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9:29 PM
I just ran through a string of way too minor suggested edits in the review queue. They were all ultimately rejected; but there is one user who keeps showing up with inappropriate "approves". Should I care and, if so, how do I report this? I'll sometimes flag questions where bad edits were approved, but I'm not sure if flagging questions works for edits that were rejected?
Leave a comment maybe?
If it's persistent behaviour, you can custom flag it and provide a link to the user's profile
@rene Nah, I'd rather let mods be the bad guys on this kind of stuff.
@JeroenVannevel Good idea, thanks.
@rene rofl. You should totally @Undo it. :P
@Louis Yes, it's awesome when Arqade questions end up in the hot list.
9:34 PM
@hichris123 You can visit my profile and rollback my edits....
I'll roll back your mom's edits.
@rene Nah, a) too much work, and b) not sure if the tag was needed. Didn't get to see the questions that were using it.
@jasonc Hey now. :P
@hichris123 adds to list of totally useless pings I've gotten because of this username
Well, @u know I have to help out!
I'm sorry. That was really @un called for.
9:49 PM
@Undo What were the others?
@Undo es the ping
dozens of them. DOZENS, I say!
@undo that's NAA.
@Undo pingy pingy
@hi @hi @hichris123
9:52 PM
@BlueIce Needs at least three chars to ping.
@und fine then.
@undo I just tried making my username less than 3 characters, also doesn't work :(
nope, i tried that too.
@Undo ... what would it have been?
not sure
Maybe I used try using a ping shield like @Seth has.
Plz no!
10:06 PM
10:39 PM
@BlueIce You're a unicorn
@JasonC I see you're back. That particular question about licking planes looks at first glance like trolling. "I swear if you lick the plane, Aurora the Great will bestow the flaming sword upon you!!!" And then see how many fools try to lick the plane. Or send them to collect bear asses or headlight fluid. (Did not check the question to see whether it was really trolling or an easter egg; just looks like it to the uninformed that I am.)
10:55 PM
@Louis It's neither trolling nor an easter egg. Goat Simulator is, against all odds, a real video game. :)
@AnnaLear Oh, I did not know this was about Goat Simulator. Thanks for the information. As I said, I am uninformed. I was reacting purely on the basis of the seemingly ludicrous title.
The gaming site is a good place to go for nonsensical titles on real questions. :)
@Louis, meet Arqade. Arqade, meet Louis.
There was a nice post somewhere with some classic titles, I can't remember where it is though.
Like "Why make cheese if milk is already food?"
The bear asses by the way are from here.
(And I shall note that the page there is about real fetch quests.)
A: jQUery context menu on left click

yonox$(this).bind('contextmenu click', function(e) { Ok EMEN. You code is correct. Example: http://jsfiddle.net/j9Leb/2/

I do not understand how the flag was deemed invalid by two users.
same question here:
A: Why does EXCEPT not work? Incorrect Syntax near the Word Except

Peiwei CaoI had same error message in my script. But after removing "ORDER BY" clause in the SELECT statements, the error was gone.

