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1:03 AM
ayyeeeyyooo galilieooo
1:14 AM
@SilverWyrda do you get this?
1:45 AM
1:57 AM
> Denotes features deserving of "WAT?!"
And this is a 6k user >:(
@Undo I burninated it. All four edit summaries read "wat".
In fact, the burnination was so fast I got rate-limited twice!
@animuson just nuke the tag from orbit... and... just who approved that edit?
The tag is gone. :P
If you notice, that suggestion now says orphan wiki.
someone needs to send that guy a nice note
No, the first one was approved, then he edited more in.
2:22 AM
What on earth, [status-removed] works but not [status-wat]?
2:27 AM
Oh, it has to be standalone.
@Doorknob Does this link work for you? chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/messages/1948043/history
@ChrisJester-Young Nope
Bummer. That was me trying to get [status-wat] to work but failing, and deleting the message in frustration.
2:54 AM
Hey, uh, does anyone have an Android app handy?
The app is crashing for me when I load my user page
@Chris My app is borking out at seemingly random times as well. Jumped in here to see if anyone had the same issue; apparently so :-P
No idea what's happening. Maybe you should post on meta. I'm going to sleep now though
3:11 AM
I'll wait until morning; I can't replicate it now in any case; it started working, @Doorknob
Does anyone see anything DV-worthy in this answer of mine? I don't see what the problem is.
does it fall under spam?
A: How to show data in crystal report using condition

user3496252I really like the sound of this application. It could really clean up the record keeping progress. Everything will be nice and organized if you use this. Bill | http://hallmarkhealth.org/Urgent-Care-Center/Page-2.html

3:20 AM
I go to comment, ask the answerer to finish their: "So, yes." sentence, and bam! Audit, didn't pass.
Oh and look: " You have failed too many recent review audits – looks like you might need a break. Come back on May 4 at 3:19 to continue reviewing."
@Undo Look at it now - NAA. Some fool decided to just make it say that... sigh
@Chris It's been weird for me, too.
@hichris123 you shouldn't have edited it.
that clears spam flags IIRC
Well, it wasn't spam anyway...
And I think it only clears offensive flags.
3:25 AM
Ah, maybe
@hichris123 100% spam - click that link.
@Undo You do mean the post above it, correct?
sigh the curse of Ctrl-C. :P
Am I a poor reviewer, or is this exceptional?
@Aaron Huh?
@hichris123 I'm asking what's the deal with the review audit system?
3:33 AM
@AaronHall it's broken. There, I said it.
@Undo ... there was no link, right?
I flagged it, maybe it got deleted finally?
@hichris123 the link was greyed out, on the last line.
To one of those imposter search-engine page-full-of-links sites.
Screenshot plz whatever mod just deleted it?
Or I can look at Google cache...
The link is fairly safe, if you find it.
Or at least the first 768 px of it is :P
3:35 AM
I still have it, do you really need a shot?
or just the link?
Anyway, I'm off to bed now folks. Cya!
Thanks a lot.

This post really helped me and saved me lot of time.

the signature hid the link
@hichris123 so do you need a screenshot?
I don't see why, but ok
Guess I didn't see it with the grayed out ness...
3:40 AM
got it?
@hichris123 is that good? had my mouse over the link, it's on the bottom left.
Yeah, that's fine.
gotta go to bed now.
Totally didn't see that.
Hey, about my reviewing, should I just forget about reviewing for a month?
... Pretty much. Not even sure if mods can unban you from audit bans.
3:58 AM
I've read they have.
Yes! 3rd gold badge, coming my way! I've been voting on questions.
I stopped answering questions for a while, been doing a bit of meta SO'ing... so to speak.
Plus, it's like the questions have dried up. Maybe schools are on break?
Martijn's not let up... he's still killing it, with like 300+ a day.
I was pleased to get mortarboard for once.
It's like he's aiming to be the Jon Skeet of Python or something.
5:15 AM
Eight downvotes, a custom close vote, and still not enough spam flags to nuke that?
Some people are doing it wrong, it seems.
@jadarnel27 I left a note to the closevoter, then cast flag #6.
"Ah, that's clearly a nail. Let me move this hammer out of the way, so I can get to my screwdriver, and bash this thing into the wall with the handle."
That's like admonishing tinned spiced ham in a frustrated way, when what you really should be doing involves a flamethrower.
Nicely done, @michaelb. Though I wonder how much good the comment would gave done anyway. 300k user, has been on the site since the beginning.
@jadarnel27 I can dream, can't I?
5:20 AM
Of course =)
It's the ideal time for dreaming, in my time zone.
Instead I'm awake, because this DBA assigned to my project deployment doesn't know how to do whatever it is their doing.
They passed their 30 minute estimate an hour ago.
And called in the on call DBA for assistance.
@jadarnel27 Simple! TRUNCATE TABLE Data;
@michaelb Can you remote in? =P
Sorry. I'm done ranting. I feel bad for the DBA, actually. They realize their the one holding this up. And that's a crappy feeling.
5:59 AM
A: classes to use for video steganography in java

