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12:23 AM
@michaelb958 Wrong; chat messages > comments. Try doing any of this in comments:
> waffles
@Doorknob I was judging by the overall low priority of chat bugfixes that chat < main, therefore chat.* < main.*
We seem to have new folks in the room since last time I put this up, and mucked up the formatting so let me try this again: stackoverflow.com/questions/22824496/…
I must get to 3k on SO so I can vote to close.
The shiny topbar's on chat!!
The chat lobby, anyway.
it is?
oh, wow!
1:01 AM
@GeorgeStocker @LightnessRacesinOrbit does this ping work?
I'm all in favor that chat is the way to not pollute with off topic comments, but it should actually work. If people reply instantaneously on the post but seem to not get your pings elsewhere, then the argument of "take it to chat" just isn't being empathetic to the idea that people will--in a skinner box sort of way--do what gets results. And results, often, are metrically analyzed as "feedback".
We were doing real well with rapid fire comment and delete... but now crickets. Is the get a room, you two idea really implemented properly to keep the noise off the comments if it isn't satisfying the "grrr... you made me mad, I want to gripe at you, and you gripe at me" impulse?
And I think on a -3 downvote post from an obvious non-native English speaker, taking on a project Euler problem (which I know why it doesn't work but now can't post, but funny enough he suspected he had a "boolean logic problem" and among his problems is = vs == and sure you can only read it well after my edits...)
@HostileFork Huh what? Mind enlightening the rest of us on what you're talking about?
...but anyway, I think the -3 and what not is enough without the "humor" of an in-joke of "Do you really indent like this" being turned into a VI substitution command of S for "Crazy person"
@hichris123 I can't because the history has been edited and the people I pinged won't show up and talk about it.
@HostileFork ... deleted post?
Q: c++ projecteuler #4 code mistake

user3485318I'm trying to solve the problem given in Project Euler #4: A palindromic number reads the same both ways. The largest palindrome made from the product of two 2-digit numbers is 9009 = 91 × 99. Find the largest palindrome made from the product of two 3-digit numbers. There aren't any co...

1:17 AM
secretly pings mod
Thing is, I've gotten a bit mad at Lightness before, and it's kind of what nixed H2CO3 from the moderator elections when they looked back over it
Oy, @animuson, screenshot of comments on that post ^^^ plz?
And I'm a real, basket case, C++ and tech geek who is still hanging on to this weird idea that the future could be better than the past... so... I always have this little picture of that person posting being a kid who's fumbling... and I don't see the point. Especially when you know a lot and you know you know a lot.
His comment wasn't humorous to me, because he's given really salient input to questions I've asked
It's sort of a "you should know better" kind of feeling
And H2CO3 is like, 18 or something
... yeah. Lemme dig something up quickly...
I don't want him to stop contributing, I just want him to stop that.
1:20 AM
@HostileFork Don't judge people on their age. Just sayin'. I'm 13... quite a few of us are teenagers. Some of us are mature, some... not so much.
Mar 22 at 19:08, by Doorknob
For shame, @Lightness... one of the most trusted C++ users
There are AIs who are Youth Without Youth and they may be nanoseconds old and kick your butt at almost anything. We will not get anywhere if people judge. But, still, in human metrics, age is a sort of... thing.
^^ Yeah.
@HostileFork ... so how do I know you're not a computer? ;)
@hichris123 Er, just run the usual turing test. It involves questions and answers and a complete removal of the concept of time.
Do you by any chance know how to solve a captcha? :P
I can but don't think I should have to, because, that's just not how I think.
I'm actually a military AI, infraluminal link, it's rather complicated. But it's okay for you to talk to me like I'm a bald 40 year old human with no life. We can just "pretend" that's how it is. Pretending is fun, isn't it?
1:25 AM
Pretending is indeed fun. :P
In my spare time I sort of sit around asking for the world to be better, and... I dunno... I don't know a bit about Lightness's personal situation but I don't think bashing 1 rep users is the right way to go about it with "I'm so much smarter"
There is a time and a place for joking around and being abusive, and I like the code-trolling tag, I'm also Dr. Rebmu and I cracked myself up over this:
A: How do I split a string??? Help plz? (code trolling)

Dr. RebmuC My homework assignment is take a string and split it into pieces at every new line. I have no idea what to do! Please help! Tricky problem for a beginning C programming class! First you have to understand a few basics about this complicated subject. A string is a sequence made up of onl...

