hope mods read the comments.
Do we have robo-mods? :-)
9:29 AM
I don't think it's clear that this question is off topic. Asking "is there a" is different from asking "please recommend a", as the former admits the possibility that there may be no magical solution and one might have to do more of the coding for oneself. — Warren Dew 30 secs ago
@LaszloPapp Sidenote: Wasn't Marc Gravell involved with the protocol buffer project?
I do not know.
The close reason is clear and that answer suggest the question was asking for opinions which it is not. low quality answer...
10:09 AM
hey everyone !
how can I click on reject?
seems NAA
skies answers
10:18 AM
indeed; flagged and commented
/me same
also, downvoted the question for being a code dump
Can we have a final cv here (Jan already left a comment) stackoverflow.com/questions/22892610/…
Someone answered...not useful
done rene
10:25 AM
Q: C++ program determines how many times each letter of alphabet occurs in a line of text

user3503245 IDESCRIPTION : This program determines how many times each letter of alphabet occurs in a line of text. */ need an input that looks something like: a=4 b=5 c=2 .... I can not get it to count a-z, A-Z and 0-9. Please look at code and help. ` #include<stdio.h> #include<iostream>

not sure what to do with it...
I have the feeling he just copied some code from somewhere without understanding it.
@rene answer now gone
but but but .. HELP ME PLEASE !!!
@JanDvorak That is good...I see a comment that he requested why it was downvoted...
see there my three comment Please don't add "thank you" as an answer. Once you have sufficient reputation, you will be able to vote up questions and answers that you found helpful.
How this is possible
system own write this
10:31 AM
@TGMCians you should still be able to delete them
guys did you see my comment there
Yes I can
but seems buggy somewhere
yes, I saw it thrice.
@TGMCians you use some user script/browser addon to post those comments?
10:32 AM
I use Google Chrome Browser
Anyway screenshot preserved in case you'll want to report it
@TGMCians how exactly did you post the first comment? What did you do afterwards?
@ShadowWizard dupe...
yes I am reporting
Very strange
let me tell you
I clicked first time on "Recommend Deletion" then worked then meanwhile my internet connectivity down then I did same two times and I was able to do, why seems here buggy
that result to three times
@TGMCians oh, so that's bug in the review. Was reported already as @Jan said.
Though you manually wrote the comment
No I did not write comments manually there, system wrote own three times
@JanDvorak link please ?
@TGMCians I just checked but buggy internet connectivity is not a valid outcome on the Wheel of Blame ;-)
hmm might you are right :)
I forgot the smiley at the end :-)
First Audit today : passed , wow Question was related to C , I generally review android questions and answers
@TGMCians you tried to edit the incorrect tag out, didn't you?
10:45 AM
@TGMCians can't find it, either my (and Jan's) memory fails me or it was deleted for some reason. Feel free to post your bug report! :)
@JanDvorak No, I am focusing on all type of question today either it is related to C/C++/Java/PHP/Android. That why
hmm I will do later Shadow
Shadow again one issue
System sent same question to me now to review that I have already reviewed 10 mins back
@TGMCians audit / audit?
@TGMCians what is the review item exactly?
Maybe different answer in same question?
let me share screenshot
@TGMCians link pls
@TGMCians and, the other one?
same, system sent same question to review it again
Submit it again ;-)
Q: Why was edit #4511257 rejected?

user3349592Can someone tell my why this edit was rejected? http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/4511257

see difference between my comment that system wrote own and above time reviews 2 min back
10:54 AM
You guys mind providing your reasoning there?
@rene @JanDvorak
Weird, @TGMCians. Anyway I don't think we need to delete it, let the author edit first.
Q: How to exchange binary structured data over a stream for C++, Java and Python?

Andreas FlorathExplanation I need to exchange binary structured data over a stream (TCP socket or pipe) between C++, Java and Python programs. Therefore my question: How to exchange binary structured data over a stream for C++, Java and Python? There is no way to create the complete object to be serializ...

oh noes, the software recommendation question got reopened.
@Bart on the partial answer that is more of a comment than an answer?
@JanDvorak On the rejection of the edit
@ShadowWizard hmm
@ShadowWizard weird things happening with me today
10:58 AM
Q: Node.js and DoS attacks - Repost 2

user3499873Is it true that a Node.js platform (as a server-side JS platform) is more susceptible to DoS attacks than traditional platforms (Java/ASP/PHP/Python)? Could you give an example on this. Thanks. Note. This is a repost of Node.js and DoS attacks which was closed (by a bunch of retards egos) wit...