user3496612hey bro send me ur full project

A: classes to use for video steganography in java

user3496612deepak pls mail me ur video steg full project.. pls help me, am in trouble...

first I thought it is NAA, but then I saw his other post....
I will flag them as NAA, but IMHO, this deserves account deletion.
@laszlo Agreed.
@jadarnel yeah, that spam took a surprisingly long time to disappear. Not as bad as I've seen before, though :(
I'm staying awake and listening to the Flaming Lips :)
Did anyone else's amount of flags/CVS for the rest of the day just reset?
@BlueIce No repro on Meta.
@michaelb How about on main?
@laszlo they are gone now
6:11 AM
ok, good :)
@BlueIce Nope. Normal cap of 73, flagged question as spam earlier, now 72.
Production deployment backed out. Time for sleep. Blerg.
@Jadarnel27 Goodnight! :)
6:13 AM
yep, good night.
@michaelb It's probably just a combination of my total number increasing and me being tired that made me think that it reset
Thanks though :)
@BlueIce That would do it; extra flag quota is added the moment you become eligible. (That is, the moment youget your 10th helpful flag, you get another flag added - even if you had run out.)
@michaelb good to know! That makes sense to me.
6:28 AM
Does the bitcoin stack exchange get higher than average spam, compared to the other stack exchange sites?
@Cupcake not sure, but the spam is more on-topic.
@jan I bet that makes it worse :(
@BlueIce it makes the spam harder to spot :-(
I still have trouble coming up with decent heuristics for answer spam anywhere, though.
@jan ^^ yup, that's what I thought.
At least SO has "Fast Efficient Moving to <insert city here>" :p
Well, you see, this is not "moving.se".
Or "gucci.se", for that matter.
6:41 AM
Yeah, gucci.se is probably too specific
You know the spam has gotten really clever when you have to use an other flag to report it.
@jandvorak Well, my brain isn't working right anymore
Which means I should go to sleep
So goodnight :)
The image URL for pt.stackoverflow is cdn.sstatic.net/br/img/icon-48.png . WAT if another site in portugal launches?
7:41 AM
good morning
CV from me...
(Cross-posted from chat.stackoverflow.com, since I guess this is the right place)
While reviewing low quality posts, I got presented with an answer to stackoverflow.com/questions/… that recommended dijon. Since the answer seemed ok to me, I chose "Looks good" and was very surprised to get the "Stop! Please pay attention" response because the answer had been marked as spam and deleted. In my opinion, the answer is valid and should have been kept. Is there any action I can / should take?
8:11 AM
@FrankSchmitt you can flag for undeletion. It was probably deleted for a reason, but I can't see the reason. Maybe it was undisclosed affiliation?
or, you can ask on meta why it was deleted.
This doesn't look like a good audit to me, but I don't know enough to judge the deletion itself.
@JanDvorak Never heard of "undisclosed affiliation" before. You got to learn something new every day. Thanks (I've flagged the answer for undelete).
@FrankSchmitt please notify me about its resolution.
@JanDvorak Should I just post it in this chat room, then?
(feeling somewhat embarassed - I've been using the site for 3+ years and still don't know how this whole chat / direct communication thing works :-) )
@FrankSchmitt I mean, with an @ping
@JanDvorak Ok.
2 hours later…
10:26 AM
A: how to remove line from a string?

user3497539how can i achieve my desired output? You can't if you don't show any effort or research; this site was not created for others to do your work (free).