It's sort of like Radiohead says. Everything in its right place. We want to write that kind of response to things on SO to prove how "clever" we are but we should not, if it has a place anywhere at all it should be on the "we're venting and it's a joke"
You summoned me? stabs @HostileFork with a friendly fork for liking code-trolling
@Doorknob I didn't summon you the particular genie it's just that Lightness and I got in another fight for something that was annoying to me because he knows so dang much and seems to go off on new users
With "humor"
@Doorknob ... did I ping you?
Heh no, I was referring to your comment about code trolling
1:30 AM
8 mins ago, by hichris123
Mar 22 at 19:08, by Doorknob
For shame, @Lightness... one of the most trusted C++ users
@Doorknob I hope you're not one of those who spammed all answers with downvotes.
@michaelb958 That didn't ping me.
@Doorknob Well, it did count as mentioning your name, so there's an off-chance that you noticed...
@JanDvorak I am appalled that you would even consider that >:O
I want him to feel good about being smart but I want him to adapt, I think that whole H2CO3 mod election thing was in the same tone, for those who followed it... "yeah you're cool, yeah you know a f-load, but can you just... be a little less snarky?"
1:32 AM
@michaelb958 Nah, when code-trolling is here, a doorknob is near! :P
@Doorknob Sorrry for that; do you have any idea who might have been that?
@qantas Happy post-unicorn day!
"because this could be a critical point in someone's future, y'know, they're stabbing out to use a new site and if you make them feel it's not worth their time it might actually be detracting from the community"
@JanDvorak No idea. It was mentioned in a meta post somewhere. Finding
@JanDvorak ... does it really matter?
"INNER JOIN WHERE" Great job, SQL-me.
@hichris123 not really; I still consider it a bad move
also, someone spammed five of my unrelated answers with downvotes
@HostileFork The great news about chat is that you can always take your bickering here. That stuff doesn't belong in the comments, especially when you start flagging each other's comments. That's when it starts to involve me.
@JanDvorak If someone wants to waste their rep downvoting everything, so be it.
@george yay?
1:36 AM
@GeorgeStocker My point is: he's not here, he's there, and I thought it was rude, and the sort of personal gripe is he's given deep insight into some of my C++ questions. So maybe the comment/chat loop hasn't been tied up to maximal effectiveness if the only way I can gripe at him is a way that causes enough attention to make you mad.
@HostileFork The best way is to not engage. Just flag it and let us know.
@GeorgeStocker But he's now done this for like.. years.
Love his input, hate his mockery, because I'm not sure the newbies see it as being "all in good fun"
Yea. There is that. flag for moderator attention.
Q: Raise an automatic flag for many deleted comments from the same user

animusonI mentioned this in a comment once before and never made it into a full feature-request. Having been a moderator for half a year now and handled quite a bit of comment flags, I often run across some... not-so-great comments that just make you think to yourself "Why in the world would you ever sa...