This OP is asking for a spanking. I've downvoted, voted to close, and flagged for mod attention.
("Asking for a spanking" is my description of what is going on. The OP is not literally asking us to bring out the paddle.)
@TGMCians solution: upgrade your internet connection ;)
Internet connectivity working fine for me now
My server was down that why it was only one time
Anyway , :)
Nice !
And offensive comments (which I did not notice until now).
let the rainvotes down
@Louis he got a question ban, or will get it very soon.
11:01 AM
@Bart guilty
@ShadowWizard Great!
@rene robo rejector?
You could argue that my rejection was based on information not present in the edit
I would like to hear if my reasoning was sound on that rejection
I would have reviewed exactly like you did @rene. It's just that in this case I knew where to find the reviewers. So rather that providing my guessed reasoning, you guys could provide it yourself.
OK, tnx for that.
11:08 AM
@Bart and @rene I disagree, that edit was fine. not perfect, but it fixed enough to be approved in my opinion.
@ShadowWizard yet the question was not worth fixing
@ShadowWizard /me same ^
@ShadowWizard I would have rejected on the ground of pointlessness.
@ShadowWizard If I reached that in the queue I agree, I explained why I did reject in this case.
So once more, do we agree to disagree?
@Jan, @TGMCians, @Bart OK, valid point, but in such case we should choose "Other" and explain with custom reason. By rejecting what appears to be valid edit we send bad signal.
11:10 AM
Yeah, I would have gone for that option. I do the same for programming questions on Meta.
@rene not sure yet, maybe you win here ;)
@ShadowWizard so, other - question not worth saving?
@JanDvorak yep something like that.
Something like that @JanDvorak
that said, no harm by approving, the reputation will be taken back when question is deleted.
11:11 AM
then I risk robots being faster
@ShadowWizard good point
@JanDvorak too true. Be fast!
Should I write a userscript that adds custom cans?
@JanDvorak totally, yes :)
That account has two questions...
11:22 AM
@rene ...and SO account too
And I don't think it's the ghost of Mr. Jobs ;)
@rene and both are spam
good catch
I really need better heuristics
We have to wait if the SO account becomes active or that it becomes a sleeper
@rene more likely he already spammed and it got deleted
11:25 AM
@ShadowWizard: you sure? They can post a question and get it deleted in 8 minutes?
@Qantas94Heavy sure, spam in Stack Overflow is most likely nuked in less than a minute
with so many users viewing the front page, it's easy :)
The account was created on UX and then created (and associated) with an accout on SO
11:39 AM
I am done with Low Quality Post Review : Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 12 hours to continue reviewing.
welcome in the club.
hmm :)
looking CV review now
is there any stats for new close votes on questions / handled close votes.
@LaszloPapp nope, not that I know of. As for "handled close votes" there is the review history
11:46 AM
@Qantas94Heavy Heathens. Giving all us upstanding Melburnians a bad name.
Read a c++ book. That's my suggestion. You really need to understand what you are doing and I don't think you do. — o_weisman 1 min ago
:O how helpful ...
True though
@o_weisman: it is true that it is a basic question with relatively trivial answer, but instead of replying so, you could just explain the issue. That would be more productive, wouldn't it? — Laszlo Papp 45 secs ago
@LaszloPapp Yeah, in this case I'm not seeing the reason for that comment.
I wonder if I should flag the comment as not constructive
I probably will, and I will remove my comment.
11:53 AM
I've seen other questions that had so many problems that the best answer was really "please read an introductory textbook."
Well, looking at the code the OP is just trying random things he picked up somewhere. So a good book will definitely help him. Whether it should be phrased like that ... I don't think it should be.
Q: event schedular for linux using c++

saimI want to implement a scheduler that takes as input the system configuration and the processes, to simulate any given scheduling algorithm for Linux using c++. It will be based on Round robin,first come first server(FCFS),shortest job first(sjf),but i don't know from where i should start it and h...

go close machines, go!
status = on hold
Q: Why does the size of an int vary in some compilers?

user3200487Reading the following resource it says the size of an int/pointer can vary depending on the compiler: http://www.c4learn.com/c-programming/c-size-of-pointer-variable/ Why is this? Surely shouldn't this be something that remains consistent based on processor architecture instead?

12:22 PM
that is a weird way of getting attention for an off-site issue....
2 hours later…
2 hours later…
3:54 PM
Finally!!! After 4 hours, I was able to repair my graphics driver.
So, in Norway it is soon illegal to publicize webpages that do not follow government rules on accessibility. Does anyone know if other countries does the same?
It is kind of tragicomic. Bad design becomes a punishable offence.
@user13500 Is there a news story / reference to that on the internet somewhere?
@JasonC: It's little to find, in English at least, but this is the official portal for the project: uu.difi.no/english
Q: What will be the value of answer after the following code executes?

Rohit SthapitWhat is the output of following C++ code and how is it working #define SQ(a) (a*a ) int answer SQ(2 + 3 ); Output is 11 for this case and for int answer SQ(2 + 4); is 14 I donot know what is going on.