11:34 AM
Q: Flagged "not an answer", flag marked helpful but answer still exists

WilliamsI flagged this answer, which was marked as helpful. So why does this post still exist? Someone edited the post a few minutes back, so here's the original revision that I flagged: Could you try with android:showAsAction="always" for the items in the menu. I think this should be a comment. ...

1:08 PM
Ahh, that un-brown feeling of posting a Perfectly Obvious Duplicate after your arrogance blinded you to the dupe target just sitting there, waiting for you to see it and rethink posting...
1:21 PM
Q: Convert from string to int array

BiffBaffBoffI have the following code: var stringNumber = 93.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); var stringArray = stringNumber.ToCharArray(); var intArray = stringArray.Select(x => (int)x).ToArray(); What I would expect intArray to contain are the values 9 and 3 but instead it contains 57 and 51 and ...

5 answers, find the differences
1:35 PM
Good morning!
@bart You're back! We missed you!
Hi @BlueIce!
@programfox hiya!
General question for how meta works. If there is an old bug report from 2012 about an issue on StackOverflow, the bug gets fixed and the post is marked as [status-complete]. Now 2 years later the bug is occurring again. Should I make a new post, or somehow edit the existing post for that issue?
@vcsjones Make a new post.
And perhaps add a link to the old bug report. Might give devs a hint what to look for.
@bart I made a picture for you! chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/1941169#1941169 Shadow Wizard thought you got eaten by a unicoin :P
1:41 PM
@Stijn thanks.
2:38 PM
I want to suggest merging two tags [invision-power-board] and [ipb], but neither one has an enormous amount of questions associated. Would it be better to manually retag these?
I want to suggest merging two tags [invision-power-board] and [ipb], but neither one has an enormous amount of questions associated. Would it be better to manually retag these?
2:49 PM
Thank you. How'd you make those tags?
Perhaps a synonym could be suggested? with invision-power-board as the main tag
That's probably a better idea.
most people refer to it as IPB or IP.Board
That one does have more tagged questions
2:52 PM
It's very rare to see anyone type out the company name
Even the forum software itself is branded as IP.Board
@Stijn A suggested synonym would be a good idea, but nobody has a score of 5 in that tag, so a moderator would have to synonymize them.
Time for a meta post I guess
I think a full length tag is preferred over an abbreviation, not sure.
I'll get one posted
The full name is IP.Board
2:55 PM
@3ventic Ah yes, you're correct. Perhaps it was named Invision Power Board during the previous decade then?
The company behind it is Invision Power so I guess people tend to associate the IP with the company name, but it's officially called IP.Board pretty much everywhere
So, should the synonm be created on that points to ? Or the other way around?
I'd just ask on Meta what the best choice would be, and be sure to mention @3ventic's link where it says that the official name is IP.Board
3:34 PM
Nice, Area 51 has the new top bar now!
3:49 PM
Does anyone know off-hand if it's worth it to flag for migration to beta sites (softwarerecs in particular)?
A: Software recommendations on SO

Journeyman GeekMigrations have come up before, and until we survive beta, we're probably going to have to discourage them. If a question doesn't meet the quality criteria of softwarerecs.se, chances are it'll get kicked back to SO. This is true of other beta sites too. Eventually, we'll grow up, be tottering al...

@ChrisForrence If it would be a good, quality question on the target site, sure.
Here's the post that I'm asking for/about:
Q: Creating an ecommerce store with drupal with external marketplace products

mcbjamI would like to create a website to display selected products from eBay, Amazon, or other marketplaces. I'd like to display these products in a real shop template. Instead of people buying them on my site, however, I'd like to redirect them to the appropriate marketplace. I've tried using the Dr...

@ChrisForrence I recently saw a post on MSO where I saw that they currently don't accept migrations from SO to SR.
4:01 PM
@Jeroen Can't see that one (not enough rep) but the title sure looks inspiring.
hey everyone !
> I see blue sky. Mercedes best combo. 1+1=2 trollpost

> Yes I know.Yes I know.Yes I know.Yes I know.