I loved Craig Ferguson's "Mea Culpa" on who you should pick on, and getting in this defensive mode on Britney Spears... it's a really honest piece:
If Lightness wants to poke fun at me, ok. Do it. But a 1 rep user has never used the edit function, they're fumbling around, and maybe don't speak english. And maybe it's a spambot but this some kid in another country dialing up StackOverflow on his 2400 baud modem and getting -3 and abusive comments from people who are empowered, smart, technical people... I guess I just don't find the humor in it.
Pick on ME. Fight ME. Not them.
1:42 AM
@HostileFork What was the comment even?
@HostileFork I want to know also :/
@hichris123 Well the poster was already kind of slammed with the -3 on his Euler #4 try, and we don't know who he is, or if there is no real person but a script designed to generate sympathy (that's a topic that I don't really want to go into). But the feedback on this 1 rep no avatar numbered person was already on the down, and the usual feedback you should give to anyone was being given in a reasonable way
And Lightness had a comment on that line of "kind of your post sucks" and everyone's first SO post sucks, even smart people, but I think there are better and worse ways to say it
But there was this comment where he used his "oh look at me" tech savvy to suggest that the comment that said "Do you really indent your code like this" to say "s/this/crazy person"
And he thinks this is in good fun, and I don't want to be someone to say that the world needs to be super PC, but I'd ask the question: what improvement did that point to
I want the high rank, high point, diamond or non-diamond point people to be exemplary. We have that weird opportunity to be better than the government we know of and represent the future.
Mar 22 at 19:08, by animuson
Proof that reputation doesn't mean you should ignore what they're doing.
And I'll add... this isn't a first time, though I'd be mad about it anyway, but I'm especially mad because he clearly knows his sh$t.
So yes, I'll take some... ah, apparently stupid clock cycles... to mention it... and sort of ask... can we curb this habit from the people who should be the go-tos for info?
I'd just rather that not happen, if you want to joke around, joke around with people you know. Not people you don't.
With people you don't, offer corrective and calibrating responses.
@animuson that's a good idea - making that change now. Also going to add a new post history event, "post deleted from review", for better visibility in the revisions list. — Jarrod Dixon ♦ 1 min ago
1:53 AM
I'm not running for moderator, I'm way too emotional.
Yay! :D
I like giving the third party emotional data.
Also, I have been told you don't get paid anything being a moderator.
That's a double whammy on that.
@animuson Yay?
Also, I have had a project taking up all my time. My rep score hasn't budged for like a year
@HostileFork Not directly, but indirectly, if you do an exemplary job of being a moderator, you often get SE job offers. ;-)
I know a handful of people whose SE careers started out as being community (non-staff) moderators, which got them noticed by the SE community team.
1:55 AM
@BlueIce That was a response to the comment I quoted. :P
@HostileFork The "community" part of "community moderator" didn't get that message across? ;)
@ChrisJester-Young I'll never work for SE, no matter how much I like the site, for two reasons. One: I spend too much time promoting it already and if it were my paid job I would become consumed. Two: They wouldn't hire me for anything but coding; I'm way too polarized to do any kind of moderation duties. If they could put me in a box and add site features maybe, but I wouldn't take the job.
Other people have it covered I think, I should work on my stuff.
@HostileFork That seems an odd reason to not work for a place, but to each their own.
Also, New York frightens me
@HostileFork That's the spirit, leave the slot for me. :P
1:58 AM
@HostileFork Both their dev and community positions are telecommute.
@animuson Oh lol that makes much more sense :)
I took down my SO jobs profile, I put it up because of the offer, and this recruiter wanted to get me out for a $200k position but... given my C++11 you know what it was...
@HostileFork Gaming? Finance? Something else? ;-)
@ChrisJester-Young High Frequency Trading and screw those guys. No. No no no no. I refuse.
@HostileFork Understandable.
2:01 AM
Not that I don't love interesting things and problem solving.
But no, no no no no
I'm busy working on other stuff
And I'll tell you, after Jeff's departure, and the noted lack of feature improvements on SE...
I started to wonder if this is really being covered.
The unicoins, as an April Fools Joke, were kind of a good one.
Restoring a little bit of the idea that really, the nerds ARE staging the takeover
And not letting BS win
@HostileFork Go unicoins! I'm glad someone liked it!
Faith is a hard thing. Just ask like, religious people. Trust, graven images, etc.
But I thought that was an awesome april fools
It had A POINT
2:05 AM
The hats, no point. Cute, no point.
But the UNICOINS being total BS and only working on your browser and making you contemplate a world where you could spend to disable downvotes on your Q&A... that is didactic epic. I don't think I've ever seen a more Noam Chomsky April Fools ever.
That was funny, too.
@HostileFork No, that was real! I couldn't downvote like all of @Doorknob's posts yesterday :)
And I ask to the architects of that, GIVEN THAT I BOUNTIED THIS AND IT JUST EXPIRED could we please have it! I want it bad. Like superbad. And I've been told that there's a magic "you have to bounty things on meta 3x before anyone cares" but I only have a mere 771 points so...
Q: Allow chat messages in fixed width font to be marked as replies