@user13500 It at least appears to not apply to personal web sites.
It's kind of odd though, no? The "unofficial translation of the regulation" isn't really clear on how the rules relate to whether or not the site is actually hosted in Norway.
4:08 PM
@user13500 we have similar guidelines in the Netherlands it is not by law regulated yet but on the project I was involved with last year did require to follow and implement the guidelines...
@JasonC: Yes. Have tried to find out that myself, but no luck.
I've seen arguments that it also apply to private webpages where the information is of public interest. E.g. a project page on WWII, fishing etc.
I get that they do it for official pages like municipal portals, government sites, transportation, automats etc. but if one have say a webshop you can get fines if the design does not follow the rules. The fines are said to be above the cost it would be to change the website to adhere to the set of rules.
@user13500 What if you're, like, a small furniture repair shop, or a plumber or something and you have some cheesy little site for your business? Does it still apply?
Yes. At least if I understand the information I have gathered.
Ok, I thought that I repaired my graphics driver. After bringing my computer out of sleep, my screen was flickering and it did not stop. Then I restarted my computer and got a bluescreen and I had to do a Start Repair. And now my new graphics driver is gone :-(. Fortunately, I have two graphics drivers.
4:23 PM
@ProgramFOX: Sure it is not HW trouble? Laptop?
@ProgramFOX Are you sure that's a software problem?
@user13500 What's HW? Yes, it's a laptop.
Hard Ware
@JasonC: you are nice
Q: A more elegnet way to copy std::string into a vector<char>

Angel.King.47I can't see to find the answer to this, so sorry in advance if there is a duplicate. Is there a more elegent way of creating a vector<char> from a string. std::string s("I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave."); std::vector<char> temp; for (size_t x = 0; x < s.size(); x++) ...

duplicate cv please
It can be hardware problem of course, but before updating my driver I didn't have this problem.
4:25 PM
I gave my last CV for the day.
@LaszloPapp I am nice?
well, you were patient to the macro stuff.
@ProgramFOX: Have a lot of bad experience with graphics cards on laptops. Surely hope HW-trouble it is not the case.
Now I don't have trouble anymore because the driver that was causing the problem has been removed. But my second driver does not support Sleep.
@LaszloPapp Oh that guy; well, maybe it'll give him an epiphany about how macro expansion works so he doesn't ask stupid stuff about it any more.
4:36 PM
sometimes it is good to see other patient people, so I can also easily remain patient.
on the contrary, it is not nice to see non-patient people :)
Q: Why the destructor of volatile register object not getting called ? [Experimental]

RenukaHere in this program my distructor is not getting called, but if I delete the this pointer it is calling the dtor. Is this because I am storing my object in the register? Am I actually storing my object to a register here? Please share your thought on this. #include <iostream> using namespace st...

nice tag, Experimental? Never come across such a marker...
4:54 PM
So dope!
stoooooop upvoting until tomorrow, I reached the maximum.
@rene: Interesting. But, from pt. 8 here, webrichtlijnen.nl/english/what-and-why/… doesn't it say that there is a law in place?
That is correct
OK, so not for e.g. web-shops?
any londoners here?
5:05 PM
@user13500 Only for projects that are run for government agencies
It is not uncommon that for those projects experience with those guidelines is mandatory
OK. That sounds good / fair.
5:27 PM
posted my new question on meta
Did you guys see
yes, upvoted.
hi everyone!
Good morning!
hey Blue
hi blue ice.
5:32 PM
Good evening Blue Ice!
that ^^^^
Night here - 11:02 PM
1:30PM but haven't gotten out of bed yet so... morning or afternoon.
11:34 AM here :)
Slept in because it's a weekend!
@TGM Upvoted your meta question
5:35 PM
got up so early during the weekend? :P
Lol you call 11:30 AM "sleeping in?" Noob.
@Laszlo @JasonC That's what waking up at 6:00 AM every weekday does to you :)
@ProgramFOX Good evening to you too!
@LaszloPapp Yeah, but I went to bed at like 1:30 AM soooooooooooooooooo...
5:43 PM
@JasonC all right, I'm going to post my bug on MSO
hold on for just a minute
Wow Convention badge - 10 posts with score of 2 on meta.
now, you can run for moderator election.
@TGMCians did you just get that? Congrats!
@LaszloPapp really ?
5:55 PM
@Louis or
@BlueIce I can see how too-broad might work. I prefer to use "too broad" when I definitely know enough details about the problem to say answers are going to be too long or there are going to be too many answers. Before getting the details, it feels "unclear" to me.
@Louis Any question asking for suggestions I think is "too broad"- there would be too many possible answers.

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