> I see blue sky. Mercedes best combo. 1+1=2 trollpost
Maybe a Haiku?
I am voting to close a question which have 296 upvotes, I am not doing any mistake :)
@ProgramFOX - Yeah, I had seen this: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/223950/175498
4:12 PM
@ChrisForrence It was not that post, but I can't find the post which I was referring to.
@TGMCians When I see things like this I figure that's due to rule changes.
I mean rule changes regarding what is on-topic.
What may have been acceptable once is no longer acceptable.
@ProgramFOX - I flagged for migration anyways; it couldn't hurt (other than a possible declined flag for me), and if I'm interpreting this correctly, then it would be well-defined for SR
4:14 PM
> declined - It's too old to migrate, and they aren't taking migration from SO.
thnx all who voted to close that
The amount of migrations from SO to SR would likely be way too big for the site to handle.
should I vote to close this also stackoverflow.com/questions/3593420/…
@TGMCians Under what reason? Seems acceptable to me
@ChrisForrence Yeah, don't be surprised if it is declined. These days it seems that an accepted migration flag less likely than one of us successfully juggling a bunch of badgers which would themselves be juggling size-appropriate flaming chainsaws (with the chainsaws running, of course).
4:17 PM
that why I asked here
it is again related to tools
@TGMCians voted as "gimmme-a-resource"
to get source code from APK
@ProgramFOX - "I think we've reached the stage where we can handle a slow trickle¹ of incoming migrations, but the problem remains to only accept migrations of sufficient quality. " is the accepted answer
No, he does not ask for a resource. He asks for a way to solve it, only mentioning a tool as a sidenote
@Louis - While whistling Dixie, right?
4:18 PM
It stays in the acceptable grey area for me
@ChrisForrence Well, 2 things: a) SR is still in beta. b) It was basically crap before you edited it. c) Not sure if plugins are on-topic on SR. d) Yeah.. you get the point (cc @Undo)
@JeroenVannevel sure, but you do need a tool to do that
@ChrisForrence Might as well!
Agree Jan Dvorak
@JanDvorak Maybe, but just because the answer is expected to be a tool, doesn't mean the question should be closed for that. What if someone finds a way to do it with just Eclipse?
4:19 PM
@JanDvorak Meh, I wouldn't VTC it. Just because you need a tool to do it doesn't mean it's a resource request.
@JeroenVannevel unlikely but good point; but, what about the answers that are just tool-links?
@JanDvorak ... VLQ?
@hichris123 But VLQQ cannot vote.
... huh?
4:22 PM
@hichris123 you are probably right; thanks
I'm a little sleepy... so that may be why. :P
@rene Too bad, I've been busy with code generation the entire time. I would've given him a detailed overview if it wouldn't be so incomprehensible and broad :(
@rene I gave it the coup de grâce.
@JeroenVannevel yeah...it sure is a How do I eat an elephant question...
@Louis tnx
@JeroenVannevel No that is not possible anyhow to do with just Eclipse
4:29 PM
@Louis What does this French word that I don't know mean? ;)
@hichris123 "death blow" would be a good translation.
It is the final strike that kills the beast.
@hichris123 - I think it refers to the ancient Cup of Grace. Steeped in French mythology, legend says that the royal princess Grace in 430 BC once fended off an army using a simple metal cup.
The idea is that it ends the suffering of a creature which is close to death.
4:31 PM
@ChrisForrence Huh.
@ChrisForrence folk etymologies.... gotta love them.
@Louis - But of course!
Anyone here who use StackExchange Android App ?
@TGMCians I use it to get audible notification when someone use the @-notation in comments. I often get the notification from my tablet before I get it from anything else. It's like a not-too-bright-but-still-lovable guard dog of some sort.
seems issue in upvoting&downvoting answer sometime, not always
4:38 PM
@hichris123 I feel pinged
Say, what happened to @hichris123 being in school?
@Undo Spring break. :D
starting on a friday? weird
Yeah... we get this friday off, then everything off until next-next monday.
Our spring break started on Tuesday, because the exams ended that day.
@hichris123 Which just happens to be the exact time in which you're supposed to be developing your WWDC scholarship app. This is not a coincidence.
4:43 PM
@Undo Really? rofl
sends a bunch of iOS development tutorials to @hichris123
Build a hackintosh!
@Undo How? plzsendtehtutorialz
do it this weekend and you'll still have a week to make your app.
imagine Apple looking at that - "wow, this kid learned iOS as he was developing his app - we have to choose him!"
@Undo I need someone with a Mac. :( plzsendtehflashdrives
Incoming 5GB email >:D
4:48 PM
@Undo You can dropbox it.
@Undo To the room?
rofl, okay
In this there should be button to go to next question, here button should only appear in this case only , because here I am not actually skipping the question or something system should redirect to next question
On this situation I got stuck
Have to refresh the whole page then next button appeared
@BlueIce I feel flattered
Hey @Bart
Long time no see here !
You're imagining things @TGMCians. I'm not here
5:50 PM
@AnnaLear Any comment on my above question ?
@TGMCians sorry, what question?
7 mins ago, by TGMCians
In this there should be button to go to next question, here button should only appear in this case only , because here I am not actually skipping the question or something system should redirect to next question
7 mins ago, by TGMCians
user image
6 mins ago, by TGMCians
Have to refresh the whole page then next button appeared
Oh. Uh. Probably? Sounds like a fine feature-request for meta.
Here system should automatically redirect to next question
After the message
okay, posting question on meta
posted question on meta
6:03 PM
Q: In Review : Question which have closed should redirect to next question on click on popup cross mark