HostileForkCurrently, fixed-font messages cannot also be "replies" in the chat--in the way that hovering over a message highlights what it replies to. Beyond being kind of theoretically limiting, it's a problem for RebolBot, who does runtime evaluations (of any language that IdeOne supports, not just Rebol...

My bot needs the luv.
But apparently it's easier to put little icons and pick a 75 unicoins and draw numbers than to do me a little favor...
This is Bull Hockey: they have no code, and ask to do it all for them: stackoverflow.com/review/close/4487023
:1944498 testing 1 2 3
testing 1 2 3
// @ChrisJester-Young
2:11 AM
@Doorknob Wow, that's a downer.
@HostileFork I upvoted your post. You know, for all the attention people have given to Rebol and Red, I must say that the language's name has turned me off completely. Rebol, Cobol, what's the difference? ;-)
What's the difference? What's the difference!? You can't handle the difference!!!
2:37 AM
A: Breaking out of a nested loop

Ingwie PhoenixDid you even look at the break keyword? O.o This is just pseudo-code, but you should be able to see what I mean: <?php for(...) { while(...) { foreach(...) { break 3; } } } If you think about break being a function like break(), then it's parameter would be...

Do you think this answer is flag worthy? IMO an answer in a completely different langauge is not useful, but I can see why some might find it a waste of moderator time.
@Qantas94Heavy I don't think mods are able to willing to distinguish between programming languages.
@ChrisJester-Young Well do you not like Red? We have red/red on github. That's different.
I'd be tidier to add the php technique to the answer that addresses Java and D.
Rebol is going to die, I just want us to siphon off all the good ideas out of it before it does and we leave it as a strange husk. Do not quote that.
@HostileFork :-D
2:44 AM
@ChrisJester-Young Red is effing amazing
@HostileFork we may not quote, so starred instead.
I mean, Rebol is amazing in like a "oh, hey, interesting idea" way
But basically everyone's jumped ship for Red, it takes badass but impractical to badass and badass.
@HostileFork Hahaha, nice.
I'm the oddball because I am trying to bridge the Rebol Gollums.. "my precious!" to take their bug reports and ideas and help adapt Red
Everyone sees things differently, I kicked and screamed even to get the (seemingly obvious) decision to change REBOL to Rebol... if I had to fight for that, imagine my uphill battle in other areas.
If anything has a shot, it's Red.
But you see what I'm dealing with, "get off my lawn" ex-Amiga people, kicking and screaming...
But oh wait, what's that crazypeople?
Of course, if I like the look of Red, chances are I'll design an S-expression syntax of the language, just for fun. (Much in the same way I want to make an S-expression syntax for C++.) :-P
2:49 AM
I drew the top clicked on ad in the SO game leaderboard a month behind in a game that shows your ad proportional to votes?
@ChrisJester-Young Well okay so give us something you want to do we can't
(Bear in mind, that is not a super big challenge, Red is pretty new)
@HostileFork Does Red have Schemey macros? (Think homoiconic + hygienic.)
@ChrisJester-Young Red is Rebol mostly. If Rebol can't do it, Red can't. But if Rebol can do it, Red probably can, and will be 20x faster. You're going to have to be more specific.
what is this place?
@HostileFork Okay. One of the biggest advantages of Lisp languages (of which Scheme, my favourite language, is a member) is that you can write macros for pretty much everything. Macros are the underpinning behind being able to extend your language's syntax, create domain-specific languages, etc.
Because Lisp is homoiconic, you can shape macros however you like; there is no limit to its structure.
2:55 AM
@DolorSitAmet Discussions of process in stackoverflow moderation, I've hijacked it to discuss my pet language.
But only because a C++ guy was being kind of a dork.