11:09 PM
did they change the bookmark icon? please tell me I am not crazy
There are some 10K+ users enjoying pressing the "invalid" frequently without consideration?
@ajax333221 you mean the favicon? Yes, it changed recently.
@Louis Whoops, I got totally lost in tvtropes world. It's even more nefarious than wikipedia for me.
@LaszloPapp I thought 10K+ users can dispute flags, not invalidate them. Or do they dispute flags by marking them invalid?
@LaszloPapp That second one I guess I could understand; at first glance it does seem like a potential answer, albeit a very low quality one. You have to read the question to see that it makes no sense.
That first one though, got me. I saw that one in the review queue earlier, incidentally, and also flagged it as naa.
11:15 PM
@JasonC: it had a comment already clearly writing that
.I cannot possibly imagine how anyone would press invalid on it.
@Louis: we have an option that the post has invalid flags.
Yeah it does seem kinda obvious. Well I added a flag to that one too.
@gnomeslice Yes. That appears to be correct.
as for the first, I used VLQ
It's funny when you see like 8 comments that are all variations of "this is a comment not an answer". Really beat it into them.
because I think bad answers are easier deleted by low-rep users than high-rep, sadly.
11:17 PM
@LaszloPapp Ok, so now I understand that 10K+ user marking invalid shows up as "disputed" in the flag stats. (I'm not yet at 10K so I don't know what 10K+ users see.)
@JasonC: yes, absolutely, I cannot possibly imagine how two people would press invalid after seeing the answer and 3-4 such comments.
IMHO, crappy invalid flags would need to be revisited.
I don't think it matters that much in the end though. It really just raises the priority in moderators' review queues, then they make a decision. A couple of bum flags doesn't really hurt anything, even if they're a little mind-boggling sometimes.
they do not have much weight in my eyes, but they still get people think a bit more about the issue than it is necessary.
I think people should think about the issue regardless of the existing flags... I tend to not look at the current flag counts at all.
they do hurt because they get people thinking needlessly.
11:20 PM
Guess I do a lot of needless thinking then, lol
yes, absolutely.
Thinking is for wusses, anyways.
and that is not good, moreover I saw rejected NAAs because of high deemed invalid crap.
They were talking about just getting rid of the "invalid flags" flag.
then I went through the VLQ and it was deleted all of a sudden with several downvotes. :)
11:22 PM
@animuson I wouldn't mind. I avoid them anyways because I don't like seeing "disputed" flags in my flag list, heh.
would you press NAA if it has one NAA flag and 4 invalid? Many people would not.
Well they could just hide the existing flag counts completely, so it never has an effect.
It's not much use knowing the counts anyways.
They really need to transform the 10k queue into a more standard review queue. Make them help handle the flags and stop just piling on more flags.
@animuson That would be awesome.
Aren't they going to do just that?
Judging by the recent meta post by shog and the votes on it
11:23 PM
Well they're going to modify it to use a review queue setting, but I'm not aware of how that will affect 10k handling.
I hate that interface anyways.
I don't really like the interface for the 10k flag queue
Well not hate but it stinks you can't skip + hide items.
IMHO, it is not that bad.
It doesn't work on mobile because you can't drag the bar to get the question visible
+ it doesn't really do much
11:25 PM
Going through the flag review queue on mobile is a sign of possible addiction.
I am not sure using Stack Overflow on mobile is very useful.
I guess 20k people can vote to delete and 10k people can close the occasional question that appears
it is hard to type useful and meaningful posts because they are usually not 1-2 words.
I use SE sites on mobile all the time.
I love the mobile site, are you kidding?
It's great to look stuff up on the fly too.
11:26 PM
The full sites because mobile lacks functionality like review
On the Android browser at least you can enable desktop versions of sites, and that also actually works pretty well.
I would never use mobile because it is painful to write comments (i.e. not just robo-reviewing without actually informing the user why the post is bad).
Well if the close reason is correct, the close info box will inform them.
actually, you cannot close answers.
I have all the time in the world on Arqade. Not too many people review there
11:28 PM
Yeah, I was thinking of questions for some reason, sorry.
there are questions in the flag queue, but they are kinda rare and pointless IMHO.
You mean the low quality ones? There's a point to those. The system identifies potential crap for us.
Or I think they also get put there when users who dont have close vote privileges raise a flag.
I do not think it has to be identified.
Questions only go into the 10k tools for VLQ flags as far as I know
My flag queue has been small lately, I wonder why. For a while it was always 300-400 items, the last few days its been 40-60.
11:31 PM
do not get me wrong, mobile is good for basic things, but for the moderation I am trying to do, is not effective.
Perhaps not on SO.
It works well when there are no robo-reviewers in the picture and you can take your time.
SO is insane compared to the other sites.
it would be more ineffective for posting answers because I am not the one-liner answer person. =)
I actually think it would be best to serve the desktop site with tiny modifications to tablet/touch monitor users
Q: My c++ program keeps on having bugs in it

zDoudeI tried to make a program to calculate pi just for fun (c++ by the way). But for some reason it won't work. Also how do I make the code repeat itself? #include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; { int A = 1 int B = A + 2 int eq = 4 / A int eq2 = 4 / B int C = B + 2 int eq3 = 4 / C...

11:34 PM
Typing long answers on touch screens/numpads is kind of hard..
It's crazy sometimes how foreign the concept of asking questions is to some people.
Looking at a lot of these bad questions on SO that get linked in chat
it starts reminding me about Minecraft crash logs on Arqade..
@JasonC those damn programs. I keep writing them perfectly but they just insist on having bugs.
@Louis: you will reach 10K+ soon. =)
11:38 PM
Some teens/kids just post a question where the title is "Minecraft crashes <something...>" and the body is just a java stack trace and it's not even code formatted so the formatting is all over the place when markdown tries to parse the log.
@AnnaLear "C++ is behaving strange, variables aren't working right"
And sometimes it's their parents posting the question, which is just sad..
I love this comment on that question, haha: "[the title] can't be that bad cuz I have EXACTLY the same problem"
I need to go, see you later people!
11:39 PM
@LaszloPapp Yeah, should happen soon.
I'm really curious to know if the close review queue started slowing down after that fuzzy number change.
@3ventic I'd like to see how that goes.. "MooOOoom, can you post a question for me?"
I'm equally curious to know why I just reached the bottom of this bag of Doritos. I swear I opened it like 30 seconds ago.
@Louis Yeah...
"Dear Abby, my son has been having exceptions and leaving stack traces all over the place. Is it something I should worry about?"
11:43 PM
Dear Stacky :)
@LaszloPapp Yeah, that's better!
"My son has been playing Minecraft for 100 hours straight and he's lost underground. How can he get back to his much loved world?" Well, stand up, turn around, locate front door, open, walk through, breathe deep and problem solved.
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