TGMCiansHere, I was reviewing the close vote queue, Question was already closed and I clicked on close button and it says message "to refresh the page for updated status". , I know this is not bad but not good to say user to refresh a whole page. You guys can manage this easily in web programming. He...

6:36 PM
Why this special tag for LG on SO, OP asks question related to android but they use LG also because while testing they use that device. OP can write this that we are testing on LG device blah...
6:53 PM
Q: What's the matter with this "Unicoin" advertisement?

Doc BrownToday I found this strange Unicoins advertisement at my side bar on PSE, which puzzled me a bit. Seems there is someone trying to lure people into paying real money for a couple of "optical enhancements" for this site. For me, it looks like a new form of spam. Is this officially approved by the s...

Not an answer, please ask a new question, visit meta if you think something needs to be improved, and you may find the other answer bogus, it is approved... welcome to SO stackoverflow.com/a/22869548/578411
@rene ?
I was amused by all that text in that answer
7:27 PM
Hi, I know this might be trivial, but is editing the style of formatting good, bad? stackoverflow.com/posts/22871171/revisions
@DaveChen I would not have made that last edit...
It is posbble that both of you were started editing revision 1 and when you posted the other user could only imrove by adding a couple of whitelines...
I removed the and fix it, please. and that was also not present in his edit, -- which lead to me to believe he purposely changed the style of indent.
That is possible. No harm is done, is it?
Sorry this isn't really that big of a deal, I agree. :)
Yeah, and I'm not starting a fight over coding style, specially not in php ;-)
7:40 PM
hey rene !
hey @TGMCians
@bart It was supposed to be nothing less than flattering. I spent a good 5 minutes on that thing :)
rene, How are you doing ?
@rene hi!
Hi @BlueIce
7:44 PM
@tgm Hi to you too!
hey :)
@TGMCians I'm fine...I saw you are worried about runonuithread
I posted two questions on meta today
I already untagged the questions that were in the c# wpf area
runonuithread - useless tag
7:47 PM
It has 68 questions with that tag
I see
No mean to use that tag
If anyone create a tag of every function of android then there would be long number of tag,
runonuithread - is the function in Android
OP can use android tag and of-course OP will get answer
8:07 PM
@TGMCians fixed
I see
you're welcome, tnx
no problem :)
you were last one
yeah, it needed 3 when I saw the post
@TGMCians So wait, why did it need to be removed again? I don't really see a problem with it...
read my question on meta
leaving, night ..2 AM cya
8:30 PM
@TGMCians That didn't clear it up for me. Just made me more confused. ;)
"How do I lick a plane?". An actual question.
@hichris123 I'm not going to undo it...
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