However, normal Lisp macros aren't hygienic, so you have to do a lot of bookkeeping to keep your macro's internals from bleeding everywhere. So Scheme introduced the concept of hygienic macros to manage that for you.
@ChrisJester-Young Well specifics are always helpful, and if you would prefer it is probably, as per comment, more appropriate to hammer it out in Rebol and Red
If you would not mind
@HostileFork I'll probably do that once I have a solid proposal. :-)
@ChrisJester-Young Your profile links to a programming blog. But there's nothing there. :(
2:58 AM
@luserdroog Bummer, I see Tumblr has changed their IP address.
Try dyscourse.tumblr.com for now, until I can update my DNS zone.
Thanks. Although the spinning ... thing is pretty hypnotic.
@animuson It's good advice, maybe. But my life is a cross between transdimensional experiences and by comparison maybe boring or not programming experiences. I just say whatever and curl up in a ball at night and go "hope I got that right"...
Can you pay people to pity you?
If so, how much is it?
3:13 AM
I have a very important announcement to make:
First tag badge yet :)
Congrats @BlueIce!
@dolor Thanks! And it's in !
3:33 AM
@georgestocker \me it's all gonna be okay. gives hug
@ThiefMaster around?
@janDvorak yup, agreed.
4:28 AM
@BlueIce Sticks and stones etc, no prob, but why did this shift to Tomalak vs. Hostilefork -- alias change, to someone I have no quarrel with, maybe worth a thought
But what do I know, I'm a pixelated utensil. I'm old, I'm outdated, and I'm only 16x16 pixels. Where are the self help books when you need them?
@HostileFork I don't know why the whole thing became such a battle.
Unicorns like me are bad at understanding emotions like 'sad' and 'angry'. :/
@BlueIce Well I saw in the mod elections that they talked about these two different attitudes, the hippie "love everyone, and we're all from the same stardust" vs. the "if we aren't mean hazing gatekeepers we'll get Yahoo Answers and is that what you really want?!"
And so the questions were like "what do you believe, how would you moderate that..."
@hostile I am a loving hazing gatekeeper :)
@jan fight!
4:41 AM
I just occasionally (lately) check in and there's this dogpile of downvotes to a first timer and you start with the negative comments, and then the negative comments get bolstered by the people joking... it doesn't feel right
I find it a misapplication of intellect, compared to how I (in my warped idealistic mind) might think people apply their talents
Not that I can't be warped, but if you're going to be a douchebag, be a FUNNY douchebag.
Don't pick on a question with -3 votes on a 1 rep user who seriously may be a confused kid in some non-English speaking country, that already had critical comments, with a mocking comment, after you'd already commented, to mock more.
If you want to say I'm a nut for calling it out okay
Call me a nut, but, I didn't think it appropriate.
In my idea of learning, and knowing more than other people, that's not what we should do with the knowledge.
I don't think you are a nut.
@BlueIce Well I am but this isn't a reason for that.
Google Keyboard, stop autocorrecting "but" to "but"!
There's plenty of other evidence but because there's so much evidence that I'm insane, that's why I ask people to look at the data in particular circumstances
Dammit, I meant nut!
4:48 AM
I like jokes but I guess if I were setting the rules: (a) be funny (b) make the punchline something other than "get out of stackoverflow you inferior being"
@hostilefork I agree with you about the comments. Besides the fact that they are mean, negative comments that are not contributing to the question should be deleted because they are noise.
Well it's not the first time, and I think that's part of my gripe
We can't give free passes to people for their technical skills
Which Tim is the Data.SE Tim?
Long Tim No See
@hostile Then flag the comments. I'll be right there behind you :)
4:51 AM
@BlueIce But it's just one case I caught, my attention doesn't give me the time to police it, I ignore all the flag/moderation things after I hit 10k... I didn't ask for it.
Cultural tone is set by everyone saying "that's cool" or "that's not cool" and me picking one fight is kind of dumb vs just the idea that the tone should be welcoming.
I pick a fight against him specifically because he knows what he's talking about and I wonder why... what is he fulfilling by mocking that he couldn't fulfill better by teaching what he knows.
It's @TimStone -- I had it right I did. Though I kept silent not to look like an idiot if I were wrong. At any rate, it looks like something with the input parameters on data.se may be busted. Usually when you enter something like DECLARE @TestInt int = ##TestInt## you will get an input box. Now if I put that in and press run, I get the following error: {"error":"Missing value for TestInt!"}.
Funnily enough existing queries can still use inputs. Did something get broken in the latest build?
@jmac Yup, Tim Wolla is not involved in that sort of thing.
But it's not just him, it's a trend that must be fought; you can't just let a fake internet point system multiplied by 5 people who have more time than anyone else run your shop
If Joel is on Trello, Jeff quit the ship, someone has to set the tone and keep this from becoming Yahoo Answers or Google Groups or whatever
@BlueIce Was thinking Tim Post actually.
@hostilefork That's you!
4:57 AM
@BlueIce No, I'm the kid in the Emperor Has No Clothes Story. And last I remember, the kid is not elected new emperor. He just pointed out a problem. And also, I'm busy.
@jmac TIM Overflow
@HostileFork I am so confused by this back-and-forth. Can we get a TV-esque, "For those of us who just joined us..." summary so we can play along too?
Tim Jasionowski. You could just ask.
@hostilefork But you are forgetting that you can make an impact on other people. Users like me notice what you are saying and care. So don't be so hard on yourself!
@jmac Well the moderation gripe is, I got mad at some slam down snark on a 1 rep user. Same as always. Are they spam, are they 12 and don't speak English... and I know 30+ yo professionals both bewildered by the interface and intimidated by the scoring system to not even want to start. "1 rep?!? Says who!? Some kid!?" Y'know.
5:02 AM
@jmac Lightness Races in Orbit was the perp.
Anyway it was just mean, and it pissed me off, on an existing dogpile, where he commented and then invoked vi substitution expression to try and "win", and I'm just like "WHY!?!??!"
And... we have a history of me being mad about that kind of thing too.
I don't understand what his version of "funny" or "win" is
For someone so technically capable.
Anyway, then he called the mod a "twat" and, y'know, I don't want anyone to get out of hand about it.
People have a drink, they say things they don't mean, it's okay
I'm not asking for any action to be taken besides the new users being welcomed a little more. Lightness knows a lot, it's kind of perplexing that the knowledge hasn't come along with a wider empathy but we are all different
@HostileFork I think George Stocker will be okay. Mods have pretty thick skins. :)
I don't have a lot of time for Q&A these days but when I dig it up and see a 1 rep kid, who I could despise as a spambot (because I am kind of not so big on the spambots) or empathize with as being a kid and imagine myself as a kid wanting to understand the issue... and if I have some time as I have tonight...
Yeah I'll kind of ask if we might mod that a bit
@hostileFork yup, the 1 rep guy needs a hug.
BTW, which question was it?
But me, no, I click not sure on most every chat flags... I don't like censorship. Not because of words used. Just when they get personal; it's inappropriate to like send people google satellite maps of their house and say "I know where you live"
Not because Google Maps and Facebook and such can't be assembled to know where you live, but if you're disagreeing with someone, I'd flag that
Q: c++ projecteuler #4 code mistake

user3485318I'm trying to solve the problem given in Project Euler #4: A palindromic number reads the same both ways. The largest palindrome made from the product of two 2-digit numbers is 9009 = 91 × 99. Find the largest palindrome made from the product of two 3-digit numbers. There aren't any co...

I say so because I have been personally threatened in that way lately, but on Usenet. Whatever. No one moderates that.
I have never seen that kind of thing on SO but I hope if it showed up here it would get flagged.
5:15 AM
@jmac You probably have the sidebar collapsed in the query editor.
(this is fixed whenever Data Explorer is next redeployed)
@TimStone I don't. The sidebar is definitely open. When I add such a variable declaration, I get the 'Enter Parameters' span added to the bottom, but it doesn't spawn a text box to actually input, and then immediately hops to the error.
Hm. Which browser?
On running I get two errors (?, red exclamation marks) from the little 'xx ms' display in the top left: 1, 2
FireFox 27
Lies. FireFox 28.
Oooh, it works on Chrome. So it's browser-specific. Funky.
5:24 AM
Maybe a bad cache or userscript?
Welp, I'm going to bed. Goodnight!
I have no userscripts.
doing a hard reload now, will give it a shot.
And after the hard reload it works. Let's blame caching. And Mark Gravell.
Now wait just a second. It ain't necessarily a caching issue. This is really weird. There is a question on MSO, the answer points to this query
I fork the query, change:

DECLARE @CommentId int
SET @CommentId = 5245510


DECLARE @CommentId int = ##CommentId##

And it happens again.
mm, works okay for me
And @HostileFork, keep up the good work. You have a good sense of what is right and wrong, and I respect you for asserting yourself.
It works fine on Chrome. In FireFox 28, when I do it either logged in or not, even in private mode (which shouldn't rely on cache, no?) I get errors when I do it.
5:30 AM
Ok, bye for real! Cya!
This is the error in private mode: {"captcha":true}
@BlueIce I appreciate you saying so, but I am very Chomskyian... I want no points, no authority, I want words to win
It looks like for whatever reason, something that should be executed is being output to my browser rather than being executed.
Yeah, even after a hard reload, it ain't working.
(puts V for Vendetta on the big screen)
5:31 AM
I think it has something to do with forking queries. If I do it in a fresh window without the fork portion, it works.
Which is why, I again, raise a glass to the folks who did the unicoin prank
Humor with a damn point.
@Tim, if I create a new query, and copy-paste the text, it works. If I fork an existing query and then try to add in the input box, it breaks. This behavior is only on FireFox 28, so I really don't know what the heck is going on. Can you try out clicking on this query, forking, and then changing the SET to = ##CommentId##?
Yeah, I did (without issue)
Ah, wait a second
I do have Firebug on. let me see if that's the cause.
Not Firebug.
Guys, I'm getting serial downvotes
5:37 AM
All userscripts/extensions/everything off, browser restarted, and still the same behavior.
My console has the following two lines:

TypeError: window.location.param is not a function query:1
POST http://data.stackexchange.com/query/save/1/180341 [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 306ms]
To save you the hassle of trying to reproduce the unreproducible, I will try again from a different PC later on, and see if I can reproduce it there. Sorry for the headache!
/me wants to old fast Stack Overflow back
Mods, are you there?
@HostileFork Can I make a suggestion? You sound incredibly stressed about this. I understand that your frustration is well-intentioned, but it may be more beneficial to take a few deep breaths and a step away from the computer. We can't 100% prevent snark, but we can try to show a contrast by being kind and patient ourselves. Frustration can breed frustration and make the situation worse.
@AmitJoki It would seem no mods are awake. Even if they were, they can't do anything about it. Have you considered waiting until this time tomorrow to see if it's been automatically reversed by the script?
As [explained in the post on serial voting](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/126829/what-is-serial-voting-and-how-does-it-affect-me):

> If the voting fraud is in the progress of happening or just happened recently, don't worry about it. You should wait at least 24 hours after noticing before becoming concerned. The system should detect it and reverse it for you. Please do not try to get help on this issue on meta or by flagging for a moderator. All they will do is tell you to wait for the voting fraud script to run (they won't run it for you just this once).
Why has SO become so slow when clicking on the review buttons? It has been horribly and unreliably slow lately. It makes me considering stepping away from the participation.
6:16 AM
@AmitJoki: might be the meta visibility effect from your previous question here. BTW sudden downvotes happen from time to time, unless every post was downvoted it's really not something to be too concerned about.
7:04 AM
@hichris123: Now I am
7:43 AM
@LaszloPapp On which queue?
8:02 AM
@rene main review page
14.87 seconds!!
Looks like some cache went MIA
Huh, OK, I have no issue there, only filtering on the CV queue tends to get a little bit slower...
...and OK here too. Maybe they moved the cache to be per session so first load is slow? Not a smart move IMO.
I just flagged that message for a moderator: unwarranted critique on SE Dev and Ops
@ShadowWizard is this a dup of this
Those type of questions doesn't seem to get an naswer or official response.
Or close all of those as a dup of this in particular the What else do I need
8:27 AM
@rene not sure, dunno if login needs the cdn
needs one more...
and gone...
8:44 AM
Up til now I thought IE 11 held up to the same standard as Chrome and FF, but just found an IE 11 specific bug. Feels a bit like your parents telling you Santa Claus isn't real.
@Stijn why I'm not surprised? ;)
For one, their "F12" is horrible
Takes eternity to load for the first time and buggy as hell
Wait...Santa Claus isn't real? That is a shocking...
@rene he's as real as the Unicoins
...but he drinks Coca Cola.
8:47 AM
He is just a marketing scam then?
@rene advertisement, sure. :D
spam alert: asker and answerer accounts are sock-puppets posting "kidney stone" spam to many sites across SE network, check their network profiles: stackexchange.com/users/4270469/user214982?tab=accounts (asker) and stackexchange.com/users/4270471/user214983?tab=accounts (answerer)
I flagged where I could
9:06 AM
I created 3 new accounts and flagged all questions and answers as spam
Why would you want to spam kidney stones?
9:25 AM
@Louis Are you sure?
@rene yeah, looks like on the gray zone to me. Not being expert in the related tags, I'm not stepping in.
@rene Huh? The whole thing is a guy asking for a compiler. "Maybe is there any nodejs app for it?"
"I need a cli command for merging javascripts into one file."
It is an edge case...but you're right...
Yeah that was what triggered me
rene, it sometimes works, but quite often it is slow on different machines of mine.
if this continues, I will personally skip reviewing :)
We don't want that to happen!
9:31 AM
at least when we had the hat slowness, one could turn it off :-)
also, my experience is that audits load very slow, so it is easy to pinpoint them for a robo reviewer.
there are exceptions, but this is the majority on my end.
I had this reported in february for the CV queue. Maybe the devs are working on the part to increase responsiveness for filtered queue handling but as a consequence have the overall performance deteriorate
It might also be raining in NY at the moment...
@3ventic Is that a bug report you got?
9:44 AM
> MrCarton, here's how to fix this: ????????? ??????, ???????? ??????????
@3ventic where is that from?
(You don't have permission to view exploits though)
@3ventic an exploit... in a game or the site...
Game settings apparently
what is twisted gamers?
9:57 AM
It's a clan in multi theft auto: san andreas that I co-lead.
i didn't know there was such a thing as multi theft auto, so it's nothing to do with minecraft?
@Alex there's a minecraft server too
@Qantas94Heavy Well, he did improve the code's formatting a bit
@3ventic Surely making all of them in lowercase is wrong?
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